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Full text of "Catalogue of the magnificent library of the Hon. Henry C. Murphy, of Brooklyn, Long Island, consisting almost wholly of Americana or books relating to America [microform] : the whole to be sold by auction .. Geo. A. Leavitt & Co., auctioneers, New York, 1884 ."

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WEBSTER, N.Y. 14580 

(716) 8712-4503 




Collection de 

Canadicn Institute for Historic . Microreproductions / institut Canadian de microreproductions historiques 

Technical and Bibliographic Notaa/Notas tachniquaa at bibliographiquaa 

Tha instituta has attamptad to obtaen tha baat 
original copy avail'ibia for filming. Faaturaa of thia 
copy which may ba bibliographically uniqua. 
which may altar any of tha imagaa in tha 
raproduction, or which may significantly change 
tha usual mathod of filming, ara chackad balow. 

Colourad covars/ 
Couvartura da coulaur 

r~~| Covars damagad/ 

Couvartura andommagia 

Covars rastorad and/or laminated/ 
Couvartura restaur^ at/ou pallicuite 

Covar titia missing/ 

La titra da couvartura manqua 

Coloured mapa/ 

Cartas gtegrrphiquas en couleur 

□ Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black)/ 
Encre de couleur (i.e. autre qc'a bieue ou noire) 

I I Coloured platea and/or illustrations/ 




Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

Bound with other material/ 
RalM avac d'autres documents 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion 
along interior margin/ 

La re iiure serrie peut causer de I'ombre ou de la 
distorsion le itng de la marge intArieure 

Blank leaves added during restoration may 
appear withir: tha text. Whenever possible, these 
have been omitted from filming/ 
11 se peut que certainas pagaa blanches ajoutias 
lors d'une restauration apparaissant dans le texte, 
mala, lorsqua ceia itait possible, ces pages n'ont 
paa it6 film^aa. 

Additional comments:/ 
Commentairas suppldmantairas; 

L'lnstitut a microfilm* la maillaur exemplaire 
qu'il lui a At* possible de se procurer. Las details 
de cet exemplaire qui sont peut-dtre uniques du 
point de vue bibliographiqua, qui pauvent modifier 
una image reproduite, ou qui peuvent exiger una 
modification dans la m^thoda normaia de fiimage 
sont indiquAs ci-dassous. 

□ Coloured pages/ 
Pagea de couleur 

□ Pagea damaged/ 
Pagea endommagtes 

I I Pages restored and/or laminated/ 

Pages restaurias at/ou pelliculies 

Pages discoloured, stained or foxed/ 
Pages dAcolories, tacheties ou piquies 

Pages detached/ 
Pages ditachies 

rri Showthrough/ 


Quality of prir 

Qualiti in^gala de I'impression 

Includes supplementary matarit 
Comprand du matinal suppl^mentaire 

Only edition available/ 
Seule Mition disponible 

I j Quality of print varies/ 

r~~| Includes supplementary material/ 

r~*1 Only edition available/ 


Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata 
slips, tissues, etc., have been ref limed to 
ensure the best possible image/ 
Lea pages totalament ou partiallement 
obscurcias par un feuillet d'errata, una peiure, 
etc., ont iti filmies i nouveau de fapon it 
obtenir la meilleure image possible. 






This item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below/ 

Ce document est film* au taux de rMuction indiqui ci-dessous. 

10X 14X 18X 22X 

I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 









Th« copy filmed hart has baan raproducad thanks 
to tha ganarosity of: 

Seminary of Quebec 

L'axamplaira filmi fut raproduit grica i la 
ginirositi da: 

Siminaire de Quebec 

Tha imagaa appaaring hara ara tha bast quality 
possibia considaring tha condition and lagibility 
of tha original copy and in icaaping with tha 
filming contract spacificationa. 

Original copias in printad papar eovara ara filmad 
baginning with tha front covar and anding on 
tha !aat paga with a printad or illuatratad impraa- 
sion. or tha back covar whan appropriata. All 
othar original copiaa ara filmad baginning on tha 
first paga with a printad or illuatratad impraa* 
sion. and anding on tha last paga with a printad 
or illuatratad imprasxion. 

Tha laat racordad frama on aach microfiche 
shall contain tha symbe! «^ (moaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or tha symbol V (maaning "END"), 
whichavar appliaa. 

Mapa. plataa. charts, ate. may ba filmad at 
diffarant raduction ratios. Thoaa too iarga to ba 
antjraly includad in or»9 axpoaura ara filmad 
baginning in tha uppar left hand comar. laft to 
right and top to bottom, aa many framaa aa 
raquirad. Tha following diagrama iiluatrata tha 

Laa imagaa suivantaa ont iiti raproduitas avac la 
piua grand soin. compta tanu da la condition at 
da la <iattat« da l'axamplaira fiimA, at an 
conformity avac las conditions du contrat da 

Laa (fxamplairaa originaux dont la couvartura an 
papiar ast imprimia sont filmte an commandant 
par la pramiar plat at an tarminant soit par la 
darniAra paga qui comporta una amprainta 
d'Impraaaion ou d'illustratton, soit par la sacond 
plat, salon la caa. Tous laa autraa axampiairas 
originaux sont filmte an commandant par la 
pramiAra paga qui comporta una amprainta 
d'Impraaaion ou d'lllustration at an tarminant par 
la darniAra paga qui comporta una talla 

Un daa symboiaa suivants apparaitra sur la 
damiira imaga da chaqua microficha, salon la 
caa: la symbols — ^ signifJa "A SUIVRE ', la 
symbola V signifia "FIN". 

Laa cartas, planchaa. tablaaux, etc., pauvant dtra 
fiimia i daa taux da rMuction diffirants. 
Lorsqua la document ast trop grand pour dtra 
raproduit an uu saul cliche, il est film* i partir 
da Tangle supArieur gauche, de gauche i droite. 
et de haut an baa. an prenant la nombre 
d'images nteessaira. Las diagrammas suivants 
iliuatrent la m^thode. 














fA. lEAVITT & CO., 

V .. 



f'.'iTTTirti'i-'f-'/'ii ,1, j,. 








Hon. henry C. MURMf jf„ . , 











Monday, March Sd, 1884, and the following- days. 

GEO. A. LEAVITT & CO., Auctionkers. 
NEW YORK, 1884. 

Orders to Purcliase executed by the Auctioneers, Frke of Ciiarob. 


To Librarians. Library Committees, and Bookbuyers. 

To better accor.,modate tlie.ll«tnnt buyers to whom wcn.all Catnlognes 
and for parties unable to bo present, the A uetloneers will execute a.,,', 
(.I.I.KK8 mm OF CHAUOK. In ordering forn our catalogues give the num- 
linn OK TiiK LOT. as well as the fihst woi„> ok titlk, and extreme limit 
|>K« voMTMK. or (If engravings or pamphlets), peh pieok. which will be 
used only In competition, or exactly as the purchaser would bid for himself. 
If unlimited orders are given, a proper discretion will be exercised. 

Ourcatalogues arc compiled by experts, who endeavor to give buyers, 
as far as practicable, a fair Idea of the condition of every lot offered for 
sale. We, however, neither guarantee the absolute correctness of any 
description, nor the perfect condition of any lot. 

It siiould be understood that each lot is sold separately, and by Itself, as 
catalogued, and without reference to any other lot. Orders to purchase 
sent to us should, therefore, be for each lot <in Its own merits. 


Few bookbuyers, comparatively, are aware of the many advantages of 
attending our sales, and of the facility with which a good library may be 
completed. Often at these sales, libraries, which have been selected by 
persons of judgment, are distributed to all parts of the United States. 
This enables buyers to profit by the experience of others, and at the .same 
time to make selections of choice editions and valuable books, often at 
much less price than they could be procured from other sources. 

Catalogues mailed gratis,ou application. 



«ar 8R»r> nmiKHA \H K/.lll.V AS POSSIBf.R. 

March , 1884. 


Of-INTON Hai,l, Astob Placb, New York. 
Murphy Library, Monday, March m, ui,.! the following days. 
Jlldsare always so much PER VOLUME. 







1. The lilKhfHt niddcr to Ixj tin; Hiiycr; ami, If iiny dlspiito arises 
between two or more UiddeiN, the Lot ho in dispute mIiiUI lie Imniudliitely 
put up iif;nin an<l resold. 

2. The rurchttsers to jflve their nnincs and addrenses, and to pay down 
twenty-tlve per cent, on the (lolliir In part paynieiit, or the whole of the 
Purchase money I'/nyitircd; In default of which the Lot or Lots so pur- 
chased to be Immediately put up a«alu and re-sold. 

.1. The Lots to be taken away at the HuyiM's Kx|)i'nse and KIsk within 
three days from the conclusion of the Sale, and the remainder of the Pur-<)uey to be absoiutctly paid, or otherwise .settled for to the .satisfac- 
tion of tlie Vendors, on or before delivery; in default of wldcli Messrs. 
Gko. a. Lkavitt & Co. will not hold themselves responsible, if the Lots 
be lost, stolen, damajrcd or destroyed, but they will be left nt the sole risk 
of the Purchaser. 

4. The saleof any Book, Painting, Knjjravlnj;. Print, Furniture, Works 
of Art, or any otiier article, is not to be set asidi- on account of any error 
in the description. All articles are exposed for Puliiic Kxhibition one or 
more days, and are sold just us they are without recourse. j 

5. To prevent inaccuracy in delivery and inconvenience In the settle- 
ment of the, no Lot cmu, on any account, be removed dnrlnj; 
the sale. 

(i. Upon failure of comp'yinj,' witli the above conditions, tlie money 
deposited in part payment shall be forfeited ; ail Lots uncleared within 
the time aforesaid shall l)e re-sold l)y Public or Private Sale, and the dell- 
cieucy (if any) attending such re-sale sliall be made good by the Defaulter 
at this sale, together with all charges attending the same. This Condition 
Is without prejudice to the riglit of tiie Auctioneers to enforce the con- 
tract made at this .sale, without such re-sale if tiiey think fit. 

GKO. A. LKAVITT & (;0. 

<■ r- 

^ r 




HIS LinilAUY. 


Mr. Mnrphy wns horn In Hrooklyn, Loniij Islnnd, July r>, IftIO, nnd tiled 
thurc Ducutubcr 1, 1882. His patenml griiii(l(:itli(!r, a pliyslclaii, .settled in 
till) State of New Jin^cy. lie was ii ineniher of the < "olonlal C^ouncll, the 
represeiitiitlve In the As.senil)ly of the province, luid a soldier of the Amer- 
ican Kcvolntlon. The son of this patriot, Mr. MiirphyV father, .settled In 
Brooklyn, of which city he was a Jndjre of the M-iniclpal Cotirl. Bnt liLs 
memory Is most <'ndcared to the cill/ens of Brooklyn by the fact of his 
haviuK been one of the promoters of their llrst public school in IHlfi. 

Ills eldest son, the laic Henry C. Murphy, graduated from Columbia Col- 
lej{e with honors when h<! was twenty years old, and was adiiillted to the 
bar In IHI);). The year following he was made Assistant Corporation 
(Vjunsel of Brooklyn. A little later he became City Attorney, and still 
later Counsel to the Corporation of the newly evolved "city " of Brooklyn. 

When thirty-two years old he was elected Mayor of the city of Brook- 
lyn on the Democratic ticket. In 184i! he was chosen a Member of the 
Tweiity-ei^jfhth Con^rress of the United States. lie was, however, defeated 
for a second Conjjresslonal term, and his labors temporarily ended In the 
House of Bepresentatlves on March 4, 1845 But he was re-elected In 
1846 to Con{4;ress " by tlie largest vote ever previously polled In Ids dls^ 

In 18.)2 Mr. Murphy nearly became the Democratic candidate for the 
Presidency of the Uinted States, when the Virginia delegation, at the Bal- 
timore Convention, considered him and Franklin Pierce as the best men 
available for the highest ofllce In the gift of the American people. 

President Buchanan, as a reward for his /.ealous services to his party, 
and as a recognlUon of his abilities, appointed hlni United States Minister 
to Holland. He remained at the Hague until the coming Into office of 
President Lincoln, who recalled him. 

Mr. Murphy was elected in 1801, and five times successively afterward, 
to the New York State Senate. He was a State Senator for twelve consec- 
utive years. It was under his auspices, as President of the Kast River 
Bridge Company, that the greatest triumph of modern engineering genius, 
the New York and Brooklyn Bridge, was begun and completed. He was . 


n. c. Muui'iJY i.iniiAuv. 

iildo thn I'rcHUU.iit of the Brooklyn, FIttthuMli and t^oney IhIiukI Knllroml, 
until hU (liMith. 

Mr. Miirphy'M hiiflicst. tlulin to rtM;o«ultl()n \h not un u .stntcHrniiii, hut iim 
a lltt.Vateiir ami hlhllf.plilj... lie wiw u Journiillit and iiiillior of roj.utc. 
Wlioii In hU twiinty-Hncoml your, liu whn tho pilnclpiil cilltorlul writur of 
tho " Brooklyn Advocuti- and Numhuii (Jii/cttc." h'or nmny yenrM he wum 
on« of tlni h!ailln« contributors to tho " North AiuiTlciin W«!vl«!W,"a,s wi;ll 
aM till) " D.Mnoi-riitIc Ucvluw. " llr wiw th.- roiin.l.-r und proprietor of tho 
"Bn.oklyn Dully Kii«le and KhiK^ (.'ounty Democrat," In OcIoUt, INU. 
While IJrdted States Minister at the lla«ue, he wrote a serlof* of some 
thirty-tlvo letters to that newspaper, which were extensively copied. Mis 
contributions i,, the "Historical Ma«.r/,lne " were continuous, and attracted 
much attention. , 

lie was no selllsh lover of literature for his own sake. It secmert to be 
hlH KreutcNt dosiro to bunellt others as well as himself. Thus, while a 
youn« nnin, he was tli.' principal founder of the " Vouiik Men'H Literary 
Association of Brooklyn," and when It changed Its name to the " llandltoii 
Literary Association of Brooklyn," he was elected ItH llrst President. In 
IH:!!) .Mr. Mur|)hy was u trustee, und one of the organizers of the " Brook- 
lyn City Llbruy," and a year later was also u tr.istee of the "Brooklyn 
Apprentices' Library," upon Its reor«unizatlon In IMtiit hu wuh one of the 
inillal fonnders of tho " Lon« Island Historical Society." 

Anions his personal literary labors shouhl be nainod Ills edition and 
translation of De Vrles's '• Voyage from Holland to An)erlca, 103^-1044 ;- 
" Broad Advice to the New Netherlands," which he attributed to Oorne- 
llnsMelyn; his •' First Minister of the Dutch Heforn.ed ('hurch In the 
United States," dated at the Ha«ne, April I, 1858; his .seventy-two puKo 
work, pub.lshed I8r,!i, entitled "Henry Hudson in Ihdiand ;" his edition 
tor the Lon- Islan.l Historical Society of Dankers and Sluvter's " Journal 
of a Voyage to New York and a Tour in Si'veral of the American Colonics 
In l(u!)-80;" and his memoir of the bibliophile Herman Hrnst Ludewlu 
tor the New England Memorial Biographies. 

Mr. Murphy's two most Important works were " The Anthology of tho 
New Netherlands," of which only 'MH pages were printed for the Bradford 
(.lub, and his monograph entitled "The Voyage of Verrazano." 

The best life of Mr. Murphy yet written Is from tho pen of his friend the 
w-jll-kuown author. Dr. Henry 1{. Stiles. It consists of a paper road 
before the New York Genealogical und Biographical Society, an.l which 
takes .some twenty-four pages of tho .January (iHHa) number of tho vain- 
able (luartorly " Uocord " of that Society. 

It is well to state further and more particularly that In general geogra- 
phy, voyages and travels, which were Mr. Murphy's specialties, the library 
IH unusually largo, and comprises the collections of DeBry, Han.uslo 
Httkluyt, Purchas, Orynwus, Thovenot, Commelln, Abelyn, and Ternauxl 

Of the early editions of Ptolemy's " Cosmographia," the collection is not 
surpassed in the United States. It comprises no less than twent-six edi- 
tlons of the famous geographer, printed between the years 1462 and KJOO 
Uesides these are the works of other noted geographers, as Strabo, Pom- 



ponlim Mi'la, Almirotl- ' diUI, Aplun, Ortflltm, Mtrcator, Wytdlot nrul 
MiiiiNtur. 'I'liu more rvn-i.t ({••"Kriiphors iiro iiImi Cully rcproMcntcd. 

Nkw Kiun(;k and (,'anmia an; ((iiisnlciioiiji. Anions works on thii 
widely .xl.iiilt'il r.'^loii «rc the ".IkmI'IT Hhi.amdnh," In forty-two vol- 
iinu'M, probiilily tlu; iiiONt coniplcto wet ol' tlicsc vatiuitilu books ever ollVred 
for side t'lilicr III Kiiiopo or Amorlcn. In the niiiik' dftpartnu'iit will bo 
found tin; wrlthiKM of HA(i,\nri,Li.;Mc.uinoT,CiiAMPi.,UN.I-i:('i ,ii«ij,("iiaiii,k- 
voix, IIi;nni.;imx, LaIIuntan, Uhkhhani, St. Dkmh, WiimioiiiNi;, KiAnii 
and Maikiiiv, also the Miimrc FnuirnlHe, In 24 voluinos. 

Ni:\v Nkhihiii.aso, t.|iibr.i(iii;u' portions of New York and New Jirsey, 
Is probably the most complete of iiny department. Mr. Murphy was 
learned |n tlu- pnteli liiu«iia«e and literature, and no book or painphletf hat 
related dlreclly or indlreelly to the Diiteb and Swedish setlleineiits In 
North Ainerlea Is known that Is not to be found In tin- eoliection. 

AtuoiiK tlie works relatinjjc to New York are the writings of Van dku'K, 1)K ViiiKs, the lli)i>.s<>\ Tiiacth by OKitnnz, editions of 1(I1L» and 
lOl.'l, niul Dk.ntd.n. On Ni;w Jkiisky are the works of Campaniuh, Aciik- 


Nkw K.Ndi.ANi. is represented in the works of the Matiikhs, Ki.iot, 
Corrox, MoiiTON, IlKioi.Nso.'*,, Bihiioi'k, Ht-nuAiii., Moiiirr, 

HllKI'AKI), C()I)l)IX(}rON, KoUKUVVll.lIAMS, VVl.N.SI.OW, Wooii, WllMKlKI.I., 

and VAt'diiA.v. 

I'KNNHYI.VANIA, ^. ..■IYI.ANI>, VllMIIXIA, the Caiiomnas, Fi.oiiida und 
I.diisiA.SA are also represiMited by the most desirable books. 

U|)on the Indian iMiiKuaiJieN, tlie works are very minierous, and Include 
Dictionaries, Vocabularies, Oramuiar.s, unpubiliiied inanuscrlpts, and l)olli 
editions of Kliofs Inillan Ulbie anti New Testament. 

Ainou},' the early Spauis land Dutch writers are the " Letters of Cortes," 
the ori','inal edition of ir.-.2, and the works of I'ktkii MAinvn, Imh Casas, 


DkLakt, Ovikdo, Tiikvkt, H(.r.., \v.u\, Zauatk, Van wm Doxck, Dk 
ViiiKH, VVassknakii, 2t vols., 4to., and U.sski.incx. 

Of U.S.SKI.INUX tliere are twelve ditl'ereiit works, relatins,' io Nkw Nkth- 
Kiii.ANi). Nkw Swkdkn, and the operations of. the Dtncii India 
Company. Ho complete a collection of the works of this writer does not 
exist In any library In the United States. See niimliers W.W to 2r.(;;!*. 
^ Anions the nil.seeliauoous books are the Arcluvuloyia, or Miscdhmeous 
Tmvti, rclaliiKj to Antiquity, published i)y the Antitiuarlau Society of Lon- 
don, forty-two vols.; The. Ilrilinh Poets, Ulverside Edition, 135 vols., 
crown octavo, lar},'o paper; Hotj-a and Fi.andin's ;1/«/u/me«.f <?« Nmive, 
printed at tlie National I'rintin-,' Olllce, Paris, five vols., atlas folio; 
LAYAnDH Xincveh, two vols., uthis folio; Chinese Repository, complete, 
twenty vols., octavo; the Hurleian Miscellany, edited by T. Pauk, ten 
voLs., (luarto; Jacob Ukii.mkn's Works, 5 vols., 4to ; the Nuremheru 
Chronicle, fol., 1493; Ciioiskul-Goufkiku's Voyaye Pittoresquo de la 
Grece, A xoU., fol., 1782-18l'2; and Fahku's Origin of Pagan Jdolat)-y, 8 
vols., 4to. 

Karly Laws of the Colonies of Nkw York, New Jkiisey, Pennsylvania 
and CoNNK»rricuT. 



Loud KiXGsnououGii'w Antiqi -ties of Mexko, vols., folio. A Coloukw 
Copy. Trniisuetloiis and Collections of tiie lli.stoiicnl Societies of Nkw 
York, Nkw Jkusky, I'unnsyiaaxia, M.\ssACiiU8KrTS, nndof the Literary 
and Historical Society of Quf.ukc. 

BiiiuooiiAPiiY. The worlis of Pinelo, Antonio, Uuunkt, Kicii, Tkii- 
NAUX, AsiiKi!, Kknnktt, Dk Buke, Mui.i.ku, ILvui{I.ssh:, tl'_ Bihllothecn 
GrenvUUana. 4 vols., Bib. Spenreriunc, 5 vol's.. 7i>h. oiisiiexiann, and the 
Cataloj;iie of llio Cartci'-Browii Library in Providence, in 4 vols., imp. 8vo- 

Lexicoouaphv and Philology. The Collections of Dictionaries in 
various European languages is large. Among these are tlie late publica- 
tions on the old Basque languages of the Pyrennes, now attracting great 

Last, but not least of tlic rarities in tlie collection, are copies of the 
"Columbus Lrlter," Rome, 14!);!; '*Cosmu(jraphue liUvoductio St. Die. 1507; 
"/'lEst' iV3«rt»ifl»(!«," Milan, 1508; D'Ailly's '•Imaijo J/iiid;," Pari.s, 1490; 
the VEitAKDUs-Coi.UMitus, printcl at Basle in 14i)4: Xwivnv.Ms't^ Itiiura- 
rio, ■''•nice, 152(!, containing Gui.falva's Account of Yucatnn, in 1518; 
Camkus-Soi.ini^s, of 1522, with tlie very rare map, tlie earliest cngraveil 
map that bears the name of America; Stounic/..v'.s C^ommentry on Ptol- 
emy's CosiMoiiitAi'iiiA CuACow, 1512, excessively rare, containing ania.i of 
America before it had received its name; anil Siu IIu.mi'IIUEV (iiMiicur . 
"Discovery jor a Xcw Pasnaye to Catha>j" homUm, 157(>; the Jtinerarium 
PortiitjdUctmnm, i\lilan, 1508; Johnson's Wonder- Work iii<j rrovidcncR 
London, 1()54; ¥o\.'s North West Fox, London, 1(>J5; Bi',sri:'s True Di.^- 
c urse of Ilia voyages and discoverie of a Pussaijc to Cathaye, by Fuo- 
iiisiiEK, Loiulon, 1578; Caukca nn Vaca'.s Rehieiony Comeatarius, Val- 
ladolid, 1555, 4to. ; Fijampton'.s Joyful Ncwes out of the New-Found 
WoWfi, Loudon, 1580; Gokoes' .drnwriCrt Painted to the Life,lM\\Aoi\, 1058; 
Gakdyneii's Description of the New World, London, 1G5I; Jonssine's 
Gronlandia, printed at Slialholte, Iceland, 1(188; Laiiooxnieije's llis- 
toirc Notable da la Florida, Paris, 158(); tiie American lieviembrancer, 
1764-1781, 10 vols.; Je' "Eusox's No tea on Virijini<i, the origiiiiil privately 
printed edition, printed in Paris in 1782, for presents only; lloiisMA.x- 
DEX's Journal of Proceedings in relation to tlio Negro Conspiriicy for burn- 
ing tlie city of New Yorli ; New York, 1744; Te.viekaxd Phi.lax''^' Myzan- 
tide Architecture, folio; Stuabo's O'eoyraphy, yania:, 1472, fdii; Ro- 
mans' Florida, tlie editions of 1775 and 1770. 

The last of the gems In the collection to wliicli attentiei sliould be 
called are tlie oiiginal autograph letters of tlie " Signers of tlie Declaration 
of Independence," all remarliably line specimens. 

Sucli is the Library which Mr. Murphy, one of tlic most ardent biblio- 
philes of this country and century, collected. 


1 ABBOT, Abiel. History of Amlover, from its settlement to 

1820. Svo. half cloth, Andover, 1829 

2 ABBOTT, G. A Briefe Description of the Wliolc World, wherein 

is particularly described all the Monnrchies, Empires and 
Kingdomes of tiie same, witli their Acdaemios. 

ISiito. calf, 'jilt cdyes, London, B. Alsop, lf)42 

3 ABELIN-GOTTFRIEI). Ilistoria Antipodiim oder Newe Welt, 

Das ist: Nutur vnd Eigenschaft desz halbentheils der Erden, 
so West Indien genennt wird der Elemeten Geschoyffen 
Nationen vnd Inwoliner vnd wie disz alles diircji mancherley 
Schitfalirfen entdecket worden, niit fleisz ziisam getragen 
durch Joiiann Ludwig Gottfried. Mit Landtafeln vnd Kupft- 
erstiickeu gczieret vnd verlegct durcli 3fatHiu;nm Merian. 
folio, engraved fronlispiece. and printed title, blue mor. rich 
inside gilt tooling. Franco/, ad Mmium, 1G31 

An abridgment of tlie llrst twelve Parts of tlw Grand Voyac/ca of I)c Buy. 
A Bcconi! c'ditiou was j)rinte(l In 1055, wliicli contaiin iniips from Ue lliiy not in 
tlif present edition. These, with others, are hiid in loose in this copy. Tliey are 
Occiilentdtis America, 151H; llispaniae Novap, 1.5(13; Xova Guiana; Vhoro 
grai>hiii noMlis, and opulentm Peruana! Provimite, lii-li ; IMm Sordcr Areil den 
Landcs llrasHien ; America noviter delineata, n. d. 

4 ABNAKI. Alnambay uli Awikhijaii, kisitinu'ssa Euf^jin Vetro- 

mile. S. J. ulihalakona Pontiiibsket, Sybtiyk, Ulastook, Mic- 
niiu: teba minaktakik etalaunsisik Wfinbanakki Alnambnk. 
44!) pages. 12/»o. red nior. ^Manhattan Udenek, 18.'>7 

Indhm (ioojl lioolc made liy Kugone Vetroniile S. .1. ibr the beuclit of tlie 
I'enohscot, l'asaania(iiioddy, .St. .tolin's, Micniac, and other tribes of tlic Alinaki 
Indians. New York, 1S57. 

5 Account of the Society for Propagating the Gospel in Foreign 

Parts, established by the Royal Charier of King William III. 
(2 copies;) ito. half mor. Loudon, 170C 



6 AccoDNT of a Visit lately made to the People called Quakers, in 
I'liiladelpliia, by Papoonaiioal, an Iiuliaii Chief, and several 
other Indians, ciiicfly of the Minisink Tribe, With the sub- 
stance of their Conferences on that Occasion. 

12mo. half mor. gilt top, London, 17fil 

7 ACADEMIC Recreations : by the Cohunbiau Peitho-Logian 

Society, of Columbia College. 

\2mo. half mor. New York, 18\i) 

Omtuiiis specimens of early Aiiiericiiii jioetiy not found elsewhere. 

8 ACOSTA, JosEi'H. The Natvrall and Morall Historic of the 

East and West Indies. Intreating of the rcniarkeable things 
of Heaven, of the Elements, Mettalls, Plants and Heast.x 
wliicii are proper to that country : Together with the Man- 
ners, Ceremonies, Lavves, Governemcnts, and Warres of the 

4^0. cnlf, London, Val : Sima for Edward Blount, IG04 

9 AcosTA. Historic Naturael en Morael, van de Westersche In- 

dien. 4to. half mor. gilt, Amsterdam, Broer Jcansz, 1C24 

10 AcosTA. Histoire Naturelle et Monille des Indes, tant Oi'icn- 

talles qu' Occidentalles.' 

sm. Hco. half calf , Parin, Marc Orrij, KjOO 

11 AcoSTA. l)e Natura Novi Orbis. sm. Svo. vellum, 

Coloniae Agrippinae in opcina, Birckmannica, 159(5 

12 ACRELIUS, Israel. Heskrifning om de Swenka Forsamlin- 

gars forma och Ntir\vai-an<li' Tilstnnd, uti det sa kallade Nya 
Swerige sedan Nya NederlamI, men m\ fortiden Pensylvanien, 
De la Ware, Wast-Yersey och Newcastle County uti Norra 
America. 4/o. half sheep, gill hack, Stockholm, 17iV.t 

Description of tlie Sweilisli Congregations' fornier nnd preKcnt condition in 
(lie so-called New Sweden, since New Netlierlnnd, and now IVnnsylvania, and 
parts on tl)i? Delaware, West .Jersey and Newcastle County in North America, 

13 AcREUU.'i. A History of New Sweden ; or. The Settlements on 

the River Dehiware. Portrait and Map. 

royal 8fo. cloth, Philadelphia, 1874 

14 ADAIR, James. The History of tlie American Indians; par- 

'icuhirly those Nations iidjoiiiing to tlie Mississippi, East and 
West Florida, (Jcorgia, South and Nortli Carolnia, and Vir- 
ginia : Containing An Account of tiieir Origin, Language, 
Manners, Religious and Civil Customs. 

4<o. calf^ London, \11<) 



15 Address from the Clergy of fork and New Jersey, to the 

Episoopaliiins in Virginia ; sioned by some hite Transac- 

tions ill that Colony Relative to an American Episcopate. 

12mo. half III or. ijilt edges, Hugh Gaine, New York, 1771 

K! ADAMS, Nathaniel. Annals of Portsmouth, Comprising a 
Period of Two Hundred Years, from the first settlement of the 
Town ; with Biographical Sketches of a few of the most 
respectable Inhabitants. 8vo. sewed, uncut, Porismonth, 1825 

1 7 ADAMS, J. Q. Keport of the Secretary of State, upon Weights 

and Measures, prepared in obedience to a resolution of the 
House of Kepresentatives of the fourteenth of December, 1819. 

8(;(). half mar. Washliiglon, 1821 

18 ADAMS, John. A Defence of the Constitutions of Government 

of the United States of America. 

Svo. calf, gilt, London, 1787 

1!) ADAMS, John. Letters of Jolin Adams and Mrs. Adams, with 

an Introductory Memoir, by his Grandson, Charles Francis 

Adams. Portrait. 4 vols. Vlmo. calf gilt, Bosto7i, 1841 

20 ADAMS, John. A Defence of the Constitutions of Government 

of the United States of America. Si'o. calf^ London, 1788 

21 ADAMS, Nehemiaii. The Autobiography of Thomas Shepard, 

the Celebrated Minister of Cambridge, N. E., with Additional 
Notices of his Life and Character. \2mo. cloth, Boston, 1832 

22 ADDISON, TI. R. Belgium as She is. Author of "a Hand- 

book for Residents in Belgium, the Rhine, Hours in Hindos- 
tan," etc. Huo. paper, tvood-cuts, Brussels, 1843 

23 Adduesses of the Philadelphia Society for the Promotion of 

Industry. Hiw. sheep, Philadelphia, 1819 

24 ADELUNG, Johanx Chiustoph. Mithridates oder allgemeinc 

Sprachenkunde mit dem Vater Uiiser als Sprachprobe in 
beinahe runfjiiindert Si)raclien und Mundarten. 

4 vols. Hro. half calf , marbled edges, Berlin, 1806 

A liisloiy (if all known Iiin(,'iint;cs niid iliiilocts, «itli an account of the books 
printed in or relating to tlicni, innl above 500 siii'cinicns, consisting cliielly of the 
Lord's rraycr. 

25 AIAMIE TuMD.iiMoSiN. Masiiiaigan KaojitogobanenKaiatKa 

niina8isi mekate8ikon-aie8igobanen Kanactageng saksi enasin- 
dibaiien. O ki magSabikickoton John Lovell Moiiiang. 

thick 18mo. 337 and Z9G pp. half calf , 1859 



26 AGASSIZ, Louis. Luke Superior ; its Physical CImractcr, 

Vegetation and Animals, compared witli those of similar 
Regions. With a narrative of tiie Tour by J. Kliiot Cabot. 

rojial 8vo. vcr}j scarce, Bodon. 181^0 

Priced tl5 on n recent New York ('atulngue. 

27 d'AILLY. Ymago Alundi. folio, half hound in dark 

turkey mor. extra, gilt edges, fine copy, very rare, 
{verso of/ol. 155), Paris, Joannoa Gerson, 1490 

The treatises byd'Ailly in tlii.s volume are: I. Innigo Sluiidi, fol. 7.-2. 
Mappa Mundi, p. IC— 3. l)e lecibus et sextis contra superrttkio.sos Astronomos, 
p. 42. — 4. Snper calendnri cornel ioneni, p. 56.— fi. I)e vero ciclo liinarl, p. fll, 
verao. — 0. and 7. Compendium cosniograpliie, p. 00.— 8. IJe concordla Astro- 
nomice veritiitls, ]>. b7. — 0. Elucldarinni astronomice concordie cum thoologica 
el liistorica verltatc, p. llfi.— 10. Apologetica defensio astronomice veritate, p. 
140.— 11. Ibid .Secuuda, p. 142, verao.—Vi. De concordia disjordnntium astro- 
nomoruni, p. 146, 

Althongli tills book was printed before the discovery of America, it possenses. 
nevertheless, an interest from its couneclion v\ltli Columbus. It la known to 
have been a favorite of tlie great naviga:or, l)y whom it was much studied, and, 
l)y many. It is supposed that he found in it the opinions wiiicli suggested to him 
llie feasibility of a western passage to India. 

D'Ailly, (or de Aliaco, his Latinized name,) Arcld)i»liop of C'ambray and 
Cardinal, was born in 1340, ami died, according to some writers, in 1410, by 
by others in 142o. He was the author of many works, and oiu' of the most learned 
men of his day. Las Casas is of opinion that his writings had more eflect In 
stimulating Columbus to his enterprise than those of any other author. His 
work was so familiar to tlie great navigator, that he filled its whole nuirgin with 
Latin notes in his own handwriting, citing many tidngs that he had read else- 
where. "This book, which was very (dd," writes Las Casas, "I luid many 
times in my li;nids, and I drew from it some things written in Latin by the said 
Adnnral Christoplier Columbus, to verify certain points api>er'.iiining to Ids his- 
tory, of whicli I before was In doubt." — IHst. Ue Ia3 IntUca, lib. 1, cap. II. 

Washington Irving also saw and iuindledtlie precious volume, which was the 
copy possessed by Cohnnbus, and which Is now preserveil in the Columbina 
Library at Seville. " It was a great satisfaction," he writes, " to discover this 
identical volume. It is a most curious and interesting document, the only one 
that renmins of Columbus jirior to Ids discovery. It illustrates his researches, 
and In a manner the current of Ids tlioughts, while as yet his great enterprise 
existed but in idea, and while he was seeking means to convince the world of lt« 
practicabliity."— it/e of Columbus, Vol. II., pp. 11, 12, note, X. Y. ed., 1K48. 

Mr. Major, in speaking of winds unii currents, facts concerning which he bad 
gathered from seamen, says: "While availing himself of these sources of infor- 
mation, Colund>us studied with deep and careful attenlion the works of sucli geo- 
graphical authors as supjilied suggestions of tlie feasibility of a short western 
passage to India. Amongst these the Imago Mundi of Cardinal I'ieire d'Ailly 
was a favorite."— it/e of I'rince Henry, Vu Navigator. 

28 AINSWOIITIT, Robfut. Tiiesaiirus Linguae Latinae Conipen- 

ilarius ; or, a Compendious Dictionary of tiie Latin Tongue. 

Ito. calf, London, 1783 
2!) AKERLY, Samukl. The (Jeology of the Hudson River, and 
the adjacent Regions ; Illustrated by a Geological Section of 
tlie Country, from the neighborhood of Sandy Hook, in New 
.Jersey, Nortiiward througli tiie Highlands in New York, 
towards the Catskill Mountains. %vo. paper, New York, 1820 


.'W AIIN, F. A New Pmetic-ai viramumr of Tlie Dutch Language, 
witli Dia!ogui\> lunl Readings in Prose and Verse. 

l2nio. cloth, London, 1854 

!il ALBERTINUS. Opusculum d' IMirabilibus none et voteris 
Urbis Rome editum a Francisco Albcrtino Floren. Cmu 
Priuilcgio. 103 leaves. {(^olophoti.) fmprcssum Romae 
per lacobum Mazochiuni ISI.D.X, »m. ^to. yellow rlotlt. 

:i-2 ALBERTUS, Maonus. De natura locoruni. Libru niira | 

eniditionc, & singubiri fruge re | fertu, & iam priiru, sumnia 

diligontia rcuisiini, in Inceni | itditu, que legis diiigc | ntius, 

si uel Cosniogra | pliia uel I'liisica p. i'ecisse te uo | lueris. | 

I/'), half red inor. top edge gilt, hy Bradstrect, rare. 

(Colophon) Excusmn Vien'nce Austria:, 1514 

On tilt' riffht of the IStli Iciif Is u inurKinul note by tlie ("Mtoi, of wliieli the 
following; is II tniiisliitiiiii : 

" lU'hold 1 he conchides thai beyond the eellptic, In the TiOtli degree, that region 
whieli Ves|iiiciu9 in Ids voynges in I'm-mer years discovered and <!escribed, waa 

Alliertus Miigiins, of a Snablun family, became Bishop of Katisbon. He died 
in 1','80, and was considered tlie most learned man of his time. His hook appears 
to have been pablished from the original )IS. (see note at the end of the table). 
It is atreatise on C'osniogriiphy. His views on the linbitableness of the eartli 
beyiMid tlie tropics as expressed in the place cited had reference to the then 
inidiscovered parts of Africa. 

Humboldt, 111 speaking of tlie work, says : "Dans I'edition de Strasbourg, 
dont je nie sers, et (pii a paru trois ans aprfcs la nioit d'Ainerigo Vespucci, I'edi- 
teur, (Jeorge Tunstctter est si enierveille <les conjectures d'Albert le Grand sur les 
terres de I'lieiidsphere austral, habite jusq'au M degre de latitude, qu'il y rccon- 
iiait Hiie proplii'tie accomplie par la navigation d'Amcrlgo Vespucci." — Kxamcn 
Critique, Vol. 1. p. 121. 

Priced £25 inu lute liOndon Catalogue. 

:Vo ALBINI AND Grotiu.*. Niveniontii coinnientatio do lingufs 

peregrinis at que insulis ignotis ex scripto inanu ipsius oxarato,, 

etc. Praef accedit Iliigonis Grotii de Origine gentium Amer- 

icariim dissertatio. Vimo. half calf , Vittemhergae, 1714, 

1 his disputation on the origin (d' the Americans attracted much interest. It 
was twice luiiited, and is now rare. 

;j4 ALEGRE, F. Javikk. Historia de la Compauia de Jesus en 

3 vols, Hvo. Mexican roan hinding, Mexico, 1841 

a") ALEGAMBE, Philippo. Mortes Illvstres, ct gcsta corvm de 
Societiite lesv qui in odium iidei, pictatis, autcuius-cunque 
virtutis, occasione Missionuni. Sacramentorum adininistra- 
toriim fidei, aut virtutis propugnatce, etc. 

folio, half mor, liomae- Varesij, 1657. 








I, -5 

ALKXANDKR, J. E. Tninsatliintic; Sketclios, coinpn'.siiig vi.silH' 
lo the i!it(r(\'^tiii<,' scones in North and Soiitli Anifricii, 
uiitl the "^V est Iii(lie.s, .villi notes on Negro Slav.iy and Cami- 
diuii Eiuifrratioii. Hn,. /ml/ doth, Pkihulvlphia, ISJI.'J 

ALKXANDKH, Sue Wii.i.iAM, Knijrlit: An Encouragement to 

^"•''•>"'''"<- •'••"i. ■Mu. with the very rare map seldom 

Joui:il 1)1 collies, In, colored morocco, super extra, (jilt leaves, 

1)1/ Mackenzie, Ijondon, W. Slanshi/, \G2',i 

IJi'IssiMMl III lll:i(i, with tl,,. liil,. „r ••r/,e Ma,,p ami Ihsrription of AVw Entj- 
Mm/," witliiiiit till' DtMllciitloii. Tlii' loiLs tlir siiiiic in lioih wiiikH. Iteoii- 
liihis nil iim.uiit oltlif lir.Ht sftll.iiiciit oltlic Kinii'li In Ciiumlii and NovaScotiii. 
Till' iniip I' till' I'oiintry Cnnii Ciipc Cod to l.iilniidoi-. The Hainc niiip iiiiiy 
!»■ round ill till' tbui'tli voliiine of "/'m-c/iug his Pilyrima." Novii Scotia l.i 
liid('l)ti'il to Sir William Ali'xandi'r, wlio lirst Kcltlrd tlii'iv, Ibi- Its natiif. 

ALDAMA, Ai;<;iisTiN. Arte de la lengim Mexicatia. 

\-2in(). half mor. /'Jii la /niprentn nuevn de la liihliolhera 

Mexicaua, 17.'J4 

MAWW'A'AWA. Tlic Alchemy of IIaj)i)iness, by Mohammed 
Al-(Jliaz/.aii, the Moliammeihm Philosopher. 

Hrc. cloth, Albany, N. Y., 1873 

A LI. EN, Ethan, Ukv. Historical xVotices of St. Ann's Parish, 
in Ann Arundel County, Maryland, Extending from KM!) to 
IH;-)?, a Period of 2()h Years. \2ilio. cloth, Baltimore, ISA? 

AIJ.EN, Ethan. Reason the only Oracle of Mm, or, a Com- 
penduous System of Natural Religion, alternately adorned 
with Confutations of a variety of Doctrines, incompatible with 
it ; Deduced from the most exalted Ideas which we are able to 
form, of the Divine and Ilunuin Character, and i'rom the Uni- 
verse in General. 12wo. calf, Jtemiinyton, 1784 

AI>LEN. Coi.. A Narnitive of Col. Ethan Allen's Captivity, 
from the time of his being taken by the lii-itish, near Montreal, 
in 177;'), to the time of his exchange in 1778, Containing his 
Voyages and Travels, with the most remarkable occurrences 
respecting himself, aiul inany other continental Prisoners, of 
dirterent ranks and Characters. 

I2mu. half calf, ver,/ scarce, Walpolc, 1807 

AIJ.EN, I. EisKK. A Practical Treatise on the Cidture and 
Treatment of the (irape Vine, embracing its History, with 
direction for its Treatment in the United States. 

8vo. cloth. New York, 1853 





44 ATiT.EN, In,\. PnrticnlaiM of tlic Cnpf-.irc of tlic Sliip Olivp 
IJnuR'li, Lnditii witli ii Carf^o of Cannon and Arms, tlie prop- 
erly of Major (Jenoral Ira Allen, (li'.stiiictl for HU|)plyirig the 
Militia of Vermont, and Captured by His Hritannie Majesty's 
Slii|) of War Andacinn.H ; toj^etlier with the proceedings and 
evidcneu liefore the high Court of Admiralty. 

2 voln. Hrii. sliei-p, /'liiladelphia, lH();"i 

4;") ALLKN, Ika. A Concise Summary of the Second Volume of 
the Olive Hranch. A hook containing an account of Governor 
Chittenden's giving written instruf^tions to Cien. Ira Allen in 
17!).'), to i)urcliase ISIilitary Stores in Europe, for the Militia 
of tlu' State of Vermont. ])i). 24. Hvo. rinlndelphia, 1807 

4G ALLEN, Mvuon O. The History of Weidiam, Civil and Eccles- 
iastical, fniin its settlement in ]C>',VJ to 1800. 

\2mi>. cloth, Boston, IHCO 

47 ALLEN, William. The History of Norridgewock : comprising 

Memorials of the Aboriginal Inhabitants, and Jesuit Mission- 
aries, hardships of the Pioneers, liiographical notices of the 
early settlers, and Eeclcsiastical Sketches. 

12mo. doth, Norridgewock, 184!l 

48 ALLEN, W ILK ics. The History of Chelmsford, from its origiTi 

in 18.").'! to the year 1820, together with an Historical Sketcli 
of the Church, and l}iograplii(!al Notices of the first four Pas- 
tors. 8ro. half calf , Haverhill, 1820 

49 ALLEN, William. The American IJiograjjhical Dictionary : 

containing an account of the Lives, Cliaracters a!\d Writings 
of the most eminent persons Decease<l in North America, from 
its first Settlement. Third Edition. 

roi/al Svo. half mor. Boston, 1857 

.'iO ALMON, John. Memoirs of .Tolin Almon, Hookwller, of Pic- 
cadilly. 8(0. half calf , London, \7'H\ 

T)! ALPIIONCE. Les Voyages Avantvrcvx dv Capitaiiie lean 
Alplionce Saintongcois. Conteraut les Regies & cnseigninens 
Jiecessaircs ii la bonde & seure Navigation. 

4^). liliie mor. Boiien Tlicodtire, Bciiisart, 1002 

,')2 Amkimcan Traveller; being a ticw Historical Collection, care- 
fully compiled from Original Memoirs in several Languages, 
and the most authentic Voyages and Travels. 

I'iino. sheep, London, 1745 



52* Amkhican Monthly Maga/ and Ciidcal Uoviows, 

. 4 vols. 8(;o. half ail/, N"w York, 1817 

53 Amerujan Museum; or, Ilcpoaitory of Ancient and Modern 
P^i-iitive I'iec.'H, Prose and Poetical. 

12 uola. Svo. nhcep, riiilwhlphlu, Matthnw Carvij, 17H7-l)2 
Complete MclH of thU work nrc v.Ty hoiire... It was printed i.n<l odit.-d l.y 
Miittlii'W Carey. •• I win. iniicli uttriict.d to tli.. work, imd liad Rreat rcluctiiiice 
to «l>niul.)i. It. . . . but -iing ItH r.M|ul,.iu at tli.. close of I7fl:!. That It had coii- 
suicrablo merit Is universally acknowledged; and there Is no vanity In the declar- 
iitlon, as the work did not contain a single essay of my own. The whole of my 
labor consiste<l In the selection of Its contents, and theuUditlonof a few notes."- 
M. Vdfi'i/'t Autoliioo- in New Eng. Mag. 

.'i4 Amkuican Colonial Tracts. A folio volume (so lettered) bound 
in calf, containinj,' the following pieces : 

1. The Declaration of the Iteasonsand JFotlves for the present appearing hi 
Arms of their Majesties I'rotestant subjects in the I'rovlnee of Maryland, pp N. 

londan, KlMi 
llie l.lniien and Woollen Manufactory Discussed, etc. pp. 15, hm 

An Act of Parliament of .Scotland for erecting an East India Company. 

Edinb. lfill."> 
A Letter from a Member of the I'arllamvnt of .Scotland concerning their 
lato act (or establishing a ( :ompany, trading to Africa and the Indies, pp. 14. 

r r. ,.. . ■ London, KW.J 

■). Our Ministry s pre.sent measures against the Muacovlte vindicated, pp.ii. 

, ,, London, 17111 

II. Heport ot Frauds In the Tobacco Trade, pp. i:j. \~n., 

7. Keasons lor l^slabllshing theColony of Jcorgla.wltli regard to the Trade 

of Great llritain. pp. J8. London, I7:t:i 

H. List of copies of charters from the ( 'omniissloners of Trade and I'lanta- 

tlons. presented to the House of Commons, viz. : .Marvland, Connecticut, Uhode 

Island, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts Hay and (ieorgin. London, IMl 

U. A Description of (jeorgin, by aOentlennin who has resided there upwards 

of seven years, and was one of the first settlers, pp. H. London, 1741 

10. An Account shewing the I'rogress of the (.'olonv of (ieorgia In \nierlea 

fromlts first Establishment, pp.71. ' London, mi 

55 AMERICAN Cyclopedia, or Popnhir Dii'tioimiy of (ieiieral 
Knowledge. \6mo. royal 8ro. half. mor. Xnr Yorh; 

I). Appletou A- Co. 1867 

o7 AMERICAN Archives : Consisting of a collection of Records, 
State Papers, Debates, Lettor.s and other notices of Public 
Affairs, the whole forming a Docuinentary History of the 
Origin and Progress of the North American Colonies. Edited 
by Peter Force, and piibli.«lied l)y Act of Congress. 

7 vols. /olio, IkiI/ ninsid, Washinytoii, 183;'. 
This great work is the most Important and valuable relating to American 
History of any published by the government, as it will embrace its complete 
documentary history from its discovery by Cobonbus to the year 17S:i. Its r-ib- 
llcatlon, which was suspended before the late war, is about to be resumed a res. 
olution having been passed at the last session of Congress for conlinuilig the 
work. The series, as far as published, is now diflicult to procure. 







•)8 AMOS, A. Report of tlie Tiiuln in the Courts of C.umda, rela- 
tive to the (ie«triiction of tiie Earl of Selkirk's settlement, on 
the Red River ; witii observations. Hvo. paper, Lunihu, 1820 
08* Amkkican Oriental Society. Journal of, from the beginning in 
184.'} to 18(;i), (wanting No. 1 of Vol. IV). 
t) voh. Hvo. ill iiHinbirH as piihlinhcd, and No. 1 0/ Vol. 10 

iiof rnunlcd. ' New Ilavoi, r. ij. 
50 ALMANACK. Groote Comptoir Alinanach op 't Jaer ons 
Ileeren Josh Christi M.u.c.Lxvii. Na de Nieuwe en Omle- 
stijl. Doer Gillis Joosten Saegnian. Ai. 

Ato. old Dutch cuiitciiiponirij liindiiiij, Aimterdam, 

Sacgman, ICC 7 
Printed In red iind Ijjiiek. Woodcnt of tlio Kxclmnge at Amsterdam on tlllo 
page, with clmruetiMlstlc wood-euts (or every inoiitli. 

CO ALMANAC. Poor Richard Impro veil. An Almamie for ITCG. 

By Richard Saniiders. ] 2wo. fidl red inor. 

extra rich imidc tooliiuj, I,,/ Matthews, Philadelphia. 

B. Fraiiklii, and I). Hall, (17GG) 

Tills U the hist year o( Poor Richard's Almanac In which Franklin's Imprint 

The Stamp Act which led to the resolution, passed by Parliament to take 
elVect 1st .lune, iroa, is here given In full. 

CI Ai,MANA<j de Ootiia, 2 vols.— Provincial Almanac van Frioslaiid 
for IHGO.— Utrecht Provincial Almanac (or 18G0.— Arnhem. 
Jaarboek for 18o'J.— Ainersfoortsehe Almanak, 1857. 

together, G vols.. 
C2 ALMSTRUP, Johannes. Dissertatio Philologico— Ilistorica 
de Anticivitate Mappaviim Gcographicarum. pp. 32. 
sin. 4(0. unhound, Hafniw, Tijpis Hairedum lierlingimioruin 
excndehat Ludolph. Nenr. Lillie, 1753 
G3 ALSOP, GKOutiE. A Ciiaracter of tiie Province of Maryland, 
(les<Tibed in four distinct parts; also, a small Treatise on the 
Wild and Naked Indians, (or Siisquehanokes,) of Maryland, 
their Customs, Manners, Absurdities, and Religion. Lovd., 
1G(;G. a new edition, witii an Introduction and Copious His- 
torical Notes, by John (iiliimry Shea. 

St'o. cloth, Neir York, 18G!) 

G4 ALFIKRI, F. A Dictionary, Italian and English, containing 

all tiie words of the \'ocabulary Delia Crusca, with Proverbs 

and Familiar Plirases. 4to. old calf, London, 174!) 


11. C. Mllfl'IIV MllKAUV. 

(!;'» AMANMAS, Zn;itix/.i:i'; F. ('lirmiicii (•(>iii|iinnlii>,xi.xMimii ali o\- 
orilio nitimli iiH(|nf ml niiiiiini hmniiii Milli'siininn, <|niii^ri'ii- 
lisxiiuiiiii, lri;.'fMiiniiiii i|iiiu'liiin |ii'r vt'iicniiKliiin |iatr('in. 

\'2iiii>, iihl tniiilinii, Aiitirniiiir, SltiKniiiii Ciifiiiii, l.'i.'M, 

Milisr Mil ill. 

Al 111!' I'liil lire lliiii' Irtli'iK IVdiii (llircri'iil iiiIx^IiiihiiIi'h II\Iii(( In Mrxicii, mil 

(11 111 riiiiMil ilnrwlicrr, niiKiilliliiK 1111 iici iiiilit i>l' llii- |irci(trn<n iif Ciilliiillr lulu- 

xliiiiH III tliiit I'liiiiilrv. Mr. 'rriiiiiil tvim ilir lli"<l lillilliiKni|ilii'i' wliii nillnl iilliii' 

tliiii 1(1 IIiIh work, In rrliilliiii li> wlili'li lir liim ii iiiili> -/lili. .Imrrlriiiiii, .\ii. X, 

<>.'>• AIMOKIC'I'TI. CiiAiii.Ks. \'()Miir,. (|(. Ih MiT Atliiiili(|ii(' Ti 
I'Occiiii I'liciliinif I'm- Ic Nunl ( Jticsl ilaiis la Mcr (IJMcialc 
par if ('M|)ilMiiif Laurent i'\Trt'r Miildoiiado I'Aii ITiSM 
'I'radiiil (I'mi Maiiii.sciit KN|)aiinl et x\u\\ d'nii l)iHci)iirM i|iii 
(Ml deiiioiiliv rAiilliciilicito til la Vfracilt'!. WfnliUini miijis. 

Mil, Hfiffil, iiiiriit, I'liilmiiirr, 1812 

(ii; [AIMIIOVNA.J '|"lic Sccdnd I'ait dfllic Tni;:iMh- ..1' Ainlioyiia ; 

111', a 'I'l'iK! KclalKHi 111' a IMdmI iUundy, 'rrcarluTdiiH and ('nici 

Di'sifrii oi' the Dutch in llic New Nctlu'ilniids in America lor 

the total l{niiiin;r and Miirtherin^' of the Kii;,'li,-th Cnhinies in 

New Kiifrland, liein^r extracted niit (if I.etlers written finni 

New Kii;r|aiid to Merchantt< in Ldndnii. 

•l/o. Iiiilf vinr. /.nililiiv, ilfilllhrirs, \(>M 

Tin' niicolorB ol tlir West linllii ('imi|iiiiiy, urlllnx IdCidvcrimr SluvvcfiiMI, 
Nov. I, l(l,'i.I, {.llliini!/ Kfrnrih, I'ul. iv., i>. IJI, \'iiiiilcrl:emii,) iiiiil »|iciiklii){ ol llir 
riiUilKniiln ii^'iiliisl llii' Diilcli |irii|m(iali(l in I'.iikIimkI l.v tlic iiniplr (if Nov I'.iij,'- 
IiiikI. say : '■ I'ln y piililhliid In I.dndun ilic niiisl Inlimidiis lyliiK IIIk'I, wIiIcIi tlu' 
licvllln lli'll Wdiilil have slarlliMl nl.wllli iMc title, " TnK SlUiiNli AsiiicVNA 
ruAiiKiiv, (11- II trill' iiiviiiiiit,"i'to. We illriclly ordi red ii nanxliilldii, and en- 
cUis(( u Cdpy III' It. 

07 AMrZINCJ, SAMt'Kl.. lk<.«c!iryvin;:e ende lot" dor Stad Ilaerlein 
in Ildlland. Plnlm. i[l„. nlluin, Hm ili'iii, 1(128 

li.s AM.S'l'KlJDAMS. Dani-lVaelJe van Wat Oiit.s en wat Nienw,-*. 
Kn Wat hreemts. Un. ImJ/ mor, Aiwlrrdnnu lOl!! 

(ill AN'IU'HY, S. Travel.s throiidli the Interior Part,-* of America : 
in a series of Letter.'*. \\y an Ollicer. F'nn' viiijwr-jiluir 
t iiijnirnKjs, iiirliiiliiiii tin iiiri' oin- i>/ I'lmtliii'iilal iiiuiin/. 

•1 roln. »n>. nilj\ 17M|» 

7(1 ANCIEXS (i(irvi:i!M;Mi'.N.s. Federatiis. et de la lejiislation de 
Crete, coiisidere.s sous les rapports et resiiltats de toutes a.sso- 
ciiitions politiiines. Sn>. Iiiil/ cdlf, I'arin, KS()4 

71 ANDKH'SOX. .Ia.mi-.s S. Mi lutAV. History ol" the ("hurcli ol' 
Knjrland in tlie Colonies and Foreign Dependencies ol' the 
IJritish Empire. 3 t-uls. ^co. violh. Liniihui, 184,')-5 



72 ANDKIJSOX, Mu. Tlio IliHtory of tli(! I.if.^ itml SiirpriHi:);.' 
AiKfiiliiii'H of Mr. Aiiilfrmiii, coutainiiif,' lii,MHtriiii;,'(! viirictiuM 
lit' FiirtMiicH ill Kuru|)(' uml AiiH'ricii. CoinpiliMl I'liin Iiisdwii 
l''«|"'""''- 2 /•«/«. \2mi>. Kl,r<i>, (lliimiiiir, 1 7!)!> 

".'t Anukuson'm Ilistdriciil mnlCliroiioIoj^iciil Diidiu'tidiiol' tlK!()ri;;iii 
of CoMimum', iVoni lliu eiirlicMt iicooiiiitH, contHiiiiii;? An IIIh- 
t(iry ol' till' (iiciit ('(iinnicrcial Iiitt-r '.HtHorilic IlritiNli Kiiipirc. 

(I rols. Hvo, hIii-i'ii, /liihliii, 1790 

71 i>'A>!l)|{AI)A, KuANcisco. ('luonicu dn miiy Alto o niiiyto 

I'odcrowo ivy di'stcs n-yno« (In Pdrtugal Doiii .loao o III 

flosdc iioiiio. .|.| riilx. Hin. [In. Simnluli ral/. 

f'liiiiilini, III III Oj/iriiiii ihi Ciiiiirsiilnilf, IT'JO 

!•> Ankkada. Croiiicn du miiyto alto c iniiito iioiUtoko Ucy di-Htca 
Ucyiios <li! I'()rtiif,'al Doni lofio o III. dcstc ii()i>i('. 

Ilnck full,', Spiiiiisli hiiiijinij, Llslimt /villi- Ituilriijni'z, 1613 

7(1 -WDKIO. A 'I'm^'i'iiy, in Five Acts : As now pcrfonniii;,' at tlu^ 
'i'lifalrc ill Ni'w York. My William Dmilai). To which is 
add.'d, Thf ('((W-( 'liacc : A Satirical Poem. 15y Major 
Aiidii!; Witli till! rroccodingH of the Court-Martial; and 
Aiitlicntic Docimu'iits conccrninfj him. 

«(•(>. Illlf/ liior. lit)! ijill, /jDIiiIiiii, Jhliiil Oijilrri/ ((■ S'ni, 179!) 

77 Anuuk. The Cow (;hal■(^ In Tlirco Canto«, piihli.shed on occa- 
Hion of the Hehel (Jenenil Wuync'w Attack of the Hefii;;ceH' 
l{lock-Iloiis(; on IIiiilsoii's Hiver, 21st .Inly, 17H0. 

Wfo. ivd iniir. yllt vili/is, iinj nirv, New York,, 

JaiHvH liivinijtou, 1780 

7H .Vm>uk. Tlie Cow Chace. A Poem. In 'riiree Canto.s. Flnr. 

jioiiriill imirarvil mi Mfcl, iiml lanji. Al. . Iitilf innr. 

Alhiiiii/, J. Minisill, \0{) CD/iIrs jiriratily prititi'd, IHiU'i 

71» Andki':. The same work. (2 copies,) -ilo. Kciml, Alhain/, 18(56 

-SO Ankki;. Proeeedinj,'8 of a Hoard of General Ollieers, Held by 
Order of His Kxcellency Gen. Washington, Commander in 
Chief of the Army of the I'nited States of America. Hespeet- 
iiijr Major .lohii Andre, Adjutant of the IJritish Army, Se|)- 
fember 2i), 1780. rortrail. 4(o. sewed, rhilodcljiliia, 17^0 

Jtcprint, Allan !i, .1. Mnnmll, 1865 

HO* An'dhi:. Vindiention of the Captors of Major Andre, by Egbert 
Hcnson. Sio. sewed. New York, 1865 




«l ANDHOS, TiK.MAH. Tl... Ol.l .K.iM.y Captiv..: ..r, .. \„rrHtlv.. 

of the Ciipliviiy .,(■ TlioiuHH Aii.lroH, (,„nv I'mUn- of tl.o Cluircli 

in H(.rkdy),„u iK.unl the OhI Jursoy IVim.n-Ship at Now 

York, 17M1. In ,i „,.,.!,.« „( LetU'ivs to a Kricnd, siiiti'.l to 

in«|.in. fHitli, Hii.l ('oiitidcncc in n |)articular Divino Pr.ivi- 

''"'"'*'• ' l-2m„. /„,// mnr. lUtoH, IH'M 

«!• AN(JAS, (Jko. Fukncii. The Kafllrs IlhfHtrated, in a series of 

DnnvingM taken the Aniazn, An.apon.h. Trihes ; kImo, 

I'oitiait« of ih,. Hottentot, Malay, Kin^.a and other HaceH 

'nhabiting Sonthern Afriea: together with Skctelies ol Land- 

«eape .Seencry in the Zulu n.unt.y. Natal, and the Cape (Jol- 

""^* !nii)./„ll„, l„,iuti/iill,i r„hn<fl phif.'s, 

half ijntit vior. lop vihjv yllt, Loiuhn, 18-19 

«2 ANNALS „K i.A I'i<()i.A(iAri()N i.k i.a F(.i. Periodiquo 

<le. lettiVK de,s evl^.,nes et de.s Mi.-«ionaire8 des Minsions des 

•le.ix Monde«, et de ton.s les Docunientn relatifs anx Missions 

et .\ Toenvre de la I'ropajrution de ia Foi. Collection tai«ant 

suite aux Lcttei-H Kdifiantes. 

2.'» voh, Hvo. halfhrovm calf, Lyon, 1812-53 
83 Annalks dk la I'hoi'A(mtion dk i,a Foi. 183.J to 1840. 

!) vols, Hro. Iiliif jiapir covcm, Iji/oit, 
H4 Annals of the Tropagation of the Faith, a Periodical C'olle.^tion 
of Letters from the Hishops and Missionaries en.i)h>yed in the 
Missions of the Ohl „n,l New World, and of all the Docu- 
ments relating to those Missions, and the institution tor the 
Propagation of the Faith, 

i ioh. 8uo. cloth, London, 1841-44 

85 ANIBAL Caro. Dele Lottere del Comnien.Iatore Annibal Caro. 

2 vols. sm. Alo. i,i,onc, red mor. ,jilt nhj,-H, Vvnvtia, 1581 

^& ANNE OF IJniTTANY. Illnn.inated Calendar, copied from the 

Hours' of Amu, of Brittany. Tille and 36 pageB heanlifully 

mumuiatnl with ,jold and colors, 12 containing fine miniature 

paintings of the period. With description in fac-simiie. 

roynl 8uo. cloth, haves loose, London, 1^45 
87 Annv^ LiTTKH.f: Societas Jesu anni 1011. Ad Patres .t B>a- 
treseuisdem Societatcs. Ihhnqav, li\n 

— Annlak Litt. See. Jesu. Rome, 1582.— Same for '. • H ■ . A 
Lugdanl, 1619.— Same. Duaci, 1C18. 

tor/ether, i thick, voh. sm. 8vo. vellum, v. y 



^8 ANSON, (JK.uKiK. A VoyaRc m,m\ tl.o Worl.I, in the Yoiu-h 
I7l(),l,2,;j,4. (•(»m|.il.(l fniin I'apoiM nnd other MutL'iinl« of 
Lord AiiHon, ami piibli^lied imder liis llluMraliMl 
with 42 ('(.|.|KT.|)hilf<. Uo. mlj\ ;,llt. h„d; Loi„lon, 17«M 

N!» Anmwkh, to tho IX'dur, 'ion of tho AnieiicHii Congress. 

«ro. half mor. London, 1770 

«D* ANTiic.r.ouY of Now Ni'thiulund, or ' iVoni the early 
Duteh R).)tH of Now York ; with MenioiiH of their Ivives l)y 
Umry C. Murphy, (Hni,l/onl (Hal, Cop,,, No. 9-1), I'orf. of 
St,-rn,hm. ro,,„l Hro. huljmo,: lop r,hji',jlll, New Yorh; W,-} 

!>U ANTIION, CiiAUi.Ks. HiitLicriiKCA ClaHHiea : or, A CiaHHienl 
Dictionary; containing a <'oi)i.,ns acconnt of tlie Prircipal 
rroper Nanies mentioned in Ancient AutiiorM, by .). Leni- 
P*""''"*'- 2 vols. Hvo. Hhfi'p, New York, \S',V.\ 

IM ANTKjl'iTATKS Amkhicanak, sive Scripfores Septentrionales 

reruni Hiite-Cohunl.ianarnin in America. Kdid. Societa.s 

Ke-ia Antiq. Septentrion. royal 4lo. hnlf mor. 

lop ,'ihjr ;,;il, iincit, will, 17 phil,'.',, for .ihnilis of aucivul MSS. 

oiili,piiti<„ ni,<niiopn, Ilofninr, {(!opr„lia>i,;,), 18.'J7 

This voliinif <oi,t«l„s Hll thr lhf,.niiiiil..M .'iiilirH 1 In tln' iin<'i.-nt l«.|' 

8HKiiH«n,l..|l,,.r works, »l,owl„K 111.. k.i..w:,.,lKi. timt llir, ha.loCthr 
Arw ni.rl.l lH.|„r,. i„ .lUcvry l.y AihohK tli- pl,-ce« iir.. tl,.. .s„«„ 

of Kr c 111.. |{,Ml. r..|a,lnK t.> (ir. un.l. A. I), w.'.; ltl,.,.,„.'H \otl.u.ot(;r ,1„,„|, 

UWl tl... MiKiiol Thorlinn KiirlH..lM,., l.iWu.lInK hi. i-X|m.(IIi1o„ I., V|„|„„,l |„ 
>..rll, Ar.i|.rlf,.. m; riioivuhl'e VoyaKr lo Vlnl«.Hl In l(Kr..,„n,l Accnnl,,,! \1„. 
IHIKI by Adam of Uronien. nnd Arf Kro.l.-, wrlll.ii In tli.. Xltli (•.ntiiry. 

92 Ai'08Toi.ic,.s Afanes de la C'ompania .le .lesn.s. Kcritos per uu 
I'adre de la niisina Sagiada Heiiirion de sii I'n^ineia do 
Mexico, pp. 4i,2. ,,n. 4lo. relhim, liara/oi,;,, 1 7.j4 

l>;i APIAN, Pkteh. Cosmogra- | phicns Liber Petri Apiani ma- | 
tliematici collectns. Ik-ACK LKrrKK. 
ito. browi, mor. top nhj,- , jilt, Jiuv copy, with tlw dinyrnms hi 

yowl order. 
(Colophon on paye 104 :) f Kxcusam Landsiii'tak Typia 
ac formulis D. Joaniiix Weysseidmryers : impen.sis ( Petri 
Apiani. Anno Ciiristi Sal- | iiatoris (minium Miilesimo | 
(jiiingenteHimo vicesiino- ) quarto [1024]. 

<»n pHKi' •-> !., a ^Lib.. with th.. word "A>|KI!I" on un Island; rrvolvinK dia- 
Kranis on pagi's 17, ^4, an,l(i:i, and in the apiH-mllx. On paL'f (UMlie fourth 
chapter thns begins:— 

"Anwilra: .jhhc nnnc (inartii pars torriie dicltur, ab Anicrlco Ve.spucio 
vlumv inu..|ore iiomm i. cortlta est. Kt non hnn.erlto: ,|uoniniii marl vndi.iue 
clandllnr Insula appellatnr." 

An.erlea. which Is now called the fourth part of the world, justly took its " 
name from Americas Vespuclus, who discovered It; and it Is called an island 
tor the reason that it is surrounded by water. 




!*1 APIAN. Cosmograpliia, per Goniniam Frifiimn npiid Lovan- 
k'\m., Mcvliciim & Miitli. insigiicni, iiini dt'iuiiin aU (Miiiiibiis 
viudicata lufiitlis, ac iionniillas (|II(i(|ik' l(>cis aiicla. 

sm. 4/ri. old rclhi », Anlircrp'np, 1 ")50 

!•'> APIAN. Cosinognipliio, on Doscriptioii de.s qiiatrc parties dii 

Moi)de, Coiiteiiaiit la Situation, Diiiision, & KstiMidiie de 

(•'iitie Ht .ion & Provinci- d'iculif.s. CorriiriMi iSc angmcntee 

par Gumnm Frison. sm. folio, half mov. (/ill lo/', 

fiitr copij. A II Iters, Jraii }\'lflin(/c. ]r)81 

!)G / PES, AVii.MAM. Indian Nniiification of tlu; Unconstitutional 
Laws of Massaciuisetts, relative to the. ]Marslipee Trilie : or 
tile pretended Kiot explained. ]2iiio. clolli, Jioslon, 183.') 

'.)7 ArocALvrsK de C'liiokoyiiikoy. Clief des Iroquois, Sauvages dn 
Nord de PAnu'rique. Eerite par ini-nienie vers I'an de I'ere 
Cretienne l.'U);J. Traduite en Francois sur I'original Iro- 
quois. Avee un oonnnentaire pour rinteiiigenee des endroits 
les plus dillicilesdiiTe.\te. Sro. uiihomul, I'liiladvlphin, 1777 

98 APPLETON, Natiiamki.. C;o-i)el Ministers must he fit fortiie 
blaster's I'se, Pivpared to every good Work, if tliey would 
• 1 e Vessels unto Ilonotir : A Sermon preaclied at tlie Ordina- 
tion of Mr. .Tr>!;n Sargent, witli a sjjeeial reference to tlie 
Indians of Ilonsatonic, who have lately manifested their de- 
sires to receive the (iosjiel. 8ro. luilf mor. Jlmlon, l~i];) 

!)8* Ai!CiiAi;()i,()(iiA, or Miscellaneous Ti'acts relating to Antiquity. 
j)ublished l)y the Scxrii'ly of Anti(]uaries, [London], from its 
commencement in 1771 to 18,')!», with volume of Index for the 
first fifteen voliunes, illustrated hy many hundred engravings, 
plain and colored. 4i'i ruin. 4lo, of irliirh 41 an- 

uiiiforiiihj hoiiml in full xpriuklfd cnlf, i/rlloir cihji-s, 
l-ii i'o/.s. 1)1 clolli, iniriif, IjOhiIoii. 

Airidiig till' (listinguisliei) iniliniis who liavccoiilrihiitcil to ilii:< work nrctlif 
followMi)!;: Dr. Sluki'lcy, Sir Will. Ihiiiiiltiiii, Hi.-iliop I'l'icy, !■". Douoc. Sliiiroii 
'i'liniiT, sir lli'iiry ICilis, sir lliiiii|iliri'y Diuy, Iv hiidpc, Dr. !■'.. 1). ( liirkc, Sir 
li. ('. Ildiirc, Sir 1". Miuliit ii, T. Wriglit, .1. .M. Iviinblf, .'ir I"iiimi.'< I'lilgnivi', 
and lOiirl Staiilinpc. 

Mlliougli llu' piipcrs ill tin- work cliiilly ri'liiti- to llic aiiliiiiiitic-iof Kiifrlaiiil, 
Scotlanil and Ireland, tlirre aif iiuiiicroiiH csKiiy.'^ upon tlic anliipiitirK of iioinc, 
(irei'Cf, KKypt, iiikI otlirr connlrics, iucoiii|iaiiii'd by plalis. 

09 AHCil.VELOCiICA AMi:iii( ana. Transactions and Collections 

of the Amei'ican Antiiiuarian Society. (i roh. Hro. 

Vol. 1 in hoiirih, ill!' remainder in elotli, uncut, 

Worcester, 18-'0-1874 



100 AKCIIAKOLOniA Amkhk ana. Transactions and Collections 

of tlie Auiericaii Anti{[uarian Society. 

2 vols. 8(0. half calf, Worcester, 1820 

101 AliCIIDALK, Joiix. Description of that Fertile and Pleasant 

Province of Carolina: witli a Brief Accoiuit of its Discovery 
and Settling and tlic (iovernnient tiiereof to this time. 

i^co. half sheep ^ Loudon, 1707 

102 AKCIIIVO Mkxicano. Documentos para la Historia de 

Mexico. 2 vols. Hro. lialf maroon nior. Mexico, ]8ri2 

10.') Auciiivd Storico Itaiiano ossia raccolta di opere e docunienti 

finoi-a inediti o diveimti rarissinii. 8t'o. sewed, Firenze, IHo.'J 

Tlie valiu- of tliis volumf i8 ii "Lpttcni rli (iloviinni dii Vcrrnziino Xiivijriitori' 
Fiorcnlino ii Kniiicosoo i lie di h'raiiciii .snllii seopi'i-tii di miDvc tcrri' iicllii custii 
si'ftciitiioiiidc d'Ainoriou eon iiltiii I.cttcnidi Kernaiidi) Cavli sullo atonso nigo- 
iiicnto. I)il Jtonuini'iito oscritto mdla littii di Modeiia a I.odovioo Antonio 
ISIur.iloii ncl l.SVi. 

10;5* DkAAKDUOL. ]\[aga/.in van llcdendaagsche Land en Voi- 

iicnkiinde. Derde deel. De Nederhuulen. 3lap andivond cuts. 

folio, paper covers, Amsterdam, 1841 

101 ARFWEDSOX, Cacoijs David. De Colouia Nova Svecia 
in Aniericauj Borealoni deducta historiola. 

■l/o. Iialf iiior. top edije ijiU, Upsal, 1824 

10r> ARENAS, Pkduo. Vocabuhirio Manval de las lengvas Castel- 
lana y Mexicana. Kn cpie sc contienen las pahibras, pregun- 
tas, y respiiestas mas communes, y ordinarias que se suelen 
off'rcceren el trato y comnmnication entre EspanoU'S, e Indios. 
\2mo. velhnii, En Mexico. En la einprenta de Henrico Mar- 

, ti)icz. {Licence dated) KJll 

km; AHIOSTO. Tlie Orlando Furioso. Translated into English 
\'erse from the Italian, with Notes, liy William Stewart Hose. 
8 vols. 1 -Inio. cidf, extra ijllt edfjes, London, John Murraij, 182,'} 

107 AMARO, Don .IiAX Doctrina Extractada dc los 
t'atecismos IMexicanos de his Padres Pnredos, C'arochi v 
Castano, Tradncida al Castellano, para major instruccion de 
los Indios, en las Oraciones. y jMisterios jjrincipales de la 
Doctrina Cristiana. J2//((> half nior. (jilt. Mexico. 1840 

lOS ARMITACE. .loiix. The History of Brazil, from the period 
of the Arrival of the Biaganza Family in l.S()8, to the abdi- 
cation of Dom Pedro iIks first ill 1«;51, com])iled from State 
Documents, and other Original Sources ; forming a continua- 
tion to Southey's History of that Country. Portrait. 

2 vols. Svo. cloth, London, 18oG 



109 ARMISTEAD, "\Vii>;.N. Meinoira of James Logan ; Founder 

of the Lofrauian Library nt I'hiladelpliia ; Secretary of tlie 
Provinee of Pennsylvania ; Ciiief Justice, etc. 

i'2i)io. cloth, FjOiirJov, ]Hi)l 

1 10 ARNOLD, Ma.iou G k.n Proceedings of a General Coint 

Martial for the trial of Ma jor (Jeneral Benedict Arnold, June 
1, 1779. Maj. Gen. Howe, President. Phila., 1780, With 
Introduction and Notes. Portrait. 

8(7). r/otli, private reprint, New York, 18fi') 

111 AuKOWSMiTii's Large Maj) of North and South America. 

Mounted on tinen and folded in a case. London, 1804 

112 i.'AHT de Verifier les Dates. Chronologic Ilistorique de 

I'Ainerique. Par D. P. Warden. 

10to/s. 8i:o. half calf, niorhird td,/en, I'arin, 182C-18-44 

TIk'Sc voluim-s compiiao tlio foiirlli portion of the work, or tliiit which 
reliitt's to Aincrleii. 

113 ASIIE. Thomas. Travels in America performed in the Year 

1800, for the purpose of exploring the Hivers Alleghany, 
Monongahela, Ohio, and Mississippi. 

8fo. half vior. London, 1809 

114 ASHER, G. M. A r>il)liograi)Iiical and Historical Essay on 

the Dutch Hooks and Pami)hlets relating to New-Netherland, 
and to the Dutch AVcst-Lidia Company and its possessions in 
IJrazil, Angola, etc., as also of Maps, Charts, etc., of New 

4to. lanje and thick paper, sened, Amsterdam, 18r)4-(;7 
1 If) Asiiicu. Pibliographieal Essay, etc. Another copy, small pajjcr. 
4to. half hron-n iiior. top ed<je ijilt, nncnt, Amsterdam, 1854 
110 ASIH'^H, A. Bibliographical Essay on the Cfdlections of Voy- 
ages and Travels, edited and ])ublished by Lcvinus Hidsiiis 
and his Successors at Nuremberg and Fraiu-kfort. from loW.S 
'" 1^^*^- 4to. sewed, London, 18;J9 

117 ASSELFNE. Davii>. Lcs Anti(piites et Chroniquesde la Villc 

de Diei)pe. Publiecs pour la i)remiiT>' fois avcc une iiUroduc- 
tiun etdes notes histori(pies par.AI.M. Hardy, (Juerillon et 
I'Abbe Sauvage. 2 rol.s. i^ro. xcwed, nncnt, Dieppe, 1874 

118 ASTLEY. Thomas. A New (ieneral Coilrction of Voyages 

and Travels. Plates, Charts, Maps. 

4 rids. 4/0. half nissifi, London, 174;') 




119 ASTOR LiBUAUY. Cntnlogue, or Alphabetical Index of the 

Astor Library, with Supplement. 5 vols, royal 8vo. 

half red vwr. top edtje gilt, miait, New York, 1859-1866 

120 ASTROLABE. De conipositione Astrolabii. Tractatus de 

compositione Astrolabii Messehalath. Speculum orbis, de- 
claratio speculi orbis compositi a Gualthero Lud. Canonico 
Deodatensi et Torqiieti Canones. In fine ; Completum per 
Joa. Griininger, ex Argentorato 1612. — Koebel, J. Astrol- 
abii declaratio, ejusdemque usus mire jucundua non modo 
Astrologis, medicis, geographicis .... verum etiam me- 
chaiiicis. Acces. Isagogicon in Astrologiam iudiciariam. 

sm. ito. hoards, Moguntioe Petrus Jordan, 1532 

121 ATLANTIC Pilot, Tlie. Folding map. 

Hco, calf, London, 1772 

122 ATLAS de 1' Archeologie dii Nord, repreaentant des ftchantil- 

lons de 1' age de Bronze, et de 1' age de Fer. Public par la 
Societe Royale des Antiquaires du Nord. 

folio, half cloth, Copenhague, 1857 
122* ATKYNS, Riciiakd. The Original and Growth of Printing : 
Collected out of History, and the itecords of this Kingdome. 
Wherein is also demonstrated, that Printing appertaineth to 
the Perogative Royal ; and is a Flower (sic) of the Crown 
of England. 4<o. maroon, mor. extra, gilt edges, by Riviere, 
London, John Streater, for the Author, mdclxiv 

With Frontispk'ce engraved by D. Logan, containing portraits of King 
Charles IL, Arclibialiop Slieldon, tile Earl of Clarendon, and G. Monk, Duke of 
Albemarle. Very rare. 

In this Tract, Atkyns attempts to prove that the Art of Printing was first 
introduced into England by Frederick Corseilis, and not by William Caxton. 

Atkins's book is unknown to foreigners, and seen but by few in England.— 
Talmer, ffist. of Printing, Book Hi, p. 123. 

IJindley's copy sold for £3, 15s. and Horner's (June, 1854) £5, 2s., (id.— See 
Singer, Some account of the hook printed at Oxford in mcccclxviii, etc., 

123 Atlas. Fac-Simile dell' Atlante di Andrea Bianco. 

Oblong folio, ten sheets, being photographic copies of the map 
referred to, hound in cloth. Venezia, 1436 

124 ATWATER, Caleb. A Histoi-y of the State of Ohio, Nat- 

ural and Civil. Svo. sheep, Cincinnati, 1838 

124* ATWATER, Caleb. Remarks made on a Tour to Prairie 
Du Chien ; thence to Washington City, in 1829. 

12ino. sheep, Columbus, 1831 
The remarks on the grammar of the Dacota language on p. 149, and the 
vocabulary of that tongue on p. 15'.', et seq., are omitted in tlie subsequent edi- 
tions of this work. 




ATWOOD, Thomas. TIio History of the Island of Dominica ; 
oontnining ii Description of its Silntition, Extent, Climate, 
Moimtuins, Rivers and Natural Productions. To<,'etlier with 
an Account of the Civil Government, Trade, La\v.s, Customs, 
®^^- 8vo. Mep, London, 1781 

AYRKS, I. A. Tlio Legends of ]Montauk, a Poem with an 
Historical Appendix. Svo. doll,, New York. 

AUGUSTINUS. De Vcrro Vita^ Cognitionc. 

Bed initial lelters, Ato. dark mor. gilt cdijcs, by Mackenzie, 
without f)lac<- or date, hid printed in the office of Famt and 
Schoeffer. A Jinc copy of an vxceediny rare hook. 

" This uppcara to be till' piirllt'st iiiiprcaKloii uxtiiiit, scpni.itoly I'xi'ctitcd of 
flip work. The tvpe is of the founts of l..|t,.i- used by the above piinters, uiul 
shuihir to tliat of the. l)ur,tn,lus and t\»- OJices „/ Cicero. Tlie ivcto of tlie 
Hrst leaf Is blank. The table begins on the reverse and ends on the verso of the 
second leaf. On the rec.o of the third leaf we read at top, Incipit nhcmin 

" The proheme occupies 2 pages ; and tlie entire work comprises xliil. chapters, 
or M leaves; 28 lines to a pajje. On the reeto of the .iltli and last leaf wi- rend 
the conelndiiiK line thus : Aiiyustini c/e vere vite cognlcoc libeltua evpHc 

"Ihe device of |-aust and Sehoeller (the shields printed In red) is beneath." 
—THbdiii'8 Spcncerianir vol. iv., p. JIO. 

AVH^A, FuANOiSA. Arte de la leugua Mexicana, y breves 

jilaticas de los my.stereos de N. Santa Fee Catolica y otro.s 

para cxortacion de su obligacion t'l los Indio.>i. 

12»K>. half red mor. top edge rjilt, Mexico, 1717 

The jini'iiiiiar is complete but u leaf of Index is wanting. Tlic volume 
ends witli fol. M. 

A\'!SI (DiVKRsi) partieolari dall' Indie de Portogallo, riceiiuti 
dair anno 1551 sine al 1558 dalli Reuerendi padri della 
Compagnia di (iiesu. 

sni. Svo. vellum, Venetia Tramezzino, 15G5 

There will be found In th's edition the same pieces concerning Urazii which 
are in tliat of Home, 15(V.', with the following letters in aihiltion. 

Lettera di I'ielro Correu scritta ud uitri della meiiesima Compagnia nell' 
India del llrasll, page u'TO. I.eltera del Capo di S. Vincenzo della felice morte 
(li rietro Correa, page JIJ. IVuii' altra del 1'. Ambros.o lera dalla liaia del 
Saluator nel Brasil, pageu'lC). Copia d'una lettera del Urasil, al I'. M. Ignatio 
I'reposito generale, imge '.HS. 

130 AUTOGRAPHS. Facsimiles of the aiitogi-aplis of distin- 
guished persons including John Ratlife, lOGl). John Pynchon, 
1075. Tho. Hutchinson, 1771. Horatio Gates, Israel 
Putnam, Lord Cornwallis, John Adams, J. Rutlcdgo, Gen. 
Nath. Greene, Ik-ncdict Arnold, Gen. Charles Lee, Francis 
Marion, Henry Lee, etc. imp. folio, half mor. 






132 BACK, George. Nurnitivo of the Arctic Lnml Expedition, to 

the Moutli of tlie Great Fish River, and along the shores of 
the Arctic Ocean, in the years 1833, 1834, and 1835. 

8vo. cloth, map, Philadelphia, 1836 

133 BACON, Lkonaui). Thirteen Discourses, on tiic completion of 

two Jiiindred years, from the beginning of the First CImrch in 
New Haven. Portraits. 8fo. cloth. New York, 1839 

134 BAC ''T^S, Isaac. History of New England, with particular 

reference to the denomination of Christians called Baptists. 

Containing the first principles and settlements of the Country. 

3 vols. 8vo. half (jreen vtor. vols. 1 and 2 uncut, vol. 3 sliijhtly 

cut, to be lidHud uniform with the others. A beautiful set of 

boohs, very rare, Boston and Providence, 1777-1796 

Complete sets of tliis workuie now rare. Mr. Bancroft, the liistnilan, hvi.Ti 
liononible testimony to the iinthor's fidelity, considering his history, as to facts, 
more to bedejuMnled on than any of the early histories of New England. 

The coi>y in the library of .Judgi^ Greene sold for $75. 

135 Backus. Church History of New England, from 1620 to 1804, 

containing a view of the Principles and Practice, Declensions 
and Revivals, Oppression and Liberty of the Churches, and a 
Chronological Table. Portrait. 

\2mo. cloth, Philadelphia, 1844 

136 BACON, Rev. Thomas. Tv/o Sermons, Preached to a Con- 

gregation of Black Slaves, at the Parish Church of S. P. in 
the Province of JNIaryland. 12',io. calf, London, 1749 

136* BALBI, AnuiEN. Atlas Ethnogmphiquc du Globe, ou Clas- 
sification des Peuples Anciens et Modernes d'apres leurs Lan- 
gues. /olio atlas, with volume of text; 

together 2 vols, boards, Paris, 1826 

137 BALDWIN, Ebkxezeu. Annals of Yale College, from its 

foundation to the Year 1831. To which is added an Appen- 
di.\, bringing it down to 1838. Portrait. 

Svo. calf, New Haven, 1838 

138 BALLARD, Edwaud. Men.orial Volume of the Popham Cel- 

ebration, Aug. 29, 1862, Commemorative of the Planting ot 
the Popham Colony : on. the Peninsular of Sabino, Aug. 19, 
1607. Establishini? ihe Title of England to the Continent. 

Svo. cloth, Portland, 1863 

139 BAIRD, Charles W. Chronicle of a Border Town. History 

of Rye, "Westchester County, Kew York, 1660-1870. Includ- 
ing Harrison and the White Plains till 1788. 

Svo. russia, Neiv York, 1871' 



140 BAIRD, Robert. Religion in the United States of Amenea 

Or an account of the Origin, Progress, Relations to the State, 

and present condition of the Evangelical Churches in the 

United States, with Notices of the Unevangelical Denomina- 

'°°^" 8i'o. cloth, London, 1844 

HO* IUI.DELU Boni (G. B.) Storia delle Relationi Viceudevoli Dell' 

Luropa e Dell' Asia dalla decadenza di Roma Fino Alia distru- 

zione del Calliffatto che puoscrvire d' introduzione al Milionc 

di Marco Polo. 2 vols, quarto, paper, Firenze, 1827 

140** Baldelli. II Milione di Marci Polo, testo di Lingua del 

secolo decimoterzo ora per la prima volta publicato ed illus- 

trato dal Conte Gio. Batt. Baldelli Bona. 

2 vols. 4to. sewed, Firenze, 1827 

141 BANCROFT, Edward. An Essay on the Natural History of 

Guiana, containing a Description of many Curious Productions 
in the Animal and Vegetable Systems of that Country, 
together with an account of the Religion, Manners and Cus- 
toms of several Tribes of its Indian Inhabitants. 

8vo. calf gilt, London, 1769 

142 BANDINI. Vita e Lettere di Amerigo Vespucci gentiluomo 

P.orentmo raccolte e illustrate del Anglo Maria Bandini. 
^'^' ^'0- ^talf maroon mor. top edge gilt, uncut, 

143 BANCROFT, GKonoK. History of the United SU^^Zr^^ 

Discovery of the American Continent. 

3 vols. 8vo. cloth, Boston, 1841 

144 BANCROFT, George. Memorial Address on the Life and 

Character of Abraham Lincoln. Delivered at the request of 
both Houses of Congress, in Washington, on the 12th of Feb- 
ruary, 1866. 8.0. cloth, Washington, 1866 

145 BANKS, Sir Thomas C. An Analytical Statement of the case 

of Alexander, Earl of Stirling and Dowan, containing an 

explanation of his Official Dignities, and peculiar Territorial 

rights and privileges in the British Colonies of Nova Scotia 

and Canada, &c. Svo. seiced, map, London, 1832 

1^6 BAPTISTA, Joan. Confessionario en lengua Mexicana y Cas- 

tcllana. Con muchas advertencias muy necessarias para los 

^°"^'^'^«''^«- Umo. vellum, very rare. 

En Sandiago Tlatihileo por Melchior Ocharte, 1599 

(In the same volume, by the same author), Advertencias, para 

los Confessores de los Naturales. 12mo. Mexico, 1600 





147 BAPIMSTA DE LAGUNAS, Juan. Arte y Dietionario : 

con otras obras, en lengua Micluiacana. (Title, part of ded- 
ication, and a few leaves at the end wanting.) 174, 190 and 
74pp. 12 mo, vellum, rare. 

Colophon, p. 190, Mexico, Pedro Balli, 1574 

M. Icnzbnlcetn, in Ills "Apuntos," (p. 15) eiiys : " This book U most rare. I 
have ni'ver seen a copy except mine, wlilcli was formed from incomplete ones." 

148 BAFnSTA, Ioan. Advertercias para los Confessores de lo8 

Naturales. Scgunda Ptirte. (445 leaves. Index and errata 
104 leaves.) sw. Svo. velln,n, Mexico, M. Ocharle, 1600 

149 BAUTISTA, Fk. Juan. Platitas antiguas de los Mexicanos 

recojidas. 12mo. title, parts of the preface, 

and the beginning and end of the text wanting, and leavts 

11, 64 and 65 mutilated. 

150 BARAGA, Rev. Frederick. A Theoretical and Practical 

Grammar of the Otchipeve Langnage, the language spoken by 
the Chippewa Indians ; which is also spoken by the Algon- 
quin, Otawa and Potwatami Indians, with little difference, 
for the use of Missionaries, pp. 296. 

l2mo. cloth, Detroit, 1850 
Not mentioned by Ludewig. 

151 BARAGA, F. Abrege de I'llistoire des Indiens de I'Amerique 

Septentrionale. 12mo. half mor. Paris, 1845 

152 BARBADOES. Acts of Assembly. Passed in the Island of, 

from 1648 to 1718. — Abridgment of Acts passed from 1718 to 
1738 inclusive, pp. 484. 

folio, old calf, London, John Baslcett, 1721 

153 BARBADOS. The Report from a Select Committee of the 

House of Assembly, appointed to inquire into the Origin, 
Causes and Progress of the late Insurrection. 

Svo. half mor. Barhadoes, 1816 

154 BARBER, John Warner. Historical Collections, being a 

General Collection of Interesting Facts, Traditions, Biograph- 
ical Sketches, Anecdotes, etc., relating to the History and 
Antiquities of every Town in Massachusetts, with Geograph- 
ical Descriptions. Illustrated by 200 Engravings. 

8vo. calf, Worcester, 1841 

155 Barber. Connecticut Historical Collections, containing a Gen- 

eral Collection of Interesting Facts, Traditions, Biographical 
Sketches, Anecdotes, etc., relating to the History and Antiqui- 
ties of every Town in Connecticut. 200 Engravings. 

8vo. sheep, Neiu Haven, 1838 



ir.G RAHRKR. Ilistoricul Collodions of the State of No.v Jersov 
lilustnttoa by 120 K.>gravi,.gs. 8... ,hcvp, New York, 1845 

157 RAm.KK. nist..ri,.al C.ll.ctions ; oo.n,,ri«i„jr E„„. 

I'm.I, Sc-otlan,i, with Iluilnn.l, Relgi.un, an.l part of France, 
giving an account of the n.....t i.ron.inent and Jnterestin.. 
invents, which have occurreil in the History of these Coun! 
tries. Illustrated hy 27.'> woo.l-cuts. 

8('o. cUdh, Nvw Ilavoi, 1855 

158 Rakuku. Historical Collections of the State of New York • 

containn.g a General Collection of the most intorestin.' facts 
relating to its History and Antiquities. Illustrated I'lV 230 

159 BAKnKU. History and Antiquities of New Haven, (Conn.) 

Irom Its earliest settlement to the present time. 

8vo. dolh, cover loose, Neiu Haven, 1831 
ICO Bauuku's ricturesque Illustrati«ns of the Isle of AVi-^ht 
Engraved from Original Drawings, accompanied by HistoWcal 
and Topographical Descriptions. 45 Views and Maps. 

8vo. cloth, London, 1850 
101 BARCIA, Andrks Gonzalks. Historiadores prinutiros de las 
Indias Occidentales, que junto, traduxo en parte, a saco k 
luz, ilustrados con eruditas Notas, y copiosas Indices. 

y vols, folio, half brown mor. (op edyo gill, Madrid, 1741) 
Tl... following comprise tlio contents of tills vulunhlc work : 

1,1 \ ' . ""' '' '""'"•''" '■" "'™"'° '\'''>">»<' '"<• i;ilon.-Q„atro curtas 

deUerna,. Cortes, diri«l,l„s al e.npera.lor Carlos V.-Uos rel ci, , "elms " 

\ ol. 111. Ilistorlft .lel descubriniiento y conqnista de la nrovincia <lel Pen. 
,>or"ciri:^r"~, "''""" ' "^-'"""•■'-"' <'^" ^lo de la' I'lata y Va .a«„ay 

102 BARETTI, Guiseppe. Dizionario delle Lingue Italiana ed 
"° ^^'^- Svo. calf, London, 1824 



103 BAIIKEH, Jamks N. Skctclics of the Primitivo Settlements on 
tlie River Delaware. Hvo. half cat/, rhilaihlphia, 1827 

1C4 RAULAKUS, ('. llervni per oetennivin in lirnHiiia ct alibi 
},'eHtannn, Siili rra'feeliini lUiiHtrisHimi Canitia I. Mavritii, 
NawHovia-, &e. Kditio Seeunda. 

sin. Svo. vallum, Amslclodami, IGGO 

IGo BARNES, William. The Settlement and Early History of 
Alltanv. 8vo. half calf, Allmn;/, 18G4 

16G BARK, ,Iamks. A Correct and Antiientic Narrative of the 
Indian War In Florida, with a Description of Maj. Dade's 
Massacre. linio. paper. New York, 183G 

1G7 BARRERE, I'liciuJi:. Nouvelle Relation de la France E(iuin- 
oxiale, Contenant la Description dea Cotes dc la Gniane ; de 
risle D(! Cayenne ; le Commerce de cette Colonic ; et les Moeurs 
and Contumes des Sanvages. l'2mo. mor. Paris, 1743 

1G8 BARRETT, William. The History and Antiquities of the 
City of Bristol ; compiled from Original Records and authentic 
Manuscripts. Platen. 

ito. old calf, {cover cractced) Bristol, 1789 

1G9 BARRINGTON, Daviks. Miscellanies. The Possibility of 
approaching the North Pole Discussed. 

4to. half mor. London, 1781 

170 BARROS. Da Asia de Joao de Barros e dc Diogo de Conto 

nova edictlo ofterccida a sua Magestadc 1). Maria 1. 

24 vols. sm. 8 TO. half calf . Lisbon. Na Ilvgxa 

Officiiia Tijpografica, 1778 

The most complete edition ofthis linportniit work for Asiiitic discoveries and 
history, comprising the loUowlnK : Deciules 1. to IV. of Karros, 8 vols. ; Lifeof 
Barros, by Severlm de Faria, and tal>le to tlie four Uecades, 1 vol.; another 
IVtii Uecade, tOKether wltli Decades V. to XII., by Couto, 15 vols., comprialu(? 
ouc volume of tlie Decades of Couto ; making •-•■t volumes. 

171 BARROW, John. A Chronological History of Voyages into 

the Arctic Regions, undertaken chiefly for the purpose of dis- 
covering a North-East, Nortli-West, or Polar Passage between 
the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. 3[ap. 

Svo. hoards, uncut, London, 1818 

172 Baruow. Voyages of Discovery and Research within the Arc- 

tic Regions ; frgm the Year 1818 to the Present Time : with 
Portrait and Maps. 8vo. cloth, London^ 184G 



173 HAHRY, John S. A IIi,sr..rical SkeKl. „f fho Town of Han- 

over, MH8H., witli Family Cieneulogifs. 

8 10. cloth, Jiokton, ISrj.T 

174 BAUHY, AVm.mam. A History of Frami„;rl.a.n, MaHmuln,- 

Ht'tts, indu.I.njr tl„. I'iantalion, fn,,,, KMOtotl.o IVeseiitTinie, 
witl. an Appni-lix, .• a Notice „f Sn.ll.ury an.I ItH 
first Proprietors. 8ro. , -loth, lios'ton, 1847 

176 BASALKNQUK. Arte do la Lengua Tarasca, cIi«p„c8to' con 

imevo estilo, y Harida,!. pp. no. i^mo. vrllum, 

,-,^ « . '*''" '""'''«''■''' ^^'■•^■'''•"' /'''•«"'-/.'ro rf. /,,rcra CaUvron, 1714 

177 BAUTLKTT, W. S. The Frontier Missionary : a Memoir oi 

the Key. Jaeob Bailey, Missionary in Maine and Nova Sootia. 
^■-^ '"^"''-^ 8ro. cloth, Jtoston, 1853 

m wur."""' """""" "'" """'"■■" """'"' '"■" '""■'"« ""■ "'■'"•" <"' ""■ "evolution. 

177* BAUTLKTT, W. H. The History of the U-n'ted States of 
North Anieriea ; from the Discovery of the Western World 
to tlie present day. Illustrated with maps and numerous sled 
engravings. 3 thick vols, royal 8vo. half mor. extra, 

marbled edges, New York, IS.'iO 

178 BARTLETT, John Russki.l. Bibliography of Rhode Island. 

A Catalogue of Books and other Publications, relatin- to the 
State of Rhode Island, with notes Historical, Biographical, 
and Critical. 

royal %vo. large paper, half cloth, Providence, 1864 

179 BARTLETT, J. R. Wordenboek van Americanismen. 

square 8vo. .alf cloth, Oorinchem, 1854 

180 lURTLETT, J. R. A Personal Narrative of Explorations 

and Incidents in Texas, New Jlexico, California, Sonora and 
Chihuahua, connected with the U. S. and Mexican Boundary 
Commission during the years 18r)0-1853. Map and Plates. 
2 vols. 8vo. calf extra, marbled edges, New York, 1854 
180* BARTOLACIIE, J. I«nac.o. Manafiesto Satisfactorio 
anunciado en la Oazeta de Mexico (Tom. I. Num. 53) Opus- 
culo Guadalupano. 4to. vellum, Mexico, Felipe 

de Zuniga, 1790 
181 BARTOLOZZI, F. Ricerche Istorico-critiche circa alle scop- 
ertc d'Amerigo Vespucci con I'aggiunta di una relazione del 
medesimo fin ora inedita. 

4to. half dark mor. top edge gilt, Firenze, 1781 




m IIAUTOX, Wm.mam p. (•. (•„„.|...n.Iiu.n Fl.-ni. I>l,iI„<IeI- 
pliieao: contMiiiinjr u drnTiptioii of tlit' Inili;,'cnons uikI Niitii- 
iMlij-cd I»|,ii,(s fouiid witliin II ..ireuit of ton miles iiroiiiid I'liil- 
'"''•'l'''''^- •■i '•«/>■. H'o. hoanh, I>/,il,„hl,>hla, 1,S18 

183 IJAIM'ON, HioNJAMiN Smith. Now Viowh of the Ori-in of t\w 
'IVibos and Nations of America. 

Hro. half culf, J'/iil(nhlj,l,l<i, 17!)7 
l«l IJAIM'OX, n,,N.,. Smith. Now Views „f tl>e ()ri-i„ „f tj.e 
Trilie.H (ind Nations of Ameriea. 

Hcf). half mor. top cdije (fill, Plnladeljihln, 1 7!»8 

<'c.nt.,lnH ,,., ..xt..„s|v,. riHlIu,. v,„-„lM,lary. Tlir work In .l,.,llc«tr,l l„ Tlionias 
.I.tU.r.oM, who wuH i.nicli liit<.r(.Ht..(l i„ ||,,. t„,,lc» .llHc.Hsf.l by Dr. Ilurtoii. 

18". IUkton. Collections for an Kssay towards a Materia RIodiea 
<.f the llnite.l States. 8ro. nhv.p, Plnlad,:lphla, 1810 

180 HAIM'HAM, Wn...,AM. Travds tl,ro„.|, North a.'.d South 
Carolina, (Jeor-ia, East and West Florida, the Cherokee 
Country, the Territories of the Creek Confederacy, and the 
country of the Choctaws. M,ip a„d Plates. 

8(;.-). cnlf, Lovdtiii, 1792 
18/ BAKTHAM, William. Travels through North and South 
Carolina, (Jeorgia, etc. 

8/Y), sheep, P/iUndelplna, James d- Johnson, 1791 
"The latest book I know," «ays CoUThlgo, •• wrllton in the 8i,lrlt of the ol,l 
tnivpllcrK, is Hnrtrnm's account oflils tour In the Floridtts." 

188 15ARTRAM, Joiix. Ohservations on tiie Inhabitants, Climato,, 
Soil, Rivers, Productions, Animals, and other matters worthy 
''*"^'""^''^- ^'imo. half mif, London, \1:A\ 

188* BARTRAM, John. A Description of East Florida, with a. 
.lonrnal, kept I.y John Bartram, of Philadelphia, Botanist, 
npon a Journey from St. Augustine up the River St. Johns, 
as far as the Lakes. With Explanatory Notes. Map a„d> 
^^"'^^- Ato. sewed, iiveiit, London, 17G9 

189 BARTRAM, John. Observations on the Inhabitants, Climate,. 

Soil, Rivers, Productions, Animals, and other matters worthy 

of Notice. Made in his Travels from Pensilvania to Onon-. 

dago, Oswego, and the Lake Ontario, in Canada. To which, 

is annex'd a curious Account of the Cataracts at Niagara. 

By Peter Kalm, a Swedish Gentleman who travelled th.Je. 

8vo. half mor. London, 1751' 

A very reliable work, the production of two of the most eminent observers 

and naturalists of their day. " 


II. C. MUItl'IlY MUUAIcr. 

190 MASANIFJt, M. I/Histoin- Nntal.l.^ .1« La m'tii^io cd 

iiiilts ()cciil(<nlalcH. ('ontcnniit Irs Irois v(>)'iijr,.H failH en iccllo 

pHC ct'iliiiim {'a|iitaiiii's el I'lloti-s Francois, (IfMcrilM jtar l« 

rapitaiiif IjMi(l()iiiiit'''iT. a lai|ii('llt! a vM(^ adjouslu nil (|uatrii-Hiuu 

voyage fait par ic caiiilainc (!oiir;;iifH. 

mil. Hi'o. rhtth, iittfiif, I'iiiIh, 18.').') 
Tlif (hIkIi'iiI I'llltlon id' MiIh «i>rk l« I'xccpiiilvfljf riiri'. Tlif lil«l copy miltl In 
Ni'W V(irk liroiiKJil |;'ft(). or IliU reprint, niily 100 cnplfw wiTc prliiltil. It U 
cunaf<|iiiiiitly n in'nnii book. 

191 HAV IVai.m Hoi.k. A Litcml Reprint of ihc Hay INalni 

Hook, till- t-arlicHt \f\v Kn;;lan(i vornion of tlid IViilin.s, and 

till' fiiNt liook prinlcd in tlut Tnitt'd Slatt's. 

('iiinlifiiliji, for (,'. Jl. Hivhardsini, lHf)2 

The VVlioli" Hookii of IValnifH faitlifiilly trniiHlatcd into Kn;j;!iHli 

Mi'trc. Wlicniinlo is pivlixi-d a diwconrse not only tin- law- 

fulliu'H, but also tlio iiocessity of tlio liuavenly Ordinanco of 

Minjrinjir Hcrijitiirc I'salnios in tiioC'liiircIiL'sof (Jod. Imprinted 

IC'IO. Svo. full thiik mor. siijicr rxdui, top rdiji] gilt, 

(Jiiiiiliritlijc, lH(i2 
The orlKliiiil edit Ion wm prlntcil iil CiinilirlilKi', MnamiflniHiltH, In llVKl, [ml 
kIx pirlfot copliK of wlilcli lire kninvn. I'lic most rcnnt huIc of a copy win tlutt 
in tin' collection of the lute ('. l''lHke lliirrl«, of I'rovlilence, wlileli wan hoIiI Cor 
♦ 1,500. Of tlie reprint but lllty copies wire priiileil for unlmcrlbers. It Ih, con- 
secineiitly, ii Kciirce book. A copy tii tin- Hrlnley auli' In IWN brought $;i7.00. 

191* HAYIiK. yV (Ji'Moiiil Dictionary, Ilistoiii-a! and C'ritical : in 
which a Now and Accnratc Translation ot that of the (.'elc- 
brtited Mr. IJaylo, with the eorreetioiis printed in the lute Paris 
edition is included, interspersed with several thoii.sand Lives 
never before piii)lishcd. By the Rev. .). I'eter Hernaii, 
Thonia.s IJirch, .John Lockinan, and others. 

10 mis. /oliii, old calf, (jilt hack,Jinv ropy of this (j rand old 
liioijitijiliiad dictionary, London, ]73'l-'ll 

192 BAYLlvS, RiciiAifn M. Historical and Descriptive Sketches 

of Siitfolk County, and itw Towns, Villages, Ilandets, Scenery, 
Institutions- and Lnportant Kiiterprises ; with a Historical 
Outline of Long Island, from its first settlement by Kiiropeans. 
(2 copies.) \-2iiio. clolli, Port Jtffcrson, L. I., 1874 

192* BAYLIKS, Fhancis. An Historical Memoir of the Colony 
of New Plymouth. With Drake's Supplement, 1 vol. 

;{ L-oh. Hvo. Indf c(df, rrry ncarcc, Boston, 1830 

193 BEACH, Ai.FHKi) K. The Science Record for 1872. A Com- 

pendium of Scientific Progress and Discovery during the past 
Year, with Illustrations. Portrait. 

8vo. cloth, New York, 1872 





l!tl IlKACII, John. A Krinidly KxpoHhil.iti..,,, will, IVrnotm 
<'(.nc..rnc<l in piihlishin;; a l,at,. |'a,„|,|,|,,t, ImHjiUmI, TI... ival 
A<lvMiita;,'..H wliicli MinisUTs iiikI I'.-opI,. ,„ay ,.„j„y, ,.Mp,.(Mully 
in till! ('(.loiiifH, |,y conCinuiri;,' t.> th,. (jlmivli nf Kii;^laii.l. 

Hto. hiilf mor. Nnu York, John Holt, 1703 

I'jr) UKATTIK. CiiAUi.M. .I(MinuiI of a Two Mo.itim' Tour; with 
u view orpn.Miotiti;,' rcli^M.iii amori;,' tlu> fn.iitiiT iiilialiitarilM of 
IVniiHylvaniu. . . Will. .v...arkH ..ii tl.o Lai.Kua^r,. an.l CiiM- 
tom« of «onio piirticiilar Iril.fs of Iii.liai.H, will, an accoi.i.t of 
llic attcn.ptM mad.- t.> civilizo and conveit tliom from t\w fli-Ht 
Hcltli'mcnt of N'-w Kngiand to the present day. 

Hvo. ulicvp, Loudon, nOH 

'I'l"' ui.llM.r Hn,.,,„rl...| th.. clulinn of tl,.. W.IhI, to tli.< ,llHoov..ry of Am-rlr... KvvH many |mrllr„l,.r» nliillv.. |„ ||„. .„.,,,ll,.,| W..|,l, |,„lla,„. II „ ,.„|. 

win lliXn'r'"'' ''"'''''''''''''" "'*''''' *" "" " '""' """"""" "'■ "'^' '"•'"■ 

196 IJKAIJJKU, FiiANrois M. dk. Kelatiot.H Diverso Htir la 

Hataillodii MalaMo;uele, gngu(: le !) .luillet, 17'»r). I'orlrnit. 

8m. clothe Nouvdle York, 18G(> 

197 UKACH, W. W. The Indian Miscellany; eontainin- Papers 

on the History, Anti<inilies, Arts, Laiiirna-e.s, IMi-ions. Tra- 
ditions and Kuperstitions of the Ameiiean Al.orifrines ; Man- 
ners and Customs, with Adventures in the Indian Country. 

Hvo. red cloth, AUiatnj, 1877 

198 IJKATSON, lioi.KiiT. A Poiilieal In.lex to the Histories of 

Great llritain and Iivh.n.l ; or, A Complete Ue-ister of the 
Hereditary Honours, Public Otliees, and Persons in Olfieo, 
from the earliest periods to the present time. 

2 vols. Hvo. half calf , London, 1788 

199 BKAUDSLEV, Lkv.. Kemhiiseences ; Personal ,in.l other 

Ineidents; Early Settlement of Otsego County; Notices and 
Anecdotes of Public Men, Judicial, Legal and Legislative 
Mattei-s; Eiehl Sports, etc. Hvo. doth. New York, 1852 ' 

200 Bkakoslkv. The History of the Episcopal Church in Connec- 

ticut, from the settlement of the (,".dony to the Death of 
Bishop Seabury. «,,„. ^lolh. New York, 18G6 

201 BEAMISH, Natu LuiiLOW. The Discovery of America by 

the Northmen in the Tenth Century, with notices of the early 
settlemcuta of the Irish in the Western Hemisphere. Map. 

8vo. doth, London, 1841, 



202 HKCKFOHI), Wii.mam. A I)osdii)tivc Accoiintof flio rslaiHl 

ui'Jimiaica : willi K'cinaiks iijioii tlir Ciiliivatiou (il'tlic Siifrar 
Cane; also, Dhscrvatioiis and Kiitleetionn upon wliat would 
j>roI)al)ly he. tin- (■'(iuoiiccs of an Al)olitiou of tlii- Slave 
Tnide, and of the Knianci])ation of the Slaves. 

2 roh. Hvo. calf, Loiiilini, lOKO 

203 llECKLKY, Rkv. IIosi;a. 'J'lio History of Ven.iont ; with 

Descriptions, Physical and Toiiofji-apiiical. 

12);i(;. r.lodi, JlnilllihoroKyli, 184() 

204 HKI^CilKR, Lyman. A Sermon containinji a general historv 

of the town of Kast Hampton, (L. I.) From its first settki- 
ment to the present time. Delivered at Kast Hamjjton, Jan. 
l-'t' 1^'^*>'J- f^ro. half mor. Sa.j Ilni-lwr, ISOO 

205 HHl-X'HEY, V. W. Narrative of a Voya-v to the Taeifie and 

Ik'ering's Strait, to eu-operale with the Polar Kxpeditions : 
performed in His Majesty's Ship IJlo.ssom, in the Years 
l.S2r),2(), 27,28. Hro. Iialf imtr. r/iihtilrlp/ila, 18;52 

20;-)* HKHMKN. The Works of Jaeob Kehmen, the Teutonic 
I'hilosopher. To whii'h is jirelixed the Life of the Author, 
with Figures illustrating his Trineiples, left by the Hev. Wil- 
liam Law. /'urtrnil and nirioKnli/ rolnrtJ plati's. 

4 lar()c vols. 4/o. hoards, ininif, rare, Loudon, 17(;4-1781 

Vol. I. 1. TIr. Aurora.— 2. riii' Tliri'o I'riiKiplcs. 

Vol.11. 1. Till. l.ilc of Man. -i. Answers to forty Oucslioin 
coiuH'rnlnB the Soul. :t. Tinitisc of the Incarniillon. 1. Tlie rlavU; or i;.\i)lii. 
nalion of nonio principal points in liis wrilinKs. 

Vol. III. 1. Tlif Mysl..rinni M.i;;nnni; or Kxplanation of tlif first Hook of 
lIosi'H. 2. Four Talili'S of Divine Kevelalion. 

Vol. IV. 1. SiKUiilnra Kernni; llie Signature of all Tliinjrs. 2. Of tlio 
lOloetion of (irace. .!. Tin- Way of Chri.-t. 1. A Diseonrse bc'tween a. Soul 
hnnfiry an.l thirsty after the fonnlain of Lifi'. 5. fif the lour Coniple.xions. 

20(5 IJKHN, Mhs. A.: The Widdow Haiiter, or, the History of 
I?aeon in Virginia. A Tragi-Comedy, acted by their Majes- 
ties Servants. 4^). adj\ gilt vd;/cs, London, lODO 

This work throws nincli li^'lit on the intern-l condition of Virginia ami 
other eolonies which provoked tin' onthreak knoirn as ■ liacon's liehellion." 

Aphra liehn, who died in KMi, was the ilauKliter of Mr. .(ohnslon, (iovernor 
ot Surinam. She wrote a nunilier of poems, seventeen plavs, and s( veral his 
tories and novels. Am.m« the latl.'r was one emitted ••(ho'iiohm, the American 
/•n/icc," from which Sonrherne borrowed his IVaKedy ealled ■'Oroiiolcor thv 
frnitof Mrs. ISehn's i)ersonal accinainlunee witli that noted personage The 
licentiousness of .Mrs. liehn's jieii is n disgrace to her sex.-.lW(7w„e. 

207 HKII^HY. Graphic Illustrations of AYirwiekshire. .Yumer- 
o»s plates. .ito. half mor. London, 1829 












HKLL, Jonv. Roport (in tlio Iiiiportance and Economy of 
Siuiilary Mi-asunvs to Cities. H,o. d„lh, Nrw York, lHi,<) 

BKI.KNAI', .Ikukmv. Tiie History ,;f New IIanii)siiire from 
the discovery of tjie l?iver I'iseataqiKi to the year 1 7<J0. 
Coiitainin- also ii Geofrrapiiical Description of tlie'.State, witii 
Sketches of its Natural History, Productions, Improvements, 
and Present State of Society, 

.'5 voIh.Hvo. Iialf calf, Boston, 184;5 

HKLKNAP, Ji-.KicMV. American llio-niphy : or an Historical 
Account of those Persons who iiave been Distinjrnislied in 
America, as Adventurers, Divines, Statesmen, Warriors, 
Piiilosophers, Aulliors, and otlier renu.rkahle C'hara(,'ters. 

2 voh. 8vo. half mor. lltmlon, V,'.\\ 

Bki.knap. a Discourse intended to commemorate tiie Discov- 
ery of America by CJhristojjher Cohunbus ; to wliich arc 
added Four Dissertations, comiected witli various parts of 
the Discourse. «,,,. /,,,//• ^.,,/y; U„,i„„^ 1792 

PKLTPAMr, ,1. C. A Pil;,nimage in Europe and America, 

Icaduig to tii(! Discovery of the sources of tlie IVIississippi 
and IJhx.dy Rivers. 2 vols. 8co. half calf, Londou, 1828 

BELL, Andkkw. History of Canada, from the time of its 
discovery (ill the year ]8.|0-1. Translated from -1' llistoire 
du Canada " of F. (Jarneaux and accompanied witli Illus- 
trative Notes. Portrait. 

2 voh. Hvo. doll,, Moiitrrnl, 180(5 
HELLK-FOL'EST, Fuanois. L'llistoire Universelle du 
iMonde, Conlenant 1' enticre description & situation des 
qmitre parties do In terre, la division & estendae d'vne 
ciuu-uue He-ion & Province d'icelles. Ensendde I'origine & 
particulieres moeures, loix, coustumes, religion, & ceremonies 
de tonics les nations, & peuples par (jui elles sont habitees 
(.■>17 /(7(r-,s and tabic), sin. Jollo, rclhun, i/ill cdi^cs, 

Paris, On-uais Midlot, 1570 

" IliiuKlit lit the liolloii Corncy sale, .luiu., isri, (Xo. 'M)^ by JI. (Jiiniiteli for 
iiitldrXJi;. II.C. Jl." 

HELLE-FOKEST, Fkaxcois. La Cosmographie Iniverselle 
du Monde. Le Catahigues de tout le les Lcgislateurs, Philos- 
ophes, poetes, Orateurs, Ilistoriographes, Nympiies, Muses, 
Sybilles, & Fables Pootiques, etc. Wood ads in text, numer- 
ous nuqjs of places, folio, calf , fine copy, Paris, 1575 



216 BELTRAN bk SANTA ROSA, Pkduo. Arte del Idioma 

Maya rcdiichlo a siicintas ivj^las, y semilexicon Yucatoco. 
Segimda Edicion. 

4<o. half calf , Merida de Yucatan, J. D. Espinosa, 1851) 

217 RENAVIDES, Alonzo de. Taiito que se saco de vna carta 

que Alonzo do Bcnavides eustodio del Niioso JMexico, enibio 
a lo8 rclisiosos de la Santa Custodia de la Conversion de San 
Pablo de diclio Reyno, des de Madrid el ano de 1G31. (In 
the same volume) : 
Molina. Doctriiia Ciiristiana y Catliecismo en Icngua Mexi- 
oana. square l'2mo. vellum, Mexico, 1732 

218 BENNET, J.G. Nederlandsehe Zeereizen. Naar deoorspron- 

kolijke joiirnalen of gelijktigdige lierigten, of niew iiitgegeven 
en met eenige aanteekeningen en de noodige oplielderingeii 
vermeerderd. 2vols, \imo. half calf , Dordrecht, 1828 

219 BENSON, Egbeht. Memoir read before the Historieal Soci- 

ety of the State of New York, December 31, 181G. 

12;/io. half calf, Jamaica, 1816 

220 Benson's Memoir, &c., another copy. 

8fo. half calf, with the author's annotations, New York, 1817 

221 BENTIIAM, Jkuemy. A Fragment on Government; or a 

Comment on the Commentaries : being an examination of 
what is delivered on the suiiject of (iovernment in General, 
in the introduction to Blackstone's Commentaries. 

8to. cloth, London, 1823 

222 BENTOX, Nathaniel S. A History of Herkimer County, 

including, tlie ll])per Mohawk Valley, from the earliest 
Period to the Present Time, with a brief notice of the Iro- 
quois Indians, the early German Tribes, the Palatine Immi- 
grations, etc. 8fo. half <jreen mor. toji (jilt, Alliany, 18yG 

223 BER.TEAU, I. Pn. Speculum, Ilumanae Salvationis : le 

plus Ancien Monument de la Xylographie et de la Typo- 
graphic Rennies. Reproduit en fac-similie, avcc Introduction 
Historiipie et Bibliographicpie. 

Royal \to. half mor. top gilt, London, 18C1 

224 BERGEN, Tennis G. The Bergen Family, or the Descend- 

ants of Hans Hansen Bergen, one of the Early Settlers of 
New York and Brooklyn, L. I. . . . With Notes on the 
Genealogy of many other Long Island Families. Illustrated 
ivith portraits and other plates. 8vo. cloth, Albany, 1876 





225 BERGKN, 'J'knnis G. Register in Al|)liabcticiil Order, of the 

early .Settlers of Kings County, Long Isliiiid, from its First 
Sctticnient by Kurojjeans to 1700, with Contributions to their 
r.iographies anil Genealogii's. Svo. doth. New York, 1881 

22G BEK(iOjMENSIS. Nouissime hystoriarum omnium repercus- 
siones, nouitor a Kev. patro Jacobo philippo Hcrgomense. . . 
cdite : quo Su])plonu'ntuni supplenienti Cronicarum nuncu- 
paiitur. Incipiendo ab exordio nuindi vsquc in Annum snlu- 
tis uostre Mcceeeij (1502). fulio, 4.52 leaves and table, 

half hroiru iiinr. top edrje gilt. 
On vorso of Col. 441 begins, " Dc insuli.s in Iiuliii impcr invi'ntis, ll'.):i." Tlie 
lettor of Coluniljiis on the disiovfiy of tlic New Woiid. 

227 BEHISTAIN, de Sousa. Bibliotcoa Hispano-Amcricana Sep- 
tentrional 6 Catalogo y Noticia de los Lileratos, quo 6 iiacidos, 
6 eduoados on la America Septentrional Espanola, liaii dado a 
luz algiui escrito, 6 lo han doxado preparado para la preiisa. 
folio, Vol. 1, half calf , Mexico, 1816 

" De Sousii is by fur flic most inipoitinit work for tlie literature of New Spnin, 
tluit bus ever been composed. It comprises :),(•*- biograpldes, and altbougli, like 
most .Spiuiisb works of tlie kind, singularly uncritical, yet it is a perfect treasure 
as it regards the cultivation of science and literature in Mexico and tlie adjacent 
countries. 'I'lie work is extremely scarce."— Ludcwip. 

It consists of tliree volumes, but this volume is all tliat was publlslied in the 
life qf the autlior. The second and third volumes were printed after his death, 
and edited by Ids nephew. 

15EKTIJ. P. Tabvlariiim Geograpliicarvn), Contractarvm 
Libri Septem. ohloug 8ro. i-elhnn, Amsterdami, ICIG 

BERIvELY, Gkohgk. Blemoirs of late Bishop of Cloyne, in 
Ireland. The Second Edition, with Improvements. 

8(.-o. calf, London, 1784 

Beukklev. A Sermon preached before the Incorporated Society 
for the I'ropagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 18th Feb- 
ruary, 1731. 4/0. half Hue mor. top edge gilt, London, 1732 

Contains observations on the people of Hhode Island from hia personal 
knowledge. .Seepages 10-21. 

231 [BERKELEY, Bishop.] A Proposal for tiic better supplying 

of Churches in our Foreign Plantations, and for Converting 
the Savage Americans to Christianity, by a College to be 
erected in the .Summer Islands, otherwise called the Isles of 
Bermuda. 8to. panelled calf, London, 1725 

232 BERKEL, Adriaan van. Amerikaansche Voyagien beliel- 

zende een Reis iia Rio de Berbice, Gelegen op hot vaste Land 





van Ouiann, numh van Amuricn. Milsgadors cen 
aiidore iiadc Colonic; van Surinanio. 

4/0. hnlfhrnim mnr. Am.itenhm, l(;!)r> 

232* BERKUM, II. y,^. i,e Lnbu.lie on .Ic Labadisten, eono 

I'.la.lsli.l,. nit do (iosohiodoiu-s dur Nodorlandsclio Ilorvonnde 

Kork. J'nrlraih. Hro. half cuh'. Sned; 180 1 

233 BERNAKl), Mhuauu. A G.ii.Io to Grand-Jn.v Men, Divided 

into two Hooks: In tho First, is tlio Anllior's best advioe to 
tboni wbat to do, botoro thoy brin- i„ abill in cases of Witcb- 
*''"' l2mo. half mnr. Lmnh»i, 1030 

234 BEHNAN, I. 11. Missionary Labors in Britisb Gniana : with 

mnarks on tbe Manners. Cnstoms, and Snj)orstitions of tlie 
Aborigines. ]\l<,p and E,t;jravhi>js. 

8co. clot/i, rAmdoii, 1847 

235 BERKIAN, Rkv. W„.,.,am. An Ilistorieal Sketel. of Trini.y 

^'""■'■''- Sro.clolh, Av», York, mi 

23G BEKNALDEZ. Ilistoria de los Reyes Catolieos D. Fernando 
y Dona Isabel; For el IJael.iller Andres Bernaldez, C'nra 
que fuc de la villa do los Palaeios, y Capellan dc D. Diego 
Deza, Arzcbispo de Se\ ilia. 

2 voh. Si-o. h,,./ red mor. extra top gilt, SevUla, 1870 

237 BESSE, JosEPri. A Collection of the Sufferings of the People 
called Quakers, for the Testimony of a Good C-iscience, 
from the time of their being first distinguished bv ;,at name 
in the year 1050, to the time of the Act, commonly called 
the Act of Toleration, granted to Protestant Dissenters in the 
first Year of the Reign of King William the Third and Qneen 
IMnry, in 1 089. ,> ,„/,, f,u,, ,,/„,^,^ j^^^^^j^^^^ ^ j --^ 

238 ^ESrE. Gcorflr. a trtir 53fscot)rsc of the late 
'uonnacB ot Ufscourrfc for the fi'niifufl of .i 
to CCatfiaoa, 1)» the florth=J5E^enste bitUer the 

conduct of Martin Frobisher, generall ; Denidod into three 
Bookes. In the first whereof is shewed bis first voya.r,.. 
Wherein also by the way is sette out a Geograplii(",ll 
description of the Worldo and what partes thereof haue bin 
discovered by the NauigPtions of tiie Englishmen. Also, 
there are annexed certayne reasons, to prone all partes of 
the World habitable, with a generall Mappe adioyned. In 
the second, is set out his second voyage, nith the adventures 



and accidents tlicroof. Fn tlic third, is declared the wtnuige 
fortnncs wliicli Impned in the tiiirde voyjige, with a seuerall 
description of tiie countrey and tiie people there iidiabiting. 
Ukack Lkttkk, pp. :>2 and 31). 4lo. half ip-crn 

mmmon mor. exceedingly rare, Loiulon, Imprinted hij Hnirij 

Bijnnyman, 1578 

Tlu' llrnt tdition ol' KioIiIbIkt's Tliree Voyiiges for ttif DiscoviTy of h North- 
West I'assiigc. 

230 KKTIIENCOURT, Jkan UK. Ilistoire de la premiere descov- 

verte et Conqneste dus Canaries. Faites des I'an 1402 

Plv.s vn Traicte de la Navigation et des Voyages de Descou- 
nerte & Conqucste modenies, & priiicipalement des Frani^ois. 

Sin. Si'o. vellum, rare, Paris, 1630 

240 BKVAN, Joskpii Gurney. Memoirs of the Life of Isaac Pen- 

nington ; to which is added a Review of his Writings. 

8io. calf, London, 1807 

241 liEVEHLEY, Hobkut. The History and Present State of 

Virginia. The History of the First Settlement of Virginia 
and government there to the present time, etc. 

8i'o. calf, Loudon, 1705 

242 Beverley. The History of Virginia. In Four Parts. I. 

History of the First Settlement to the year 170G. II. The 
Natural Prc^uctioiis of the country. Ill, The Native In- 
dians. IV. The Present State of the Country. 

8vo. calf, London, 1722 

243 BEVEUVOORUE, Adrian van. A Sketch of the History of 

Holland, with occasional remarks. 

8vo. paper. The Hague, 184G 

244 BIARD. Relation de la NovvcUe France, de ses Torres, Natvre 

dv Pais, it de ses Habitans, Item, Du voyage des Peres 
lesuites ausdictes contrees, & de ce qu'ils y ont faict iusques 
ii leiu- prinse par les Anglois. Faicte Par le P. Pierre Biard, 
Grenoblois do la Compagnie de lesvs. 

12(;/o. half green mor. top gilt, uncut, Li/on, 161G 
Br. <)'C'allagha7i's Reprint. 

" Tlic owner of, wc believe, tile only copy in this country of the original edi- 
tion of tliis Ilelation, 1ms obligingly loai'ed it to nie. In order to cnabl-.' collec- 
tors wlio possess some (if the. Jesuit Relations to plin.e at least beside these an 
( xact rejirint of this extreinelv rare voiunie, 1 luive undertaken a snnill edition, 
reproducing the original page for page, line for line. 

" The eilition in tlu' folleeteil Relations, publislied at <iuebec, was printed 
from a Iranseript made i'vmii thv only otiu'r known fojiy in the National Library 








Ht VarU. Tlii> liHii«Mi|it wii» to all iipiicHiaiici.s liiiMilvaii<lcnr<l(»^lv executed. 
The .•oiiscqueiice Is, that tlie t^i..|,,.<- eilltlnn ahoniHN, as a nilnii'te (M.llatloii 
IirovcH, witli Kravc orrorn nj'oiuUHloii and altcratiiiii. 

•• The piTHeiitrepiiiil will \,v liialteil lo tweiityllvi. icpleK. and »illla.»n|). 
Iilleil, ill .slieets, l<i siiliHoilbcr* at ♦■.'.-■ a copy."-/;. '/I. ()'C(,llii,/liiiii. 

15IHAIJI), V. M. Maximii.i.w. Mio»ni|)liu'(U«s Sa^aiuos ilhis- 
fres (Ic L'Aiiicnqiio St'plcnitrioual.v I'lviu'di'-c d'nii index dc 
riiistoire tiihiiUMise tie fi; coiitiiiciit. 

Nco. /ml/ I, III,-, i/llt, Moiilynil, 18'|8 

BIRLE. The Holy Hildu, foiit-i-dnjr il,.. (M,l l',..Hti,nK.iii and 

"'" Now. 4^0. tU . //,/„ „„ ,n<iriiicd hordn; 

viaroui, „ii,r. I'xtni, ;,!ll .■(hj,s, . , /,,.,;,/,. lou'li,,;/, L„n<h„ • 

iiiiili'd liif Kiilint lUiikn-, \{VM 
A riniarkalily line C(>py,.rlcaii, and wiilmnt n lili'iiilsli. 

BiBLiA, da.s ist : Die Ileilige SclinTt Altes und Neiies 'IV.sta- 
ineiit.s, nach dor Toiit.selii'ii rborsetziiii'jr 1). Martin Ltitliers. 
thick 4/0. (h(rk IiIkc iiior. enllir Insldr Hiii,,;/ nf jinv bloc C(il/\ 
irilh rich ijilt f<i<illii,/, u rr,nurk(il,lijji„c n,j,,f, ,:r,;'r(H„;/lif nirc, 

(ii-riiiaiitoini, VlirhUiph Sini,\ 1763 

llie tiixt 1111,1c piiin.d iiillii..oiiiitry, alter Kliofs Indian llil.l,.. whs p-inted 
Ml the Herman luiiKiuiKe, In three several ediiioiis, all in (Mrinantottii. I'ei.n-yl- 
vania, by Christoplier Sanr; the lirst in irW; the senmd, olwhieh edition thix i- 
a copy, in ira't, ami the third, most of which was conliscaled. and nsed as cart- 
n.iKe paper in the Hevoluthinaiy war in ir;ii. .Mr. .-iaar's danKhter succeeded in 
resculnK In sheets ten coi.ies which she caused to he h(niiid,-r/C«»(j(7A«)i 
Introd.,],. Xlll. 

The (irst KiiKlish llihle with an American Imprint, was print.d in Phihidel. 
phiR, by l{. Aitkin, In Mm.-See llitnley CiMoi/ue, imt.iii., /). ur. 

BIBLE. The Twofold ('(.ncorthince to tlic WonU and Siibjeets 
of the Holy Bible, iiicliiding a Dietionarv. 
thick 12mo. calf, murhled echjcn, ai„s;/oir ini<j'Ln,idon, IBtU 

BIBLIOTIIKCA CJHENVILLIAXA ; or Bildiogtaphieal Noti- 

ecs of rare and eiirioii.s book.s, for ing the library of the Kight 

Hon. ThomiLs Grenville. By Payne and Fom?. " 4 roh. rm,al 

Sco. indudinij si,ppl,'„u;d, larf/e paper, vlolh, rvry scan;', 1842 

Priced £26 in late London OntaloKues. 

BiBMOTiiECA Americana ; or, A Chroiiologieal Catalogue of the 
most ciirion.s and intere,sting Book.s, Pami)hletK, State Paper.s, 
etc.. upon the subjeet of North and S. America, from the 
earliest period to the present, in Print and Manuscript ; for 
which Kesenreh ha.s been made in the British Museum. 

4f(i. Iiiinrds, II in-Ill. T.iindoii. \'iH'.) 






•251 lilHMOTIlHCA Amkuicana. A Catalogue oi a \alnal)lu 
Collection (if Hoi.k.i, I'ami)liIoLs MamiHcripts, Un\>s, Kiigiav- 
ings, and Kngravcl Portraits, illn.straling tlio Ilistor/and 
(ifograpliy of North ami South Amorini, and tho West Indies. 

Xrii. cldlli, L(»id(»i, ISCi 
2.V2 [nil)l)[.K,<).] A Memoir of Sebastian Cabot ; withii Review 
of till' History of Maritime Discovery. 

«/■(/. half cidf, srarcc, I'liilndclphia, 18.31 

'i'i'A HiDi.i.i:. Memoir of Seba.stian Cabot, i^vn.duth, London, IHM 

2r.4 WW. CHONICA van der l.illigcr stat van Coellen. Ind bait ged- 

niekt mit groisseni ..rust ind vlijss Johaii Koelboff burger in 

^ '"'"'■"• folio, jiiir irood-ails. hcantifuUi) bound 

in iiidf rrd nwr. rare, I'll)!) 

TliiH vuluiiu., kii<.« II ii,„l,.r til,. uiiiiK. ol iliG Cliioiiicl.. of Cologne, liuH iifH-u 
D.-.,ii cUiMl by the liistoHiiim of printing „,, aeooiim, „t h jms^Hg.. wIut,. it Is 
asseif.1 that th.. ait ««, ,||s,..n..i»Ml at Mayniic. by GutriibriK hi HiO, and 
|)cr(c<t('(l III HSd. 

<>'• <'>1- :w» vi-rso, malt.,, tli,. yvur HWt, in 111., n.llowiiig r.-IVrwifi. to Aiiinica ■ 
• ^^■w islauil!! also Here Ibiiii,! in wliicli inni roam (live) like beauts." 

HiK Ckonka vail der billiger .stat van Coellen, etc. Another 
™P^ ■ folio, idd oulen rover. 

2r,r, BIET, ANTOhxi:. \'„yage de hi Frunee Kquino.xiule en I'isle 
do Cayemie, ciitreiiris par les Franeois en Tannee, 1(),'.2. 

■I/O. old Frrnch ctdf, Paris, ]'tCA 
25G iJKiELOW, .lAton. Florula JJostoniensis. A Colleetion of 
I'lants t.f iioston and its environs, with their generic and sjie- 
cilic chiiracfers. synonyms. d.'s(.ri|iti(iiis, places of growth, and 
time of dowering. Hro. r.df. Honton, 1814 

2r.7 IJIOHCK, TdHiAs K. Dissertatio Giadm.lis d,. Flantatione 
Eeclesiic Sufcaiiic in America. Foldin;/ Map. 

4lo. half ijrcfn nior. I'psal, 1731 

This v.iy laiT tnir ilains |1„. ,.ai|y bistoi-v of thr Swoilisli Cburdi ill 

1 ..iilisylvailia, .\,.« .l,.is..y, rl,.. Th,. fallicr of tli,. aiith.ii- was .s,.i,t |„ X,.« Swe 
cU'ii 111 Kill,. wli,.n. bis son was boni. Tli,. Iiistoiical .lelails aiirt iiotiros „f th,- 
lialians aie ol riit. ,,o,.ti,.al .k.,li..atioii is in Knglisli, as well as u com- 
l.liiii.ntary,.,. of tliiv,. |,ft^„.s from Aialr.w|i,is to tlio •• l.,.aiii,.,l \„i,.|.. 
lean ll„. map ..ontaliis ,,„,■ ,s of IViiiisylvania, Marvlan.l, IMawaro ami 

Sabii '"''■' "'"'* "'''"" '" '""'■ '■""'"■'' ""' """"' '"' '""■''• '''""'"' ""•' 

208 HIKCII, TihiMAs. Th,. Lif,. ..f the Honourable Robert iJoyle. 

Hco '-(df, London, 1744 
2;-i9 lURKHICCK, Mokuis. Notes of a J..urney in America, from 
the Coast of Virginia, to the Territory of Illinois. 

8(0. h(df calf, London, 1818 



2fiO mSHOPK, Geohuk. Now Kiiglmul Jiul<rt.(l, liy tl.e Spirit „i 
the Lord. Id two pnils. Fii>t, (■(.iitaiiiii)f,'ii IJiief Hclatii.n of 
the Siifferin<rs of tiio IVoplc railed (.^iiaiters in New Knrrlaiid, 
from the time of their first Arrival there, in tiie Year IO.'jO to 
the Year 10(50, etc. 8(o. calf, Loudon, 1703 
201 lilSIIOl'K, GicomjE. New England Judged, not by Man's, 
but by the Spirit of the Lord : and tlic snnnnc sealed nj) of 
New England's Perseeutioiis. Heing a Hrief Helation of the 
Sufl^erings of the people called Qnakers in those parts of Amer- 
ica, from the beginning of the Fifth Moneth, 1050, to 1000. 

Wherein the Cruel Whippings and Seoin-gings, Hondis and Im- 
prisonments, Ikatings and C'hainings, Starvings and Huntings, 
Fines and Confiscation of Estates, IJurning in the Hand and 
Cutting oi' ears. Orders of Sale for Hond-men and Bond- 
women, Banishment upon pain of Death, and Putting to Death 
of those People, are shortly touched, etc., etc. 
Ato. hluv hvmd cnished mor. rxfra, >jllt leaves, Inj Braihtred, 

fne copy, London, 1GG7 

201* BLSHOPE, G. New England Judged, not by Man's, but by 

the Spirit of the Lord ; and the summe sealed up of New F:ug- 

land's Persecutions. Being a brief delation of the Snlferings 

of the People culled Quakers in those |)arts of America 

Wherein the cruel whippings and sconrgings, bonds and im- 
prisonments, beatings and chainings, starvings and huntings 
. . . burning in the hand and cutting off Ears . . . are shortly 
touched, etc., etc. 4/o. hluv mor. extra, gill edges hy 

David, very rare, London, Printed for L'oberf Wihon, 1601 
All the parts coiiipleti'. Tiic second pnrt is dated l()fi7. 

202 BLADES, William. How to tell a Caxton ; with some Iiints, 

where and how, the same might be found. 

\2mo. paper, Jjondon, 1870 

203 BLAEV, Guil. unij Iohannem. Novvs Atlas, Das isL Welt- 

beschreibung mit schonen neweii auszfiihrlichen Land-Tafieln 
in Kupflfer gestochen, vnd an den Tag gegeben. 

3 large atlases, velhun, clahorately colored frontispiece, 
maps a7id vignettes colored, Amsterdam, C'ornelium Blaeii, 1641 

204 BLAKE, Muktimeu. A Centennial History of the Mendon 

Association of Congregational Ministers, with the Centennial 
Address, delivered at Franklin, Mass., Nov. 19, 18.')!. 
With Biographical Sketches of. Sru. cloth, Boston, 185.'} 





•■iCrj ULKKCKKK'. Tlic rostlminoiis Works of Ann Kliza Hlm-kcr, 
in I'niHo and \'fr.ic. toRflluT with ii pollcction of Kh.smvs. IJy 
Mar;riirottii V. Faiif,n<rcrt. I'oiirtiil. 

12///0. sArc^/, ritrc, JVrw Yoii, T. <(■ /. Sworth, 1703 

MLISS, Lkoxaui). Tlie History of Huliobotli, Hristoi Comity, 
Massa.'lnisetts ; ponii)risin;f a iiistory of tlio present Towns of 
l{iliol)otli, Seukonk, and Pawtiicket, from their settlement to 
tlic i,n:s(-nf time. Hro. cluth, Jhston, I83fi 

HLOIMK, HiciiAiu). A Descrii.tion of Jamaica ; with tiieuther 
Isles and Territories in Amci'ica, to which tiic English are 
Related, viz. : Harhadoes, St. Christophers, Niovis or Nevis, 
Antefro, St. Vincent, Dominica, . . . 15ermndes, Carolina, 
\'irgiiiia, Maryland, New- York, New-Kngland, New Fonnd- 
'""*'• ^Sdio. rolf, rjilt ,'fh/vs, L,»,duii, 1(172 

Blomk. Tiie Pre.sent state of Ilis Majcstic's Isles ami Territo- 
tories in America, etc. With new maps of every place. 
Together with Astronomical Tables, whicii Avill serve as a 
constant Diary, for the nse of the English Inhabitants in those 
'®'""*^*'- l-2ino. sheep, London, 1(187 

BLODGET, Samuef.. A Prospective Plan of the Battle near 
Lake George, Sejjtember 8, \S(u>. AVith an Explanation. 
A fidl, the' short, Histoiy of that Important Affair. 

4to. half mor, rnrr, Boston. Richard Drajwr, 1755 

BLUETT, Thomas. Some Rlemoirs of the Life of Job, the 
Son of Solomon, tlic High Priest of Boonda, in Africa ; who 
was a Slave abont two years in Maryland ; and afterward 
being brought to England, was set free, and sent to his native 
Land in the Year 173-1. l2mo. haJfrussia, London, 1734 

271 MumMBi£wiLuiii£, m m^B mminca, con= 

taonfuo cCflht rrfatfscs, thr rftlcs toficrtof are 
set iroiune fit the mvt prfntcH paoe : taJhfch ri'CT= 

tises are very necessary to be read and learned of all Young 
Gentlemen that have not beene exercised in such Disciplenes, 
and yet are desirous to have knowledge as well as Cosmogra- 
phie. pj). 790, Black Lettku. 
ito. maroon nwr. <j,lt vdr/cs, London, William Stanshy, 1G22 

Uo.H'i-iptioii of I't^tcr riuiioiirs his iiiiiviTsull iimp, ,,. -..'l.—Uoseription of 
Moliiiiixc's (iliilp.., p. .■n.-A M'l-ir liiirfc and most i)liiiiic ci,siTii)tioii of Mr. Bin- 
Krave his Astrolabe, p. .V.W.-A hrl.'ft. .U's,'ri]itioii.)n-iiiv.rsall JInpsaiul Canh's. 
and of their use, p. 75(1. These essays have separate title pajjes, 













MLAKE, William J. The History of Putmini County, N. Y., 
with nil ciiiiiiKMatioii of itH T.iwiis, VillufroM, RivtM-8, Creeks, 
Lnivcs, 1111(1 (n-olojrical FeutiircH ; mid Short Hio^jraphical 
Sketches of tlus I'liirly SeltlerH. 

l2mo. Iialf. nior. fop ,jilt, New Yod-, 184!» 

HLADKS, A\ ILLIAM. Tiio Hiofrrajihy hikI Typoora,,l,y of Wii- 

liain Caxtoii, Enf^luiid's Kir.^t Printer. 

M'O. rlotli, Lo)i(hi)i, 1877 
HKUtJKRON, 1'. Le» Voyajfcs fiiMiovx ilv Vineent Lo niniie 

Marseillos. Qu'il n faits (U'lmis I'uage do douzc tins iuaqucH 

A soixaiite, aiix quntre parties dii Monde; ascavoiraiix Indes 

Orientales & Oecideiitales, en Pcrsc & Pe.Tii. 

Ato. mur. extra, I'nrk, 1048 
A iioitloii (iC tliU volume U devoted to Aiiicrli'H. 

IJLANCHARD, Rifus. Abraimm Lincoln, the type of Amcr- 
ieaii Cieiiius, an Historical Romance. 

iii'd. jKipi'i; portrait, Whcalon, 18S2 

ROKMUS. Omnlvm Gcntivm mores leges et ritus ex nuillis 
clarissimia rervm scriptoribus. 

/olio, unbound, VirKldicorum Anno, l')2() 
Lower imirKlii of leaves worm eiiteii, hut perfect. 

HOJCM, Joanne. Omnivin Gcntivm Mores, Leges & Ritus ex 

multis clarissinnis rerum scriptoribas. Unw. half green 

mar. (jilt edijcs, A7Uwcrpi(e, loannia Steehins, 1537 

OriKiimlly published l„ U'M ,.t AuRshurK. «ii.l wus mauy times ropriuted. 
(M this edition th.. ohupter at the end, "/)« regionibns septentrionib,,,," is 
alwracfd from /..iBler's Terrae Sanctae. an.l llrst printed in ir,;i2. It was trans, 
lated into I.uKlish and other Kuropean languages, 

liOKMUS, Tiie Manners, Laws, and Customs of all nations. 
Collected out of the best writers, by Joannes lioemus, a Dutch- 
man . With mauy other things gathered out of the histories of 
Nicolas Damascen. The like, also, out of the Historic of 
America, or Rrasill, written by John Lerins. 

4/0. half maroon mor. top edge i/ilt, London, IGll 

BOHN, HicNKY G. A Guide to the knowledge of Pottery, Por- 
celain, and other objects of Vertu, comprising An Illustrated 
Catalogue of the Heriial Collection of Works of Art, witli the 
prices at which they were sold by Auction. Numerous wood- 
"''*• 12wo. cloth, London, 18r>7 









280 IIOONE, II. n. Liffi SketdicM of th., Stnto OlBfcrs, SoimtorM, 
and Momhers of tli« AsHt'ml)ly, <.f tlio State of New York. 
y'or<,7nV. (2 ropm..) H„n. doth, Alhany, 18(17 

HOr/rVVOOl), Lccius. History of II.Mliey, indudinjr tlie K.irlv 
History of HatHei.l, Sontl. II.i(ll..y. Aiuliorst iiml r.rmisl)v, 
INIiisHuchiiMetts, by Sylvester Jndd. Witl. Family (Jenfalo- 
^"'*" 8c.,. rl„l/,, Nortlirniiplni,, 1803 

IIOLLAKUT, W. Aiitiqmiriaii, Ktlmological. and otiior 
researelies in New (;raiiada, Kcinador, I'crii and Cliil,'., with 
obscrvationn on tlie I're-Incarial. Incarial, and other Mon- 
uments of Peniviuii Nations. Hvo. doll,. f...,Hl„n, IHOO 
nOr/rON. lUmmr. History of the Protestant Kpiseopal 
Ciiurch, in the Comity of Westchester, from its Fomidation, 
ir)93 to 1853. JWlrall. Hr„. do/h, ,V. ,/• Y,.d; 18r,r) 
HOLLAN, WiLUAM. The Ae.iiiest of Domiidon, and tiie 
Plantation of Colonies, made hy tlie Englisii in Ameriea, with 
the rijrhts of tlie Colonists Kxann"ned. 1782. Part ii. The 
Ancient Higlitof the lOnglish Nation to the American Fisherv : 
with a Map of the Lands, Islands, (Jidf, Seas, and Fisliin- 
Hanks, comprising the whole. Part iii. Tlie Freedom of 
Speech and Writing npon Pid)lic Artiiirs. lUapn. 

3 rtih. -ito. full/ calf, Loitdon, 1766 

Hoi,i,AN. Contiimed Corrnption, Standing Armies, and Popniar 

Discontents considered ; and the Estahlishment of the F^nglisli 

Colonies in America, with varions snhsciinent I'roceedFngs, 

and the Present Contests, examined. 

Alo. hnlf inor. Loiiduii, 17(58 
POKY, DK St. Vincent. Kssais snr les Isles Fortnnees et I'An- 
tique Atlantide on Precis de I'Histoire g^niirale de rArchipol 
des Canaries, pp. o22. 

4to. now rdliim, nuip, niicnt, Parh, An. ,,/. (1804) 

IJONIFACK, A. Dictionaire Fraiu^aise-Anglais et Anglais- 

Fran9ais. 8vo. calf, (o„n corer ,j„m), Pads^^H-M) 

BONNYCASTLE, R. H. Spanish America; or, a Des-'rip- 

tive. Historical, and Geographical Aeconnt of the Dominions 

of Spain in the Western IIemis|)here, Continental and Insn- 

lar ; lllnstrated hy Maps. 2 voh. Hm. hoonh, Lon<lo>,, 1818 

nOPDE, p. C.LSTAVE-Louis. Ilistoiie de I'lsle de Trinidad 

sons^ le gouvernemcnt F^spagnol. Premiere Partie (lli)8i\ 

17!)7) Decouverte, Coniinete et Colonisation. 

8fo. st'wcil, J'liils, 1870 







II. C. MtrurilV MHHAHV. 










HOSWOUTH, Uk.v. 1. T\u> Origin ..f the Diit.l. : with a 
Skftch of tlicir Ijiiif{iiu).'(< and LitiTatiiro, iiiiil dhort uxftjiiploiH, 
tnieing the I'mgri-nH ni' tlic liarigiia^fi'. 

Hru, cloth, London, iM.'Jli 

llOSTON Massachk. A Sliort Narrative of tlio Horrid Man- 

■sacri- in HoHtoii, on tho .'ith day of March. 1770, Ity scddii-rs 

of the 21)tli Uoginioiit, with ohsi-rvations on the wtate of tilings 

prior to that CataHlroplu'. 

^vo.hnl/mor. top iihje >jilt, Hostnu, h'llvn i\t Gill. 1770 
nOSTON Massachi.:. A Short Narrative of The Horrid Mas- 
sacre in Hoston, etc. Kinjnuiil Fruiitinjiiii'v. 

Hro. lialfcaJf, London, l>iUy, 1770 
BOSTON Massachk. A Short Narrative of tliu Horriil Mus- 
.saere in Ho.ston, etc. Ha,, clolli, Xrw York-, 1849 
IJO.SC'ANA. Life in California, dnring a Uesidcnee of soveral 
years in that Territory, coniprisinf,' a description of tho coun- 
try and tJK! Mi.H,sionary estalilirtlnnents Witii a Histor- 
ical Account of the Ori-,Mn, CuHtoius and Traditions of the 
Indians of Aita-C'alifornia. Nnnirfoii^i viKjravinijs, 

l'2mo. hid/ mor. top edye gilt, Neiu YorL, 1846 
HOSWORTH, Nkwton. Hochelajja Depicta: Tiie Early His- 
tory and Present State of the City and Island of Montreal, 
with numerous Illustrative Engravings. 

V2mo. cloth, Montreal, 1839 

noSSU, M. Nouveaux Voyages Dans I'Aineritiuc Septentrion- 

ale ; C'ontenant, une collection de Lettres ocritcs sur Ics 

lieux, par TAuteur. Hro. pnpn; Amsterdam, 1777 

BOSSU, Mu. Travels' through tiiat part of Nortli America, 

formerly calh'd Louisiana. Translated from tlie French, by 

John Keinhold Foster, with Notes, relative chiefly to Natural 

History. 2 vols. 8ro. calf, London, 1771 

BOTTA & FLANDIN. Monument de Ninivic, I)6couverte 

et Decrlt par M. V. E. Botta. Mesure et Desseire, par M. E. 

Flandin. (Juvrage publie par ordre du (iouvernment sous les 

auspices de M. le JMinistre de I'lnterieur. 

5 vols, atlas folio, half crimson turkey nior. extra, yilt edyes, 

with rich enihh'iiiatic toolinij on hack. Paris, 

Liiprimerie Nationah, 1849 

I'liis iiiajdillicoiit work wii9 published by tliu Fri'iicli government, at wliosc 

expense the resciirclics iit NInevili were niiidc. The contents are us follows : 

Vols. I. nnd II., Arehitceture iind .Sculpture. Vols 111. and IV., Inscriptions. 

^'ol.V-. Tixt. 




-.>D JJOLCIIKIJ, .I.;XAT1IAN. A Virxv of ,|.o Cnmv, M,Mir..„so- 
q.UMi.vH ofthe Amoricnn H..v..l„ti..n ; i,. Tliirton, l)i,M,.ourM,.M 
I'miclicd in North AnuM-icu lu-tweni tlio Yfur^ 17«;{ k,h! 
177:.. Porfrml. Hr„. h<„mh, ,n>r„t, r,„nlo„, 171)7 

•iOO IJOTIHIXr. Hkna,,, ,.,. I,i„a ,1., ,„„i uisroria (in.oml do l,i 
AiniTiciiS..|,tiMitri(,nul. l-'mHl.Klii .s.,I,ro inatcrial cipioHo ,h 
fl«iinis, MymhoIoH, cnnfare.^ y inamiscTitoH de aul<.iV8 ludio.i 
idtimianu'iiti' dosi-uln'crtos. 

■I/O. Imlf.jrvvH „wr. „;// top, uuruf, jVn<ln,}, /nni,,,,, 174fi 
Wrltt<..ulurli,K »" HKht y.«r«' r.-l,l,.„.T In M.xln.. himI ,.- .1,.^ r.-nlt „r » 
""" '■'"''" '""l"..l"lun,.. » 1.1. .1... „„nH,..r, ,.,,.1 ..„-.,„„« ., ,1„. I ,„" 2 , 

Ih'.-.. l,„s .„...„ „o ,v„r.l,l..r w..,-kn,un In .1». 11H,| „f M^xlmn Anil,,, I.h „ i 
o nrlnl; ..v..„ ,.„nl Kl„K,l,„n.„Kl,'H ,„„„.. ..„„ «,„., 1,.. ,,la . h I J 

,,""""• ";■• ''">Knl,l..,n„l wl,„l,v.,lln..., • ,..,,.,/,„■ ,,! ,, ^ ' "^ ' 

"„„Hl.,n of ,1,,. „..,lv.. ..„„„1I.„,1.,„h ,.. Mexican wll.l .! . 
'""■'■ ""^" '"•' • VH lor 1,„„ Mn,wlM.r..wurd^ 1 Z,,J 

i:^::::::::':;:::Z''" "" ""■"'™ """ '"^ """""- ^'" '"•' 

;300* rJRASSEUIl DE IKU'RHurHG, L'Ahb6. 

1. K.'lation drs Cla.sus d.- Vucata.MU- Diego dc Landa. 
1^ Cni.nniain. de la langne Quid.oe mi*o 
en panillele avec les deux diaWlos Cakdiiqiu! et Txiitulii! 
tir.'M> ,le.s niaims.Tit.s dcs nioilleur.s a.Ueura Giiatomaliens. 
•■i. I'uiHd Vah. I.e livre ,sacr6 et les niytlios de rantiquite Amc-ri- 
caine, avec les livres lu,nn,,ues et liistori,,ue.s des (iuiclies. 
Ouvrago original des indigenes de Guatemala. 
I. Qii"treLcttres^:.rleMexi>,ne Exposition ahsolu du systl^me 
Inen.glypIiHiue Mexieain la fin de I'age de picrre c'-poque 
Rlaeiere teniporaire c^omnieneement de I'age de bronze. 

4 roh. royal 8vo. half cnmaon mur. cvlra, t„p ,>th,, ,,Ut, 

unnif,Jinr set, Paris, 1861-68 

.'!(»1 15iiA.ssKi:K UK Uuvunovnu. Ilisfoiro des Nations Civili.ees dn 

IMexique et de L'Aineri(pie-Centrale, durant les Sieeles 

anterieurs a Cliristophe Colomb, ecrito sur des Documents 

Ongniaux et entie.vment inedits, puises ai.x Anciennes 

Archives des Jndi-ones. 2 uuls. royal 8vo. paper, Paris, 18r,7 

o02 IJuASSKLU DE Bovnv.imur.. BihliothC-que Mcxic-Guatema- 

lienne, pr6c6dee d'un coup d'ccil «,„• |os etudes Ani6ricaines 

dans leur rapports avec les 6tudes classiques, et sulvi du tab- ' 





lean pnrordrc alplialu'tiquo dosouvragcsdelingiiistiquc Amer- 
icaine ('outt'iius dans le nieino volume. 

rojinl 810. paper, Paris, 1871 

Aiiiong the iimmiacripts oltcd, 11 pood n Iht of tlicni iiri" tlic oripiiinN. 

Kacli wiirk is (IfScrilK'd with gi cut care, itiid is followi'd by a biogiapliy of the 

303 IJuASSEiu DE lioiKUoruG. Giauiniaiie de la Laiigiic Quichee, 

Esi)agiiole-Fraii(^'aise. royal 8co. sewed, Paris, 1862 

Autopia])!! of thi> author, "A Monsieur I'Ablie, I'aris, liuniningc nlfeoteux de 
I'aiileur Ilrasseur-de BourlK)urg." 

304 1501'MAN, J. Redijkiiig, Opkouist un Hlooi Van de ncoiiistor ; 

voonifgogaiin door cenc Ik-sflioinviiig van dun Vroegeron 
Tocstand van Noord-IloUand. Portrait. 

royal 8(0. red cloth, Pmrmrmulv, \^iu 

30") ROUDINO'J', Ei.iAS. A Star in the West ; or, A Humble 
Attempt to discover the long lost Ten Tribes of Israel, pre- 
paratory to their return to their IJeloved City, .leriisalcm. 

8t;o. Jialf mnr. top e(hje (jilt, Trenton, 1810 
Autograpli letter of Mr. Houdiuot inserted. 

oOC> HOUQUKT, Vol. An llistorictd Aceoiint of the E.vpedition 
against the Ohio Iiidian.s in 17GI, including his Transactions 
with tJie Indians, relative to the delivery of their prisoners, 
and the prelimiiuiries of Peace. AVitli an account of the pre- 
ceding campaign, ^[ap and folding plates. 

Alo. calf extra, (jilt edges, Philadelphia, printed hy 

Williatn Bradford, 17G") 

807 HOIX^UET, IIkshv. An Historical Account of tiie E.xpedition 

Against the Ohio Indians, in the Year 17(!4. Another copy. 

Ato, half ealf, eopper-i>lales, London, T. Jeffries, 17(j() 

I'ortruit of (ien. Andierst and seven Iiidiiin li;;Hres inserted. 

It is now a well estalilislied taet tlmt William Smith, ( hief .Iiisliee of New- 
York, was the author of tins work. Tlie ci)in|iiler of this Catalogue, many years 
siuee, saw in the eollection of tlie lion. I'eter I'or<i', Wasliiiifitmi, a letter from 
Mr. Smith to Sir William .lohnson, liart., from whieli is the followiu;; e.xtraet : 

" Mr. (roxhan set out the day before I expected he would, else I proposed 
sending for a copy of Itouciiiel'.s r.x|ieilition to Muskiiijilmm, wincli I drew nji 
from some ))apers he favored nie with, and wliieh is reprinted in I'.ngland, and 
has had a very favorable reeeption." 

308 r.OrCIIETTE, JosKi'ii. The I'.ritish Dominions in North 
America ; or, a Topographical and .Statisticjil Description of 
the provinces o( Lower tind Tppei Caiiiida, New Brunswick, 
Nova Scotia, etc. 2 vols. Un. half eulf, London, 1831 














nOWKX, Clarknck Wintiiik.p. Tlie Hoiiiidiiry Disputes of 
Coiiiiwticut. I'oiinia uf John IViiithrop, maps and plans. 

4lo. cloth, Bonton, 1882 
HOn'NAS, Samiki.. Ah Account of the Life, Tnivcls, and 
Clii-i.stiiin Experiences in the Work of tiie Ministry of fSatnuel 
^^"'^'"'^«- Svo.ralf, London, 17.00 

I50WNAS. An Account of the Captivity of Elizabetii Hanson, 
now or late of Kackeci<y, in New-England : Who, with four 
of her C'hii(h-en and Servant Maid, was taken Captive I.y the 
Indians, and carried into Camuhi. 

l2,no. half mot: ,jiU cd<jcs, London, Sumitcl Clark, 17(J0 
BOWEKS, Hatii. An So.indod to pi-cpare the Worhl 
to meet the Lord in the way of his<nnei.t. 

4to. calf, (jilt idijcs, I'iiiladilplnn, 170'J 
BOWLES. A..thentic Memoirs of William Augustus Bowies, 
Ambassador f.-om the United Nations of Creeks and Ciiero- 
kecs to the Court of Lotidon. 

\2mo. half red mor. top (jilt, London, 17!)1 
BOWBiNG, John. Batavian Anthology; or. Specimens of 
the Dutch Poets; with i-cmarkson the Poetical Literature and 
Language of the Netherlands. \2nw. paper, London, 1824 
BOYNTON, Edvvauu C. Ilistoi-y of West Point, and its Mil- 
itary Importance d.n-ing the Kevolution : and the Origin and 
Progi-ess of the United States :Militai'y Academy. Maps, 

imp. 8vo. cloth, large paper, New York, 1844 
BOZMAN, JoHX Lici-Ds. A Sketch of the Histo.y of Mary- 
land, during the Three Fii-st Yeai-s after its Settlement. P(,r. 
''■"''• 8ro. sheep, Baltimore, 1811 

BozMAN. The History of IMaryiand, from its fii-st settlement 
in 1G33, to the Bestoration in ICOO. With a Copious Intro- 
duction, and Notes and Illusti-ati(;ns.. 

2 voh. 8(0. c(df, Bijltimore, 1837 
BRADFORD Ci.ib PruLK^nioNS. A complete set of these 
choice publications, consistii'ig of the following : 

I. I'lipcrs concerning the Aftiick .ii.on Hatfield ami l>eerliel(l, by a party of 
Indians fi'om Canada, Sept. 19, IC.r?. 
, II. The Crdiikers hy Joseph lUidinan Ilnike and Fil/,.(ireenc llalleck 

III. The Operations of tlie French Fleet under Count de (irusse in 1781-" 
as descnlied in Two Coiitein|)oi'uneoiis .lournals, edited by ■!.(;. Sl.ea. 

IV. Antholofjy ,if New Netherland, or translations from "the Karly Dutch 
Poets of New York, with Me.moir.s of their Lives, by Henry V. Murphy 

V. Narratives of the Career of Hernando de Soto in the Co.iquest of Florida, 
Transluted by Uiickingham Smith. ' 






Vf. I'lic Xortliorn InviisiDii of l Jctobcr, 1780, a Series of Papers Uelnting to 
till' Kxpcditioiis n-diii Caniiilinimlcr Sir Jolin .lolinson and otlicr.f, uKiiinst tlif 
Front iersof New Yorli. Willi Xolcs In- 1 ninklin P.. Iloufjli. 

VII. The Arniv C'Drresiioudence of ((donel John hiiiirens in the years 
irrr-S, now first printed from the Original Letters addressed to his Father, llVnry 
Laurens, I'resident of Congress. Witli a Memoir by William Uilmore .sinmis. 

7 voh. royal 8vo. dark'Um mor. extra, top cclje (jilt, a Jhtr set, 

Kvio York, r. I/. 
BRACKENlilDGE, IIicNin- M. Views of Lot.isiaiia ; coii- 
taiiiiugGoograiiliiciil, .Statistiail ami Hi.storioal Nutices of that 
va^it and important portion of America. 

12w(). t^/ii'i-p, Biillliiiore, 1S17 

BHACKENRIDGE, Uvr.u II. IMo.ler.i Cl.ivaliy : containing 

tlie Adventures of a Captain, and Teagne O'llogan. liis .Servant. 

4 voh. 12mo. sh'cp, scarce, Philad. and lUrlnuomU Va., 181.". 

Tlie first edition of tliis worlc was publislied in two volumes in IMC. Another 
edition, lint nbriilged, a))peared in IMn. 

In a note in the Menmirs of the His -icnl .Society of reunsylvauia, (\'ol. II. 
II. Hr,)it is stated that "Chief ,Iustiee(iibson sah! that Ilrackeliridge emulated 
not without success the originality and pin-ily of Swift; and Dr. Cannahan, 
President of rrinceton College, speaks of his work as a book second in Rcnuine 
hunujur only to its great prototype, Don (^ de la .Mauclui. Ihi.s,. gentle- 
men were well acipmiuted with Western I'eiinsylvania, and their eslimar^on or 
-Modern (,'hivalry gives it a high value among the works to be exandneil on the 
subject of the (Whiskey) Insurrection." 

BHAINEIJI), Kiev. Tho.m.vs. The Life of John JJriuncrd, tlic 
Brother of David Braincrd, and his sucTe.s,sor as Missionary to 
tlic Indiiins of Xew Jei'sey. Sfo, cloth, l>lnladrli,lua, ISC>:, 

I5R.\IXERD, David. Tlie Rise and Progress of a Remark- 
iible U'ork of Grace, amongst a ninnher of the [iidians in New 
Jersey and Pennsylvania, represented in a Join-nal kept by 
order of the Society (in Scotland) for propagating CIn-istian 
Knowledge. ,Sr,.. hoards, ] 7i).S 

BRADFORD, Ali.v.x. Biographical Notices of Distingiiisiicd 
Men in New England: Statesmen, Patriots, Physicians. 
Lawyers, Clergymen and Mechanics. Hro. ch,th. Boston, 184i' 

BRADFORD, Ai.dkx. Me^noir of tlie Life and Writings of 
Rev. Jonathan Mayliew, Pastor of the West Churcli and Soci- 
ety in Boston, fi-om June, 1747, to July, 1700. Portrait. 

Sfo. cloth. Jlosloii. 1838 
BRADFORD, Ai.kxandi-.u W. American Anti.initie-i, and 
Researches into tlie Origin and History of the Red Rtice. 

8vo. halfvior. top cdjr ydt, uncid. New York, 18J3 



■:> .;> .1 















HRADFOKI), Wii.r.iAM. History of riynioiitli Tlaiitntion, 
now first priiitetl from tlio original miiniis(;rii)t for tlio Miis.sii- 
c'liiisetts Historical Society, Edited with Notes, by Charles 
Deaiie. 8t'o. hriJf nior. top edije tjUl, privatehj prinli'.d. 

Jloston, ISof) 
URADIU'RY, Chaklks. History of Kenncbiiiik Port, from 
its lii-st discovery by Bartholomew (Josiiold, 1C02 to 1837. 

12mo. doth, Kcinichioik, 1837 
I5UHTT, AV. H. The Indian Tribes of (iuiana; their Condi- 
tion and Habits, with Kosearejies into tlieir past History, 
Superstitions, Legends, Antitpiities, Languages, etc. Flatrs. 

Hro. half ralf, Londoh, 1808 

HRADDOCK, Gkxkual. Etat Present do hi Pensilvanie, on 

Ton frouve le detail de cc qui s'y est pa.-^se depuis la defaite 

du General Braddock jusqn 'a hi prise d' Oswego, avee une 

Carte partieuliere de eette Cokniie. 

I'lmo. half clolli, I'aris, 1 7.")r) 
Bradstukkt, The Woi'ks of Anne Bratlstreet, in Prose and 
Verse. Edited by John Harvard Ellis. J'orlraU. 

Imp. 8/Yj. ludf red iiior, tjUt toji, luicid, (Jliarlcaloioi, 18G7 

Two limidreil tiiid fifiy cDpu's priiitod. 

BRAHM, John (;i.:i;ak William dk. History of the Province 
of Georgia, Milli maps of original surveys. Now first i)rinted. 
Iialf mor. top ed;/r, ,/!lt, uncut, Woriimloc, 1849 
I'liviitcly primed and very sciiice. This cojjy cost %i>i. 

BRAKEL, WiLiiKLML-s. Leere en Leydinge der Laladisten. 

l'2)ii»..lioiirds, /toltcrdani, 1738 

BRANNON, Philip. The Picture of Southampton, and 
Stranger's Hand Book to every object of interest, in the 
Town and Neigiiborhood ; with mimcrons higjdy finished 
steel Engravings. ro,/,d S/o. /,„(/' ;,„);•. London. 

BRANT. Stultifera Navis. Narragonice profectionis nuiKpic 

satis landala Nauis : per Sobastianum Brant. 

sin. 4lo. ralf, ,/ilt cdgvs, fn-tft edition, in fine condition, clean 

and perfect, ccnj rare, {remo o/j'ol. vim.) I'arisiensi, Oo/ridi 

de J/arnefMCCAXKv\u\ die VIII. Martii. (14tt8) 

" Cctle cdilioii oriffiiiulc est nire ut riH'lii'rclicc drs onriiMix. It ost tri'S difH- 
cilc d'c'ii InmviT Ics rxfinpliiii-cs Ini'ii Odndilioiiiic-i."— /Jefiior, \i>. 'jivjL 

The ,S7i('/) »/ /•■()f)/s, by Scl)iistiaii Iti-ant, is 11 (iiTiiiuii siilirc upon tiie fiillips 
<)!' iill ranks. Tlio aullior was a man ol' Kroiil hariiiiig, and liis wurlx, lor tlio 
most pari, is a tissno of ciliitious from auoioiit pools and historians. 











it t» the New W..rl,l. I„ liarclayV |.;„«,i,„ ,„,„sl„,ion. ( „f ,570) ur,. .«„ 
at!i nSInl " "'^' '""''■""' "^-«'-'P""" ">ul of .liver, oonnfrie. 

liKASILSCIIK, Oklt-Sa. K. AVu.r in ckt klacrlij.k vortoont 

wort, waLT .lat de pai'licipaiiten van de We8t-In<iiHclR! (•„„,. 

pagn.e hacr ( gl.chlevon i.. 4/,,. 14 Imn's, a,-,ln,r/.> 

in BrasilicN o,,'f !{,;:; ff in ,h- Urce-niJI, 1047 

Mnll.r snys this i. tl.o li,-t l,„„k pn,,,.,,! j,, „,,„„. j, ,, (.„„ ,,f 

HKAY, TiioMA.s. Ap...stolic. Charity, its Nature an,l Kx-vllon.. 
oonHHlered in "a Discourse- IVeaciied at St. I'aui's, at the 
Ordination „r .some Protestant Missionaries to l,e s'ent into 
the Plantations. 4„, ,,,if „,„, ,,^, ,, -/^^ ,,^,^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ 

Bim lul.I.e Spirit Ilh.slrated in the Life and Desi-n.s of 
the IJev. Thomas Hray, 1). 1)., Late Minislter of St. IJotolph, 
i^ondon. a I r , 

ovo. sheep, Londuti, IVIC. 

BIIAY. Public Spirit illustrated. Another edition. 

8(0. sheejj, London, 1808 
15KAZIL. Ilistoria General de Bi-azil, per urn socio do Iiisti- 
tuto Il.storico do Brazil, Natural dc Sorocaba. 

■2 vols. 8,0. ,•/, 1, half,jn'en mor. lUo Janeiro, 185') 
BRAZIL. Une Fete B.-csiiieune. Cest la Deduction d» 
somptueu.v ordre plaisantz spectacles ct niagnifiiques theatres 
dresses, et exhibes par les citoiens de Rouen, etc. 

royal »co. wilh/oldin;j plate, half enlf, Rouen, 1551 

{Repiint Paris, \Si)0) 

bu,s on t„e ba...« of the Seine bei.," r!!,;:;t';;' Sl^^ '""" """ ^"■"• 

tv\m^m\xt mvmnxinx. ©circlnirt. 1E?oS ^rr- 
lant.. mtvtm. muBlnnr,. ® S^^t'int , = 

flCn. Black LirrTEi}. ,,„ 4/„ /,„//• *'«^'"»t 

*'«• 4ro. ««(/ /MO/-, c-cy ,.(,,.p^ 

^l//^(K'/7?, Francoijs van Duijneu, H\\\) 







a boatswain, nn.l » Pclaiulor. Will, tlu-se inc, as spokpsncn flif nRonts nn.l 
oHicth of 11... in.icli \ India (oiiiimny, in Itrazll ami in N.w N.t|„,laml 
Bic anaiKncd, iiarticularly (lie (lii..rt,>i-» Ki.fl an<l Stinv.yant. In (act tlic 
[lanil.hlH aMMur.s to liav.- b..,.n got np by (• Mrlyn,'!!,.- patroon of Slaton 
IMand, wlio liad trj.d for tnai-.m and con.lwnned to an oxllu of scv.-.i 
yt-ais, l)y Slnyvcsant upon tlio complaint of Kicft. 

Thn tract is very rare, tiic last one known to us wl.icli canit- from Hollaml 
sev.ral years since cost JIOO. Since ti.en tl.e price of rare Americana lia. 
Kr( ally increased. 


■> I o 



04 « 

lUiESSANV, R. P. F. J. Kelati..n Al)r6g6c do 
MLssions ties Peres (le la Ciuiipa-niede J6.«us dan.s hi Nou- 
velle-Fmiiee. Trnduite de 1' Italieii et aiigiueiite d'unavant- 
propo.s.— par le I'. P. F. Martin. 

Hfo. half , -I'll vwr. top ichje gilt, Montreal, 1852 

Witli uiitograpli letter of James Lenox. 

BRKSSANI: Breve Relatione d'alevnc IMi.ssioni De PP. 
della Coiiipiigiiia di Giesft iiella Nuoiia Fraiieia del P. Fran- 
cesco Gioseppe J{ressaiii dellii niedesinia Compagiiia, all' 
Kniineiitiss. Beverendiss. Sig. Card, de Lvgo. 

4to. halfmor. lop vchj,: gilf, Mircomtit per r/l! Iferedl 

d 'AgoMiiio Grind, 1653 
" Father Bressani, a Itoman by birth," says Cliarlevoix, "was one of the 

*" illustrious missionaries of Canada, wlieie he snllered a severe captivity and 

nnlieard of torments. He spi'iiks little of himself in his Ilistorv, which is well 
written; hut is contined nuiinly to the Huron Mission, in which lie labored with 
much zeal as long as it subsisted. After the almost complete extermination of 
that nation, and the scattering of what was left, he r<t[irned to Italv, where he 
preached till his diath, with the nmre fruit, inasmuch as he bore on his mutilated 
hands glorious nmrks ol his apostolate among the heathen.-//i»<. orXew France 
Dr. Shea's Trniis., \\>\. \,y,.^{t. ' ' 

BRETON, I{.\vMoNi>. Dietioiiaire C'araibe-Fraii(;ois niesle de 
(liiantite de Heniarqiie.s liistoriqiies pour 1' e.selairci,«,»enieiit de 
''I lii'i,!,^"*'- 12»(o. ohl calf, ./ill hncl; Auxvrre, 1GC5 

P)UETT, W. II. The Indian Triiies of Guiana: tlieir Condi- 
tion and lliihits : with Researches into their past History, 
Superstitions, Languages, etc. Volon-d plates. 

12wo. (•/()//(, Xeir York, 1868 
r.iiiriT. The Indian Tribes of Guiana. Colored philes. 

8vo. rlolh, Loudon, 1868 
HRKREWOOI), EiiWAiii). EiKpiiries touching the diversity 
of Languages and Religions tlirongli tlie chief parts of the 
^^■"'•'<'- \-2ino. lud/hniind, London, 1674 

BUEVOORT, .1. ('. ^'cl•razano the Navigator, or Notes on 
(iiovanni da \'erriUiino, and on a Planisi)here of 152U illus- 
tiiitiiig his Ainericiin Voytige in 1 ")24. Witli ti map. 

8c-). cloth, New York, 187-1 


II. c. MunniY LinuARV. 

r t 



340 BRIDGMAN, Thomas. Tlie Pilgrims of Boston iuid their 
DesceiKliints ; witli an Introduction by Edward Kveri'tt. Also 
Inscriptions from the Monuments, in tlie Granary Burial 
Ground, Treniont St. imwd ciiln, pdrtnilt. 

Hvo. d»lh. New York, 185f> 

350 BuiKK and perfect Journal of the late Proceedings and Success 

of the Knglish Army in tlie West Indies, continued to June 

the 24tli, 1G55. Together with sonic (Queries inserted and 

answered. By I. S., an Eyc-witnesse. 

4^). cnJf, Litiidnn, 1C55 
BKINTON, Danikf, G. Library of Aboriginal American 
Literature.' No. 1. The Maya Chronicles, pp 277. 

8vo. sewed, Pliiladcljiliin, 1882 
BRINTON. Notes on the Florida Peninsida, its Literary His- 
tory, Indian Tribes and Anti(piities. 

l-2nio. eloih, Philaddphla, 185tt 
BYINCJTON, Cviius. Grammar of the Choctaw Laiiiruao-e. 
Edited from the Original MSS. in the Library of the Ameri- 
can Philosophical Society. 810. sewed, Philndelphia, 1870 
[BRITAINE, Will. dk]. The Literest of England in tlu' 
Present War with Holland. By the author of the Dutch 
Usurpation. 2Cpp. 4^0. half calf , London, 1G72 

BRITISH PoKTS. RivKRSiDK Edition. A Complete Collection 
of the Poems of the best English Poets from Chaucer to 
Wordsworth, embracing all the Poems of the most distin- 
guished Authors, with selections from the :Minor Poets; 
accompanied with Biographical, Historical, and Critical 
Notices. Edited by Professor Francis ,T. Child, of Harvard 
University. 117//* poiiraits of viany of (lie pods oit. sled. 
135 vols, crown 811. large paper, heaulifnlhj hoinid in half 
fjreen morocco extra, top cdi/es i/ilf, uncut, Puislo)!, c. y. 
Tills ftlition of the liritisli poets is tlu> most complete ever published eithoi' 
ill Knghiml or Americii. A copy is priced ^(HK) in a recent cutalosiie of a I'liila- 
ilelpliiii bookseller. 

35G BRITISH ESSAYISTS: Willi Prefaces, Historical and Bio- 
graphical, by A. Chalmers. Including the Tatier, 4 v(ds. ; 
Spectator, 8 vols. ; Guardian, 3 vols. ; Rambler, 3 vols. ; 
Adventurer, 3 vols. ; AVorld, 3 vols. ; Connoisseur, 2 vols. ; 
Idler, 1 vol. ; Mirror, 2 vols. ; Lounger, 2 vols. ; Observer, 
3 vols. ; Looker On, 3 vols. ; Index, 1 vol. tufjdher 38 

vols, large pajier, half green nior, e,dra, top edge gilt, Boston, 

Little, Ilrown (t Co., 18GG 
Of tlic large paper edition but one liundrcd copies were printed. 







35C» BIIITTON, John. History and Aiiti(|iiitic,s of the CuthcMlrnl 
Cliiireli of Salisbury. Witii Krijrravings of Views, Elevations, 
Plans, and Details of that Ediliee. 

imp. Alo. Innjv and thick papvr, half rdhnn, full r/ill hark, 

top cchje (jilt, London, 1814 

357 nHODIIEAI). The Final Report of J. R. Brodhead, Agentof 

the State of New York, to proetire and transcribe Documents 
in Europe, relative to the Colonial History of said State. 

Sro. half calf, Albany, 1845 

358 BRODHEAD, John Romeyn. History of the State of New 

^'^rk. 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, New York, 1859-1871 

3r)!( BROOKLYN. History of the Municipal Department Building 
and other Public Buildings in the city of Brooklyn. 

8(,'o. f/rren cloth, (jilt edges, Brooklyn, 1878 
300 BROOKLYN. Reports of the Commissioners of Prospect Park, 
Brooklyn, from 18G1 to 1808. With maps and plants. 

8to. half calf , Brooklyn, 1861-08 
3G1 BROOKLYN Pa UK Commissioners. Annual Reports of, 1801- 
1873. pp.520. Nvmerotis plans and colored plates. 

%co. half crimson calf ,marhled edges, Brooklyn, 1873 
361* BROOKLYN Watku Works. Documents and Plans sub- 
mitted by the "SVatcr Couunittee, to the Common Council of 
the City of Brooklyn, for the Year 1854. 

4/0. cloth, Brooklyn, 1854 

302 B OOKLYN. Maniuil of the Common Council of the City of 

Brooklyn for 1800, by William C. Bishop. 

8to. cloth, gilt, Brooklyn, 1808 

303 BROUGHAM, Lord. Political I'hilosophy, Principles of Gov- 

ernment, Momirchical Government, Eastern Monarchies 
European Monarchies. Svo. half mor. lop gill, London, 1842 

304 BROl'ER: Joluxakl ende Historis verhael van de Reyse 

gedaen by Oosten de Straet le Maire, luier de Custeii van 
Chili, oiuler het beleyt van den Heer Generael Hendrick Brou- 
wer in den Jare 1043 voor gevallen, ^'ervatendc derChilesen 

manieren, handel ende ghewoonten Plates. 

\to. half red mor. Amsterdam, Broer Jansz, 1640 

305 BROWN, John. A Brief Concordance to the Holy Scriptures, 

of the Old and New Testaments, by which all, or most, of the 
Priiicijjal Texts of Scrijjture may be easily found out. 

Unio. calf, very scarce, Brooklyn, T. Kirk, 1805 


n. c. Muni'iiY LinuAur. 

ii i 

'M](j IJKOWN, IIkxuv. The History of Illinois, lioiu its first Dis- 
covery and Settlonuiit, to the proseiii time, 

Hvn. clofh, X,;u York, 18-14 

aCG* nWOWN, Joiix ('AinT.ii. nihliothecii Amurieiiim. A C'lit- 

alogtie of Hoolis rehitiiij; to North and Soiitli America in tliii 

Lihrarv of tlie hite ,Iohn Carter iJrown, of I'rov ideneo, 1{ I. 

Witii Notes l)y .loim Hussell Hartiett. 

4 rola. imjivrlalHro. riol/i, I'rouiihnrc, 18i;;j-1882 

Kiriv copifrt only of llii' lour voli s, iiiiviitily inlntcil. All were niviu 

UHiiy, ami Ilii' lomplilc work i» out of prim. 

Vol. I. coinpri.M'w lilies of l>iHi works prlnlcil bi-twcfii the ymrs IIH.' hikI ItlWI. 

Vol. II. coinpriscs 1,(11-' workn priiiUil hciwccii tlic yfur.i KiOU mid 17Wt. 

Vols. III. mill l\-. ooiiipris.. works, printed lietweeii the years 1700 anil 
l.-sOO. Allo;iellier, tin- CalaloKUe is desiriiilive of (i.Uo works, piinleil liefore 
the iiresent century. Vol. I. contains IVl plates and wooilculs, consislinK of 
laesiiniles of title ii»}.'es of rare Looks, iiiiips, iiortraits, devices of early prluteis 
aiid vi^inelles. \'ol. II. contains illnslrations ol tlie same cliaiacter. Vola. III. 
and IV. are witliont iiletorial illustrations. 

I're.sentalioii copy, •'To tlie Hon. Henry V. Murphy, with the C(iniplIineiit.sof 
."^opliia Anj^nstu Itrown." 

;il!7 liHOWN, IJiciiAHi). Domestic Archileetiire : C(jiitiiiiiii);,r a 
History of tlie Science, tiiid tlie principles tjf Designing l'ni)iic 
Edifices, Private Dwelling-Houses, Country Mansions, and 
Snbnrhan \'illas, with i)ractical dis.sertations on every l)rancli 
of 15iiilding, etc. {>:] I'lulcs uiiil Wood-cals. 

ilo. cliilli, LoiiiLin, 1842 

oG8 'i'.KOWN, Saml-i:i, H. The Western Gazetteer; or Kniigrant's 
Directory, conttiining a (ieogrii]ihical Description of the 
ern States and Territories. 8r.j, iiln'vp, Aitbiiru, 1817 

•■W.) r.KOWN, Wii.MAM. History of the IVoptigation of Ciiristian- 
ity iiinong the Heathen, since the Heformation. 

■2 coin. Hi-o. half ctlf, Xvw i'ork, ItilC, 

;!70 BHOTIIHHHHAD, W. The Centennitd IJook of the Signers : 
IJeing Fac-simile Letters of each Si(iSi:K ov tiik Dix;i,\kation 
OF iNDEi'iiNUKXC'i:. llhistratcd witii 100 Kngraviiigs of Por- 
traits, Views, etc., including 13 original design.s, colored by 

imperial folio, thid- papor, limittJ edition, PhllmMphia, 1870 

Thi; most valuable portions of this volume are oiucmn.m. AUTocit.vrii i.kt- 
•n-;i:.s of the Si-iiers of the Declaration of Indeiiendeiice, which have bi'cn addJil. 
Nearly all the ^i-iiers are here repre-^eiiled, in very line letters, and a few docii- 
ment.s .signed. Of several there are duplicates and iriplicat.'s. Thus of Franklin 
arc two line letters, of ,James Wilson three, etc. There are besides in addition 
to those in the volume, many line iM.rtraits eufe'raveil on steel, making it alto- 
getlier a vohinie of great intereBt and value. 

Some twenty years since a less perfect, and in every way inf.'rior, collection 
oi original letters of the Signers ouly, was sold at auction in .New York fur u 
thousand dollars. 



Tlw fVillowiiijr is n Iht of llic Aiitofirii|)li r.ottfrt ."Ijfiipd : 

JomIiiIi Iliiitlctt, 

Win. Whipple, (;.') 

•loliii Ailiiiiis, 

Klliriil;.'!' (liTi-y, (•-') 

Williniii F.llci'y, 

S. Iliiiiliiiirdoii, 

Win. Williams 

Oliver Wiili'ott, 

I'ranols Levin, (2) 

l.vw\s .Monls, 

Ificli'il .Stockton, 

.lolni WitliiTspoon, 

FnmcU lliipkinson, 

.John Iliirl, (ii rccciiit In Ills own 

lianil wrltiii},'), 
Alira: Claik, 
Kolit. Morris, (:i) 
ll«'iij. Uii-li, 
It. Kraiikllii, (•,') 
(jeo. ('l)iiiii-, 

Docuiiicnts with signatures : 
•1. Hancoi'k. 
-Matli. ■I'lioniton, 
.Siini. Adams, 
li. T. I'aine, 
Sleplieii Hopkins, 
Win. KIo5(l, 
riiil. Mvliigstoii, 

.laiiieH .«inltli, 

.lames Wilson, (.'l) 

Caesar Uodney, 

(j. lieiicl, (a reeelpt in Ills own hmid 

Thomas MrKeaii, 
.Samuel Chase, 
Will, raeii, 
Thoni's .Stoup. 

Charles Carroll, ofCarrollton, 
• ieorj.'!' Wythe, 
I'ic-hard Henry I.ce, 
lieiijainlii Marriiion, 
Thomas Nelson, 
Fnincis I.lKlitfoot I,ee, 
Carter Hra.\loii, 
Kdwnrd I!ntled),'e, 
(Ji'orjje Walton. 

.lolin Morton, 
.lames Wilson, 
(ieorjje Hoi's, (',') 
.lose|)li Ilewes, 
Kdward Uiilled(,'e, 
Tlionm.s Haywurd. 







15K0WXK, I). I. The Tivcs of America; Native and For- 
eign, rictoriaily ami Botanicaiiy Delineated, and Seientifioally 
and Popidai-ly Dcseribed. Illiiistratcd by numernn.s engrav- 
'"?*'• 8i'o. New ro)7.-,"l84C 

BUOWM-:, J. Ross. T^eport of, on tlio Resotirces of 
the State.s and Territorie.s we.«t of the Kocky ]\roiintain.s. 

Hy-i, cloth, Washington, 18C8 

BROWNIXr,, W. S. A Ili.^toiy ov' the Huguenots. A new 
Edition continued to the pre.sent time. 

8('o. cloth, Philadelphia, 184r) 

BRUCKNER, G. A ^'oeabulary of the Dnteh, English and 
Javanese Langiuige.s. 8ro. half calf, Batavia, 1842- 

BRUINlXn, Cr. Description Succinct, mai.s Complete, de 
I'otat actuel de La Have, et de ses cnviron.s. 

\2mo. hoanh, maps, Rotterdam, 1876 

BRUNET, J. C. Manual du Librairo et de I'Amateur de 
'^'''^■'■^'*- 7 vols. Svo. including supplemerit, 

half blue mo,, top edge gilt, uncut, fne copij, Paris, 1860-1880 
This latest edition of the most completo general bibllogrnpliv ever publlslied, 
is (inife oat of print and scarce. It already commands more than its pnbliontioii 



3/7 MHrTfO. M.Mnoir8 of tho Uigl.t K.v. ,Si,„„„ ',Vm. (Jai.ii..! 
Hnito, First IJirthop of Viiici'iini-s, with Sk.-t<'lic.s (Ifsciil.iny hi.s 
Kc.oll.rtio.i.s of Hcoiios .•oniicotcd with tl.o Frciicii Uovohuioii, 
ami Kxtnifts from iiis .louriml. I'ortnill. 

4/0. half mor. New York, ISOO 

.'»78 niJUYKUK, i.K LA. 'I'h. ('harnet.>r.s, or the Mani.or,, of the 
Af,'«. with the Chiiriifter.s of Theophrn,-(tn,s, transhitcl from the 
^'"■^''^''- «f'.. mlf, London, ICi)!) 



379 I)i: IIHY. C'(,m,i.ximjm;.h i'Kij|.-.<iHiN-ATi(.NM m ill In.Iinm Ori- 
entalem et Imliam Occidnitalem xxv partil.u.H comi.n.h..n,sa- a 
Tlieo.loro, Joan-Theo.loro do «ry, et a Matl.eo Jlorian pub- 
Iicata". FitANcoKtMiTi A!) JfcKNiM. lo'JO-1 1!;!!. 

Ohkat VoYA(ii:s IX Latin. Ai.i. niisr kimtions. 
folio, U parts ,n4vnh. half bound in ihuk ,jr,,n mor, ,,in 
<:dijea, by Uering, of London, Jine copy, icHhotd spats or stains, 

Small Voyaoes in Latin. Am. kiuht kditions. 

f'Uo, 1 1 parts in 3 vols, half bound in dark yreen mor. ,,iU 

vdqvs by llvriny, of London ; toydher 22 parta in 7 I'ols. 

A nolo M.ys this copy wn. collects by M,-.(..U|cl, lor Mr. M..r|.l.v. The 

•.k.ncl> l,..r,.„nnl„f l,..I,„r,, rin- »„„, of Ih. n.lllipi,,,. I,Ia.»l, i,, by 

".i-t|.k.. 01 .1,,. bl,„l,.,, ,,lac...i in I'art Mi, bHor,. ,|,.. „.xt 

1.0 above. I.S th.. li.lo Kenerally ^ivn in ca.uloKne, to th.. cclrbrulnl co!l..c. 

Mo n o voyaB..s ,.„b„sl,..,l l,v ,1,.. la y of l> H.y, ,|,.. ll,.,t of whon,, Th. „•. , 

y^M a, ..nBiuvor, „r.nt MMhT. an,l |,nbll,h..r a, Kn,nkfort.on tbr-Main. ,„• „; 
the,.«rlycoll..cli.,„,of voya«,.s „Hn,..., bofo,,. ,1,.. y,.„r ir„.uhl. is Ihe n'o. 
oxte„«lv,., and lak... .!„. fo,-,Muos, rank. l,.s vah,,. is h,cn.„s,..l on acnn n . U ^ 
n,,orta.. .arraliv..swl,lcl, it ..n.l.ra.-..s, f.„. their con,, a, n 

umf i:;ii;;s;n;.. '"'■ """"•'"""■ ^•"«''" ■"«' """ '^"'«" """-• -■■•>■ -' 

The oolleetlou ia ,livi,l,.,l into two serh's; the first is know., as the ■■ Gr..Ht 
N o)aKes i"Ora,„h loyag,,"), .ne,ely beeanse the are taller un.lwi.le 
. urn those of the se.ies. whieh is k.,ow., as the •• .s.nall \ oya^es " r • « 
oy«^«."). The for.,.er relate e.,ti„.|,v to .North an.l .So,.tl. A..,e.-h'. , . it, o " 
the r assn.n.., title is the •• West In.„..s - (../„,„■„„. OccwV/e«^,/.,„" ,o Z« the.M ,o,.. the ■■S-.n.!! Voyages." which .elate to the Kast in.lie . | 
A.r.ctt ,./„,/„,„ Oru„t„,e.,n. The Latin e.lition of the •• "Ca." ' 

;:;:":;'e::r"""" ""^"'■■' ''- '■■ ^■'-"^■""" ^w-r. 

The co.iceptioi. and beRinniiinr of ibis collection is ,Ine to Theodor or Tl,e„ 
.lone de Bry who. i„ the year I.V.K.. Ih-st p„l,lis| ..„ „ar,cfs 'lY eL, "a. ,"." 
aeconnt 01 VrKinia. which ha.l appeared in Lon,ion, in I6NN in a ,. i ,," 
I he text of this nar.-«tlve was printed in fonr lanRnage. : Kn,, ish Kb r i 
andUernn.... the sa..,e engravings bein« used in';he*;eve.alte h^,:"* 'b ' "' 
cess of th.s vol„n.e, which was well got up, having a nu.p an. Twen 
tyseven iM.cIy executed cop;,er.platcs, induced the pnblishe'r to issu cot^d 






, ' '■ """'■"' ""' "il'-'lii-n. ,m.e,, tlMi.r„n., ».,,.. only I..,,,,. ,„ 

Af„.r l„. .|..a,h ,.(■ !■ „|,.r, ,1,... .nl.^ w«, n„„i, ,| ,,v „,. „,„ ,; ,, ,' ,.„ 

two «„„, Johnnn Thnnlor u.mI .lohunn Im ...I, who, n, V,mK l.„o , Z- ' 1. .. 

""';," '" ""•■'' »■"' ■'■ "■'" l'> .'..l...nnTI...,„lo,., Ht 0,.,„.„|„ „„, ' 

I 111- liiiimrlaiit .■ollcrtloi. ihoiiM ,i„| [„• i, „hmI..I «s „ book of n,,,.! i. 
BCC.ui.t oftl,,. ,„„„!„.,. or its ,n„,„vl„K, and ll,/, vt. , . ,1 .H .. ,^"''""">' "" 

-";'"••"■ " p"-n,.,. n.,.y."';:,.r t.:: ' •' !;:;ri; 'T;"'^" 

"H'l- -.-vn-al ,.,.,.lu,l,., I,a,.k, i„ .oantrlv^ a larR.. „„,-, ,,1 M ' ' 


.-ll.^.a.nnto..xa,«..,.at,ontl,,^i,.,tZ ,:^^ ^ '^^^^^^^ 

;580I)KBI{V. Gkkat VovA.KS (Amkukan) .n Gkkman. Au 

/'>n blue turkey m,.r. ,jiH vdy,, h,j IMfunl, of Lnndnn, fu,e 

1, - aiul J, .sccoiui editioius. Parts A to i;5 first .■•litioiis 
foho, 13 ;,«./« t.,„,,/ i„ 5 ,,„/,. y,/; ^.„^^.,^ ^,,^^^^^^^,^^^ 

toou.jont/,e l>ack and .ulcs, fn. copy .Hhont .pots. 

'''""' \\\- Oppvuhvim, Hiennnimo GnUer», 1G17 

'■ , ^''■c'i'^f'^o-f, Casp'ir /iodU'l, l(i->4 

l\. Franvlfurt aw Ma,,i>, \V. J!ic/,ta; [KJOIJ 

•5«1 I>i,. rt.... (' .1' 'h""''^, folio, niihoiind. 

'iSo Ih.liiiY. (.rcHt \ oyagcs (American) ),, Genuan. 

I'art VIII. Frauclfuri, Multh. Ih-cker, 151)9 

'•^- Frandfint am Mayn, W. JHc/itrr, ICOl 

Orcat N oyages (American) in Latin. 
Iliiriot's \'ir"'iiiin /,' »/•... 

Laudonniere'.s aiul Le Jloyne's Florida. 

Franckfurt, 1591 
2 parts. Both tall copies, first editions. 


I)K I$RY. 

Part I, 
" II. 

■^w — V*>V I 


If. C. MriMMIY rjUWAIlV. 

M84 I)K Huv. Smiill Vnynjjfn (Oriental) in (I.Tiiimi. I'iiits I.. II 
III., IV., v., VI.. VII, VIII., IX., \_XI., XII. an.l 
XIII., 111! (ir.Mt.Mliiiciiir-. In V.m XIII. (h.rl hifov p.<) ,r„i,l. 
iixj, nlnnwap ofM,u;u<). l,H,rll„r, 12 p„rt^, uuimn,,,}. 

W:> I)i; HitY. SmkiII Voyn^'cs (Oiiontal) in Clcnnnn. I'urts III., 
IV., v., VI., VII. an.! \II|. (I'.nt Mil. wants Appcu- 
'lix. I'ait VII. wantx InliiHJnctidn to Miinrir-o, 1 leaf.) 

lo'l'llirr, G jKiiis iinhoiiud. 

.'IHG i)i: Huv. Sinall V<.ya;rfJ< (OiiiMital) in Latin. I'ait I., I'.DN. 
Tart II., l.-.!»:». XII.. ICc'K. fn,,,H,rr,:] parts, ,n,h.>,n,<l. 



387 CAMUS, A. (!. Mcnioiie snr la Collection <le.s brands et 
IVtils Voyajj.'s [de I)e Bry ;] et snr In Collection des Voyages 
lie Melciiisedeciv Tlieveiiot ; In'i)riniL' par i'ordre et anx'fVais 
•'" l'i"«litiit. Mo. 101 1,1,. /',„;.s, n,i,ulm,t„. {\H{)->) 

.188 WKI(;KL, T. O. nildio<rrapldseiie Mittlieiiungen iilier die 
dent.xeiien Ansfral.on von De HryV Sannn!ntij,'en der K'eisen 
nacli deni aliend nnd nior;rcnliiiidisclien Inilien. Ans deni 
" Senipenni" Ite.^onders oli'^ednickt. 

Hro. .|0;i. p(ipn\ L'Ipzi;/, IHi', 

.18f) niU'NKT, J. C. Notice 15il.lio-raphi.pie snr la c.dleetion des 

(ininds et I'etits Voya;>es de I),. Wry en Latin et en Allemand 

extraitcdn premier v.dnnie de la ein.piienie ,'.(Iition dii Mannel 

dii Libraire. roi/a} 8iv,. T.-l /,„,/,,, /« ,f„„i,i, 

col»mnH, 2.'. copies (»d,/ prhilvd, 7'ar/s, nUlol/nrcs, 1«G0 

;]1)0 UHUNKT. A Bil.liograpliical Description of the collection oi' 

"(irands Voyajres" of De I'.ry. Tran.-lated from IJrnnef.s 

''M'iriiicl ihi Lihrairc." liy Charles A. Cutter. 

imp. Hrn. GI p„,ps, 2") rnpies. priialc, New Yorl: 


















lilO AN, TyvMKi.. Tl... M„„„tai,i Mum.-, ,.o,„,,nHi„j^ tl.o 
A.v..n.u>v.s.,r Dani.l I1.m,„.., ami rl... ,„.w..r .,1 virlu,,,.. an.l 
rt-lliUMl lu-auty. i-,,n,>. .h,,;,, llani.onbnr.,, lHl;t 

nUYAXT, W. C. AM. (iA^. A l'o,,ular IliMory of (lio Uniu.l 
Stat.s, tn.n. ll... First Di^c-ovry of ll.o W.mtun, Hoini..|.l,uru 
I'y tl.e^ NertlMUfii, ... tin.. ..ti.l „f tla, Fi,.«t ('..iitmy ..f tl... u.iioi, 
of tho Stat«t8. y'oW/r»/< i,n,l i.ninrmiis ,r„i„l.cnh. 

n,;/„l Hm. ,„/. \,cImII,, A',w Yml:, 1870 
III:TLKI{. Main. A IIi..t.„y of tl„. ConMnonwealil, of Km- 
<"«'ky tn.,n itH oxplomtioii an.l .s,.ttl.'ni..,.t I., tl„. dos.. of ih., 
^0I•tIlWl;st^■^l cnmimi^'ii in l«l;l. I'orlnnl. 

. •'<'•"• .•</"'7', /.(inl.tril/r, t,s;{.i 

liini.r.i! s K.iituck)'. (Anotli.T n.pv.) 

I L>//(..<. //<»// ,/„oo„/, „„„: I,,,, ch/r .,;i,, (!-u„'iunni;, \H'M] 
ni:iiiii,i> finii, tin- HniMiifii of Nassau. Isr.;!. — |!i,r.r,.,V IJaltlc 
of I.ak.. Krie. \KV.K-\\vnni\ n.-gins..!.,, .I.t l^k,,.!,,,,,,,,. 
IH^'*..-,Iain..M IJroun, Ti... Fum.tur. /,o.,,/„,/, 1H47._ 
I!ii.I;,H'maii'.s (innL^ncr's • Assistant. lH40._'r,„„. tl„,,|,„.|, 
South llollaiMl. I..„„hn,. lH;i|.-_n„iHt'M Family Kii,.|,^„ 
CanhMMT. l,s.|,S._Ili„..,.v ,.,■ V,,,,,,,, ,.„,„, ;„ Virginia i>. 

/o;l<l/l,T, H fills. ]-JlHO. 

m:('IIANAN, .Jamk... ,Sk..t,.|M.s of,!,,. Hi.torv, Mann-r., a,al 

( iislom> ,.| 111,. Noith Aiiicricaii lialiaiis. 

Hro. jiiijicr, Li>ii(h,i,, 1824 
mrilANAX, I{o,,,.:kt. TIr. Cult.nv of .1.. (ira,.., an.! Wi„e 

iMakin-; nitl. an Appnalix containin- <!in.,.|ions for tlit- 

"'""" ''lu'SinnvlMTry, l.y N. Lon-wortli. 

,,,., ,. , 1-^//''. i-liiih, CiiiriiiiHili, 18;>2 

M ( KMIXSTKK', J(;i.„. A l)i.s<.„ on IJaptisni. 

^in. slirop, /'oylsmoi(//l, hSO,'] 

lU'C'lvINOUAM, T. S,,,.,.;,,,,,,, ..f X.w..,,ai...r Litei- 
atuiv; w,ii, IVrsonal M,,„„i,., Anuclolo., an.l H-MuiniseeiUTs. 
^ '"■''''"'• «'•". clolh, BoHton, \H-A) 

IUJni()X, J. A. V. (l.oix do (■I,r.,ni.iue.s .t M.nnoiivs sur 
1 IIistoHv .!.■ Frantv, avi'c noji.-e.s litturniivs. 

l.M) ), 1..0MAS. (.,.o.l OnKT,!islK..l in IVnnsvlvania, 
and X..U- -I.Ts..y, Ml Anu.nVa ; h.-in- a tnu' a.r.,nnt .,f tl,,. 
Country: wuh it8 |.ro.luc.. an.l (■omnu..Iitios IIiltc n.a.l,. in lI,o 
y.Mir U-yH-,. A lU'w o.lition, \vitl, Intr. ciion and Notes, by 

F]d\vurd Aruistroii''. 

Sfo.clullt, Xcw Yur/c, 186') 


II. C. MUltrilY MBHAUY. 

102 lU'FJJ., IIa/.auii AM) Pki.mi:. Am Account of tin; lute Siicct-ss 
of the (iottpel, in tlie IVoviiice of New York, Nortli-AnuTica. 

liiiKi. juiper, dob'ciilry, 17(i.") 

403 lU'KI.L, Samiki.. Exiiiliitcd to View in an Aiiiiiver.siiry, 

Kiicliai-isliciil, iiml Half-Century Sermon; Delivered ut Kast, 
lIanii)ton, on the i^onl'.s Day, .Ian. 1st, 17i(2. 

Hvo. jiapcr, 1792 

404 m'K(iII, AV. The English Cianlen ; a Poem, in four Hooks, 

by W. Mason. A new edition, corrected, to which are 
added, A (.'ouuncntary and Notes, by W. Hnrgli. 

12/((H. (■((//', Diihlin, 17H(! 

lOa lUHCiOYNH, Lii;iT.-r.i-,NKi!Ai.. A Letter to his Constit- 
uents, ni)()n his late llesijrnation. with the Correspondences 
between tlie Secretaries of War and him, relative to his return 
to Amcricn. Hvo. clotj/, Loudon, 1771) 

40G RURGOVNE, Liki't.-Cksi.. A State of the Expedition from 
Canada, as laid before tiie Mouse of Commons, and verilied 
by evidence; with a Collection of Authentic Docmnents. 
Colored iiKijis (Old iiluns. Alo. luilf ndj\ London, 1780 

•107 lirUlv, John. The History of Virginia from its first settle- 
ment to the j)resent day. 4 cola. ^in>. half liliie 
calf, niarhhd cdijcK, (■cry srarcc, J'clcrsliiir;/, Vir(ihiin, 1804 

408 [lU'UKE, Ei)MiNi>.] An Account of the European Settle- 

ments in America. 2 roh. Hco. cdl/', London, 1770 

409 BiTitiiE. Storia degli stabilimeiiti Europei in America. Tra- 

dotta in Italiano, dallii Inglese. 

2 roh. 8co. sliccji, Vcnczld, IHV.] 

410 lU'RKE, Ei)Mi;xi). The Works of, with a ISIemoir. 

;5 roli<. Hro. calf. New York, 18;]4 

411 lU'HNAHY, An-I)Ui:w. Travels through the ^Middle Settle- 

ments in North America in the years 1759 and 17(50 : with 
Observations upon the state of the C(donies. 

Ii<>'<i. half calf, London, 177") 

412 lU'RNET, Jacou. Notes on tiie early Settlement of the North 

Western Terrimry. I'ortruit. 

(2 t'o/iiVs), Hro. cloth, Cincinnati, 1847 

413 BUHNET, Wii.i.iam, (Covernorof New York). An Essay on 

Scripture-Prophecy, wlierein it is Endeavoured to Exphiin tiie 
Three Periods contain'd in the XII. Chapter of the Prophet 



iMriic'l. Witli some Arg.iinoiits to make it Probable, tlmt tlie 
First of tlie Periods did Expire in tbe year 1715. pp. 1G7. 
4to. calf extra, ,jilt edycs hy JU/ord, pri,d,:d in the year 1725 
Said to have heeu printed by William Bradford, in New York. 

William Ilurm't was f I,, son of lilsl,,,,, |,„nM.f , ■' n man of seime," sayn the 

mo"' • """" '"'""-■ ''■"'"""''• -^ «•'■" ''■"" »<=""'"■■• """ «<■ a -Vial aispo 

tiov. (;a,lwnll,ul..r CoM.m, writes ofl.lm thua: "Mr. liunict. after lie 1,„,1 

be,. .„„.,. years at New York. »„„li...I hhnself to the «tu.iy of Seriptore nroph- 

on ,.n.c.,„..s whi..., I.e ,o,.. n,e he ha,l receive.. tVo„. .i.'l.aac N^to..' Tlu. 

i Z I e , 1 • r," " """""'"• "™"""'" *" ""•■"»'^'v«-. "•»' that if their Ian- 

■ o .TV 1 "'*',; ,^^' '"""""''" '"'■"""" "-^ ""''■ '" '- ""'"'"tood a« their 

i . « "" "•^""'""'■'"■•y "'emory, tt,»l he had read the proph- 

anv s. m. ,''" "7 ' ."", ',':■ ™""' "' ""^'" """" "'" ""■ '•""i""'- """ ^■'■^- ■"' wh oh 

an-w "!"■"'"" *■" '^''"' ^'"''' "'"■ *■"<'• «'"■ /<"• !«"«■ ;'• 

411 miRNKY, Jamics. A Chronological History of North Etistern 
\oyagesof Discovery; and of the early navig.uions of the 
Russians. Map. i^io. half eal/, London, md 

41o IJURNEV, .Iamks. A Chronological History of the Discover- 
ies m the South Sea or Pacific Ocean. Maps and Charts. 

5 vols. -ilo. hound in 4, half calf, London, 1803 

41G IJcHNEY. History of the Buccaneers of America. 

^.- 7„TT,x-r,, ^'"- ''<^'/>nor. London, 181G 

4U BURNl EAT, John. The Truth Exalted in the Writin-^s of 
that Eminent and Faithful Servant of Christ J«hn Bnrnycat, 
collected into this ensuing Volume as a Memorial to his Faith- 
ful Labours in and for the Truth. 

4lo. dark mor. (jilt edges, London, IC'Jl 

John Burnyeat was one of the (iual<ers who, with George Fox un<- others 

;v"T;-." 7 :'''■'''"•''' ""«'■■• ^^"""-."t ^■.•wporl U..ode I„a Sin 

tl»Me«r Ifl..;, on occasion the latter. tl>en seventy years of years, rowe 1 a 
canoe Iroin Providence to Newport. 

418 IJfUNVKAT. The Truth Exalted, etc. (Another copy.) 

,.„ ,. 4^0. sheep, London, 1G91 

419 [HURROUGH, Ei>wa,u,.] A Declaration of the Sad and 

Great Persecution and Martyrdom of the People of God called 
Quakers, in New-England, for the Worshipping of God. 
Whereof 22 have been Banislied upon pain of Death. 3 have 
been Martyred. 3 have had their Right-Ear,-: cut. 1 hath 
been burned in the hand with the letter H. 31 Persons have 
received G.-)() stripes. 1 was beat while his Body was like a 
jelly. Several were beat with Pitched Ropes. Five Appeals 
made by them to England, were denied by the Rulers of Bos- 
ton, etc. ilo. hoards, London, 11. Wilson, date at end, IGGO 



420 BURTON. The Anatomy of Melancholy. What it is, witli 

all the kinds, Causes, Symptoms, Prognostics, and several 
curesof it. 8vo. cloth, London, 1838 

421 BUKTON, R. The British Empire in America : or, A View 

of the Dominions of the Crown of England in the West-Indies. 
Illustrated with Maps and Pictures. 

12»»o. sheep, London, 1711 

422 BuuTON. .The English Empire in America, etc. 

12?)jo. half hound, London, 1829 

423 BUSCHMANN, J. C. Ed. Apercu do la Langue dcs lies 

Marquises. Et <le la Langue Taitienne, precede d'une Intro- 
duction sur I'histoire et de la Geographic, de I'Archipel des 
Marquises. Accompagne d'un vocabulaire de la langue 
Taitienne par G. de Humboldt. 8fo. sewed, Berlin, 1843 

424 BUSHMAN, J. S, The Nature, Structure and Economical 

Uses of Fisiies. (Naturalist's Library.) 12»io. Edinb. 1840 

425 BUSSINGH, Johannes Wiuiklmus. Drangredenen Tot 's 

Ileercn Lof, by een Plectigc Jubnlreden, etc. 

8vo. unhotind. Delft, 1774 

428 BUSTAMANTE, Carlos Maria de. Tezcoco en los ultimos 

tiempos de sas atitiguos reyes, 6 sea Relacion tornada de los 
manuscritos ineditos de Boturini ; redactados por el Lie. D. 
Mariano Veytia. Con Notas y adiciones para estudio de la 
Juventud Mexicana. 

s>/i. 4^0. half mor. Spanish hindinrj, Mexico, 182G 

429 BUTLER, B. C. lake George, and Lake Champlain, from 

their First Discovery to 1759. Sro. cloth, Albany, 1808 

430 BUTLER, Caleb. History of the Town of Groton, including 

Pepperell, and Shirley, from the first grant of Groton Planta- 
tion in 1655. With Appendices, containing Family Registers. 

8vo. cloth, Boston, 1848 

431 BUTTERFIELD, W. History of Seneca county : containing 

a detailed Narrative of the principal events tliat have occurred 
since its first settlement down to the present time. A History 
of the Indians that formerly resided within its limits, &c. 

12/«o. half vior. top ijilt, SayidiisJuj, 1848 

432 BUXTORF. The Traditions of the Jews ; with the Exposi- 

tions and Doctrines of the Rabbins, contained in tlie Talmud 
and other writings, to which is added, Opinions of the Jews 
concerning the Messiah. 8vo. calf, London, 1734 




433 BUYS, Egpkrt. A new and Complete Dictionary of terms of 

Art, Dutch and English. 2 voh. in one 

4lo. half red mor. Amsterdam, KorncUs de Veer, 1768 

434 BYFIELD. An account of the Late Revolution in New-Eng- 

land. Together with the declaration of the Gentlemen, Mer- 
chants, and Inhabitants of Boston, and the Country adjacent. 
April 18, 1C80. Written by Mr. Nathanael Bvfield, a Mer- 
chant of Bristol in New England, to his Friends in London. 
4<o. hoards, London, Eic. Chiswell, 1G8<J 

435 BYINGTON, Cyrus. The Acts of the Apostles, translated 

into tiie Ciioctaw Language. 12mo. half doth, Boston, 1 839 

436 BYKD, William. History of the Dividing Line, and other 

Tracts, from the papers of Wm. Bird, of Westover, in Vir- 
ginia, Journey to the Land of Eden, etc. 

2 vols. 4to. paper, Richmond, 186G 

437 BYRON, Lord. Childe Harold's Pilgrimage. A Romaunt, 

with Portrait. 81-0. red mor. extra, gilt edges, London, 1841 

438 CABECA DE VACA. Relation of Ahar NuHez Cabe.ja de 

Vaca. Tra -slated from the Spanish by Buckingham Smith. 

8 Maps. folio, large and thick paper, red cloth, uncut, 

Washington, 1851 

mJH^ITm^'T"^^':^ ^"■•""''' '^- '"*'«'• "f "'"^"""g'on; a present from 
liim to Mr. Murphy, with an autograph letter from Buckingham Smith. 

439 CABECA DE VACA. Rclacion, etc. Translated by Buck- 

ingham Smith. Portrait. ,•,,.;,. 8vo. 

cloth, 100 copies privately jirintcd, cloth, New York, 1871 

440 Cabeca de Vaca. Relation, etc. Another copy, same edition. 

imp. 8vo. half red mor. top edge gilt, uncut, Neio York, 1871 

A new edition, with numy important a.lditions.ofthe preceding number A 
Memoir o Cabefa de Vaca by T. ^V. Lield, occupies pp. 2.33 to 25-1. A Preface by 
Hon H. C. Murphy precedes the Relation. A Memoir of the tranniator, by Dr. 
J. Gilmnry Shea, tills pp. ;.'55 to 203. ^ 

441 ^si2JE«ja mm ®^<Ka. aa Hdacfon » foment 
tarfcs ucl oottcntanor aibai- Mmt} (tntuK tit 
Wntn, Kc lo acarscOro t\x las lios jornai«as mit hf?o 

a las KlrtfaS. Black LErrER. 

4<o. vellum, Impresso en Valladolid, par Francisco 

Fernandez de Cordova, 1555 
This early edition of the Relation is of the greatest rarity 
Tlie journey of Cahe^a <ie Vaca across the entire continent from the nenin 
sula of Florida to the Cinaioa on the 1-aci.ic, 1528 to 1537, and thenc to th c y 

[^TuTiT^V^'" """'' '•^"■'"■k'l'le on record, and ra.,lcs in importance 
with that of Marco Polo in the East In tl.o thirteenth century. "'^""•"'"''e 




The volume bIbo contains the Commentaries of Cnlicca de Yncn n« Adelcn- 
tudo of tlie I'rovinccof 1,11 1'lata, written under lilndlnctionliy IVri) Hernandez, 
bin Secretary. These apix ar liere for tlie first time, and contain almost as mar- 
vellous a story as tlie relation of Ids voj age to Florida. 

The delation was translated into Knglish l>y the late I!nckin(;hain Sndtli. 
The Connnentaries were translated into French, and published l)y M. Ternanx 
Compans in lS37,in his Collection of Mcmoircs.— Tbm. 0. 

442 Cabkza vk Vaca. Gcncalogia de la noble, y aiitigtia Casa do 

Cabeza, de Viicii. Saeada del Teatro Gcnenloglco, de los 

Iteyos, Gratides. Titiilo.'^ y Scfiorcs dc Vassallo.s de Espana : 

do Don Jost'i.h Pulliarde Tovar. folio, old vellum, 

tori), text clean and perfect, 3Iadrid, Domingo 

Garcia i Morras, 1652 

443 CABRERA, Dii. Paul Fia.rx. Dosciiption of the Ruins of an 

Ancient City, discovei-ed near Pal(Mi((ne, in tlie Kingdom of 
Ganteinala : translated from the Original Manu.seript Report 
of Captain Don Antonio Del Rio : followed by a Critical 
Investigation and Research into the History of the AmericaiiH, 
by Dr. Cabrera. Ato. hoards, London, 1822 

443* [CAHITA.] Manual para admin istrar a loslndiosdel Idioma 
Cahita los santos Sacramentos, segiin la reforma de NN. SS. 
PP. Paulo V. y Urbano VUl. Compuesto por un Sacerdote 
de la Conip. de Jesas. 

sni. Svo. vellum, very rare, Mexico, 1740 

Brasscur, following Bcrisiain, attributes this work to the .lesnit Father 
Uiego I'ablo Uonzales. The author .states that the idiom Charita, or Carita, to 
which the sacraments are adapted, is the common lanjjuagcof the nations spread 
along the rivers Mayo and Yaijui (in .Sonora), and extending to all the villages 
of the province of .Smaloa. 

444 Calendar of Letters, Despatches and State Papers, relating to 

negotiations between llngland and Spain, preserved in the 
archives of Simancas, etc. 1485-1525, and Supplement, 3 
vols.— Calendar of State Papers relating to En, dish Affairs, 
existing in the Archives of Venice, 1202-1520. 2 vols. — 
Colonial Series, 1574-1660, preserved in the State Depart- 
ment of the Record Office. 1 vol. 
together, 7 thick vols, royal 8io. green cloth, London, 1860-67 

445 CALVERT. The Trial of Frederick Calvert, Esq., Baron of 

Baltimore, in the Kingdom of Ireland. 

Svo, half mor. Edinhurgh, 1768 

446 CALDWELL. A Sketch of the Life and Character of the Rev. 

David Caldwell, near 60 years Pastor of tlie Churches of JUif- 
falo and Alamance ; some account of the Revolutionary 



Transnrtions in wliidi he was concerned ; nnd a notice of the 
Kcelesiastical and Moral Condition of Nortli Carolina while in 
it.H Colonial State, by G. W. Canitliers. 

8ro. half cloth, Oreevslorough, N. C, 1842 

447 CALLKNDEll, Joim. An Historical Discourse on the Civil 

and Uoligious Affairs of the Colony of Rhode Island and Prov- 
idence Plantations in New England, in America. From the 
first Settlement, 1G38, to the end of first Century. 

8i'o. half mor. Boston, 17.39 

448 CALISCII, N. S. Liefdadigheid te Amsterdam. Overzigt 

van al ncfgeon cr in Amsterdam wordt verrigt, ter bevord- 
ering van de st«fT'clyl<c zedelyke en godsdienstige belangeu, 
voornamelijk der minver mogcnden en behoeftigen uit echte 
bronnen bijccngel)ragt. Umo. half cloth, Amsterdam, ISiil 

449 CALIFORNIA. Nachrichten von der Americanischen Ilalbin- 

scl Californien : mit cinem zweyfachen Anhangfalscher Nach- 
richten. Geschreiben von cinem PriesterderGesellschaftJesu, 
welcher l.-mg dariim disse Ictztei-e Jahr gelbt hat. 

12t»o. old calf, Manheim, 1772 
A work writtPii to abuse the public mind as to tlir " riimorpd inineral 
riclies and pearls, of California," Hidcli liad spread from Mexico to Madrid and 
(Jermany, to shew that the " sterile land of rocks and stone quarries, of sand, 
bills and stunted bushes, having neither wood or water, with a mere handful of 
inhabitants, was but one remove from the beasts of the Held." 

4.50 CALEF, (R.) IMore Wonders of the Invisible World : Or, The 
Wonders of the Invisible World, Display'd in Five Parts. 
Part I. An Account of the Sufferings of Margaret Ride, 
Written by the Reverend Mr. C. M. P. II. Several Letter.? 
to the Author, &c. And his Reply relating to Witchcraft. 
P. III. The Differences between the Inhabitants of Salcm-Vil- 
lage, and Mr. Parris, their Minister in New-Enghind. P. IV. 
Letters of a Gentleman uninterested. Endeavoring to prove the 
received Opinions about AVitchcraft to be Orthodox. AVitli 
short Essays to their Answers, etc. 

sm 4to. blue mor. extra, (jilt edges, hy Bradstrvd, rare, 
London, Nathaniel lUllar, 1700 

" The author gave offence by opposing the then popular belief concerning 
witches. In Ms discussion with Cotton Mather he is as superior to him in reason- 
oiling as he was in good sense anil courage."— Aoc</i. Am. Hev. 

Sold at the Menzles sale for $145. 

MA Calef. More Wonders of the Invisible AVorld. 

12wo. sheep, Salem, 1823 



451* Cai.ek. Snlem Witclicraft ; comprising More Wonilcr.s of tlio 
Invisible World. Collected by Itobert Calef ; and Wonders 
of the Invisible World, by Cotton Mather; together with 
Notes and Explanations, by Sanuiel P. Fowler. 

12mo. doth, Salem, 3r(iss., 180 1 

452 (t^m^^MMXB, (r.) mort llcsfurfn(n0 ©m 
l9rot)(«cfcn ilna Stucvfijc ut( atmrrfcn, Som mt 
fortfuctt nt tht Enoelsnc Ballas J^rnsDlbanfn. 
aflarne och trotonilifflir mnns sUrfftcr ocU ttrau 
ttlstv (hopalctatr och sammnnstrcftunt, samt mrfi 
athsfeUKfle iFfourcv utjfralr af ®homas Ctampanfus 

tyjV/t the rare frontispiece and 1 maps and plates, 4tn. red mor. 
gilt leaves, hij Bedford, very rare, Stochhohn, 1702 

452* <rHJ«U.3l^X®[S. mort UcsUi'ffufHji #m ma- 

tUlCfen M^m StoCrfflr, etc. (Another copy.) 
Ato. half calf, no map or plates, except that of Niagara Falls ; 

part of frst leaf torn and repaired. 

This very rare volume relates to the early settlement of the Swedes in what 
they called New-SweUen, now portions of Delaware, reunsylvania, and New 

Nothing Is known of the author except that his grandfather, the Kev. John 
Canipanius, accompanied Gov. I'rintz as his Chaplain to America in 1042, and 
here remained six years as pastor of the Swedish churches. 

His work is divided into fonr books. The first treats of America in general. 
II. A brief histo.-y of tlie country both sides of tlie Delaware, tlien known as 
New Sweden. III. An account of the Indians who inhabited tlie banks of the 
Delaware, when they had not been corrupted by tlie wliites. IV. A vocabulary 
and dialogues in the Indian language, with an addenda describing some of the 
wonderful tilings that were then current in Kurojie regarding America. The 
political history of the country, fiom the first settlement of the Swedes to the 
arrival of William I'enn, and for some time afterwards, is not the less replete 
with Interest for tlie present inhabitants of reunsylvania, New Jersey and Del- 
aware, as well as that of the habits, manners and customs of the Swedes and 
Dutchmen who inhabited this country before the linglish."— Z)upo)icea«. 

453 Campanius. Description of the Province of New Sweden, now 

called, by the English, Pennsylvania in America. Compiled 
from Relations and Writings of persons worthy of note. 
Translated from the Swedish, with notes by Peter S. I)u Pon- 
ceau. 8vo. half calf, Philadelphia, 1834 

454 CAMPBELL, Charles. Introduction to the History of the 

Colony and Ancient Dominion of Virginia. 

8vo. cloth, Richmond, 1847 




luno-C an,pa y, ) on los <lc Saora- 
(>ntliufu-8t fly-leaf l8 the following- 

ery .1 ti.e year 1781, with IJiograpl.ieal Skotohcs of all the 
njost„i,s,.e., ehanu.te,..s that occur in the Colonial Rev! 
olutionary, or subsequent period of our History. 
, ., ^ . ,, ^^"'«- ''"V calf, ridlmhlphiu, 1813 

torw:'f'''"; V ''• ^""'^'^ "'■'^''•^"" County ;:, the 
iJoulei A\ arfare ot New York, during the Kevoh.tion. Map. 

.-a f, ^''°- *'/'t'''/', New York, 1831 

4.8 C AMPUKu.. Th.. Honler Warfare of New York .h.ring the Kev- 
oh.t,on : or, tho Annals of Tryon County. 

410 PAAT i ,. A .. ^^"'°" ^'"''^" '""'•• ^''1' Oill, Ne^o Yorh, 1849 

1.e f :^-I {."^^;r:'-^^'"'"-'>^^--^- «-^.anaeeouutof 
t e ou. Indmn Pru.ees lately arrived fron. North America. 
A^ .th a particular account of their country, their strange and 
remarkable religion, etc. 

1 imo. half gwen calf vcYy rare, London, 1710 

much z.zn; SI;, ''^:^z '^T'" "'''''''-' ''■'"'"' '«• ---' 

Anu..iea„ Antiquarian «oclJyLihn.r;:;;;C:,r;. ""'' °" *"" """^ "'' '"« 

''' '^t^Ant .^';"f •''■•"-;•""- the di,.ection of the Literary 
and Historical .Society of (Quebec : ^ 

1. M'''iioires sur Canada, dcDuia ]r4i) !„«..„•;. i-,-n 
litliojjraphies. pp. ^-or. '^ ' •' "'" " ''«0. "vcc cartes et plans 

-■• rc.llection ,le Jtenioires et de Helation. sur I'l.t » ■ ■ '^"''''"'' ^^^ 

a.a d'apre. de.,eri.. o.tenu de^ a;:;^ :t^;;u::;;r "i ":;;;::^ :::2:- 
.aci:s-tS:K::;;;:ar'r'Ar;- "■?"•"- '---."" 

..e la de^ription de , J^^ dir ^n: i::;^ n;- :,^""-"«""'^^, ^^^^ 

%eMer, 3 .W. 8.0. /../.... e.r«, ;<;;..,. ,Cr;; 

460* CANADA. Ilistoire Veritable et Naturelle d^t:;.;; H 

prod..e..ons du Pays de la Nouvelle France, vulgaire.nent dite 

461 CANAL PAMi.Hr.KTS. Considerations on the Great Western 
Canal, from the Hudson to Lake Erie: with a view of its 
Expence, Advantages, and Progress. Eepublished by order 

'-^ ^ino-^*- 


II. c. MUUniY LiniUUY. 

of the New York Corresponding Assoeintion for the promotion 

of Internal Improvements. 

2 vols. 8vo. half Khvep, Ihookhju, 1818 

462 CIECA, Pedko i)E. Parte ])rimerii tie la Chronicti del Peru. 

Que tractii la deniari'aeion de suh provincias ; la deaeripeion 

dellas, etc. /"^io, nil mor. extra, tjiU leaws, 

vcnjfine copy, Senllu, Marlin <h Monteuloca, ir)53 

ThU tirnt part only was printed diuliiK tl... autliorV IHV lim.s Tlio s.ioiiil 
pi.rt apprarod in Italian by llonadlo In lf.iH-5; and the third part at Vcnlco by 
/ilftii in 15C(i. 

403 CAKECIIIQIIEL. Vocabulario en la leugiia Castellana y 

Guatomalteca que se llama Cak-chi-quel-flii. 
folio, a hvanUfidhj vritlcn inainiscrlpi, a recvnl Imyiscript, 
leaves not numbered. A note says the vocahuiary contains 
10,000 words; brown mor. extra, with rich inside (jilt tooling. 

From the collection of the Hon. E. (jeo. Squler. 

404 CAKCIIIKEL. Vocabulario copioso de las Lcnguns Cakchikel 

y Kic'iie. Mn. vellum, a very neat manuscript of 700 pages. 

It is the opinion of scholars who have examined this Tiumnsciipt that It was 
written in the seventeenth ecninry. 

465 CAKCIIIQI'EI.. Libro yiititvlado Compcndio de Nombrcs en 
Lengua Ctikehiquel ; y signilicados do Verbos porymperativo, 
y Aciis^atinos reciprocos en dure Tratodos, Tor el Predieadr. 
F. Pantiileon de (iuzmanCura Doetrineroper el Real Patron- 
ato, de esta Doctrina, y Curate de Santa Maria de Jesus 
Paehc : en veinte diiis del mes de Octubre, de mil setecientos y 
quatro, 1704. 'Uo. a bmulifulhj written manuscript 

of 330 pages, dark mor. super extra, the entire sides richly 
tooled xoith gold, gilt edges. From the collection of Mr. Squier. 

Fleres, in his "Arte" of the Kacldque lanKnage, or rather the Fray .loseph 
Ant. C'ontino, I'redicador General of the Convent of San Francisco ,„ ( iuatenmla, 
one of the censors of Fieres' Cirannnar, nnikes mention of I'anUu.-on <I<'J'"~- 
mmi. as amongst those devoted ecclesiastics who had mastered the diftvculta'S of 
the " barbaras, ydifflciliinas lenguas de los Indios." 

407 CARAYON, Aug. (de la Comp. de Jesus.) Charles 111. et 

Ics Jcsuitss de les etats d'Europe et d'Amerique en 1707. 
Doeumens In^dits. 8.o. sewed, uncut, Paris, 1808 

408 Cauayon. Bannissement dcs Jesuites de la Louisianc. Rela- 

tion et Lcttres Inidites. 8vo. half green calf, I'aris, 180o 

409 Cauayon. Premiere Mission des Jesuites au Canada ; Lettres et 

Documents inedites. 

8i;o. half red mor. top edge gill, Paris, 1804 


/2/n, 1818 

del Peru. 

lilt leaves., 
oca, ir)53 

Tlu' sit'oiiil 
Bt \ciiUi' ljy 

slelhum y 

ij contains 
ill tooUn(j, 


70G paijvs. 
pt tlmt it was 

[ombres on 



Jill Piitrou- 

11 do Jeans 

jtecientos y 


hides richhj 

Mr. Sqnier. 

[■ Fray .losepli 
ill 1,'uiiteninla, 
Uufon (le am- 
le difficultifs of 

i-les III. et 
16 en 17C7. 
Faris, 1808 
iine. Rela- 
I'nris, 1805 
I ; Lcttres et 

Paris, 1804 




•I 72 




4 7(i 


4 7.S 

('Aiiiov'.s Oeiieml Atlii.s, Improved imd Kniargcd. 

fnlio, linlf mi>r. riiiln<hlj,l,!i,, 1814 
CAHLK'l'ON. Letters from inid to Sir Dndley Carltiton, Kiit, 

Din-inj; his Endtassy in Holland, from .January, 1015-7, to, I0->(). 4/... n,l ,nor. ,jilf e,hjrs, Loudon, 1757 

CAHM. Le Letterc Americane. Niiovi edizione corretta cd 

'""pliata eolla Agginnta deile Parte III. ora per la prima 

voltu impresau. 

."i ('//.s. //( K half red/ , red edijes, dreinonii, 1781 

C'AKDKN \S, V Cano. Knsayo Chronologico, para la liistorial 
general de la Florida. 

foliti, Spiiiiish iiioltled e<d/, Madrid, 1 72;i 

AMl,<.n.itli(.r ™n,p.l8<« uiKl.T tli.. numc „r Morida nil the main laii.l uiwl 
n.ljar,.,.! I.<lan.l«„f XoHl. Aiiirrini, nm.i tlir ilv.r Pauuco, wliicli Mox- 
CO mi 111... |.:„st, lic r,.l,il..s, year by yeaiMill that iiapiieneil In those vast com., 
tries Iroiii l,',lj to ITl^.-VhartevuU. 

CAUPENTKR, Thomas. The American Senator; or, .i 
Copious and Iniparti.d Report of the Dtdmtes in the Congress 
of the United States: inclndiiig all Treaties, Addresses, I'ro- 
elamations, &(•. 2 nd.s. Hvo. half en//, I'hdndelphia, 1790 

CAHTWHKillT, (iKoiuiio. A Journal of Ti-ansaetions and 
Events, during a residence of nearly sixteen years on Coast of 
Labrador; containing many interesting partieulars, both of 
the Coinitry and its Inhabitants, not hitherto known. Maps 
and Portrait. 

;5 roh. Ato. calf, ijilt, {one cover broken), Newark, ITDi- 
CAHHOLL, H. U. Historical Collections of South Carolina;- 
embracing many rare and valuable I'iimphlets, and other Doc- 
uments, relating to the History of that State, from its first 
Discovery to its Independence in 1770. Map. 

•2 roh. Hco. half (jreen mor. top ijiU, New York, 1830; 
CAUTIER. Href Recit et Huccincte Narration de la Navigar 
tionfaiteen 1535 et 1530 par le Cnpitaine Jacques Cartier 
aux iles de Canada Hochelaga, Saguenay et autres. Reim 
pression. IVucedee d'une introduction historique. Par M.. 
Davezac. Umo. half green niur. lop gill, uncut, Paris, 180:{ 
CARTIER. Voyage de Jatjves Cartier au Canada en 1534. 
Nouvelle Edition, publiue d'apres I'edition de 1508 et d'apres 
Ramusio. Par M. H. Michellant. Avec Meux Cartes. 
Documents Inedits siir Jaqiies Cartier et le Canada. 

12)no. half green mor. top gill, P„ris, 1805. 

J =^ * 



470 ('Ain'lKI{. Hcliitinn OriLMiiiilo <l\i \'(iyii.L'c il<' .TiicqiH '^' CtiiliiT 
mi C'aiiadu en 1")!M. Doi'imu'iit.s iiu'tlits. l'iil)lii's par II. 
ISIiclii'laiit I't A. Kami'', ac('oin|m^iu''» <lo deux portraits do 
Ciirtior. ^^?l<lo Imlf ijrifii iimr. Inji rth/c ijllf, Puris, 1807 

480 CAHTK NAtri- iii;» iMie-xiuiil.' (idle Carte Naiiticlif >\\ IJat- 

tista .\;x'H'.'«' ''-'H' i:iiiio 1")')! illustrate ilu TeoliaMo Fiselier 
rorigiiiiile si coiiscrva iiella U. IJiM. Mareiana di Veiiezia. 
ohlonij i>(irt/ulio, photographs nu snrtilevn shri'tH of Ihhhtl 
lioiii'(h prinlrd on hnlh siilrs, Wiiizin, Fcnl. Onijinila 

Editor^ 1.S81 

481 CAROLINA. The Two Cliartt r>' Cninted by King Churlcs 

To the Proprietors ot" Carolina. With the Ih-Htaiul lust Fiiu- 
ihiincntal Coiistitutioii.s of that Colony. 

\(i>. Vitlj\ London, llivhurd I'aikvr, 1708 
Till' lli'Hl ruii(liiiiii'iit>il coiiatitution uf C'liroliiiii « ii^ (IniAii up by .loliii I.iickc. 

482 CAKVKIJ, Jonathan. A Treatise on the Culture of the 

Tobacco I'laiit ; with the manner in which it •. easily cured, 
adapted to Northern Climates, and Desij^ned tor the use of 
the Landholders olTireat Britain, and Ireland. 

Hro. hitlj moi\ Dublin, 177i) 

483 Caiivkij. Travels thron;.di the interior parts of North America 

in the years 17()(j, 1707, and 17tih. Illustrated with copper- 
plates. Second edition. 2 nidjin. Hvo. calf, London, 1771) 

484 CAZAL, Manoki, Ayres i>e. Corographia Hrnsilica, on 

Uelacuc Historico-(ieographica do Hrazil. 

8)0. hiilf (jrcen nior. Rio dc Janeiro, 183;{ 

485 CASAS, IJ. UK \'iri in onmi doctrinai'nm generc cxerei- 

tatissimi, erudita <& elegans explicatiu C^mcstionis : N'trnm 
Rcges vel I'rincipes jure Hliquo vd titulo, & salnaconscientia, 
Ciues ac Snhditos a Regia Corona alienare, i& alterins Domini 
l>urticularis dictioni suhjicere possint ? pp. ()7. 

4(0. valf, Frnnro/orti ad Movnrm. ir>71 

480 CASAS, An Account of the first \'oyages and Discoveries 
made l>y tlie Spaniards in America. Containing. The most 
exact relation hitherto puldish'd, of tlieir rnparnllel'd Cruel- 
ties on the Indians, in the di'Struction of above Forty Millions 
of l*eo])le. With the Proposition.s ott'ereil to the King of 
Spain, to prevent the further ruin of the Wc ' Indies. 

Svo. v(dj\ London, IG'J'J 



4^' erases, i». uc Us. I. iirrtfssfmn rclncfon Jr |« 
Urslnuirfon Hr Ins Xnifiis. jf ur fmpirssn rn In 
muij noDIr i. muij irni ciunan Hr StDfUn rn ctm He 
Sfbnslfnu rru/fUo. 1.^2. 

n. ('ASAs. Kniiv 1„. .v'i,o.lioH. . . ,,„ni refonnacion .le Ihh 

r)! cilia, ,/. Cniiihen/fi', l.').'»2 

III. CAS4H. r„a .lisputn, o controvcrsia t-ntiv d obispo H. ,lo 
las Casus, y d ,lo,.t„r (ii„,,M ,K. S.-pulvcIa ('..n.i.i.sta del K,,,- 
permit,,-. . . . .s(.Imv.,uv el .l,„.t..r roi.n-ndia. Snilla, IturJ 

IV. Casas. Piii.cipia (iiu'.lain ex (jiiiha^ procclriHlum oHt in 
difpiitatioin. ad inaniruHiandain jiistidani Yndormn. 

f»i})r,:winn //iKimli, Srhaslien Tnnjillo. 

V. C'ASAs. l.>te us untratado .sobro la materia .1., i.,,s vndi„« 
que su hail lu-dio on cilas unclavos. ' i -,,-.. 
1. ( ASAS. Treyiifa propositiones miiy jiiridi. as. . . . p.-rton- 

. '"'"''l'' '^l ''^■'■'^••''" '1^' I'l Vjriesia. .SVr,7/„, 1 :,.^2 

Ml. Ca-.s. Tratado coiiprolmtorio d.-l In,i„.rio s^bcrano y 
I'rm,.,pa,|o universal rpie los IWes de Castilla y I.eoii tieiiei, 
^obre las Indi„„. Sevilla, Sebastian TnujiUo, Ub2 

Hether, 7 tracts i, Un. half bin,- vwr. ,,Ut edges, f„„- srt 
Hl.vcK Lkhku, all pnnti',l at Serilla in hi.Vi, excrpUln- last, 
the Colophon of tvhich is dated 1 •).-);{. .1// „,;■ rare. 

I«.l!'"!n?";'"lr " ""'"1"°" '"■ """'' """ '"^^•'^» '" «■■''-"" •" "'■ '■<""-". P«rtleu. 

y ,„,„cl, I,,., eomll. TlR.y ,.'an.o(..,l Kmu ,.l,..nti,.„ tla^.u. Ium7 he 

Mmn wo,l,l wl,..„ tl„.y Hrs- „p,„.„r...l. ,1,. lir.t ..„,) ,„.,.s, i.upo .ma |. 

kS;;:1';;:u ;:;:'''■'''':'' '"'•"•i''-'^' ' "— . >.j„u::^;:::;r„':;:i 

, fi ''<'•""•■'•■"'•"»" l.ilwary, i„ IVovl.l.M.n., ,,o«s,.,s»,.,l f,„ty ,lill..r..n. 

.■<llli,n,Hof tl,.. />m>»„«,. /?,,,„ -.« In vuriouH |,,„KUttgL. ^ 

•• 1 1.0 cha, ,t,.r „(■ I.a, may l„. i„,l.,r...l lh„„ hi.s camT. lie wa- on,- 

liK( llii'liKhtsol hiav.ii, arc lix( ,1 and (lie saiiif for evir II.. «„. „ , r 
»-" ;.a.. Uu. vl,„„. and .to. ola ,...,..,„... nl ^If^^irl^:::^^':;; 
K on„.,» uU.a. wa. ,),. k..y ,« all l,i- rUo,„UU. all „ 1 ■ .. J to 
ml ... evc.-y ac. «1 hi. U,„, Ih... „ was ihi. which nuule h, r.okl" of o. "u 

■• "• '^", ,"' ^"•"" ""' ' „„ ,l„. .oop.rallon of, .r. anl ,a ," 1i"h 

.ll.-«„ sh ,r,K.n,.,l i,is, ,oo of,..,. HlVop,.,! hl« p.., . , , ' 

" o . """"Vr "/■""""^""■■' """ '— essfnl i„ the prac.fca. ..on- 

,. , , , I he best roinii tary on his ehaiacter Is the e^linmtmn 

riamlloM 7' !"''''■''"'''•'"'■ '"—-«»• A liberal pen:i!,! , a "e ^ 
tab " v"' •'""•" "■"'" '"""■"•"• ^^""=" '» '■''"■".V -M>.->,le.l on cl a 

tube ol.^ .,, No measure of importance relatini- ,„ ,h,. Indian, was take , 
«..h,m, .. adUee. .felived to see ,he frni.s of his eM.r.s in ^ »Ui" a'e 
■ ora on of .heir . , „;|,ion, and in .he p„pnh.r ad.nission of ,hL « ^ ,nl; 
«^M.ha een.heoioecof hi. li.. to u„n>ld..--/V..,,. m.. ^.„ ^ 




48« CASAS, n. UK, I.AM, CoKTi;s, ivrc. [Letter* fin.l Doriim.MifH 
III. w (lr.xt printed for Henry Stevens, at tlie Cliiswiek Vn'^f, 
I,(.nil(in, IH.'iJ,] ('()uii>ri.-<int,' tlie follt.winj,' ; 

I. Lah Cakah. C'artii ul Merenrinu Arborio de (lattiimra, 
Clmiieelter «le S. Maj(. el rey Don Carlos. Aur(o l.')-JO. 

II. I. AX Casas. Carta tie nnione.xtarion, a lot SeHoren preni- 
ileiitc y oydorert dc In real andeneia, loeante ii In liiiertad y 
jiirindieioii eeelieii y oxcuiicion della, y do la lili^'rtad y reiiu'- 
dioH de Ills injuMtieiaM y agravios de [at* YiidioM do n\i oliii^imdo. 
Anno lot.'). 

III. Las* Ca^as. Carta a lo.x U<v. I'adres del eiipiliilo pruvin- 
cial do (Jiiatimalii, y del de Cliiaiia. Anno l."!,')!. 

IV. llKiiNANno CouTKS. Carta al Hey Don Curios V. inost- 
randole sa pareseer aeereu de los repartiniientos de loH Yndios. 
Ai*o 1.VI2. 

V. I'arexiH'r o Determinaeioii de los stiioreH tlieologo.s de .Sala- 
mimea sobre do rjiie no deben ser bapti/.ados lo« Yndios mIii 
exaniiniieion estreelia de sa vulmitad y eoneejito del dieiio 
sacranii.'iito. Ano lU; l.»ll. 

VI. Memorial de Don Diego Colon Verrey y Ahuirante de la- 
Yiidias a m\ ISIag. el Hey don Carlos sobre la cuiiversioii e eoii- 
servaeion de las geiites de las Yndiaa, etc. li'»20 

t; ijHillto triicl.i ill mil)-, hrillllij'lllllj i>i-iiilcil in Ut.ACK liicnKU. 

481) CASAS, IJ. i)F, i-As. Niirratio Hegionuin Indieiiriini pi'r His- 
panos qvosdaui dovastatiirum verissinia : priiis iinidein per 
Episcopnin Uarlh(den»a'iim Casanni iiatioiie Ilispannni IIis- 
panice conscripta, & Anno l'..")l. llispiili, Ilispaiiiee, anno 
vcn'i lioe li'iDH. Latino eseiisa. 

4/'). fiKjraued title, red mor. ,:>ir<i. Inp I'llijc nill, hij liraihlirvl, 
Fiaiico/nrli, Tlui'dori Ih Ilnj (I- I'lunnis Saiilii tii}iii<, l.'i'.IX 

A tniiinliitlini of the /Irevisaima Hilni-hn <le hi ilexlniij<-wmlcUiii /wlias, 
wltlmn aljstiiietof till' A,ii<(C hi re ined ioH, tmi Mima ixtriiils lioiii tho liiu't 
.iijui «t lifiie una (lisi>iil(t o cimtrorcrnin, liolli liy llii' siimt' aiillicir. 

It is ifiimrkiilili' lor tlit pliiti'sol De Hry, ivpii-sciiliiiK Hie cruellies of the 
Spiiiiianis. Aii|)eariiiK ill tile IVee city of Krimklort-oii.liie-.Maiii 4(1 yeairt after 
tlie puiiiicutiuii of tiu' original woi-1<m of Casas, it was no (ionbt ititeinleil to 
prejudice tliepuhliciiiiiiii ajtaiiist tlu' Spiiiiiimls in tlieir war witli tiie Xetlier- 
laiais, by represi iillii!,' tlieir iiihuiminity and iili-ocilies in Aineiica, tlie ineniory 
iifwiiich was piohahly uwakeue<l Ijy the execution of tile Counts of lloliliml 
(Kjinionilancl lloin) by tlie Uake of Alva. Niiviirrete aceusert Ue lliy of tliis 
Kpirit in publisliing in liis eolittiion tlie massacre of tlie Fioncli iu Caioliua, ami 
the history of Uenzoul. 



wick I'lfftc. 


MM'cH pri'i*!- 
II liht'i'tail y 
•tml y rt'ini'- 
«ll (iliirt|ill(li>. 

tulo jiroviii- 

os V. moftt- 
! loH Ytulit)''. 

goH »le Siila- 
4 Yiiilios sill 
i) (lol tlicliK 

inuiti' (le ill- 
iM'sioii c f'oii- 

iiK Lr.riKu. 

iim piT Hit*" 

([iiidi'in |>t'r 

ipiiiumi Ilif*- 

imiiicc, uiiiii> 

If lirathttciit, 

oil Jc Um IniliiiH) 
Is (rum the Inu't 

u cnu'llic's (if tlic 
ilii 40 yciiiH iil'ttT 
oiibt iiilcnilcil to 
witli lln' Xl'llllT- 
lica, till' iiM'iniiry 
Hints of IIoIIiiikI 
■rt l)v Ury of this 
111 (iiroliim, mill 

l!»n C'ASAS. Tynimiic.H «l Crvavtt-/, (!«» Ks|.a;<M..l.s, |...r|K.tiTN .'.« 
Iiiilcs ()(•(■/. lfiital<'s(|ii' on ilit I,. Noiiii.'Mi M.imlo. 

I'Jiiii), half '■(ilf, Atirvrs, |.")7',l 

i:il CAS AS, !',. i,|.; i.As. IHsti.iia .!,• las Iti.lias. mTita |M.r Kmv 

iJaftulutne (I., las ( asas ()l,i,,,„ ,],. ('hjapa alM)i-a ym- priiiirra 

v.'/, (hula a Uu por v\ Manpics ,U'. la Kiiriisaiita d.-l Vail,., y 

1). J<m6 Sancli.. K.m.a. ;, ,.„/,,. .j/i.. /,i,// m/ „„>',: 

top ,ulfjv fiiU, unrul, Jin,' royi,/, .]/„(lrl,l, Mi,jH>-l (/liu'Hta, IMT". 

The llrst imIIiI,iii of the i'oni|>|,.tu works of Ui* Cuhbh. 

492 C'ASSKf.L, ,J. l>i,. OWrvalin Hi^torica dc Kiisoniim, Navi- 

gatidiie Forhiita in Aincricatn, Sih-. XI. Facta ci. Solciiiicm 

Iai«trati( Liuli !{».(■. Fridcriciaiii ct Orationes in ca hubon- 

*'"■'*• 4/0. /(rr(/' /„or. (/ill I'lp, MiDjdi'hHrgS, 1741 

4l»;{ CAMiRAIN, l/Ai.Hi': II. \\. Histoirc .Ic la Mhc Mari.^ .Ic 

riiicaniation, I'rcnii^r,. Snpcricnn' dcs I'fsuliiicsdc la France. 

I'li'ccdt'c d'liiic; Hiir rijistoiiv dcH IVciii- 

icr.s TcinpH dc ccKc Cildnic. I'm t, 'nil. 

f<ri), lutlf iniir. ijill, Qidliic, ISfil 

i'M ('ASTAXFI)A. Ilistoria del DcMciiIiriinicnto y <!on(inista dc 

la India por l...s I'ortnoiicsas, conipncsta por Ilcrnaii l.opc/. dc 

Castarii'da c ,, Icngiia l'uftiio-m.s, y tnidii/ida iincvaincntc en 

Koinancc Ca.stcllan.). 

]2in'>. „l,l nil/, Aiu-Pi-n, MiiHin Xiicin, l'),Vt 

')'X't CASTIM.O, IJatiiasak 1)i;i,. Ln/ y (Ma dc los Ministi-os 

Kviiiiolicus. I'ani navconr p,ir el niiir pi'iK^eJoso desle niiindo 

liasta lieoar al piicilu de la sahacidii, y go/.ar etcfnanientc dc 

ids iliesDies de la gloria, y l)ienaveiituraiiza. 

4/... HiilioniiJ, ,i„in/in „/ lillr toni, M.jico, Juan J„n,'ph 

(iiilllciia, 1(;<)4 

Kl.vni lUTliiiiiimiy Iriivis in Siunilsli, an.j 10 in Mrxiniii; niuivin of last leiif 
iiU'iidcil. All the text pcrfci't. 

4'J(; C'ASTKLL, VVim.ia.m. A sliurt discovenV of tlie Coasts and 
Continent of Anicrica, from tiie Kiiiiiiioxiall Norlliward and 
tlie adjacent Isles. Wiiereiinto is prefixed the Author's I'cti- 
tioi. to this present I'arliamcnt, for the Fropagation of the 
(iospell in America. Un. Iialf cn1j\ cn;j ran; Lo>i,loi,, 1G44 

4<J7 CASWALL, IIknkv. The Prophet of the Nineteenth Cen- 
tury ; or the Uise, IVogress, and present state of the Mormons, 
or Latter-Day Saintn ; to which is appended, an Analysis of 
the Book of Mormon. l-2mo. clolh, London, 184;5 












CASWALL, IIioNuv. AnuTicii aii<l ;lie Aincrican Cliiircli. 

^^P- ^-^mo. cloth, London, 183!) 

CATALOGUE. A Catiiloj.Mi(' oC Hooks, pp. !)I8. 

lliirL- 8ro. h„lf red inor. J/,nn, C, . IMni, York street, Covml 

(lardcn, Lo)idon, 1841 

Known ns Holm's (;,„■„,.,. CatMl.iKU.'. A »„ik .)f khmiI valiir to ItibliogrH- 

»''"'" '""' l>""k ColLi'tuis lUTount of its iioK's. rhe volinnHms now he. ,« 


Catai,o(U!k of r.ooks and rampliluts ])riiicii)ally ivliitiiig to 

Aincrica. (Hooii.) Sco. papn; New York, mO 

CATAMXiiK (los Livi-fs raivs ot preciciix, iitamiscrits et impiiint'.s, 

do la Mihliotliotpi,. (1.. foil M. .). J. do Hiiiv, Aiicion Libniire 

dii Koi ot do la HililiotluViue lioyalc, vciitc Dec. 1853. 

Hvo. half ad/', J'nris, 1853 
Catauxuk of tlie Morciuitilf ].il.fai-v of IJro'tklyii. Author,*, 
Titles, SiiUJL'L'ts and Classes. 

3 roln. or jnirts, folio, riolh, HroolUpi, 1877-1880 
Catamkui: of tlie I.ilji-ary belonging to Tlionias Addis Knuuct, 
^^- '^- roijal 8(7). hrnulifidlji priulvd 

on thick crcnii colored popcr, Xeir York, jiradslrcct J'res!<, 1808 
CATAi.txiii:. C()iitril)iitioiis to a Catiilogne of the Lenox 
Lil.i-aiy, coinprising, 1. Tiie Voyages of Iliilsiiis.— 2. The 
.Jesuit delations.— 3. The \'oyages of Thevenot. — 1. Htin- 
yaii's Pilgrim Progress. -5. The works of Shakespeare. 

5 jiiirl.s, llo. jifijier corcra, 1817-1880 
CATAi.dtii-K of Hooks, relating principally to Amorica. Arranged 
tinder the Years in which they were printed hy O. Rich. 

.Sen. clolh, London, 18;!2 
CATAi.otaK of Hooks rehiting to America, in the Collection of 
Colonel Aspinwall, Consul of the Inited Sttites at London.— 
Also, Hihliotheca Americana. Hro. h(df cnlf, Paris, 1831 

Tlic lirst niinHMl o.illcclloii was Ijoufflil of Col. Aspinwiill liv >lr. S. I.. JI 
liarlow, l-;s(i.. Now York, a larpc poitlon of which was subscciuciilly destroyed 
Ijy tire, 'i'liose l:)sl aiv so designated in pencil. 

Tlielaitei- collection was purchased liy the State of \e\v York, iind is now 
Jireserved in the State Library at Albany. 

Catai.<i(;i:i', Hihliothecii Aniericiina Nova. A Catjilogne of 
Hooks in various languages rehiting to Aniericii, printed since 
the year 1700. (O. Hich.) Sen. cloth, L<,ndoi>. 1844 

CATAi.dGiK of the Lihniry of a Collector and Amateur, [Mr. 
Ilofrman.] Comj)iled by .Joseph Sabin. 8vo. ixijwr, 1877 

ail Cliurcli. 
uulun, ISaS) 

red, Covvnl 
mdon, \M\ 

<■ to Itihlidjirii- 
as now lit'coiiic 

relating to 
York, 1H7() 
I impiiim'.s, 
en l.ibfiiire 

''tiris, IH;-).'] 


is KiiiiiK't, 
illi/ jiriuli'd 
I'rcss, 1«08 

lie Lonox 
!.— 2. The 
—i. Htiii- 


'Ion, 18;)2 
)l!ecti()n of 
London. — 
'aria, lH;il 

Mr. S. r,. M, 

lly (Ic.-trovcd 

k, iinil i» now 

alogiie of 
iited since 
ihiii, 18-14 
eur, [Mr. 
per, 1877 





rm C-ATAr.o.,.K of ,h. TJan. and Valnal.lo Lil,ra,-y of the late Lord 
King.l.orongh, .ul.I at miction Noveniher 1, 18-12 II'M 
pr^ccs aud huy.-rs' ,unn,.. Hro. uuho,n,d, iHddin, 18-12 

Cataloouk. l{il.iiothe,,„e Aiii6ric«ine ou Catalogue de.s o„v- 
ragcs relatifs a l'An,eri,,„.. ,,„i „„t ,„„,, ,, •, ,„ ,,,.,„.,, ,,.j^, 
J"«.|uaran 1700. I'ar II. Ternanx. 

Catamkh;,.: of the X-aluabie Library of the late Robert SoLthey, 
I oet Laureate, sold by auction May 8,181-1. With prirr,. 

r\ „ , 8(;o. ludf calf. 

CArAi,oouK of the Library belonging to John A. Rice, of C'hi- 

cago, Ill,„„,s. 8,„. „,,/,,,„,^,/^ ^^..^^. j.^^.^^^ j^^^ 

CAT.UX)G(;l, Hn,u<.rn,.:<A Amkk.caxa. A Catalogue of 

Hooks, relating to the History and Literature of America, 

(Flenry Stevens.) 8.o. ,^,...„ ,/„M, A.o.„'„., 1801 

Catalogue of Stevens's Historical Collections relatin-r to 

,/"'"•*•"• ^''-^'- 8.0. W,. c/o^/, Tssi 

C ATALOGUE des Livres et Cartes C^ograi.hiqnes de la Biblio- 

theqne de feu M. le Barou Walckonaer, La veiite Avril 1850 

et ies 42 jours suivants. WIUi pries. 

^™- half calf, Paris. 18"),'] 
CATALOMEofthe New York State Librarv, 185.5.- Subject 

85^' ^''7^"" '""■"^'' ^«-'^^"l-' Coins and Medlls, 
18o(,.— State Cabinet, Natural History, 1853. 

To!,el/,er 5 vol,. ro,,„l Svo. 1,1/ >nor. Alhany, v. y 

CATALO(a;s Librorum Sebastiani Mabre-Cran.oisy, Typograjdii 

'^'"" ^^'"o- "''^ vellum, rare, Farixiis, viu 

Jncohivn, sub Ciconus, 1(178 

We have never before met «itl, a copy of tlii, .„t„lo,rue 

CATAr.o.fE Of the Sunderland or Ulenheinr Librarv, s.dd at 

Auction, London, 1881-82. 5 parts. 

8(V). ni'wcd, London, 188I-8-' 
Cataloguc of the Books, Manuscripts, Maps, Dnnvin^s and 

^.ngrav,ngs,_ principally relating to Central America, and 

1 eru, American Antiquities, &c., belonging to Mx: E G 

Squier. Sol.l April, 1870. 

8ra, paper, imhonnd, New York, 1870 

CA'I'.VLOCJrE. Bibliotheque Asiatique et Am^ricaine, ou 

Catalogue desouvrages relatifs i\ I'Asie et k I'Afrim.e, m.i 

«'"t paru depuis la .h'coi.verte de I'imprimerie jusqu' en 1 700 

lar lernaux-Compans. 8a.. half red m or. Paris, 1841 






5 1 8 




i)21 CATESBY, ^Iahk. Ilortns Eiiropuc AiiKM-iciiniis : or, a Col- 
lection of 85 Curious Trt'es find Slintb.s, tlio proiliu-e of North 
AiiH'i'ica ; adiqjted to tlio climates and soils of Croai Uritaiii, 
Iivland, and most parts of Europe, &f. Adorned with O.'J 
Figures on 17 Coj er Plates. Folio, sewed, London, 1707 

522 CATESBY, JIauk. The Natund History of Carolina, Flor- 

ida, and the Baliama Islamls : Containing the figures of 
I>irds, Beasts, Fishes, Serpents, Insects, and Plants : jjartic- 
idarly, the F'orest Trees, Shrubs, and other Plants, not hith- 
erto described, or very incorrectly figured by Authors. AVith 
their description in English and French. 

2 rols. folio, flip copy on tanje and thich paiii'i- ; (lie plt(ti:i 
hcaulifulhj colored, old Frmcli calf, (/ill, London, MM 

523 CATLIN, Gf.oikik. Illustrations of the Manners, Customs, 

and Condition of the North American Indians : in a series of 
letters and notes, written during eigiit years of Travel and 
Adventure among the wildest and most remarkable trib(!S now 
(existing, with 3G0 engravings. 

2 vols, roijtd 8r(). clotli, London, 1845 

52-1 CAULKINS, FitANCics I\lANWAUiX(i. History of Norwich, 

Coimecticut. from its Settlement in IGGO, to danuary, 1815. 

8(V). c.lofh, Xonv'cli, 1845 
525 Cai'i, kins' History of Norwich. Connecticut : from its posses- 
sion by the Indians, to tiie Year 1800. Pm-tniit. 

Pico. cloth, Xorwirli.^ 18GG 
520 Caulkin's History of New London, Connecticut, from the first 
Survey of the Coast in 1012, to 1852. 

.S/-0. cloth, yen: London, 1852 

527 CAVELn<3R, M. K. Relation du Voyage entrepris par M. 

Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle, pour (leeou\rir dans le 
(Jolfe du Mexirine rembouchure du FKnve de Mississipy. 

\2mo. cloth, Manatc, X. V., 1858 

528 CAXTON, Wii.mam. The Dictes and Sayings of the Phih)s- 

oplier.s. A I'ac-similie Reproduction of the First Book 
printed in England by AVilliam Caxton. in 14 77. 

■ito. endjossfd rlolh in iniildlion of russia, AV(C Yorl,-, 1877 

5211 Caxton Celebration, 1877. Catalogue of the T>oan Collection 
of Antiijuities, Curiosities, and A|ipliances connected with 
the Art of Printing, South Kensington. 

8i'o, paper, London, 1877 












C;ELEBRATEI) Tufals (,f all Countries, and Remarkable 

Cases of Criminal Jurisprudence, Selected by a Member of 

the Pliiladelphia Bar. 8vo. sheep, Philadelphia, 183G 

CHALKLEY, Thomas. A Collection of tlie Works of, in 

two parts. sm. 8vo. half mor. gilt, Philadelphia, 1749, (Another copy, same work.) 

8vo. calf, Philadelphia, 1790 
CHALMERS, Gkougk. Political Annals of the present United 
Colonies, from their Settlement to the Peace of 17G3: com- 
piled cliiefly from Records, and authorized often by the .inser- 
tion of State Papers. (AH published.) 

4^0. sheep, London, 1780 
CHALMERS, Geokgk. An Introduction to the History of the 
revolt of the Colonies. [The work was not published, and no 
title page was ever printed.] pp. 490. 

8w. half calf, cerj/ rare, L„ndon, 1782 

The ,vork covers tl... wl,„|,. perio.l of colonial l.istory from tlie grniitiUR of 
e Yrg,ma(l,nrtert..tho reifrn of (icorge .he Sci. but no part was ever pnb- 
118 led. It was rei.nnte.1 and iiublislied in Ifoston in \m, in 'Z vols. Svo ■ with a 
title page prefixed, laken from a copy to which tlie antlior himself had written 
the title with the addition, "suppressed in 178;;.- Copies of the original are 
exceedingly rare, only a few copies having been given to 

Chalmers. An Introduction to the History of the Revolt of 
the American Colonies ; being a Comprehensive View of its 
Origin, derived from the State Papers contained in the Public 
Offices of Great Britain. 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, Boston, 184.* 

Chalmers. Opinions on iiitei-esting subjects of Public Law aiwH 
Commercitil Policy ; arising from American Independence. 

8vo. half mor. Lnndim, 1784 
CHAMBERLAYN, Joanne. Oratio Dominica in diversas om- 
nium fere gentium linguas versa et propius cujusquc. 

■sw. Ato. calf, Amsterdam, 1715 
CHAjMPLAIN. Les Voyages .Iv Sievr dc Champlain Xain- 
tongeois, Capitaine ordinaire pour le Roy, en la marine. 
Divisez en Dev.x Livres. on, lovrnal tres-fidele des Observa- 
tions faites es desfo-niertures de hi Nouuelle France, etc. : 
4lo. with 8 maps and 4 plates, half brown mor. red edges, rare,. 

Paris, lean lierjon, 1(513 
Chami'i.ain. Los \^oyages dv. (Another copy.) 

4^0. maroon mor. extra, gill edges, Paris, Berjon, IG13, 





CHAMPLAIN. Voyages et Dcscovvertvrcs faitcs en la Novvolle 
France, depuis I'annee 1/515, iiisques a la fin tie I'annee 1618. 
Ou sont (Iwrifs les nioeurs, eonstiinics, habits, fWons de giier- 
royer, cliasses, dances, f'estins, & cnterrenients de diners peti- 
ples Sauuages, & de i)lnsieura clioses renuirqnaliles (pii hiy 
sont arrivees audit pais, anec vne description de la beanfe, 
fertilite, & temperature d'iceluy. urn. 8ro. alu-rp, vcri/ rare, 
Paris, C/iez Claude Collet, en la galleriedes Frisouniers, 1G19 

Thif copy belon/ji-d to .lolm Locke, whose nutogriipli, taken from a fly.lenf 
of the old binding it Ijeara. The same copy descrilxd in Ilolin'a '• (iuinea C\; .- 
I(.giie," No. Ci.roi. 

Triced £:ir) in a lute Catalogue of Messrs. Kllis & White, London. 

CiiAMiM.AiN. Les Voyages de la Novvelle France Occidentale, 
dicte Canada, faits par Ic Sr. de Clianiplain Xainctongeois, 
Capitaine pour le Koy en la Mtirinc du Ponant, & toutes les 
Descounertes (pi'il a f'aites en ce pai'sdepnis I'aii 1003, iusques 
en I'an 1()29. L(.ir<jr foldinti wa/-, oriijinal iiiipresNio)i. 
4to. viaroiin mor. super extra, i/iL .dges, rich wside toolivg, a 
tall copy. A Paris, Chez Piere Le-Alur dans la grand Salle 

dit Palais, 1G32 
CilAMPLAiN. Voyages, ou Journal des Deconvertes de la Nouvello 
France. 2 rols. half green mor. top edge gill, Paris, 1830 

CiiAsiPi.AiN. (Eiivres do Champlain jjubliees sous le T^itronage 
de rUniversite Laval. Par I'Abbe C. IL Laverdiere M. A. 
Seconde Edition. f) vols, in 2, half green mor. 

extra, top edge gilt, uncut. Qiirhec, Jn')irinie an Seminaire par 

Geo. E. Deshavais, 1870 
CIIAXDLHK', Thomas IJ. The Appeal farther Defended ; in 
answer to the Farther I\Iisropresentations of Dr. C'hauucey. 

2 vids. 8ro. calf, New York, London nprinted, 1771 
CHANDLER, T. 15. An Appeal to the Public, in behalf of 
the Church of England, in America. 

\2nio. boards, Ni-ir i'orh, I7G7 
CHANDLER, Di:. A Collection of Tracts from the late News- 
papers, &c. Containing particularly The American Whig. 

Sro. hoards, Niv York, printed liij Ju'ni Boll, 17G8 
CH\NDLEK, T. P.. The Life of .Samuel Johii.-^on, the first 
1 resident in King's College, in New Yorli. containing many 
interesting Anecdotes ; a Gcnei'al ^'iew of tlie State of Relig- 
ion and Learning in Connecticut during the former part of the 
last Century, etc. 12mo. f^heep, Aew York, 1805 





















CHANDLER, Pk,.,,o W. American Criminal Trials. 

2 lols. l-2mn. cloth, portrait, Boston, 1841 

CHAPPELL, EnwARi.. Narrntive ..f a Voyage to ILidson's 

Bay ,„ Ins Majesty's Ship Hosan.ond ; contaiMing sonie account 

ot the Jsorth Kasttrn Coast of America, and of the Tribe. 

inliabitnig that remote region. Map and plates. 

8to. hoards, London, 1817 
CHAIll.EVOIX, P. Ilistoire et Description Generale ,le la 
NouvcUe France, Avec Ic Journal Historique cl'nn Voyage 
fa.t par ordrc du ]{oi da„s I'Ameri.jue Septentrionale. 

.'5 roh. ilo. old French calf.. I'aris. Nyon Fils, 1744 
Cjiaulevoix. History and General Description of New France 
Iranslated, with Notes, by John Giimarv Shea. 
vols. Ato. larrje paper, half brown mor. extra, top edge gilt, 

uncut, New Yor/c, 18C6- 70 

CiiAHLKvoix. A Voyage to North America, containing the 
(.u.ographK.aI Description and Natural History of Canada and 
Lou,s,ana, with the Customs, Manners, Trad^ and Religion of 
the Itdiabitants, etc. Portrait and Map. 

2 vols. Bvo. calf, Dnhlin, 17G6 
CiAULEVoix. The History of Paraguay, containing, An.ongst 
many other New, Curious, and Intorcstiug particulars of that 
^"""*''^- ^ rols. 8ro. calf, London, m<^ 

CIIAKLES ruK Skcond. His IW Jesties' Propriety, and 
Domnnon on the Uritish Seas asserted : Together with a true 
account of the Netherlanders' Insupportable Insolencies and 
Injuries, they have committed : aa.l the Inestimable Benefits 
they have gained in their fishing on the En-dish Seas For 
^'^^f ^^^'d Map. l-iu.o. calf, London, U&o 

CIIAIILES FiKTu. Correspondence of the Emperor Charles 
l^.fth, and his Ambassmlors at the Courts of England and 
France, from the Original Letters in the Imperial Family 
Archives at Vienna. Portrait. 8ro. cloth, London, 1850 

CHASTELLUX, Mahqhis i>k. Travels in North America, in 
tlic ^ ears 1780, 1781, and 1782. Translated from the French 
by an Engli>! (;..„tleman, who resided in America at that 
*""'""'• 2 fols. 8l'o. sheep. London, 1787 



557 CHATEAUBRIAND, Viscount Dk. Travels in America and 

Italy. 2 vols. 8vo. half calf , London, 1828 

558 Chateaubriand, Celuta ; or, the Natchez. An Indian Tale. 

3 vols. \2mo. cloth, London, 1832 

559 CIIAUNCY, C. Letter to a Friend ; giving a concise, but just 

account of the Ohio defeat, and pointing out the many good 
ends this inglorious event is naturally adapted to promote, etc. 

Mo. half red mor. Bristol, 1755 

560 CIIAIJNCEY, Cuaki.ks. Seasonable Thoughts on the State of 

Religion in New England. A Treatise in Five Parts. With 
a Preface giving an account of the Antinomans, Familists, 
and Libertines, who infected these Churches, above an hun- 
dred Years ago ; Very needful for these days. 

Svo. sheep, Boston, 1743 
5G1 Chauncey. a rjoply to Dr. Chandler's Appeal Defended; 
wherein his mistakes are rectified, his false arguing refuted, and 
'Jie Objections aganist the planned American Episcopate shewn 
to remain in full force, notwithstanding all he has offered to 
render them invalid. 

8t'o. half ntor. gilt top, uncut, Boston, 1770 

562 Chauncey. A Sermon Preached at Boston, at the Oration of 

the Rev. Mr. Joseph Bowman, to the Work of the Gospel 
Ministry, more especially among the Mohawk Indians, on tlie 
Western Borders of New England. 

8co. half mor. top ijill, Boston, 1762 

563 CIIAUFEPlfi, J. Geouge de. Nouveau Dictionnaire Ilis- 

torique et Critique, pour servir dc Supplement au de continu- 
ation au Dictionnaire Historique et Critique de M. Pierre 
l^ayle. 4 vols, folio, hoards, uncut, Paris, 1750 

564 CHAUVETON, Ukbain. Brief Discours et Ilistoire d'vn 

voyage de quehpies Franc^ois en la Floiide ; et du massacre 
autant injustement que barbarement execute sur eux, par les 
Hespagnols, Tan 1565. {2'ltle 1 leaf; text 17.5-237.) 

Svo. half green mor. top edge gilt, uncut, rare, m.d.lxxix. 

565 CHAVERO, Alfredo. Calendario Azteca. Ensayo Arqueo- 

logico. Segunda Edition, pp. 47. 

Svo. sewed, 3fexico, Tmji. de Jens y Zapiaix, 1876 

566 CHEEVER, George B. The Journal of the Pilgrims at Ply- 

mouth, in New England, in 1620: Reprinted from ihe Orig- 
.inal Volume, with historical and local illustrations of Provi- 
v-dencea, Principals, and Persons. Svo. cloth. New York, 1848 




0G7 CHEROKEE Pu.mkk. Tl.o Epistles of John. The Gospel 
IZr to Matthew. Translated into the Cherokee L«„- 

^'"*°"* 12fno. sewed, Park Hill, 1840 

568 CHILD, Siu Jos.a,,. A New Discourse of Trade, wherein is 
recommended several weighty I'oints relating to Companies of 
Merchants, the Act of Navigation, Naturalization of Strang- 
ers, etc. io i ^ , '^ 

l2mo. shcejj, London, 1C94 

509 CHINESE KEPOST'l'OT^v i,- *i . • . 

H. 1 "^^^'^^^^^^^Y- !''•»'» the beginning in 1832 to 
he close of the year 1851. AVith the General Index. 
^0 t:ols. Hvo.unl/onnly half hound in tea-colored calf, marbled 
edges, exceedhujly scarce. Canton, China; printed for the 

Proprietors, 1832-51 

HiBtoIv'nfir'T' '""■'" "^ '"' '"■" I>»bli™tlon extant relntinK.o the 
u Ijuu nt co„ntru.s. The labors of tl,o niiasionaries a,o also fully civcn 

-lifBcul , , r ''""''• '"""'•"'"■••y^vitl. the Imlex, are now extremely 

•UN Vreorr^^^ of theeopies were .lestro.yed at the sacking of the 

.".y anetlon sale in the United ist*!^^ ' '""''' ''' '"^^ '""" '"^'"' °«"«"-' »' 

570 CimTENDEX, L.cus E. The Capture of Tieondero^a. 

Adtlress before the Vermont Historical Society delivered at 

Montpelier, Vt., Oct. 8, 1872. 8... one offa-e copies 

printed on Watman's Drawing Paper, sheets folded, 

Putland, 1872 
071 CHOCTAW Fota Gospkls. 12,.o. doth, Boston, 1845 

572 CHOISEUL-GOITFFIEII, L. Ccmtk. Voyage Pittoresque 

de la Grece. Illustrated with 282 beautiful eopper-plates, rep- 
resentnig cittes, towns, antiquities, coin., medals, etc. 

3 rols. atlas folio, half calf , Paris, 1782-1822 

573 CHRISTIAN History. Containing accounts of the Revival 

and Propagation of Religion in CJreat 15ritain and America, 
tor the Year 1743-1744. 

2 vols. l-2nio. halfmor. top gilt, T. Prince, Boston. 1744 

574 CHRISTIE, Robert. A History of the late Province of 

Lower Canada, Parliamentary a,.d Political, from the com- 
mencement to the close of its existence as a separate Province. 

4 vols. l2mo. cloth, Quebec, 1848 

,-»».v» ■ 



ftTr) C'lIRONICLKS AND MKlNfORIALS ok fJiiKAT Britain and 

Ikklant) (luring the Middle Ages, edited Crom the Original 

Miiniiscripts under the direction of the Master of the KoUh, 

with Biographiail Sketches and Notes, illustrafed with hrau- 

il/nl /(ic-siiiiihs of tite manmcr'qds. 32 voh. mi/al Hm. 

hdlfmor. ttiiriit, contents lettered, Londan, v. ij. 

The followiiKt works nrc coiiiprisfd in the collection : 

1. Tlic Aiit?l<)-Snxoii C'liioiil(l(!. ImIIUmI, with a Trniisiiitioii, by 11. Tlioriii'. 

2 vols. 

a. Hiiik of the (.iLioiiicles ofSeotlnud, or Metrical Historv of Hector Uoece. 

3 vols. 

;i. Pecock's Repressor, or over much bhiiniiig of the Clergy. 14,'iO. ^> vols. 

4. Poliliciil Poems anil Songs relative to Knglisli lliatory, from E<lwarcl 
Third to Itichani Tliird. L' vols. 

fi. Capgrave's Chronicle of Knjriand. 1 vol. 

0. Year Hooks of Kinp Kdward tlie First, 'i vols. Chronicle of Irish 
AtPalrs from the earliest time to the year ll.lf). 1 vol. 

r. Fasciculi /.izauiiirum nnijjlstri dohauues Wydif cum tritica, ascribed to 
Thonnis Netter, of Walden. 1 vol. 

s. Royal and Historical Letters written (luring the reign of King Ilenrv 
F'onrth, i:tlK)-H(H. 1 vol. 

U. Letters and Papers illustrative of the Wars of the English in France, 
time of Henry VI. ;! vols. 

1(K Lives of Kdward the Confessor. 1 vol. 

11. Chronicles of tlie Primes. 1 vol. 

Vi. Descriptive Catalogue of .^laterials relalingto (ireat Hritainand Ireland, 
to theend of the liiignof Henry \II. l!y Thomas Dulliis Hardy. :i vols. 

l.^. Letters and Tapers illustrative of tlie Reigns of Richard the Third and 
Henry Seventh. 1! vols. 

H. War of the (iaedhill with the (iaill. Invasions of Ireland by the Danes 
and Northmen. 1 vol. 

15. I)e Cotton's Ilistoria .\nglicana, 44ii-lL'!is. I vol. 
10. Idllection of Chronicles of lireat Itritain, A. I), liss. 1vol. 
.Moniiineuta Frauciscami. 1 vol. 
Thomas of Klmliam Ilistoria. 1 vol. 
Slemorials of King Henry ;th. 1 vol. 
Memorials of King Henry .'ith, 1 vol. 
It is impossible to overrate the value of this series of works to the historical 
ftndent. Luch Chrniiiile has been edited by some one of the most eminent mod 
em antliorities in Knglisli History, in such a manner as 'o represent with all 
possible correctness llie writer's text, which is derived from a collation of the 
best MSS., and is accompanied by illustrative notes and a glossary. In the 
preface to each an account is given of the age and peculiarities of the MSS.n.sed, 
together witli a memoir of the author and an estimate of his historical credibility 
linil value. Tlie series already forms ,i corpus hUtoruuin, williiu reasonable 
limits, for the period from the earliest time of liritisli history down to the end ot 
the reign of Henry the Seventh. 


57G CIIHONOLOGIE 8epte\aii!K de rilistoiredcla Paix entre les 
Hoys do Fraiiee ct d'Espagne. Contenaiit les choses jjIus 
niemorables adtienues en France. Esi)agno, Allenmgnc, Angle- 
terre, .... & autre.'? endroits dc rKurope: aiiec le suecez 
de pliisieurs nauigatioiis faietes aii.\ Indes Orientalcs, Occiden- 




• )/ / 





|»I- & S.,„..„n.i..„ah.s, .l..p„i. ,e ..„n„ne„ocmont ,le Tun 1/598 
Jiis(|iios a la III) (Ic Tan n;o\, 

thick 8ro. old nllum, Paris, ]C>Or, 

-pe U.o„s „,.... ,a.oI, ...a-l. a.ain.t tl. CV-.n,.;.,, J ^.r H.-bels i,. the Eastcn. parts of N.. K„,,a :' 
V on. a,.o„nt of 

sheep htndmg, cxcrodinyb, rare, lloslun, 11. (;,' 1710 
fop-c., Imvo been auction 1„ N..^ York u., I,l«|, „« ,3.K.. 
CiMKOu Tl.o Entertaini,,.^ History of King Philip's War 

lun<i Ihdip and lienj. Church. 
f-irrpr.,„, r ^^""" ^'"^^ '""'^ """■• '"/"■'/,'/'-////, /Wo«, 1716 

<.u 1 .vtacc, an account of ti.e IVo^.v.s of Navi 
.«t.on, fVc,.n its first lJc,i„,.i,.,. Jllnsfatc, tit .1 ^^^ [ 
"" of useful Maps arul Cuts, Curiously Engrave,. 

CliVTIJAEO, Natuank. Yarumun i„ Europa itinerun. Ddi- 
'.f, sen ex varus mauuscriptis selectiora tantuni iuscrin- 
t.onum .naxnuo reccntiuui nionunuMUa i« Italia. . An'^ 

""''•'*-•• s,n. Hvj. r.lhnn, H.rh„r,u. Nassoviorum, 1594 

C'HYTR.EO \AT„ANK. Variorum i„ Europa Itiuerum Deli- 
one, etc. (Another copy.) th:,.l- .>., « ;; 

'•' ' tmck sm. 8 CO. veil u in, 

V. p. Apud Chrlslophor,nu Corvlnnm, IGOII 

; iji 




582 CiCEUo's Cato Major, or liis I»i8coursc of 01.1-Agc : With 

Kx|)laimtorv Notes. 

Hvo. half calf, Phihnlvliihlu. li. Franklin, 1744 

Portrait of .Jninca l.oniin Invcrti-i* 

Till- viiluf of tliln hook ('<>iiHli.ta In It!, ||,t^ |„g |,ocii prlnti'd hv Frnnklln, who 
han prellx...! nii iiddrrH*. li,.iii "The printer to ih<' ItciicU.r," In which he iflKt "■•. 
timt thii U •' the llmt Ir.niHlntlon of ,, ,.|,ii,«|,. i„ ti„. wcstrrn worl.l," luul timt ,' 
was mHili. I)y " the Mono riihio anil r.oHrn.Ml Mr. I,0Kiin, of I'lilladclplila." 

This utatcnifiit of th,- ^reat phlloxoplicr N Incorrc.-t, aa SandvN lrani<hiilon of 
Ovid wu» rniide hi VirKinIa ahont ninety years before, hut prliiled lit London. 

583 CICERO. Offiria C'iccroni.s Leeromlc wat y.'glii'lijck in nllcii 

statoii bolioort tc docii, besclirovoii int Latin door ilcii orator 
Marceiin Tiillimn Cicoroiicni. 

l'2mo. vellnm. Tot Hacrlcm hij Ian van Ziiren, 1501 

584 CIEZA. The Scventoon Yoar,'<' Travels of Peter th; Cieza 

through tlio mighty Kingdom of Pern, nid tlie large province,-* 
of Cartagena and Popayan in Sonth Aiii<rica, from the city of 
Panama to the frontier,-* of Ciiili. 

4/0. red mm-, (/ill vdijm, London, 170!) 

The map referred to in the title has reference to the plan of C'nsco. In tlio 
text are 4 plates. 

585 CIECA. La Prima parte .lell' Ili.storie del Pern, Dove .^itratta 

I'ordine delle Provincie dell Cittti luiove in (piel etliti- 
eate, i riti & costuini degli Indiani, etc. 
— La Scconda part dtdie hi.storie dell' India. 

2 vols. 12mo. vcllnni. In Vvnclia Giordano Zihfli, l.'>f)0-l;)C5 
58fi CiviuzATiON of the Indians. Brief Account of the proeeeding.s 
of the committee by the Yearly Meeting of Friends of Penn- 
sylvania, New Jersey, relating to. 

l2mo. hoards, uncut, Pliiladclpliia, rc/irinird London, 180(; 
586* CLARKE, Mrs. Cowdkn. The Complete Concordance to 
Shakspere : being a Verl>itl Inde.x to all the Passages in the 
Dramatic Works of the Poet. 

royal Sro. half vior. Boston, IHtU) 

587 CLARKE, James Stanier. Nanfragia, or Historical Memoirs 

of Shipwrecks and of the Providential Deliverance of Vessels. 
2 vols, \-2mo. half calf, London, 1805 

588 CLARK, Jo.siiia V. A. Onondaga; or. Reminiscences of 

Pearlier and Later Times : being a .series of Historical Sketches 
relative to Onondaga; with notes on the several Towns in the 
County, and Oswego. Portrait. 

2 vols. 8vo. s/ivi'ji, Si/raciise, 1849 



^KK. ()„„„- Iml'U. (Allulll.T c.pv.) 

■ It ' • 


: ;-^"": •-^''-i. iw,n...i,... ,,. ,,..!,.. wi„ ',:. 

I'tTiitiiro <,r -1,,. \ 

"I till' Noil, etc. 
". ""(/ ,"-•. i/i/t iih/rs, /,„„«/„„, l(;7o 

:>'n II VIM- 'I. * -...,..., ,„,„,,,,„. I,, II) 

,,, .,'^:;' "'■•„, '- ^"'/•—.-.//^v,... ,.,,,,.,, 

,.;,•"■ "' ^ Man..,..,...,;,.,.. .,.,„.; 

lli>torv.,| K„^r|a,„|/' 1,^. w. K. Vorshu: 

i HK pale.. ,WMl.nnu..n,.. .KHos Ks,,an.,K.s ..,, ..1 .......u... 

.11 .■! M,-lo XV y |.riiici|)iof< (U-l xvi. 

r,.<. /,,.,., . ""• '">'/>'<">: Miuhiil, 17!M 
Sl.anshan,IM..xM.anHi.. .„s, f. nnanus,.,.i,„s mm.I an,.u.„r 

7;"""^ "• ""'-- i-'-a-ia....! 1., vL.. (,;;;:;;; 

.„_ ,, ■ "''' - ''"'■"■ ""• li"l/<'"If, l.,n„h.n, 1807 

^.'. C..AV.„Ku,.. S...ria,k.llaC,.lilo,.nia..,,..ra,,os,u>na. 
, - '■"'•^- '^ '■" '' /'"(/■ 'v/Ao., IV.r./,,, 178|» 

•'J« ( I-A\ , Kkv. .J >.:„.; (V.ns. Annal. oCl.o Suo.kvs ,.„ ,1... ,)..,. 
;7-; '-•-•'!'•'' --■■l.''I.l... ('ha,,..,. ..f,lu.|'ni,..,| 

'>^^CL,.:A„ONTr.P.(....v,.,... Ta,.h.Chn ...h-as, 0.. ,.' 

^ Al,, I„.Lu« Onentalc., y Occidentale., ,lc«cle su priniipio, 










IL25 III 1.4 






WEBSTES,N.y. 14580 

(716) 872-4503 

















hasta el ano 1642 de la Reparacion Humana. . . (At jmge 
164 begins:) Tabla Chronologica de los Descvbrimientos, 
Conqvistas, Fvndaciones, Poblaciones, y otras cosas ilustres, 
assi Eclesiasticaa, como Seculares, de las Iiulias Oceidcntales, 
Islas, y Tierra firme del Mar Oceano, desde el ano 1492, 
hasta el de 1688. 275 pp. 
4to, half sheep, very rare, Valencia, layme de Bordazar, 1080 

This ruro volume po88C88C8 an additional interest from its containing tlie 
celebrated prayer ofTercd up by Columbus when he first set foot upon tlie soil of 
the New World. Irving, in speaking of this great event, says : " No sooner did 
he laud, than he threw himself upon his knees, kissed tlie earth, and returned 
thanks to (jod with tears of joy. His example was followed by the rest, whose 
hearts overflowed with the satue tears of gratitude."— it/f of Columbus, Vol. I., 
p. 160. 

The "Tabla Chronologua" thus notices tlie event: " La primera Isla que 
Don ('hristoval Colon descubrio, fue la de S. Salvador. Quundo tomo tierra en 
ella hizo sta devola oraclon: Domine Deus ajteruie et omnipoteus, sacra tuo 
verho Coelum, ct terram, et mare creasti: henedicatur et glorificetur nomen 
tuuin, laudetur tua Majestas, qua; dignata est per Inmiilem servum tuum, ut ejus 
sacrum nomen agnoscatur ctprtedicetur in hac altera a niundi parte."— p. 164. 

dementi says thf same prayer was afterwards used by lialbao, Cortes, and 
Pizarro, in their discoveries, by order of the Kings'of Castile. 

600 CLERK, NicoLAES de. Tooneel der Keyseren en Coningen 
van Cliristenryck Sedert den onderganck van het Griecks 
Kerscrdoni. Numerous copper-plate portraits, pp. 637 and 


Arnhem, 1615 


(In the same volume) Piuncelyck Cabinet, 'oy Nicholaes de 
Clerek. With numerous portraits, pp. 140. Del/, 1625 

' CLERCQ, Chrestian le. Nouvelle Relation de la Gaspesie, 
qui contient les Mceurs & la Religion des Sauvages Gas- 
pesiens Porte-Croix adorateurs da Soleil, et d'autres Peuples 
de i'Ainerique Septentrionale, dite le Canada. 

12mo. calf, rare, Paris, Amable Auray, 1691 

601 CLINTON, Sir Henry. Narrative of Lieutenant General Sir 

Henry Clinton relative to his Conduct, during part of his Com- 
mand of the King's Troops in North America ; Particularly 
to that which respects the unfortunate issue of tlie Campaign 
in 1781, with an Appendix containing Copies and Extracts of 
those parts of his Correspondence with Lord George Germain, 
Earl Cornwallis, Rear Admiral Graves, etc. 

8uo. half bound, London, 1783 

602 Clinton. Narrative, relative to his conduct during his com- 

mand of the King's Troops, &c. (Another copy.) 

%vo. half mor. London, 1783 




603 CLINTON, De Witt. A Memoir ou the Antiquities of the 

Western Parts of tiie State of New York. Read before the 
Literary and Philosophioal Society of New York. 

8vo. kalfmnr top gilt, Albany, 1818 

604 CLINTON, De Wirr. An Introductory Discourse delivered 

before the Literary and Philosophical Society of New York, 
on the fourth of May, 1814. 4to. sewed, New York, 1815 

605 CLOYNE, (Bishop of). A Miscellany, containing several 

Tracts on various subjects. 8vo. calf, gilt, London, 1752 

606 CLUTE, I. I. Annals of Staten Island, from its Discovery to 

the present time. gvo. cloth, New Vork, 1877 

607 COCKINGS, George. War: An Heroic Poem, from the 

taking of Minorca by the French to the reduction of the 
Havannah, to the raising the Siege of Quebec by Gen. Mur- 
^^y- 8t'o. turkey mor. Boston, 1762 

608 CODDINGTON, William. A Der..onstration of True Love 

unto You the Rulers of the Colony of the Massachusetts in 
New-England ; Siiewing to you that are now in Authority, 
the unjust Paths tiiat your Predecessors walked in, and of the 
Lord's Dealings with tliem in his severe judgments, for per- 
secuting his Saints and ClnMdren. Which may be a Warning 
unto you, that you walk not in ihe same Steps, lest you come 
under the same Consideration. 

4/0. half mor. rare. Printed in the year 1674 

CoddinRton came to Uliode Island in 1037. He was chosen Jud .r chief 
Rulerof the Colony at Newport, until it was Incorporated with that ... I'rovi- 
denee, in 1647. Under the charter of 1603 he was twice elected (iovernor He 
early embraced the doctrine of the Society of Friends, and was ever active In 
promoting the welfare of the colony which he had assisted in founding. 

609 COFFIN, Joshua. A Sketch of the History of Newbury,. 

Newburyport, and West Newbury, from 1635 to 1845. Por- 
''■"''• 8vo, cloth, Boston, 1845 

610 COGHLAN. Memoirs of Mrs. Coghlan, Daughter of the late 

(Major Moncricife), written by herself, and dedicated to tiie. 
British Nation ; Interspersed with anecdotes of tlie lato Amer-- 
ican and present French AVar ; with remarks. Moral and 
J'ol'tical. l2mo. sheep. New York, 1795 

611 GOLDEN, Cadwallader. An P:xplication of the First 

Causes of Action in Matter, and of the cause of Gravitation. 
12»/J0. half calf, James Parker, New York, 1745, 


r I 


ir. r, Mt ui: y LiUKAur. 






c. 1 G 


Coi.DF.N. An KNiilicdtioii of tlie first ((uiscs of Action in Mnt- 
<•■'% •■><•• 8w). /m//. v»r„-. 

rcrij rnri\ Ni-w Vovl-, 17r)4, London, reprinted ]74(> 
AlthouKli this work wuh iT| in I.dinlmi, it Iiuk lipi-ii said Hint no copy 
iH to he Ibnnd in iniy of tlic pnblic Jil.iiiiii'S in Hii- I'nitci! Miitts, Jlr. Jlcnzien, 
of New York, liiivinBpoKsi'«!ii(l tin- only copy known. I'lic w mk scinis to liiivc Ijc- 
conic sciircc ih early as 17Ki, fur in .lannary of that year Sir. IcIVcrson, writinR to 
Kranris (loiikinaon, ol)mrvi'> : "Many, many years apo, ( lulwallader (diden 
wrote a very iiniall iianipldet on the sniijects of Atlra(Mlon and Iiniinlsion, a copy 
of wliicii he sent to Monsieur de liiilfon. Ife was so cinirnied wii'.i it tliat In- pni 
it into t\\v lian<ls of a frienii to translate, who lost it. /I hns ever since leeigheU 
iipim /lis miihl. anil lie liiis made repe led trials to have it found ill i:n(!hiiid. 
Hut in rain. He ap|)lied to i..e. I am in hopes if yon write a line to tlie hook- 
sellers of I'liiladelphia to rnmniaKe their »hoi)s. that some of them will find it. 
(m- perliaps some of the careful old peojile ot I'liiladelphia or New .Icrsey may 
have preserved a copy." Wlietlier Ilopkinsoii was successful does not appear. 

COLDKN, (('.) The Ili.stoi^ of tiie Five Indian Nations 
Depending on the IVovinee of Nc.- York In America. 

V2ni<i. ml/, exceeiliiie/li/ rare, printed and xiijd bij WiUidin 

Bradford in New York, 1727 

The oii;;inal edition, many times re| riiited and evpiinded to two volumes. 

A volume of very^reat rarity, not nii re than four or live copies heiiif; known 
In the liiited .><tates. I'lie .Meiizies cojiy l.roiij<ht $','1(1. and another was sold by 
Mr. Sahin several years hefore for $17,'). 

Coi.DKN. History of tlie Five Indjan Nations of Canada depend- 
ent on tlie Province of New York in America. Afap. 

Hro. (ltd rat/, eorer cravhed. otiienrixe a Jine copi/, London, 

T. Oshurne, 1747 

(■('I, DION. Tlie History of the Five Indian Nations of Canada, 
whicli are depen : ng on the Province of New York, and are 
the Harrier between the Kiiglish and French, in tliat jmrt of 
the World. With Accounts of thojr Peligioii. Manners, t'n.s- 
tonis, Laws,!in(l Fo-ms of (Jovernment ; their several Battles 
and Treaties with the lMiro])ean Nations; . . . their several 
Wars with tlie other Indiiiiis; And ti true Account of the 
present State of jiir Trade with them. 

H'o. half </reen nior. l.ondoii, John WliiMon, \~')0 

Cor.DKN. History of tlie Five Indian Ntitions of Canada, etc. 
(Anoflier coi)y.) 2 ro/.s. \2vw. calf, London A~^)') 

<\n.\>v.^. The History of tlie Five Indian Nations Depending 
on the I'rovince of New York; with tin Introdiiclioii and 
Notes, by Joliii Ciilniary Shea. 

8(0. half ijreen nior. i/ill top, niicnt. N'eif York, 1806 

Coi.DKN. Memoir prepared at the of a Committee of 
the Common Council of the City of ?,'ew York, and presented 




t; 1 1) 






to the Mnyor of tlic City, (it tlic Celebration of tlic Comple- 
tion of tiie New York Canai.s. i)/«^,,s o„d Plates. 

4lo. rod iiinr. extra, gilt edges, A''ew York, ISSf) 

COLKS, E. An Kngjish Dictionary, explaining tlie diflieult 
TcrniM tiiut are used in Divinily, Uii.sbandry, Piiysie, Pliilos- 
opiiy, Law, Navijrati(.n,.Matliematick.s, and other Arts and 
'*^'"'«"c«'s. l2mo. vdlum, London, 108.-) 

COLTON, Calvin. Tonr of the American Lakew, and among 
the In.lians of the North WW-nt Territory, in 1830. Disclos- 
ing the Character and of the Indian Race. 

•2 n,h. ]->mo. vlotli, Loudon, 1833 

Coi.i.KOTiON of Tapers, that have been published at different 
times, delating to the Proceedings of his Majesty's Conimi."- 
sionors. Hvo. calf, top gill, N<-w Yorl.; James Ui'vnigton, 1 778 

AiitoKiiipli I,,.ttci- to IVt.T Vail Scliiiiick, T'iiidorliook, or olsowlirn-, Ilmlson 
River, from .lanics Klving^toii, (luted New York, Feb. 5, 180(). 

A C(>Li.K< TKJN of Papers Relating to the Present .Innctiire of 
Affairs in England, etc. \to. G tracts, separatelg paged. 

printed in the gear 1C88 
Tlievolmi.eorwliicli tlio nliove Is the first titk', comprise.- . r^oUection of 
Piipir^," iiiimliereil from 1 to (i. K»,l, of tlie six colliclioiis . s.'i>arate titli! 
and pagiuK. Tliey all relate to events eoniieeted witli pulilic affairs in Kiifjlniid 
immediately precediiiK the date of pnl.lkation. The lirst luid seoiid are dated 
1(1S8, all tlieotliera hear tlie imprint of" I.ondon, printed and are to lie sold hy 
Kieliard .laneway, in tlie (iiieen's.liead.Coiirt In raterni.ster Row. 10.S!)." 1„ 

" ■''''■''"' l'"ll>-'ti(»'," with a half title, is ".-i Xurrntim n/tlie Miseries ofXeiv 

Kvgland, by reamn (if an Arhitrnry nniernmeiit ICrected there," iiiiRes Ji) to :!4- 
Tliis ilociiinent, wliieh Is said to 1... Iiy [iierease Slather, has relanon to tlic 
tronhles with Sir Ivlniond Anilnis, 

( «)i.i.r.(Tio\ of Papers rehiting to the Present Jiinetiire of Affairs 
in England. The 'i'iiird Edition. 

Ato. niitnwn nior. London, Riiliard Janeivay, 1(58!) 
This eopy eomjirlses tlie twelve Tarts, the sixth part -f which (p. -'It) contains 
"A Narrative of the. Miseries of New Kn^'Iaiid. by rea.son of an Arbltriirv (iov 
eriiment Krected there." 

A small portion of njiper corner of title torn oil'. 

Coi.i.KCTioN oi' E.s.says, on a variety of Subjects, in and 
^' *''■'*''■ \-2wii. slieei), Itij John Woods, Nevurh, \1\)1 

Contains' The .Morristowii (ihost Delineated.'' . 

CoM.KCTioN of Memorials concerning Divers deceased Miniutera 
itnd others of the People called giiakers, in New* Jersey, 
Pennsylvania, and parts adjacent, from nearly the first Settle- 
ment thereof to the year 1787. i<vo. half calf , London, 1788 




G2r> COLUMBUS. La Vie de Cristofle Coloml), et In decouvorto 
(lu'il a faite dcs Itides Occidontalcs, vulgaircmeiit appellues le 
Nouveaii Monde. Couiposeo par Feniand Coloinb son Fils, 
& traduite en P>aiHj-ois. 

12mo. blue calf extra, (jilt leaves, Paris, 1081 

C20 COLUMBUS. Vita di Christoforo Colombo scritta e corredata 
di nuove osservazioni di note storico-pritiflie e di nn' Appen- 
dice di Documenti rari o inedite dal Cavaliere Luigi Boss!. 
Portrait and wood-cuts. 

8vo. hroxon calf, red edges, Milano, 1818 

627 COLUMBUS. De Insulls iinientis Kpistobi Cristoferl Coloin 

(cai <Jtas nostra inultu debet : de Insulis in niari Iiidico nuper 

■nucntis sm. Ato. half vior. 

top edffc gilt, 5 wood-cuts, tercio/d's, MaiJ, 1493 

[Letter of Columbus to Kaplmcl Sanxin, 3d of the Calens of Mny, 141)3.] 

In fno-simlle of the Libri Lenox copy, tlie only perfect one known, without 
the repetition ot the woodcut on the back of tlie first leaf of the vessel found on 
the recto of the fifth leaf. 

The first and tenth leaves were IXirnlshcd by Mr. Lenox ; the others are by 
the Pelinski process. 

Uecto of first leaf, "Jiegnn /lyspanie," with arms of Spain. Tenth leaf recto, 
'•Fernad'rex hyipunia," with full length figure of the King beneath; verso, 
"ffranata," and arms beneath. 

628 COLUMBUS. De Insulis inuenti.s. Epi.sto'nCri.stoferi Cjlom 

(eui etas nostra miiltu debet : de Insulis in mari Indico nuper 

'""entis sm. 4fo. half red m or. gilt edges, 1493 

Same as the foregoing. A facsimile of the Llbrl Len.,x copy, but without 
the first and tenth leaves, containing the wood-cuts mentioned In the note 

C29 COLUMBUS. Epistola Cliristofori Coloni : cui etas nostra 
midtum debet : de | Insulis Indie supra Gangem nuper inuetis. 
Ad quas perquiren | das octauo antea mensc auspit-iis & ere 
inuictissimorum Fernandi [ ac Ilelisabet Hispaniar' Kegi'i 
missus fuerat; ad Magnifici'i drim | Gabrieloni Sanciies : 
i-uudem serenissimorum Regum Tesau | rariu missa : Qua 
generosus ac litteratus vir Leander de Cosco ab | Ilispano 
idiemate in latinil couertit : tertio Kalen' Maij. m.cccc. | 
xc.iij. Pontificatus Alexandri Sexti Anno rrimo. {At the 
bottom of the sixth page is this Colophon :) f Impressit Rome 
Eucharius Argenteus [Silber] Anno diii M.ccccxciij. 
Alt), red mor. 3 unnumbered leaves; forty lines in afulljjage, 

A copy of this precious little tract was priced 5,0OO francs on a late Paris Cat- 




630 COLUMBUS. Epistoladclnsulis nouitcr, repertis. Iniprcssa. 
Parisiua in ca; qw gaillardi, 4to. olive morocco, super extra, 
hf Pratt, (lilt leaves, a very fine copy ; 4 unnwnhered leaves, 
.'jy linvH in a full page. [Printed hy Guy Marchand, at 
Paris;\ luithout dale, but supposed to have been in 1493 or 1494 

031 COLUMBUS, Ciiu.stopiier. Epistola Christofori Colom : 

cui etfts nostra multu debet; de | Insulis Indie supra Gan-em 
ntiper inuentis, etc. „n. 4to. in sheets, Rome, 1493 

I.ett.T of <:hrl»(oi.lK.r Columbus (U-scribinB Ms (irat voy.ige to the Western 
..en. .sp„en.. Text in n.e.«l„.„e. prin.e.l for S. I. M. K.,.. fronT a co^y 
of tl.e oriKin.,1 1„ l,i« possession. A present t» Mr. Murpl.y. from Mr. Barlow. 

032 COLL^MBUS. Eyn sehon hiibsch lesen von etlicbcn inszlen | 

die do in Kurtzen zyten fui.den synd durch de | kiinig von 
liispaniu vnd sagt v5 gro.szeu vvun | derliciien dingen die in de 
selbe inszlen synd. | (Colophon:) Getrnclit zii Straszburg 
vff gruneck vo meister Burtloniesz Kustler ym iar m.cccc- 
^^"^'j- 4to. 7 unnumbered leaves, 30 lines in a page, 

vellum, uncut, Straszburg, 1497 
An ndmlralily executed f»o.Mn.lle of tl.e German translation of the first Ut-'l ';. f""'^""'''" ""■ "American Bibliographer," page 67. stales 
that it contains " changes and additions." 

633 COLUMBUS. Delia Patria di Cristoforo Colombo Disserta- 
tione pnblicata nelle memoir ie dell' Accademia Imperiale delle 
Scienze di Torino liistapa eon giunte, document!, lettere 
diverse, etc. Portrait. 

8vo. half maroon mor. top edge gilt, Firmze, 1818 

034 COLUMBUS. Lettera Rarissima di Christoforo Colombo 

nprodotta e illustrata dal Cavaliere Ab. Morelli Bibliotec. 

licgio in VcncziH. pp. xvi., 65. 12mo. sewed and uncut. 

In Passano nella Stamperia Itcmondiniana, 1810 

nnHT'".'!T"'?"""!" ""''™"^''^ of the fou.-th and last voyage of Columbus, 
and is dated ai Jamaica. 

Of this lette. vhich is s.Ud to have been written in .-Spanish, no copy exists. 
An Italian translation was printed at Venice in 1505. This was reprinted by Sig 
Morelh the l.brarian of the «. Mark Mbra.y at Venice, accompanied by notes 

2 ZTT fn'^ ""''"' ""^'"linga biographical sketch of Columbus, from 
the Portolano of Coppo da Isolji. 

63.5 COLUMBUS. Los Rastos de Colon. Liforme de la Real 
Acadcmia de la Historia al Gobierno de S. M. sobre el supu- 
esto liallazgo de los verdaderos Restos de Cristoval Colon en 
la Iglesia Catedral de Santo Domingo. 6 plates. 

12mo. sewed, Madrid, 1879 





63C COLITMIUIS. LcittcM'ii in liiifrmi Spiij^niKila direttii dii Cliiirtto- 
f'oro C!ok)ml)o a Luis di; Santaii^'iil (15 I'Vli. 14 Marzo ItUiJ). 
Ki'jirodotta n Fae-Himiii! cd iiliiHtrata ])i'r ciira do (Jorolamit 
il' y\(lda dall' iiiiico em'inplarc a staiii]ia coiiosciiito (die imhi- 
serva ludlu IJililiotcca Vinlx'ortiaiia. 

4(0. half maroon >iior. tnii e.ihjc ijill, Milano, imU'i 

637 COLUMIUTS. Notes on Columbus by [IIiMiry HarrisstO. 

folio. !)!) copim prliilrd for S. A. yJ/. Harlow, all for jirirntc 
distribution ; half red mor. extra, top ed(jc ijilt., uncut, 

New York, l.S«(i 

Tills superb voliimc coiiliilns a |)iii'tnilt of fdliiiiihiis, Ills nioiiiiiiiciit In 
lliiviuiii, anil rac-HlniilcH ortlic littt'i' of tlic- >;i'i'al iiavi);ali>r. It Is u work ol tlii' 
Kiialcst valui' for tlio history of CoIhiiiImis. Ai'«onipanyiii}! Is an uiilo(rrapli let- 
ter from tile aullior, Mr. Ilarrlsse. 

A prvueutatiun copy Ironi Mr. Kurlow. 

638 COLUMBUS. A nibiioofupliical Note fi-oin tlic Cattdo^'iic of 

tlie Tickuor CollcL'tioii. Thirty copies only printed. 11 pp. 

royal 8co. ncwcd, Boston : I'uhlic Library, 1H7G 
629 COLUMIiUS. Aiinee Veritable do la nai.ssaiice de Christoplie 
Coloinb ct Ucviie Clironolo^iqm^ dos priii('i])ales Epoqiie.s de 
sa vie. Ktiido Ciititjiie. I'»ir M. D'^Vvezae. 

8(v;. half nior. Parin, 1873 

Kxtruil (111 IJulletln de la Soeelelu ileGf'Ograplilc de I'luis. 

640 COLUjMHUS. rersonal Narrative of the First Voyage of 

Columbus to Aiueriea, fi-om a ^Lmuscript reeently Discovered 
ill Spain. Translated from the Spaiiisli. 

8vo. h<df mor. top (jilt, Boston, 1827 

641 COLUMBUS. Uriniera Epistula del Almiraiite Don Cristobal 

Colon dando cuentu de su opau deseubriiniento a D. (Jabriel 
Sanehez, Tesoro de Anigoi). Acompana al texto original 
castellano el de hi trudueeion latiiia de Leandro de Coseo, 
segun la priinera edicion de Tloma de 1493, y precede la iioti- 
cia de una iiiieva copia del original manuscrito por el editor 
D. Geiiaro IL de Volafan. 

4<o. paper, 25 pages, Valencia, 1858 

This tract is by the Viscount I'orro.Segun (V'arnliageii), and sent me by liiin. 

It is a copy of u Spanish manuscript of the Columbus letters, dift'erent some- 
what from that given by Navanete. 

lie considers the edition liy Eucliiuius Arpenteus to be the Latin Ediiio 
prineeps. See p. VI [. et neq. Xoteby JI. C. Murpliij. 

642 COLUMBUS. Tre Lcttere di Christoforo Colombo ed Amer- 

igo Vespucci publicate per la prima volta dal Miuistcro del 



Fomenio in I-spngna, recate in lingua Ftiilinna con teste SpaR- 

nuoloH FronUi da AugiiHto Zeri. pp. HO. 

8vo. with folio atlas of/ac-HlmUe of hUers, meed, Roma, 18HI 

643 COUJMIUJS. The Landfall of C'olnn.buH on his first Voya-^e 

to America, will, a Translation of the Haron Bonncfonx''s 
History of his I'revions Life; also, A Chart showing his 
Ti-ack from the Landfall to Cnba, and an outline of his Snh- 
sequent Voyages, by Capt. A. H. Beecher. 

8t)o. cloth, London, 1856 

644 COLOMB, Fkuxand. Sa Vic, sos Oeuvrcs. Essai Critique Par 

I'Aufeur de la Bibliotheca Americana Vetustissima [H. Ilar- 
"*^®J* royal Svo. paper, Paris, 1872 

645 COLUMBUS. L'Authenticitfi des " Ilistorie " attribucs ,\ 

Fernand Colomb. Svo. paper, Paris, 1873 

646 COLUMBUH. Le Livre .le Ferdinand Colomb Revue Critique 

des Allegations propos6es centre son Authenticity Lue en 
communication a TAcadimie des Inscriptions et Belles-Let- 
tres dans ses Seances des 8. 15. et 22 Aout 1873. 

Svo. paper, Paris, 1873 

647 COr.UMBIA Coi.i.kc.e. Addresses of the newly appointed 

Professors of Columbia College, with an Introductory Address, 
by Win. Betts. Svo. cloth, Neiu York, 1858 

648 COLVm, Verplanck. Report on a Topographical Survey of 

the Adirondack Wilderness of New York. Made to Senate 
of New York. With 2 maps. pp. 305. 

Svo. cloth, Albany, 1873 

649 COMMELIN, Isaac. Begin ende Voortgangh der Vercenighde 

Nederlantsch'j Oost-Indischc Compagnie. 

3 very stout vols, ohlong 4to. old calf, with 220 curious maps 
cvu plates, finely engraved in the De Pry style, vellum, 

Amsterdam, 1646 

Notwithstanding tl.c limited nature of the title, these volumes relate almost 
as much to America as to the Kast Indies. Sixteen of the voyages In this col- 
lection were here published for the kikhttimk, and acon.pietecopy of the whole 
work is not easy to find, as each piece, although the pagination Is consecutive 
was separately printed. Much ot the Information contained in the valuable 
maps was not generally dliruscd for above a century afterwards; witness the 
adndrable map of the World m the account of 8pilbcrgen's Voyage In Vol II 
America Is most completely and accurately drawn there, in Its true shape; Call! 
fornia Is correctly represented as a I'enlnsula, although in most Atlases and geo- 
graphical books, even down to the middle of last century, It was drawn and 
described as an Island. Hudson's Hay Is called "The bay where Hudson did 
winter, and the discoveries of the Knglish navigator are all set forth. 

Priced £21 In a late London Catalogue. 


H. C. MUUPllY LinilAUY. 

650 COMMON SKNai;. Addrt^wHcil to tlic Inhabitants of Anierica. 
On the JoUowinK Intcrestin}? SnhjoctH : 1st, Of the Origin 
an.l Design of Government in general, with concise Uemarks 
on the English Constitution, etc. 

8w). lull/ mor. for J. Almon, London, ITVd 

651 COMPAKN. 't Begin, Midden en Eynde der See-I wvergen. 

van den Alderkauiensten Zee-Kover Klaesg Compaen, van 

Oost/.anen in Kennenier-Iandt. pp. 42. 

Ato. Immn calf, ijilt ed<jen, Amsterdam, Michael de Oroot, 16«.T 

652 CoMi'LOT d'Arnold ct de Sir Henry Clinton contre les Etuts- 

Unis d'Ameriqne et le General Washington. Map. 

8vo. half maroon vior. top edge gilt, uncut, Parit, 1816 

653 CONDER, John. Living Christianity Delineated in the Diaries 

and Letters of two Eminently pions Persons lately deceased ; 
viz. : Mr. Hugh Bryan, and Mrs. Mary Ilutson. Both of 
South Carolina. With a Preface by the Rev. Mr. John 
Co„der. V2mo. halfmor. London, 1 7<)() 

654 Confession ok Faith owned and consented unto by the Elders 

and Messengers of the churches assembled at Boston in New 
England, May 12, 1080. 
(Indian title.) Wunnamptamoe Sampooaonk Wussampoowon- 
tamum nashpe moeuwehkomunganash at New ICnghuxl. 
Nashpee Grindal Rawson, &c. 12mo. half red mor. 

Muahauwomuk Printeuun .i:.ohpe Bartholomew, Grankah 

John Allen, 1C99 
The English title facing the Inf ian one wanting, and the last leaf mutilated. 

655 CONGRESSIONAL Globe. From 1834 to 1854. 

22 vols. 4<o. halfrusaia, Washington, v. //. 

656 CONNECTICUT. Examination of the Connecticut claim to 

Lands in Pennsylvania, with an Appendix, containing extracts 
and copies from original papers. 

8vo. halfmor. gilt edges, Philadelphia, 1774 

657 Connecticut. Contributions to the Ecclesiastical History 

of Counecttcut; prepared under the direction of the General 
Association, to commemorate the completion of one hundred 
and fifty years since its first Annual Assembly. 

8vo. cloth. New Haven, 1861 

658 Connecticut. The Blue Laws of New Haven Colony, usually 

called Blue Laws of Connecticut ; Quaker Laws of Plymouth 




the ()ri>,'iii 
c Ucmiirkr* 

idott, 17V(! 

[ ivvcrgt'ii. 
iipaeii, van 

7root, 16(58 

e les Ktuts- 


Par is ^ 181 C 

tlie Diiu-ii's 
y (Icceased ; 
n. Hoth ol" 
Mr. John 
mdon, 17*)() 
r the ElderH 
ton in New 

w ICnghuirl. 
Ill/ red mor. 
'W, Grankah 
Allen, lG9'.t 

uigton, V, II . 
cnt chiim to 
iiing extracts 

Mphia, 1774 

ical History 

' the General 

one hundred 

Haven, 1861 

ilony, usually 

of Plymouth 

and Massachnsetts ; Hl,„, Uwh of N,w York, Maryland, 
N'irginia, and South Carolina; firnt Record of {'(.nnccticut. 

\2rno. cloth, lliulford, IHJJH 
«.VJ C'ONNI.:CTrC'lJT. I.ettor to an of th« 
('onnHI-Hoard, for The Cohmy of (N.nnecficut, «howing that 
Yah" College is a very great 'Omohinient, and of high in.|)or- 
tancc to the State : Consetiuently, that it is the interest and 
duty of the Connuon wealth to afford it public eonntenanee and 
(<u|)port. -Uu. hidf mor. uncut. New Ilarcn, li. Mecom, 17«« 
Miirgln oflenvi's, nciirt()|i, niutlliiti'd, text clcuii hiiiI piTfoct. 

660 Connecticut. Govornor an.l Company of Connecticut, and 

Moheagan Indians, by their (Juardians. Certified copy of 
Hook of Proceedings before Coniniission of Keview, mdccxmii. 
pp.283. Map. Vo. half cnlf, London, \1{\\) 

ApiJiMKl.Ml to tills v.)lniii.. a« ,i|mil of the IcHtlnioiiy, Ik Mnjor .lolm Mn»oii'» 
•• Drlct History of ll». |>,.,,uot Wiir," wllli a s..pnriU<. titlo. It I. ii volmii.. of 
very gicHt Nciirclty. A ropy In the llrlnlfy mile hroiiKlit ^\\r,. 

Til., work wiiH prlntiMl for tliu usf of ti.e Ju.lKfH uiid oouiiwl In the tliial trial 
of the "Ma4onC,i..,.,"o,iappwil from tlif Jti.lKinciit of th,. Coart of Coiniiil.. 
HJoiuTH In 17J;1, to the King In Coaiicll. 

661 Connecticut. Acts and Laws of his Majesties Colony of (Jo,,- 

necticut in New England. 

urn. folio, half calf , New London, Timothy Green, 17ir» 

Contaliin "Acts ami I.awn" pft««,.,l Hiibsivpicnt to 1715, coinprUiiiK 1710 to 
IMO, fontlmioacly ..mlliiK with paRc m. (Al Itie en,'), Neic iMiulon, T 
Green, 1740. 

662 C(»nnecticut. Collections of the Connecticut Historical Society. 

^'"'- ^' 8('f). cloth, Hartford, 18G() 

(Ui-2* Connecticut. The (ieneral Laws and Liberties of Connect- 
ticut Colonies : Ifevised and Published by Order of the Gen- 
eral Court held at Hartford, Oct., 1672. 

folio, half calf , ICamhridye, Samuel Green, 1673] 

Title page wantiiig. Hrst ami last h.av.'s iniililated, biU text pprfect. pn 71 
ami table. 

This is the first pablioatioii In print of the Laws of the Colony of I'onnectl- 
cut. The Laws of that Colony were, however, reduced to form in KWM), and, as 
lliencodilied, were llrsf pnbilshe.; in IS:i-,' at llnrlford. In 8vo., niakinR, witii some 
other matter, l'.;o pages. The Code of Iflflo contains many of the laws In this vol- 
ume, word for word ; many others are modified; and manv are here Introducetl 
for file lirst time. 

66;) CONOLLY, Tiio.mas. Dictionary of the Spanish and English 
Languages. 4 vols. ifo. calf, Madrid, 1797-98. 

lU\i CONSCIENCE, IIknorik. Jacob van Arteveldc. 

3 rots. \2mo. sewed, Anttverpen,.Wi9\ 




(50r» [COOl'KU, Mvi-K».] A Krii-ndly AiMrcHH to all ronHoiialilo 
Aiiu'ritaiiH, on tint Hiibjitct of our I'oliticul C'oni'tiMioim : in 
\vlii<'li the iiw'i'NMiiry coiiHi'tiutMiccM of violently o|i|)OHin|; tlui 
Killer's 'rriHijiM, aiitl ot' u (Jfnornl N<Mi-Iii\p(irtiiti<in, nre I'nirly 
niatcil. Hii). half miir, priiilid Jur llii' puri'liiisi'rii, 

America, 1774 

Mylm <!<ii>|icr, llir uiitliiir ot'tlilK Iriicl, whh I'ri'nlilnit of KliiK" (now ritliiiii. 
bill) ('()lli-)(i>, Willi wn* ciiiii|ii'lli'il, (III iicniiMit ni'liln inry prlniipliH, tu li'U\i' tli« 
elty. Hiiiiii- ciipU't liuvi' tin- Imprint, " Suw York, prhittid In tliv ymr 1774." 

(!flf. ('0()PKI{,l)r. Till" Otlu'iSide oftlie Qnchli-ni : or, A Dff.'iMU) 
ot'tlui Lil)i'i'ti('H (if Nortli Auu'rica, in answer to a lutt: Kriundly 
Addri'H.H lu all rc-ationaliltt Anx'riL'iiiiM on our pulitical <'oniu- 
«ioiiK. \'2in<i. Iialf iniir. New lor/i', Jumrn Hiciixjiuu, 1774 

(!tJ7 C'OOPKH. TiioMAM. Some Inrurination ri'S|iccting America, 
eolleeted by 'liunnas Coopei-, late of ManclicMter. 

>^vo, hul/mor, f/ondoii, 17'J4 

titiM ('i»N«ii»KHATi<iNs tin tlie MeanurcH carrying on with reMpect to 
tiie Uritish Colonics in Nortli Ainei'ica. The Second Kdition 
with Additional, and an Appendix Relative to the pruacnt statu 
of artairn OP that Continent. Hvo. half mor. London, 1774 

(>0!( CoNrtTiTiJTioNs ()f the Several Tndepondtiiit States of Ainoriea ; 
The Declaration of Independence ; Tlie Artich-n of Confeder- 
ation between the said State.-* ; The Treaties between his 
Mo.>»t Christian Majesty and the United States of America. 
l'2iii(). jiurplc mor. top (/ilt, Philadilpliia, F. Jlailri/, 1781 

Tlir tlmt cuDi'i'tcd I'llltlmi of tlir ncvi'i'iii CiiiiHtltiitluiiH i)( tlw iilil Tlilrtci'ii 
HIiitVH, piilillKlif'il liv iirdir iit'<'(iiiii;i'i'.'<s. This cupy bi'loiiKol tu (iuii. lllixiniMi'liI, 
of Ni'tv tUrsvy, iiliil lias IiIh imtiiKrapli. 

(i7(> COPKLANI), I'atuick. A'irginia's (!od be 'I'lianked, or, a 
Serinon of Thanksgiving t'oi' the Happy Sn<'cesse of the atl'ayres 
in Virginia this last year. Preached at How-Church in 
Cheapside before the Hon. \'irgiin'a C'oin|iany. 

4to. rvd inur. extra, hij Jtradntrcd, Loudon, for Williaia 

Slicffard, H)22 

(i7I C'OPWAY, (j. The Traditional History and Characteristic 
Sketches of the Ojibway Nation. \2mo. cloth, Loudon, ISfiO 

(!72 Copy of Two Letters, the first written by a (lentlcman at New 
New York, to his Friend at Edinburgh ; the second liy a Dis- 
senting Minister in England to a Gentleman in Scotland. 
l{oth giving an Account of the Progress and Success of the 
Ciospel in Foreign Parts. l2iuo. half mor. Ed'uihunjh, 1740 

rtiMiniiM : ill 
|i(miii|j; tint 
, lire t'uirly 

ric«, 1771 

I (now rojiiiii. 
, III IciiM' tile 
-nr 1774." 

A DfCclH'tl 

U: KriuiKJly 

ii'iil cmil'ii- 

gloh, 1774 


idoii, 171II 
reHpect t<> 

11(1 Ivlilioii 

useiit statu 

idon, 1774 
Aiuurieiv ; 

'twet'ii liin 


aitry, 1781 

' old TlilrtiM'ii 
II. lllooniMi'liI, 

kcd, or, a 
C'IiiiitIi ill 

III- W'Uliuiii 
fard, 1(;22 

•uhm, ISfiO 

laii at New 
il ))y a Dis- 
1 Scotland, of tlie 
unjh, 1740 









COUKMANS, DocTKiH. I< . ..,»;« <U, I'Anciorin.^ \Mv,u\m. .^111- I,... Hai,ir.uM, I..M nioin, Ich Mcmain..^. lo.^ |.Vt.m, hw 
UhuK«!h duii8 itiH Teiniw AiituiicurH a riiitiodiuti.m d«H CliriH- 
tiHni.inii, fi. ndgiqiio. 8i;o. hal/mor. JhuxelUs, 1844 

COKNWAr.l.I.S, KAiti,. All Aimwor to that part of tlio Nar- 
rativ.i of IJiMit.-iiaiit (JiMUTal Sir Ilmiry CJintoi,, wliidi n-iatc.s 
to the Coiidii..t of I.ii., iU-mml Karl Coniwaili.i, during 
tho t'ampai;^!! in North Aniurica, in the year 1781. 

Hvo.hnl/mor. Luhdon, 1783 
CoKoNKi.i.i Mill : Coiivfiit ; Ath.nte V.-ii-to, ,,..1 ,,„d.. .i ,.o,i- 
tieno la doHcrittioiic (Jeo^r,,,(i,.H, Slorica, Sana, I'rofano 
I'oiitii-a d.-i* Inipurij, Uo^ni, o Statidell' Univer.^o. 

.1 tar<j<' vnh. alias folio, with numerous maps, plniiH, ,fr., 

I'uijmvi'd on coppvr, VtiivHa, lOyr) 

COUTIvS. IVafchna Fordiimndi Cortesii d.; Nona maris 

Oceani IIy.spania Narratio Sacra, ac Iiivictcs.'tinu) Carolo 

Koin. Imp. H(MniK.r Aiign.sto, Hy.^paiiiariiin &c Uojri Anno 

'*'""• "•"■•^''; foUo, old Spaulsh t,i„d,u;,, 

(fill edye, n-ri/ rarr, Niirimlcnja, /'. J'ti/pun, 15;J4 

, ''"';'""'';' •"■'•'"■'•'"■''•''. '>'H'-li«llof til.. vl<.«oltli..CltyofMfxlco want. 

Iilft. IiiotliiTicMpeeUBlliii'copy. 

COUTKS. 'riio DcMpatchcs of Hernando Cortes, tiic C;onqiu>ror 
of Mexico, addreswcd to the Emperor Charles Fifth. Written 
during' the Coiiiiiiest, and coiitainiiig a narrative of its events. 
Tran.Hhtted by CJeorge Foi.soni. 

roipdHro. hnlf mor. lop f/ill, New Yorh; 184,'l 

CORWIN, Kdwaki. Tanvouk. A Mamial of tlie Reformed 
Church in America. Por/nill. Hro. cloth, New York, 18(5!) 

COSMOfJHAPIIIAK Inthoi.vcik,. | cvm qvihvs-dam | Geo- 
metriae | ac | a.Htrono | mine principiis | ad cam rem nece.ssa- 
nis I lasiipcr (piatuor Amcrici Ve- | spiicij nani-ationcs. 
^'nillcI•saii.s cbo.smofrrapiiiii. [.s,V] descriptio | tain in solido 
qnam piano, ei.s eliain | iiiscrti.s (iinc Ptlioloma.'o | ignota a 
nuperi,s | reperta | sunt. «„,. 4<„, red vmr. 

gilt edges, very fine tall copy, St. Die MaiJ, 1507 

rintroiliietion to (•"siiioKri.pliy. to„,.tliw willi Honi« iirliiclpKa of ((..oiiietiv 
uiiil Ah roiiomy m.ct.«H«ry lor tlie p.iipo,-,.. As also four voyages of Aiiioileu* 
\espuclu«. A Ascription of ..wivrrsa! < osmograpliy, botl, soii.l ami plane. 
tOKotlicr with what wu» known to I'lolfiiiy. J 

A tract of cxce.sslvu rarity, IjoInK tlie |lr»t edlllon pilnted in May, 1507: a 
...cond app. uied in .Soptenibor of tl.e same year. .See fuc.sin.ile of the printer'i. 
luark and colophon. ' 



A copy was solil by miction In Paris in It .7 for 2,000 francs. Tross, in lii:< 
Catalogue fiir 1872, marki a copy at 1,500 francs. 

ft * 
























I— f 






Finitu. vij. kl'. Maij 
Anno supra sesqui 
millesimum. vij. 




f— ! 










































R i 

G80 C'OSMOGRAPIIIAK Intuoiu erio. Ato. velltan, k /<(/? ro;;//. 
[iSi. Die] Septemhris Ainio nupr<i .mp.s qiiimillesimu. vij. [1507] 

Tlie printpr's niarli and siiiroiim'ing words tlie sainc as tluit of tlie May edi- 
tion, except tliat tlie word Septcniljcr is intiMHliiced iiisteiid nf May. liotli edi- 
tions are of eipial rarity. 

t'.81 C'OSMOGHAPHIE Intho | niurio: cmiKiuilmsdam (JeoiiK!- | 
tria; ac Astrononiia; priiici | pii.s ad earn rein | uecossarii.s. | 
IiiHuper quattuor Americi Ve | spiieii Nauigaiionc8. Uniiicr- 
salis Coamographia' (Uvsri-iptio | tarn in solido cpiam piano, cis 
t!tiam I iiiniTti!? (jiia' Ptlioloma'o | i;j:nota, a nupuris | reporta 
)t\n\i. I s"i. 4/o. i52 leaves, 

vellitm, Argenlora Joainiea (iri'mujer [1609] 

Introduction to t'osniogrHi)liy, toKetlier witii some principles of Geometry 
and Astronomy necessary to tlie p. irpiisc. Also the four niivijrations oi Anieri. 
ens Vespucins. 

Trice 250 francs on a late l''reneiL Cataiogue. 

|)M-J COSTKR, LouKKNS, Iauszoox. Tlu- Ilarlom I.pgeixl of the 
Invntioi: of Printing, critically oxainiiitMl by i)i'. A. Van 
Uer Liude. From the Dutch, by I. A. Ilcssclt*. 

8vo. half calf , London, 1871 



;i 'if 

1 i 

u o 



''83 COTIIREN, Willum. History of ancient Woodbury, Con- 
necticut, from the first Indian Deed in 1659 to 1854, includ- 
nig the present Towns of Washington, Southbury, Bethlem. 
Koxbury, and a part of Oxford and Middlebury. PortraU. ' 
8vo. f/reen doth, Waterbury, Conn., 1854 

C84 COTTER, Richau,.. Sketches of Bermuda: or, Somers 
islands. Illustrations. ■ Svo. cloth, London, 1828 

(.80 COTTON, Hkxuy, (of the Bodleian Library). A Typograpli- 
H'pl Gazetteer. Second edition, mucii enhirged. 

8i'o. half red mor. extra, top ed,je fjilt, uncut, Oxford, 1831 

686 CO'rrON, John. The Pouring out of the Seven Vials: or. 
An Ex^-^osuion of the sixteenth Chapter of the Revchition, 
with ,in application of it to our Times. Wherein is revealed 
God's pouring out the full Vials of his Wratii. 

re- r-rx'nr^^ ^^'^' ^''°^^ '"'"■• ^*^' ^^5'^*' London, 1645 

(.8/ COITON, Joiix. The Way of Congregational Churches 

cleared : In two Treatises. 
In the former, From the Historical Aspersions of Mr. Robert 

Bayhe, in In's Book, called A Dissuasive from the Errors of 

the time. 

In the latter, From some contradictions of Vindicae Clavium, etc. 
And from Some Misconstructions of learned Mr. Rutherford in 
his Book entitled the due right of Presbyters. 

fls« r^rvp'Iv^xT ,. '^'°- '"^Vmor. London, 1648 

688 COl U)N. The Way of the Churches of Christ in New Eng- 

bind ; or. The Way of Churches walking in Brotherly equal- 
ity, or co-ordination, without Subjection of one Church to 
anotiier, etc. 4to. half cloth, London, Matthew Simmons, 1G45 

689 COWELL, Bknjamin. Spirit of '76 in Rhode Island : or, 

Skefches of the efforts of the Government and People in the 
War of the Revolution, togotiier with the names of those who 
belonged to Rhode Island Regiments in the Army, -vith Bio- 
grap!,i,;al Notices, &c. Svo. cloth, Boston, 1850 

690 COXE, Daniki.. A Description of the English Province of Car- 

olina. By the Spaniards call'd Florida, and by the French, 
La Louisiana. With a large map of Carolina, and of the 
River Meschacebe. 8«o. sheep, London, 1741 

691 COXE, William. Account of the Russian Discoveries between 

Asia and America, to which are added, The Conquest of Sibe- 
ria, and the History of the Transactions and Commerce 
between Russia and China. Map. 8vo. cloth, London, 1803 



092 COZZANS, Issaciiar. A Geograpliical History of Manhat- 
tan, or New York Island, together with a Map of the Island. 
Afap a)id colored plates. 8vo. cloth, New York, 184;5 

f)93 CRAHv AND MacFaulank. The Pictorial History of Eng- 
land ; being a History of the People, as well as a History of 
the Kingdom. Illustrated with many hundred wood-cuts, 
and 104 Illustrative Portraits, Engraven on Steel. 

8 vols, royal 8vo. half calf, marbled edges, London, 1849 

694 CRANTZ, David. The History of Greenland ; containing a 

description of the country and its iniiabitants. 

2 vols. 8vo. calf, London, 1767 

695 CRANTZ, David. The Ancient and Modern History of the 

Brethren ; or, A Succinct Narrative of the Protestant Church 
of the United Brethren, or, United Fratrum, jn the remoter 
ages, and particularly in the present Century. 

Svo. calf, Jjondon, 1780 
69G CRASHAM. A Sermon preached in London before the Rt. 
Hon. Lord Lavvarre, Lord Governour and Captain General 
of Virginia. 

sm. 4to. imper/ect, title and all hefore signature D wanting. 

697 CRAWFORD, Ciiarlks. An Essay on the Propagation of the 

Gospel ; in which there are numerous Facts and Arguments 
addressed to prove that many of the Indians in America are 
descended from the Ten Tribes. 

12mo. hoards, vncut, Philadelphia, 18C1 

698 CRAWFORD, Charles. An P^ssay upon the Propagation of 

the Gospel, etc. 12?;(o. half calf, Fhiladclphia, 1799 

699 CRfcTINEAU, JoLY. J. Ilistoire Religeuse, Politique et Lit- 

terairc de la Campagnie de Jesus composee sur les Documents 
inedits et authentiques. Portraits et de fac-simile. 

5 vols. 8vo. sewed, uncut, Paris, Paul Mellier, 1845 

700 CROESE, Gerard. Historia Quarkeriana ; sive, de vulgo 

dictes Quakeris, ab Ortu illorum asque ad recens natum 

Scisma, Libri iii, cU'. 


dlum, Amstelodami, 1695 


Croese. Elucidations quaedam valde necessariae in Gerardi 
Croesi. Ilistoriarn Quakeriaam Editae a Philaletha. 

12/Ho. sewed, uncut, Amsterdam, Jacob Clavs, 1696 

702 CROTON Water-Works. Documents relating to. From 

1832 to 1838. With maps and plans, thick 8vo. sheep, v. y. 

703 CRUICKSHANK, Thomas. The Practical Planter : contain- 

ing directions for the planting of waste land, and management 
of Wood : with a new method of rearing the Oak. 

8vo. half cloth, London, 1830 




704 CUBA (Joan. A.) O^rtUS SanftatCS. ( end:) Quem 

quidem librum omni diligetia collectiim, iii jihili caractere 
projiriis iiytpcmis Jacohus Meydenharh ciuin Moguntinns locu- 
lentissimc impressit . . . in inclita ciuitate Moyuntina . . . 
in qua nobilissima ciuitate 7 ars ac scientia hac subtilissima 
caraderisandi seu imprimendi fuit inuenta, 1491 

thick folio, black Idler, in double colurans. 
This rare and beaiitiriil volume contains a large number of finely executed 
v'ood cuts, of which seven fill entire pages. They represent the arts of the 
period, animals, plants, and a variety of strange ligures. 

705 CUMMINS, J:ijenkzer Harlow. History of the Late War, 

between the United States and Great Britain ; with a Critical 
Appendix, &c. 8i'o. half mor. Baltimore, 1820 

70G CURWEN, A. A Relation of tlie Labour, Travail, and Suf- 
fering of that Faithful Servant of the Lord, Alice Curwen, 
who Departed this Life tlie 7th Day of the 6th Month, 1679, 
and resteth in Peace with the Lord. 

sm. ito. half mor. top gilt, 1680 

Includes an Epistle to Friends in Gruvcscnd, Long Island, from Newport, 
in Rhode Island, and other pieces on American topics. 

707 Cypress's Sporting Scenes. 2 vols. 1842— C. Cist's Cincinnati 

in 1841. — Cooley's Churches and Pastors in Hampden Co., 
Mass. 1854.— Historical Sketches of Michigan. Detroit, 
1834.— Chorlton, on the Cold Grapery. 1853.— Claiborne's 
Notes on the War in the South. Richmond, 1819. — Ceasaa 
Map of New York, (f, uled). 1846.— T. W. Coit's Puritan- 
ism. 1845. — Tiie Church of Christ independant of the Synod 
of Dort. 1823.— Backus's Historical Discourse. 1860. — 
Bishop Bayley's History of the Catholic Church in New York. 
1853. together, 12 vols, 12mo. 

708 DE LA BORDE. Voyage qui contient un Relation exacte de 

rOrigine, Moeurs, Cofttumes, Religion, Gucrres & Voyages 
des Caraibes, sauvages des Isles Antilles de L'Amerique. 

12mo. boards, Leide, 1704 

709 DABLON, C-aude. Relation de ce qui s'est passe de plus 

remarquable aux Missions des Peres de la Compagnie de 
Jesus en la Nouvelle France les annpes 1673 a 1679. Par le 
R. P. Claude Dablon, Rectcur du College de Quebec, etc. 

8vo. cloth, map, uncut, A la Nouvelle York, 1860 




H. C. 'lIRPIiy LIBliAUy. 

^10 D ACVGNA, Chuistopueh. Voy.,osand Diacovenes i„ South 

America The first up the River of Amazons to Quito, i„ 

• Peru, and back again to Brazil. The second up the river of 

Hata, and thence by bind to the mines of Potosi, by Mons 

Aca,ette The Third froni Cayenne into (Juiana, in searJh 

of the Lake of Parima. By M. Grillet and Bechamel. 

^,, ^^ l-'"0- sheep, rare, London, iC98 

' 1 1 D ES LOZIERKS] B. Voyage a la Louisiane, et sur lo con- 

'"o!^'^oo'^"1'''''^'" •^«P^i""t'-i«"'ile, dans les anuses 
1.94al.98. Map. Hvo. calf, Paris, IS02 

DALCIIO FuKDEKic. An Historical account of the Protestant 
Episcopal Church, in South Carolina, from the first settlement 
of the Province, to War of the Revolution; with notices of 
the present state of the Church in each Parish: Civil History 

-1 . T. fJ:r ^"°- '^'"i'^ Charleston, 1820 

'16 DANISH Laws: or, the Code of Christian the Fifth, faithfully 
translated, for the use of the English inhabitants of the Danish 
Settlements in America. Svo. calf, London, 1 7;><i 

714 DANKERS Axn Sr.uvxKu. Journal of a Voyage to New York 
and a lour in Several of the American Colonies in 1(579-80, 
by Jasper Dankers and Peter Sluyter. Translated from the 
original manuscript in Dutch for the Long Island Historical 
Society, by Henry C. Murphy. 

(5 copies,) 8vo. green doth, with 12 plates, Broohhjn, 18G7 

''' T™8V':s''"™% ^«'"-^'«^^^o^a=-to New York 
in io<9-HO. (Same as above.) 

(4 copies,) royal Soo. large and thick paper, heautifalhj printed, 

half, mo, . top edge gilt, Roxburgh style. 

with tl,e viol of «eleclTa, rnl .;'■'" "^ "" ""''"'^'^ "'" '"'l""'''''« 
that religious com m, "/ ™ " i 7iT V '" '"'"'"^''"''■"^ of a colony of 
of Zealand. """"'"'y' ^ '"* ^-^^t orign.ated ten years before in tlie i,land» 

minfd^o'^emotttbXnrer" "■"''.", "^ '^'"""^ -P-.ed, ti.ey .eter- 
t.-eir cImrcirihryVrs 'vlt to S "' " l"""'"-^' ^■'^'""^ •"" •^--iTies of 
proved a failure, a fd;:;oULdned '"■■'"' "" T""' '" '""'''"■" "«- 
land, although surrendered to reTw ,1" ' '""' """" """ ^"'^ ^^■"'«'- 
and Dankers and l, o « f^-''^^'^""--' better prospects for tl.en,, 

^n.e to Ne. vork oir^r lif o^;:::!;^— r :• t r ^tr-" 

Maryland, for which tliTv nl!,„ ,!h ^ ^ I"-e-^ent States of Delaware and 

account of their ton „ , ^ sev r U Colonl""! •-, ""-" ,"'"•' ''"'''''« "' «'-' »« 
for the society they represented '''"'"« " P«™'«n"'t locality 



Mr. Miii'pTiy piociircd the orifiiiinl mnmiscript f .i Mr. Frederick Muller, of 
Amsterdam, and translated it for tlic Long Island Historical Society, which 
Society pnbllHlied It in their collection. A few copies were printed with a sepii- 
rate title Cor Mr. Mnrphy'a nse, but were never olTered for sale. A very liniall 
number were prlnled on large paper. The copies now offered are all that 
remain of the edition. 

716 DAKBY, William. A Geograpliieal Description of the State 

of Louisiana, tlic .southern part of the State of Mississippi, 
and Territoi-y of Alabama ; with a Map. 

Svo, sheep, N"w York, 1817 

717 Dakby. a Tour from the City of New York to Detroit, in the 

Michigan Territory ; made in 1813. Map of Niagara and its 
F'alls, and Plan of Deti-oit. 8vo. slieep, New York, 181 1» 


An enterprise of promise, called "The Company of Scotland trading 
to Africa and the Indies," was formed in !«cotland in the year IfiSMi-W, having in 
view the establishment of a direct intercourse between the two Indies, by a nav- 
igation across tlie Vacilic Ocean. This company was formed under an act of tlie 
I'arliament of Scotland, with the assent of Iving William III., " to erect compa- 
nies for the, establishment and carrying on trade witli any nutiona or countries, 
or places in Asia, Africa and America, not Inhabited, pi- at other places with tlie 
consent of the natives. The Darien Colony was only a part of tlic great design 
of the " Company of Scotland trading to Africa and the Indies." That design, 
says a writer in the Retrospective 7?w., (Vol. II., New Series, p. 17.3,) had in 
view tlie general commercial Improvement of Scotland, and aimed at extending 
trade to the north of Kurope, as well as to the East and West. The company 
had originally more than half its shareholders in Knghind, Holland and Ger. 
many, who withdrew In consequence of the jealousy of the older East India Com . 
pan'es; and in obedience to the nmlignant injunctions of the English rarlla- 
ment, who impeached the leading Scottish adventurers for raising money in Eng- 
land to support the company. This treatment only the more vehemently roused 
the national spirit of tlie Scotch, and they alone provided all the iunds needed 
for the work. Hence the Dnrlen Colony of Caledonia assumed an exclusively 
Scottish character. 

In February, 1700, the English House of Lords presented an address to the 
King, in which they complained that " the Scots Colony at Darien was inconslst- 
ent with tl e good of the plantation trade of England." The I'arltament of Scot, 
land showed their resentment at this address of the English Lords, by declariug 
that the proceedings of tlie I'arliament of England in relation to their charter, 
" are an undue Intermeddling in the affairs of this Kingdom, and an invasion 
upon the independence of our King and I'arliament." 

But this was not all. To cap the climax of the distresses of the colony, It 
was blockaded by a Spanish force, and reduced to the necessity of abandoning the 
settlement and removing to the island of Jamaica. 

718 DARIEN. A Defence of the Scots abdicating Darien : Inchid- 
ing An Answer to the Defetice of tlie Scots Settlement there. 
Authore Britanno sed Dunensi. 8vo. calf, London^ 1700 

This work was attributed to a Dr. Harris. In November, 17(Xl, flic Parlia- 
ment of Scotland ordered the book to be burnt by the common hangman. 
Fountalnhall, Vol. II., p. Ifli. On the application of the government of Scot- 
land, Dr. Harris was forbidden to be employed in any post in his Mi\jesty's wr- 
ylce.—Edinburg Oasetle, January 13, 1701. 


i I 












DARIF:N. The Origiiiftl PHi)er8 and Letters, Relating to tlio 
Scots' Compniiy Trailing to Africa and the Indies. From the 
Memorial given in against their taking Subscriptions at Ham- 
burgh, by Sir Paul Rycaut, His Majesty's Resident there, to 
their last Address sent up to His Majesty in December, 10')!). 
8ro, half red iiinr. printed Aiuto 1700 
Daritcn. Scotland'-* Right to Caledonia (Formerly called 
Darien), and the Legality of it. s Settlement, asserted in Three 
several Memorials presented to His Majesty in May, 1G!)<). 
By the Lord President of the Session and Lord Advocate on 
behalf of the Company of Scotland, Trading to Africa and the 
"'''°'''* ^i'»- hoards, printed in the year 1700 

Dakien. A Just and Modest Vindication of the Scots' 
Design, for the having Established a Colony at Darien. 
With a Brief Display, how much it is their Interest to apply 
themselves to Trade, and particularly to that which is Foreign. 

12mn. half calf, London, lC9i> 
Dauikn. a Defence of the Scots' Settlement at Darien. With 
An Answer to the Spanish Memorial against it. And Argu- 
ments to prove. That it is the Interest of Engla-,d to join ^N^th 
the Scots, and protect it. (In the same volume), 
The Defence of tlie Scots' Settlement at Darien answered Para- 
graph by Paragraph. By Philo-Rritan. 

8vo. half mar. London, 1099 
Darien. The History of Caledonia; or, the Scots Colony in 
Darien in the West Indies. With an Account of the Manners 
of the Inhabitants and Riches of the Countrey. Hy a Gentle- 
man lately arriv'd. l2mo. vellum, London, John Nntt, 1G99 
Darien. An Enquiry into the Causes of the Miscarriage of 
the Scots Colony at Darien. Or An Answer to a Libel intituled 
a Defence ofthe Scots Abdicating Darien. Submitted to the Con- 
sideration of the Good People of England. 8vo. Glasgow, 1 700 
Darikn. a Short and Impartial View of the manner and occa- 
sion of tJie Scots Colony's coming away from Darien, in u 
Letter to a person of Quality. 

4to. half green mor. fop edge gilt, printed in the year 1G99 
Darien. The History of Dai-ien. Giving a short description 
of that country : and an account of the attempt of the Scotcli 
nation to settle a colony in that place, by Francis Borland. 

8vo. half green mor. Glasgotv, 1779 

DARIEN Papers : being a Selection of Original Letters and 

Official Documents relating to the Establishment of a Colonv 




lit Durion by tlie Company of Scotland trading to Africa and 

tlio Indies l()9r)-1700. 4to. half hrnvm mor. lop edije gill, 

uncut, printed for the liannntyinc Cluh, Edinburgh, 1849 

A Hcnrce unci very intfreBtiiig roliimc, inurkeil £4.4.0 in n lat<! Loiuloii C'utalogiic. 

nook.s on tliitf Diiricn Colony arc now much Bought tfor, and it is very uncom- 
mon to finil an niHny an arc liorc ollfreJ. 









DA RLE Y, Fki.ex O. C. Illustrations of Rip Van Winkle, 
designed and etched for Members of the American Art Union, 
1848. ohliivn folio, sewed. New York, 

DARLINGTON, Dit. IMcniorials of Jolin Hartram and Hum- 
phry Marshall, with notices of their Botanical Contempora- 
ries, with Illustrations. 8vo. cloth., Philadelphia, 1849 

D'lIANTERIVE, M. Bouia,. Annnaire de la Tairie et de la 

Noblesse de France et des Maisons Souveraines da I'Europe. 

2 vols, l2mo. cloth, gilt edges, Paris, 1845-58 

DARNELL, Emas. Journal of Ilardsliips, Rattles and Cap- 
tivity of tJie Kentucky Volunteers under Gen'l AVinche.ster in 
1812-13. 1854. — Wm. Darby's Lectures on the Discovery 
of America. 1828. — Davidson's Mammoth Cave and the 
Barrens of Kentucky. 1840. — Bowen's Pictui-e of Boston. 
1838. — Bernard. Lcs Bords du Rhin, maps and wood-cuts. 
Paris, 1854. — INIanual for Ti-avellcrs to Ilcidelburg and its 
environs. Plans. — Delftsche Studentcn-Almanac. 1854. — 
Cricliton's History of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. 2 
vols. 1843, — Beck's Leamington Guide. 185(5. 

together, 10 vols. 

DAVENPORT, John. A Defence of the Answer and Argu- 
ments of the Synod met at Boston in 1662, concerning the 
subject of Baptism, and Consociation of Cliurches. Against 
the Reply made thereto by the Rev. John Davenport, Pastor 
of the Church at New Haven, in his Treatise entitled. 
Another Essay for Investigation of tiie Truth, etc. 

4to, half calf, Camhridge, 1664 

D'AVEZAC, M. Notice des Decouvertes faites au Moyen-Age 
dans rOeean Atlantique anterieurement aux grandes explo- 
rations Portugaises du (juinziume siedc. 

8i'o. half mor, gilt top, Paris, 1845 

D'AVEZAC, M. lies de I'Afriquc, avec la colloboration de 
M. M. deFrobcrville, Fred. Lacroix, F. Hooper, MacCarthy, 
& Victor Charlier. 8vo, half mor, Paris, 1848 





I ii 










D'AVEZAC Lea Voyngas do Am^ric Vespnce an comptc do 
riCspiigii'! ot loa Mosiiros Itinoniiros einploy^oa par loa marina 
Kspagiiola et Portugaia dea X\'o ct XVIe ai^clea, pom- fairo 
auite aux PonsidL'ratioiiag6ograi)lii(iiicsaiir I'liiatoiro dii Hroail. 
2G8 pp. 2 'maps. 4,0. hoarda, Paris, 1858 

D'AvKZAO. Kolatioii Aiitlioiitiquo dii Voyago du Capitaine do 
Goiuieville cs iiouvollos terres dea Indoa. Publiee int6gralo- 
moiit pour la promiore foia. 

8(7). half marixm mor. tap eihje fjiU, Paris, ]8Cf) 
D'AVEZAC, U. ( Jraiida ot Potits (loograplioa Groca et Latina : 
Eaquiaae Bihiiograpliique doa ooliectiona qui out cto publioea, 
entropriaea ou projcct^'oa, et revuo eriticjue du vclunie des 
pctita g^ographoa Grooa avee notes do Charles MuUer, ooni- 
pria dana la bibliothoque des auteurs Grecs do M. Eirmin 
y^'^^^- 8vo. setccd, Paris, I80G 

D'AVEZAC, M. Coup d'(pil Flistoriquo sur la Projeetion dea 
Cartes do G6ograpliie. Notice luo a la Sociite de Goograpliio 
de Paria 19 Deeembre 1802. pp. 1 .'52. Svo. sewed, Paris, 18C;i 
DAVIDSON, Kkv. Koheut. History of the Preabyterian 
Church in the State of Kontneky ; with a preliminary aketeii 
of tiic Churches in the Valley of Virginia. 

Svo. cloth, New Yorlc, 1847 
DAVIES, Samukl. State of Religion among the I'rotostant 
Dissenters in Virginia ; In a Letter to the Rev. Mr. Josepii 
Bellamy, of Rethlem, in Now England. 

4to. half i))or. Bostoii, 1751 
DAVIPIS, C. M. The History of Holland, and the Dutch 
Nation, from tlie beginning of the Tenth Century to tlie end of 
the Eighteenth : Including an account of the Municipal Insti- 
tutions, Commercial Pursuits, an.l Social Habits of the People. 

3 vols. Svo. cloth, London, 1851 
DAVIS, Solomon. A Prayer Hook, in the Language of the 
Six Nationa of Indians, containing the Morning and Evening 
Service. Unio. half nor. top ed(je gilt, New York, 1837 

DAVIS, Georgk Lynn. Lachlan, Tlie Day Star of Anun-ican 
Ereedom ; or The Birth and early growtli of Toleration, in 
the Province of Maryland, with a Sketch of tlio Colonization 
upon the Chesapeake and its Tributaries, Preceding the Re- 
moval of tlie Government to Annapolis, etc. 

12»)o. cloth, New York, 1855 

DAVIS, A. History of New Amsterdam ; or, New York as 

it was, in the days of the Dutch Governora, together with 





papers on events connected with the American Ilevohition : 

and on rhihuleiphia in tlic TinieH of William I'enn. 

12;/(o, hnlf mnr. top (jilt, G Jim- iUustrnl'mm, New York, 1854 

745 DAVIS, Ukv. Solomon. A Prayer Hook, in the language of 
the Six Nations of Indians, containing tiie Morning and Kvening 
Service, The Litany, Cateciiism, Prayers, and Thanksgivings 
upon several occasions, etc. 12 wo. clolli, New York, 1837 

74G DAVIS, Maithkw L. Report of the Case between the Kev. 
Cave Jones, and tlie Rector and Iidnibitants of tiie City of 
New York in communion of the Protestant Episcopal Cinircli, 
As the same was agned before tlie five Judges of tlie Supreme 
Court, Arbitrators to whom the difference between the parties 
were referred. Hvo. paper, uncut. New York, 1813 

747 DAVIS, W. W. II. The Spanisli Conquest of New Mexico. 

Svo. cloth, Daylcntown, Pa., 1869 
A prcsi'iitation copy, with It'ttcr, from the uutliur. 

748 DAVIS, John. Travels of Four Years and a half in the United 

States of America; During 1798, 1800, 1801, and 1802. 

8iio. half calf , map, London, 1803 
74!) Davis's Travels in Louisiana and tlie Ploridas in 1802. New 
York, 1800. — Davis J. History of the Welsh Haptists from 
03 to 1770. 1830. — Dana, E. Geographical Sketches of 
the Western Country. Cincinnati, 1819. — Dicks' Compen- 
dium of Mathematical Geography. London, 1803.— Dix- 
worth's Schoolmaster's Assistant, lirookhjn, 1807. —De- 
witt's History of the School of the Reformed Protestant Dutch 
Church. 18')8.— De Tornos Method of learning the Castilian 
Language. 1875.— Foote on the Early History of Delaware. 
1842. — Fosbroke's Tourists' Grammar. 1820.— Davis's His- 
tory of Sabbatarian Churches. 1857. together, 10 vols. 

750 DAWSON, J. W. Fossil Men and their modern representa- 

tives. An attempt to illustrate the Characters and Condition 
of Pre-Historic Men in Europe, by those of the American 
Kivces. 12;«o. cloth, illustrations, London, 1880 

751 DE RONDE, Lamueutls, (Predekant te New York). 

De Ware Gedagt'nis, gelovige navolging en salig uiteinde van 
Getrouwe Voorgangners, Verklaart en Toegepast, in ene 
lykrede uit Hebr. 13. vs. 7. pp. 32. 

4to. half red mor. New York, Hcndricus de Foreest, 1752 

752 D'AUTEROCHE, Ciiapi-e. A Voyage to California, to observe 

the Transit of Venus, with an account of the author's route 
through Mexico; also, a Voyage to Newfoundland and Sallec. 

Svo. half calf , London, 1778 



H. c. MuuriiY MniunY. 

753 DAY, Sherman. IIiHt(»rical Collections of tlio State of Poiin- 

sylvaiiia ; containiii{j a copious neIcrtion of tiic most iiitcrcst- 
iii},' facts, traditions, bij^jrapliical siictclics, anecdotes, &c., 
relating to its History and Anti(|iiitics, with 1G.'» KiKjmclnijii. 

Hw*. shei'p, J'hiladelphin, 1H4.'3 

754 DKAN, John \Vaki>. A Memoir of the Uev. Nathaniel Ward, 

Author of the Simple Cobler of America, with notices of his 
^''I'nily. Svo. cloth, Alhany, IHOS 

755 DEANIC, CiiAUMca. Remarks on Sebastian Cabot's Mapjie- 

Monde. lleprint of fifty copies from proceedings of the Amer- 
ican Antiquarian Society. 

8vo. half red mor. top edge, gilt, Cmnhridge, 1867 

756 DKANE, An Address to the United States of North 

America, to which is added, A Letter to the lion. Robert 
Morris, with Notes and Observations.— Tito Conduct of the 
American War under Sir Wm. Howe. ir)4 pp. — Gov. Pow- 
nall's Memorial to the Sovereigns of /imerica, 1783. pp. 130. — 
Argument in Defence of the right of the Colonies to Tax 
themselves, pp. 1G3. 1774. 4 choice pawplilets in one vol. 

757 DEANK, Samuel. The New Ij}ngland Farmer ; containing a 

compendious account of the Ways and Methods in wliich.the 
art of Husbandry may be practised in this Country. 

Suo. sheep, Worcester, Mass., 17t)0 

758 Dehates, Resolutions, and other Proceedings of the Convention 

of the Commonwealth of Alassaclnisetts, convened at Boston, 
in 1788, for the purpose of ratifying the Constitution recom- 
mended by the grand Federal Convention. 

l'2tno. sheep, Boston, 1788 

759 DeROW, J. D. B. The Seventh Census of the United States : 

1850. Embracing a statistical view of each of tlie States and 
Territories. . quarto, half mor. {2 copies), Washinnton, 18oii 

760 DeBOISTHHJAULT, M. Les Voeux des Hurons 

et de Abnaquis a Notre Dame do Ciiartres avec les Lettrcs 
des Missionaires Catholiques an Canada. 

l2mo. paper, Philadelphia, 1857 

761 DeBURE, Guillamme-Fkancois. Bibliographic Instructive, 

ou Traitc de la connoissance des livres rares et Singuliers : 
Three volumes on History, two volumes on Belles Lettres, one 
on Jurisprudence, and one on Theology. 

7 vols. Svo. boards, uncut, Paris, 1768 




DkCHAMI'KJNY. La I-oiiiHimio cnsaiijrlantic nvec toutos les 
I'articiilaritt'cs d.i wlti! liorribli' cataHtioplu'. 

H'-o. calf^ London, 1773 
70;J Df.COSTA, IJ. V. Tl.o Nortlnnrn in Maine : a critira! exam- 
miitioii of Views cxpren^ed in eoinioctioii with tliu subject, by 
Dr. Kolil, in Vol. 1, of tiie new series of the Maine Historical 
Society, with Criticisms on other portions of the work, and u 
cha|»ter on the Discovery of Massadnisetts May. 

luiiai Hvn. rlutli, lof, ,iilt, Alhuni/, 1870 
764 UfX'osta. The IVe-C'ol.nnbian Discovery of America bv the 
Northmen. Illustrated by Translations from the Icelandic 
Sagas. Kdite.l witli Nutvs and a jriMieral Inlro.luction. 

Hru. doth, Alhunij, 18G8 

DkCosta. Sailing Directions of Hem-y Hudson, prei)ared for 

Ills own use in 1G08, from the Old Danish of Ivar IJarden. 

With an Introduction and Notes; also A Dissertation on the 

Discovery of fl,c Hudson Kiver. 8w. vlolh, AUmnj, 18f,9 

DkCosta. Columbus and the Geographers of the North. 

Ato. sewed, Hartford, Conn., 1872 

DkCosta. V'errazano the Kxplorer ; being a vindication of his 

Letter and ^'oyage, with an examination of tiie Map of Hier- 

onimo da Verrazano, and a Dissertation upon the Globe of 

^''l''"'^- -I'o. sewed. New York, 1880 

DeCONSTANTIN. Recucil des Voyages, qui out servi a 

I'etablissement et aux Progrcs de la Compagnie des Indes Ori- 

entales, formic dans les Provinces Unies des Pais-bas. Maps 

and PlaleH. 2 thick vols. 12mo half calf, Amsterdam, 1702 

In a note, on a Hy-l-iif, Mr. Mi.rpliy 8.,y«: " I ,lo m.t (lii.l this collection, or 

ratluT rosume or Dutd, v,.y«K,.a nu-ntlonf.l in any CataloKni'. It h not in Kiel..- 

DkFOK est, John W. History of Connecticut from the earliest 
period to 18r)0. 8vo. doth, map, Hartford, 1851 

DicGEEU, LoDKwi.iK. Ecue Hijdrage tot de Han.lelgeschied- 
enis van Amsterdam. 8vo. paper, Amsterdam, 1834 

DELFOHTRIE, E. ,J . M^moire sur les Analogies des Langues 
Flanumde, AUemande et Anglaise, on Etude comparee dJces 
Idiomes. 4to. half blue mor. top edge gilt, Brnxdles, 1858 

Delai'laine's Repository of the Lives and Portraits of distin- 
guished American characters. 

j^ 4^0. half sheep, Philadelphia, 1815 










773 I)K-LA-WARHK. 'Plio H.liitioii of tlui Hiirl«< Ilononrublc tin- 

I/oid Dc-liii-Warro, Lonl (lovornoiir ami ('a|itiiiii (iiru'iall of 
till! Colonif, |ilant»'(l in \'irgiiiiti. 

\to. half mor. London, Wllllinn l/nll, Kill 

774 DKI.KriKKHH, ()«T.»VK. A Sk.tch of tli.' Iii^-toiy of Klcmi^li 

LitcnUure itnil its ccliltnitoil uiithorM, liiiin tin- twuhili teiilury 
clown to the prcHont time. 8vo, cloth, fjondon, 1H(1() 

77.'» DkLKTH, Hknkuick. Het ZogenpriiK'nt Kenennieriiint, ver- 
tooiit ill lOO lifcriiyko f^i'zicliti'n, van (Ioh/i'II'm voDriiacinsti' 
Lus<ti>luetzfii, ailelykc liiiizeu, dorp-en-stcile (jicbouaveii, I'te. 
NumeroitH coppur-phitea. 

folio, lioarda, uncut, Amiitcrdiiin, 172rt 

7TG DHNNY, Ma.iou K. The Horoid oC tin; Coiirt iit I'plainl, in 
rcniLxylvaiiia, KiTO to l(3«l, and a Military .Imirnal, k»'|)t by 
Miijor K, l)t!nny. Hro. cloth, PLihtdvlphki, IHGO 

777 DKN'l'ON, (1).) A Hri(!f DoMciiptiDii of New York : Forincrly 

C'ulli'd Neu-Nethi'rhuidti. Willi tiiu I'lace.s tliurfimto Adjoyii' 
ing. Together with the Manner of its Seitiiation, Fertility of 
the Soyle, Healtlifnlness of the Climate, and the Commodities 
tlieii('(> iirodneed. Also Some Directions and Advice to sncli 
as shall go thither : An Account of what Coniiiiodities they 
Shall take with them ; The Profit and I'leasiire that mny 
accrew to them thereby. Likewise A Brief Kelation of the 
Customs of the Indians there. 

Hvo. dark blue mnr. hij Bradstrcet, very rare, London, 1670 
.Sold ut the Alt-nzlea salv for t'^'.'U. Mr. Sablu Imd prerluiiHly Hold a copy for 

The lower part of the title after the word London cut off, a» la the case with 

uliiiost uU CUpIl'^, 

778 DENTON, Daniel. A Brief Description of Now York, form- 

erly culled New Netherlands, etc. 

Hvo. cloth. A reprint. New Yorl-, 1845 

77!l DENl'S, MoNsiEUH. Description Geographique et Ilistoriqnc 

des Costes de I'Ameriqvc Septentrionale. Avec I'llistoirc 

nuturelle du Tais. 2 vols. 12mo. with the exceedingly 

rare map seldom found, in copies, calf, </ilt edijes, fi)ie copy, 

Paris, 1G72 
" The author of this work," says Charlevoix, " was a man of merit, wlio 
woiiltl Irve founded a good colony In New France hud lie not heen tnivorsed In 
his projects. He tells nothing hut what he saw himself. He gives us in his llrst 
volume u very exact description of the whole country whicli extends from the 
river Peutngoet (I'enobscot) .... to the southerly point of the mouth of 
tlie St. Lawrence river. Tlie second volume comprises the natural history of the 
same coir.iti j , and especially all that regards the cod-lishery. 
Priced k'OO francs in a late French Catalogue. 





7fin DrPKYSTP:!?, FiiKi>Ki?fc. Tim moral and iiitoll.?<:tiial itif1ui>n«!« 
o( Lil)rrtrieH upon Social I'rogresa. Hfo. cloth, N«w York, 1866 

7«1 r)K!'Krf<Ti.;i{. An AiMn-MM <lclivere»l before tin- New- York Hi«. 
torioal Socii'ty, on itsHixtiotli aiinivtir.Kury, 18fi4, 

(2 cnpie»,) Hvo. cloth, Nvw York, 180.5 

782 DkPkvstkh. An A(Mie«,s Dt-livcrtMl before the New York His- 

topical Socifty, at tlu( Cclfhratioii of itH Sixty-Ninth Atini- 

Vfi-nary, l«7t. roi/td Sro. clutli, Nvir Ynrh, 1H74 

7«3 DKSIMONI, C. [1 Viaggio di Giovanni Vcrrazzano all, 

America Settentrioiuilo nol 1521. pp. 23. 

8io. 8ewi:(l, Fireuze, 1877 
781 DESIMONI, t'(»iiNi:i,i(). Intorno al Fiorciifino (Jiovanni Vcr- 
razzano Scoprilore in nonie della Francia ill r(>j,'i()ni ndl* 
America Scttentrionale. Studio sucondo. pp. 78. 

4/0. sewed, Gciinva, 1881 

785 DkSIMET, 1'. .1. Or«>fon Miasions and Travels over the Rocky 

Mountains in 1845-4(;. 

12wo. cintli, limp and wood-cuts. New York, 1847 
785* D'KSTRADKS, Count. Letters and Negotiations of the 
Count D'Kstrades, Andia.M.siidor fnnn Lewis Mth to the States 
General of tlie I'liited i'rovinees of the Low Countries, from 
H)G3 to \{\{\\). Consisting chiefly of Original Letters and 
Listructions from the Freneii King and his Ministers. 3 vols. 
Supplement, 1 vol. 4 roh. %vo. old c<df, London, 1711 

786 DKWEY, Ukv. Cukstku. A History of ♦ho County of Herk- 

shire, Massachusetts ; In two Parts. The first, being a gen- 
eral view of the County ; The secoiid, an account of the sev- 
eral towns. 8ro. half sheep, map, I'UtuJjcld, 1829 

787 DkWIND, S. Hibliotiieek dor Nederlandsche Geseliiedscliri.j- 

vers. 8io. half calf , Middlehmj, 1«3.") 

788 DFWITT, Dit. An Account of the Interment of the remains 

of 11.500 American Seamen, Soldiers and Citizens, who fell 
victims to the Cruelties of the British on board their Prison 
Ships at the AVallaboul, during tlie American Revolution. 

12/Ho. shcvp, Xew York, 18(58 

789 DkWITT, .Iohn. The True Interest and political maxims of 

the Republic of Holland and West Friesland. 

8vo. calf, London, 1702 









DIAZ, Behnal. Historia Ver(|ntleni do la CoiKiuistp. dc la 
Niiova Kspnfia. 
folio, Jirst <'(Jitii)H,<jrvni liirkcy vi'ir. (jilt edf/is, Madrid, (1G;52) 

"The true hUtory of tlic comjiicHt oC Mexico Ih, IiuIcimI, ii (lell«litl'iil work, 
niKl tho only uccoiint of (Imt tniiisiictioii on nhicji wo oim rv\y. "-Sonthey. 

DIAZ, Hkunai.. ]MonK)ir,« oi' tlio CoiKiuistador, writt'.'ii by 

himself, contaiiiiiijr a ti ; and full account of the Discovery 

and Conquest of J^exico and New Si)iiin. Translated hy John 

Itigrnni Lockhart. 2 roh. 8ro. doth, Loudon, 1841 

DIAZ, IJekv.u. The True History of the Conquest of Mexico. 

2 vols. Hvu. shvcp, mail, Sniriii, 1803 
[DIJON, Uroses i>e.] ilistoire des Navigations aux Tcrrcs 
Australes. Conteiiant ce que Ton S(;ait des inoeurs & des pro- 
ductions des Contrees decouvertes jus.iuVi ce jour ; & ou il est 
trnite de I'litilite d'y fairc dc plus aniples decouvertes, & des 
moyeus d'y former un etablissement. 

2 rols. 4to. old calf, red edye.i, Paris, 17;)6 
DIBDIN, T. F. IJibliotheca Spenceriaiia : or, a Descriptive 
Catalogue of the Books printed in the Fifteenth Century, and 
of many First p:ditions, in the Library of Earl Spencer. With 
Supplement. 5 j.,,/, 

royal iii-o. nissia iwlrn, (j,il ed<jes,Jini' copy, Loudon, 1814-15 
Til." Ciitiilofinc! contains only tlio woi ks priiitMl in tlio fifteontli conturv, and 
tho IMilionns I'rinclpcs. It is conipilwl with tlir Krcutcst car.' and indnstr'v.iind 
thoso who have had occasion to consnlt its paRcs, can testily to its acoiiiacy and 
fireat ability."— iownrffS. 

I)ICKP:RS()N, Mahlon. Letter from tiie Secretary of tho 
Navy, upon the subject of establishing Navy Yards "at (ireat 
Barn Island, Pertii Amboy, and Jersey City, &c. With 
eight other pamphlets on the subject of Floating and Dry 
Docks. Maps aud plaus. Hvo. half mor. 

Mr. Mnrphy was instrumental in seeiirinR tie construction of the Dry Dock 
In Brooklyn, and collected all the pamphlets ou the .Mibject he coulil (Ind. This 
volume is lettered on the back, "Itrooklyu Dry Dock and Navy Vard." 

DICKENSON, (J.) (iod's Protecting Providence, Man's 
Surest Help and Defence, in Times of greatest Ditliculfy, and 
the most eminent Danger evidenced in the remarkable Deliv- 
erance of Kober^ Barrow, with divers Persons, from the 
devouring Waves of the Sea, amongst which they suffered 
Shipwreck ; and also from the more cruelly devouring Jaws of 
the inhumane Canibals of Florida. 

8vo. blue mor. euira, yilt edges Priuicd in Philadelphia. 
Reprinted in London, T. Sowle. 1700 



797 DICKENSON, Jonathan. God's Protecting Providence, 

Man's surest iielp and defence in times of grontest difficulty 
evinced in the deliverance of Robert Harrow with divers other 
persons, from the devouring waves of the Sea. Fifth Edition . ■ 
l2mo. half ra If, rare, Mary Hinde, London, [17r)9] 

798 l)ICKKNSON,.J()NA. Cod's Protecting Providence. Seventh 

*^J'f'""- 1^""). half iiior. lop edge <jilt, London, 1790 

799 Dkjkknson. God's Protecting Providence, etc. 

\2mo. half mnr. London, 1787 

799* [DICKINSON, .Foiin.] A New Essay on the Constitutional 

Power of (ireat Hritain over the Colonies in America ; 15y the 

Pennsylvania Farmer. Hvu. half mor. Philadelphia, 1774 

800 DICKSON, WirrjAM. Mitigation of Slavery. Letters and 

Papers of tiio late H.)i). Josinni Steele, Member of his Maj- 
esty's Council ill Harbadoes, Describing tiie steps by which he 
raised the Oppressed Slaves, on his Sugar Plantation, nearly 
to the Condition of hired servants. 

8i;o. half calf , Ijondon, 1814 

801 DIEPPE. Memoires Chronologiques pour servir ii I'llistoire 

de Dieppe, et li cello de la navigation Frangoise ; avec un 
Recueil abr%e dcs Privileges de cette ville. 

2 vols. 12)110. old French calf, Paris, 1785 

802 DIERftVILLE, M. Relation du Voyage dii Port Royal de 

I'Acadie, ou de la Noiivelie-France, dans laquelle on voit un 
detail des divers mouvemens de la mer dans une traversee de 
long cours: etc. 12wo. half mor. top gilt. Rouen, 1708 

803 DITTELBACIL Pktkus. Verval en Yal der Labadisten, of 

Derselver Leydinge, en wyse van doen in haare Iluyshoudinge, 
en Kerk-formeriiig, als ook liaren op-en nedergang, in hare 
Colonien of volk-plantingcn nader ontdekt. lyr* pp. 

4to. half Mack mor. top edge gilt, nnrn!, Amsterda^n, 
Daniel van den Dalen, 1692 

804 DOIJHS, Akthuk. An Account of the countries adjoining to 

Hudson's Bay, in the North West part of America. 

4^1. sheep, London, 1744 
SOr* Doijson's Chronological Annals of the War, from its beginning 
to the present time. 

%vo. half red vior. top edge gilt, uncut, Oxford, 1763 



806 DOBRITZHOFFEU, Mautin. An Account of the Abiponea, 

an equestriau people of Paraguay. Translated from the Latin. 

3 rols. 8vij. half cnlf, London, 1822 

807 DOBRIZHOFFLii. Ilistoria de .A biponlbus, Equestri, Iklli- 

cosaque Paraquariae. 

3 vols. Hvo. Hue mor. top edijc. (/ilt, Viennae, 1784 

808 DOMP^NFX'H. Mauuscrit Pictographi<iue Americain precede 

d' une Notice .sur 1' Ideographic des Peaux-Kouges*. 

lid pp. of text, and 228 litltofirajihed pages. 
Supplement, la Verite sur le livre tk's Sauvages. 

(lid two works hound toijdlivr, roi/al 8co. hnlf ijrcen mor. extra, 

top edije (jilt, Farts, 1869 

This preteiided Amurk'iui M.S. is in reality ii cliild's copy-Iioolc, fiili of riido 
drawings by a dirty-miiuled (Jernian scliool-boy, wliicli Imviiij; fullfii into flie 
liands of a missionary in tlio wilds of ,\nu'rica, and by liiui been presented to the 
Marcpiis dc Paulniy, has been taken by tlie wortliy Abbe to he a genuine picto. 
graphic AI.S. Its (iernum origin is established by tlie fact, that on page (H the 
word " wiirst," on 185 " Johann," and 1 W " Kouig," are plainly written. In con- 
sequence of the discovery of its real character, the book has been withdrawn 
from circulation. 

808* DOMENECK, l'Aube. La V'erite sur le Livre des Sauvages. 

8vo. half mor. Paris, 1861 

809 DOMINGUEZ. Catecismo de la Doctrina Cristiana puesto en 

el idionia Totonaco de la cierra baja dc Naolingo, distinto del 
de la cierra alta de Papantla. Por el Lie. D. Francisco 
Dominguez, cura interino de Xalpan. 

12»io. unhnnnd, Pnchla, 1837 

810 DONALDSON, John. A Treatise on Manures, their nature, 

preparation, and application, witli a Description and use of 
tlie most approved British Grasses, to which is added, A Mis- 
cellaneous Article on Farming. 8vo. green cloth, London, 1846 

811 DOOLITTLE, Rev. Mr. A Short Narrative of mi.schief done 

by the French and Indian enemy on the "Western frontiers of 
Massachusetts-Bay from the beginning of tiie Frencii "War in 
1743 to 1748. 
l2mo. red mor. extra, by Brad'street, very scarce, Boston, 1750 

The author of this tract was Kev. Kenjamin Uoolittle, who died at Northtield 
on the Ittli of .January, 17J1I. 

In a genealogical memoir of the Doollttle family in Vol. fi of the \. E. Hist, 
and Gen. Register, p. yW-.5, it is said : 

" Tills is It tract of nmch importance in the history of Massachusetts, espec- 
ially as it details some events not elsewhere to be found; a period about which 
much less is known of our history than is known of the corresponding period a 
hundred years earlier. It is a work of great rarity, but a single ('opy having ever 
couie under t!ie knowledge of the writer, who has .'^pent nuiny years in collecting 
rare tracts on the history of New Kngland." 




812 DOKKIN, Major. Military Collections and Remarks. 

^vo. half calf, engraved frontispiece, Ne%v York, H. Gnine, 1777 
812* DORCHESTER. History of tl.e Town of Dorchester, Mass. 
liy a Committee of the Dorchester Antiquarian Society. 

8/0. clotJi, loicul, Bonto)!, 18r>9 

813 DOUGLASS, William. A Summary, Historical and Political, 

of the fii-st planting, progressive improvements and present 
state of the British settlements in North America, etc. 

2 L'oh. 8vo. half maroon mor. fo^, e.dijc (jilt, Boston, 

lingers and Foule, 174!) 

814 DoiGLAss. A Snnmiary, Historical and Political, etc. Another 

'■"W- '^ vols. Svo. m((j,. calf, Boston, 175.') 

»14* DOUGLAS, Jamks. Nenia Britannica : or, a Sepulchral 
History of Great Britain ; from the earliest period to its gen- 
eral conversion to Christianity. large paper, royal folio, 
calf gilt, hif Kalthoeher, colored plates, London^ 1793 

The plutos inclmle a complete series of the British, Itonian luul Saxon Sepul- 
chral Kites «,„1 C'ereinonies, with the contents of several hun.lred burial places. 
I he Barrows contain I'ms, Spear-lieads, Ruins, Hattle-A. s, Decorations of 
\\on.en,co«sis,ing of Gems, Itracelets, lirooches, Beads; some scarce, unpub- 
lished coins, and curious Relics deposited witli tlie dead. 

Mr. (iuariteh marks a copy on one of his recent Catalogues, £12 12s. 

SlTj DOWNING, Georgk. Sommiere Aenteyekeninge ende de- 
ductie Ingestelt by de Gedepnteerden vande Ho: Mog : 
Heeren Staten Generael der Vereenighde Nederlanden op de 
lest-ingediende. Memoire vanden Heere George Downin-r. 

■ito. half calf, Oravenhage, 1GG5 
These summary remarks are intended to convince the King of Franc- that 
in the war with Holland, the Knglisl. were the aggressors. Besides anew 
.leduction of the Dutch title to New Netherland, the pan.phlet contains several 
original documents relating to the surrender of New Netherland, and which form 
>os. .JO to :iu of the Holland Documents O. XI. in Brodhead's New York Collcc 

81G Downing. Sommiere Aenteyekeninge, etc Another copy. 

4/0. hcdf mor. top edge gdt, IGfi;!' 

817 DOWNING, A. .1. Cottage Residences ; or a series of designs 

for Rural Cottages and Cottage Villas, and their Gardens and 
Grounds. Adapted to North America. Illustrated bv num- 
erous engravings. 8ro. cloth, gilt, Xew York, 1847 

818 Downing. Rural Essays, edited, with a Memoir of the Author, 

by George William Curtis ; and a Letter to his friends, by 
Frederiea Bremer. Portrait and numerous engravings. 

8ro. green cloth, gilt, New York, 1853 



819 DOWNING. A Treatise on tlje Theory and Practice of Land- 

scape Gardening, Adapted to North America ; with a view to 
the Improvement of Country Residences. 

Si:o. i''ith, gilt, numerous plaits, New York, 1849 

820 Downing. Tiie Fruits and Fruit Trees of America ; or the 

culture, propagation, and management in the Garden and 
Orchard, of Fruit Trees generally. 

Svo. cloth, Neiv York, 1847 

821 DRAKE, Benjamin. Life of Tecumseh, and of his Brother 

the Prophet ; with a Historical Sketch of the Shawanoe 
Indians. 8co, cloth, Cincinnati, 1841 

822 DRAKE, Daniel. Natural and Statistical View, or Picture of 

Cincinnati and the Miami Country, Illustrated by Map^. 

Svo. hoards, uncut, Cincinnati, 1815 

823 DRAK^'^ Sir Francis Drake Reuiued : Calling vpon this Dull 

or Eif'eniinate Age, to follow his Noble steps for Gold and 
Siluer. By this Memorable Relation of the Rare occurrences 
(neuer yet declared to the World) in a third Voyage made by 
him into the West Indies, in theyeares 72 & 73. . . . 

4/0. 6alf, London, N. Bourne, 1628 

824 DRAKE. Siu Francis Duake Revived. Who is, or may be 

a Pattern to stirre up all Heroicke and active Spirits of these 
Times to benefit their countrey and eternize their Names by 
like Noble Attempts. Being a summary and true relation of 
foure severall voyages made by the said Sir Francis Drake to 
the West Indies, Viz : His dangerous adventuring for Gold 
and Silver with the gaining thereof. .... His Encompass- 
the World, etc. Portrait. 

ito. calf, London, for Nicholas Bourne, 1653 

825 DRAKE. Sui Fkancis Drake Revived. Calling upon this 

Dull or Effeminate Age, etc. 

4to. half green mor. London, N. Bourne, 1C28 

According to ft paragrnpli in tlic New York Tribune of the 19lh ,lune, 1872, 
Sir Frances Dralce died leaving a large estate, which, by reason of entails, 
acpumiilatcd at tliat time to $130,000,000. The heirs were then being advertised 
for, and it is stated in the article that if none appeared in seven years, the wlioie 
would escheat to the British government. 

826 DRAKE, Samuel G. The Old Indian Chronicle ; Being a col- 

lection of exceeding rare Tracts written and published in the 
time of King Philip's War, by persons residing in the Country. 

12mo. cloth, Boston, 1836 

^ p^ 



827 DRAKE, S. G. Indian Captivities: Being a collection of the 

most remarkable Narratives of Persons takrn captive by the 
North American Indians ; or relations of those who, by strat- 
agem or desperate valor, have effected the most surprising 
escapes from their cruel hands. 8vo. cloth, gilt, Boston, 1839 

828 DRAKE, S. G. The History of Philip's War, commonly 

called, The Great Indian War, of 1G75-6, Also of the 
French and lian Wars at the Eastward, in 1689, 1690, 
1692, 1696, and 1704, by Thomas Church, with notes to 
explain the situation of the places of Battles, etc. 

V2mo. cloth, Exeter, N. H., 1836 

829 DRAKE, Samuel G. The Old Indian Chronicle ; being a col- 

lection of Rare Tracts, written and published in the time of 
King Philip's War, etc. With an Introduction and Notes, by 
Samuel G. Drake. ito. half mar. map, Boston. 1867 

830 DRAKE, S. G. Indian Biography, containing the lives of more 

than two hundred Indian Chiefs : Also such others of that 
race as have rendered their names conspicuous in the History 
of North America from its first being known to Europeans to 
the present period. 8vo. half vior. Boston, 1832 

831 DRAKE, S. G. Biography and History of the Indians in 

North America. Seventh edition. With large Additions 
and Corrections, and numerous Engravings. 

Bvo. calf extra, gilt edges, portrait of Mr. Drahe inserted, 

Boston, 1837 

832 DRAKE, Samuel G. The History and A-.itiquities of Boston, 

from its settlement in 1630, to the year 1770. With Notes, 
Critical and Illustrative. Maps and numerous ivood-cuts. 

royal 8vo. half red mor. top edge gilt, Boston, 1854 

833 DRAKE, Samukl G. An Historical Memoir of the Colony of 

New Plymouth. Portraits and Maps. 

8vo. boards, uncut, Boston, 1830 
This volume is a suijplcim'nt to Francis Baylies' History of New I'lymoutii. 

834 DREUILLETTES, Rev. P. Gabrielis. Epistola Societatis 

Jesu Presbyteri, ad Domii; n Illustrisimum, Dominum 
Joannem Wintiirop, Scutarium. 

8vo. cloth, Jean Maria Shea, New York, 1869 

835 DREUILLETTE, P. Narr6 du Voyage, fuict pour la Mission 

des Abnaquiois et des conaissances tirez de la Nouvelle Ang- 


ir. c. Munnir liiii!auy. 

Ictcrre et .ties dispo.sitions dcs ^rngistrats do cette RopiiMiquo 
poiirlo spcours coiitro Ics Inuiuois ds aniiiH's HJ^O &. K!")!. 

l'2)ii<>. clolli, i/ill edijvH, Quchvc. 

83G DIUESSKN, rKTUt-s van. (Tc Nicuw-Allmiiiii.) De Aniibid- 

(k'lyke Wcgeii Gods in zyno Souveraiiie IJestieringo, Hosoiider 

over de Miieliteii descr 'VVtereld, veikluart en toegcpast in drie 

predication. 4^,,. Iia/fmor. (jilt cilijcn, 

very rare, I\ivmv-Yorl-, J. I'icter Zciifier, 172f> 

837 DUDLEY, Dkan. Tlie Dudley Clenoalogies, and Family 

Records. 8ro. clol/u Boston, 1848 

838 [DIJDLHY, T.] IMassadiuHotts, or tlio first Planters of New 

England, the End and Manner oi' tlicir coming tliitlicr, and 
abode there : In several Epistles. 18/«o. red mor. extra, 

gilt edijen, hi/ Pratt, Jloston, in Nnr England, li. Green, 1G96 

839 DUEK, WiM.iAM Alexandki!. The Life of William Alexander, 

Earl of Sterling; by his Grandson. Portrait. 

Sro. cloth. New York, 1847 

840 DU LAC, rEUUiN. A'oyagc dans les deux Louisianes, chez les 

nations sauvages du Missouri, par les Etats-Unis, TOhio, et 
les provinces qui le bordent, en 1801, 1S02 et 1803 ; nvec un 
apercu des moeurs, des usages, du charactcre, etc., des I'eu- 
plcs de ces divorses contrees. 8l-o. sheep, f/ilt, Paris, 1805 

841 DUMMER, Jkuemiah. A Defence of the New England 

Charters. 8vo. half mor. Boston, B. Green, 1745 

84-2 DUMMER, Jeh. A Defence of the New England Charters. 

8i-o. ha.!/ mor. London, J. Almon, 1765 

843 DUNLAP, AVim.iam. History of the New Netherlands, Prov- 

ince of New York, and State of New York, to the adoption 
of the Federal Constitution. 

2 vols. Svo. half (jreen mor. top edge (jilt. New York, 1839 

844 DUNLAP, Wir.i.iAJt. History of the Rise and Progress of the 

Arts of Design in the United States* 

2 mis. Svo. half cloth, unent, New York, 1834 

845 DUPONCEAU, P. Memoir sui- le Systi-me Grammatical dcs 

Langues de quelques nations Indiennes do I'Amerique du 
Nord ; ouvrage qui, a la seance puLlique annuelle de I'Listi- 
tut de France le 2 Mai 1835, a reniporte le prix fonde par M. 
le Comte do Volney. 8)'o. half calf , Paris, 185f. 



840 DIII'EUrKll, A. Lcs Aniovrs <lc Pistion et do Fortvnie. 

Tin'ses du voy(ij,'c do Curmdii, dicto Franco noiivelle. A la 

Hoync Margverite. ,s//). \2m(>. red mor. ijilt cihjrs. 

A Paris, Chez Thomas de la liucllc, au raluis sur Ic perron 

deuant la parte de la saiiicte Chnppetle, 1606 

CoIUition Title :i. A In Uoyiiu Murgverllc 2 1. Av Li'clevr 1 I. Text 1-240 
J)p. (sonir leaven waiitltiy). 

A rare little voliune, priced in ii lute I'aris CiitaloKiie IHO fr. Tlie Imoljsellor 
Biiyn lie (li)en not lliid It eiled anywiiere, and tliat lie liU!i not been able to thid a 
copy hi any of the libniries in I'aria. 

DUTCH, (Tiik). Diiiwii to the Life, in an Exact Descrip- 
tion and Ciiaracter of tlie several Provinces of the Nether- 
hiiid.s, etc. EiKjraoed frontispiece. 

18wo. sltcep, London, I. Johnson, 1604 

DUVALLON, R. Vne de la colognie Espa^nole dii IMLssissipi, 
on <les Provinces de Loiii,«i'ine et Floride Oecideiitalo en 
I'annee 1802. 8uo. half ealf, Paris, 1803 

DWIGIIT, TnEOiJOiiE. History of the Haitford Convention: 
with a review of the Policy of tiie Tliiited States Government, 
AVJiich led to the War of 1812. 12wo. dulh. New York, 1833 

DWIGHT, Seukno E. Memoirs of the Rev. David Brainerd ; 
Missionary to tiie Indians on the borders of New York, New 
Jersey, and Peiiusylvania : Chiefly taken from his own Diary, 
by Rev. Jonathan Edwards. 8t)o. sheep, New Haven, 1822 

DWIGH'J', T. Travels in New England and New York. 

4 vols. 8(,o. hoards, uncut, viap. New Haven, 1821 

DUSART, Isaac. Optoght der Batavieren, voor de vryheit 
des Vaderlants. Amsterdam, 1073. — IloUants Heyl in haar 
Eeiiighfreit Engeland gelegen. Amsterdam, 108D. — [Hol- 
land's Salvation lies in its unity with England], etc. etc. 
together 12 tracts in ito. chiejhj in Dutch, relatinfj to Holland, 

France, Etujland and Switzerland. 

EASTBURN, Rokkut. A Faithful Narrative of the many 
dangers and sufferings, as well as wonderful and surprising 
deliverances, of Robert Eastburn, during his late captivity 
among the Indians. 12y«o. half mor. Boston, 1758 

EAGER, Samuel W. An Outline History of Orange County, 
with an enumeration of the names of its Towns, Vilhi"-es, 
Rivers, Creeks, Ivukes, etc., and their Etymologies or Histor- 
ical reasons therefor. 

8i;o. half (jreen mor. top gilt, Newburgh, 1846-7 








855 EASTON, John. * A Narrativo f)f the causes whi(!!i led to 
riiilip'.H Indian War of J075 and 1(570, With otlicr Docu- 
ments eoncerninf^ tiiis Event, in tlie OfTice of the .Secretary of 
State of New York. With an Introduction and Notes, by 
Franklin B. Hough. Portrait and map. 

Ato. large paper, half mor, gilt top, U7icnt, Albany, 1858 

Tlic scurccHt volume in the Historical Series of Joel MunacU. Copies liuve 
been Hokl lor $50. 

85C EATON, Cyrus, Annals of the Town of Warren ; with the 
Early History of St. George's Broad Bay, and the neighbour- 
ing settleiucnts on the Waldo I'atent, 

8vo. cloth, Hallowell, 1851 

857 f:ATON, H, Kcview of New York, or Uanddes through the 

city. Original Poems, 18nio, blue mor. New York, 1813 

858 EATON, Amos, An Index to the Geology of the Northern 

States, with transverse sections, extending from Susquehanna 
River to the Atlantic. \2mo. sheep, Troy, N. ¥., 1820 

859 EATON, Cykus. History of Tiiomaston, Rockland, andSoutii 

Thomaston, Maine, from tiieir first Exploration, 1G05. With 
Family Genealogies. 2 vols. 12mo. cloth, Hallowell, 1865 

860 EBELING, CiiKisToni Danikl. Eidbeschreibung uiid Ges- 

chichte von America. De vereinten Staaten von Nordamerica. 

8 vols. sm. Svo. half calf, Hamhurg, 171)3-1816 

These volumes were puhlislied at long Intervals. The seventh ileiUeutes the 
work to Kev. Wm. Hentley, of 8nleni, JIu«s., the Kev. Siiiiiuel Miller, and Dr. 
Mitchell, of New York, rrofessor luoker, of Virjjiniii, and others. In gathering 
materials for Ills work, Kbelliig made « large collectU)n of books appertaining 
to America, which are now in the library of Harvard University. 

861 EDER. Descriptio Provinciao Moxitanun in regno Peruano, 

quain e scriptes posthumis F, Xav. Eder e .Soe Jesu annis xv, 
siicri apud eosdem curionis digessit, expoHvit, & adnotatiun- 
culis illustravit Abb & Consil, Reg, IVIako, 

Svo. half mor. Budce, 1791 

862 mmm^y Hfcltavlr. m\t Wstovn oC nnuafile fn 
tl\t W&tst ant) EuSt Xnifes, autj other countreas 
lBfn0 t^tlxtv toag, totoarits the fruftfuU anU rathe 

Moluccaes, As Moscouia, Persia, Arabia, Syria, ^Egypte, 
Ethiopia, Guinea, China in Cathayo, and Giapan. With a 
discourse of the Northwest passage. Gathered in parte, and 











done into Knglysho by Uielmrdo Kden. Newly set in order, 

augmented uiid finiHiied by Uieliard VVillos. 4to. old cat/, 

(itlc a lillle nailed, vciy rnvc, Loiidini, Ulrhard htr/fje, M)!! 

Till" following lire tlie contents of tills voluiiic, two-llftlis liiliig occupied by 
the Decades. 

1. The three DccikIch of the N'cw World, by I'otrr Miirtyr. 

•i. Ovk'ilo'rt History of the West Inillcs iiiiil New .Siuilii. 

3. Ndliible things of the foriii land of the West Indies, Including I'eru, Klor- 
Ida, and Ivubrudor. 

EBlSjl, ilfcharu. ruc Iftfstorn of rrnunijlc fn the 
mstfii {inn East Xuftfcs, null other touutiojs li)(«fl 

enthCr toaij, etc. (Another copy.) 

Ato. calf extra, red edijes, Loudon, lo77 

EDDIS, William. Letters from America, Ilisturieal and 
Descriptive; Comprising Occurrences from ITO!) to 1777, 
Jt"i'l"«'ve. Hvo. half calf, London, 1792 

EDINIUJHGII Caiunkt LifliiAuv, comprif<iiig Leslie's Discov- 
ery and Adventures in tlie Polar Seas and liegioiis. — Histori- 
cal Account of Iceland, Grecidand, and the Faroe Is'ands. — 
Tytler's Historical View of tlie progress of Discovery on the 
more northern coasts of America. With maps. 

3 vols. l2mo. cloth, Edinbimjh, 1633-35 

Edifyinu Letters of some Missioners of the Society of Jesus, 

from foreign Missions. i-2mo. half mor. 1707 

This volume contains translations of the entire first three volumes of the 
Lettrea Kdifiantta et Curieusea. ' 

EDMUNDSON, William. Journal of the Life, Travels, 
Sufferings, and Labour of Love in tlie Work of the Ministry, 
of that faithful elder and faithful servant of Jesus Christ. 

(2 copies,) am. 4to. calf, Dublin, 1715 

EDRLSI. Geographia Nvbiensis id est accuratissima totivs 
orbis in scptem climata devisi deseriptio, continens praisertim 
exactam vniuersie Asiie, »& Africa}, .rerumq ; inijs hactenus 
incognitarum cxplicationrm. Uecens ex Arabico in Latinum 
versa a Gabriele Sionita & loanne Hesroiiita. 

4to. brown mor. gilt cdtjes, I'arisiis, 11. Blaijeart, 1619 

"Cett<' traduction est plus gencralenieiit recherelu'e (jue ['original; cejien- 
dant, com e elle a (5te falte d'aiiics un nianuserit trcs-iiicorrect du texte Arubc 
on ne plus compter sur sou exactitude."— 5r«ne< 

EDWARDS, Jonathan. An Account of the Life of the late 
David Brainerd, Missionary to the Indians, from the Hon. 
Society in Scotland, for tlie Propagiition of Christian Knowl- 
edge, and Pastor of a Church of Christian Indians in New 
Jei'sey. 8uo. sheep, Edinburgh, 1765 



870 KDVVARDS, .Ionatiiax. Ah Account of tlic Lif'o of tlio lutu 
Kevcrend Daviil Hraincnl. (Another copy.) 

Svo. oil/, oriijiudl vilitiiin, irilli a Iniiij ll.i/ nf snhscrtherit' 

iiitincH, Jto^lon, 1741) 

X71 KDWAIJDS, MoiUiAN. Materials towanls u liiMtoiy of this 

American MuptistH. 2 vols. V2mo. sheep, {all piiMixhed,) 

rdfe, /'liiladef fill 111, ./oseph Cni!linliinik, 1770-1792 

Tile tir-'t vdliiiiin rcliiti'H t(i the Hiiptiiti In I'l'iiiisjlviiiilii, both Itrltlsli iind 
(ioriiiim ; the srniiid voliiim' to tliu HiiptlKta in .liTHcy. 

872 KDWAK'DS, .Ionatii.w. Observations on tlio Lanmnijre of 

tlie Miililii'kaiu'w Iiidiann ; in which tlie extent of tiiut Lan- 
guage in North America is shewn. 

Hci). lull/ iHur, Nviu Haven, Joshua Mviijs, 1788 

873 EDWARD.S, Ocjdkn. Trial of Jiicol) Harlicr, Thomiw Ver- 

milyca,ini(l Mattiiew L. Davis, for aiU'gcd Conspiracy. Tes- 
timony as reported by Hugh Maxwell, District Attorney. 

Mco. half iiKir, Xew York, 1827 

87-t EDHKIII, l{i;v. Dii. M. An Historical Account of the Ten 
Triiu's, settled beyond the Hiver Sambatyon in tiie East ; 
with nniny other curious matters relating to the state of the 
Israelites in various parts of the world. Portrait. 

Hvo. cloth, London, 1836 

87") EGCEDE, Hans. Description ct Histoirc Naturelle dii Groen- 
hmd. Si'o. hal/ mor. Oopinhaijiiv el a tlenevc, 17().'5 

870 EGEDE, Hans. A Description of Greenhui'' With a.i his- 
torical introduction and a Life of the Author, who was a mis- 
sionary in that country for twenty-five years. 

8(.'o. hal/ ijreen vior. top edije gilt, uncut, London, 1818 

877 EGEDE. I'aul. Grammatica (irotdandicn Danico-Latina. 

12«io. hal/ mor. top ijill, Ifaciiiac, 17G0 

878 EGEDE, Paul. Dietionnarium Grvnliindico-Danico-Latinuin. 

8f(). half cal/, Ha/iniee, 1750 

878* I'jGYPT. Excerjita Hieroglyph iea. Contuininrj Gl plates of 
inscriptions /ram various nionuinents in Eijijpt, including 'Tem- 
ples, Tombs, Obelisks, Pyramids and Statues. 

oblong /olio, boards, London. 

879 JILIOT, John. The Indian Primer; or, The way of training 

up of our Lidiau Youtii in the good knowledge of God, in the 




knowlc(li,'o of til.) ScripturcH, iiinl in iiii ability to Ilcidc 
Compos.xl by J. K. \2„,o. doth, (!nmlmd,jo, julntrt/ KIO!) 

A Urprliit. Hiiiil to lie IVoin tlic i.iily known lopy, piiscrvid In tlir l.lliriiry of 
tlio IJnlvnsli.v of lylhibiirKli. Willi un Introilnnion by Jolin Snmll. M A 
Killiilmr(fli, IWW). 

«H0 KLIOT. A KiirtluM- iimnint of tlio pro^trows of tlio (Josju.! 
luuongst tiie Indians in Now Kn^rliind : hcin^r ,i Rojation of tli,, 
ConfuMHioiiH niado by seviTal Indians (in il.c piTsciicc of llie 
KIdcrs and McinboiH of several Clinridios) in order to tlioir 
admission into ('linrcli-fcilowsliip. Mo. half l,l„r mnr. 

« llllc nol/cl, nn-e, Ldmluv. J'riuird l>!/ Jolni Mucoclc, HiCO 

881 KLIOT, John. A Late and Kurtiior Manifestation of tlie Prog- 

resa of the (iospel ainoii<rst tlie Indiana in New-Kngjand. 
I)(u-larin-,f their constant Love and Zeal to the 'I'nitii : . . . 
Heing a Narrative of the Examinations of the Indians, about 
their knowledge in Keligion, by tlie Elders of the ejiurelies. 
pp. 23. Kill. Ato.mlf, [jintdoii. /'riitlcd liy M. S. Ifio.") 

882 ELIOT, John, and Mh. JIaviikw. Tears of llepentftnco : 

Or, A furtiier Narrative of the Progress of the (Jospel 
amongst the Indians in Xew-Eiighind : Setting forth, not only 
their present state and eondition, but sundry Confessions of 
sin by diverse of tlie said Indians, wrought upon by tiie sav- 
ing Power of tiie (Jospel, ete. 

4to. Iinlfnilf, Lnt,<J,„i,fi„- P,trr Cole, 105.'] 
88.3 ELIOT, John. A Briefe Narrative of tiie Progress of the 
Gospel among tiie Indians in New-England, in the year 1C70. 
(Jiven in by the Peverend Jojin Eliot, Minister of tlie Gospel 
tiiere. In a Letter to tlie Commis.'Ioners fur the Propagation of 
the Gospel amongst the poor blind Natives in those United 
Colonies. 'Uo. calf, rare, London, for John AUoi, 1671 

Till" Corporntion for I'mpiiKiitlnj; tlio (Jospel anions Hif IndiiiiH wuh (lis- 
solved on tin. rcHloialion olCliiirlcs II. A conniilHsioii iiniliT t\w Kicut seal was 
.■stalillslied lor the purpoae some years utter, and this is appiirently their lirst 

.Sold at the Field sale for $72.50 



n. 0. MirUI'lIV MHUAIIY. 


ELIOT'S iimrK. sKcoNi) KDiriny. 

884 KLIOT, John. M(iiiui»f»i' Wwiiiu'i'tii|)iumtamw(> ri'-Hiui.iJM 
(Joi) Nuiici'swt! Niikkoiii! 'ri'stainciit kali wonk Wimku 'I'cs- 
tuiiifiit. — No (|U()wlikii'iiuiniikiiasliiH! \Vuttitiiu'iiii«.i)li CliriMt 
noli asoowcRit Joliii Klidt. Naliolitoou oiitclietoo IViiitcnoo- 
muk. — Caiiihriiliii', I'rlnti'iiooji iiiiKlijif Sininid (h-cn, KIHri. 
[New ToHtimu'iit.] VV'iifiku WiittoHtaiiii'iiliiin Niii-Lonlimiiiii 
li'siiH (.'liriMt Niipp(i(|ii(iliwnfnuaciii'iiiiuiii. — ('innhrlthia, 
Priiitetl for tlio Higlit Honourable Corporation in Loiiilon, for 
till! propo^^ation (,i'V) ol'tlio (Jonptil iimongtho InditiiiH in New 
Knj^laii.l lOHO. 
{Kuijliah title :) The Holy lliblc : containing the OldTeHta- 
nient and the New. Tran.slated into the Indian F^an^^uaffe, 
und ordered to he l'rinti'(l hy the Couunissioners of the 
United CVdonies in New-Kn^dand, At the (.'harge, and with 
the CotiMont of the Corporation in En},dand for the Propaj^a- 
tion of the dospid ani(>nj,'Ht the Indians in New-Kngland. 
Portrait of linhvrt lidijh- inxfrted. 

4/0. calf, Title {Jndimi), \ leaf ; Dedication to the Hon. 
Robert Boijlo, Governor, and to the Compnnij for the J'ropn- 
tion of the Gospel, rfr., 1 leaf {verw hlnnk) ; Old Te,!., A to 
I'pppp, in/ours; names of the Itooks, 1 leaf {recto hlaiik) ; N. 
Test. Title {as above), 1 leaf, verso blank; Text, A 2 to Kk 
2; Psalms in Metre, T).'} learcs, n. n., Kk 3 /o Ytj 4; Cate- 
chism, 1 leaf ; and 1 blank leaf. 

From the Lihrnry of the latn MnrrjiiU of llastlnjia, Uonnlii(tton Park, I,«>lce«- 
terslilre. In tho orlKiiml oiilf bliidhiK. "I'll prcKcrviMl, buck xllt, let l< nil " .ss. 
IlIltl.IA INDK'A NOV.K ANCI.I.l:." 'I'lic ll'llf IlllllsUlis T'j' X S,';; lllclll'K. In ull 
rcspuctH u m-.MAHKAiii.Y KINK ciipy, to wlilili dm Dedication to Iloyle iiiipiirls 
K.M'KAOIiKlNAKV ItAUlTY.. Only tlini' iMijiic.-i CDiilaininj,' this DeiiUiilion 
Hre known, and two of thoHc iiri' In pnlilie libraries. 

It is 11 rcnnirkHhlc event, not only in tin- propiijtnlion of the Gospel in Amer- 
ica, but in the liistory of iirinlinK In tlie New World, thiit n second edition of 
Kliot's Indian Itlble sliould liuve been printed in l(>-r), wln'ii that art was l)nt In 
Its infancy here, and wlien sciirceiy anything above a pamphlet liad then eonie 
from tile i)ress. The proposition for tln> prInlinK of tills edition was sid)niittpd 
to the Commissioners oftlie Ignited Colonies of New Kngland for tiieir consider- 
ation In in:»-7'.», by Mr. Kliot, winj, among his several aiipeals, .said, that King 
rhillp Innl sent to him for books t<i read.— /V,i/moH</( Cohmij Hecoriln, Vol. X. 

Alluding to a corresiiondence tliat Mr. Murpiiy had relative to this volume, 
lie says In a note: " It would seem that this cojiy of the Indian Hilile niiglit be 
the Identical copy which belonged to Kobert lioyle. The extreme rarity of the 
Dedication atrengtiiens tlie supposition. 

"Tlie later history of this volume as given me by Mr. Trumbull, ttn- Indian 
philologist and executor of Mr. Krlnley, is that at the sale n very few years ago, 
of the Maniuis of Hastings' Library, as mentioned in the liriniey Catalogue, it 
waa bought by Mr. (iuarilcli, Uookseller, London, wlio resold it to Mr. liriniey 
for >1,100." H. C. M. 



88.1 EMOT'S INDIAN HII»r-K. Camhndge, 1663 

4/0. without himlini], quite imperfect ; leaven wnntintf in 

inniiy plticcn. 

886 ELIOT'S INDIAN HIIU.E. Miuniissc \Viitincctn|mn.U.unwfl 

Up-Hibliini (f()(l NiiiH'OMWo Nukkono 'IVHtiiiiu'iit kiih wonk 

Wiiskii TcNtunu'iit. Tlio Holy Hil.lo : contniniri},' tlio Old 

Ti'Mtiimont ami llio Nciw. TruiiHliitcd into llic Indiuii Liiti- 

KiiHf(«', anil onlt-rod to bo Printed l»y tli6 CoinniiMsionors of 

the United Colonies in Ncw-Kngliiiid, At the Chargo, iind 

with the Connent of the Corporation in Kti<;land for tlie Prop- 

n},'alion of th(' (io.spel anion;j;Ht the Indiana in New-England. 

C:ainljrid},'e. I»rint(ul by .Surniiel Green and Marinaduko 

JohnHon. MDCi.xiii. 4lt). n-rt mnr. vxtra (jilt edijei 

by Jh-cuhtrevt, Vambiidgc. Printed hy Niiwuel Grcvn and 

Maniiadulce JoliriHon, 1663 
The flrit edition of tlitt very rare work. 

887 EMOT'S NEW TESTAMENT. The New Testament of our 

Lord and Saviour Cln-ist. Translateil into tlie Indian 

Langua-^e, and Ordered to be Printed by the Commissioners 

of tlie United Colonies in New-England, At the Charge, and 

witii the Consent of the Corporation in England Eor the Prop- 

agation of the Gospel amongst tiie Indians in New-England. 

4to. crimson mor. tjilt cd(/fa,Jine copy. Cambridyc : 

Printed by Samuel Oreen and Marmadtilce Jofmson, mdclxi. 

WusKU WurrKSTAMKNTUM Ni;r.-i<ouDLMim Jesus Christ Nup- 


The first Impression of the first edition. (See O'Callagliun'a lllbllog. of 
American lllbles, p. u.) 

tamentum Nul-lordumiin lesus Christ Nuppoquohwussuaen- 
eumun. (Second Edition.) 4<o. red mar. gill edges, 

Cambridge, printed for the Bight Honourable Corporation in 
London, for the propagation of the Gospel among the Indiana 

in New- England, 1G80 
Tlie Ucv. ,I()hn Kllot, pastor of Iloxbury, Mnssachu.sctts, began the study of 
the Natick Indian lunguaRe when forly-two years of age ; and having acquired a 
knowledge of It e.xpresaed a desire to translate the Scriptures Into It for the use 
of the natives, among whom he acted as a Missionary. Aided by an Indian who 
had been taught the art of printing, he completed the translation of the Old and 
New Testament, In 1(158, after a hlhor of eight years. The fact having been made 
known to the London Society for the Propagation of the (iospel among the 
Indlansof New England, by (iovcrnor Endicott, in a letter dated December :.'8, 
1658, that body at once agreed to bear the expense of printing fifteen hundred 



copies of tlic New Testnmeiit. The following is an extrnct from tlie Society'* 
ietter, (laled tlie 7tli Miiy, IdSi): 

"At to tlu' printing of tlie I$il)le in tlie Indian language; niontioneilin Mr. 
Endicott'a letter; wliieli wee vnilcrstand is alreddy translated Into the Indian 
tounge; wee conceuie will not onely be acceptable vnto (iod; but uery proflit- 
ahle to the ])oor heathen and will nnich tend to the jjroniotion of the sperituall 
part of this worke amongst them ; and tlierfor wee oiler It not onely as our owne 
but as the judgment of others that the New Tealnnient bee lirst printed in the 
Indian language."— //(wnri/'s "Stale Papers," Vol. II., p. -lo;'.. 

889 ELLIOT, John. A Biogriiphictil Dictioiuiry, containing a 

brief account of tlie first settlers, and otlier eminent characters 
among the mtigistrates, ministers, and otiier wortiiy men in 
New England. 8vo. sheep, Boston, 1809 

890 EP^LKING, Max von. Die Deutschcn Hiilfstruppen im Nord- 

amcrikanischen IJcfreiiingskrioge 177G bis 1783. 
8yo. 2 voh. in 1, half green mor, extra, top edijc (jilt, tuicut, 

Hannover, 18G3 

891 liLLIS, Henky. A Voyage to Hudson's Bay, by the Dobbs 

Galley and California, in 174G and 1747, for Discovering a 
North West Passage. 8vo. paper, map, London, 1748 

892 P^LLICOTT, Andrew. The Journal of. Commissioner for 

determining the Boundary between the United States and Can- 
ada, with six Maps, &c. 4<o. half sheep, Philadelphia, 1814 

893 ELLIOT'S, Jonathan. The Debates in the several State Con- 

ventions, as recommended by the General Convention at 
Philadelphia, in 1789, together with the Joiiiiial of the Fed- 
eral Convention, Luther Martin's Letter, Yates' Minutes, 
Congressional Opinions, Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions 
of *98, '99, and other Illustrations of the Constitution. 

4 vols. 8vo. sheep, Washington, 1836 

894 ELLIS, Mrs. The Women of England, tiieir social duties, and 

domestic habits. 8vo. cloth, Pcntonvilk, 1838 

895 ELLWOOD, Thomas. The History of the Life of; or An 

Account of his Birth, Education, &c., with divers Observa- 
tions on his Life and Manners when a Youtii. 

12?«o. sheep, London, 1791 
-896 Emblems of Mortality ; Representing, in upwards of Fifty 
Cuts, Death seizing all Ranks and Degrees of People ; imi- 
tated from a painting in the cemetery of the Dominictm 
Church at Basil, in Switzerhmd. 12mo. cloth, London, 1789 



897 EMKRY S. Hopkins. The Ministry of Taunton, with Inci- 

dental Notices of otlier Professions ; with nn Introductory 
Notice by Hon. Francis Ikylies. Portrait. 

2 vols. \2mo. cloth, Boston, 1853 

898 EMORY, W. 11. Notes of a Military Reconnoissance from 

Fort Leavenworth, in Missouri, to San Diego, in California, 

including part of the Arkansas, Del Norte, and Gila Rivers. 

(4 copies,) 8vo. cloth, Washington, 1848 

899 EJl(rKS<S>, ittnrtfn .iFcntantrrf tit, Snma Ire 
flcofliciphfa tiue trata lie totias | las partOias » pro= 
ufncfas Del munljo ; en | e.specCal He las KnUCas. i? 

trata larganientc | del arte del niarear juntamente con la espcra 
en romance ; con el regimiento del sol y del norte ; agora 
nucuaniente cnnicndada de algunos defectos que tenia | en la 
impression passada. folio, red mor. extra, gilt edges, 

by Niedrec, of Paris, Sevilla, Andres de Burgos, 154G printed nt Seville in ISli). This cditio'i, wliicli is exceedingly rare, is 
said to l)e the first Imok printed in Spanish relating to America, and unknown to 

'• Knciso having gained a considerable sum in St. Domingo by practicing law, 
was induced by Ojeda to join him in an expedition of discovery and con(|uest to 
the continent of America. After sulfering great hardsliips and hairbreadth 
escapes, wliich are related by Ilcrrera, he returned to Spain, and published this 
work for the instruction of Charles V. The account of America is principally 
from his own observations." 

" In addition to the foregoing, Mr. Ilarrisse says : " We must add that Mar, 
tin Fernandez de Enciso first came to the New AVorld witli Kodrigo de Hastidus, 
was Aguazil of the Golden Castil, and owner of the vessel as well as the planner 
of the expedition in which Vasco Nui'iez de llalboa acquired so much famt^ A 
great hydrographer and exjiloier, bis work is invaluable for the early geograplij- 
cal history of the continent."— fii'6. Ami^ricnna Vetuatissima. 

At the Holton-Corney sale, London, 1S71, a copy brought £00. In the Cata- 
logue of .">Ir. ». Quaritch, London, isr:i, it is priced £84. 

900 An Englishman's Answku, to the Address from the Dtlojiiites 

to tlie people of Great Britain, in a Letter to tlio several Col- 
onies which were represented in the late Continental Conjjress. 

12 wo. half cloth, New York, 1775. 

901 ENS, Gaspau. India' Occidentalis Ilistoria : in qva prima 

regiontim istariim detectio, situs, incolarum mores, idiaque eo 

pertincntia, breuiter explicantur. Ex variis avtcribvs collecta. 

12mo. vellum, Coloniw, Guliem. Ltitzcnkirchen . Anno mdcxii. 

902 I^NSCIIEDfc, Joii. Specimen de Caracteres Typograpiiiques 

Anciens, (pii se trouvent dans la collection Typognqjhique de 
Joh. Enschede et Fils Imprimenrs a Harlem. Plates. 

4to. paper, Haarlem, 186[). 








Epistlk Genkral to tlicm who are of tlie Royal Priesthoofl and 
chosen Generation, Giving forth from the Movinga of tiie 
power and spirit of trntli, and now made publicit to be sent 
abroad among the Saints scattered in Old and New-England, 
Germany, Barbados, Virginia, etc. 

4lo. hnlfvior. Lov(Ju?i, Thomas Sinivwm, lOGO 

ERONDELLE, P. E. Nova Erancia or the Description of tiiat 
part of New France, which is one continent with Virginia. 
Described in the tiiree late Voyages and Plantation made by 
Monsieur de Monfs, MoTisieur dn Pont-Graue and M. de 
Poutrincourt, into the countries called by the Frenchmen La 
Cadie, lying to the .Southwest of Cape Breton. Together 
with an excellent seuerall Treatie of all the commodities of 
the said countries, and maners of the naturall inhabitants of 
the same. Translated out of the French by P. E. 

4to. nhl calf, rebacJccd, Londoni, Georgii Bishop, 1609 

This work i.s a translation of the fourtli and sixtli boolta of Li'scarbot's 
"Nova f'rinicin," l)y I'. Krondclle, a I'rotrslant minister, wlio in Ilia prelnce 
says, tliat " the wliole volume of llie navigations of tlic French nation into the 
West Indies (comprised in three bookes) was lironght toniee to he translnt' il by 
Mr. Kiehard llakhiyt .... and by him this part was chosen from the 
whole work, totlie end, tliat comparing tlie goodncsse of tlic landes of the North- 
erly parts heerin mentioned with that of Virginia .... greater encourage- 
ment nuiy be given to prosecute tliat generous and godly notion, in planting and 
peopling tlint country." 

EsKiMAUX and P^nglish Vocabulary, for the use of the Arctic 
Expeditions. Published by order of the Lords Commissioners 
of the Admiralty. ohlavfj 12iiio. cJolh, London, 1850 

ESQUlROS, Ai-rnoNSi;. The Dutch at Home. Essays from 
the " Revue des deux Mondes." 840. cJotli, London, I860 

ESQUIMAUX New Testament. Testanientetak tamedsa 

nalegapta piulijipta Jesusib Kristusab Apostelingtalo piiiniar- 

ningit okausingillo. Sco. (cover hrolcn.) Piinted 

for the Brilish and Foreign Bihle Society, London, 1840 

ESQUEMELING, John. Bucaniers of America: Or, a true 
Account of the most remarktible Assaults Committed of late 
years upon the Coasts of the West-Indies, by the Bucaniers of 
Jamaica and Tortuga, both English and French. Wherein 
are contained more especially, the unjjarrallerd Exploits of 
Sir Henry Morgan, our English Jamaican Hero who sackM 
Puerto Velo, burnt Panama, etc. [FIRST EDITION.] 
Portraits, Maps and Plates. Ato red mar. extra, 

rich inside tooling, gilt edges, a venj tall cojiy, WiUimn Crooke, 

London, 1684 



909 ESQUEMELING. Bucaiiiers of America ; or a true Account 

of the most reniarkahlo Assaults committed of late Years upon 
the Coasts of the West Indies, by t!ie liucaniers of Jamaica 
and Tortuga, both Phiglish and French. Second Edition, 
enlarged with two additional Relations, viz. : the oneof Capt. 
Cook, and the other of Capt. Sharp. The latter forms Part 
IV. 4^0. hnJf brown calf, cxlra, red edges, London, 

for Williavi Crooke, 1684 

Thf" title page to Vol. II., imfl several other leaves, have been niisplaeed by 
the biiuler, but the book Is complete, witli all the rortruits, Maps and I'lates. 
Sec .llr. JInri)hv's note at the bej,'lnniiiff of the volume. 

This work attractetl great attention in its day. Tlie following is from the 
London (la::eUe. of .Inne 8, Kin's; 

" Westminster ,Inne 1. Tliere have been lately Printed and Tublislu'd two 
Book.s, one by Will. Crook, the other by Thos. Malthns, botli Intitled The His- 
tory ofthe Ihuimiers; both which Hooks contained nniny False, .Scandalous and 
llalitioHS IteHections on tlie I, lie and Actions of .Sir Henry Morgan of Jamaica 
Kt. The said Henry Morgan liatli by.ludgment had in the Kiug's-Hench-Court, 
recovered against the said Libel £200. Damages. And on the hnndjle Solicita- 
tion and Kequest of William Crook, bath ben pleased to withdraw liis Action 
against the said Crook, and accept of his Submission ami Acknowledgement In 

I'riccd £12.10. in a late London Catalogue of Messrs. H. Sotheran & Co. 

909* ESQUEMELIN. De Ainericaensehe Zee-Koovers. Behel- 
sende een pertineute en waei-achtige Beschrijving van alle de 
voornaemste Koveryen, en onmenschelijeke wreedheden, die 
de Engelse en Franse Rovers, tegens de Sptinjaerden in Amer- 
ica, gepleeght hebben. 4/o. half mnroon mar. 
top edge gilt, AinslerdiDii, Jan. ten Hoorn, 1678 

The original Dutch edition, and of great rarity. Translated into Kuglish, 
Krencli, and (ierman, and passed through many editions. The adventures in 
this volume form the groundwork of the various histories of tlie Buccaneers and 
I'irates which were printed in the latter part of the seventeenth ami tirst part of 
the eighteenth century. 

910 E8TANCELIN, L. Recherchcs sur les Voyages et Deeou- 

vertes des Niivigateiirs Normands en Africa, dans les Indes 
Orientales et en Ameritine. 8io. half green calf, Farh, 18;V2 
910* ESSEX Institute. Historical Collections of. From 1859 to 
1864. 6 volumes bound in 4. 

4 vols. 4lo. cloth, Salem, 1859-64 

911 ETCIIEMIN AND JMiCMAC Vocabllakies. The Indian of 

New-England, and the North-Eastern Provinces ; A Sketch 
of the Life of an Indian Hunter, Ancient Traditicms relating 
to the Echemin Tribe ; their iiiodes of life, fisiiiiig, luinting, 
&c., with Vocabularies in the Indian iind English. 

8iO. half inor. Middletoivn, Conn., 185J 

■ ylill 


II. C. MUKI'ilY LimiAUY. 

911* /Ctl'dks Pliilologiqncs sur (itichiiios Laiigucs Saiiviiges ile 
rAmericiue. Par. N. (). Aucieii IMiHsioiinaire. 

8fo. half vtor. top ('(!(}(' (jilt, 3Ioutrenl, 18CG 

With it is 11 piiiuplili't I'lititlod, ".liiilgiiicut Krroiu' (le M. Kriicst Hiimn siir 
leu Liiiigiic'S yauvagcs. I'nr N. O." JUoiitretil, 18fi4. 

912 EUMKNK.S. Being a Collection of Papers, written for tlie 

purpose of exhibiting some of the more prominent errors and 
omissions of the Constitution of New Jersey, as established 
July 2, 177G. 8ro. i^liecp, Trenton, 1799 

913 EUSKBII C.i:sAiUKNSis Kpisc'o])i Chronieon : (piod Ilioronymus 

presbyter divino cius iiigenio latinfi facere ouravit, et usque in 
Valontem Cu'sare Komano adiecit cloipiio. Ad (picm & Pros- 
per & Mattha^us Palmerins, & Mattiiias Palmerius, demum 
& loliMuics JMiiltiuallis comphira qua' ad ha'C uscpie femponi 
subsei'iita sunt adiecere. Ilenricvs Stephanus. 
{At the vii(^ :) In almti Parisionim Academia. Millesinu) 
quingontesimo duodeeinio. Idibns vcro lunij. 

4to. half brown mor. <jiH e<Jgrs, lol2 

Oil piif.'<' 17?, iiiiiicr till' (lute r)f' loUil, is a passage wliicli doubtless iclcrs to 
some Imlians whom a Dicpi v i)ilot iiaiiipd Tlionias Aiibert tooli to riancc, men- 
tioiKMl liy ( liaili'\(iix, ill liis •'Hint. <le la ' iifelle f'rnnce," \'o\. t., p. H. We 
give a translation : 

Anno iiiW. .Seven wild men are liiouglit I'lDin tliat Island (wliicli is called 
Terra Nova) to IJoncn with their eanoe, clothing, and arms. Tliey are of a sooty 
color, with thick lips, and bearing marks on the lace drawn like blue veins along 
the cheek-bones from the ear to the middle of the cliin. With hair black and 
coarse like a horse's mane. No beard Ihroughont the wliolelil'e; no hair on the 
pubis, nor in any other part of the entire body, except on tiie head and eyebrows 
Tliey wear a girdle, in wliicli is a sort of pouch to cover the privities; they foni 
a dialect with the lips; religion they have none. Their canoe is of bark, widcli a 
man lifts on the shoulders with one hand. Their arms : Large bows, the strings 
being the intestines or sinews of animals ; arrows, canes barbed with Hint or fish- 
bone. Tlieirfood; broiled Hesh ; drink: water. Of bread and wine and money 
they have not the least use. They go naked, or clad in the skins of bei.sts, bears, 
and similar animals. Their country is in tlic parallel of the seventh climate 
beyond the west of France, etc. 

The present edition is a beautiful specimen of early typography by Henry 
Stephens, Paris, 151J, with additions by various hands to that year. 

914 EVANS, EsTWiCK. A Pedestrian Tour of 4,000 miles, tlirough 

the Western States and Territories, during the Winter and 
Spring of ISIH. Hro. honrdii, Concord, N. //., 181!t 

915 EVANS. Nathanikl. Poems on several occasions, witlf sonu'. 

other compositions. 

8vo. sheep, title pdije mutilated, I'hiladelphia, 1772 

91G EVANS, T. E. History of the Pob'tical Institutions of the 

nations of Europe and America: From the French of Dufau, 










Diilicrgior, and Giimlet, Atlvoeatea of the Com Iloyale, Paris. 
Vol. 1, containing France and tiie Netherlands. 

8v(>, boardu, uncut, London, 1824 

EVANS, Lkwis. Geograpiiical, Historical, Political, and 
Philosopliical Essays. Tiie first containing an analysis of a 
general map of tlie Middle. IJritisii Colonies in America, and 
tiie Country of tiie Confederate Indians, etc. Second Edi- 
tion. 4<o. half tnissia, with large map, Fluladelphia, 

B. Franldin and D. Hall, 1755 

EVELYN. Memoir and Letters of Captain W. Gianville Eve- 
lyn, of the 4tii Keginient (" King's Own,") from North 
America, 1 774-1 77G. Edited and Annotated by G. D. 
Scull. Fortrails. Sua. tinted paper, cloth, Oxford, 1879 

EVELIN, RoiiKUT. Direction for Adventurers witli small 
stocii to get two for one, and good land freely ; and for Gen- 
tlemen, and all Servants, Labourers and Artificers to live 
plentifully. And a true description of tiie healtliiest, pleas- 
antest and ridiest plantation of new Albion, in Nortii Vir- 
ginia, proved by thirteen witnesses. 

4to. boards, very rare, printed in the yeare 1G41 

EVENTS IN Indian IIistoky, beginning witii an account of the 
Origin of the American Indians, and early settlements in North 
America, embracing l>iograpiiies of the Chiefs of tiie Indian 
Tribes, with Narratives and Captivities. 

8vo. sheep, 8 plates, Lancaster, 1841 

Expostulation with Tliomas Lloyd, Samuell Jenings, and the 
rest of tlic 28 unjust Judges and signers of tlie paper of Con- 
demnation against (ieo'-ie KeitJi, and tlie rest of iiis Friends, 
and Complaint for a public Iiearing and Tryal before all 
impartial people. 4to. half mor. top edge gilt, uncut, 

I'hiladclphia, printed by William Bradford, 1692 

Exact Abuidgment of all the Tryals relating to High Treasons, 
Piracies, &c., in the Reigns of the late King William III. and 
of our present Gracious Sovereign Queen Anne. 

12mo. half brown mor, London, 1703 

Extracts from the Journal of Proceedings of the Provincial 
Congress of New Jersey. Held at Trenton in the months of 
May, June and August, 1775. 

8vo. half sheep, Woodbury, N. J., 1835 




n ; 

924 KxTUACTS from tlio Votes and Proceedings of the Amcriean Con- 

tinental Congress, held at Philadelphia, September 5, 1774, 
containing the Bill of Rights, a List of Grievances, Occa- 
sional Resolves, the Association, an Address to the People of 
Great Britain, etc. Svo. half mnr. rinlachlpliia, 1774 

925 ExTiiACT uit de Resolutien van de Ileeren Staateii van Holland 

en Westvricsland, in haar Ed. Groot Jlog. Vergadcring gen- 
omen op. folio, rdlum, Donderdag din 21 October, 177!) 
920 EYS, W. J. VAN. Dictionnairc Basfinc-r .I'—vis. 

royal Sco. jiapcr, nvcut, I'a ininive, \875 

926* EABER, Geougk Stanlky. The Origii : I'agan idolatry 

ascertained from Historical 'JVstimony and Circnmstantial 

Evidence. Plates. 3 voh. Ato. Iialf red mor. top edges i/ilt, 

uncut, very scarce, London, 1816 

The work comprises clmpliTs on the gcneriil Mjtliology of rHgitniam ; Mate- 
riallsm of the great (io(i und (iodesnea of the I'ngans; Tlie Orighi and Import of 
the Worship of the vVerpciit; Tlie Veneration of the Hull, Mon and I'.agle; Par- 
adise and tlie Ark witli tiie .Syndioliciil Moon, Heatlien Cosmogonies, I'agan 
doctrine of Succession of simihir worlds. Origin of Sacrilieial ISites, Tlie Sacred 
Itooks, Dsiric or IJrahminieal Superstition, The Hermaphroditic Unity of the 
Great Universal 1 nreut; Antediluvian ar.d Uiluvian History as exliihited in the 
ZendAvesla; Tugan aoconnts of a universal Uehige; concerning tlie Identity 
and character of the great (iods of the (ientiles; respecting the nature and pur- 
port of tlie ancient Mysteries; on the origination of Koniance from old mytho- 
loglc Idolatry; respecting tlie Shepcrd-Kings of Kgypt, and the various settle- 
ments of the military caste in conse<|uence of tlieir expulsion, &c., &c. 

927 [FAILLON, Rev. Mr. (Visitor and Superior of the Sulpi- 

tians.)] Histoire de la Colonic Franc^-aise. Portrait aiid 

Maps. 3 vols. Ato. calf, red edges, ht:aitlifully printed, 

Villeinarie, BibUothcQue Puroissiale, 1865 

928 FALCONER, T. On the discovery of the Mississippi, and on 

the South western, Oregon, and North western Boiindiiry of 
the United States. With a Transltition from the Original 
MS. of memoirs relating to the discovery oi Uie Missipippi by 
La Salle. 12wo. cloth, Loudon, 1844 

929 FARMER, John. A Genealogical Register of the First Set- 

tlers of New England ; containing An Alphtibeticnl List of 
the Governors, Deputy Governors, Assistants of Counsellors, 
and Clergymen in the several Colonies, from 1620 to 1092. 

8vo. half calf , Lancaster, 3Iass., 1829 

930 FARIBAULT, G. B. Catalogue d'Ouvrages sur I'Histoire de 

I'Amerique, et en particulier celle oil Cantida, de hi Louis- 
itine, de I'Acadie, et autrcs lieux. 

8vo. black mor. top edge gilt, uncut, Quebec, 1837 











FlJMKft. See Gomam,'So. 1559*. 

FAIJIA Y SOUSA, Manukl dk. TIic Portiifiiioa Asia; or, 
Tin; History of tlie DiHcovory and Conquest of India by the 
Portugues ; containing all their Discoveries from the Coast of 
Africk, to the farthest parts of China and Japan. 

3 vols. am. Hfii. ciilf, Lniithn, C. Bronte, ir.94 
FAIUA V SOUSA. Knropa I'ortugncza, 3 vols. Asia Por- 
tiigueza, 3 vols. Niatifrous portrnitu and views. 

voh./olld, old ridf, LIshoa, A. CrncMhcc/:, 1675 

Contiiins iiiaiiy noliccs of the Spimisli .ind I'oidiKiiesu Coloiii.s in Aiiiericii. 

FAKNIIAM. Hydraulic Apparatus for raising Water. 

New York, 1853 

II. J. W. IMmoiid's Itfpoit upon the Disturbance at tlio rotawitaniie Pav. 
■"''";•, X".,,, yor,>, ik;7 

III. Innioiif.H I':.\plonili(in of (lie Coiiiilrv lying between tlie Jlissouri 
Itiveriiii.ltlieltoeky Mountains. Witli Maii. fruahhii/Um, \m 

I\ . Memoirs, lii.storieal and Illustrative, of tlie Hotnnli; Garden at Clielsea. 

London., IsiiO 
\ . Speech of Coniniodore Klliott, at IlaKerstonn, Md., Nov. U, ls4;i. Por. 

'*'"''• Philadelphia, 1S14 

\ I. lli.ftory of Roxbury, by Charles .AI. Klli.s. /lostnn, lsi7 

VII. KInu'r'd History of the Early Settlement and I' of CMnnberlan.l 

County, New .ler.sey. /Sridr/eton, N. Y„ ISfi'.l 

\ 111. Hints on American Husbandry, coniniunicated to the I'cnnsvlvania 

Agricultural Society, 18^'7. 

together, 8 vols. Sro. 
FEATHEKSTONIIAUGH, O. W. fleologietil Report of 
an cxiuuiuation made in 1834, of the elevated country between 
the Missouri and lied Rivers, ilhip. 

^fo. cloth, Washin(/to)i, 1835 
FEIJRKS. Dicciouario Chileno-Hi.spai'io, Compuesto por el 
R. P. Andres Febres Misionero. 

'ito. half cloth, Santiar/o, 1840 
FEBRES, A. Arte de la lengiia general del regno de Chile, 
con un diidogo Chileno-Hi-spiino muy 

8vo. vellum, Lima, 17G5 
FEDERALIST, (Tin:). A Collection of Essays, written in 
favour of the New Con.stitution, as agreed upon by the Fed- 
eral Convention, Sept. 17, 1787. 2 voh. 12mo. sheep, 
ori'jinal ed., title pa,je wantiur/, ver;/ scarce, Xew Yor/c, 1788 
FERNANDEZ, -I. P. Relacion Ilistoritde de las Jlissiones de 
los Indios, quo Ihiman Ciiiquitos, que estiin a cargo de los 
Padres de la Comj). de Josus de hi Provincia del Pitragutiy. 

4io. half Spanish mor. Madrid, 1726 

The author was one of the most zealous and active missionarie.s amoiiK the 
CbKiuito Indians of Paraxi.ay. It contains interesting details concerning this 
large tribe, as well as of the tribes adjacent. 




940 FKRNANDKZ. Kolncion Ilistorialo, etc. (Aiiotlier copy.) 

4t(). vcUuiii, Mmlful, 1720 

Sill FKLT, .TosKi'ii IJ. All IlLstoricttl Account of Miis.sucliii.sett3 

Currency. 8vo. flulh, lUmtun, 183!> 

942 Fki.t. History of Ipswicli, Esaox, and Ilfiniilton. 

St'o. cloth, C(niihri(hj<', 1H34 

943 Fklt. Aiiuulti of .Sulem. Purlrciits. 

2 vols. l'2i)to. clodi, Salem, \8A'> 

944 FERGUSON, Adam. Tlie Ili.story of tlie Progress and Ter- 

niinutioii of tlic Uoiuuii Kepublic. VnrlraiL 

8i'o. half calf, London, 1829 

945 Ferguson. Ah Essay on tlio History of Civil Society. 

Svo. shvcp, Boston, 1809 

946 FEKLAM), ,T. H. A. Cours d'llistoiro du Canada. Trc- 

niiere Partic 1534-1G(;;}. Secoiido Partic 1CG3-1759. 
2 vols. 8i'o. half red inor. extra, top edtje gilt, uncut, Quebec, 

Augnstin Cote, 1801-65 

947 FEHRIS, Hknjamin. A History of the Original Settlements on 

the Delaware, from its discovery by Hudson to tiie Coloniza- 
tion under William Peiiii, to which is added. An Account of 
the P^cclesiastical Affairs of the Swedish Settlers, and a His- 
tory of Wilmington, from its first settlement to the present 
time. Svo. cloth, Wilmington, 184G 

948 FH^LD, Thomas W. Historic and Anti<iuarian Scenes in 

Brooklyn and its Vicinity, witii Illustrations of some of its 
Antiquities. Svo. cloth, large paper, uncut. Brooklyn, 1808 

949 Field. An Essay towards an Indian IJibliograpiiy. Being a 

Catalogue of Books relating to tiie History, Antiquities, Lan- 
guages, Customs, Religion, Literature, and Origin of the 
American Indians. 

(2 copies,) Svo, cloth, tldclc paper, New York, 1873 

949* FIELD, David D. Centennial Address, with Historical 

Sketches of Cromwell, Rutland, Chatham, Middletown, etc. 

Middletown, 1853 

II. Kei. LOWS, .John. TIr' Veil Ucnioveil; or lUflcctions on Ilunipliiey's 
Life of riitimm. 

III. Ft'ssfiulcii's Complpto Fanner and Kuiiil Eooiiomist. Ilnston, 18^5 

IV. Kll.sworth'.s Valley of the Wabiisli, Incliiiim. Map. Xeio I'oW.-, ISIW 

V. Cliipniuu's Memoir of Tlionms Cliitteiulon, I). I). 3Iiddlebinu, 17., 1849 

VI. Caleb Cnsliiiift's History of Newburyport. Newlmryport, 1820 

VII. Cohen's Kotices of Florida and the Cunipaigns. Map. 

Charleston, S. C, 1836 



vm. cut's Cincinnati, Ita Eiiily Annala nnd Future Proupcrlty. 

Cincinnutl, lHi\ 

I.\. llhikc'K Annuls of DiirclicHtcr, IcVKV-iriVI. Huston, IMfl 

X. Illslorlciil Annuls of St. Ann's I'liiisli, Ann Arnmlill Co., Maryland, 

1<HI>-1867. Hy Kcv. Ktlum Alk-n, IMtimore, 1867 

(oi/itlu'r, 10 voIh. 

1)50 FIGANIEUK,J(>U(iK Cksaudi:. Uibli();,'nii)liiiiIIist()rica Por- 

tugueza, oil Ciitiilogo Metliodieo dos aiictores J'drtiijruczns, 

''f''- Hro. half i-(,lj\ Llnlioa, Ift.'iO 

ysi irxr'::,EllS, irflhrlm. €>i(cnt«TlfscUc Unlrfcn. 
Bns nussfululfrlic, tjuli toollftommrnr nfstor= 
fsclir, \)uii CSfoflriiphfsrhc JJcsrhrrfbinio nllcr, njrt 

jodi'ii Scliitri'arton, vnd Ucysen, wclelu' vdii vudcrscliiedlidien 
Nafiniicti, niclirciitlii'ilrt den Engellilndi'ni, S])aiiicrii vnd IIol- 
liinden iniicrliiill) limidcrt .lalwcn, voi-iu'inlicli, von verscliicnem 
Hcclizelicnlmiidcrt vnd ei-sten Jalir, bisz aiitt' 1027, in vnder- 
st'liii'dtlichc KiinigiTicli, Insi-ln, vnd I'rouiiitzieii dcr Orientiil- 
isehen Indieii vorgenoinnien vnd verricditct woi'den. . . . 
/olio, velhim, Froiick/nH am Maijn, hv)/ Canpar RiltcU. In 

vcrlcijinHi Willielm Filzers, 1028 

Tills nliridKiiicnt of llic Small Voyages of I ).■ llry Is hy William Fltzcrs. son- 
in-law of I)u Hi-y, who, ill KWn, piiiiti'd till' Twilflli and Tlilrtecntli Parts of tlie 
81,1110 collfc'ti<iii. These two I'arts arc added in lliis volume to the Ahridgment 
ol the eleven I'arts, and thus complete the work 

952 FILSON, (J.) The Discovery, Settlcmont And present state 

of Kontncl<e : ami An Essay towards tlie Tojiograpliy, and 
Xatiirid History of that important Country. Witii An Appen- 
dix, Containing, I. Tiio Adventures of Ctd. Daniel Boon. 
II. Tile Minutes of the Pianltasiiavv Council, held at Post St. 
Vincents, April 15,1784. III. An Account of the Indian 
Nations inhabiting within the Limits of the Thirteen United 
States, etc., etc. 8uo, half red mo r. top edge gilt, 

vvrij scarce, Wilmington, James Adams, 1784 
It Is proper to state that although the title calls for a map, none appears to 
have been published; when found it is usually supplied from the French transla- 

953 FINDLEY, William. History of tlie Insurrection, in the four 

Western Counties of Penn.sylvania : In the Year 1794, With 
a recital of the circumstances specially comiected therewith ; 
and an Historical Review of the previous situtilion of the 
<^o>"'fy- Svo. sheep, rhiladelphia, 1796 

954 FISHER, Alkxandeu, (Surgeon R. N.) A Journal of a 

Voyage of Discovery to the Arctic Regions, in his Majesties 

Ships Ilecla and Griper, in the Years 1819 and 1820. Map. 

* 8vo. sheep, London, 1821 


i 1 




OSo FLrXT. TiMOTiiv. The HiHtory and Geography .,f tlu, IMin-|)|)i ^'a||,.y, to wliicli is ai,|,,.ii.l.Ml n conilunscMl riiv.sical 
(W'o-nii.liy „f ,l,e Atlanti(! Unile.l .Sl.iti!.s, itid llin wliolo 
AiiKjrican Continent. St-cond Edition. 

2 fo/s. «io. (vr//, diiiriiiudtl, \H:\2 

'.i'>C, F..ivr. Indian Wars of tl„, ■West; .•onlainin- |{i.,-ra|.liical 
Si<ctclics of those Pioneers who iieaded the West.>rn Settlers 
in repelliiig the attaeks of the Savages, t()gether witii ii view 
ol the C'haraeter, Monuments, and Anticpiitie.s of tlio Western 

957 FLINTKH, Vux.usvx. An Aeeonnt of th.^ I'r,.sent State of tlie 
Ishiiid of I'lierto Kieo, comprising Original l-Vts and Doen- 
ments iliuatrativo of the state of Commerce and Agriculture, 
and of the condition, moral and i.hysical, of the various 
classes of liie population in lliat Island, 

8(,v). lull/ calf, London, 1831 
9.')7* FLOUKNCIA, Fhancisco di;. La Kstnlhi de el Norto do 
Mexico, aparecidaal rayar el dia de la luz Kvangelica en esto 
Nueva-Mundo, en la cumbre deel cerro de Te|)eyacac orilhi 
del mar Tezcucuno, ii un jS'atuml reeien convertido, jjintada 
Ires (lias despues mihigrosumeute en su tilma, o capa de lienco 
delante el Obispo, etc. 

4<«, cfllnm, Mexico, Mm-ia ih- Ilniavidcs, 1G88 
9.38 FOLSOM, GicoiuiK. History of Saco and IJiddeford, with noti- 
ces of ot'\cr early Settlements, and of the l'r(ii)rietary Gov- 
ermneiits in Maine, including the I'r .vinces of New Somert- 
shireand Lyg..nia. Um,,. half she p, Saco, IH.'iO 

958* FONTANA, Gtacom... Racc.lta .lelle Migliori Chiese di 
Ifonni e Suburbane espresse in tavole <lisegnate ed incise. 
Corredate di ccmd storici e descrittivi. Jllnslmlcd wllh 212 
hcuuli/ul outline plates of the exterior and interior of the 
Churches of Rome, and of the most celebrated pictures in thew. 
4 vols, roijal folio, hound in 2, half rellum, murhled edijes, 

lloma, (,'io. Jlalt. Marini, 18^8 
959 FONTKNKLLE, M. i,k. An Answer to the History of Ora- 
cles, in which Mr. A'an-Dale's system concerning the authors 
of the Heathen Oracles, ami the cause and time of tlieir 
silence, is confuted; and the Opinion of the Fathers upon that 
subject vindicated. . Sco. calf, Loudon, 1700 








DO 7 



FONSKCA, Amonio, Low./.. \m Kayo. im Ilal.iimif. 
2 voh, Hrn. hoards, iniciit, f,<i lltiiji, 18;")7 

FOOTK, Wru,iAM Hksiiv. Skctch.'s of Vi.-inia, Ilist.nical 
and lJiojrra|)liicHl. Second SitIch. I'orlrait. 

Hri). rn/rli,l/i, P/iilmhlpJiia, 18.').') 

FOOTK, IIknuv Sri'.viir. Texas and tlie Texans ; or, Advance 
of the Anglo AinuricmiM to the Sontli-West : incliKlinj; a His- 
t«)ry ..(• r.eading events in Mexico, (Voni tlie Conqiient by Fer- 
nando Corlcs to tlie terniinution of tlic Texan K.'volntion. 

8('o. 'jnrn cl„tl,, ,jilt, I'liihuhliili'ia , \M\ 

FOUISKS, .Jamks (liiAvr. Sketehea, Historical and Topo- 
Krapiiicdi, ofthu Floridas, more piirticndiirly Fast Florida. 

8ff). Iioanh, Xcir Ym-k, 1821 

FOIICK, I'lCTKi!. Tracts and other Papers, relatin;: principallv 
to the Origin, Settlement, and Progress of the Cohn.ics in 
North America, from the Discovery of the country to the year 
^"*'^''- 1 '•'"'■•<• >^fo. hnlf ch[I\ \V(,slii„;ito,i, 183G-184G 

A viilunl)lo coll.ctloii. Till' work has now litcoine Vfry sciiiw. 

FORI), Gov. Thomas. A History of Illinois, from its Cor„- 
ftiencement as a State in 1818 to l.S 17, containing a full 
account of the IJIack Hank AVar, the Hi-e, Progress, and 
Fall of Mormonism, the Alton and Lovejoy Kiots, and other 
important and interesting events. 

Svo. cJot/i, i/ll', Xrw York, iMot 
FOKHICST, Wir.MAM S. Historical and descriptive sketches of 
NorHdk and Vicinity, including Portsmouth and tin. adjacent 
comities, during a period of two hundred years ; also. Sketches 
of Williamshurgh, Hampton, Sutlolk, Smithlield, and other 
Phices, with descriptions of some of the principal ol.jects of 
interest in Eastern \'irginia. Hro. cloth, PhllmhJph'uu IS.'i.'J 
FOKSTKH, .loiiN KiciNiioi.i). History of the N'oyages and 
Discoveries made in the Xortli. Translated from' tl^e (Jei- 
nian, and elucidati'd by a new map of the Countries situated 
about the North Pole. .s,.,.. a,lj\ D^hli,,, 178G 

FoitSTKU. Travels into North America ; containing its Natural 
History, and a circumstantial account of its Plantations and 
Agriculture in general, with the Civil, Ecclesiastical and Com- 
mercial state of the country, the manners of the Inhabitants, 
etc., by Peter Kalm. 3 coh. Hvo. ctlf, London, 1772 


II. 0. Mtntriiv i.iiiitAKV 


970 K()WM:I{. Wim.iam CiiArNcKv. Hintcry of Durlnun, Cm- 
iH'<Mi('iil, I'roin till' first Knuif dCIhihI in ICClMo isiKi. 

Hrn, rio/h, l/,irl/i>rtl, IHCC) 

'.•7()» KOX, KiiKNKZKii, (of IJoxltiiry, Ma«H.). Tlie Ui'voliitioimry 
Adv.'iiliiivs (if. /hslon, \H'.\H 

II. Till' I, III' of Mclii>li\< Kirnir, M. I>. Boilnn, 1K):1 

III. .Iiiiiicii KIkIiH. Ill iii1mI»iiiii'|.h i)C AlliHliy. Alluiiiy, \h:\i\ 

IV. Tlii'ri.||.|imt).(| " McMinSioi)," itMnrljoii iiiiilitn'lili'iitii. AVic lor*, lnW 

V. Kiirw's IMrluri' iif WhwIiIiikIou iitiil IIh Vlclnlly li>r IMS. 

H'tin filnalnn, IMti 

VI. i:ill(>l'» Wttnlilnntimliiildi'. IfdHMiiutun, IK\7 

071 KOXK, F.iKK. Norlli-wcst Fox, or Fox froin tlic North-went 
pas.Hiigo. Hoifiiiiiiii^' Willi Kiii;r Artlivr, Miil^ir, Ocllivr, llic 
two Zci)i,x of'laiHJ, MNlolilaiiil. mill Dm^ia; Kiillowiiijr with 
InifCo Ah.xtractH of tlit- N'oyajren of (nlmt, Frohiwher, Davis, 
Wi'ViiK-iith, Kiii^rht, Iliiilsoii, Hadiii, rtc. .Mr. .Iiiiiu'.h Hall's 

thn-c Voya-,'i-s to (;rcciilaiii! Willi tin- aiithor'.-i owiio 

Voyaj,'o l)(!iiip; the XVItli, with tlii' opiiiioiw ami Collections of 

the most famous Miithcmatii'iaiis ami Co.-diiojji'aphurs ; . . . 

ll'itli Ilia rare iiiaji, wil/i a Juki: In oiir ri>rii<r. mil. 4li>. 

ri'dvwr. miiwr rxfrn, (/III hiucn hi/ liid/iml, London, lO;]."* 

Till' iiiitliiir'M own luirriillyf in of liU VoyiiKi. Cor tin- ilUcovery of ii Nortli- 

Wi'st l'a»«i^'(. iniiili' in llttl in tlu' pliin , tin. Chmtif. of m-voiity tons liiiril.n, 

iniiniii'ii liy Hviiily imi two l)o\.i, with iirovlslini.'i lor il(,'litiTU inontlii. lie 

|msH|.(l thniiiKli lluilionN .»<lriiit, iinil followiil tlii' wlioli' wriliTii roii«t ol lliid. 
Hon'K lliiy. hut nmcir no new ilisi;i)Vfrle». He ri'tiiriu'il without ionlng ii nulii, 
allrr an ulisciici' of hIx iiiontli.i. 

972 FOX, riKoijtji;, AM) John HntNVKAT. A Ncw-Eiijr|aml Firo 

Hraml (iuciiclu'd, Iking an answer unto a Slamleroii.s Hook, 
Kntitiilcd: (Jeorgo Fox diggcil out of his HniTowea, &c. 
Printed at lloston in KuO, hy Hoger Williams, of Providence, 
in New-Fnglaml, which he Dedicateth to tiie King, with 
Desires, That if the Most-High please, Old and New-Kiighmd 
may lloiirish, when tlie Pope ami JIahomet, Home & Con- 
stantinople are in their Ashes. Of a Dispute upon XIV of 
his Proposals held and debated betwixt him, the said Roger 
Williams, on the one part and John Stubs, William Kdmiind- 
son and John Pnrnyeat on the other. At Pi-ovidence and 
Newport in Kode Island, in the Year l(;7-2, etc. 

Alo. olin; mor. (jilt idijcs. rriiilcd in the Year 1679 

It was on till' occasion of tliis " Dispute," tiint Uogcr Wiiiianis iiadilli'd iiin 
own log canou to Newjiort. 

973 FOX. A Journal or Historical Account of the Life, Travels, 

Sufferings, Christian Experiences, and Labour of Love, in 

rliiim, {'((II- 

HJ'onh IHOC. 

Botlitn, IK'CI 

Albany, \XM\ 

Ntw York, Wi'i 

'lit flint/Inn, imfi 
'iiHhIiii/tiiii, IKir 

Octlivr, till' 
lowing with 
ilior, DuvIh, 
iiiK^s IlaH'i* 
llior'n owiic 

>ll(M'li<)IIS of 

lici'H ; . . . 

Hin. 4lo, 
ndoii, IC;).') 

■ry oj n North- 

ly toim Imrdcii, 

11 iiioiitlis. lie 

OIIIIHt of lliid. 

lunliig u nmn, 

i;,'laii(l Vivo 
'fonts Mook, 
rowes, itc. 
Kiiifi, with 
mo & Con- 
ton XIV of 
isaid Kogor 
u Edinniid- 
ideiice and 

Year lG7f» 

13 |>ail<ll>'(l lUH 

L', Travels, 
f Love, in 





tho Work of the MiiiiMiy, of that Ancient, Kiiiinont, nml 
Faithful S.rvaiit of .Ii'nuh (hriMt, (ieoriru Fox. 

Mil). kIiiiii, l'liihiilil]>lilit, IH',\'> 

1171 FOX, (i. M,,re F.xcellent OhservatioiiM of the Fstate and 

Allairs of II(dhind. In a dirn'oiiiMe, Hhiwinj^ how lutecsmirio 

and convenient it is for their iieif^hlionrin;; eoiintricH, m well 

"s the Netherlaiid Provinces, to trade into the West Indie.M. 

4lo. ciilj\ i/lll, i«;ii 
FOX, C'liAiiMvs I. [listoryof the OhI Town.Hliiixd' DnnMiihle : 
iiichidin^r N„,«|,„„, x.ishville. Ilollis, Hn.lson, Litchliehl mid 
Merriniac, N. 1|., Dunstalde and Tyn-sl)oron;,di, Ma.sM. 

X'lniii. ijii'in doth,, Niuhun, 18-J(» 

.iFM^fitUJr^ii, John. Joijful ilcUirs out of 
thr nrU) founu \uor(U, \uhrrrfii nrr lirclnirli the 
tare nnij sfnoulnr ijfrturs of lirtirrs null suimni 

herim. Trees, i'lanls, and Stones ; with their applications, m 
well (o (li,. ,ise of IMiysiu as {'hirurj,'ery ; which beinjj; well 
upjdied, hrinfr sncli present remedy for all diseases, as may 
seem alto^iet her ineredihh. : notwithstanding by practice, 
found out to he true. 

mn. Alo. r(ilj\ Lnnthni, WllUntn Norltiii, l.^SO 

!»77 FKANC'K. Le Second V(dnme des Cronicqnes & Aninilles de 

Franco, aiigmentees dancnns faitz dignes de mcmoire, des 

feiix Hoys Charles viij. Loys xii & Frncoys premier dii no, 

iiiscines en Laii. mil cinii cens trente hnyct. thick l-Jwo. 

olil cut/, rmr, (at the aid) J'lin's, (lidUut (Jii pre, \f,'.\H 

»'« JFiXMiKtU, Srbnstfnu. gJMrfi.ifrtfflc Urstfurfb- 
uiiQC nllcr uitli manchrilri.' .'ioiflfrltCont Sthfffnr^ 
ten, ftr. Durch eilrfrh Srhmllit \)ou Stiaubfn^ 
ocn, liuli tixWicxn mclu*, so liasrlO.ot fn cfflf nrr pri^ 
son ocflrntufvtffl flc\ufsrn, unlr solchrs rvfnhrrn. 
rcvt i"» nnn 5i» icatjcs. 

J'vUu, hltie vior. ijilt idyvs, Ftunhfurt am Mayn, 

3farlin Lcchlcr, 15()7 

This volume Hiimclhiii's Ibriiis a sci-oiul |init ol .SclmsUaii frnnuk'a " Wclt- 
biich.H, von Ncwcii cirinidcii I.aiKllscliiill'tcn. 

971) FRANCIS, JuiiN AV. Old New- York; or, Ueminisccnces of 

the past sixty years, with ii Memoir of the Author, by Henry 

T. Tuckernian. J'ortntil. 

royal Svo. lori/c paper, cloth, New York, 18C5 

Wltli an autogiai)lilttt<ilioiii Gerald (.i.Iiei'kmaii to Samuel KrcfboUy, dated 
Ul Juno, VM. 



ySO J'KANKLIN, Alkhicd. Diotioiiuire dos Noms, Suniom.s et 
Psciidonyino.s Latin.s dc I'llistoire Litteniire du Moyen Age, 
(1100 11 1530.) 

8vo. half blue mor. top ijllt, uncut, P((ris, 1875 
981 FRANKLIN, liKNJAMiN. Letters to Benjamin Franklin, from 
his Family and Friends, 1751-1790. Portrait, 
royal Hco. large paper, half mor. top edge gilt, New York, 1859 

981* [FRANKLIN, Bknj.I Historical Review of the Constitution 
and Government of Pemisylvania, from its Origin ; so far as 
regards tiie several points of controversy, wiiicli liave, from 
time to time, arisen between tlie several Governors of tiiat 
Province, etc. Hco. calf, London, It. Grijjilhs, 1759 

982 FRANKLIN, James. Tlie Pliilosophical and Political History 

of the Thirteen United States of America. 

\'2nio. if/ieep, London, 1784 
98;5 FRANKLIN, Bkn-jamix. Two Tracts : Information to those 

who wonld remove to America ; and remarks concerning the 

Savages of North America. Third edition. 

8ro. haJf iiinr. London, John Stockdale, 178-1 
984 FuANKi.iN. The i:.\ann'iiation of Doctor Bonjiimin Franklin, 

Relative to tlie Repeal of the American Stamp Act, in 

MncCLXvi. 8 vo . calf, \_no place] , 1 7G 7 

^85 iFilEEBTJItil, Ucvunvlius. Dc S2irrraschnnlc Her 

CJCUflllC CSOtlS. pp. 580 and Register. 

ito. old calf, title page gone, and first leaf of text 

mutilated. 1721 

Tlie volmnu contains a liiuh insnivfd portrait, Iwiifutli wliicli is " Bkk- FlJKKMAN, JieUiemmr ,k, Godlykcn \Voor,U U<t MUlwouw, ,)\'., in New 

\orl:." ll„. "()i„Iraot" {I>r..|lice) is sIkir-,! lUriiardus Froeniai.. ai„l .latd 

Midwou.l op lu't Eyland Xassouw in de Provinlie van .Nitwyork in America 

den 'ii Jlay, \7'>\." 

98G FRENDER, L. D. Le Mense Beige Ilistoire Legendes-Sites 
ct Momimens— In.lnstric. dinant Namiir, Liege. 

Unio. paper, Paris, 1858 

987 FREMONT, J. C. Report of the Exploring Expedition to the 

Rocky ]Monntains, in the Year 1842, and to Oregon and North 
California in the Years 1843 tmd 1844. 

(2 copies,) Svo. ehlh, half calf, n'ashia,/ton, 1845 

988 FRENCH, B. F. Historical Collections of Lonisiana, en.brac- 

ing many rare and valuable documents relating to the Natu- 


Surnoins et 

]Moy«ii Age, 

Pdiis, 1875 
inkliii, from 

' York, 1859 

1 ; so far as 
liavo, from 
ors of tliat 
iljilhs, 175'J 

cal History 

nclo7i, 1784 

Ion to tliosc 
corning the 

cdah, 1784 


p Act, in 

nee], 17G7 

male tier 

•ed. 1721 

ich is " l!i.:ii. 
1, iJ'L'., in Neu! 
1. am) (lateil 
k ill Aiiieiicii 

lies — Sites 

ci-is, 1858 
ion to tlie 
and North 

Ion, 1845 
, cmbrac- 
the Nat Il- 


ml, Civil, a..(l Political History of that State. Compiled with 
Historical and Biographical Notes, and an Introduction. 3 
vols. Historical Memoirs, 1 vol. 

together 4 vols. 8vo. doth, Neiu York, 184G-53 
989 FRENEAU, Vwuv. Lyric Works of Horace, Translated into 
i^.nglisii Verse : to which are added, a number of Original 
I oems, by a Native of America. 

8vo. sheep, Philadelphia, 1786 

990 FuKNEAu. Poems written between the Years 1 7G8 and 1 794. A 

New Edition, Revised and Corrected by the Author ; Includ- 
mga considerable number of pieces never before published. 

8vo. sheep, Monmouth, N. J., 1795 

990* FREZn-:R, M. A Voyage to the South Sea, and alon-. the 

coasts ot Chili and Peru, in the years 1712, 1713 and 1714, 

particularly discribing tiic genius of the inhabitants, as well 

Indians as Spaniards. 37 Maps and Plates. 

ito. calf, London, 1717 

991 FRIENDS. Account of the conduct of the Religious Society 

of Friends towards tlie Indian Tribes in the settlement of the 
Colonies of East and West Jersey, and Pennsylvania ; with a 
.iJrief Narrative of their Labours for tlie Civilization and 
Christian Instruction of the Indians. Map. 

Svo. cloth, London, 1844 
J92 FRISTOE, WiLMAM. A Concise History of the Ketocton 
iiaptist Association : wherein a description is given of her 
Constitution; Progress and Increase; the Intention in asso- 
ciating; the Doctrines holden by her; reasons for the names 
of regular and separate Baptists, etc., etc. 

12mo. sheep, Staunton, 1808 

993 FROGER, Le Sieuu. Relation d'un Voyage fait en 1695, 

1096 & 1697, aux Cotes d'Afrique, Detroit de Magellan, 
lii-ezil, Cayenne & Isles Antilles, par une Escadre des Vais- 
seaux du Roy, Commandee par M. De Genne.. Maps and 

oo. .S ^^'""- '"^^' ^*''' ^'«"'«' iC98 

994 LRUCTUOSO, Gaspar. Historia des Ilhas do Porto-Santo, 

Madeira, Desortase Selvagens. Manuscripto do Seculo xvi 
annotado por Alvaro Rodrigues de Azeveds. pp. 917. 

royal 8vo. half purple mor. top edge gill, Funchal, 1873 



; I 








ll I 




995 Fui.TON Fkruv, and its Associated Ferries, Historical Sketcli of. 

Hy a Director. Printed for tlie private use of the Company. 

Plates and wood-cuts. 

royal 8vo. half red mor. extra, marbled edges, Broohlip), 1879 

996 FURMAN, Gakuktt. Rural Hours. A Poem. Engraved 

title by A. li. Durand. 8w. J.nards, Maspdh, 1824 

997 FuRMAN. Rcdfield ; A Long Island Tale, of the Seventeenth 

^'ent'iry. 12mo. boards, Ncto York, 1825 

998 GACiE, Thomas. A New Survey of tlie West Indies : or, The 

Knglish American, his Travail by Sea and Land : Containing 
A^ Journal of Three Thousand and Tlu-ee hundred 3Iiles 
within the Main Land of America, etc. Maps. 

4to. calf, London, 10.55 

999 GAGP:, Tjiomas. The History of Rowley, anciently including 

Bradford, Boxford, and (Jeorgetown, from IC'iOto the Present 
Time, with an Address, Delivered at the Ctdebration of the 
Second Centennial Anniversary of its Settlement. By Rev. 
James Bradford. 8to. doth, Boston, 1840 

1000 GAFFAREL, Paul, fttude sur les Rapports de I'Amerique 

et de I'Ancien Continent avant Christopher Colombe. 

8fo. paper, I'arls, 18G9 

1001 GAFFAREL, Paul. Histoirc de la Floride Frant^'aise'. 

8i'o. paper, Paris, 1875 

1002 GALE, Doctor. Letter to I. W. Esquire, containing A 

Narrative of the principal matters, of a public and interesting 
nature, which were subjects of the Debates and Resolves of 
the General Assembly of Connecticut, during their sessions in 
May, 1709. \-2nio. half calf , Hartford, 1709 

1003 GALVANO, Antonio. Tratado dos descobrimentos anti- 

gos, e modci'uos, teitos ate a era de 1550, com os nomes par- 
ticulares das passoas que os fizeraon : e em que temjjos, e as 
suas alturas, e dos desvairados caminlios por oiide a pimeuta, 
e especiavia veyo da India as nossas jjartes. 

folio, rcllitin, rare, Lisboa, 17,31 

1004 GALVANO. Relacam Verdadera dos trabalhos q ho govcrn- 

ador do Fernando de Souto e certes fidalgos portnguesas pas- 
saron do descobrimento da pi-ovincia da Frolida. Agora 
nouamente feita per hu fidalgo Deluas. ];i!) pp. 

Alo. half red mor. top edge gilt, Evora Andrce de Burgos 
[1557]. Reprint, Lisbon, 1844 
Uoprint of an excessively rare volume, of which but a single copy is known, 
which H in the Carter-Brown Library, Providence. 



cojjy is known, 

looo iHsmnwrnMi^, MntonU. m\t Dfscobtrfes of the 
mom from tlirfr first orfflfnall bnto the near 
of our aoro 15.^5. urfea» torftteii fit the i3ortu= 

{rail tongue by Ai.tonie OalvuiK,, Go.iuernour of Ternate, the 

el..efe Islnn.l of the Malnms : Corrected, ,,noted and now 

published in Kn-Iish by Hiejiard Ilakhiyt. IJlack Lkttkh. 

4to. old calf, rare, London, G. Bishoi,, 1601 

Ilakhiyt, i„ liis DMlicntoiy Kpistl.. to Sir \U>U-n (Veil), cayB • 
n,ntt'!., «,' T^' '1'""^-"' ^"'^'l' in '^"Ik- coutulneth so mnci, rare and profltable 
cmnpX! " ''" '" "'-'' '"'■ "■''•••""""' - ..amnvamlstrcit. a 

it wl^ihl, ?""•": '"" ''■'"'"""""■ " "'"■^- ""■""■ >"" "i'- *" •- "<l"'Ttize,I .l,at 
ur . at.o, ,M,o..e na,,,.- I,y no n, I ..oul.l attain vnto. For it l.atl. lien bv 
in.- about, tl,,..,. twelve yeeres. In all of wind, space thonKh I have nnnle n nch 
.n.,unu.. an,l sent to Mshon, where it seen.e.h it was printe,!, yet t, ' s Z 

::::::;":::::;;:::::;- • --- -'-'- ^ •-'" ■-•- •• .-^m 

100(1 GALLATIN, Ai.>»,cin-. Letter Transmitting tt list of Bills, 
•Irawn by the Minister Plenij)otentiary of the U. .S. at Paris, 
"1. the Treasury of the U. S., for elainis enibraeed by the' 
Convention with the French Republic of April ;10, \m?y. 

«to. h,il/c(,l/\ Waahhx/ton, 1806 

1007 GALLATIN, Wh.i.iam I'ukul..:. Statement on the part of 

the Unite.l Sftites, of the Case Referred, i,i pursuance of the 
Convention of 2!),h Sep., 1827, between the said States and 
Great IJnttiin, to the King of the Netherlands, for his decision 
''""■'■""• ^'■''- I'd/ calf, Wnshinciton, 1829 

1008 GALLOWAY, J„sk,..,. Letters to a Nobleman, on the Con- 

duct of the War in the Middle Colonies. Map. 

8ro. hnlf mor. London, 1780 
I'tOlt (;ANILII, Ciiaumcs. An Inquiry into the various svstems of 
Political Economy ; tidvtmtages and disa.lvantagcs I and the 
theory most favorable to the increase of National Wealth. 

Xro. Iird/ralf, Nnv York, 1812' 
1"I'» fi.VlK'IA, 15. Manual pan, administrar los Santos Sacra- 
mentos de Penetencia, etc. a los In.lios Pajalates, Orejones, 
1 acaos, Alasapas . . . y otras mnchtis diferentes que se hal- 
len en las missiones del Hio de S.-u, Antonio y Rio (u-aiide. 

■ito. Mexico, 1760 

A work little known. \o mention is made of it liy ISeristain'. 

Kill GARCIA, Gki.;(;,.,{,a. ()ng..n dc h,s I„di„s de el N 


Muiido, e Indias Occidenlales. 

folio, a,' wed, uncut, Madrid, 1729. 


i i I 



1012 GARDEN, Alexandkk. Anecdotes of the Hevolufioiriry 

War in America, with sketches of chnractcr of persons tlie 
most distinguished, in the Southern States, for Civil and Mil- 
itary Services. 3 vols. 4to. boards, C/iarlfsto», 1822 

1013 GARDINER, Ca.^. A,.,.kn F. A Visit to the Indians on 

the frontiers of Chili. Numerous eiu/ravinffs. 

Svo. cloth, London, 1841 

1014 GARDYNER, Gicouok, (of Peckham). Description of the 

New World. Or, America, Islands and Continents ; und by 
what people those Regions are now inhabited, and wiiat places 
are there desolate and without Iniiabitunts, the Bays, Rivers, 
the North West Passage, and the coinmorcc of the English 
nation. 8w. London. Printed for Roherl Leyhourn ,U5\ 

The autl.or who vi.sitod Ainpncii gives u curious account of VirRlni... 
Priced £.'il by H. Stevens in his Nuggets. 

1015 GARNEAU, F. X. Ilistoire du Canada, dcpuis sa Decou- 

verte jusqu'a nos jours. 2 vols. Soo. paper, Quebec, 184.'> 

1016 GARRARD, L. II. Chambersburg in the Colony and in the 

Revolution. Svo. half hound, Philadelphia, 1856 

1017 GASTEl.U, Ant. Vasquks. Arte de Lengua Mexicana, 

Correjido segun su original por el 15r. I). Antonio de Olmedo 
y '^'"''''<^- ilo. halfmor. I'uchla, 1726 

1017* GASTELU, Antonio Vasqlks. Cathecismo Breve, .juc 
precissamente deve saber cl Christiano. Dispuesta en Lengiui 
Mexicana. 4/0. nnhonnd, {pp. 10,) Heimpresso 

en la Puehla : Por la Viuda de Mi,juel de Ortega, 1733 

1018 [GATFORD, Lionkl.] P.ddick Good without IVivate Inter- 

est : or a Compendious Remonstrance of tlie present sad State 
and Condition of the English Colonic in A'ii-ginea. With a 
Modest Declaration of the severall Causes (so fur as by the 
Rules of Right, Reason and Religious Observalion may be 
collected) why it hath not pi-ospered better hitherto. 

■ifo. half calf, rare, London, Hennj Marsh. 1657 

1019 GAYARRE, Ciiaui.ks. History of Louisiaiia. The Ameri- 

can Domination. 

(2 vopi-'s.) Svo. rluth, New York, 1854 and 1866 

1020 Gemma Phrysivs de principiis Astronomia. & Cosmographiir. 

Deqz vsu (ilobi a!) eodcm editi. Item de Orbis diuisione, & 

Insulis, rebusqz nuper inuentis. 4^.. half ,jreen mor. 

{at (he end,) Antwerpiw loan (rraphevs, 1530 



1020» GENESEE Country. Description of the Settlement of the 
Genesee Country, in the State of New York, in a series of 
Letters from a Gentleman to his Friend. Map. 

8w. half col/, Nctu York, 1799 

In thcamevolunu. i« McCullohVs ■• Uceardie. on A.noric,,," Bnltlmoro. 1816. 

1021 Genlink Lkttkks an<l Memoirs, rehitin- to the Natural, Civil 

and Commercial History of the Islands of Cape Breton and 
Saint John. From the first settlement there, to the tukin-r of 
Lou.sberg by the Euglish in 1 758. 8.o. shrcp, London, 1 760 

1022 Gkogra..„ical Description of the Coasts, Harbours, and Sea 

I orts of the Spanish West ludie- ; Particularly of Porto Hello 
Cartagena, and the Island of Cu!)a, with Maps. 

102'? PFOPPIA *u . ^'■'^■f^^f/vior. London, 1740 

023 GEORGIA. A State of the Province of Georgia, attested 
upon oath in the Court of Savannah, Nov. 10, 1740. 

Svo. half calf, London, 17J2 
10:>4 Gkougia. Collections of the Georgia Historical Society. 

2 voh. Hvo. cloth. Savannah, J 840 
102.". Georgia. Mississippi Company: Grant to, the Constitution 
thereof, and Extracts relative to the Situation, Soil, Climate, 
and navigation of the Western Territory of the State of Geor- 
°"'' '■''''• ««'• It^l/' mar. J uqiista, 1 795 

1026 (GENTLEMAN, Tobias. England's Wav to win Wealth 
and to employ Ships an.l Mariners : Or, A Plain Description 
what great profit, it will bring unto the Commonwealth of 
England, by the erecting, building, and a.lven.uring of busses 
to Sea, a fisiiing. ' ' 

.sw. 4/«. half calf, London, Nuthanid Batter, 1614 

two Hn,l,„o las, exp.,li,i„n. of U.ury nn^..^.^:"^:;,^^'^^; ""''' 
(K.Utio„ 01' Ifi-,,) p. sir, wIuTo the «,„l or s.vl.,, Sir I „,,.." SfT""' 

1027 GERIYRALOCJIA. An Historical Account of Hnd^e. 

Antient and Modern, from the most early mention of theni 
-lown to the present time. Indu.ling a more particular His- 
tory and Description of ti.e New Hridge at Westminster. 

*^''''. calf, London, 1751 

1028 GEimiER. -n. First Lecture touching Navigation read 

publicly at Sr. Gerbier's Academy. 

4to. halfmor. top yllf, London, 1649 

i i 





1029 GEUBIER. Soinmior Vcrlinol, vati sekero Ainerikaensclic 
Voya^Mo, godaen door di'ii l{idd(M- Baltliasar Gcrbicr, Haron 
Douuily. IVilh 2 coppi:r-phil('s, each filVuuj a pa(j,>. 
4to. half red mor. fopctJije ijUf, Gednicll voor den Aullieur, IGfiO 

The llist pliilc roprcMtMils the killhiK oC Itiiron Douvllly, bv Otto Keye, with 
portriiitof theliitler. The Hecoi.d on.., the .Ijiiiff «ee..e of ('■iithuiina (ierbler 
Uouuelly, Kiirronnded by Iiidiiins, with her portrait above, obit KKIO, 7 May, 
ffitiUls 2.1. The worlc is a simiiiiary accoiiiil of a certain Aiiierieaii Vovage per- 
formed by the Chevalier (ierbler, Karon Douvllly. 

1030 GHILLANV. GtwliidiU. dos S«.ful.f.!rs Hitter Martin 

Beliaiii), iiacli dcii iilto.slfii vorliaiidcricn rrkiiiidcii boarbcitot 
von Dr. F. \V. (JiiilJaiiy. . . . ICiiigeicitot diircb eiiit; Abhaud- 
Itiiig : Uebcr die iilte.steii Karten do.s neiien Continents und den 
Nanu'ii An:erika, von Aiexiinder von Humboldt, etc. 3 Maps 
nvd Portrak. imp. .\tn. hoards, Niirril>cr<j, 1853 

1031 (ilHIJES, I{. W. Dociiineiitaiy lli.story of the Amerieaii 

Revolution, eonsisting of Letters and I'tipers relating to tlie 
contest for Liberty, cbiefly in Soutii Carolina, in 1781 and 
'^''^-- «'■('. ch.lli, Voliimhia, S. C, 18.'')3 

1032 GIBSON, Wai.tkk ]\I. The Prison of AVelterreden ; and a 

glance at the Iixliaii Arcliipeiago. 

Hro. cloth, New York, ISf);") 

1033 GILHKIIT, Bkn.i. Narrative of the Captivity and siitFerings 

of Benjamin Gilbert, (wii.,, with his family,) was surprised 
by the Indiana and taken froni tlieir farms, on the Frontiers of 
Pennsylvania in 1780. 

8vo. half red mor. lop rd'/r ,jllf, Philiidejpliia, 1784 

1034 (Jir.UKilT. Narrative. &<■. (Another copy.) 

1 !';//(». half calf, London, 17.S."i 

1034* e!KaiJ2Eiir\S 3t'<!ii!.>^e5K W^ ^M^^l-^. ^ 
Wistoiivst of ii 33f.5Counfr for a urtu i)n,s,g,igc to 
eratafa. ffi'jyrfttni t)i) Sfr H^iimfi-ci? (Kfltcrt, 

IXUfOfU, (SVUfll non'^ (/•'/«/ Imf of dedlcallon closeli/ 
cropped at the top.) ,„,. Hvo. red crushed levant 

mor. extra, gdt vdijfs, fulduuj map. excessively rare. Imprinted 
at London hj Henry Middhfo,, for L'iehardr Ihonrs. Anno 

Domini, ir)7(!, Aprilis, 12 

A very rare volume, particularly Willi the wood-ent map, which is entitled, 
"A (ieneral Jtap onelye lor the parlicnler ileelaralion ofthis Discovery." 

The eautern and western conlineuts are laid down on the map. On the 
Xorth-A.nericun portion is tlw (iuirolAl.xico, N.w France, Canada, Labrador, 
and Greenland. North of New Krane.. ami l.alnador is a sea exiemlin- west- 
ward opposite to and near.Iapan. The ideas ol the author in constructing this 




rbier, IJaron 


dhcur, ICCO 

Itto Ki'ye. with 
Imriiia (Jcrbicr 
L>i( KM, 7 May, 
111 \'()yagc- per- 

II l)oarbeitct 
le Abliund- 
nts iind (k'li 
[•. 3 UFapn 
il)ir(j, 1853 


ting to till' 

1781 ami 

'. 6'., iH.-j;', 

en ; and u 

ror/-, 1855 

! siifFerinjfs 


Vontiers of 

oh ill, 1784 

(loii, 17>i.') 

o. ^ 
ssngc to 

on closch/ 

lied Ivvant 


X. A mill 

Iprilis, 12 

I U enlillcil, 


iiip. On thf 

II, l.aliniilor, 

I'liiliii}; Hcst- 

I'uctiii^' this 

;r;:n;r,;:!r„;!n;s;;;;::;r,i;;,s,;:;-;-- --n... 

the h.. , If . o ' ^"-T ■■""";'■' ' ''"'" "'""«"'«""" (All.«orl™lIy) ,o writ., in 
t le I), half,. ,1 11,1. n^ht worshipl,,! & „,y viy fr,.,„l sir IIi.infV,.y(iilh.rt KiiiL'ht 

I ;;:;;:;::;:: "'"t ';""v^"" ■"■ """■' '■'"■'" »• '■"'••""' "a i^ ~ : 

t5iZ^i'^i:;:.t'r.,r::::':'''' '^"':" "'•"""^'"■^ -""=" "'"- ^wu.. .ny 

iimi a n m,«, II tli,. pr..«t Ainerifun ,li..,„v(.reis aii.l iiaviKutnrs ■ 

auic trauum winch Sir lliii>ifr,.y Gilbert imth <,I in this worlte. 
" Men piaise <!uliiiiihiis for the passliiR Hitil 
Whlcli lie (ieclai<.(l in ('()»ni()j,'rai)hie, 
And naniM him first (as yet we eal iiiin sfil) 
The x;. Neptune, diihi! by ili^rnity, 
Aniericiis Vespnthis, lor hi.siiainc, 
N<litiine the ;i. lul wnrthely was naineil. 
And .MiiKellanus, by good rijjlit did fraine. 
Neptune the 4. Culmiy to be lamed. 
Hut at those thn.e, and al the worlde beside, 
Oissoiiered not, a thinR of more emprice, 
Then in this booke, is li.arnedly di.seride, 
Hy vertne of iny wortliie friindes deiiiee. 
Yf such suceesse, to him (as tliein; thus fall, 
Neptnne the 5. we iustly may him call." 
"ThlsLsone of the ran-st of the Kn^Iish boolcs of vovafie.; and the man 
which accompanies this copy is still more nm- '•-/l;h/i.„h^'^ . r. """""' "'"P 
copy at the HoUoi. Corney '„fde in Londo,:. Mly, hs/l, br'rS::';;;;:""""""'- ^ 

1035 GILLESPIK, W. M. A Manual of the Prineiples and Prac 
ticeof lioadMal-ing: ti.e Wation, con.struction, 
and improvement of road.s. Svo. cloth, Aew York, 184!» 

103G GILLIES. Ti.e History of Aneient Greece, it.s Colonies and 
U,nquest8, from the accounts rill the division of the 
Mticedonian Empire in the Etist. 

Svo. calf, Fhiladdphia, 1829 

1037 GILLIES, John. Historical Collections relating to Remark- 

able Period, ^f the success of the Gospel, and eminent instru- 
ments emj, in promoting it. 

2 vols. Svo. half doth, top gilt, Glasgow, 1754 
Contains notices of missionary operations in the various lirilish Colonies in 
America from the year ir05, which III: the larger portion of the second "2',;. 

1038 GiLMKs. Appendi.x to the Historical Collections, Relatin- to 

the Success of the Gospel. By tlie Compiler of said CoUec 
^'""^- 12wo. half doth, Glasgow, 1761 

f I 


; 1 


n. C. MUrtl'HY LIBUAUY. 

1039 GILIIN, .losiiUA. A Mcinmr on tho Rise, Progress, ..n.l 

present state of tl.o Ohesnpcako and Delaware Canal. 
Aceompanied with original doeumonts and maps. 

Hvo. sheep, Wilmiiiglon, 1821 

1040 GILPIN, Thomas. Exiles in Virginia: with Observations 

on the eonduct of the Society of Friends during the Revolu- 
tionary War, comprising the oir.cial papers of the government 
relating to that period, 1777, 177«. 

8vo. /ml/ vior. Philadelphia, 1848 

1041 GILPIN, WiLUAM. Observations on several parts of Eng- 

liin.l, particularly the Mountains and Lakes of Cumberland 
and Westmoreland. 2 vols. 8vo. half calf, London, 1808 

1042 GiM-iN. Remarks on Forest Scenery, and other Woodland 

Views, edited by Sir Tiiomas Dick Lander. 

2 vols. Svo. calf, Ed'mhurgh, 1834 

1043 Gilpin. . Memoirs of Josias Rogers, Commander of his Majes- 

ty's Ship Quebec. 8™. calf, gilt, London, 1808 

1044 GiLi'iN. Practical Hints "pon Landscape Gardening: with 

some remarks on Domestic Architecture, as connected with 
Scenery. Plates. Svo. cloth, London, 1835 

1045 GIRAUD, I. P. The Birds of Long Island. 

Svo. cloth, New York, 1844 

1046 GIRALDINI. Itincrarivm ad Regiones svb vEquinoctiali 

plaga constitvtas Alexandri Giraldini Amerlni, Episcopi Civi- 
tatis S. Dominci apud Indos Occidentales. . . 
sm. 8vo. rcdmor. gilt edges, Itomoe, Guilelmi Facciotti, 1631 
"GiraUlIni xvas attached to the court of Ferdhian.! and Isabella in conllden- 
ial and mtin.ate cnimeities. when Colnu.bus brought his grand idea there about 
HM and rendercKl the great discoverer many essential serviees. Iteing a good 
nmthenmhcan he was able to explain to the grand Curdinai and the to 
whon, Coiun.bus s conundrun. was referred, how it was possible to go to the 
East by the West and that there were really Antipodes in spite of the state- 
nients of some of the Fathers."— //. 5ie(,e„.,. 

1047 GIRAVA. Dos Libros de Cosmogi-aphia compucstos nueua- 
monte por llieronymo Giraua Tarragones. 
ito. old binding, folding map of the two hemispheres, Milan, 

Juan Antonio Castellan, 1556 

First edition A second was printed at Venice, in 1670, with the title some- 

what allered, and including in its contents ■' pttrticularn.ente las Indias y tierra 

iiueva. hrunet says : •' ()„ y trouve sur I'Amerique des details plus dtcndus 

que dans les autrcs traites du ni«nie genre publics jus.ju' ulors." 

- ..! I 



rogress, anil 
■are Ctiniil. 

iigiori, 1821 

the Rovolu- 

Iphia, 1848 

ts of Eng- 
ndoii, 1808 


uryh, 1834 

his Majes- 
iflon, 1808 

ling : with 
ected with 
irfow, 1835 

'ork, 1844 

eopi Civi- 

iotti, 1631 

I in vonlideii' 
I tlifie about 
Iteiiig a good 
f Uishops to 
i to go to tli« 
)f the state- 

33 nueiia- 

s, Milan, 

Ion, 1556 

> title some- 
iius y tierra 
)lus dtcudua 

1048 r.IUSTINTAN, Four Years at tho Court of 

Il.'nry Kightii. Selection of Despatches written by the Vene- 
tian AnibaMHador, addressed to the Signory of Venice, Jan- 
uary 12th, 1515, to Jidy 2Gth, 1519. 

2 vols. V2nio. cloth, London, 1854 

1049 fJLAKKANI. Henrici fJlareani Ileivctii, poctae lavreati de 

geograpliia liber vnvs, ab ipso avthore ian. tertio recognitvs. 
P^" ■ «'«• 4tn. half red mor. top 

edye <jdl, Apiid Frihvrgvm Brisf/oiae, An. M.o.xxxvr. (1536) 

1050 GLAS, GicoiiGE. The History of tho Discovers and Conquest 

of the Canary Islands : Translate.l from a Spanish Manu- 
script, lately found in the Island of Palrna, with an Enquiry 
into the Origin of the Ancient Inhabitants. 

4lo. half ralf, London, 1764 

1051 Clas. The History of the Discovery and Conquest of the 

Canary Islands. (Another copy.) 12mo. calf, London, 1 767 

1052 GLOIKE, (La) de S. V.-sule, Divisie en deux parties. La 

premiere contient I'histoire & Martyre des onze niiUe Vier- 
ges, avec quclques considerations hi dessux, etc. Reeueillie 
par tin Pere de la Conip. de Jesus. 

4f!o. vellum. A Valcnticnncs, I. Boucher, 1656 
Les Ursullnes de Canada, pp. 22l)-;il6. 

1053 GOBAT. Nnrratio Ilistorica eorum, qviu Soeietas lesv in 
Nova Francia fortiter egit, & passa est, annis m.dc.xliix. & 
XMX. ^ Gallico in Latiiunn translata A. P. Georgio Gobat 
eiusdem Societatis lesv Theologo. pp. 228. 

2inio. maroon mor. ,,ilt edges, rare, Oenlpontl. T;/pis 

Uieronymi Agricolw. A7mo 1650 
A Latin translation of tlio Relation of tlie Jesuits, l(H8-49. 

1054 GODWYN, Mouoan. The Negro's ,:• Indians Advocate, 

sueing for their Admission into tiie Church : or a persuasive 
to the •• istructing and baptizing of the Negroes and Indians in 
our Plantations. 12mo. calf, h,j F. D., London, 1680 

1055 GOES. Chronica do Felicissimo Rei Dom Emanvel, com- 

posta per Damiam de Goes, dividada em quatro partes, das 
quaes esta he ha primeira. thick folio, fine 

specimen of old calf bind in;). Lishoa, Francisco Correa, 15G6 

i ! 

! (i 


H. c. yuitriiv LiiinAHY. 

10r,G (JOFFK, Wm. The Kegi.-i,).., „, «h forH. i„ ,I.o nfli.iavit of 
Join, r,<.,.(l.,„, April 20, 1078. rnbli.slu.,! from tlio oiigi,,,,! 
in till) Oflico .)(• the Secretary of Stale ..f Now York, hy Frm.k- 
'"' '*• """«''• 1^'"". Inilfdolh, Alhamj, 18.1.') 

1057 (iOMAKA, l..,n.:z lb. Historiu ,U, Mexico, con el .Ichcu- 

bnn.iento <lo hi miov.i KHpana, eonriiiista.hipor ol niuy illuatro 
y valeroso Principe doii Fernando CortoH. 

.s»». Hvo. rrllMvi. Anverx. hum Jlrllero, 15-)4 

1058 C.OMARA. Ln Ilintoria general ,le h.H Indian, y tclo acac- 

8i(lo on cllas den.le (lue m gaiiaron ha^ta agora, y la Con- 
qnisfa do Mexico y de la Niieva KHimna. 

V2mo. boards. Aincrs, Martin Nurio, 1554 

1059 GOMAHA. Hintoria de Mexico, con el dencubrinuento de la 

nueva Ksparm, etc. V2mo. greon mor. 

extra, gilt edges, hy lihierc, A^ivcrs, Strehio, 1554 

105y (JOMAKA. IliHtoiro (Je.-eralle de.s I„de<, Occidentales & 

lerrcH Nueues, ,,ui iuHciues Ti present ont este di.scounertes. 

1 radiates en Franc^ois par M. Funiee. 

12ino. mottled calf, raris, M. Somrim, loG'J 

torfc of the conquest of the Errast XnUfn, uoto 
tnUfO Mtiii Sjjnijuf, ntchfeuca bu the kuoortho 

Prince Hernando Cortes, Marques of the valley of Iluexacac", 
most delectable to Keade : Translated out of the Spanish 
tongue, by T. N. [Thomas Nicholas.] 

sm. 4to. halj green mor. gilt edges, Jine copy. Imprinted at 
uondon, by Henry Bynncmau, Anno 1578 
1061 GOMARA. IlisaMre .;eneralle dcs ludes Occidentales, et 
terres neuues, qui jusques ,\ present out este descounertes. 
Augmentee en ceste cinquiesnie edition de la description de la 
nouuelle Espagne, & de la grande ville de Mexiquc, autre- 
inent nominee Tenuciilan. 

sm. 8ra. half mor. red edges, I'aris, Michel Sonnim, 1587 

10G2 ffi^ittjaMSI. aopef He. ©on 4)rfufIeflfo Ke b\i 
^Mm. ^ov tiit} ano.s. | ^Jifmera » senunlm 
parte ire la hf.s | torfa fleneral ire las iinUfas con 

todo el descubrimicnto y cosas nota | bl.'s que han acaecido 

dende que se gauaron ata c) ano do 1 55 1 . Cu la c6quista de 

I Mexico y de la nueua Kspana. Kn Carago^'a. 1553. 



Acostiv (Ic Mi<i<„'l Cupila nuTc.ulor dc libroH vczino dc 

C'urugor.i. /o/,V,, ////,., „./ an<l Unc/c Idterx, with 

(lie iirmH of Spain, neurh, Jillin,, the pmjv; reverni, a lid of 

the ImtoriauH of tlw /mlirs, will, an ornamvntal hnrdtr ; full 

hnmi'l in hrown morocco, ijiU cthjrs, by llclford, very rare, 

Carnf/ocn, \o!')'^ 
(Klrnt and uxond |i,,il ..f il,,. gciiornl hiKtorv of tli.. IikIIch, willi «ll ilu- ,U» 
covcry un.l noiMbl,, wlild, I,hv.. I,„,,pene.l lr..iii lli.. tin,., tlu.y wor.. con- . 
.Jiur,.,! t.. llK. ,■,«,• I.Ml. T„K,.|1„.,- will, 11,,. ™„.,,.,.Mt „1' M.xl,..,i„,l N.'w S,,Hln, ] 

V„J'w"".".''"'"l"""''- '''"■"""'• ""»">l'>''"-"- ""• "•« l,ls.,„l„,„.,ni„. 

Now U,.rl,l,-wl,»H„« horn »t S,.v in I51o, an,l w.ih, Cor m.n,.. li„,i. I'ro- 

fo«»or of Hli.torio „f AInila. 111. ,.„rly llf,., H|„.„t i,. II,.. „„„■, ol' ll„. Ai,...,lcu,> 
H,lv..„|„r,T,, ...,.,„H „, l,„v,. «iv..„ him ,u. i,:t,.r.Mt In IIhmm, a,„l „ knovvh.lK,. o,' 
1... r ullairs, wl,l..h l-.l 1,|„, i„ writ.. tl,..|r history. The work- ho ,.n,,lV.c,.,l. 
ZTr'T''\ •""' "'','"'' eo»..,„.,.„.c.. W.T., llr.t, M.;iM,ryo/th.,„.Ue.,' 
VM, .h, Hft..r 11,.. .S|,a,-.!-l, (a.hion, h.'^lna with tli.. ..pallon of tli.. w.mI.I uial 
omiH will, 11,,. Klo,i. .. or Spain, tl,o„Kh It Ih ..|,U.t|y ,I..vot,.,l to (;olu„,h„„ a„.l the 
ll«..ov,.,.y ni„l con,,„..,t of I-.tu; th.- «,...,o„,l, hia 'Chronicle of New S,mi„ ' whlrh 
i^ln „,..r..|y tl... hlstoiy a„.l llf,. of Cortos, ami which, with IhiH n.oro 
npproprlat.. .itic., wan r..print..,l l.y Itastai,,,.,,!,., i„ M..xl,„, In IHai. As tl,et.aril 
VM rvcmU that wm- |,ul,lUh,..l ,;on....|.„i„« alfaira which alruady »tirr,.,l thf 
wliol.. ol ( inlHtondon,, tl,,.... works ha.i, at one.., a ^rfHt h.i,...,.«h, pa,.«l„K tl,ro„L'h 
"■" ;,'"'"* "'"'"-• li">n^'liat..|y, a„,l b.i„K Moon tranxlat..,! i„t„ I,.r..„.,|, and 

J """"•, ■ • • • ""'■ wii« H..m.tnryof Cortos, an<lwasini,sl..|l|,yii,fornia. 
t ..„ r..c..iv,.,l from him, an<l fVom othi.r p.irson., who (o.. much of a part of 
th.. Ht.ny tl».y u,i,|..rlook to rilal,. to t,.|| it fairly. Ills n>istak,..s, in eons,., 
.inencc, arn jrieat and rr..,,„,.nt."-//,-«(. of Simnhh Lit,r,Uiire, Vol. I., p. [,t,x. 

1003 GONIDEC, J. F. M. M. A. L,.:. Dieticnnaire Cclto-Hrot.,„. 

I^'*- ^^'^- ^vo. cloth, Anijouhme, 1821 

106-1 GOODKICII, Aauon. A History of the Character and 

Achiev.!im.iit8 of the .so-.-aM...! Christopher Coliunbua. With 

nuincroiis Illustrations, and an Appendi-x. 

iivo. cloth. New York, 1874 
1005 GOODWIN, H. C. I'ioneer History; or, Corthuid County 
and tlK- I5urdor AVar.s of New York, from the earliest period 
to the present time. Portrait. 

Umo. halfmor. top (jilt. New York, 18i){) 
1000 GOOKIN, Daniel. Historical Collections of the Indians in 
Neu England. Of their several Nations, NiimI.ers, Cfstoms, 
lleligion and Government before the English planted there, 
^^' ^«'«- half red mor. top edge gilt, 

Apollo Press, in Boston. ]hj Belknap and Hall, 1792 
J0G7 GOOS, Pktkk. The Lighting Column; or Sca-Mi.^rour, 
Containing the Sea Coasts of the Nation, Eastern and West- 
ern Navigation ; setting forth in divers necessary Sea-Cards 
all the Ports, Rivers, Bayes, etc., very curiously placed on 


I i 



■H.uo lolus l.c.;fl.t, f„n.i«lu.,l wiM, tl,.. DiMcnvorios of tl.o 
c'lii.^l (ountrioM, niKl ..„ wl.ut rrMirso nn.l diHtaiicc tlioy lay oi.o 
(n..n an.,tlu,r. N.v.r l...n.tor„r.. ho ,.|cuHv lai.l ope,,.. 
mp./oho, rn,jrar,;l till,; „l,l calf, nn.a.n.n. uuq,, and Ji;,„n's 

106.- (.OUDON, A,.KXAN....:,c. Iti,K..-a.-iu,„ S.,,,u.„,rio„aI.. : or, u 
;''>'"-noy tl.,-o,,gh im.t „f the Coun,,-,,, of Scotla-ul a,..l tlume 
... ti.L. No.tI. of E„glH„,l. ///.«<,.„7«/ ,„v/, o,i Coppa-platsH. 

folia, ,;alf,fu„; ro/iif, Loii,h,„, 177G 

IK An «cco.....of the u...... r „..„ ,.„ ,,„„,„.,_ „,u. ...:::o.i:;,'i:;;7Jc,H 

1068 CmiinON, T,.OMAs K. Tho m.unj of Po„„..,lvania, fo... 

itH .iMcovory l.y Ku.-o,,eans to the decla.-atio.i of In.lci.en.Ience 

,„„ '" "*'■ *^t<>- sfie<p, I'hiladclphiu, ]fi-2[) 

1009 (a)H,)(,N, W. Th.. „i.,o,.y of the Ki,., P..o,..e.s.s, an.l 

KHahl.shment of the I,.,k.,u.„,lenco of the Unite.I States- 

...<■ ...Imsr An A<.eou.,t of the h.te Wa.- ; and of tho Thi.-tee>. 

10.0 (.OUDON r„oMAS F. The IIis,o,.y of New .Jersey, f,.o.n its 

l)i8eove.-y by Europeans, t« the a.lo,,tio„ of the Fede.-al Con- 
Ht.tnt.on. H.O. /.«//•,„„,.. 7'm,<o», 183.1 

10.1 f.,.,u,oN Gazette,-, of the State of New Vo.-k : con.prehend- 

ing Its Cohx.ial llisto.-y ; Geiie,-al (i.'o-raphy, etc. 

IVU GOlK.IvS, rK.u,.NAN.,(,. An.eriea I'ainte.l to the Life. The 

Jrue ILstory of the Spaniards IVoeeedin.^s in the Conquests 

«» the Indians, and of thei.- Civil Wars amon-Mhemselvcs, 

f.-o.n Coiu.nbns his (i. st Diseovery, to these As 

"SO, Of the (J,..Vi„.d Unde.-tal<ings of the Advanee.nent of 

lh,nt«l.ons .nto those parts; AVith a I'e.fe.t Uehuio., of our 

M,o.I,.h Discoveries, shewing their Beoinniny, J'rofjress and 

Continuance, from the Year 1 028 to l(;.-.«. J>a,t H ij,ief 

Na.Tation of the undertakings of the advancen.ent of 

heliantations in A,ne,.-ca. Part III. The Manne.-s, CW 

to.ns. Wars, etc.. of the Indians. Part IV. The History of 

tiie Spanish Proceedings in America. 

4to. half calf, ven/ rare, London, 1G58-59 



«.l„H. !""..,"" '" '■■"»''""''• ' ""•• »'"' « "'i-l.ty ..r iHH.k- un,l iminphl.l, 
.. I, ^ " " '■","""■■• ^""""' """■••" '^ " '''-'"^^ "•' '^••* '■;•'«''""' '>""' '"'^ 

' " ' ? ' *"=•• "'"I '" "'- K"" im.. |M,K... n„ ,u,iH,r 1. ,..,,,....1. .s,Mn.M'f 

. . M,K „... fu In... .,r,lM. Ma.s,icl.,....t.. Cul.ny." n,.. .hinl „l ,1....,,, l.o..k, wu. 
IH. .nor,. .,„r I,.m iI,«., tl„. |,|,..,tlt.«l 1,1-tory of Now K.ikI.iu.I. 

1073 GOSSKLIN, M. (;.'.„gr«,,l,i. .los (irecH .malys,:., ; „u, Ics 

HpUMiuvs (l'Knit.,Htl,t..R-H, ,1,. Srral.,.n, ct de l't..K-in^;e Cm- 
par6s cilro eux ct uvw nos (•oi.i...iHHaMccN nuxIfincH. Mnp». 

4to. hoards, uncut, Paris, 1780 

1074 GOTTFUIKI), J. L. V.n,„.:„ A,. ,„ AH„„u.,k..,...wuar. 

N|)iinj.inK.ri, Kiijrislscii uii iillerhiui.le imticn : zoo van FraiiHcti, 
ItalimiMoii, I),,,.,R-M, iroogl.L.ii Ni..K.nluit.s..n nU van veelo 
a.iiler,,,..'..n, etc. H rols. folio, num.rom maps 

and plates, OrammhiKjc, Lcjd,;,, Van d,r Aa., 1727 
[TlH. .noHi roniarkuhl.. ai.,1 .■,.„„wi,..,l V„yaK..s a,„l Tr«v..lH of tl.o I'orlu- 

"T'''. !'","' '■"""""• """"■"■ '"«'' "'"' ''"^^ '^'"«"- «" "»">y "tl'-r*. <^l>l»'lly 
iH ..rtak..„ l,.r Ih,,. n|„,.„v,.ry ,.f ,„, Ea»t ai.d W.-«t I..,lle., and otl...r rn..ute 

„, J'''" '';" ';,'"" •"'""'"" Pr<cl.s..|y tl... ..a... ittorof texl uu.l lll,.»t>.«tlon« 

ns til.. .,ctav„ ...ll||„„ whl,.l, „,,|„.„r „ ir.,7, h..t thn „Uw. ur.. .lim......,tly 

, ll """",.""•"'"■""■ '■"'"••" ■^■"'"■'" "' ''"Hury I.. 1-'1.W7. a,„l ...,.1I„K with 
!,',"".""! ''''"""'■"" /'-,■/,/.„... h. low. I„ th. ,„11,. ..,li,|,.„ a ,imi.r..nt 

,.*o:,'r;i •','',''■'';''■:'''• "'""■ '"""•'■'"'"• '"'• ^"'""""^ "- -"""""'<'-« 

« . .;• '"'■■" n« wo vol...,„.s ,.ach ; .lr,t. ,1,.. voya„.., of ,1... l'or..,Ba,.„..; 

.... I),. ...- .,,r.„u„.-, |>„„.,. «,„| other ,-,. ehroaoloBlcal or,l..r h,.|,.« ob.TVt.,! 
I" .■.■Bunl to the pl..c..H hi ..«el. of tl.o-u 8ulallvl»lo..». 

GOTTIFllEDO, Alkxanluk. Aiiiivae Littemo Socictatis 

Je8V, M.i,c.i.n. v>,no. wllnm, Prague, 1G52 

GOITGII, John. A History „f tl.o People called Qtiakefs. 

From tacir fi.-st like to tl,., ,„-esent time. Compiled from 

Authentic Uecoids, and (Vom the writings of that People. 

4 voh. Hvo. ^alf, mat, Duhlin, 1780 
GOULD, Jay. History of Delaware County, tvnd Horder 
Wara of New York, containing a Sketch of the F:iirly Settle- 
ments in the County, un.l a History of the late Anti- Kent Dif- 
ficulties in Delawtire, &c. Portrait. 

Unto, half mor. lop ,jilt, Poxhury, 1856 

1078 GRAAII, W. A. Narrative of at, Expedition to the Fast 

Coast of Greenland, sent by order of the King of Denmark 

m search of the Lost Colonies. JTap. 8vo. cloth, Loudon, 1837 







1079 GRAHAM, J. A. A Descriptive SItctch of ti.e Present State 

of Vermont. Portmit. Hvo. half calf, London, 17i)7 

1080 GRANT, Mus. Memoirs of an American Lady: witi, 

Sketches of Manners and Scenery in America, as tiicy existed 
previous to tlic Revolution. 

l-2m(). half mm-. (/iU, Xcw York, 1800 

1081 GRANVILLE, Du. Tl.e Spas of Germany. 

2 i'o/,s. 12iiio. hnar(h, BrnsseJs, 1838 

1082 GRAVIER. Allocution faite a la Soci^te de Gc^ographie dans 

sa Seance du 21 Novembre 1877 sur la 2' session du Con- 
gres International dus Aniericanistes fenue a Luxomhourg 
^*^P- ^ '"'''■ 8vo. sewed, liouen, 1877 

1083 GRAVIEU. La Route du Missipippi. 

8fo. siiu-rd, Nnnry, 1878 

1084 GRAVIER, Gai.riel. Dicouverte de rA.norique par les aux xo siecle. pp. 2;j0. ,m. 4to. seiucd, Paris, 1874 

1085 GRAVIER, Gaishiki,. DeeouvertesetfitablissemcntsdeCav- 

elier de la Salle do Rouen dans I'Amcricpie du Nord. (Lacs 
Ontario, Erie, Huron, Micliigun, vallee.s de TOIiio et du Mis- 
sissippi ct Texas.) Portrait. 

royal 8vo. vior. extra, top od;/r. gilt, itncuf, Paris, 1870 

1086 GiiAviKU. D6couvertes, etc. Another copy.) 

royal 8ro. snceA, Paris, 1870 

A prcsiMitiition copy from tli,. aiitlior, ivitli his iiiitoKrapli. 

1087 GRAVIER, G. Relation du Voyage des Dames Religieuscs 

Uridines de Rouen A hi Nouvelle Orh'-ans, avec une Intro- 
duction et des Notes, pp. 122. 

sni. -1/0. thick pa i>vr, sewed, Paris, 1872 

*)no liiiiulrcd copies only printed for sale. 

1088 GHAVIER, Jacquks. Relation (.u Journal du Voyage du R. 

r. Jacques (Jravier, de la Compagnie de J.:..sus, e". 1700; 
depuir le pays des Illinois jtisqu' a renibouchere du IMississipi. 

4to. cloth, X<,ia-ell<' York, 185!t 

1088* (iRAV I ER, Jacquks. Relation de ce qvi c'c^t pass^'Mlans 
la Mission de I'Lumaculate Conception, au pavs des Illinois, 
depuis Ic Moisde Mars 1G9;3, jusqu'en Fevrier l(Jl)t. 

sm. 8fo. clnlh, A Mai, ate, 18.17 

1089 (iUE(;(;, Ar.icxANDi'.ii. History of the Old Choraws : con- 
taining an accoimt of the Aborigines of the I'edee, the first 
White Settlements. Maps. 8fo. cloth, New York, 1807 










GREEN, AsiiniCL. Discourses Delivered in the College of 
New Jersey ; cliiefly to candidates for tlie first Degree in the 
Arts ; witli a Historical Sketcli of the Colk^c. 

8vo. half calf, New Yorh, 1822 

GREENE, Ai.iiKUT G. Recollections of tlie Jersey Prison 
Sliip ; taken and prepared for pnI)Iica'tion from tlie manuscript 
of Capt. Thomas Dring, of Providence, R. I. ]<:ditcd by 
Henry R. Dawson. hnp. Svo. Morrimnia, N. Y., 18G5 

GREENE, Alkickt G, Recollections of the Jersey Prison 
Siiip; taken, and prepared for publication, from the Original 
Manuscript of the late Captain TJiomas Dring, of Providence, 
K- I- 12wo. ludf mar. top gilt, Providence, 1829 

This oiigini.l ...liliou is vory .scarce. A copy nt (lie sale of .I»,1k,. Greene's 
library brouglit $-^\. 

GREENHOW, Rohkut. The History of Oregon and Califor- 
nia, and the other Territories of the North-west Coast of 
America, accomjianied by a Geographical View and Ma]) of 
those countries. 

8vo. half purple mor. top edge f/ilt, Bodcm, 1844 

GiJKKNiiow. ]\Icmoir on the North West of North America. 
^"P- New York, 1840 

ir. Keport of tlie State ICiisiiieer on tlie Canals of New Vork. Xumeroua 

Ill r. . Albany, IWH 

III. Col. (i. (freenwood. The Trce-Lifter; or a new method of transplant, 
iiig Korest Trees. , , ' ,„,, 

,,r .,..„, lAiniloti, 1844 

IV . (.rilhth s Sketches of the Karly Ifistory of Maryland. Jialtinum, 1821 

V. Dr. I),.\\ iffs Diseours.. in the North Uefornied Dutch Church in the eitv 
ofNew^ork, AuKust. ISftC. With. IHatcD. New York ISW 

Vr. Merrill's History of New Hampshire. Exeter, 1S17 

VH. Colvin's lieport on a Topofiraphical Surv.'v of the Adiiondaok Wilder. 

nes., of N..W York. Witk Map.. ^^^ 1S7:J 

\ 111. treswell's Oration on tli.' Life and Characterof Henry Winter Davis. 

I.V [.lie, History and travels of Kah.;.o.f.'a.n;, ((ieoi-e Copway) 
an Indian Chu.f, written hy himself. tUmm, mi 

X. Colnian. On the Agricnlture and Kuril Kconomy of France, HoiLMnm, 
HollaiKl and .Switzerland. Jioston. ms 

together, 10 voln. 8vo. 

GREEN LEAP, iMosks. A Statistical View of the District of 
Maine; more especially with reference to the value and 
importance of its interior. 8vo. paper, JloMou, 1810 

GREENLEAE, Jonathan. Sketches of the Ecclesiastical 
Histo y of the State of Maine, fr(nu the earliest settlement to 
the present time. Svo. cr,'/, Portsmouth, 1821 



I Mi 



1097 GREENWOOD, F. W. 1'. A History of King's Cl.apel, in 

Boston ; tlie first Kpiscopul Cliureli in New England ; com- 
prising notices of tlie introduction of Episcopacy into tlie 
Nortiiern Colonies. V2iiio. calf, gilt edges, Boston, 1833 

1098 GREY, Z.u iiAUv. An Impartial Examination of the second 

voliinie of Neal's History of the Puritans. In which tlie 
reflections of that author upon King James I., and King 
Charles I., are proved to be groundless. 

8vn. sheep, London, 173G 

1099 GRIEVE, .Tamils. The History of Kamtschatka, and the 

KuriLski Islands, with the countries adjacent ; Illustrated with 
Maps and Cuts. 4/0. calf, London, 1704 

1100 GRIFFIN, AiHiusTLs. First Settlers of Soutliold : The 

names of the Heads of those Families, being oidy thirteen at 
the time of their landing. First Proprietors of Orient; Bio- 
graphical Sketches, &i\ PoilrniL 

\2mo. half red mor. fop rjdt. Orient, L. /., 1857 

1101 GRIFFITH, John. A Journal of the Liic, Labours, and 

Travels, in the Work of the Ministry of John Griffith. 

8)'o. calf, London, 1779 

(jiiffllh was a Quaker missionary. Itc travelled tlirougli New Kiiglaiiil, New 
York, I'eniisyhania and JIaryland in )r:!(i and ir:)7. His .lonrnal was many 
times re|)rinte<l in I-ondon, Dnlilin, York, and I'liiladelpliia. Tlio latest edition 
appeared at York, I'enn., in Iwi"), in Svo. 

1102 GRONNIOSAW, Jamks A. U. A narrative of the most 

remarkable particulars in the Life of an African Prince, as 
related l)y himself. 2d Edition. 12»«f). half , nor. no dale. ' 

The author claimed to be an African I'rince. His hook gives an acconnt of 
Ills journey in Africa to the (iuinea coast; ofliislielng sold and transported to 
New Y'ork. 

1103 GRUTHUYSE. Recherchcs sur Louis de Brages, Seigneur 

de la Griithuyse, suivies dc la notice dcs manuscrits qui lui ont 
appartenu, et dont la plus grand ptirtie sc conserve a hi Bibli- 
othcque du Roi. Svo. cloth, Paris, 1831 

1104 GUILD, Reuiskn A. The Librarian's Manual; a Treatise 

on Bibliography ; comprising a select and di'scriptive List of 
Bibliographical Works : To which are added, sketches of Pub- 
lic Libraries. 4/0. p„per. New York, 1808 

1105 GUIECIARDINI, Lodovko. Description de tout le Pais 

Bas autremeut diet Iti (lermanie Inferieare 011 Basse-Allc- 



ma.gnc. Avec tlivcrses Cartes (^ pals, eto. 
Maps au,l ria.s. folio, culf, r.hncM, Jnrn., Silnns, ]a07 
nO(, (;,;r.uvKK Dkcviuiku'd: or Remarks of a late IJook, entitle,! 
Iravels into several remote nations of the AVorl.l ; Vindieatin- 
tl.e Heveren.l Dean on whom it is maliciously father'd, with 
some probable conjectures concerning the real author. 

1 107 f'T-AFir r V t '"""'" "'•^' "'^^' London, 172C 

110< CAMILLA, JosKPH. Ilistoria Natural, (Mvil y C^ografica 

cle las nacKuies situa.las en las riyeras del liio Orinoco. 

ilW (.t^^, Alkxam.kk. Memoirs of the Key. John II. Liyiu-r- 
stou, prepared in compliance with a re.p.est of the General 
.Synod of the Keformcl Dutch Church in North America. 

1 100 C,K\ >AKl s, s.MOX. Noyus Orbis Kegionum ac Insularun. n.cognitannn, u.ul ,,„„ tabula cosnu,graphica, et 

aliquot consimilis argument! libellis, quorum omnium 

oatalogus sequenti patebit pagina. Map of (houlius Finr. 

Joho, ,hoep, yilt hack, fin, clean copy. {Colophon :) J'aris, 

LnpemiH Joannh Pnrai rf Galcsti a, Prate, lo;]2' 

«e,„i::t:::.';: ■!;.';;:;;:::'"■■'" ^""""" "^ '-' - -^ -- - -'-■"' -p. 

1 MO GKVNAKl^S, Snrux. Noyys Orbis Kegio- | nyn, ac Insyla- 
rum yeteribys incognilarym, unu cum tabula cosmographica 
& aliquot al.js consiu.ilis | argumenti libellis, quorum omnium 
catalogus | sequenti patebit pagina Lnr,,e foUin<j map. 
Joho halfrrllum, Basilme mens,: MaHis, lo. lL-rram,nn, ]5;52' 


bj .ok n.,v .„. ,o,n,.l ,..,„.i„.,.,l i„ ,,vu„.«V. .„i,io„ of U:.kluv,, Vo '^^ 

2 z:;:rzs::j:i"" "■■""■"• "^^""' • ' ^- -" ""-- ""---"^ 

-'•MJWATKIX,T. A Letter to the Clergy of New York and 
rsew .Jersey, oc,.asioncd by an ad.jress to the Episcopalians in 
\ irguna. J^,. /,„//• ,,,,/ ;„,„,. y^ ^,,,^^,^ Williamxhu,,/, 1 77-' 
1 I 12 IIADKIANI Jyx„ IJouxax,, Medici, IJ.tayia. In qua pn^te^ 
gentis & msala. anticp.itatem, origine.n, .lecora, mores, alia.p.e 
. "<1 cam pertinentia, dodaratur q.uc fuerit yetus 
J5atayui. qua" I'jinio, Tacito, & I'tolonueo eoqnita : etc. 

,j^ ""• «-'''?'"'", tJx ofilclna Planliniana, l-,87 






♦ It 



? !l 

1113 IIAIN, Lkvvi.s. Ki'iiertoriuni Hil)liof,'rai)Iiifiim. In (jiio lihii 

oiiiiii'H lib arto Ivpo/^n-iipliica iiivcnta iis(iiio ad annmii I\II). 
typis express! onliiu- alpliahclico vcl !;:m|)lifiU'r unmncraiiliir 
vol adcuratius ri'ceiiSL'ntur. 

4 rol.i. Hro. Iinlf ralf, Sliilh/iirl , IH'iC) 

1114 IIAKKWKLL, Jamks. TIu> History of Windsor and its 

Noij^hhourliood. .Fine coiipcr-filtite viKjvdriniju. iniji. Atn. half 
grt'cn mor. (wtnt, lop v(hjv t/iU, iniciif, Jhiv copi/, Lmiihin, 1813 

n 15 |||Sima5.1li>r, lirclini-li. nc^rrs \)oiinccs touchfna 
the tjfscourrfr of Slmriffn nuft thr KlnntJS nlifncntt 
t)«to thr snmr, mnlif first of nil h" our liUfllfshmru 
iiwti nftrrtonrfts hn thr .iFrnirhUirn auli Urrtous. 

And ccrtaini! iiotos of aducrtisi'iiuMits for ohscruiitions, ni'ces- 
sarie for such as siiali lipcrcaflor niiiki! tlio like attempt. 
Witli two Mappes annexed lieerennto for tlie jilainer iinder- 
slandiiifj; of the whole niiittei'. {'I'illr (inil iiik/ik in far-i^iiiiili'.) 
4<(). (■('(/ iniir. i\itr(i, ijilt (v/r/cs. liiiiuiiili'il itl Loiithm for 
T/ioinits W'oiiilcocLi', (licilliiKi III jKiiilm (Uiiircli-i/anl, at thi' 

niijnv of t/ic l)l<icl,-r livarc, ir)82 

This voliinii' contains fonrlri ii jiicc'cs, oCwliIi'li tilt' t'ollowing arc iioliililn: 

;i. A vi...' lalo ami ^jicat iinihubililii' oli' passaj,'!' by the Northwest part of 
AnuTJoa in tinj-i'lK'it lU'gri'cs of northerly latitude. 

5. Letters I'atenti's ot'KinK 1 1 enrie the Seventh, flaunt eil vnto lolin (lal)Otc 
{('ahol) and his threi' sonnes, I.ewes.Seliastian, anil Santius, I'lir thediseonerhlK 
ol'iH'WO and vnknowen landes. 

(!. A note of Selmstiau (iahotes voyage of llisi-ouerie, taken out of an old 
Chroniole, writti-n l>y Koliert Kahian, sometime Aldernnui of London, wliieh Is 
in the enstodie of dohn Stowi', Citizen, a diligent searcher and preserver of 

l). The diseinierie of the Isles ol Krishind, Iselaml, Kafiroiielaiul, Kstoti- 
huid, IJrojjeo, and learia, nuuli' by M. Nieolas/.eno, Knijihl, and M. Antonio his 

10. To the nuist Christian king of I'rannee, Krannees the First. The Kela- 
tlOM of lohn Verarzanns, a Florentine, of the lande by him disconered in tli 
nuine of his Maiestii', written at IMejie the eight of , Inly bV-'l. 

11. II The true and last iliseonerie of Kloriila, made? by Captain .lohn llibault 
in the yeere l.'iii-,'. Detlieated to a ^rreat noble man id' Krannee, and translated 
into l".ii(;lishe by one Tlioinas Ilackit. 

The most important piece is the relation of Verazzntio. desiribin/; bis voy- 
age aloiiu the coast of North .\inerica, which is accoinpanied by a foldiii!.' map 
benriiiK date of l.VsJ, dedicated to Sir I'liilip Sidin^y. This early navif;ator was 
the lirst to enter the harbor, now known as New York, and Narrajtuiisett liny. 
■' is H volume of excessive rarity. The last copy, sold in London many year.s 
since, broujtht £7t>. 

111(5 fU3llAaWi>r, (il.) rhr 4Jr(nrfpalI il.itCflntfon.s, 
3!i?o(nQr.s tinXi Dfsrourrfrs of thr EnolCoh nntfou, 
ma^ir hi) Sr«i or ourr Unnrt, to thr rrmotr 




auti farthest iifstaut <aunitcrs of thr raith at ang 
Umt tufthfit the compassc of these isoo geeres: 

DcMiidtHl into (lirec si'iierall parts, aeconling; to the positions of 
(lie Re^noiij, wlifiviinto tlioy u-crc directed. . , . Indiiding 
tiie English viiliiuit attempts in searcliing almost all tlii' corn- 
ers of the vaste and new world of America, etc. Ukack 
Lkttkk. folio, Uiie tiior. super extra, gill edges, 

III/ lleriuij. Imprinted at London liy George Bishop and 

Ralph Newherie, 15H9 

Tlil« copy oontnins tlic ran, fol.lhiff „„,,, spok,.,, „f i„ tl.c prcfec.., 
" lypna VoHmoyr<i,,hu-ui< I'nire. sales," mi,) the six suppresacd Navos, wliich fol- 
low pas.- (H:). a CO])/ not ax linn an tliia wa« sold at the Menzlca suk" for »106. 

1117 ^mnunSfW. rhe JUrmefpal Jlabf0atfons, mu 
aoes, rraaques, nwa DCseouerfes of the 3EnaUsh 
Jlatfou, mafie hn Sea or ouerlanti to the remote 
auU farthest Hfstaut quarters of the Earth, ete. 

Second Kdition. Hi.ack Licrn-.u. 

a vols, folio In 2, .■^prinlded calf, fine copy. Imprinted at Lon- 
don, hij George Jiishop, loKD-lGOO 

Contains tlu- Voyapo to Cadi/, nprintcd in far-sinilli,., (sec foil,, fl07) ; also 
an adn.iral.l.. autotype Cacsiniilie of the very rare map whicli helonRs to the 
second ediln)n, but wliieh is rarely fonnd in (h.M.i. It is si.olien of by Ilakluyt In 
the preface to his (irst <'dition us b.inK then i)repariiiK hy Mr. Molyneau. 

Tills second e.lilion was lirst issued with a tide pa^e dated 'ift'Ks, and con. 
tainiiig on it a nu-nlion of the voyage to Cadiz, which was published with the 
book, 1 he title page was reprinted wilh dale ol ICm, (as in this copy.) and no 
.neulion of the voyage to Cadiz, and the voyage itself castrated. See Oldya' 
llritmh l.ibrnHim copied in Kvuuh' e<l. of Iluklityt, Vol. 1. 

Kegarding the niaj) before alluded to, we give .Mr. llallani's opinion of its 

" The best map of tli.. sixteenth cenlnry," writes Ilallani, " is one of uncom- 
inon rarity, which Is foun.l in a very few copies of ,he lirst (second) edition of 
Ilakluyfs Voyages. This contains Davis's Straits, (Fretuni Davis,) Virginia, by 
name, ami the lake Ontario. The coast of Chili is jilaced more correctly than 

the prior maps of Ortelins The huge Terra Anstralisof llie old geography 

IS Kit out. Corea is represented near its place, and China with some degree of 
cor.-ectness; even the iNorlh Coast of i\ew Holland is partially traced. The 
SIrait ol Arian, which had been presume.l to divide Asia from Kurope, has dis. 
appeared, while a marginal note states that the distance between these two con- 

tinenls in latitude :!(. .leg. Is m.t less than l.JOO leages Il„t upon the 

whole It represents the utmost limit of geographical knowledge at the close of 
the sixteenth century, and far excels the maps in the edition of Ortelius at 
Antweri) in \r^:'—Ut. of Kurope, Vol. II., p. i'M. 

1118 IIAKUJYT. Virginia Kiddy valued: By the description of 
the maiiie land of Florida, her next neighbour : Out of the 
foure yeeres continuall trauell and discouerie, for aboue one 
thousand miles East and West,of D'mi Ferdinando de Soto, and 
eixe hundred able men in his oompanie Written by a 

? '• 



^ irTHU'-Tr fclC Am^ 


p I 


156 11. C. MUUPIIY LinUAKV. 

rortugallo gciitlcnian of Eliiiis, and translated out of Portu- 
guese by Kicluird Ilaklvyt. 

■ito. caJf, rare ; printed hij Fdi.r Ki/ikj^Iuii, Lnvdoii, lOO!) 

Till" " rortiipallc Kciilloinnii of Klviis " was I.)c S<)(i>, oiic of tlic iiiosi iidvcn. 
turoiis 1111(1 intrcpiil of the Spanisli loiKiiicror.i, or " UiiiidiKi," as lii' may with 
Inith 1)1' stvlcil, who (liseovcicil and <li'S()hit((l Aiiiciii'a. 'Ilic ohji'ot of llakhiyt 
ill Iriiiinhiliiif; this liook WM.i loscivi' Ilic Vhfjhiia Coiiipany, to wliicli it is doUI- 
calcd. Jlr. .'^iiljiii, of New Voi k, sold a copy a few years since foi' JiiO. 

1110 IIAIvLUYT. Tlio Historic of tin; West Indies, Containin-' 

tli(! Actcs and Adiientures of flio Spaniards, etc I'ub- 

lislieil in Liiiin by Mv. Ilakltiyt, and translated into English 
by M. Lok. 

ito. Iialf red mor. top e.dije ijill, London, Andrew Ifdih, n. d. 

1120 IIakluyt's Collection of the Early Voyages, Travels and Dis- 

coveries of tiiu English Nation. A New Edition with Addi- 
tions. ") vols. ito. Imlf atll\ London, IHO',) 

A rcpi-iMt of tile iiilio edition of IJIIS-ICOO, with the iiddilioii of voyaRes wliieli 
were printed in tile lirst, and oiiiitled in llie second eilitiini. Willi a snpple- 
ment conlaiiiiiiK other narratives printed hy Ilakliiyt, or at his siif;f;eslion. 

1121 IlAKi.rYT. A Discciir.-e concerning Western I'liinting written 

in tlio Year 1581. Now first printed from ti Contemporary 
Manuscript, with a Preface and an Introduction hy Leonard 
Woods, of Uowdoin College. Edited with Notes in the 
Appendix. By Charles Deano. Fac-sintlles. 

Hvo. cloth, unrut, Candirid<j(', 1877 

1122 IIAKLUYT Society's Pikmcations, consisting of Pare and 

Valuable Voyages, Travels, and CJeograiiiiical Uecords, com- 

jiletc from the beginning of the publications in 184G. 

47 vols. 8t'o., oi vols, of ichlch arc in liolf nior. top edt/c (/lit, 

uncut; the remainder in litjlit blue cloth as published, 

a lerij fine set. 

A collection of the rarest and most valiiahlo hooks, relaling to all jiiirts of 
the world, a larjje niimher of which apiierlain to North and Soiitli America. 

1123 HALE, IIouATio. Ethnography and Philology of the IJiiiicd 

States E.xploring Expedition during tlie years 1838, 1831), 

1840, 1841 and 1842, under the command of Cliarles Wilkes. 

royal Ato. half maroon mor. top cd'/c ijilt, PhUudvliihia, 184(i 

The scarcest of all the volnines of I'.xplorhif; lOxpedition. It contains a 
larger nnniher of vocaliiiliiries of tlie Indian Irihesof the I'acilic coast than is to 
be found in any other work. A copy in u recent London Catalugiie was iiriccd (i 

I l| 



111 tll(! 










IIALimiirrON, Tuomas C. a,, Historical an.l Statistical 
"••••o.iiit of Nova Scotia, JllustratiM) l,y u Map of tl.e Province, 
and several Enjiraviiiirs. 

2 roAs. Hro. Iinlf mor. top nh,e ij!U, Halifax, 1829 

IIALKICTT, Joiix. N„tes rcHiu.clinjr tlie In.lian.s 

ol Norili America: nill, ivniarics on tlie attempts nia.le to 

convert and civili/e tiiem. Hn,. half calf, f,U, Loudon, 1825 

HALL, Ki.wiN. Tiie I'lirilans and tiieir IVinciples. 

Soo. doth, Neiij Yoi-k^ 1846 
HALL, John. History of tlie Presbyterian Chnrch in Tren- 
ton, N. J., from tlie tirst settlement of the town. 

\2mo. dvth. New York, lH'>d 
HALL. J„„N. History of tlie Presbyterian (Imivli in Tren- 
ton. (Another .■opy.) ] Omo. half mor. top ,,;it. 
[HALL, .I<,si;ni.] Mnndns Alter et Idem, sive Terra Ans- 
tralis ante ae semper incognita loiigis itinerihns peregrim. 
Acadenii nnperrinie Instrata. 4 Maps. 

V>mo. ohJ v.Uam, Inrn off, IM, slh/htl;/ soiled, Frnncofuni 

Asm II 11 de Itimalme, [_iin date]. 

vviioT °'">'l^';''.'''"'"'"" ''""1<-^ ''.v '-•-"Kli.^M m.ll„,r.sln fl». Iir«t part of the 

M II . CcnhM-y wliich r„ll ,„.„„.,-ly „ .,■ ,1„. ,.|.ss orM„ ,„■ n-nmncs; an, 

o ■ -.1 llics. ,s «rm,.n M, I,a,i„. This is ,1,. "M„n,!u. Attn- .4 /,lnn" of I.isl,.,,, 
Ilall. an ,n>,t,,(nm .,1 ,1,. latter an,l weak,.,- v„1„„h.s of Ital-Hals. A cc try in 

ofZ.:,!!n'n ■ "'-"'•";"""""-•'■-«!"- M.M.s<.f tluMvholo land and 

.1 l..a,.u.lar r,.f.Mons a,-.. „,ven ; and tl„. natnro of the saliro, not inuel, of whiel, 
lias any .s,„.aal rel.rene,. to Kngland, may easily be colU.c.l..d."_//„«<,„,, /.,•, 

HALL, Juixii:. Letters from the West ; containing sketches 
of Scenery, Manners, and Customs; and anecdotes connected 
\yitli the first settlements of tlie AVestern sections of the United 
''^'''''''^' ^>-<>- Iwirds, uncut, London, 1828 

HALL, S. C. The Ol.l .Alansions of England. Embellished 
with 23o engravings on wood. 

foUo, half rod inor. fop rd,/r ,jUt, London, \Sbi^ 

HALLA.Al, Hkni!v. The Constitiitlontil Histoiy of England, 
fnnn the accession of Henry Seventh to the Death of ("eorge 

''^''''•""'- '^'-•oh. ^vo. half calf, Boston, \sh 

Hai.lam. View of the State of Europe dnring the .^fiddle 

"^■^'''■'^' ^ i'o/s. 8co. half mor. Paris, 183;") 

HALLIDAY, Silt Ani)i;kw. The West Indies: the natnral 

and physical history of the Wimhvard and Leeward Colonies. 

"^^"-P- l--^'"^- half calf, London, 1837 



1135 IIALLECIv, Fitz-Guki:nk. A Memorial of. A Description 
of the dedication of the moniimont erected to his memory at 
(JuilFord, Connecticut; and of the procccdini^s coiniocted with 
the unveiling of tiie poet's statue in tiie Central Park, New 
^'oi'k. roijidSvo. chth, New York, 1877 

113C IIAMEHSLEY, John W. Chemical change in the Euciia- 
rist. In four letters shewing the relations of faitii to sense. 
From tlie French of Jacques Abbadie. 

8in. 4lo. vclhivi, London, 18G7 

1137 HAMILTON, Anthony. Memoirs of Count Grammont. 

To wliicii arc prefixed, a Biographical SkctcJi of Count Ham- 
ilton, and a translation of the epislle to Count (irammcnt. 
Illus.trated with Sixty Four Portraits, fine early impretisioiiH. 
2 vols. 8vo. half red mur. lop edijc gilt, London, 1811 

1138 HAMMOND, Jahkz 1). The History of Political Parties in 

the State of New York, from the ratification of the Federal 
Constitution to December, 1810. Forlralt. 

2 vols. Sro. sheep, (Joopcrstown, 1845 

1139 HAMOR, IJapiik. A True Discourse of the present estate of 

Virginia, and the successc of the affaires there till the 18 of 
June, 1C14. Together with a Uolation of the severall Eng- 
lish Towncs and forts, the assured hopes of that countrie and 
the peace concluded with the Indians. The Christening of 
I'owhatan's daughter and licr marriage with an Englishman. 
4<o. half green mor. top edge gilt, London, for John Beale for 

Wm. Welly, 1G15. A Reprint. 

1140 HANGER, Gkoiuje. The Life, Adventures, and Opinions of 

Col. George Hanger, written by himself. 

2 vols. 8fo. hoards, uncut, London, 1801 

1141 HANNAY, Rohkut. A True Account of the proceedings, 

sense and advice of the People called Quakers. At the 
Yearly Meeting of faithful friends and bretliren, begun in 
London on the 18th of the third month, 1G94. In order to 
put an end to the Divisions and Differences among some of 
the Quakers in America. Ato. c- .', London, 1694 

1 142 HARBISON, Massy. A Narrative of the sutferings of Massy 

Harbison, from Indian barbarity, giving an account of her 
captivity, the murder of her two children, her escape ; with 
an Infant at her breast. l2nio. half mor. Pittsburg, 1828 



1 113 [IIAK'DIK, John.] A Dosniption of tlio Lnst Voyajje to 

IJfrnin.ias, in tlie sliip Mnr.> -rol.l, S. V. ('omm.ui.Ior. IJojrun 

Nov. 12, 1C7(), nnd endinj,' May :^, 1(J71. With aliowanc... 

4lo. hrtlfhhirinor. rarr, l.,„„ln„, Uowland Rnjunhl, 1071 

1144 HARIOT, Thomas. A hx-MV. nnd true report of the New- 
foiiiKJlaii.l of Virginia, of tlic cominoditics nnd of tin- nature 
nnd manntM-s of the natnrail iniialiilnnts. Disconcrcd by the Colony tliere .-oatud by Sir Hicliiird Greiniiill.! Kin^ht 
ill liio ycMv MH.-,. Wliicli KcniaiMi'd vimI.t tlic jroncriicnunit 
oftwcino nionotiics. At tlii! siHTiali rliarg." and direction of 
Sir Walter Rulei^rl, Knij;|it, AVIio tlierein Iiatli bccno fauonrod 
and authorised by Her Maio.stio nnd licr letter,- patents. 
Fi£AN(;oi-oim AD M(KNv.M typi.H //)rn,/,;,v Wichi; svmlibvs vero 
ThcoiJon Dr lii-ji ainio cm d v\, [1;")!)0.] 

Jollo, halfhlnr mor. imnit. An ntbit'irnhlr far-slmi/,' nprint 

fur Jusi'pl, Sahlii. A^vw York, 1872 

'!'"■ '"' ■'■'■ '""' •"■enly.flv.. .■opics only i,rint...l. Tills lorms the first vol. 

iiiiii" in the liinious CDlIeetiiiii of l)c Br>'a Voyages. 

1 145 IIAIILKI.VX Misn-.i.r.ANv. A Collection of Scarce, Curious, 
and Kntertainin^r Pampidets and Tracts, as well in manu- 
script as in print. Sehrted from tlic Library of Edward 
Hariey, Second Earl of Oxford. Interspersed with Histori- 
cal, Political, and Critical Annotations, by Wm. Oldys, and 
additional notes by Thomas Park. ' 10 roh. Uo. 

calf i/ilt, Jill,' si'f, hrsi cch'tmii, London, 1S()8-12 

" ■'■" ""■ !"il""t"i«'i' "f this c, ction of Tracts and I'ap.Ts for fhicidallnK 

many msr.iitK ai. oi<uiii!i:N<M:s, no ,„.rs,.n who tVels in the dlscov- 
cry ol tiuth .•an 1„. inaltcnliv..." •• I hardly know of any one folk.olion.or set of 

volunu's, likely to he iiro.hicliv ' ni.)re varied ent.Tliiinn.ent, especially if the 

reader have n cjiii.di.oiiiCAi, turn."— /;c. Dibdin. 

1145* HAHDIE, A. IM. Description of the City of New York; 
its ])opiilation, institutions, commerce, maniifactnres, pnblic 
bnildin-s, &c. To which is prefixed, A Brief accuint of its 
first settlement by the Dutch, in 1(;2!). Mnji. 

\->inn. shi-op, Nac York, 1827 

114G IIAHMON, Daxiki. AVir.i.tAMS. A .lotirnal of Voyajres and 
Travels in tlie interiour of North America, &c. " 3l(ip and 
^'"'•^'•"''- Si-o. calf, Andovn; 1820 

1147 HAHIJIOTT, John. Strn-gles through Life, exemplied in 
various Travels and Adventures in Europe, Asia, Africa, and 
^'"'-''■'™- i^ '•(^'s- l^wc. half ad/, London, 1815 


ir. r. muui'iiv LiiuiAip . 

1148 IIAHIMS, TiiAi)i>ms Mason. «i(.;;rapliicnl Mcinoriiils of 
.lanit'M Oirliitliorpi', i'oiiinlor ot'tlio coldny <.rfic<)r;,'ia, in Norlli 
AtiKi-icM. Pnr/rdil. Hni. rh,/l,, li,mt,>,i, 1«11 

1 II!) Haimjis. Tlic .lonnial of a Tdiip into tin' TcrriloiT Nurtliwcst 
oftlu- Aili';j;liaiiy MoiiDi iiii.- ; niioin in the »\m\\<i of tiii! ycMir 
1803, Willi u goojrniphii'ttl nud historical account of the State 

ofOiiio. Maim n ml Virwu. Hni. Iml/ nior. Jlnslnu, IH{]:) 

ll.')() IIAWIJIS, John, ( ulli'ction of N'oya^'cs and Travels: eoii- 
wistiri;: of ahovt" Four HiMnlicd of tlic nio-t aiiliiciitick writers. 
Hegiiining with Ilnkiiiyt, riirehas, OCc. Mm,;/ Maps. 

2 rills. Inn/r /iiliiis, nliJ ,,il,, .'.mJlitl, 170') 

1 loO* IIahims's CnlJectioii of Voyages amrrravels. A new e.lition 
revi.sed, with large additions. (Anotlii-r cojjy.) 

'2 riils. lanjc I'lilii,, vah\ ijilt hack, hitidnii, 1714 

' l"jl [IIAHIMSSK, IlioNitv.] Hihiiotheea Americana Vetn.sti.ssinia. 

* A Description of Work.s relfilinj: to Anicrici, published between 

the years \l',)2 and I.mI. 

roi/al Hco. Iial/i/nr}! iimr. Inji iilji ■jilt, niiriit, New i'lifk, |H(1(; 

lli")2 [IlAiiiirssi;.] r.ihliotheea Anieii.-ana N'etiisti.sHinia. A l)c- 

.serip'ion of Works relating to America puldislied between the 

VoiM» 1-11)2 and l-^ll, Additions. mi/al Hro. /laff ijrmi 

iiior. tnji rdi/v i/i'n, uncut, /'ads, [/ihrnin Tmss, ]H72 

ll.W [, II.] Notes pour servir a I'llistoire. u la iJib- 
liographie et a hi Curtograplne de la Nouvclle-Fniiicc et dcs 
pays ndjacei)t.s 15-1,% 1700. 
Si'o. /lal/maroan mor. cjira, lap cdijc ijUl, imriif, I'aris, 1871 

11.J4 II.AHi!i!?si.;. Les Colond)0 de France et d'ltalie, faiuenx niiuin.s 
du XV si6e!e ll(;i-M!)2. l)'Aprt'-s des Doc.nnents Non- 
veaux oil iiu'dit tires <les archives de Milan, tie Paris, et de 
Venise. IMrnioirc hi a L'Academic des Iiiscrii)tions et Heiles- 
r^''''''^''"' nii/al )ico. iiapvr, Paris. 1)S74 

11/i.") IIAHWISOX, (Jauimki.. The Life and Writin;rs of .lohn 
Howard Fayiie, tlie author of Home, Sweet Home ; the Traij- 
edy of nrutiis ; and other Dramatic Work.s. Fi„v i.orlrail an 
S''"''^- ''"'/'• ''^'■"- <-'Jotli. lap iiJijr ijill, All, a I,)/. 187i) 

llof. IIARTLKY, W. M. 15. Hartford in the ( )hlen Time: its 
first Thirty Years. With Illustrations. 

t^ca. clalli. ijill cdi/rs, Ilaii/nnf, \Si'>o 




n:.7 HAUVI.V, IIknhy. IIlMory of flu. Shawnee Ini]iaii«, from 
tlio Yuttr lOHl to 1851, ruilmit. 

'2»«". I'lolh, Cincinnnli, ISM 
1 1;»H HASS, WiM.s i,K. History of the early Hcttlemeiitand In.lian 
Wiux of WcstiM-n Virjfinia, ..nibr.i.'in;,' an nctonrit of the 
various oxpiMlitions in tli.> Wost, prcviouH t,, 171).'.. Also, 
lJi<.-,'niplii.-al Ski-tohca of Col. Kbenezcr Zanc, Major Mcf 'o|-' 
locli, aiKl other (listinfrnislicd actors in our Korilcr Wars. 
'''"'"■• «i'". cl(,lh,;,Ut, P/uladelphin, 1H51 

1159 IIATFIKLl), K. F. History of Klixaln-th. New Jersey, 

inelurling the Karly History of Union County. 

Hvn. hnlf grcn, mor. t(>i> edge gilt, New Yorl>, 1808 

1 1 60 IJauvaui.. CATAr.odi ic of the Library of Harvard T'niversity in 

Cambrid^'e, Mass,)<'hns(>tts. 

>^rr>. /iiil/dnt/i, iniait, Camhn'flge, \S',U) 
1101 HAHVEO, CuiLLiKi.Mo. Kxecitatioiips do pcncratione uii- 
""^•'^ '"• Ifiw". wor. nrtm, niJt ed;j>-/i, 

fjiidovicuM Eherinnn, AmHtcnfani, IC.'"*! 
I ir,2 HAVEN, SAMUEt. F. Ar.-hacolgy of the United States : or, 
Sketehfs, Histnrieal and Bibliographical, of the progress of 
inforniiition and oj.inioii respecting vestiges of antiipiity in the 
United States. 4^,,. /,„!/ vmr. top ,,iU, 18.').-. 

J 163 Haven. An Histor Address, delivered before the citizens 
of the Town of IVdhani. Sept. 21, 18;5G, being the Second 
Centenm'al Anniversary of the ineorporati,.n of the Town. 

8(vi. h(df vior. Di'dhnm, 18.']7 

In the volume TiK.nias Itussell'- lIlMory <.f I'rinoolon, Worcester Co 
Mass. Itoston, isiis; an<I .lu.l,:. story's l.isconr,.. l.oforo tl.c Kss.x llistorionl 
MieiHy, Si'i.t. 18, 18JS, commfh, Tatlve of tin- llrst scttlcnient of Sak'ni, Mass. 

1164 HASSAUREK, F. Fonr Years among Spanish Ameri.-ans. 

l-lmo. riol/t, Xi'.w York, IHCJ 
116.. HASAVELL, Antfioxv. Memoirs and Adventures of Cap! , 
.Mattiiew I'heips ; formerly of Harwington, in Conneetic, 
now resident in New Haven, in Vermont, partieniariv in tu,, 
Voyages, from Comiectient to the Mississippi, 1773-1780. 

l-2iii(). slieep, Bcmiing/ori, Vt., 1862 
1106 HAWES, Joel. T ,n(,> to the Memory of the Pilgrims. 

Hartfotul, 1836 

II. Hawks' Centennial Addr. Lllvered at llartfor.l, Nov. U, la'iS. 

Iir. IlAZKi.iN's History of the Amrricun Lutheran Church from ii. com- 
21 >"-een,ent In U^, to m,. ^„„,^„^_ ^,^^ ^^^ 

''f I 



1''2 II. c. MI'IIPIIV MllltAHV. 

IV llAr t., l-.i.wiN. Aiii'lrnt lllntiirlrul IttcoMn nf Norwiilk, ('(iiin. 

^oru',ll^, 1W7 

\. llAiil'i;, Mm. llUlorlrnl Dlncdiiri'i' iit tln' !.'(l(l(li Aiinlvir^iiry of lli.. 

KIrst lliiptlKt Cliun-li In, Nnv, :, \h:w. /'rorhln„e, Ix.tU 

VI. Mm. IK. I'lir llii|ilM (liiiri'h I iiimhiiIiiiKimI from llii'Olil Mdrl.l fi> tlio 
'*•'*•,, AVic Yorh. IMll 

VII. ilANNON'M (.1. W.) Hlnlnry of tli< olil townii of Norrl(lK.«ock iiml 
Ciiliimii from Ihrlr nirly irlllri t to llir yvnr IKIII. Ilojitnn, lH4u 

VIM. IIA.N><(.N. IINloiy of Dinivrr- from IlKiiirly M'tliomi'iit liXhryi'iir 
"*^'', Ihinrert. MH 

l.\. llAN.toN. IIIMoryofWTOl (iiinlliiiT, TltiKlo id W.mI (■ardlmr, 

Willi B »kflili of the KiMini'lirc IihIIiiim hikI .New I'lyinoiitli rur<^liii»f. 

(lardlney, IHM 

X. ll,\NN.M(>iii>'s lllHlory of rrliicitoii, WorcLntcr Co., MiinMiclmMllN, 
• 'Ivlliiiicl K.cli.»lu'.|lciil, from ir.m to 1H,V.>. »' «mK<fr, \H,\i 

liiijfllirr, 10 ruin. ]'2imi. chilli. 

IFAWKINS, niciiAiii.. 'Ml,. Ohsonalions (if Sir IJidianl 

Hawkins KnijrJit, in his V(.Ja;,'i' iiit(» tlic South S.mi. Anno 

Domini \r,<Xi. ' /„j;„^ 2 ro/,;,',, „,„' i„ rolf, 

tliv tiflirr III vrlhnii, LdhIhii, fur Jnln, Jinii/iinl, H'>>2 

HAWKINS, EnNi-.sT. Hi.Htoiical Notifos of llio of 
I III- Cimrcli of Knjrlanil, in liie Noitli American Colonics, 
prinion.s to tlio In(l.'j)eiHlt>nct' of tlie I'liitcd Stales ; cliicfly 
from the l\I.s. DociinuMit.s of tli(> ;ioci<'ty for tlm Tropa-^'ation 
of tlic (in.spol ill Foreign I'arts. Hro. cloth, Lonihm, 18-lA 

HAWKS, KitANcis L, ('oiitril)iilion.s to tlic Kcclosiastical 
History of tlio United StatcN of America. 

2 riih. t^ru. chilh, Ncc York, 1836 

FIAWKS AM) W. Stkvkns Pkhkv. Documentary History of 
the rrote.stant Kpi.scopai Clmreh in the I'Miled States of 
America. Containiiif,' numerous hitlierto nnjaddished docu- 
ments concorninL; tiie churcli in Connecticut. 

Her), chill, , New Yorlc, \m?, 

Hawk.s. IVriivian Anticiuities. IJy Mariano Kdward Hivero, 
Director of the National Mu.ieum, Unni. Tninshited from 
the Original Spani.sli. Hvo. chilli, Xrw Yorl; \H:>:\ 

Hawks. History of Xorlli Carolina : willi Maps an<l Illustra- 
tions. •> mis. Hni. half mor. lop, fill, Juii/cltcrillc, X. (!., IS",!) 

HAWKS, FiiANcis L. A Tale of the Huguenots, or memo- 
ries of a iM-ench K'efugee Family. Ncc York, 1838 

ir. (ii)l>l)Ai;i>, Miss. Tlif Tiojiiii Ski'Icli Hook. '/Voy, A'. J'., IS4fl 

111. (iuioK.NK, Max. Tin. Kuiiziis K.tjlon: KoiiM, Dtwrt, I'liiirlc, .Moiin. 
luiii. l'io,l,,cllon,s,&c. ^v.«. J-«r*. ls,',r. 

n. 1.1'tlrrs of Kll/a Wllkinaoii diiriiij? tlic iiiviision mid possession of 
Clmrlcston, S. C, liy the ISrIlisli in the Hevoliitiomiry Wiir. AVic York; IKW 

V. llisHoi-'s History of tlic Ciitliolif Cliiircli on the Island of Now 
'*'*"■''• Nm York, m,:i 




1 1 7.". 



VI. Nkolcli... iif Mttrllm'a Vlnpynrtl ami othtr Hriiilniaccncpi i.f Triivcl hI 
"""''■• llo.lon, IKW 

Ml. iKMii.iTTt.K's llUtorli'iil Mkcloli (If llio C.mgriKttlloiiiiM Il..|. 
cliiTli.wii, Ma««.. (V.iiii ll« orKiiiil/ullciii, III yi.urn. Sorth,>mi>t,m, Ihft!.' 

VIII. Ooiiii, IlKN.I. llUtorli'iil .\m.iiMt of Clirlut Chiircli, nilliiililphlu, 
ttwn Itn l\>uiiil»ll<iii III lilua til IMl, mill i.r.St. I'rtir'* iiniLsi. .Ihiiu'h'h. 

S'tio Vorli, IMl 

I.X.'.H AiHl.iit IINturloul Ui!Cor(l»i)f NorwHlk, (.'oiiiiiTlliiit.ilDWii lu 
"'^'•'' N'W Voik, iNflf) 

.\. IHi;nwki.i„ 11. (i. sk.t.h i>f ili,. uu- nml Tiinci of .lolm lirVVlit, 
OrwiKl IVii.,ioimry of llolliiiiil. x„„ y„^i.^ |^,^, 

loi/cthcr, 10 ioln, l2ino. 

1171 IIawkin-s's I'idurc (if (^m.l.eo, with IliMtoricul Uoc(.llecti»m». 
\4 l)l(it(M. 12)110. (iiil/i, uncut, very »carc(% Qucliir, \H'M 

Wir, MAWKKSWOIM'ir, Ji.iiN. An Accimit (•(' tlio Vnynjre Ibr 
iiuikiii;: ili.^covorir.M, ii, the Smulioni Ilciin.-jilieiv, liy Commo- 
dore Hjr.iii, Captuiii WhIUh, Capliiin ('artcret, ami Ciiptaiii 
<'<)'ik, in tlio I)(ii|iiiin, tlio Swallow, and tin; Kiuloavour. 
liluMtratod wiliiCiifs, Cbart.>(, and Map.s. 

.'I rain. itu. Italf calf, London, 17711 

117C IIAYKS, John L. Vindication of the rif^hts and titles, polit- 
ical and IciTiloriai, of Alexander, Karl of Sterling and iJovan, 
and Lord Proprii'lor of Canada and Nova Scotia. Hvo. cloth, 
with two Innji n,l<ll,i(j jicdlyirrs, Washun/ton, 1853 

1177 HAYWOOD, John. Tlie Natural and Aborigiiail lILstory of 

Tenncs.^ee, up to the Hcttlcments tiicrein, by the white 
people ill the Year 17(18, 

2 vols. Hro. half mor. fop y ill, vcrij acarce, Nashvillr, 1823 

1178 IIAZAUI), S.VMiJKi.. The Itegister of Pennsylvania, devoted 

to the i)rescrvati()nof the facts and documents, and every othyr 
kind of usulul information respecting the State of Pennsylva- 
"''i- It) rols. ,SM. /(dio, half calf, r/tiladdjdiia, 1828 

1179 IIazaui). Annals of Pennsylvania, from the Discovery of the 

Delaware, I(i01l-1G82. 

»uo. polished calf extra, top edye gilt, Philadelphia, 1850 

1180 HAZARD, EiiKNKZKR. Historical Collections: consisting of 

State Piipers, an<l other authentic documents, intended as 
materials lor an History of the United States of America. 

2 vols, in 1, Ato. half rusna, Philadelphia, 17t)2-!)4 

'Bills valimblu ciillcetlDii i'mbnici'8 Stutf I'lipcrs rcliitiiif; to (,'oluiiibiin, t'ubof, 
8ir lliimplirry Gilbert, iiiiil Sir VVhIUt liiibigli; I'lit.nlH riliitiiig to vuHoub 
ItriiisliCi.lunks 111 AiiiiTiia, to New Kimiw, etc. Miiiiy are liiki'i! Crom Hiik- 
liiyl-.s-lovij/ci;" lioiii l!yiiiii'» "/tt-i/e/u ; " Uualiwortli's "IJiatoricul Cvllcc 
tUinD," mill otlier sources. 













II \ZLI<yrT, W. Caukw. History of tlii^ ^\■netia^ Ik'.)ublic : 
litr Kiso, hor (imitness, and licr Civilization. 

i i-oh. Hro. dolli, map, LiiihIhi, 18(;9 
HEAD, Sill Fhancis B. A Niiirative. 

Hvo. cinih, LoihIoii, 18o!) 
III'X'KEWKLDKK, John. A Narrativo of tlu, Mission of 
the United Birtliivn anion-; tlie Doiaware and ]\Iolic;;an 
Indians. From its Conmu'iicomcnt, in 1740, to 1808, coni- 
prisiiig all the rcniarliablc incidents wiiieh tooii phice at tiieir 
Missionary Stations. J'ortmit. 

Hco. shvop, J'/iiladclplud, 1820 

IIECKEWELDEI?. An Acconnt of the History, Manners, 

and Customs of the Indian Nations, wlio once inliahited IVini- 

syivmiaand tiie noifridmring States. (Iking vol. 1 of the 

Trans, of the American riiih)s. Soc.) 

8vo. half mor. top ohp- ,jUt, scanr, PluladvJphin, lul!) 

IIEEKEN, A. II. L. History of the States of Antiqnity. 
Transhited from tlie German. 

3 voh. Hfo. Jialf iprcii mor. Noii/ianiploii, 1828 
IIELIVS, Silt AuTiiiH. Tiic Spam'sli ('on(|uest in America 
and its relation to the History of Slavery, and to the govern- 
ment of the Colonies. 

4 vols. 8c(). hal/rrd mor. top ed,p: gi/t, London, 185.") 
IIici.i-s. The Life of Las Casas, the Apostle of the Indies. 

Svo. (jrccn clolli, map, PInhuMphiu, 18G8 
HENDEllSON, Cai>t. An A(!connt of the British Settlement 
of Honduras ; being a view of its commercial am' agricultural 
resources, soil, climate, natural history, etc. 

8ro. calf, map, London, 1811 

IIENDEUSON, Jamks. A History of Brazil, coin|.rising its 

Geography, Commerce, Colonization, Aboriginal Iidiabitants, 

&e. afaps and Plates. 4to. half ,jrrrn calf, London, 18-21 

HENDERSON, Alkxandkh. A Grannnar of the Moskito 

Language, Belize, Honduras. Svo. mor. Acw York, hS-IO 

HENING, William Wai.tku. The Statutes at Large ; being 

A Collection of all the Laws of Virgim'a, from the"lirst Ses"- 

sion of the Legislature in the year 1G19. 

a voh. 8co, late nhfi-j), IHchnioiid, 1810 



1192 IIKNllY, John JosKnit. Campaign against Qncbcc : being 
An accurate and interesting account of tlie Ilanl.sliips and 
SuUerings of tluit band of Heroes wlio traversed tiie Wilder- 
ness by tiie Kennebec and Ciuiudiero Rivers, in 177"). 

12wo shiicp, einjrariiKj, IVaf.irloiun, New York, 1844 
1 !"2^^ IIknkv. An Accurate and Interesting account of the expedi- 
tion against Quebec. (Anotber v-Iition.) 

12)n(). lull/ iHor. La/icnstcr, 1812 

1193 IIKNxNEPIN, Louis. Description dc la Louisiane, nouveilc- 

mcnt decouvcrte au Sud Oiicst de la Nouvelle France, par 

ordredu Hoy. Avec la Carte du Pays: Les M.curs & la 

IManiere de vivrc ties Sauvagcs. Dediee i\ sa IMajestc'. 

Wilh the rare map. V2mo. ,,,-n'n mm: gill ,d,je,, 

I'arin, (Jhrz In vein: Schfisti,-,! Ifurc, 1083 

Th.. oriKinul mid lii-st work DrUciiiicpin, wliicli emprises liis ndvunturcs iiiid 

dis.m,.nVs ll,n,„Kh the Kirat Li.krs t„ ll„, .Mis,si.ssi|,,,i, ,„„| ,l,„vn ll„„ river loa 

' ";' '""'■ '"'''"^ "■'"■'■" '!"• 'Ili'K'i^ clisH,.uK,.s itself, wl.ieli it is n„w helirvrd 

was II,,. ,.xl,.„t of his ,lis,.ov,.,i,.s i„ tliat di,-,.ction. Tl,e w,.,-k was s„l,snM„.utly 
1'" Hisl,,.,! ,„ l|„|i„„. I.utw,, a„d (;..,„,a„. I-,„„-t..,.„ v,.a,-s lafr (ICW) was n„h 
,sh,.,lh,s..A-„„,.ri/,. /V,„„nw,,"whid, also «,,,„.a,T,l i„ l)„t,:l,, (i.Tina,,, «„d 
Ki.Klls I,; ,n„l ,„ KWS <.,i„,t. ,.ll,i,-,l wo,k with the title, -\ouveau Voyage d'un 
I'lHH plus yrand que VEuroiie." 

1194 IlKNMCPiN. Curieux. Qui contient une Nouvelle 
Decoiiverte d'un tres-gran<l pays situe dans rAnu'ritpie entre 
le Nouveau Mexique & la J\ler (Jlaciale. 

urn. 8io. half calf, La I/ai/a, Jean Kitto, 1704 

m-i IlKNNKi-,N.^ Nouvelle D,',couverfe d'un tres grand ptus situi 
dans i'Anieritpio, entre lo Nouveau Mexi.pie, et la IMer 
^''"''^- l-2mo. calf, Jmslrnlam, ran Somvron, 1G98 

1196 IlKNNKiMN. A New Discovery of ,i Vast Country in America, 

Extending above Four 'I'Imusand Miles, between' New France 
& New Alexico ; With Description of the (ireat Lakes, Cata- 
racts, Hivcrs, Plants, and Animals. Also the Maimers, Cus- 
toms, and Languages of the several Native Indians; With a 
Coiitiiniation C.iviiig an Account of the Attempts of the Sieur 
de la Salle upon tiie Mines of St. Harbe, &(;. The Taking of 
Quebec by the English, etc. 2 roU. Hro. calf, fronllsjlxn 

and r> plate,. London, printed /or M. Jientleii^'j. Tonson, 
JL lloinriel.-, T. Ooodwin, and S. Manslilp, 1G98 

1197 IfiCNNKPiN. A Description of Louisiana. Tianshited from the 

edition of 1083, and compared with the Nouvelle Decouvcrte, 


f I 
i; i 

n I 


♦'le Lii Salle (locuments, ami other coiiteinporiiueous papers. 

liy John Gilinary Siiea. 

roijal 8vo. thick paper, uncut, Xew York; John G. Shea, 1880 

Tills bcimtiful reprint is precodnl by a notice of Fiitlur Hennepin liy Ur. 
Slieii. Tlie Appendix conijjrises '-An iieeount ol' a VdviiKe down tlie Missis- 
sipi)i," from llie "Aouvelle Dttonriile." ' econnt of Hennepin and tlie Sioux, 
from Margry." "Aceount of Jlennepin's Kxplnrution in La Siille's Letter of 
AuRust U-^. KM:;." "Account of Hennepin's ICxiiedition in the work published in 
lOyr, as by tiie Chevalier Tonti." '• Jlemoir of tlie Sieiir Daniel (ireysolon Uii 
Lnfli on the discovery of the country of the Nadoiieeionx in Canada, IfiW)." 
"IJefcription of Niasara Falls," from the ".Vuuvetle JJecouvette," and "Bibliog. 
riipliy of Uennepin," by Ur. Shea. 

IIENllY, Alk.xandku. Travels anil Adventiiiv.s in Caiiiula 
and tlie Imliiin Territories, between the yetirs 1700 and 1776. 

8fo. sheep, New York, 1809 
HENRY, Mathikw. Letterlyke en praktieale \\.rklaring 
over den gciieelcn Hybel of Let Oiide en Niewe Tostiiment. 
lh!ck ilo. half sheep, (first leaf slighllij torn,) Delft Eeinier 

Boitei, 1742 
IIP:R]iEllT, Loitn, (liishop of IVterborongii). A .Sermon 
preached before tiie Society for the rropagiition of the Gospel 
in Foreign Parts, on February 10, 1821. Witli repirts. pp. 
^'*''^- Uo. hoards, London, 1821 

IIEKHEUT, Chaklics. A Relic of the Revolntion, contain- 
ing a full and ptirlicnlar iiccoiint of tiie Siitl'eriiigs iind i'riva- 
tions of all the American Prisoners ca])tured on the High Seas, 
and carried into Plymouth, England, diiring the Riivolntion of 
'^'i~i^- \2nio. red /nor. >jilt edr/es, Boston, 18-17 

IIEREiMITE, JA(ib'KS l'. lovrnael Viindc Nassaii.sche Vloot, 
ofte Besehryvingh vande Voyagie om den gaiitsclien Aerdt- 
kloot, gliedaen met elf Schepcii : Ondur't bclcyd vaiiden Admi- 
rtiel Jaqnes I'lleremite, eiule Vice-Adminiel Geen lliiygen 
Schapenham, inde laeren, 1C2;5, 1(524, en 1(J2G. 

7 mapis and plates, -ilo. hedf nd tnor. Jmstrrdam, Ilessel 

Uerritsz, 1G2G 

[.lonrnal of the .Vassuii tleet, or account of a voyiige round the world, nmdc 
with eleven .shiiis under the coiuniand of Admiral ,hii|iies I'lleniiite and Vice 
Adliiii-ai Schapenham in the years l(iJ,!-UO. A coiniilete history of their adven- 
lures, a descrijiliun of the countries visited, and an account of tlieir inlmbi- 

'J'he first edition of the complete journal, many times reprinted, and included 
in the Xllltli volume of Uc IJi-y's "Gmnd Voyttjis." 

1204 IIERIOT, George. Travels throiigii the Canadtis, contain- 
ing a Description of the Picturesque Scenery on some of the 








rivoi-a and Lakes ; With an acconnt of the Produetions, 
Commerce, and Inhabitants of those Provinces. Mo}> and 
rruvu'.rovs i^lates. 4to. half mor. London, 1 807 

1205 IIKRNDON and Gihkon. Exploration of tlie Valley of the 

Amazon, made under direction of the Navy Department. 

Plates ami alias. ^ rols. Hvo. 

half green mor. oUt lop, cvtra, mrnt, Wushiinjlo,,, lH5i] 

1 20r) IIEinjEKA, Antonio. Ilistoria General dc los hechos de los 
Castellanos en las Islas i Ticrra Firme del maroceano, 1492- 
^''^'- folio, velhim, Madrid, 1601 

1207 IIkkukka. Ilistoire General des Voya-es et Conqvestes dcs 

Castillians dans les Isles & Terre-Firme des Indes Oeciden- 

^^''^- 4^.. old calf, Paris, 1771 

This is till' tliiid voluin.. of tlip Kr,.,„!- <riin8lation of Ilimin, by M De la 

doatlT '""'' '"''" '"'"""' """ ''"''"'''"' "' ""■'"• ■'■'''•' ^"'"""' "I>I"'"'''I after liU 

1208 IIkkreka. Ilistoria General de los hechos de los Castellanos 

en las Islas i Terra firme del Mar Oeeano. 

4 vols, folio full lmw>, calf, red (•dqes,finp copy, Madrid, 

Nicolas Rodritjurz, 1730 

Ofall the Spanish writer,-, llerren, furnishes tl„. fullest an.l most ncourale 
nfornuitmn concrninj; the eou.iuest of Mexico, as w.-ll us everv other transae- 
tion ot Ainerjeu.-/iVtir^soH. 

1209 IlKiiUKKA. Ilistoir.-. Generale des Voyages et Conqt.estes des 

Castillans, dans les Isles & Terre firme des Indes Occiden- 
talcs. Tradiiite de I'Fspagnol. I'ar N. de la Coste. 

3 vols. \lo. old Fnuch calf. Paris, Dc la Cos/c, lG.-)9-71 

1210 IlKiutKHA. Ilistoria General <le los Hechos de los Castellunos 

en las Islas y Tierra Fii-me del .Mar Oeeano. K,, quatro 
Dccadas desde el aHo de 1492 hasta el de l.'i;]! . ( Title pa,,e 
■ of Vol. IV. a j,;,ot<,;irap/i facsimile, in other respects a fine 

i vols, folio, calf. En Madrid -;, /,, Ewprenta Real, 1001 
Tlu. enjrraved titles to eael, of the ..ij:I,t I)eeail..s are UilTerent. They renre 
sent scenes »u,l events in the History of Mexico, to^etlM.r with i,,.rtrnits of the 
most prominent men. 

Npeakiiifr of the histories of A.,„.,,c,., .sU: Tielcnor savs : "Ofthis elnss ,•„. 
first in importance ami the most com,,rehensive in charact.T, U-The (!cv,r<,l 
Jhxto,,/ oflU, Imlie,,' l,y Antonio ,1,. llerr.Ta. It einhraces the p,.rio,l from the 
hrs .hscovery of America to tl,.. yar 1M5; an.l as Ilerrera was a practise,! 
writer, and, from his oiricial position as hislorioKraplier lotlie Indies, l,ad access 
o <-vt'ry source of information known in his tin,,., his work, wliicli was printed 
111 ItiOl. is of very great value."-///.7. of SpnvUh IJterature, \-ol. Ill p .5-) 












folio, vellum, Aimtcrdnm, Mirhiel Colijn, 1C22 

IIerrera. Ilisforia Goiioral de los liecbos dc los Castellanos 

en las Islas i Terra firme del Mar Oceano. folio, vellum. 

Ell Mmh-id e.v la enqilenla Real, IGOl 

IIESSELS, I. II. Giittenbcrg: Was lie tlio Inventor of 

Printing? An Historical investigation embodying eritieism 

on Dr. Van Dcr Linde's " Giittenbnrg." 

Svo. half mor. fop gilt, thick paper, iinciit, London, 1882 
IIESSKLIO, Anduka. Kort Uerettelse oin 'I'lien Swcnska 
Kyrtios niirwardande Tilstiind i Ainerika sanit oforgri])eliga 
tantar cm tliesz widarc fiirkofring, upstilltaf Andrea Ilesselio, 
for tiietta Probst ock Kyrkioherde i Pensdvainer. 4to. half 
green mor. top edge gilt. Tnjckl i Nurlioping, Anno 172.') 
IIERVA8, LoiJKNZO. Catalogo de las Lenguas de las 
naciones eouocidas y numeracion, division y elases de estas 
si>gnn la diversidad de sas idiomas y dialectos. 6 voh, \to. 

half hound in Spanish leather, i/ellow edgei^, Madrid, 1800-180") 

Tlie first volume of this valuiiblc work is flpvotinl to the Aiiicrii-an iiliorisi- 
nalliiiiffiiiivrcs, aiul to tlic pi'oplc who spoke liicni. II. To tlic lall^Mlag(■s and 
people oftlie islands of tile I'aeitie Ocean, and the eonlineiit of Asia. Vols. III. 
to VI. to the Kiiropean lansruases and people. It is a work oftlie liifjiiest ehar- 
acter, and is often iiuoted hy writers on lansnases, but partienlarly upon those 
oftlie Anierieun Indians. 

IIEWES, Jo.SKi'H. A Colleetion of Occiirrenees and Faets, 
known by living evidenees. and tilso recorded in a public 
manner, in printed tind written papers, now in being, and 
indisputably true. Hro. half calf , London, 111') 

[HEWITT, Dit.J All Ilistoricnl Aceoiint of tlie Kise and 
Progress o^'tiie Colonies of .Smith Carolina and (ieorgia. 

2 voU. Hro. half hive mor. extra, top edge gilt, nnent, 

London, 1770 
HEXHAM, IIknuy. a Copious English and Nether Dnytcli 
Dictionarie, Composed out of our best English Authors. 

4^0. vclbim, Uollerdain, IGCO 
IIk.xitam. Een Wordeu-IJoeck, ofte eeii Nedcrliindschen ende 
Engelschen Dic;"onaris. [A Large Netiierdiitch tind Englis! 
Dictionary. Composed of the bei«t Netherdutch aiitiiors. 
Witli a compendious Nethcrdutcli (Jrammar for the instruc- 
tion of tlie learner.] 4/,,. sheeii 
title page and dedication wanting, Tot Rotterdam, 1648 








1 221 

1 225 
1 22(; 



1 2;50 

IIEYLYN, Pktkk. Camnojrra|)liie, The Fourth Hook : Coii- 
taininjr 'M Cliorojrmpliy and History of Auicrica, and ril tiic 
Principal Kingdoms, Provinces, .Seas, and Islands of it,. 

8™. iiiihound, map, Jjunditn, 10.32 
ni<n LYN, P. Microcosmos, or A Little Description of the 
(ireat World. A 'i'reatise, Historical, (Geographical, Politi- 
cal, Theological. (First edition.) 

Ati). uldcnlf, Oxford, J„lni fAtc/iJiehl, 1G21 
Hkvi.vv. Jficrocosnios. Tiiird edition. 
4/0. old calf, (h/ord, r. A. „nd W. T. /,„■ William. Turner 

and T/iomaH Jli'ji/iiis, 1G27 
UVA \, P. Miroir dn Monde, rediiict premierement ea 
ritlinie hraliancontie, et niaintenant tonrni^ en prose franc^ois, 
anqnel sc represente ehiirenient et au vif ... la vrav situa- 
tion, nature et propriete de la terre universelle. 

ahlo„!i 8,v,. half rrd Dior. Aniyrx, Plaull,,, l,-,79 

IIKYAYOOI), Thomas. Ttniaikeion : or, Nine IJookes of 

various history concerninge Women ; inscribed hy y<' names of 

y'- Nnie Muses. /'„/;„, nu/ran-d tltlo pa;i,\ half calf, 

livllotr ,v/,/,..s-. ,7„v. Loial<oi. I'rhdid hi/ Adam hllp, UvA 

Hkvwooi). Tunaikeion. (Aiiotlicr cupv.) 

folio, half calf, Loudon, 1024 
HHSIJKKT, .Samiici.. Sketches uf the Phi!.,sophv of Appari- 
tions ; or. An Attempt to trace such illusions to theii physi- 
'"'' ^"'"■■^^■•■^- Umo. halfmor. Eirinhin-.jh, I's^J, 

HICKKRINOJLL. (ai-t. .lamaica Viewed: wiiii all the 
P.rts, Harbours, and their several sounding-*, Towns, and 
Settlements thereunto ludongiiig. Uo. calf, L:i:idon, 170r< 

ni(ivC()X..l..iiNH. An Hist..rical Account of American 
C.dnage. With Plalr... H„. half calf, Alhainj, N. Y., 18.38 

HICKS. Kmas. .lournal of the Life and Keligious Labours 
of Klias Hicks, written by himself. 

■Sfo. sh<-i-p. New York. 1832 

HIGGK.SOX. Xew-Lngland's Plantation, Or, A Short and 

Trve Description of the ('(unmodilics and Discommodities of 

that Conntre.f. Written by .Mr. Higgeson, a reuerend Diuine 

now there resident. WI.>reunto is added a Letter, sent by 







1 2;! 1 



■r.) 1 

1 2;!G 

1 2;js 


Mr. Cranes, jiii Kiigin^ri!, out of New-Kiii;liiiMl. Tlic sccotul 

KditioiM'llliir^'ed. 4l<>. half n>l/, f.n,„ln,i. I>nnl<<l 

h'l T. U)„1 It. <.\,Ips /,„■ MIcIki,! Sjuir/.-r. ihrvllh,,! „l Ihr sHjnr 
of Ihr liinr Hihir in (i n'fiir.Jrhor, IG.'iO 
" ISi'iKl.jdoiiotilisdHincto rnidc Miih Ifiliiiimi; mid loDkc not line to hiiiic 
iiliii-KcCaluiiiid MO l)iMldiii;> williin; a Inll-sliimd Titllcwilli no iiuittcT in tli- 
Uookc: liiil here leiide the truth, anil lliou shall liiidi- Hillioiil any huinbastinf? 
wori.s, or any <|iiaiut new-deiiifed additions, on.'ly as was written (not intended 

lorthe I'resse), hyiiltenerend Dinine now tliere liuiiiK, wl lely sent it to 

90ine}riei.(I«,wliieli were desirous of his lielations, wliicli is an Kiiiloniy oftlieir 
prneeodliigs In the IMuikatioii," vU-.-K.rl./mm the .Uhln'H.', to the l!eu,lrr. 

HILDEI'.RANI).— Nkoi \.s Ui.;ki>. ('Iiitmhiv o1,,s,.,i,.,.. Tm- 
<li/c!i(iii il(! Leon Woi-qiiier. \-2„„>. half ,ii<>r. /'((//s, 1800 

HILDHKTII, S. P. Piouoor Ili.stoiv : bfiiijr tm (iccoiiiit of 
tlic first oxamiiiiitionsortlii'Oliii) Valloy. find the etirly .scttli!- 
uu'iitof tho Nortliwost 'IVnitoiy. cIml-Hv from Ori^riiml Maii- 
uscripta; coiitaiiiiii'r th,. paper.-; of Col. (;cor-,'f Morgan. 

Hi", di^l/i, iiKifi, Cliiciiinnti, 18-lH 

IIINMAN, K. U. Letters from the Knglisli Kings and 
Queens Cliarics :>nd. .lames 2nd, William and Mary, Anne, 
CJcorge i'nd, &v.. to the (iovernors of the Colony of Connec- 
tieiit, together with Ih.i iiDswers tiiereto from lOS") to 1719. 
''"'■''■nil. ^ro. rlolli, Horlfi,,,!, \H?S 

HIND, IlKNitv V. Kxploratioiis in tiie interim- of tiie Labra- 
dor rem'n.snia, tiie country ot the Montagnais and Xas(|uapee 
Indiai;s. Co/on-il jJii/cs. 

2 rols. Hni. Iiiilf iiiiiriiiiii iiior. Lmidiiii^ I.SO.'J 

MIHliKHNIClS. Letters on the Xatnral History and inter- 
nal resomres of the .Sttite ..f New y,,rk. (.Vttrihuted to' 
Dewitt Clinton.) ]-2,n<>. ,,<ij„'i\ Xnr Vori.-, 1822 

HISTOIHKdk 1. Hoy (In I'aragnai, ei Kmpereur 

des Mamelus. pp. 88. \-2i,i<,. iii,l„,,n„/. A S<ni,l Paul, 1756 

" r liiivesiven an aeeonni ofthis rasailiy hook in llic llistoiv oC l!ia/il. vol. 
:l, jiUf,'"' i7i."~S<iiitlin/s (•iitiilo;/ite, p. lir,'. 

IILSTOHICAL M.wtsdiii-Ts. VWm. Seeond. Third and 
Fourtli Reports of the Hoyal Commission on Historical .Man- 
u.scripts. Presented to both Houses ol' Parliament, by Com- 
mand of her Majestv. 

;) r-ils. /,,/;,,. hniiiiil hi I, I,,,// ml ,„,,r. /.i>,iilni,, 1871 

HOI5ART. (Aakon). Historicid .Sketdi of A!)ington, I»ly- 
n.onth Co., Mass. y.,,,^,,,,. ,h;j,) 

M. IteiHirt of an K.xijloratloii and Survey ot the Terrilorv on the Aristook 

AllyuHlfl, I^;W 

Hint (if 






HI. IIullV M..,„„ir« of tl... CainimiKns „r,l,c \„rtl, W.Mloni Army ..f ISlL'. 

I\ . .r..,K.s AmcrlcHU \ i,.WH of Cl.rNl's S,.,.,.,,.! AUvnt, rIv,.,, i,. l.,..:tur..K. 

\. .1 nks.I..m:awku.. M..,„orlul..of .North Cirolinu. A-™ l'„,./,-, IKtS 
V I. ll.8tory o( the l«t,. Kovolnth,,, i„ il... Lutd, l!.,,„ ,,„„„„n\ m, 

/oi/('lhi-r, vols. Hn>. 
1230 HOIJAHT, 1Jkn.,am,x. History of tl.o Tow,, of Ahi,,,.,,,,., 
Py„ioi,tl. County, Ma.ssad,,s, f.'om its fi,-st sottlci.cnt. 
'''"'■'''"''• Hvo. do/I,, Jiosfon, 18f;(; 

1210 IIODdES, Jamks. A Just an.l Modest Vindication of tin- 
Scots .Icsijr,,, fo,- the having cstaldisho.I a Colony at I)a,-ion, 
with a l.ricf (lispli-y, how n.nch il is thei,- intc-cst, to apply 
tiicnsclvcs to T,, and pai-tic,da,-ly to that which is Fo.-cign'. 

12 mo. calf, KiO!) 
1241 IIODCSON, Ai.AM. Lcttc-s fro.n A„.e.-ica, w.ittcn 
dui-mg a Tour ni ihc United States and C:ana(hi. 

Si:o. 2 vols, in 1, half calf , London, 1824 
1241. IIOFLAND, M,<s. A Dcsciptivc Account of the Mansion 
and (Jai'dens of White Knights, a seat of J)nke of Marl- 
bo,-ough. Illnst,-ated with 2;i engravings, by T. C. Holland. 
ni,p. folio, hoanis, vrllnm havk, uncut, Loadon, n. d. 
1245i IIOLGATE, .Ieimmk H. An,eri,;an Genealogy, bein- a His- 
tory of some of the Ea,-ly Settles of North Anierica m.d thei,' 
descendants, fron, their first emig.'ation to the p,-esent 
with their inter.nan-iages and collateral branches, including 
notices ot prominent Families and distinguished Individuals. " 
royal Uo. kalf mor. fop glU, Alhanij, 1848 

1243 lIOLLLSTEli. G. H. The Histo.-y of Co,n,eeticut, fro,n the 

hm settletnent o< the Colony. ■> ,„;,. «,„_ ,^,^,f- 

maroon mor. lop edip- '/III. uncul, Hartford, 1857 

1244 HOLLANDSCHER MKUcnucs. m verhaul 

aller gedenckwaa.-dighste. gheschiedenissen van den be-uine 
dcs Jaars lOoO, tot den Jaare IGOO in Cin'istenrijck voo.-gc- 
vallen. ( IC'tO to lOiW.) 

8 roh. -Uo. nllum, Amsterdam, Jam Brouxuvr, 1660 
1245 HOLLAND, JosiAM GiLiiHUT. Histo,-y of Western Massa- 
.•husetts, the Counties of Hatnpden, Han.pshire, Fnnddin 
and IJei-keshirc. With an account of its scientific aspects and 
leadtng interests, and sepa,-ate Histories of its one Hund,-ed 
'^'"wus. 2 vols. 8ro. cloth, map, Sprhigfidd, 1855 


11. C. MUKPIIY LinUAllV. 


124G HOLLAND. A Dcscriiition of Ilolliind : or, tlic, present state 
of the Uiiitctl Provinces. Wlierein is contained a particular 
account of the Hague, and tlie principal Cities and Towns. 

Hrn. old cdlf, fjondoii,, 1 "'I.S 
1217 HOLMES, Aiuiu.. The Ainials of America. From the Dis- 
covery of Columhua in the year 1402 to the year IH2G. 

2 riih. Hrii. russla, (Jiniilifidiic, ]H'>',) 

1248 HOLMES, Rkv. John. History of the Protestant Church of 

I'nited Hrethren. 2 txils. Hvn. half calf, Luitdon, 182.") 

1249 HOLMES, J(jiiN. Historical Sketches of the Ur.ited IJretlireii 

for Propagating the (iospel among the Heathen, from their 
commencement to the present time. 8/;r). calf, Dublin, 181.S 
12r>0 H()LTROP,JonN. English and Dutch Dictionary. Uevised, 
enlarged, and corrected l)y A. Stevenson. 

2 voh. 8f(). half III lie mor. lop i!ij(/c i/lll, Dordrecht, 182.') 

1251 HOMEU. The Iliad of Homer, ;'> vols.— The Odyssey, 4 

vols. Translated by Alexander Pope. With notes, Critical 
and Illustrative. I5y Gilbert Waketield. I'urhdlt. 

t) L'ols. royal 8r<>. lanjc papi'r, hrown ralf, London, 180(1 

1251* HOMEIL A Critical Dissertation upon Homer's Iliad. Hy 
Abbe Terracon. 2 roh, 8(v. London, 1722. The Destruc- 
tion of Troy being a Seciuel to the Iliad, from the Greek of 
Tryphidorus. By J. Merrick. Witii notes, 1 vol. Oxford, 
1739. loijclhir, '.] loh. old (mI/. 

1252 HONTEll, Joan. l?udimentum Cosmographicorum, cum 

tabellis (ieograjjliicis elegantissimis. \'2nw. old rid 

mor. (jilt cdgfs, Anfwerpia: I. liichardum ? 1552 

The- first iiinp bears the name of i'liirersitlin Cosiiioi/idiihiii, boni'atli wliirli 
is II nioiKigrain coniposi'd of llic Ifltcrs II. V. !•;. On tlic west of this map ;< a 
lonjr, narrow coiiliiu'iit, marked Amiriea, tlie norllieni portion of wliicli, sijja- 
rateil l)y iiKtrait, is culled J'ltrhis. Tlie worli was inuny times reprinted at Ant- 
werp and Tigiiri. 

1253 HONTER, J. llvdimentorum Cosmograplncum loan Ilonteri 

Coronensis libri III. cum tabellis (ieogriiphicis elegantissimis. 

l2nio. half mor. T'njvri, 15S;> 

1254 HORNIUS, Georgk. I)e Originibvs Americiuiis, libri quat- 

vor. 12/w>. calf, JJagw Ctnuites, Adrian Vlacq, 1G52 

Charlevoix, in spealting of tliis book, i^ays tliat tlie aiitlior "refutes quite 
ably the opinion of those who had treated tins subject b.'lore him, but to estab- 
lish his own system, he runs into such frivolous and improbable conjectures as to 
cause Burpriue that they einamitu from the head of a man who shows much abil- 
ity ill his work."— //('«<. At-w France, Vol. 1., p. fcO. 








IIoKNirs. Do OriginiLvM AiiK-iicimis, libri qimtvor. 

l'2iiii>. ri'lhim, mid. Jfnni[H>U, \{]{\[) 
irOOKE, WiM.iAM. N(..w Kn-l,in.r.H Tearcs, f„r ()1,1 K„f,. 
liuurs Fciires. Proiu'lioil in a Sermon on July L>;{, I <;«(), 

l.oin- a (lay of I'ul.lick,. [Ii,„,iliation appointed by the CInirehos 
IM belialle of our native Cu.intrey in tini.^ of f,.are.I .lan-ers. 
Sent over to a worthy Member of li,e lionoural)le House of 
CommonH, who desires it may be for publii^e -ood. pp. 2;i. 
Ato. half coif, l.uu,h,n. I'ni,tr,l h;j /. />. f,, j„/,„ not/unll 

and Hiin-ii Orcr/dii, 1(141 
Wlllia.n H,.„k,Mva „cat-,l at ()M„nl, un,l ..,nlKrat..,l t..™, for 

IM . tt>, t,„- s,.v,.„ .„■ .■>Kh. y..a,s, an,l twrlvr at NYw llavo,,. ||.. ntun,..,! 
«. ■•-nKlaml „ l„,-,o, Lcnnn,. chat.lah, to Oliv..,- (■,o„uv,.M, who... eoa , 

::;:•„ '"-^ ""■ "'.;\:-i-." --.vs ivof,...,. ,■,„.,, ,.. „;„. „ „„„ ;;;;..;.';. 

■. ■ ■ ■ '^"' "»"'>■ '"III" "'iliiiK" <v.i-o| int.. print. Tho.,.|hat 
wn. p,„,t(..i an. s.M-.aous, an.l are ot Mn^ular Intcr-st to mh mow („,• ihWr liirr 

.ii-ynuTlt mMllbr«e,.rt«i,.>lavorur A,n,.ri,an tl.oaKlit an,l ,.,„o , s,| i 

lurks In lhvm."~mt. Amn-icun I.U., \„\. [., p„„,. ...,,,. "" 

In tlir same volume are the folloH in;; tracts : 

1. A Direetory for tl,e IMhli,,,,,. Worship of (i.„l ,|„.„„^,|,out the Tliree 

K.n«,lo„,sol KnKi , Seotlan,! an,l Irelan,!, with an r.nli.mnc; of l-arliatet 

<or the akn.Kaway of the Hook of < „n,n,on leaver. * ,,„„,, ^ 

-. l»venll,a,or(erlaine l'ara,lo.ves ami I'r„l,lem8. Written l.y I, l)„„„e. 

.1 Ti,.. II I i-- ..,„ . /.""</"H, I»i;):; 

no .. ■ '''"i^lini's l).te, 1, against Non-Conformists, an.l „1| 

others its 1-rophaners an,l Opposers. ^,„jj;^_ \^^^;^ 

IIOOHUIJECK, JouANN.s. 1).. (■.,„v..rsi,.,.e In.lorum & 
(ient.bum. 4(o. vrllum, Amstenlam, .l„hn,n, ,/a>,xsonln,n, Ififi!) 
IIOl'KINS, Samiki,. Ilistorieal Memoirs relatiii- to the 
lloussatunnuk In.lians ; or. an Aeeountoftj.e methods used, 
and pains tt.ken. for the Pr.,pagatioi, of the (iospel amnn-thal 
Heathenish Tribe, and the success thereof. -l^,. half hi, u 

mor. tap ,:<!;,,■ .////, Jioslan, S. Kn,',lu,>,l', 175;} 
[IIOKSMANDKN, (Dam..:,..)] A Journal of the Proceed- 
ings m The Detection of the Couspiniev formed by Some 
White Pooph^., in Conjunction witii Negro and other'siaves, 
for I5urnH,- the City of New-York in America, And Murder- 
iri- the Iniiabitants. Which Conspiracy was partly put in 
Execution, by Burning His Majesty's House in Fort (ieor-e. 
^^■•thin tlie said City, on We.lnes(h,y the Eighteenth of Mt.rch. 
1/41, and settin,- Fire to several Dwelliuo,. and other 
there, witiiin a ftnv Days suc.vediug. And by another 
Attempt ma^lc in I'roseeuitioti of the same inf«rnal scheme, by 
piming Fire between t«o other Dweliing Houses within the 

' ^TtKiOiwBTi. j uBiM, ,^ -. . .^ ... 



174 It. C. MIII'IIY MIlltAliV. 

wiiil Cily, on (ill. Kilh-iiith Day (if Kcliniarv. 17|-2; aliicli 
wiis iiccidciiiiilly and limdy iliicovfrcl and cxIiiifjiiiftlnMl, etc. 
Ml', hull hliir iiinr. hill ( Jijr (jill^ riri/ Jiiir r(>l>!l, i.rcinnlfihi 

ran, AVh' ]',irh\ ,/iiiiiih I'lirkvr, 1714 
Sdlcl at the Mi'iizlih Mile, New Ymk, Wti, lor ♦'.'Id. In u n'ociit CiUnloKiii'. 
M.liiiaril('li,oCr,oiiil()n,c.llVr.miiMi|iy IWr il... iml iriniiik-, "I know of iici olhir 
I'lipy siilil III till' l.diiiiiiii iiiiii'ki'l." 

12r,l lloiMK I i.riUAi. List (TIuO ami .louinal ..f Uiiial Art and 
Kiiral TiiHlc, rroin IHIH. 

10 raU. nil/Ill Hrii. In inimlurs nx fnililinhuh Allunn/, c. i/. 
TliriM' ihiiiiImtk wiiiillnn in veil, tiir IMf. iiml twn In vol. r. 

12G2 irOTCIIKIN, .Iami-.s II. A llistnn- .if llic |.iirclins.- and si^t- 
tli'liU'iil (if Western New York, and of (lie rix'. |)iii^'rf,s.s, and 
lii't'scnt state of the I'resliyteiian Clmrcli in tliiit xectioti. 

Hrt,. rl„tl,, A'rir Yuri IH'lM 

12(;;! UOISTON. (!)!!.) .Memoirs of liis own Life Time. ( 'on- 
taiiiin;.', anion" other ]iartieiiliirn. diiriii;,' miwards of 'I'liirlv 
Yiais 'i'ravel.-, An Aeeomil of 'I'lie Scotcli Settlement at 
•'iii'ii'ii- Hni. niiliDiiiii/, fjiiiiildii, 17l!i 

iL'dt IlOl (;H. FijANKi.iN r,. a lli.-^iory of Lewis County, from 
tlie lie-xiniiiiig (if its setlleiiieiit to its pre.sent lime. I'or/nill. 

Mc:i. lull/ llinr. Alhiliii/, IHCid 

12()ij IIoiMill. A History of .lellerson Connty, in the State of New 
York, from the earliest period Iti the iireseiit time. 

Sr</. hdlf ijrvi'ii mor. r.r/nu I"!' <<l(ic 'jill, nnviil, Allmui/, I.S.Vl 

12G(i 11(11 (if. A History of St. Lawrence and Franklin Counties, 
New York, from the earliest period to the |ireseiit time. /'(-/•- 
''•'"'• «r(i. calf, AIIhiiii/, IHao 

12G7 HOWK. Hi'.NKY. Historical Colleetions of Ohio; containiii;,' 
a Collection of the most inlerestiiii,' Facts, Traditions, Hio- 
i:raii]iical Sketches, Anecdotes, etc., ridatiiigto its genenil and 
local history: Illustrated liy 177 Kn,iri'aviii;fs. 

i^ro. rliifli. (lilt, (^i)iciiniiiti. 1817 

ll'G8 HOWI':, HicNUV. Historical Colleetions of N'irLiinia ; contain- 
ing: a collection of the most interesting Facts, Traditions, Hio- 
grajdiical Sketciies, Aneciloles, i<;e.. relating to its Historv 
and Anti(iiiities. Illustrated by JUU Kngravings. 

yi-o. »livqi, Cliarlinloit, S. <!., l,S-|,"i 


L' f 


1) I 



I -'*!!» IIOU! 

V "^^"''AV. \ l{..,,lv ,0,1... .v,.,i..M. „r Si 

-,,,.nu,..ll.vHvanHvur,u.u .„,..,• ,.,„l ar.,.,,,..,.,. 

'•. /.Ill,, Ion, \7H() 
'<" Sdiitliaiiifttoii, 

'^"" "<>w Kl.l.. (;,;... IfoM... I 

"1.IU.-I> .,1 III,, ( |,,,,,„.„.„_j. |)i„|,,,.,_ 

or u,!; ;.;;,.; ';:;:;:,::: •'■';'-, ;.-^^i-. .. i.i...., 

. ''AMI.S. III.- M„|„„,,,„ .S.,,i.,, .. ^ I|i„,,,,. ,.,. 

'-- Ml I I.Am,, U, 'IV lV...s..nt S.a.o of NVw K.Han.I l.i,,,.. 
14/w ,, "" "" I i'MnihIs 111 tic vi'iir l(;;i7 

'■'"'"'" •'/'^"■'V-.A -r//.-..,/ / /V/..7/;.. 

A iue.,.i.,„i,. „ni„. ,„„,, ,v ,„|,|,,,, '/'//..w„,s. />„,!,■ /hi r.'t/, i(;77 

' ''-u::,;:';;;:v:j;::::;;: ;;::;;'•■■ ":- "•"- " ■■ > ■ '- 





^ 1^ 1112.2 

« 1^ lllio 


U i 1.6 








». ^ 

a-^^^ . ^^ ^ 



WEBSTER, N.Y. 14580 

(716) 8711-4503 





I i 



1277 HuBBAUO. A Narrative of tlie Indian Wars in New Eng- 
' land, from the first planting thereof in the Year 1G67, to the 

year 1677. 12>no. sheep, BrattlvhoroiK/h, 1814 

1278 HuBBAUD. Narrative of the Indian Wars in New-England, 

etc. (Another edition.) 12»io. sheep, Boston, 1775 

1279 HUBERT, Joseph. Dictionnaire Wallon-Liegcois et Fran- 

(j'ais. 12mo. paper, Lieyeois, 1853 

1280 HUDSON, IIknuy. Descriptio ae delineatio Geograpiiica 

detectionis Freti. Sive, Transitvs ad Occasiim, supra terras 
Auiericanas, in Chiiuuu atq : laponeni ducturi, llecens inves- 
tigati ab M. Henrico Iludsoiio Anglo. Item, Narratio, 
Ser;"° Regi Hispaniic facta, super tractu, in quinta Orbis ter- 
rarum parte, cui Avstridlia' Incognita' nomen est, rc(!ensdetecto, 
Per C'apitaueum Ferdinandez de Quir. Map. sm. 4to. half 
red mor. top edge (/lit, 23 urmumhered leaves, very rare, title 
mounted, Amsterodami. Ex offiicina Hi'sseliJ Gerardi, 1G12 

A portion of the title page lias been torn oft" and replaced. 

This small, thoiu'h important work, might, witli some reason, be assigned tu 
Hessei Gerritsz, its iuithor and compiler, rr.ther tlnin to Henry Hndson, a narra- 
tive of whose third and fourth voyage it contains among other articles; but us it 
is assigned to Hudson by Brunet, Muller, .Sabin, and the "Hibliotheca Grfiiril- 
liana," it is placed under the name of the great navigator in this Catalogue. 

Hessei Gerritsz wus a contemporary of Hudson, and belonged to a class of 
persons to whom geographical science is deeply indebted,— a geographer, a map- 
maker, and a publisher of geographical works. "His lab'urs," writes Asher, 
" though few in nund)er, are of the most genial nature. I'ixing Ills eyes on the 
boundaries of the known world, lie followed with enthusiasm the first rays of 
light that began to penetrate into regions of darkness and mystery. Hudson's 
chart of the fourth voyage was (ierritsz's first jiublication, and around it grew. 
In a very remarkable manner, the most interesting of the many collections of 
voyages and travels printed in the early part of the sixteenth century." — llenrij 
Hudson, the Kuviijalor. Halduyt Soc, page -14. 

1281 HUDSON, IIknky. Descriptio ac delinetitio Geograpiiica 

Detectionis Freti. Sive, Transitus ad Occasum supra terras 
Aniericiinas, in Chiiiiim at(( ; laponem ducturi : Item Exe- 
gesis Regi HispaniiK fticta, super tractu recens detecto, in 
qninta Orbis parte, cui nomen, Avstralis Incognita. Cum 
descriptioije Terrarum Samoiedarum, & Tingoesioruni. Four 
iiiaps and several u-ood-cnts. 4to. half mor. verij rare, 

Amsterodami. Ex OJiclna, Hesselrj Gerardi, Anno 1613 

This is the second Latin edition of the so called Hudson Tract, by Hessei 
(ierritsz, and is materially enlarged. The account of the voyage of Henry Hiid 
son in 1«0() in which he discovered Hndson Uiver, given as a supplement in some 
copies of the first edition ot this tract (l(U^), is here rewritten and somewhat 
enlarged and thus made the leading article of the tract. But he adds also in the 
sixtii subdivision, above mentioned, of the contents, an account of the voyage of 
,Ian Muyen, who is referred to in the first edition of the work us then engaged in 
the northern discovery, giving briefly its contents. 

I'riced £18.18 iu n recent Catalogue of B. Quaritch, London. 



1282 IIiTDSON. Exemplar | Libolli .s.ipplicis, Potentissiino | Ilispan- 
i.'irum Regi exhibit!, a Capitaneo | Petro Fernandez de Quir : 
I super I Detectionc quintai Orbis terrariim partis, ciii | Aus- 
tniliff? I incognitas | nomen est. | item | Rclatio super Frcto 
|)er M. IIiidKoniini Anglum | cpia'sito, ac in parte dec'ecte supra 
Provincias Terra- | Nova^ novR'quc I.lispania',Cliinam'tCath- 
aiani | versus ducturo : | Una | Cum Freti ipsius, quatenus 
jamdetec'tumest, | Tal)ula Nautica, | Nee; non | Isaacc Massai 
Harleniensis | Hanioie.iia- atque Tingoessae regionum ad Ori- 
enteni ultra | Fretum Weygats in Tartar ia Litarum, nuperque 
imperio | Moleovitico adqnisitarum descriptio, | et | Tractus 
eiusdem Tabula Russica, | Latine versa ab R. Vitellio. 

On the reverse the ship and poem, as in the other. 27 

unminiberod leave,;. 4tu. red mor. super extra, gilt edges 

hi/ Bedford, 2 large folding 7naps, rerg rare, Amsleradami. 

Es offieinn IlcsseiiJ Oerardi, Aruio 1612 

This title Is 1. vfiy imcoinnion one, aiu! «liows that Vlfelliiis, and not Oer- 

ritsz, was the translator of tlie l.ntin version. 

]28;5 HUDSON, David. History of Jemuiia Wiikinson, a Preach- 
cressofthe 18tli century. Oeriein, N. Y., 1821 

II. r.ite and Travels of. ),.hn I'eniberton. LoniUm 18U 

III. IIil.l.'s Auti.inities of America Explained. /Tu</erHlc>wn', mi 
n. IIoVT, (.lAMKS.) ••The Mountain .Society." A lllstory of the First 

I resbyterian Chnroh, Orange, .\. ,1. y^^ york, im 

^. llOon.GKoK.ii:. A History of Maslc in .New Knglnnd, with Bioeraph- 

ical ."Skctclies. n ^ ,„.« 

,., ,> „ .Boston, ISJfl 
\I. Uoi,i), STKiMiE.N, TlieKast.Ilaven Register, containing an account of 

the Town from its settlement in Um, to the year ISOO. Ac- 'luven, 1824 

VII. HoNi), .(.W. .Minnesota and its Hesourees. A', w*^ 18511 

VIII. CliAKi, X. b; History of rittsbargh. PitMncrf/h, mi 

together, 8 vols. l2)no. 

1-284 FUIET. View of the Dutch Tnulo in all the States, Empires, 

and Kingdoms of the World, shening its rise and amazing 

l"'»o>-ess. 12mo, Imlf >nor. London, 1722 

1285 in'FFINOTON. W.u.iam. The Delaware Register and. 

Farmer's iMagaziiie. From February to July,. 1838. 

2 vols. Hvo. calf, Dover, 1838 
128(1 HURLREHT, (uAHi.Ks. Mii.seum Americanum ; or, .select 
antiquities, curiosities, beauties and varieties of nature and art, 
'" ^^"'C'-i'^^"- 12wo. hoards, Shrewshury, 1823. 

1287 HULSIUS. Paut XI. Fiijsr Edition, 1612. Eylffle 
Schiffart. Oder Kurtze IJeschreibnng eincr Rcyse, .so von den 
Holliindern vnd Seeliiiidern, in die Ost Indien, mit ncun .'ros- 



sen vntl vitT kloinen Jagscliiffcn, vnder der ^Admiralsclmflfl 
Peter Willielm Verliuffeii, etc. in Jaliren 1G07, 1608 vnd 

HuLSius. Pakt XI. Volumi- II. 1(513. Eylffter Scliiflfkrt 
ander Theil, Oder Kiirtzer Verfolp; vnd contimiiruiig der 
Reyse, .so von den HoU. vnd Seeliindern in die Ost Indien mit 
neun gro9.9en vnd vier Kleinen Sciiiffen voin 1607. bisz in das 
1612. Jttiir. 

IIuLSius. Pakt XII. 1614 ZwoUFte Seliifftihrt oder Kurtze 
Beselireibung der Is-^wen Scliiffuhrt gegen Nord Osten, vber 
die Anierisehe Inseln iri Ciiiuiun vnd Japponiani, von einem 
Engcllender Ileinrieli Hudson newlicii erfnnden. 3 foldinrj 
maps and 4 jilat.i'.s. 

Hui.sius. Paut XVII. ,617. Die Siebenzebende Sfiiiffart. 

Kigentlicbe vnnd warbafiige beschreibiing, der wunderbaren 

Ileisz vnd SeliifJart, so di rcii G. Spilbergen gliicklichen vol- 

bracht. . . . lo<ief.licr, 4 voh, 4io. 

vnhound, Frankfiirf am Moipi Lcvivi Huhii. 

1288 IIUMHOLDT, Ar.EXANDKK de. Vues des Cordilieres, et 

Monumens des peuples indigenes dc rAnierique. Plalcs. 

2 vols. Hvo. calf (jilt .^ Paris, 1816 

1289 Humboldt. Political Essay on the Kingdom of New Spain, 

containing Researciies relative to the (leograpliy of Mexico, 
etc. 4 voh. 8vo. of text, and atlas of maps ; together 

T) vols, calf gilt, London, 1811 

1290 IIuMHOLDT. Examcn Critique de I'histoire de hi (ieograpliie 

du Nouvean Continent et des progres de I'Astronomie naii- 
ti(iue aux quiiiziAme et seizieine siecles. 

5 vols. 8i'o. half mor. top edge, gilt, uncut, Paris, 1836 

1291 lITiMIiOLDT ANi> Honi-i.and. Personal Narrative of Travels 

to the Equiiioctial Regions of tlie New Continent, tluriug the 
Years 1799-1804. Witli Maps, Phuis, &c. 

7 vols hound in 8, 8vo. calf, London, 1818 

1292 Humboldt. Cosmos: A Sketch of a physical description of 

the Universe. Translated from the (Jerman. By E. C. 
Otte. Portrait. '2 vols. i'2mo. red doth, London, Bohn, 1848 
1298 Humboldt's Cosmos. Another copy. 

2 vols, jiost Hvo. black cloth, Ijondon,^ 1845 
1294 Humboldt. Researches concerning tiie institutions and monu- 
ments of the Aiuiient Inhabitant.' of America. Man}i plates. 

2 vols. 8vo. half calf , London, 1814 

f 1 




1294*' HUMBOLDT. Vnes ilea Cordilleres, ct Monumens des peu- 

ples indigenes do rAmerique, Atlua Pittoresque, 6G plates. 

folio, alias, large paper, doth, Paris, 1810 

1295 HUMPHREYS, Coi,. David. An Essay on the Life of 

Major General Israel Putnam. 12mo. sheep, Hartford, 1788 

1296 HUMPHREYS, David. An Historical Account of the 

Incorporated Smiety for the Propagation of the Gospel in 
Foreign Parts; coutaiiinigtiieir Foundation, Proceedings, and 
the Success of their Missionaries in the Britisli Colonies, to 
the Year 1 728. Svo. maroon mor. London, 1 730 

1297 HUNNIUS, Haluuinus. Ilet Statische Vlaanderen, Of de 

Zeeuwsciie Buise. 12too. calf, Middleherg, 1714 

1298 HUNTER, Rkv. Joskiti. Collections concerning the Church 

or Congregation of Protestant Separatists formed at Srooby, 
in Nortii Nottinghamshire, in the time of King James I. ; the 
Founders of New Plymouth, the parent colony of New Eng- 
liintl- 8vo. red doth, London, 1854 

1299 HUNTER, John D. Manners and Customs of several Indian 

Tribes, West of the Mississippi ; including some account of 
the Soil, Climate, and Vegetable Productions, i , ^ tlio Indian 
Materia Medica. 8vo. half calf , Philaddphia, 1823 

1300 HUNTINGTON, E. B. History of Stamford, Connecticut, 

from its Settlement in 1G41, to the Present Time, including 

Darien, whicii was one of it" Parishes until 1820. Portrait. 

8t'o. half green mor. top gilt, Stamford, 1868 

1301 HUTCHINSON. History of tiie Colony of Massacliusetts- 

Bay from tiic first settlement thereof in 1628, until its incor- 
poration with the colony of Plymouth, Province of Main, 
&c.,in 1631. Second edition. 2 vols. London, 1760-68. — 
History of the Province of Massacliusetts Bay from 1749 to 
1774. Vol. HI. London, 1828.— Collection of Original 
Papers relative to the History of the Colony of Massachusetts 
Bay. Boston, 17G9. together, 4 vols. 8i'o. calf, fine copy. 

1302 HUTCHINSON, Fkancis. An Historical Essay concerning 

Witciicraft, with Observations upon matters of I'act ; tending 
to clear the texts of the Sacred Scriptures, and confute the 
vulgar errors about that point. Svo. calf, London, 1718 

1303 HUTCHINSON Papers. Published by the Prince Society. 

2 vols. ■ito. sewed, uncut, Albany, Joel Mansell, 1865 


180 H. C. MUKI'Iiy LIBKAUy. 

1304 IIUTC'IIINS, (T.) A Topogrnpliical Description of Virginia, 

Mar^'land, renn.iylvania, and North Carolina, fonipreliend- 

ing the Kivers Oiiio, Kenhawa, Siota, Ciicrokee, Wabawh, 

Illinois, Mississippi, &f. With Plan of tiie several villages 

in tJic Illinois Country. Hvo. half vior. London, J. Almoii, 1788 

" The Krciitcr part," nays Hutcliliis, '• done fioni my own .surveys preceding 
and diiiiiig tlie Inst war, and since In many recunnoitering tours between 1704 
and 17~S." 

1305 IIUTII, IIknuy. A Catalogne of Printed Books, Manuscripts, 

Autograph Letters and Engravings, collected by Henry Iliitii, 
with collations and bibliographical Descrii)tions. 

5 vols, royal 8to, half mor. loj) erhje (jilt, vncut, London, 

Ellis and Whitr, 1880 

Of tills admirably complied catalogue of one of tlie most valuable private 
collections In Kngland, only one hundred and thirty copies were printed. 
I'reseut price in New York, $75,00. 

1306 ICAZBALCETA, J. G. Apuntcs para un Catiilogo de Escri- 

tores en Lcngues Indigenas dc America. 

square 12mo. half mor. extra, top cdijc gilt, Mexico, En la 
imprenta particular del autor, 18G6 

This little volume, of which but sixty copies were printed, is a valuable con- 
tribution to the Uibliogrupliy of books in the languages of American Aborig- 

1307 IMLAY, George. A Topograpliictil Description of the 

Western Territory of North America : . . . To which are 
added the Discovery, Settlement, and Present State of Ken- 
tucky. Second Edition, with additions. 3 Maps. 

8vo. calf, London, 1793 

1308 INDIANS. A Collection of Hymns, for the use of the Christ- 

ian Indians, of the Missions of the United Brethi-en, in North 
America. 12mo. half mor. qilt top, Philadelphia, 1803 

1309 INDIANS. Account of Conferences held, tmd Treaties made 

between Maj, Gen. Sir William Johnson, and the chief 
Sachems and Warriors of the Mohawks, Onei<liis, Onondagas, 
Cayugas, Tuscaroras, etc., Indian Nations in North Amer- 
ica at Fort Johnson, County of Albany, Colony of New 
York, in 1755 and 175G, etc. pp. 77. 

Svo. boards, very scarce, London, 1756 

1310 INDIANA. View of the Title to Indiana, a tract of country 

on the River Ohio, containing Indian Conferences at Johnsou- 
Ilall, in May, 1765 ; the deed of the Six Nations to the Pro- 

i i 

I % 












prictors of TiiJiaim ; the Minutes of tlic Congress at Fort 
Stunwix, in October and November, 17CH. 

Sro. half mor. top gilt, 1778 

Indki'kndent Keflectou, (Tlie) ; or, Weekly Essays on 

Sundry Important Subjects. More particularly adapted to the 

Province of New York. pp. 212, foUo, half ailf, Nnv York: 

printed {until tyrativiccilly nvpjiresscd), very scarce, 1753 

(At the end) AViw York. I'rltited by J. Parker, at the new Printing Office in 

Heiivrr Street. Followed by four mimbers of " llie Oecnsloiial Ki'veilHrator '■ 

Sept. iiiul Oct., 1753. 

Indian Tukatiks and Laws and Regulations relating to Indian 
Affairs: to which is added an Appendix, containing the pro- 
ceedings of the Old Congress, and other important State 
Papers, in relation to Indian Affairs. 

8vo. served, Washington City, 1826 
IxrouMATioN respecting the Aborigines in the British Colonics, 
circulated by direction of the meeting for Sufferings. 

8tio. cloth, London, 1838 

HMdSM, Slthartjtsfum. tEmcsuln\)istht Spfcohcl 
toaer inm men .sff n Uan nUt ire jEijIairttn, Dro= 
bfntfcn, aantschnjjptn, ftct i«agtfflc liucu tonn 
Mtvito, en't ©out t\x Sflbei^njcUtr aairtt ban 
Ucva iroor Slthartnsfum JInaa l^cruaen ban eusto. 

4^0. vellum, Amsterdam, Broer lansz ende lac.oh Pidersz, 1624 

INGRAM, RoBKUT. Accounts of the Ten Tribes of Israel 
being iti America ; originally published by R. Manasseh Ben 
Israel, with observations thereon, and extracts from Sacred 
and Profane, Ancient and Modern History, confirming the 
sfimo- Svo. half mor. Colchester, 1702 

IROQUOIS Prayek Book. Tsiatak Nihonon8entsiake onk- 
seonso Akoiatonsera. (With music.) 

I2mc half mor. top edge gilt, Tiohtiake, John Lovell, 1865 

IRVING. A History of New York from the beginning of the 
world to the end of the Dutch Dynasty. By Diedrich Knick- 
erbocker. Svo. half mor. marbled edges. New York, 1860 

Ikving. A History of New York from the beginning of the 

world to the end of the Dutch Dynasty. With view of New 

Amsterdam. Fiust Edition. 2vok.V2mo.calf, 

very scarce. Inskip and Bradford, New York, 1809 

IRVING. A History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher 
Columbus. Maps. Avals. 12mo. half calf, Paris, 1828 


n. C. MUUrilY MURAKY. 

i u 

L. ■» 

1820 IRVING, W'ASiUNCiToN. Voyiigen and Di.scoveries of the 
Coiiiixmiona of (."oliinibiis, 

8t;f). hnJf greitn mor. top edge gill^ Philadvlphin , IHHl 

1321 IiiviNO. A History of tlie Life and Voyages of Cliristophor 

ColumbuH. 4 voh. ^vo. half rnn.ii<i, 

{cover of ovv. vd. crac!:<'d,) London, J. Mnrrny, 1H28 

1322 IxiNEKAUiiJM PoUTi;(JAKKN8iuM c Liistaiila in Indiam ct indc 

in ocoidcnteni & deniuni ad aquiloiieni. folio, a large niiijt 
of Africa filling the title page, vvlluin, rcrg rare, Milan, l^tOH 

Till' roitURUi'sc Itinerary l« it Liitin tninsliilloii of the I'aeiii novamenti 
retroviiti of 1507. It eoiitiiiiis tlie iinvIp;allniiK of Cii dii SIoslo; tliree of Col'im- 
bUK; timt of Aloiizo Nepro; llie voyiige of the hrothern I'liizoii; tlie iiurnitiveot 
Joseph, the eoiiverteil Indian, l)rouglit to rortiiKul by Cabrul, und IvtterH rela- 
ting to the rorlugnese voyages. 

The eighth and last preliminary leaf (not Inclnding the twolesvcn of In<|px), 
pnd8 Willi a inelrlcnl enloginni upon Madrlgnano, by (jnlntlanns 8to:;. The 
vnhic of these leaves, which are rarely found in copies, nuist be estimated from 
tlie fact that they give an analysis of the contents of tile work, together with the 
names of the discoverers. Tliese leaves have been supplied by the photographic 
process, thereby adding greatly to its valne. 

The vvorlc id very rare. At the Holton-Corney sale In London in 1801), a copy 
brought £15". 

1323 ITHACA. Views of Itliaca,, and its Environs. IJy an 

Impartial Observer. 8vo. half mor, top edge gflt, Ithaca, 1835 

1324 JACKSON, Francis. A History of tbo Early Settlement of 

Newton, County of Middlesex, Massachusetts, from 1G39 to 
1800. Witii a Genealogical Register of its inliabitaiits, prior 
to 1880. Portrait. V2mo. cloth, Boston, 1854 

1325 JACIIIN & BOAZ. Or, an Authentic Key to the door of 

Free Masonry, botii Ancient and Modern ; Calculated not 
only for the instruction of every new made IMasou ; but also, 
for the information of all wlio intend to become Hietliren. 

8vo. half calf , London, 1795 

1326 JACKSON, IIalliday. Civilization of the Indian Natives ; 

or, A Brief View of tlie Iriendly conduct of William Penn 
towards them in the early settlement of Pennsylvania. 

(2 copies,) 8vo. half mor. New York, 1830 

1327 JAMES, Duke of Yokk. Memoirs of the English Affairs, 

chiefly Naval, from the Year 10(50-1 G73, written by His 
Royal Highness James, Duke of York, under his administra- 
tion of Lord High Admiral. Portrait. 

I2ni0. half calf , London, 1729 

! I 












JAMES, Cait. Thomas. Tlio Dnngorons Voyngn of Cnpt. 
TlioiiiHS Iimu*M, ill hi.s intended Diseoverv of a North West 
riiHWH-je into the Soutli Sea. Second Edition. Map. 

8wo. calf, fjoudon, 1740 

.TAMKS. The Stniii;,'o and Dangorova Voya;,'e of Captainc 
Thomas lames, in iiis intended Diseoiiery of ilie Nortliwtst 
Passa^fe to the South Sea. Wherein tlie mis(!ries indvred hotli 
Going, Wintering, Uetiirning: and tiie Harilies ohserued, 
both Pliilosopiiieali and Matliematieail, arc rehited in this 
lonrnail ol it. 4lo. vAlum, porlrait of Jamrs (uldnl, 

vo map, rare, Londuv, folin Lcipitl, 1G33 

.liimca'scxpcdilidii wim titled out with llii' iildof nicrclmiitsof Hrlntol, iiniler 
tile |)iitromi«« of KliiK Chiirlcn I., to whom th.. book Is didicutfd. Ho left IJrln. 
fol oil till' :ird May, lat!, mid ii'lunnMl on the v:)d OcfiliiT, of tlic following 
yrar. Soiiic credit lias liiMin iiwiirdfd Cnptiiln .laiii<-» for lii» aeieiilillc oliMtTva- 
tlons, but US far an liiitcorrrUmKo he accoiii|ills)ii'd nothing. 

JAMIKSON, John. An Etynudogical Dictionary f>f the 
Scoltisii;>;iiage ; ilhistrating tiie words within diHerent 
signidcations, by examples from ancient and modern writers, 
shewing tlieir atVmily to tliose of otlier iaiigiiages, etc. The 
Second Edition, carefully revised and colhited, witli all the 
addititinal words in the Supplement incorporated. \\\ John 
Johnstone. 4 co/.s. Alo. rh.lh, E(livhur<i/i, 1H40 

JAY, John. Letters, being the whole of the Correspondence 
between the Hon. John Jay and Lewis Littlepage ; a young 
man whom l\Ir. Jay, when in Spain, Patronized and-took into 
his family. 
4lo. sewed, uucnf, n;ri/ scarce, New York, Elcuzcr Oswald, 1786 

JAY, S'lt Jamks. a Letter to the Governors of the CoIIcko 
of New York ; respecting the Collection that was made in this 
K; :gdom in 1762 and 1703, for the Colleges of Piiiladelphia 
and New York ; with Explanatory Notes and an Appendix. 
PP- 42. Svo. half vior. top vdijv. (jilt, London, 1771 

JEANNIN. Les Negotiations de Monsieur Ic President 
J«iii>"iii- 4 vols. Vlmo. old calf , Amsterdam, 16!>5 

JEAFFUESON, John Coudv. A Book about the Tivble. 

2 vols. Huo. in. 1, half mor. top (jilt, London, 1875 
JEFFERSON, Thomas. A Manual of Parliamentary Prac- 
tice for the iif.e of the Senate of the United States. 

12»»o. sheep, Washington City, 1801 





I' 1.1 

1330 .IKKKKHSON, Tiiomah. A Sumnmry View of the l{i;,'lit8 of 
IJi'itiKli AiiU'ficn, set forth in komic irsoliitioiis iiili'inU'd for lln^ 
irispiM'tion of tiu! pri'Mcnt Dcicfiuti's ot tin; pt-oplo of N'irj^iiiid, 
now ill C'oiivi'iition. \'2mi). half nior. Londmi, 1771 

1337 [.IKKKKUSON.] Notes on tlio State of VirKitiiu ; written in 

tlie Yeiir 17H1, soniewliat correetcd ami eiilar;,'e(l i tlie win- 
ter of 17H2, for tlHMisoof a l''orei;^ner of diHtinctioii, in answer 
to certain (|iii!rieH proposed liy him respecting 1. Its 15uiiiida- 
ries. 2. lliverH. 3. Seaports. 1. iMoiintaiiiH, &c. 

8(;ci. Frchrh niollhil r(ilj\i:iiri>nilii rtin;, [/'((/•/«], 17H2 

"Tills I'dltldn (if Mr. .Iiirvr^im's (•(•IcbintiMl Ncitcs wm rvldi'iitly inlntcd In 
I'aiis; Imt iis Mr. .Iillrrsciii illd iiiil rinili l''riiii(r until llu' yi'iir ITM, llir dilli? nn 
tlic mil' iirnhnlily In iii)t that of the year In which il wax prliili'il, lint ol'thc year 
In whli'li tin inunn.^i'ilpt wai coniiilcti'il. A ciipy prcKcntcd to .M. Mali ■ihrrbe 
had till' I'lillDwInK iioti', In .Mr. .Irtl'i'rwon'ii IniiidwrllhiK: ' .Mr. ,Ii'IVi'r«in havhiK 
had a I'l'W wiplrs ofthi'sc noli'n priiiti'd tii prcii'iil to mum' of hlx IrlrndH, and to 
sonn' I'xtiniabli' I'harai'ti'rx licyond that llni', laki'H tin' llhi'rty oCpri'Si'iitUiK « 
I'opy to M. (Ic .Mali'.''li('rln' a- a tr^'tlinnnyol'hln ri'.-pi'ct to Ills characli'r, liiwill- 
liiK to I'.xpiiKi' thi'in to till' pnhlle rye, lir Iii'^h thi' I'livonr ot M. d« .M. to put thini 
Into tilt' lianiU of no piTsiin on wIuhi' rare and tidillty he caiinol rely, to (jiiard 
them a){aiiiHt puhlii'iillon.'"— W/cA. 

iSolil I'or t\7 at the .Mi'iizli'x salr. 

A pri'si'iitatlon cojiy, •• Th. .li'lli'rHon to Col'. Smith," in the hamlwrlllng of 
the author. | 

1338 .Ikkfkhson. Notes on tlie State of Vir>fiiiia. 

Hro. nhci'j), J'liiladeljjhia, 1794 

l."»3l) .IKFFHKYS, Thomas. \'oyao;es I'rom Asia to America, for 
coiniiletin;^ tlie Discoveries of tli ■ Nortii West Coast <if Amer- 
ica. Mnpn. -l/.i. ralf, fjovdon, T. JcffrcijK, 17()1 

1340 .IKNNINCJS, ImimtnI). A full Manifestation of what Mr. 
Henry Lanreiis fiil.sely denominates candor in himself, and 
tricks in ISIr. Kdninnd .leiinings. 

4^0. Iinlf nii>r. (nji I'lh/r i/ilt. /jomhui, 17H3 

l;{41 .lENKINS, -Ioiin S. The Livcsof the (lovcrnors oftiie State 
of New York. ><vo. jiujicr, Clirrri/ Vdiliij. I'riiitcd 

hill not jiuUislii'd. IHfio 

134-2 .IKNNINC.S, Sami-ki.. Tiic State of the Case, hriefly hnl 
impartiiiUy <i;iven hetwixt tiie I'eople called (.Quakers, in I'enn- 
.sylvania, and in Amerii'a, who remain in I'nity ; and (Jeorij;e 
Keith. 12jho. coif, London, ir>!)4 

1343 JESSK, Ki)\VAKi>. (ijeiiniiijrs in Natural History; with 
Local Recollections. To which are added, Maxims and Hints 
for an Angler. Three series. 

3 voh. jidkI Hvo. cloth, Ijondou, 1832 

I ' j 




Tlu' ■'./,/.«« lUhtUmH," ,,H lli..y „r., .all...!, iirfuiimi.K I ..)«t in ..f 

.11 llic iMihll.'Hlion.. .xlui.t r.lull.iK h. 11 l.i-.v.Ty «.|tl,.m..nt ul New 


Th.M.urlU.i.t inlxHioimrlpii «■,. aru l.i.l..hlP.l for \U,'»- valaubl*. "lirla- 
/i<.»,."a,rlv,.,ll„(an«,lalu I.V.T,, aial at ..n.r inu.l.. II,„.|v..« H,..|„alnt...l with 

III.' In.llan lanKiiaK.,.. ri.,, |..,s|„.,| „„ ,„ what uaMi,,.,, th.. Kur W ..nt d 

.■HtalilM,,.,! thrlr !nl»>.|..ii« aiiii.iiK the IIuioiih «ll.l<>lll,■rll■ll...^ .■^.•hdli.K .•v.n t» 

aiko S„,„,,.„„. a,„l II,.. r|,|„.r Ml., ,,,1. ll.C.r.. -..v..„ y,...r- l.a.l ..|, .,|, fr„m 

"",''' ' ■''■ '"■'''*"' "' '^"■'•••'•. '!"■)■ I""l ■•xpl-.r.-.i tl.h v«Hl Hi»ll.lil„.rl., 

..iiki.oivn n,,l„i,,fr ||„. (J„ir „| s,. |,„wr..|ur I.. I,nk.. .sa|H.rl,.r, an.l l.a.l tl..' ciDrtH aiiioiiK lis lilltcn. 

II Ih l,„t.ii,al.. i„r 11... w,.,l,l tli,>t I1...K,. .LhiiIi i.ilH«lnnarl..H vvrv m.ii ..( loan,. 
I.IK ai.|l ..l.H..rv,.ll,..,, a, ||„.y |,av,. |,,ft „h i..,i „„|y ,„„Tallv..H .,ni...|r trav..|H and 

"'"■'■"' ^''i' iih |,»ili.„lai- ...n.,.i.H „r i „ui.lrl..H wh.T.. thoy 

','■"■ "' "'"''• Pi'xIii'Mionx .1 tlu. Ii.<llai. trll,..« wiih^l. tl..Mi Hwan.i.d 

llir<.i.Kli....t tl.ti... Kv..,y y.n.- ll...y lraiiM..llt. .1 1„ il... •• l>,„ rroriminl," „f tl... 
I'|.a..y .,f ,I..,„lis, ,|„,|,. |„,,„|, „, g,,,,,,,,,, tl.Hr,, ,>r r..|..llon«, which 
w,.r..«.„i,., (.■,.aii,..a..,l at ..i.e.. puhjl,!,..,!. T|„,„. h,i,.,-,.s||„K .ia.Tatlv..H .lid 

r.Mich t..wanN k,,., up an int..r..Hl In tl,.. n,UI....», In „l,|„ „ nupplks lor 

I >< Ir .'.npi.oit, an.l In linlucli.K „ll„.,,, In tl... ..anw of ll... e..nv,r^lon of 

"'" ' """• '" '^^•"""' to th.' inl....l,.na.ynl.rprl«... Th.'s.. lUt,Uwn» 

.•xi,.n. Iro.n lh.> yoar 111:1- |„ 1071,. (,|„, nnrit, < ha,l..v„|.x prononiicoH the 
lollowln({(ipiiiii,n : 

"A- tln.M. Kath..i's w..|r siatl.ic.l amoUK all t iatl.>n« witM which tho 

lT.-n.>hw,.|e in r.Oation, anil a« tlu'lr n.iHrti.inH ,>hllp.,l lh,.in to ..nlcr Into th.. 
ttlfuiiN ol th.. Coh-ny, in..n.olr:< may he saiil t.>..|nl)riic.. an .•lahoral.. history 
tli«r..ol. TlH.rels no oth.T s.niic.. I.mvI.IiIi wc .Min apply for InHlriiation «» to 

Ihp pr<) of^rlon, or for a knowlclp. of th..... ,„., , all of wh Ian. 

KUU.K.x th..y spok... Th.. «lyl,. of th.-sc 'KetattanH' W si, ,.; hnt thin 

simplicity lts<.lf has not contr l..,l less |„ ^,|v.. a jrr.'at .■.•Ichrity. than th.- 

ciiri.>iiH anil c.lifyInK niatt.'r th..y c.)ntain."-///.,<„/re dc la S.mveUe Frame, Vol 
II., piiKf xlviil. 

An..xcollcnt ni..nioiron tl hooks, l.v th.. lati- l»i-. !•;. It. (CCallaKhan of 

Alhany, wasprlnl...! !,y th.. New V.>,k lllsl.,rl,.al ,«, with th.' foUoivinK 
title: •'.hHHit Itetationx of DUconvieH and otUfr <>(C<irret,<f» in Canada ami 
the iVorlltini ami IVealen, States o/lhe r,iU„i. nw-ll)7-^." Xcw Vork, IMr. Hvo. 
A ni.)r.. ..x'..n.U..l l.lhlloKniphy of thcs.. Uolatlons, inclii.lln(t a niinihcr of tracts! 
.•nihracInK r.prinu an.l publications from inaim.«cripls appcrtainluB to the mU-' 
si.)n3 In, has h....n pilntc.l hy th.. rrustccs ..f rlic l...iio.'; I.lhiary. 

Itdutlon d.. cp <iul sVst pass....n la N.iuvclli; Pann.;.., lt.:i:l. .Sm.bvo. 

raris, lfi:!4 
Su\, 8v.). 
.><m. Nv.i. 
Sin. Hvo. 


..en I'ann...., 
.en ranin'.., 
.en I'ann.'.c, 
.oil runn.M., 
.en I'anm..., 

Sm. Nvi). 
.<<m. .Svo. 
.xm. Hvo. 
Sm. Svo. 





Ilclutlon — en l'ann.k., l(i:iw. 

Kclation en rannee, KHO. 

Uelatlon en I'anm'.e, 1(H(M1. Sni. 8vo. 

I{eliitl.)n. . . .en I'ann..., KH-.;. Sm. isv.i. 

Kclation en I'annee, l.H,'-l:i. Sm. H\i>. 

Kelation en I'ann.'..., 1(H:!-I1. Sm. Hvo. 

Helation en I'ann.le, 1(HM5. .«;ni. n\it. 

Uelatlon en I'annee, l(H,5-40. Sni. Hv.>. 

Kelallon en Pann...', UH7. .Sm. Nvo, 

l!..lation en I'ann.M,., l(Hr-l(<. Sm. Hvo. 

Kclation en I'anne.', l(ilN-4U. Sm. Hvo. 


I'aris, l(i:ni 
/Vir'fi, l(i:t7 
/ioueu, lt);tH 
I'aris, 1(');18 
Paris, llMO 
Paris, HUl 
Paris, Ifila 
Purls, 104:1 
Paris, tB44 
/'aris, HUG 
Paris, Unn 
Paris, lti47 
Parts, lfi48 
Paris, Um 
Paris, 1(150 




Ki'lHlli)ii....rn I'linnitr, KHU-Al). Mm Ntro. 

Iii'ln(|iiii....i'ii riiiiiii>i', IIIAO^AI. Hill. Nvii. 

Ki'lmliin '11 I'mini'tp, lAAI-A'^ Hm. Nvii. 

Ui'liillon. . . .Pii rniiiiri', 1IIA'.<-A;t. Hiii. «vii. 

Ki'lnllon I'll riiiiiu>i', IWI-A-t. Mm. Mvii. 

I'lipli' ill' ili'iix li'ltri'x. 

Ki'ltttliiii....cii ruiiiii'V, UIAA-Ail. rim. Mvii. 

Ki'lutlon....i'ii ritiiiii'i<, Iil.'iiv-A7. .Hm. Mvi). 

Ui'liitloii....i'n ruiiiu'i', IlK'-AM. .Hm. Nvii. 

1.1'ttri'ii fiivciyi'i"" ill' in N'jiiu'lli' t'rHiii'ii. 

|{i'lutliiii....i'ii riiiniiW', liCiti III). Sm.,Mvii. 

I(('lutluil....i'li I'liiMii'i', llkUMll. Mm. Nvii. 

Ui'liitliiii. ., .I'll I'ltiiiii'i', lihll-O'.'. .Sni. Nvii. 

Ki'liitliiii I'll riiiiiii'i', liW.'-i>:i. Sin. Mvo. 

ICt'lHtliiii. . . .('II riiiiii^i', liMVMH. .Sill. Hvo. 

Ki'lnllon I'll riiiiiii'i', liMll-ilA. .H|ii. nvo. 

Iti'liUliin I'll I'liliiii^i', lltlMI-tl'. Sill. Nvii. 

Ki'lnllon. . , .I'll I'mini'i', llWr-<M. Hin. Nvii. 

Kclntloii I'll riiiini't , liUH^rii. Mm. Nvo. 

Ki'liitloii....('n rniiiii'i', Iil7i>-7I. Sin. Nvo. 

Ki'lnllon. . . .('II rniini'C, Iliri-rJ. Sni. Nvo. 

Ki'litllun n I'uiiiiiH', I(I7'.>-;;|. Sm. Nvii. 

Ki'lHtliiii....i!n rniiiii'i', 11)71^-77. Sni. Nvo. 

Kfliitlon. . . .en raiini'i-, Iil72-7U. Sin, nvo, 



Pari; lAAl 

Itirh, Itlfta 
I'liri; IrtAJ 
/>>ii'(«, ItWtA 

{Hrprinl, /fiw >'urA',) liwn 
I'nri; ItlA? 
I'nrU, I))An 
I'lirU, HIAH 

(Hrprinl, Jffm York,) KKM) 
I'urU, um 
/•Hit», IIMM 
/Viri«, ltMi:i 
/-iifiii, IIMH 
/ViH», IIWW) 
I'lirid, IlKkl 
I'arii, KKW 
farlt, IIMH* 
/',irl», 11171 
l-iirtu, Wi 
hirU, lll7:i 
A^fic York, IWU 
Alhany, INW 
l\iri», IHOl 

■I viiIk. 
arv the tiriyiiKil editions. 

Toijctlter, 42 voltinu's, of m/ilcli 'U! 

hut nil uniformlji hnlf Iwiind in rrlniHun wonicco ; a nnwirli- 

alilji jinc set. 
Ot tlilii'XtriiorillKiii) Hit iil'tli('.|i'iiiiU Iti'lntlonn, wi' I'l'i'l ciniliilcnct' In iiHHvrl- 
iiig tliut HO cuinplcli', mill »o cliolci' ii oiii' Ima iii'Vcr lii'l'uri' lircii uHcri'il I'ui' Hiile 
I'ltliiT III Knropc or Anicrien Dr. O'CiilliiKlinii'r' «!••, milil wllli lil« llliriii-y In 
iN'i'W York, In lNN'.i, coiilulniil '.Vi voIiiiiii'h; uiiil oiii' more rrccntly od'i'ri'il for 
xalc by Mr. lliirriiHiiowltz, of l.i'lpzlK, ni>inpriniiiK ~« voliinii's. Tlic uollcetlon of 
tlilH not by .Mr. Murpliy WUH II work of I1I.4 lll'c. In Ibi' gri'iit book iniirkctH of 
lioniloii, I'lirlH, l/(>lp/lK iiii'l Aiii.ilrri'Hin, IiIk ii/{i iiIh wi'ri' coimtiuitly 0,1 tlir look 
ont for voliiiiii'H, miil It wuh only iliroiiKli tlili' coiiHtiiiit wntclifiiliicH!* tluit tbli* 
reniiirkHbIc set wim iiiiiilc. Tlic LcipiilKcopyi referred to, foiiiul n reiiily purclin- 
Hvr at fi,uoufriinc.'i. 

i;(l»; .IKSriT HKLATIOxN. Relation di- <-v, (|iii sV'st piiasi's de 

plus i'eni)ir(|iiulili! tiii.K Mi.s.sioti.s dt'H i'oros de In C(jinpiigiiie de 

Jesus, en la Nonvtdlir France, les aiiii6i'.s lOGO & 1(507. 

Piiris, Si'liusticii Cramohij, KifiH 

Relation, etc. . . . U-.s annije!* KJTO & 1()71. 

i votn. : /'oris, Sclxintii'ii jMahrf-Cramoiai/, 1072 

Relation, etc. . . . le.s annecit 1G71 & 1072. 

P(nln, SchdKlicii Mdhri'-CritiiKiisij, 1()7;{ 

loijcthcr^W iiils. \'2tiiu. vellniii. 

l;M7 JKSUIT RELATIONS. Copie de deii.x lettms envoiees de la 

Nouvelle France du Pore Procureur des Mia.sion.s do la Coin- 

pagnie de Jeaus en ces contrees. 1 '2inn. half mor. Paris, 

clu'.z Sfbastieii Crdinoisij, rue Sl.Iacfjuis aiix Cicuyiics, 1050 

A fac-stmllc reprint from a copy of the very rare original In the Lenox 
I..lbrary, the only one known In Aiiiurlcn. Tills Uehitlon U om; of the rarest of 
all these publlcatiuus. 


AM Kit If IAN A. 


1 ()«« 

IS-lfi JKSUIT RKLATIONS. , i.iotiH don Ji'tHuiton ooiitoimtit «• 
tjiii H'l'ttt imsHi'i (If jiliiH rciimikultlc (liiiiM U-h MixMidim dt'H IVti'h 
clulu Compnjj;"'" <l<' .It' -iiim duiiM la Noiivcilf-l'iMiu'o. 

.'} niU. nii/nl Hvo, Inilf miir. Quihic, IMAM 

Thin ri'iirliit iif flii' .It-milt Itiliillot f wlilcli but H hiiiuII •iIIiIiiii wii> 

priiiti'il, liaa now lit'i'iinii' murct-. 

ini!) [JKSUrrKS.J Lo .fourmil don J6siiito« piihli.'i i\'n\m'.,i Ic 
iiiiimiwcrit origiiml voworvd mix iircliivtsu dii Sniiiimiiri! dc 
Quibcc!. I'lir M. M. It't* uhlu's Liivi^rdiein vt CiiNKniin. 

Mill, /iiliit lull/ rill IIIOI-. rill ediien, Qiii'hec, Lri/ir 

Jtniuniii'nn, 1M7I 

" •• f Iwclvf i-i)|i|i-« wlilrli wiTf ri'rdvercd from the lire which (Iciilroyril 

the whole iillili xci'pl ii vrry few (!o|ili'ii prcvioiiBly cJUirlliiilcil. It In a pri'i'. 

'""" *■"'" "« » compuiilon to tlic Uulntlona ilc lu Nouvollc Kriiiicf."— ,Vo<« fcy 

Mr, Murphy. 

A'' imnyliiu In nil iiiitoKrii|ih Icltrr ffom Dr. O'CiilJiiRlinn, rclntlvH to thi- 

book tiiid Itii ncnrelty, with bill, hIiowIiik ita coiit to hiivc bcfii $lf).(JO. C'opio 
now (.■oiiiiiiniitl (loiilili> iliiit pi'ici'. 

1850 JKWKTT. A Nurrativi! of tlio Adveutiirea iind Hufrerinjj;** of 
.Idim 11. Jcwitt, only aiirvivorof tlio crow of tliu Sliip HomIoh. 
diiriii;,' II ciiiitivity of iicii. j tiirci? yi'iiis anion-,' tlii! SHVagcH of 
Nootka Sound. \iiiw. hiiJf ciilj\ Aliilillrhnrn, iMl.'i 

1851 J<S)Ell-fiai;a oftc ®o»aofr bnnlic Sscbrn Mnt- 
ros|, Xtk (tShcbWotn Uinrru op hrt TEulani antacnt 
ifttaurafus oni op hrt sclOie ISulnnt tt ofycVaHntt^ 
rut, oocK om ic brsfcu Uor hem Uft anitt tor souur 
irnohCK, Hen ohchcclcit JWiffiitci-. 

■ito. half inor. Iloltenlam : A Nerimj, Hi.'M 

1352 JOGUKK, ]{. P. I.sAAa Novum Helfrimn : Description dc 

Niciiw Netliciland ct notice sur Ucnc (loupil. 

roijal Hvo. cloth, New York, 1862 

1353 JOHN, Kaui, ok Staih. Tiio Life of. 

I'iino, half mo r. London, 1745 

1354 JOHNSON, \Vir,i,iAM. An Account of Conferences iieid, ami 

Tfcaties made, between Major Genei-al Sir William Johnson, 
and the chief Sachems and Warriors of the Mohawks, Onei- 
dus, Onondagas, Indian Nations in North America. 

Svo. paper, very scarce, London, 175fi 

1355 JOHNSON, Joseimi. Traditions and llemini.scences chiefly 

of the American Revolution in the South: iiioludiiig biograph- 
ical sketches, incidents and anecdotes. 

Svo. half russia, lop gilt, Charleston, S. C, 1851 

i ! 

^1 I 




1356 JOHNSON, KnwAKi). A Histo.^ of New E!igland from the 

English pliiiitiiig in the Veere 1G28 until the Yeere 1052. 

Dodiiring the form of their Government, Civill, Military aild 

Kcclesiiaatiqiie. Their Wars with the Indians, their Troubles 

with the Gortonists, a. id other Ilcrctiqucs. Theii of 

gathering Churches, tlic Commodities of the Country, and 

description of the principall I'ownsand Havens, etc. 

4tn. half (/rcen mor. red edgva. London, Natli. Ih-ookc, 1(;54 

tieiu'ially known us .lolinson'.-i " Jfomler Wurkiiicj Providence," wliirli Is ttic 
ninninR-titli' of'tlic book. 'Hie antlior caino in the fleet with (iovcrnor Win- 
tlirop in l(i:i(>. In KH'!, lie went with Ciiptain I'ooke and forty n.en to Rhode 
Island, to take Samuel (Jorton, who had heeoine obnoxious to the .Massachusetts 
government. For twenty-eisht years he was a nieud)erol the General Court of 
Massachusetts, and iit one time Speaker. 

1357 JOHNSTON, Ciiaklks. A Narrative of the incidents attend- 

ing the capture, detention, and ransom of Charles Johnston, of 
IJotetourt Coii:ity, Virginia, who was made prisoner by the 
Indians, in 17DU. 12)uo. liaJf vwr. top r/llt, New York, 1827 

i358 JOHNSON, Chaki.ks. A History of tiie Lives and Exploits 
of the most remai'kable I'irates, Highwayii'yn, Min'dcrtrs, 
Stre> Robbers, etc. Int(,;rs!)erse(l with severiU tales and 
pleasant songs. Adorned with Eiligies of tiic most notorious 
offenders curiously engraven on copper. 13 plates. 

folio, calf, full (/ill hack, red I'dijes, Birmiughnni : 

11 Walter, 1742 

1359 JoiiNSOV. A Genei-itl History of the Pyrates, from their first 

rise and settlement in thi> Ishind of Providence, to tiie Present 
Time. With the Uemarkablr^Actioiis and Adventures of tiie 
two Eenuiie Pyrtites, Mary Read tind Anne Bonny, riatex. 

2 voh. 8vo. calf, London, 1720 
1359* JOMARD, M. Lcs Monumcntt de hi Geographic ou Recueil 
d'Anciemic Cartes Europcennes ct Orientales accoinpagnees 
dc S[)hcres Tcrrcstres et Celestes, de Miippemondes et Tables 
Cosmographiqiies, etc. Publics en Fac-simile de la Grandeur 
des Originaux. atlaa folio. Part 1. Forwat Grand 

Atlntiti<inc, containing 21 articles in 50 plates or iiiaj)s, in a 

portfolio. I\iris, 

1360 JONES, Alexander. The Cymry of '70 ; or, Welshmen 

and their Descendants of tlie American Revolution. An 
Address: witli an Appendix, containing notes, .sketches, iind 
nomenclature of the Cymbri. Hvo. cloth, New York, 1855 










rart 1, p|,. 119. 
JONES, Chaules C. Jun. 


JONES, Chaimjcs C Jh. Indian Remains in Southern Geor- 
gia. Address before the Georgia Historical Soeiety, on its 
Twentieth Anniver.sary, Feb. 12, 1859. 

Hvo. half 'iMir. Sai'fDiiinh, 1H59 


JONES, C'liAUi.Ks C. Ju. Antiquities oi the Southern Indians, 
particularly the Georgia Tribes. 

ruj/n! Hvo. cloth, Ncv- York, 187'! 

Mouuniental Remains of Georgia. 
127(10. paper, Savarniah, 1861 

Historical Sketch of Tomo-chi- 
chi, Mico of the Yaniueraws. Hi>o. paper, Albany, 1868 

.rONES, CnAi{i,KS C. Tlie Siege of Savannah, in 1779, as 
described in two contemporaneous Journals of French Officers 
in tiie Fleet of Count D'Estaing. 3Iap. 

folio, clolli, uncut, Albany, 1874 

JONpjS, Ei,K('TA F. Stockbridge, Past and Present : or 
Records of an old Missiou Station. Sjirlnyjield, 1854 

II. .louNsON, L. 1). Till' (liurclios 1111(1 I'lirislies in Washington, I). C. 

New York, \Ku 
III Mcniorial <if tilt Into Hon. David JS. .loncn. Witli un Appendix, con- 
taining notices of the ■Jones Family of (iueens' Comity. New York, 1841» 

IV. HAunn'-'s Account of the Yellow Fever in New York, in the year 1S22. 
also of the years irtis, inm, lwi:i, and 1S06. New York, Wi'i 

V. Thomas ,)i;i'1' kuso.n'.s Maiinul of rarliiinientary Practice for the use of 
the U. 8. Senate, Philaddphia, lS-10 

VI. Johnson's Historical Account of the First Settlement of Salem, in 
West .lersey, by John Fenwick, ( liief Froprietor of the same. By R. G. Johnson. 

J'hiludelphl/i, IKI'J 

VII. (iii.l.KTr, I{. II. Uemocracy in the Fiiited States. What it has done, 
what it is rtoiiig, and what ii will do. New York, ISfiS 

VIII. Atilance at New York. New York, IHliT 

ioiicllicr, 8 voh. 12mo. 

JONES, Hugh. The Present State of Virginia. Giving A 
particidar and short Account of the Indian, J^^nglish, and 
Negroe Inhabitants of that Colony. Shewing their Religion, 
Maimers, Government, Trade, Way of Living, &e. with a 
Description of the Country. From whence is inferred a short 
View of Maryland iiiul North Carolina. 
8vo. half calf, very scarce, Lnndun, for J. C. Clarke, 1774 

"One of the scarcest works relating to \'irginia published in this century. 
The author thinks that the settlement of America by the Kuropeans is a fnllil- 
meiit of the scriptural le.\t on his title page, Japhet being tlie Kuglish, Shem the 
Indian, anil (Vokkoi the Negroes."— /i«VA. 

Sold lor $.">2.50 at the Meiizie.* sale. 





1368 JONES, John Paul. Narrative of the adventiin-s of an 

American Navy Officer, wlio served during part of tiie Amer- 
ican Revolution. 12mo. half sheep, Nciv York, 1806 

1369 JONES, POiMRov. Annnis and Recollections of Oneida 

Connty. «y„. cloth, Borne, 1851 

1370 J0NP:S, J. Seawkll. A Defence of tlie Revolutionary His- 

tory of North Carolina from the aspersions of Mr. Jefferson. 

Svo. cloth, Boston, 1834 

1371 JONES, SiK WiLUAM. Hitopad6sa, or the salutary instruc- 

tions of Vishnu Sarman, in the original Sanscrit. 

8i'o. half calf, Calcutta, 1810 

1372 JONES, U. J. History of the early settlement of the Juniata 

Valley : Embracing an account of the Early Pioneers, and the 
trials and privations incident to the settlement of the Valley. 
Plates. Svo. cloth, Philadelphia, 1856 

1373 JONGE, J. Ji. J. DE. De Opkomst van het Nederlandsch 

Gezag in Ooste-Indie (1595-1610). Verzameling van onuit- 
gegeven stukken uit het Oud-Koloniaal Archief. pp. 294. 

Svo. sewed. Vol. 1. Amsterdam, F. Midler, 1862 

1374 JOHNSON, George W. A History of English Gardening. 

Tracing the progress of the art in this country from the inva- 
sion of the Romans to the present time. 

Svo. cloth, London, 1829 

1375 JOHNSON, George William. A Dictionary of Modern 

Gardening. Svo. cloth, London 1846 

1876 JOHNSON, Mrs. A Narrative of tlie Captivity of Mrs. 
Johnson, containing an account of her Sufferings, during Four 
Years, with the Indians and French. 

12ino. sheep, Windsor^ i^t-i) 1807 

1377 JOHNSON, C. B. Letters from the British Settlement in 

Pennsylvania. To which are added, the Constitutions of the 
United States, and of Pennsylvania. Map. 

12mo. hoards, Philadelphia, -181^ 

1378 JOHNSON, Samuel. Taxation no Tyranny; An Answer 

to the Resolutions and Address of the American Congress. 

Svo. halfmor. London, \llb 

1379 JOHNSON, Samuel. The Works of the Poets of Great Bri- 

tain and Irelana ; witli Prefaces Biographical and Critical, 
containing the Lives. 8 vols. Svo. half calf , London, 1800 



1380 JONSSINE, Akngrime. Gronlaiuli, r Grcenlaudz Saga 

Ur Islendskum Sagna Hookiim og Ai .n samantekin og a 
Latiiiski iriaal Skripiidav theiiii heidurliga & lialajrda Manni, 
Syra Ariigiime .Jonssine Fordum OfRciali Hola Stiflis og Sok- 
nar preste ad Melstad. 4to. rare. Pnjckt i Skalhollte 

[Icdand']. Av Hendrick Kruse. Anno 1688 

[Grvenlandia, or (irecnlandic History, collected from Iceliindtc story-books 
and annals and the I.utln language. Written by tlie very lioly and very learned 
man, Sir Arngrinie .Jonsslne, formerly Official! of all the Stiffs and Parish I'riest 
at Meistad.] 

Excessively rare: not in the British Museum, and unknown to Brunei. It is 
a book of great historicniimportance, containing tiie relation of the discovery of 
Greenland in the IStli century by Eirik Raude; tlie destruction of Skalholt by un 
eruption of Mount Hecia, etc. 

1381 JOSSELYN, John. New-England's Rarities Disoovered : in 

Beasts, Birds, Fislies, Serpents, and Tlants of tliat country. 
Together with tlie Piiysical and Chyrurgieal Remedies where- 
with the Natives cotistantly use to cure tiieir Distempers, 
Wounds, and Sores. Also, a perfect Description of an Indian 
Squa, in all iier Bravery, with a Poem not improperly con- 
ferral upon her. Wood-cuts. 

ISnio. calf , (jilt edges, Loudon: G. Widdowes, 1(572 

1382 JosTEr.YN. New-f]ngland's Ra.-ities, Discovered, etc. 

ito. halfvwr. top edge gilt. A Reprint : Boston, 1865 

1383 JossELYN. An Account of Two Voyages to New-England. 

Wlierein you have the setting out of a ship with the charges, 
the prices of all I'ccssaries for furnishing a Phmter and his 
Family at his first coming. A Description of the Country, 
Natives, and Creatures, etc., etc. London, 1674. 

4<o. half mo v. top edge gilt, a Reprint. Boston, 1865 

1385 JouiiNAi. of the American Institute, devoted to tlio interests of 

Agriculture, Commerce, Manufactures, and tlie Arts, accom- 
panied witli Sketclies of Natural History, and Philosophical 
and Literary Essays. 3 voh. 8vo. half calf , New York, 1836' 

1386 Journal d'un Olficier de I'armee navale en Ainerique en 

1781-82, as descrihed in two Contemporaneous Journals.. 
[By ti.e Count de Grasse. j 

Svo. half calf , very rare, Amsterdam, 1783 
This Journal was translated and printed for the Bradford Club. In a note 
on a ily-leaf, Mr. Murphy has written, " Only one other copy of the or'glnal in 
this country." 

1 1 

i i 


n. c. MunriiY liuuaky. 

ia87 JOUTEL, M0N8IKIIK. A Jounml of tlie Inst Voyage per- 
f'onnM by Moiis. tU; La Sale, to tlie r.iiH'of Mexieo, to find 
out till! ivioutli of tlie Mississippi River. 

810. old cnl/y Londun, 1711 

i;$87* JOIITKL, M. Journal Ilistorique dii dernier voyage que 
feu M. de la Sale fit daus le Oolfe de Mexique, pour trouver 
I'emhoueliure & lo cours de la Riviere de Missieipi iioininee a 
present la Riviere de Saint Louis, qui traverse la Louisiane. 
Map. \2ino. old (udf, ij'dt, Parin, l"lii 

1^88 JUAN, Okoiuik. Voyage Histori(iue de rAnieri(ine Meridi- 
onale fait par ordre du roi d'Kspagne. .Uaps and J'latrs. 

2 voln. 4to. calf, (jilt, Amstcrdom, 1752 

\;W.) Jl'ARROS, DoMiNc.o. AStatistieal andCoinmereialllistory 
of Guatemala,- in Spanish Anieriea : containing important par- 
tieidarw relative to its productions. INLimifactures, ('ustoms, 
&c. 2 Maps. 8(0. half cloth, Loudon, 182H 

i;5!)0 .lUDSON, David. A Second Faniiliiir Conference, upon 
some Antinoniian Tenets ; occasioned by remarks upon the 
Pivst. Svo. halfmor. New Yorl,-, 176.'» 

L{«,»1 JULIAN, Antonio. La I'erla de la America, provincia de 
Santa Marta, reconocida, observada. y expuesta en discursos 
Uistoricos. 280 pp. 

■\to. rrllxm, Madrid, Anlnuio de Saiicha, 1787 

Tlie Scninil Part (|i. H:i) j?'*'''* »" tt"'>""t »f the IiKiiiin tribes of tlie I'rov- 
iiR'c ofSiintu Miiilii. 

l;J!)2 JUKKS, J. IL Kxcursions in and about Newfoundland, dur- 
ing the years 183!) and 1840. 

2 rolti. 8c<). 12»Mi. hid f doth. London, 1842 

1^915 JUNILS. Stat nominus nmbr:i. First edition. 

2 co/s. \'l)no. calf, (jdt, mrr. London: Alnion, 1761) 

1302' KALTSCiMlDT, J. IL .V New and Complete Dictionary of 

the English and Oermau Languages. 

8yrt. half inor. Lelpnic, 1837 

i;U!;V->akii:m magistri Joamiis de inonteregio viri pertissinii. 
-ito. 20 iinnnndnrrd li'ari-s, hoards, Vi'iiitiis. 

Krhardi Ratdoll .rij. Kal. April is, 1489 

Bruiiet (Vol. iii., p. I(*a4) iiieiilioiis two I'urlici- edllious, but not this one. 
.•;petikiiigol Unit of urci, lie siijs it is leiiiurkiible lor biiving 11 frontispiece bear- 
ing the uuiiie of the printer, then very uiiiisnal. fliis editioi. also contains the 
printer's name 




l.^G33 KAMPEN, N. G. van (of Arnstcrdani). The History and 
Topognipliy of llollaud and Helgiiun. Translated by Win. 
G. Fearnside. Fine plates by W. H. Barlhlt. 

roi/nl 8vo. half calf , London, 1830 
13G4' KANP], EusHA K. Tlie United States CJrinnell Expedition 
in searcli of Sir John Franklin. A Personal Narrative. 

8vo. cloth, rhiladclplna, 1857 
13655 Kane. Arctic Explorations : The Second Grinnell Expedi- 
tion in search of Sir .John Franklin, 1853, '54, and '55. 
Illustrated by upwards of 300 engravings from sketches by the 
autlior. 2 vols. Sro. full tiirkci/ mor. etlra, (jilt ed/jex, 

Philadclptna, 1856 

13CG« KEATING, W. II. Narrative of an Expedition to the 

Source of St. IVter's River, Lake Winiicpeek, Lake of the 

AVoods, &c., performed in the year 1823, under command of 

jMajor Long. Portrait. 

2 vols. Svo. half mor. Philadelphin, 1824 
1367^ KEITH. A Serious Appeal to all tiie more sober, impartial 
and judicious people in New England, to whose hands this may 
come, whether Cotton Mather in his late Address, &c., hath 
not extreamly failed in provinji the People called Quakers 
guilty of manifold Heresies, Blasphemies, and strong Delu- 
sions, etc., etc. Ato. half calf , rare. Philadelphia: 
Printed and sold by William Bradford, 1G92 
KEITH, Geokgk. The Presbyterian and Independent Visi- 
ble Churches in New England and elsewhere, brought to the 
Test and examined according to the Doctrine of the holy 
Scriptures. More particularly directed to those in New- 
England, and more generally to those in Old England, Scot- 
land, Ireland, »S:c. 12»io. blue mor. (jilt edges, very rare. 

New York: Printed and sold by Will. Bradford, 1G91 
13G93 Kemh. The Presbyterian and Independent Visible Churches 
in New England, etc. (Another copy.) 

12w/o. sheep, London, 1691 

Ucorgc Keitli, a Qmikcr, ciitne from f<cotliiml to Eitst .Torscy, in KiS:^, whcrt; 
he livid the jtlice of Surveyor (iciieral. In KiS!! he taught a scliool in rhihulel- 
pliia. After writing various treati,«( s in favor of the Quakers, lie visited New 
Knj;land, where he hud a controversy with Increase and (Cotton llather. A 
schism afterwards took place between him and his people, which resulted in his 
drawing many away as his followers, who called themselves Christian Quakers. 
He timi'lj Mese.'ed the Society, became an Kpiscopalian, and ofllciatcd ns amis- 
sioi'.iry of that deiomination in New York and Itoston. 

One of the earliest books prinied in the United States south of Massachu. 
setts, and by the (irst printer in I'ennsylvunia nnd New York. 






I / 

137010 KEITH, Gkoucje. Notes of the True Church, with the appli- 
cation of them to the Church of Eiiglaiid, and the great sin of 
separation from her. A Sermon preaciied at Trinity Churcli, 
in New York, Nov. 7, 1703. ito. half mor, lop cihjc gilt. 

Printed and nold by IVilliaiii Bradford, New York, 1704 

1371" KEITH, Gkorge. A true copy of three .Judgments given 
forth by a party of men, called Quu]<ers, at Philadelphia, 
against George Keith and iiis Friends. 

4to. half title, half mor. top (jilt, uncut, Philadelphia, IG'Jl 

137212 KEITH, William. The History of the British Plantations 
in America, witii a clironological account of tiie most rcmarlc- 
able tilings, which happcn'd to tlie first Adventurers in their 
several discoveries of that New \\''orld. 

4to. cclf, London : S. Richardson, 1738 

1373'^ KEITH, Sir William. A Collection of Papers and otlier 

Tracts. Second Edition. \2mo. half mor. London, 174!) 

Among the other papers is " A Dipcourse on the present state of the British 
I'Inntations in America, with respect to tlic interests of Great Britain." 

13741'* KELHAM, Kobeut. Dictionary of the Norman or Old 
French Language ; Calculated to illustrate the Rights and 
, Customs of former Ages, the Forms o^ Laws and Jurispru- 
dence, etc. To which are added tlie Laws of William the 

8fo. half green mor. extra, top edge gilt, London, 1779 

137515 nmnniSM, JFvanctsto. miUvhnnXi So aehvals 
&tMvtUh JJrrc(fc, Schifffttn unH lieCse Uesch= 
rcftuitflen, iutUht luon Xitmn JHfssfon«irf(s ftcr 
fficsellschaft Jtsu aus 3Jci>tiit^n Kntjfcn una anttt^ 
un ^ttv ittccr aplcflpncnen aaiirtirrn. 

folio, boards, uncut, Wien in Oesterrich, 1758 

Des Neuen Welt-BolTs Tomus V. Erste Halbsclieid den 33. 34. 35 uud 30. 
Theii In sich enthaltem. 

137618 KEMP, Edwaud. How to lay out a Garden ; intended as a 
General Guide in choosing, forming, or improving an Estate, 
greatly enlarged, and Illustrated with numerous additional 
Plans. 8vo. cloth, London, 1858 

13771^ KENDALL, Geo. Wilkins. Narrative of the Texan Santa 
Fe Expedition, comprising a description of a Tour through 
Texas, and across the great Southwestern Prairies, the 
Camanche andCaygua Hunting Grounds, etc. J/n/j. 

1* vols. 12mo. cloth, New Yoric, 1844 




itli the appli- 
great sin of 
[lity Cliurch, 
op cdcjc gilt, 
I York, 1704 
;ments given 

'elphia, 1691 
1 Plantations 
lost rcniarlc- 
rers in tlicir 

irdson, 1738 

rs and otiicr 

london, 1741) 

ite of the British 

man or Old 

Rights and 

id Jurispru- 

Williani the 

ondon, 1779 

iO Htlwnls 
1st Uesch= 
n«irf(s fter 
mxXi anlrc= 

terrich, 1758 

33. 34. 35 uud 30. 

intended as a 
ig an Estate, 
IS additional 
london, 1858 
Texan Santa 
'our through 
Prairies, the 
> York, 1844 

1378'» KENDALL, John. The Life of Thomas Story, carefully 
abridged : in which the principal occurrences and the most 
i.iteresting remarks and observations are retained. 

8vo. calf, London, 178(5 

1379'9 [KENNETT, (White.)] Bibliotheca Americana- Primor- 
dia. An Attempt towards laying the Foundation of an 
American Library, in several Books, Papers, and Writings, 
iiumbly given t(, the Society for Propagation of tiie Go.spcl in 
Foreign Parts, for tiie perpetual Use and Henefit of their Mem- 
bers, their Missionaries, Friends, Correspondents and Others 
coneern'd in the Good Design of Planting and promoting 
Christianity within her Majesty's Colonies and Plantations in 
the West-Indies. 
4to. Kprlnkled calf. London: Printed for J. Churchill, \lVii 

" Tlila, PS fur as It goes, is th(! Iiost Catalogue of noolcs relating to AiiiericB 
extant, the Mies being copied at fnll length with the greatest exactness, together 
with name of the printer, and the nnnil)er of pages in each volume. It Is rich in 
Knglish tracts relating to New Kngland."— /^'cA. 

138020 KEKCHEVAL, Saaiukl. A History of tlie Valley of Vir- 
gi:n"ii. Second Edition. 

%vo. half mor. top edge gilt, Woodstock, Va., 1850 

138121 KER, John. The Memoirs of John Ker, of Kersland, in 
North Britain, containing his secret transactions and Negotia- 
, tions in Scotland, England, etc. 

2 vols. 8vo. calf, London, 1726. 

1382'-2 KER, RoHEiJT. A Geiicral Collection of Voyages and 
Travels, arranged in systematic order, forming a complete 
history of the origin and progress of Commerce, by sea and 
land, from the earliest ages to the present time. With maps 
and charts. 8 vols. Svo. hnlfhrown mor. top edge gilt, 

London, 1824 

138223 KERCIIEVAL, Samui-:i.. A History of the Valley of Vir- 

frinia. {2 copies), \2mo. calf , Winchester, \m^ 

This llrst edition is very rare, and contains some matters not in the other 

13832-1 KpyrCHUM, William. An Authentic and Comprehensive 

History of Buffalo, with some account of its early inhabitants, 

both Savage and Civilized, comprising historic notices of the 

Six Nations of Indians, etc., etc. 2 vols. Svo. half green 

vior. extra, top edge gilt, Buffalo, N. Y., 1864 

; k 


It. C. Ml Ifl'IlV MintAltV. 

i:m-->-> 7X12^1!!, mto. Hjrt lunrvr ojrtrrschrtt tussrhru 
TAoulrr ni C5lf.>imr anntm. Frn K (S^m bfijUc 
lifr ammm ir Bonurn brUiooncn. rcnim. ITot 

dc Culture van die selvo Liindcii. Kiide Ten III. In de 
onii;('iiii'('n(! jri'ttoto voordcclcn, d('wcl<'ke do Wiirme Landi-ri 
door iiiiddid van liarc Vruclitcn, bovcn do Koude Laiideii 
ophrenj^cii, etc. ito. Iiolf hrown moi: Omvcn-Htiiic, 

II. HoiKtiiin, (inno) 

I'l'licTnir DillVri'iu'c iH'twci'ii ('old iiiiil Wiinii CiPiiiitilcn (liiiioiidtnitfil by 
tln'i(i|iilii'iiifiil» iicr('.<»i\ry: 1. For iiiliiitiltiiiK l>i>tli lOiiiilrii'K. II. Kor ciiltl- 
Viilliiff the siiiiir. III. In tlic ciioniious pr()lll'< wlilcli, liy llicir fViilt.i. vviiriii 
rouiilrlc.H yii'ld iiliovf rold (mi.<; hIiowii hy tlic iMinipniliiiii ol' Srw Ni'llii'rllliid 
lic'liiK n iHilcl comitiy, and (iiiliiiiii a wiinii ttuv; IidIIi .iliiiiiti'cl in AniiTleii, hnt In 
din'i'i't'nt rlhniitt's.l 

AfcordinK to Mr. AsMiT, tills oiiKlnid Diitcli edition Is of Kicat iiuity, anil 
nntil Vfiy recently was iinl<no\vn to ijildiojfiaphers. Tiie (iernnin edition 
(l.ei|izi({, KKVJ), Is more ooninion. Kven Jlr. Ilrodlnail (^"Ilint. \eii' .\<ther 
liinii") (Mdy cites the lalti'r version. 

TliiHhoolc possesses an interest connected with New Netherlaini, lis it is said 
liy >Ir. Aslier to have contrllmted its sIihic^ In preventiiiKtlie colonization ol'tiiiit 
colony, lieiiiK written with this view, and with nineli ahillty. 

" The author iiavliiK an interest in the colony of (iiilaiia, to whlcli lie was 
attached as an olllcer, attempts to show how nincli (iulaiia Is superior to New 
NetherlaiKl for tile purpose of colonization, and so tojirove Ills assertions, shows 

what advantages h arm countries liave over coM ones 'Iliu argumonts of 

the author, the exact calcnlalhni he pretends to make of the iieci'ssary expenses 
of colonization In each, his xlowiiiK descriptions of (iiiiana, induced many to go 
tliere. ami to this we are to aserihe the vehemence with wiiicli t!ie author of the 
"A<ii/ rf)7i((er' attacks Otto Keye."— .Ijiftir'it Khioi/oii Diitfti Books. 

\3H-,^ [WEl^m, mto.] llr.schni\)fuflc liitu firt JHfttv- 
UfcUr tntjt ©c»forrt ir Uti\m ©unlnun, lunrr Uxnc 
jjrlrorn fs tir attv \)oont«tmr anntstrrUr ocnnrmt 

Scrfoiiaiiiine, die jegonwoordioli lie.^i'ten wort l)y den Sttiet 

Villi de Verceniglido Nederlant.selie I'rovintien. 

4/('. half hriiiri, iHdi-. Oravvnlioijc : Heiiricxn Ilomhits, (IGGO) 

■fhis is the same work, ii tact tlie same edition, as No. IIW, witli a new title 
ami the dedication slijiied by the author, and the coiiii)liinentary verses to liiin 
In the heKliiniuK of tlie originai volume omitted. It Is second in rarity only to 
theorigiuai puhlicatlon. Si'e .Ifiilh'r'a Catiiloyio; .Yo. 1W,>, ;;. P.M. AcctrdiiiR 
to him tlie date of Its publication Is KkiO. 

i;)8(;-" KEYMIS. A Relation of tlie .^eeond Voytigi' to Ciiiinna. 

Perfburnied and written in the yeare loDC. I'lV l.aurenee 

Keyii)i,«. .s»(. 4^). Imprinted at Lmuhn hy Thomaa Duii:- 

miii, ihwUhtij III till' tinrc Vrancn in the ]'iiitr('c, and are there 

to he Holde. 159(; 
(Imperfect, (i leaves wanting a! the end.) 

1387-* KIDD. Cai'Tain. A Full Aeeotint of the IVoeeeiling.s in 
relation to ('apt. Kidd. ^ In two letters. Written by a person 
of ([iiality to a Kin.smaii of the Karl of Bellemont in Irelaiul. 

4to. half calf, LmaJuu, 1701 



!>m bfijljr 
M. 5rot 

III. Im .1.! 
DC lialllltMl 

do J^iiikIch 
'm, (1G59) 

nioiiHtriitcd l)y 
II. Kor ciiltl. 
■ fVnIts. wiiriii 
•w Ni'llii'riniiil 
Uni'i'ivii, hut ill 

lat larlly. niid 

'I'lllllll t'llilloll 

.\eii' Si'ther- 

iid, ii« it Is sr.iil 
Iza'loii ottlmt 

I wlilcli lie wns 
ii|)('i'Ii>i' to New 
H'lliclllS, sliows 
} lU'gUIIK'lltH of 

<sary oxpciison 
cil many li> go 
' nutlior of tln' 

rt |ftrrr= 

jnrr (nnc 


(lull Staet 
//(«, (iCCO) 

t'ltli a now title 
r vi'isfs to lilin 
rarity only to 
-M. AcecrdiiiR 

to Cillitlllil. 

r Laiiieiu'o 
(linns Dnii- 
'id are llifir 
>fch'. loOC. 

(•(^ediiipis in 
>y a person 
in Ireland. 
11(1(1)1, 1701 

138880 KIDI). A Full Account of Proceed inj,'M, etc. (Anollior 
•'"py.) 4^). cnlf, top alijc ,jilf, hwilun, 1701 

1387^0 KINC, Loui.. Tlie Life of.Icdin Locke, willi Extiact.s from 
liis Corre.'fiHindi'nce, .loiinialx, and Coninion-l'lace Hooks. 

"2 Hdh. Hro. calf, Loiulov, 18;10 

13H7:" KIN(;SIU)R()l-f!II, Luuiu Antiqitiiiw ok Mk.xko: 
conipii.sin;,' Fac .siinile.H of Ancient ftfexican Paintin;,'.'* and 
IlierojriypiiicH, preserved in tlie Royal Liliniries of Tari.s, Her- 
lin and Drenden, in the Imperial Library of Vienna; tlie Vat- 
ican Lii)rary, the Bodleian Lii)rary at Oxford, etc. To^retlier 
with ;iie JMonninents of New Spain. IJy 1\I. Dnpaix. The 
whole illu.strated with inedited inanuseriptM. The drawings 
on stone by A. Aglio. Coi.ohki. I'i.atks. 9 vuln. iitip. 

Julio, /i(il/(/ivni mor. (jilt ((hjcn, London,- \HM-\HAii 
" Tills work III ll» inaKnldcrncf rpcniln to mind tin- p.itronnKi' of crowned 
licadu, and the s|)lcii(lor of tin- primely patroiiK of litcratiiri-. It Inis no taint 
alKiut it of aiillioror liookscllcr— it eonicx in tlic antoiindhiR form of niint vol- 
nines, iinpcrial folio I and the cost of |,n>(lnclnK H"' whole will exceed II ft y or 
sixty Mioiisnnd ponnd.s."— /,„Ht/oM Athenrtun. 

Copies Willi colored plates have now become scarce, nnd have ^really 
advanced In price in London. 

1388a-^ KNOWLKS, Jamks I). Memoir of Roger Williams, the 
foinider of the Stiite of Rhode Lsland. 

l2iH(i. clotli, nearer, Honton, 1834 

138!):'^ KIPPIS, Andijkw. Hiographia IJritaimica : or, the Lives 
of the most eminent persons who have flourished in Great 
Hritain and Ireland, from the earliest ages to the present 
times: collected from ilie best authorities. Printed and Man- 
n.script, and digested in the manner of Mr. Hayle's Historical 
and Critical Dictionary. o vols, folio, ealf, London, 1778 

i;inO:i' Kip's \'ikws, (.so lettered.) Hritannia Ilhistrata, or Views of 
several of the Queen's Palaces, as also of the i)rincipal Seats 
of the Nobility and (Jentry of Great Britain, curiously engra- 
ven on 80 Copper Plates. 

imperial folio, calf. London: David Morlier, 170!» 

UiiiT'' KLIPSTEIN, LouLsF. Analecta-Anglo Saxonica. Selec- 
tions in Prose and Verse, from the Anglo Saxon Literature : 
with an Introductory Ethnological Essay, and notes, critical 
iuid explanatory. 2 voh. 8(0. doth, New York, 184!» 

13!»2''« (KNKJirr, ]\Lm)am,) and Mr. Buckingham. Journals, 
from the original nuinuscripts, written in 1704 and 1710. 

12?/(f>. Iialf sheep. New York, 182') 
In the same volume are the Blue Laws of Connecticut, of 1000. Hartford. 




1393^'' KNOX, C'vi'T. .Foiin. An Ilimtcricnl .Toiinml of the C»iin- 
l)Mi;(n.H in North Amerini, Cor tho years 1757, 1758, 17fi!» 

iiiiill7(!0; containiiif,' tli- inoHt ri'iimrkiihlt> o rn'iiWM of 

thiit period ; ]iiirticuhirl)' thu two xii-gcs of t^ucbec. . . . 
Large Mn/, anil I'orlniit of Gin. WnlJ'v, 

2 I'dh, Ato calf, London, 17(5!( 

" A viTv viiliihic cdIIccIIiiii oI' iiiiilorliiN townrdH n history of our lute wiir in 
North Amcrh'H, im w.-ll iih for ii .li'JXTlplloinmil nittiiriil hlnlory oltho.-r piirt* of 
fhHcoiiiilrylii whirli this iiltoiitlviMiiKl ImhiitrloiH otllciT . . . Mr. Knox 
lipiM'iirMo be iiniiiu of scihc, with nunv lllmiliiri' limn UHiially I'lilli to tlir 
almrr of olllciri in tin' army."— Monthly lin-tew. 

13!)5 KOKUTEN. (nulichtcii op do ovorhtuM-lykc Piipicre Siiv- 
kiiiist Van Wyle MejiirtVoiiwo .loiinnii Koci-teii, Uiiisyroiiwo 
vnii AVyleii deii Ilcoro Athiimii lUok, j,'.Mlnikt mi hut ori;,'iiif.'l 
stiimboek: IJenuveiis eon Korto, 8chct.s llimr Lovcn. I'm/rail. 

ilo. idlum, Anislrritani, 1 TlHi 

I'ocniK (or verse) npon tli.' rxcclhnt iiiiper-cntllnK iirt of tin- Into Miirtum 
■loiintni Kotrliii, h If,, of the lute Ailrlen Itlok, Km,. I'rinted iieeordinff to the 
orlKinal KeneiiloKliii! hook: toRelluT « ith ii short skeloli of her life, (hi pii^e 
2s Is 11 Sonnet to the artist, hy Woulerde llirs, Minister in N'ewNetherland. 

laoG JxaaiSUU^esVi, Mrn\ men iilormhof ban nllrr^ 
Icij irrflfiuhcnti souliri- briiiifrt flrplnnt lioor ®Jrc= 
tjrrfjh srnnrmoirt, on lirisochcriicr ton.irhciift. . . . 
aiflrmrcu SJSrooilint-bocU brr MnrAHtivti-iimoov- 

llfn. t/lirk \-2nin. rrlliini, Aimtlrrdiun, 1CG8 

1397 KOENEN, IT. I. Ouscliiedenis der Joden in Ncdcrland. 

Svo. half calf, Vtrcvht, 1843 

1398 KOHL, ,1.0. A Dcsci-iptive (V.tnlogiic of those Maps, Cliarls 

and Surveys i-ehiting to America, which art! inentioncd in Vol. 
3 of Makiiiyt's groat work. 

8t'f). Iiid/mor. (jilt lop, Wanhhujlun, IS,')? 
l;!99 KOHL, J. (J. Ooscliichtc der Kntdecknngsreisen iind 
Scliifffahrten zur iMagoIlan's-Strasso nnd zii den iiir beiiacli- 
bai'tcn Liiiiderii nnd Meeren. 8 ]\faiis. 

8rn. sewed, Berlin, 1877 

1400 Koiii.. History of flio Discovery of the East Coast of North 

America, particnlarly tiie Coast of Maine, from tiie Northmen 
ill 990 to the Charter of (Jilbert in 1578. Ilhistrated by 
copies of the earliest Maps and Charts. (22 3faps.) 
Hro. half (jrven mor. c.vlrii. lop edtjc ,/ill, uncut, Portland, 18C!t 

1401 KoHi,. Kitciii-Oami. Wanderings around Lake Superior. 

8 to. doth, {cover loose), London, 1860 



1402 KOHL. A I'ojniliir History of tlio Disoovrry of Ajnericii, 
i'rMin ColiitnbtiH to Fruiikliii, tnitislatud from tliu Gcriiuin, by 
Major U. 11. Not'l. 2 loIh, poul Huo. doth, London, 1802 

lion Koiii,. Tlio Nortlmicii in Maine : A critical oxatnination of 
viewM cx|)i't!,>(>se(l in coiiiiccrtioii with the »iil»j»!ct, by Dr. .1. II. 
Kohl, it) Vol. 1, of the New Scries of Ihu Maiiui Historical 
Society. Hvo. cloth, lop iji't, Allxniii, 1H70 

1401 KOLFF, I). H. Voya;,'eH of the Dutcii Hri;,' of War I)our-,'a, 
tin'on^^h tlm Soutiiern ami LittU;- Known I'arts of tlie Moliic- 
cftii Archipelago and along tiie previously unknown Southern 
Coast of New Guinea, during the years 182."» and 182(!. 

Hri). cloth., Louiloii, IHIO 

H05 UKJMir WT£iX1^^7£U IMH il(fUU) Jlrlrciinnts 
(Krlrocuthrft, Ocuohlicn, Jllntuciif(hc, t|tooi*iccU= 
ttn, tn Ijnjoulicrr torquncmhcfTJt tcv Ijctjoiufnflh : 

JMistgaders eeiiige l{e(|ucs(en, N'ertoogun, Dechictien, en/, ten 
dien einden door em'ge Leifiiebbi^rs ten verseheido tijdeu omt- 
rent't laetst van 't jaer IGGl. {jepresentcert aeu do A. A. 
Heeren Hurgernieesteren dezer Stedi;, of der zelvcr K. S. 
Heeren Goeomniitteerde, enz. 

4lo. half rrd inor. extra, hij linuhtred. 

[A Hliort nccomit of New NiIIh'iIhikI's ultuiitlcm, vlrtiici, iiiitiirnl prlvllcgcii, 
and iji'C'uliiir lUiKSH for |><i|iiilatUiii, TogclhcT wllli some rtMiucnln, lopiTwciitii- 
tloim, (lc(luclli)»8, etc , prcscnlcil ('(ir tliiit puriiosc hy rioiiic iiiiiatfurs lit (llirfi-i'iit 
tliiii's iil)out till' fiulol'tliD jiiir l()(il, to tiK' burgoiniistcrs of tills city, or to lliilr 

Mr. A slier devotes live pnxee to Hti iiccouiit of tills work. "Of nil tliebook.«," 
III' miyH, " wlileli tlit' Dutch liiive left us on tlii'lr Aiiic-lcaii colony, of liowevcr 
vui'ioiiH kliiilrt they limy Iji', noun l.i certainly HlrangiT than tliln. Alter the 
twoiity-seventh iiii)!e we eiiliieiy lose our way; everytlilnj? is unknown to n»,— 
ideas, tlie very words alniust, the persons the aiitlioi- addresses, the diction,— In 

u word the whole book And althougli It belongs to the four or live I'rst 

Dutch books on New Nellierland, which were known In America, these wrl.ers 
treat it almost us If It was unknown totliein. It is, however, an excelli'ut source 
for a part of llie History of New Nellierland, whicli has as yet not been written ; 
that of the inllnence of parties, anil of tlielr disputes on colonization."— /(ii. 
/,'ssfij/ on Dutch Books, rcliUing to AVw S'ethnrland, Aiiist., 1N")4-(17, p. l:j. 

Mr. Jliiiler says the "Kort I'trhael" Is one of the most Interesting and 
scarcest books on New .\etlieriaiiil, and that lie had only found three copies 
In the course of twenty years."— C'i(<((/()//Mf for 187^. 

1400 "iXi^iX^lB iarnmcvcUfitflc tnXit Slrntoysfuflhc op He 
Mi^ai'oc titiK Xitn IVouiuflh t)«iu ©root JLJritinn= 
flCcn, ahcsclircbcn ncn ire IftooflU ittoo : H^ccrrn 
Stntcn ©eucracl 5rr 5i^rrccu(fllir Jlelicvliinlicn, 

fU bate tldt tCcrilCn #Ct. lOOO. pp. lO. \to. half mor. 
Oracen-JIuye. Hill-'hrand Jacob van Wouw, ICCG 










II. 0. MITItlMlY r.IIUlAUY. 

KOSTKR, Loi'KKNs .Tai MXooN. (uKhMikNclirincn wcgeriH lirt 
viiinif t!ciiwj,'ctij(it( vim dc rilviniliiijr <lcr Hot-kdriikkiirst (lo(»r 
L. Juiiw/ooii K(>,MU'r, vim Statlnuc;;(« (u-sicnl to llaiii-liiin dcii 
10 on 11 Jiilij IH'i.'J. llijoeiivcrzimielil door Vincent Loomj«m. 
J'orh;ii/ ami I'tatvs. Hr„. half ml/, Ilaarlnn, 1824 

KOTSZKIUJK. The Wiiti.iKD.-Hk; or Youth i-i Dnnjjcr. A 
riiiy, in four iK-tfi.— 'I'lie Widow, imd tlit! Uidiiif^ IIorHC. 
New YorL-, IHOO.—lnipi-acliinfiit ot IMr. I.aCiiycttc : fontain- 
inj( liiM Act'usHtion. IIiujeiMowiiy 17!»4. — An Interentinji 
Journal (d' occiirri'ncPM during? tlio Hxpidition to (^iicl)cc, con- 
duetcul by the wiuhrated Aniolif. J/iuivrsloini, IHO.'K— An 
Oration conuueniorative of tlic late Major ({ciu-ral Aluxandor 
Hamilton. Hvo. New York, v. ij. 

liAVAYSSE, M. A Statistical, Coiuincrcial and Political 
Description of Venezuela, Trinidad, and Tobago. 

8to, half nlievp, Limdon, 1820 

LAIIANOFF, Ai.KXANKHK. Catalogue des Cartes Geograpli- 
i(|iies, TopognipliiqucH, & ISlarint'.s, do la Hibliotlie(|ue, du 
I'rince. Alexamlre de Labiinort', a St. I'eterabourg suivi 
d'uno Notice dc I^IanuHcrita. 

royal 8i;o, paper, unnit, Paris, 182.3 
With nutogrnpU note of I'rinci- I.nbiinotr. 

LAHAT, Am^uiquk. Nouveau Voyage aux I.hIch de TAuio- 
i'q>'i'- G voh. 12wo. calf, A La ffoi/r, 1724 

LACIvINGTON, I. The Confessions of I. f.ackington, late 
Bookseller, at the temple of the Muses, in a series of Letters 
to a Friend. 

12mo. old calf. Bro'iUyn : Iltihlnsnn d- lAltle, 1800 

"This ispniliiihly the llrst l)i)ok printed lii Ilro(jklyii. the oriilion of(ieii. 
I.eeon WiishliiKton, iipiimplHet, WHS printed liere in isiio, and iilso un oriitiou 
by iJr. Vim I'elt on WiialiinKton, dellviTeil in Kliitl)n«ii, in ii |iuin|)ldet, wu8 
printed in tlie siinie yeiii- at Hroolciyn. Kobinaon & Little, tlu' printers of tldii 
vohinie, i>nbllaiie<l tlie Long Island Weekly Intelhgencer In 1800-7, fur one year." 
—Note hy IJ. C. Murphy. 

LAUADIK, St. Jkan dk. Ilistoire Curieuse de la Vic, de la 
Conduitc, et des Vrais sentinicns. 

12mo. vvlhtm, Ln Hnyr, 1070 
LACOMBE, I'KifE Ai,n. Dictionnaire do la langiie desCii.-i. 
thir.k 8vo. half mor. top ed(jc tjilt, uncut, Montreal, 1874 
LAET, Jkan dk. L'llistoire dv Nouveau Monde ou Des- 
cription des Indcs Occidentales. Contenant dix-huict Liures, 



Par lii Sicur Ii'Mii (!,• liiu-t, d'Aimi-r.* ; Kiiriciii <\o notiucllow 

'VMvH (i»'(><,M-(ii)lii(|iu'« i<t Kiyriires ilen Aiiimaiix, J'luiitefi & 

Kniii'tM. folitt, half ml mor, i/ilt nhjrii, Jlnc vtifii/. 

A I.iiiih . Chez It. ({ Ahinhiiiii Klscuiin, 1«1() 

with nn Hiit<i(rii|ili litlcr iif lie (,hi.| hIihI |.,y(liii, .Inly, lil-.t». 

Hid I.AKT. NovvN Orhid, »i'n cK'soriptioriiliiiK Indiae occi(lentttli» 

•''"■' XVI n. folio, vviium, ic.'jn 

Ml' l.iiil wiis DIriflor olllio WckI Inillii < (iiii|iiiiiy, null wim (ili<lliif(iili<lii'il Iti 
tliL. uorlil of IcllirM liy III* kiiowli'ilKc i>l' laiiKuiixtn, lilnlory, iiiiil K<<)KrHiiliy. Hi- 
WK< u luolllli' wrltvr. 

1117 I.AKT. Niciivve Wt-relill ; ofK! IJtjschryvinj^ho van Wo»t 
Iii(li«ni. folio, <ii;iraved litli; rrllnni. Liifdin, A7«fiJi«)«, 1G3(» 

if(t)fiiohc \inn CK'cst rulrfrn, tot bcrltirrhnnlir 
arhr(ftni mUr atcu irrcuc ndiahni 'onn l)crsclicii= 
lien jUiitfrn by rni tirisiimcU (Jotihc i.kitkk. 



/.<i/(l(u : litaatic Khivict. Anno Hi'2^> 

"ThiH work," Hiiy» Cliurlivolx, " ulilcli wim vtr \mig (rHiixInti'iI Into Kri'iicli 
and piililWiid liy i\w Hiiirii'KI/i'vli-H In KVKI, U full of I'xrclli'nt rfHi'iirdi, «« will 
In rcMiird 111 Ilic Kiiroiit'iiii m'ttU'incnlH In AniiTJcii, iw In ii'niiril to tlic niituriil 
lilslriry 1111(1 the cliiiriuirr iinil nijiiincn* ol' llic AnicrlfiiiiH. Tlic iiullior Ijiis fol- 
lowed till' lii'Ht HouriTs. Ill' wii*, niori'OViT, ii niiin of iiblllly, I'vliichiK I'vi'ry- 
wliiTc Kii'iit liUi'i'rnini'nt 1111(1 fdiiiid iTltli'lnni, I'xri'pt In minii' pliiciK, wIktii Iii' 
consnlti'd only rroli'uliint iintliors and yli'lds loo niiii;li to rillKlouM pri'Jiiilk'i'. 

" lli'trculu In the n'cond book of the IhIhikI of Ni-wfoiindlimd, Ciipe llieton, 
and other iKhiniU of the (iiilf of Ht. Kawience, the Sa(,'iienay Ulvef; of the HIver 
Mt. Kuwreiice, of whU^h he gives an exact description; of the city of (iiiehec, of 
the IndhiiH best known, of Acadia, and of all that occurred In that country up 
tohlHlline between the French and KiixlUli. 

"In the Innrth book he gives an account of Klorlda. He lecoiintB all the 
HtteniptD of the SpaiiiariU to fettle there; the expeditions of ilie Krencli; the 
Bcttlenicnt of .^il. Augustine by Menendez, and of the renlstunce which he had 
to make to the attack of the KnglUh under rfir l-'randi4 Druko."— //ijtorj/ o/Atw 
France, Vol. I., page "7. 

1419 Laet. Historic OCtc Jacilijck Vcrliael van <lc vorriehtiiigiici) 

tier Geoctroyeerdc Wcst-Iiidisclio Coinpagnie. 

Folio, vi'Uh.h. Leydcti : Elzcvlir, 1G44 

1420 Lakt. Aiitwerpiani Notae ad disacrtationein liugonis Grotii 

De Origiiie Gentiiiin Amcricaiiarum, etc. 

\2nin. old c(df, Lvdovicvm Ehinrivm, 1G43 

1421 LAFITEAU, JosKi>n Fuancois. Mt'nioire presente t\ son 

Altesse Royale lu Due d'Orleans ; Coneernant la Preciouse 

Plante du Gin song do Tartarie, decouverte en Canada. Mai). 

\2mo. half (jfcer, mor. ijiU edges, Parin, 1718 

1422 liAKiTEAU. Mooiirs dos Saiivages Aiueriquains, eomparees 

aiix nioeurs dcs premiers temps. Numerous engravings. 

2 vols. 4to. old calf. Paris, 1724 




1423 LAIIONTAN, Lk Bakox. Notiveuu Voyngcs ^fins TAnie- 

riqiio Septeiiti'iotmie, (jui coiiticniUMit iiue relation dcs diil'erens 

peuples qui y linbiteiit, etc. 2 roh. sin. Sco. old French caJf. 

La Ifayr Chez lesfwres I'lloiiore, 170!5 

1421 La IIontax. Voyages dans rAniericiiie Scptentrionalc. 

2 vuh. ]'2nio. half raJJ\ La Ilojje, 1705 

1425 Lahontan. New Voyages to Noitli-Anierica. Containing 

An Aceount of the several Nations of tliat vast Continent ; 
tlieir Customs, Commerce, and AVay of Navigation iii)on tiie 
Lakes and Hivers ; tiie several Attempts of the Englisii and 
French to disposses one another. . . . To which is added, A 
Dictionary of the Algonkine Language. Maps and Cats, 

2 ro's. 8t'o. half calf, Londc^^, 1735 

1426 LAMHRECIITSEN, N. C. Register op do Byvoegscls en 

Naleezingen van Wagcnaars Vaderlandsche Historic. 

8ro. paper, Anislerdam, 17'J8 

1427 u^M, 3- BUcUsf. smTacrachtfch Ijcihncl tan Ite 
flnntscUe rc»sc ohcliacn ftij \ien ctv^nmtn San 
DfrcUsj aam, als SllmKracl tarn ttn ©loot Schcpcn 

uyt dc vereenichdc Nederlanden : Ende voorts vaiide neder- 
laglie aent Kasti. ' do jNIyna, oj) dc kust van Guinea voor- 
ghevallcn, 4to. half mar. Avisterdavi : Jan van Hillen, 1620 

The Ui'v. Jonas Jlichiiclius, tlie tlrst miiilstor in Xew Ni'thcilanrt, was Clinp- 
lain of the tieel. lie i» niontioneil ou tlie last page. 

1428 LAMBP^RT, John. Travels through Canada and the United 

States of North America, in the Years 1800, 1807. Map 
and Engravings. 2 vols. 8vo. half calf , London, 1810 

1429 LANCASTER, Danikl. The History of Gilinanton, embrac- 

ing the Froprietiiry, Civil, Literary, Ecdcsiastictd, Biograph- 
ical, Genealogical, and Miscellaneous History, from the first 
settlement to the present time. 9ivo. papycr, Gilmanton, 1845 

1430 LANDAFF. A Vindication of the Bishop of LundaflTs Ser- 

mon from the gross misrepresentations and tibusive reflections 
contained in Wm. Livingston's letter to his Lordsiiip. 

8to. half mar. New York, 1768 

1431 Landaff. Vindication. (Another copy.) cloth. 

1432 LANMAN, James H. History of Michigan, Civil and Top- 

ograpiiical, with a view of the Surrounding Lakes. Map. 

8vo. cloth, New York, 1839 

i I 












LAPIIAM, I. A. The .'.ntiquitips of Wi.aconsin, iis surveyed 
uiul described . [ii pliites of inoiiiids, eartli'.vc.rka, etc. 

roijol 4lo. half mor. 18;'),'} 
LAUDNER, IlioNvsius. The History of Maritime iiiul 
Inland Discovery, (from the Cabinet Cyclopedia). 

;5 voh. 1-2///0. Iial/clolh, liontun, 1833 
LARRAMENDl. De la Antiqiiidad, y Universalidad del 
IJascuenze en Espana : de sas perfecciones y ventajas sobre 
otras miiclias Lengiias. Su autor M. 1). L. 

\2ttio. vellum, rntr. I'hi Haldiiianra Villnrrjordo, n. d. 
T.AitKAMKNDi. Matiuel de Arte do la Lengua Bascoi'gada. 
\2i)iu. vellum, rare. En Salamanca, Ant. Joseph 

ViUarijorilo Alcaraz, 1729 
Lauijajikni)'. Diccionario Trilingue del Castellano Has- 
ciience y !-atin. Su Autor El Padre Mamiel de Larrameiidi 
dela Compana de -lesus. 2 vnh. folio, maroon mor. 

extra, top edye (/ill, rery rare, five copy. For Bartholome. 
liiesgo y Montcro, Ciiidad de San Selmnfien, Ario, 1745 
LATHAM, RoHKUT (Iohdon. Opuscida. Essays, chiefly 
Philological and Ethii(dogical. 8w. cloth, London, 18(50 

Latham. The Cermaiiia of Tacitus, with Ethnological Dis- 
sertations and Notes. Map. «(o. cloth, London, 1851 
LATOUR, Ma.iuk. Historical Memoir of the War in West 
Florida and Louisiana in 1814-15. 

Svo. paper, Philadelphia, 1810: 
l^pon a lly-li'af is the following : 

" I subsciibo my niiiiie In this volume ill the rei]ue8t of the Hon. Henry C, 
Murphy, of New York. .lAMKS K. I'OI.K. 

Wiishington, Feb'y irtli, ISIK." 

LA TROHE, Hkn.iamin. A Siiecint View of the Missions 
established among the heathen by the Church of the Brethren, 
or llnita-. Eratum, in a Letter to a Friend. 

12//io. calf, London, 1771' 

LAUDONNIERE, ('An. Histoire Notable de la Floridc 
situee es Indes Occidentales, contenant les trois voyages fails 
en icelle par certains Capitaines »& Pilots Francois ; a laquelle 
a oste adjouste un quatriesine voyage fait par le Capitaine- 
(ioiirgues, mise en Lumierc par M. Hasanier. 
sni. Hco. calf, gilt, extremely rare. Paris: . Annay, ly8(;. 

Dedicated to .Sir Walter Haleijjh, to whom are also added commendatory 
Verses in Latin by Dorat, Hasanier and Hakluyt. 

At the Itrinley sale a copy brought $i"ili, and in a late catalogue of Mr. 
tiuarilch, London, a copy Is priced £(i:t. 


!5 , 

\ I 



H, 0. MUiu'iiY LiniJAnr. 

U\o LAUl)ONNir':RK. Niimiti\e of Le Moyiio, an artist wlio 
acc'ompauiod the Fiencli Expedition to Florida under Laii- 
donniere. 1;-)(J4. Translated from tlic Latin of De Brv, with 
Iloliotypes i.f the engravings taken from the original draw- 
'"o*<- 4/0. paprr, Boston, 187.') 

MM LAUDKIt, Thomas Dick. Sir Ivedale Price on the Pictu- 
resque : with an Essay on the Origin of Taste, and much 
original matter, with sixty Illustrations. 

^vo. f/rcen cloth, Jjne rvnoil-cnts, Loudon, 1842 
M4.') LAV'AL. Memoire.s siu- la Vic de M. De Laval, premier 
Evcque de Quehec. 

12Hio. Iialf brown wor. top cJ;je ,/ilt, uncut, Cologne, 17GI 
MK; LAWRE^X'E, Thomas. Historical Genealogy of the Law- 
rence Family, from their first Landing in thisbouutry, 163r), 
to the present date, 1858. Sro. cloth, New Yorl,, 1858 

MIC* LAWS OK TiiK CoLoxiivs. [Comprising New York, Barha- 
does, Maryland, \'irginia, Massachusetts.] 1719-1727. 
2 roh. folio, coif, in fw condition, rcy)/ mn\ 

London, 1710-27 
I M 7 LAWSON, Dkodat. Christ',s Fidelity the only shield against 
Satan's malignity, asserted in a sermon deliver'd at Salem- 
A'illage, March 24, 1G92. 

Vlnio. half calf, lionlon, reprinted. London, 1704 
1418 LA\\SON, (J.) The History of Carolina; containing tiie 
Exact Description and Natural History of tiiat Country : 
Together with tiie Present State thereof. And A Journal Of 
a Thousaiid Miles. Travid'd thro' t^everal Nations of Indians, 
(iiving a particular Account of tlieir Customs, Manners, &c. 
Map and plate. \tn. half green inor. top edge gilt, 

1)1/ llradntreet, fine tall copij. fjoudon. 1709 

ui;> [a:^2rs#^.] ;ailrrucustc ijcschiccijuufl Un- 
iJrotjfutJ cai-olfnn (n 2Jl?fst J-nlifru. Snmt 
cfnrm iicfsc=Jounial tjou mcftr als rauscnft 
^rflni inxttv nllrrh«inU Ku^ifaufsciicir il.itfonru. 

Mop and plate. \->ni(). half vior. nd edges, Ifainhiirg. 1712 
A (icrinun pditioii of tlie prceediiip. 

IM!)* LAYAHD. AisTKX Hknuv. TIic Monunu'nts of Nineveh. 
From Drawings made on the spot, fllnslrated in one hun- 
dred Plale.'i of edifces, oheliskn, taldr/.t. sculpluren. u-or/:s in 
terra cotta, painted bricks, vases, etc. 



SiccoND Skuiks. Comprising Bas-rolioft from tlie Palnce of 
Sciinet'iierib, ami Bronzes I'roiii llie IJiiiiis of Niinroud, made 
during a second Expedition to Assyria. Witli 71 plates. 

Together, 2 folio Atlases. London: John Murmij, 185;{ 

I !■)() LK BKAU,C. Avantiires, oil, Voyage Curienx etNouveau, 
parini ies Sauvjigcs do TAinericpie Soptentrionale. Dans 
leqnel on trouvera une Description Jn Canada. 

2 vols, in 1, calf, Avtsferdam, 1 7;}.S 

1I")I LK CLKHCQ, CiiitivsTiiCN. Ktabiissement de la Foy dans 
la Nouvelie France, contenant riIi>toire des Colonies Fnin- 
<;oises, & des decouvertos, cpii s'y sont faites jnsques a pre- 
sent. Avec nn exact relation des Expeditions & N'oyages 
entrepris ponr la Deconverte dn Fleuve Mis-!is,,ippi jusqnes an 
(;ol()lie de Mexiqne, Par ordre dv Roy. Sons la eonduite des 
Sicur de la Salle. & de sos diver.^es avantnres jusqnes a sa 
niort. Ensembles Ies victoires remportees en Canada sur Ies 
Anglois & Iro(iuois en 1G!)(), par Ies Amies de Sa Majeste 
sons le Commandement de :Aronsienr le Comptc de Frontenac. 
Mni) of New France. 
2 vols. l2iiio. old cidf, vcri/ rare. Paris : Arnahle Auroy, 1091 

This is a very niie book in coiisfiiiu'iicp of its linviiis lieeu siipprossed by tin- 
I'l-eiiclHiovirniiunt. Coxc, in liis " iJ.sciiiilion of farol.Tmi," siiyp, p. llS^tbiit 
it wus piil)lislic(l by onli'r of tlio I'n-ncli Iviiif;, but in' of its contain, 
ing passases favoiins, inailveiliintly. tlic Knglisli jirrtonsionj, it was calli'd in, 
"and tliat bookofonc livi-v price is not now (1711) to be purcliaslied for tliirty 

Mr. .Sliea luis given a very fall notice of tlie work in bis '■ Discovery of tin' 
.Mississippi," (p. 7S,) accompanied Willi co|)ioas translations. It contains an 
original acconiit of La Salle's voyage down tbat river by Father Anestatins, wlio 
ai'coinpaiiied tile e.xiiedition. 

Mr. Sparks, in liis life of l,a Salle, attests (p. !il) the great rarity of tlii- book 
at the iiresentday.— ,VV><« ii^ .lA/-. .Uurp/,i/. 

ll.")-i MO CLERC, Cri. Hibliotlieca Americiina. Ciittilogiie Rais- 
omu' d'une tiv-i-preciense collection de livres anciciis et mod- 
ernes snr rAmeriquc et Ies IMiilipiiincs. 

H?7). half iiior. toptjilt, kiicnI, I'uris, 1807 

U:.;; LIOCIIFOUD, (T.) Plain Deaiino-, Or, News from Xe.v- 
Knoland. A sliort vieV of Xew-Eiigiand's pre.*cnt Govern- 
ment, botli Kcclesiasticall and Civil, compared with the 
Jiiiciently-received and establisiied Government of England, in 
sonw n.ateriall iioinls; lit for the grjivcst consideration in 
these times. l/o. rrd nior. super extra, ijilt edges, hij Bedford. 

London: Xalhaniel Jiuller. Hi 12 


^1 i 



1464 LKCIIFORD, Thomas. Plain Dealing, or News from New- 
England. With an Introduction and Notes, by J. Ilaniniond 
Trumbull, 4fo. half m or. Boston, 1807 

Krpriiitcil. Sji, iklng of tlic imtlior, 5Ir. Tnii [Imll shjh, " Ilawevcr pri'jii. 
diced in lil» jiiilj,'imnts, liowcvcr iinwuminUMl in liis InfliicncPK, in liis record of 
faclii lie is conacientlous, piiinstaltinp, tolerahly <'xact, and almost always reli. 
able. And fliis it is which gives his I)Ool< its peculiar value. It Is u view ol' New 
Knghiiid,— more pnrtieidarly of jrassacluisetts, taken upon the spot by an intel- 
ligent observer, who, though unsympathizing, was not, in the nuiin, unfriendly." 

145;') LKGGE,Edwai{I), (Bishop of Oxford). A Sermon Preached 
before the Incorporated Society for the Propagiition of the 
(iospel in Foreign Parts, Feby. 18, 1820; with the Report of 
the Society for the year 181!). Alo. hoards, London, 1820 

14r»(i LEDERER. The Di.scovories of John Lederer, in three sev- 
eral Marches from Virginia, to the West of Carolina, anil 
other parts of the Continent: Peguii in Marcli, 1G09, and 
ended in September, 1070. Together with a General Map of 
th(! whole Territory wliicli he traversed. Collected and 
Transliited out of Eatine from his Discourse and Writings. 
By Sir William Talbot, Baronet. xw. Alo. green mor. gill 

edges, irilli iiiriji of 111 e lerriljrnj traversed by Lederer ; rare. 

London, 1072 

Sir William Talbot thinks *■ it is clear from this bonk, that the long-looked- 
for discovery of the Indian Sea does nearly approach; and that Carolina pre- 
sunies that the accomplishment of this glorious designe is reserved for her." 
Lederer, who was a (iernnin, travelled far into the interior of Virginia, and 
Imagined that he had nearly reached the shores of the great South Sea. lie 
made Idmself obnoxious to the peoiile of Virginia, and sought relege in Mary- 
land, where he was well received by Sir William Talbot,— who, " finding liim a 
nu)dest and ingenious person and a pretty scholar," says, "I tliouglit it conimon 
.Justice to give him an occasion of vindicating himself from what I bad beard of 
him; which truly lie did with so .■..nvinciiig reason and circumstance, as ijuite 
abolished those former inipressiciu^ in me, and n.ade me desire this account of 
his travels, which liere you have laiihtully rendered nut of l.aliue trom his owne 
writings, wi;.i an entire niap of the Territory be traversed."— /Vc/ocs. 

A copy at the (Jriswold sale in New York a few years since brought $:115. 

1-1,'»7 LEE, CiiAUi.KS. Memoiis of the Mfe of the late Li' iitenant 
Colonel Charles Lee, of the Forty-Fourth Regiment, Colonel 
in the Portuguese Service, and Aid du Camp to tlie King of 
Poland. Hro. half calf, IhihVin, 17;t2 

J4r»8 LEE, IIknuv. ^lemoirs of tlie War in the Southern Dejiarl ■ 
ment of the Uniled Siates. »vo. calf, Washington, 1827 

14.')9 LEEDS, Daxiki,. The AiiHriciui Almanac for the Year of 

Ciiristian Account, 1713. 12//((>. hliie mor. top edge gill. 

Printed Jiy William liradford, in Neiv York, 171."i 














LEE, RioiiARD IlKNitv. Life of Arthur Lee, Coinmi.ssiouer of 
the Uiiiied States to the Courts of Spain ami Russia, during 
the Kuvolutionaiy War. 2 vols. Svo. cluth, Boston, 1829 

LEE, M.\.nm Gkniokal. Proceedings of a General Court 
Martial, held at Brunswick, in the State of New Jei-sey, by 
order of (Jen. Washington. 8co. cloth, New York, 1864 

LEEUWEN, Ivan. Geschiedkundig Taffereel van den 
Watervlo( n de Overstrooniingen in de Provincie Vriesland. 

Hio. jiajicr, uncut, Leeuwanlen, 182(1 

LEFROY, Ma.iok Genkkal J. IL Memorials of the Discov- 
ery and Early Settlement of the Bermudas, or Somers Islands, 
l;jir)-1685. Compiled from the Colonial Records and other 
Original Sources. Vol. L, ir>15-1652. Vol. II., 1650- 
1687. With Map. 

2 thick vols, roijal 8i:o. cloth, London, 1877-79 

LELEWEL, J. Geographic du j\Ioyen Age. 
4 vols. 8vo. In 2, and one vol. of viaps, tognlier 3 vols, half 

calf, gill. Jji-Hxcllci, 1852-57 

A work of giciit learning, comprising tlic mrlifst ninrilinii' discoviries in 
bolli the 4'iistern itnd wi'stern ht'niisplKTt's.acconiptiiiiiMl by maps. 

LELEAVEL, Joachim. Pythcas de Marseille et la Geographic 
de son temps, orne de trois cartes geographiques. 

8vo. sewed, Bruxellcs, 1836 

LLOYD, Thomas. The Congressional Register ; or History 
of the Proceedings and Debates of the Fi- st House of Repre- 
sentatives of the United States of America. 

8vo. sheep. New York, 1789 

Leonard's Massachusettcnsis, or, A Series of Letters, con- 
taining a faithfid state of many important and striking facts, 
which laid the foundation of the Present Troubles in the 
Province of Massachusetts-Bay. 

8vo. half inor. London. J. Mathews, 1776 

LERY, Jkan dk. Ilistcire d'vn Voyage fait en la terre dv 
Bresil, dite Amerique. Contenant la Navigation & choses 
remaniuables, vcues sur m< '• par I'Authewr. Le comporte- 
nient do Villegagnon en ce jjays la. Les nucurs & facons de 
viure estranges des Sauuagcs Bresiliens : avec vn colloque de 
leur langage. 8vo. old calf . Oemoe : Jean Vignon, IGll 

LEON, Martin de. Camino del Cielo en lengua Mexicana, 
con todos los requisitos necessarios para conseguirestc tin, con 



todo lo que VII Xpi(V)io (k'lie creor, siiber y obrar, de.sdo el 
y)iinto qui tieiie vho do razoii, Im.stii ([nc inueri'. 
4lu. Qillc uantiii;/,) half )ii(iy. some lea cvn slalni'd. Mvxiro : 
• • Die(]o Lopez, 1611 

Tliin "Rond to Ileiivcii, willi all tlmt i» nc.cssnry to rciicli llmt rnd," Is a 
work orj,'rcat rarity, aiu' iiicntioni'd by m l(iljlio;;ia|ilu'r cxc-cpt Ti'iiiaiix, wlii>, 
from tlu' iinpcrfcct dcscriplioii lie gives, may not liavo simii it. II contains 
"Ciiterhinmoen l.eiiijna 3/exiciimi," "Sijiiilmld tlela I-'c <!(' S. Athnndnht" "Con- 
feisionario cii l.enijuu Mexicann y CasUllanii," "Aitr de /J'en Moiir," etc. 

14 71 LEON PINELO, Antonio dk. Epitome dc la liibliotcca 
Oricntiil i Oet-idental, Nautica i Geogralica. 

'ill), half calf. M(idi-i(h lann Gonzales, l()2!t 
The lirst I'ditioii of tla^ larliest Anu'iican Ifiblioj,'iapliy. It was greatly 
cnlajj^rd by llic Marcjuis dc Torrc-iincva, anil printed at Madrid in i;:ir,— in Ibrci' 
(olios, tbouf!li generally boun<l in one. 'I'lic tirst edition Is valuable on 
acconnt of the fuller articles whicli it contains on sonn^ American books. The 
author's surname nas originally Lecm; he aftervvar<U took that of I'lnelo, by 
whicli he is more generally knosvn. 

1472 LESCAKBOT, JIakc. IIi.-toir(.' de la Novvclle France, con- 

tenant Ics iiavigation.s, decoiivertes, et iiabitatioiis faites par 
les Fraii^'ois es Indes Oecidentalcs & Noiivelle France sou/, 
ruvoeu & rautiiorite de noz llois Tres Ciiretiens, et les diver- 
ses fortunes d'iceiix en I'cxecution de cos clioses, depiiis cent 
ans jusques a iiui. En (pioy est comprise I'llistoire jMonde. 
Natnrelle & Geograpi.ique de la dite province. Avec les 
Tables & Figures d'icelle. 8co. md Ici'aiil 

iiior. (jilt edges, vei\i/ rare. ]'aris, Jean MUot, IGOi) 

The lirst edition of l.cscarbol's History. It was transluted into Knglisli by 
I'.rondelle, and iiublished in London without date. 

" This author," says Charlevoix, " Inis collected with much care all that had 
been written before him toucliiug the lirst discoveries of the Krencli in .America; 
all that had occurred in Frencli Florida; the expeilition of the Clievaher de 
Villegaguon to lirazil; and the lirst settlement of Acadia by Mr. de .Mouts. lie 
seems sincere, sensible, and impartial." — Ilint. o/\ew Fiance, Vol. l.ip. 70. 

I'riced by Kills and While in \H7'J, £1.). 

1473 LESCAIUjOT, Maijc. Ilistoire de la Novvelle France, con- 

tenant les navigiitioiis, decouvertes, & iiabitations f'aites ptir 
les -Francois es Indes Occidcnttiles & Nouvelie France, etc. 
Seconde Edition, revile, corrigee, & aiignientee. 4 Maps. 

Hco. calf extra, (/III edges. I'aris, Jean ]\lillot, ICll 

1474 LESCAUnOT, Mauc. Ilistoire de la Novvelle France. 

Contenant les navigations, decouvertes & Iiahittitions faites 
par les Francois es Indes Occideutides & Nouvelie France, 
etc. 8co. red levant vior. (jilt edges, 4 inaps. 

Paris, Chez Adrian, Verier, 1G1<S 

This edition differs from nil the preceding in the arrangement of its several 
Iiarts. It also contains additional matter. Triced in Kliis and White's Cata- 
logue, jtl','. 





U7r, 2iL7^SCr3(itU<r>r, itt.irc. ^otnt .iTrnitcf.i. 
GiuulJliclic W^iovtu 1)011 Evfiiirtuufl Hcv qvos- 
stn Unn^fithnUt Jloun .f/inncf«i o^jcr ^cijn 
.IFinucUrcfch flcnnunt, nuch bon Sfttcn lintj Urs- 
chnffcnUfft tjcrsrlftrn lufllint C^blcftcr. 

4f<). half Ithu-k iiior. top <(1(je (jilt. Aniishurr/ : 

Dnhcrlzhofer, IGl;! 
117G LKSLIE, CiiAiti.KS. Tlie Simkc in the Grass: or Satan 
tninsfornuHl into an An;,-el of Liglit, dispovering tlio deci) and 
unsuspected subtiity wliicli is couched under tiie IVetended 
Simplicity of tiie Principal Leaders of those people calhid 
Quakers. Second edition. 

Hro. old calf. London, Charles Jiroinc, 16!)7 
N7C* LicsLiK. The Snake in the Grass, &c. Third edition. 

8(0. old ralf, London, 1698 

This pditioii h coircctpd 'iiid iirofonts srniip facts not stnttd In tlio previous 
ones, unionBotliiTS .loliu Auilliuul's Letter lit tlic end. 'I'lie autlior ia said to 
have lieen instigateci hy (ieorfje Keitli.— .See Life of FAmm), p. nso-:!. 

For some renuu kaljle matters relating to tlie (;iinu'ronian (^iialcers on Long 
Island and Kast Jersey, sec page 75, et seij. 

in? LIvSTKK, C. E. The Life and Voyagcis of Americus Vespu- 
cins. With illiisti-ations concerning the Navigator and the 
Discovery of the New World. Portrait. 

8 TO. half ijrecn mor, top edge (jilt. New York, ISIfi 
1-J78 LESTANG, SI. Dictionnaire Galibi presente sons deux 
formes ; precede d'un essai de Gramniairc. 

Svo. half calf. Paris, Jlaiiche, 170;! 
147;t I/ESTRANGE, Hamon, Kt. Americans no lewes, or, 
Inipro])abilities that tlie Americans are of that race. 
4to. (jrecn nior. extra, l>ij Jiradntreet. London, 

for Henry Seilc. 1652 

N80 L'ALLEMANT. Lctti'e du I'cre Charles L'Allemant, Siipe- 

rieiir de la Mission de Cantulas ; de la Compagnie de Jesus. 

Svo. half calf , Paris, 1627 

A Reprint in t'acsimiie, nnido in New Yorlf, 1871. 

1181 Li:tti£ES de la Veiierable Merc Marie de I'lncarnation Premiere 

Superieure des Ursalines de la Nouvelle France, divisecs en 
deux Tartes. pp. 675. -Itn. old French calf,, 

gilt, very rare. Paris, Louis Ilillaine, 1681 

1182 Li'.TTKU Addressed to two Great Men, on the Prospect of 

Peace ; and on the terms necessary to be insisted upon in the 
Negotiation. 12wo. half calf . London, 1760. 












T.rTTER8 to n Nobli'inmi on tlie Comhict of the War in the 
Middle Colonies. \-2vto. Itul/ mor. London, 1780 

Lkttkks KniKiANTKs pt Ciirieusi's, ftcrites dcs Missions Kfnin- 
gdres. Nouvelie Edition. 2f? lo/.s. \'2vio. cal/,fni' cojii/. 

Touhuse, Auriiist,i.i Oaiifh, 1810 

LEWIS AND Cr-AitKK. Tnivels to the Source of tlie Missouri 
Uiver and across tlie American Conlincnt to the I'acific 
Ocean performed in the years 1804, 180."), and 180(5. Mnpn. 

4lo. hoarch, ttncut, London, 1814 

LIBERAL, (Tin:). Verse and Prose from the South, 

2 voh. 8i'o. hoards, uncut, London, 1823 

LIHUrS Celebrated Library, sold in London in IS'iO-Ol. — 
Catalogue of Hooks. 2 vols. — Splendid Maiuiscripts. 1 vol. — 
Ancient Manuscripts and Rooks. 1 vol. — Reserve and plus 
curieiise. 1 vol. — Prices and purciiasers luinies. 1 vol. — 
Choicer portion. 1 V(d. Toiji'lher, 8 vols, rotjcd 8i'o. 

vniforndy hnnnd in half oil ue mor, top edge (pit, London, v. y. 

LICON, RiciiAKii. A True and Exact History of tlie Island 
of Barbados. Witii a Map of tiie Island, as also the princi- 
pal Tvees and Plants there. Folio, coif, 16.'>7 

UfL(B&B, l^umfrcJ). rhr hfstorfr of <rjiml)rf«i, 
noto cnHtn awalcs. ^ part of the most famouis 
manrt of 3Briita(ue, torftten fit the iJnjtfsh Inn- 
fluaflf atout 200 weaves past. 

4to. cdJf, gill edges, rare. {Coloplion :) Jinprinled at London 
hy Rafe Netcherie and Henrie Denhani, 1584 

In this voliinic .ippeiirs, for tlie tlrat time, tlic iiccimiit of the voyage of tlie 
Welsh I'riiK'e Madoc, ap Owen (iwynoih, in H hloli he discovered new lands at the 
West, and wliieli were afterwards colonized hy Madoc's people. It is thisvoyage 
upon which rests the claim of the Welsli to tlie discovery of America. 

LIEBURKUHN, Rkv. Samlkl. Tlie History of our Lord 
Jesus Christ : Translated into tlie Delaware Indian language, 
by the Rev. David Zeisbcrger. Portrait. 

\2mo. sheep, Xeie York, 1821 

LILLY, Wii.i.iAJi. IMonarcliy or no Monarchy in England. 
Grebner, his Propiiecy concerning Cliarles, Son pf Charles, 
iiis Greatness, Victories, Contiucsts. The Northern Lyon, 
or Lyon of the North, and Ciiicken of the Eagle discovered 
who tliey are, of what Ntition. 

4to. half red mor. London, If. Blundev, IG^l 







LIKUKli, Fkancis. Manual of Political Ktliics. 

8vo. cloth, London, 1839 
LINCOLN, WiM.iAM. History of Worcester, Massacliiisctts, 
from its eiuiiest settlement to September, 183G. With noti- 
ces relating to the History of Worcester County. 

8uo. half cloth, Worcester, 1837 
Lincoln Ouskquiks in tlie C'ty of New York, under the Aus- 
pices of tiie Common Council. Portrait 

royal 8t'o. mor. (jilt edges. New York, 1866 
LINN, Wili.ia.m:. Discourses on the Signs of tiie Times. 

8vo. sheep. New York, 1 794 

A valimblc work for Cliuich History. 

U1iM&(t'^<!^WE,M' fftocc Journalcu ban Vmu 
tocr.*.chei)ftc ©oyaaftn, oeUacn Iroor Jaw ^unflen 
ban afnsthootcn, ®an tn Jloorlren om, lanohs 

Noorwegen, de Noordt-Caep, Laplandt, Pitzora, &c. door de 
Strate ofte Enghte van Nassouw, tot voor by de Ileviere Oby, 

na Vay-gats, gedaen in de Jaren 1594 en 1595 Lar(je 

folding map. \to. half purple mor. top edge gilt. 

Amsterdam, Gillia Joosten Saegman, [1669] 

LINSCHOTEN. Voyagie, ofte Scliip-vaert . . . van by 

Noorden om hinges Noorwegen de Noortcaep, Laplant, Vin- 

lant, &c. door de Strate ofte Eiigte van Nassau tot voorby de 

Revier Oby . . . Anno 1594 on 1595. Map and 14 colored 

plates. Folio, vellum, veri/ rare. Editio ruiNCEPS. 

Ghedruct tot Francker Bij Gerard Ketel. {At the end) 1601 

Cost at the Enehede sale in 1807, $02.00 

LINSCHOTEN. lolm Ilvighen Van Linschoten. his Dis- 
cours of Voyages into y= Easto & West Indies. Deiiidedinto 
f(*ure Bookes. Translated out of the Spanish into Low 
Dutch, and out of Dutcn into English, by W. P. 

Folio, full russia, gilt edges, blind tooling inside. Complete 
ivith the 12 maps, the portrait of Linschoten, and the plates of 
the Dutch edition inserted, in addition. London, 

John Wolfe, [1598] 
"Aboutn twelvfiiioiith agoe, a learned gentleman brought unto mee the 
Voyages and Nniiigations of .lohii lluyglien van Linschoten into tlie Indies, 
written in tlie Dutclie Tongue, wiiicli he wii<lied niiglit be translated into onr 
Language, because liee thouglit it would be not only deliglitlull, but also very 
commodious for our English Xiition. Upon this commendation and opinion, I 
procured the Translation tliereof uuc )rdingly, and so thought good to publish 
the same in I'rint, to tlie ende it miglit bee made coinmoa and Ituowou to euery 
hotly."— Dedication. 


n. c. MtritniY unnARY. 

" The niitlior (if iIiIh bookf, .lulin Uiigh Minpliotf, of llurU-ni, oonllniiMl In 
Jiiilliil'iir the iiiiiMl piirt, (irnliU'jiHn'K, niiil lind kihkI iiiiporliiiilly of kiiii' mid I'rr- 
liiiiii'liilclllKtiici'sliy rniNim of liln hitvIcc iniili'r \I((ii|Iiih du Kdinci'ii, ii I'ryiT 

" Iiilrmi, it hy KIiik riilll|i I'liiili'il AirlililaliDp (if nil India. I'ldn iiiiiii IIiikIi 

i.iiiwlH.lf liidmvcd liliimt'lfi' co lioiiiMlly iiiid miillj (luring llii' lliiii' iif Uh iiliiiili- 
IIu'H', tliiil he wiin nut oncly In hl^li fiudnr <dld« r.inil iind .Malstii, hut lir win 
lil-o sliiKidiiily and Ki'licially liclon d <d all llic liiliiiMtantx iiiid |ilai'i» wliiic lie 
wan nioBi iCKldint. lie illil iiKint dllltiiiilly anil ron^ldi ralily dIihitnc iind col- 
li>cl loxitliir all acciirrnitN and iiicldi'iilK that lia|ipi'ni'd In IiIh incinniy ft kiinwl- 
rilKi'.and III)' Hanii' lialli I'liininlttid tii writing in thr Dutch 11111^111' with all 


I'i'k'i il £i;l ill II lati' l.diidiiii ('atuliiKiii'. 

M'.)'.l MNSCIIOTKN. ItiniTaiimn. Oltc Schip-vi. t naor Oowt 

of'to rortiipu!!;! IiiditMi Folln, rilhna, irllli all 

llir ))i(il)S (Dill pldlrs. AiiiKlirdiliii, E. ('I'ljiiiriihiti-cli, l(i2;{ 

141)!)* LiT<;iii.ii;i.i> C'uimty C'cnU'iiiiiiil {'I'li'lii-iitioii, August, IfSal. 
Ilartf'onl, iHal. — Ivoiit's Cliiirtcr oF tlio City of New York, 
&i'. — Ni'w Vdik, 1K;U). — L('i.'i,sliiti\n llimoi-s to tlii! iiUMUon- 
of PioMideiit Lincoln. IHGi'*. — Law's Colonial Ili.stoi-y ot" 
Vinwnni's. IM-OH. — Lowin's History of Lynn, inclinling 
Nniiant. IHIL — Moore's Skotclies of tlio history of Dart- 
niontli ColU'go.— (Vlcl)i'iUi()n of tliii SiMiii-Ci'nlfniiial Anniver- 
sary of tlic Alliany Araduiny. LSO;}. — Cfnti'unial Celebra- 
tion at Danvers, JLiss. IJoston, 1852. toijvthvr, 8 voh. 

1500 LiTKUAitv and I'liilosopliiciil Society, of New York : Instituted 

in the Year 1814. V(d. 1. 

Ato. jiapi'r hoards, uncut, A'eir Yorlc, 1815 

1501 LITTKLL, William. I'olitical Transactions in and ooncern- 

ing Kentueky, from the fii-st settlement thereof, until it became 
iin Independent State, in June, 171»2. 

\2iiio. Iiuiii'ih, Friiii/.-fort, 180() 

1502 LITTKLL, J. Family Kecords ; or, (Jenealogies of tiie First 

Settlers of I'assaie N'alley (and vicinity) above Cliatiiani, with 
their Ancestors and Descendants. 

8((;. clolli, Feltvilk; iV. J., 1851 

1503 LrrTKiMC Annv<k Socictatis Jesu ad Patres & Fratres eiusdein 


8 voh. sm. Svo. piijHlin. lloiiue, Diiiici <{■ Dllingce, 158C-1G50 

1504 Lktiuks Edikiantks et Curieuses, I'crites des jMissioiis Etran- 

geres par (pielques jMissionaires de hi Compagnie de .lesus. 

sm. 8(,((. "28 ('(;/.s. /// 24, ciilf ijill, Jiiio set, J'ltt-is, 1715 

Of tliis valualilo \vorI<, vidiinics aro devoted to tlie Levant, 1 to America, (i 
to lmlia,H to China and the Kast Indies. 

Ill the volumes relating to Noitli Ainerica is a lielation from I'ather Maret, 
describing Ids voyage to Hudson's liay in KilH, and anotlier from the same mis. 
Bioimry relating to Ills labors in Illinois. Letters from Fathers V'ivier and 
Marcst, Iroiii tlie same country. Letters from I'ather IJu I'etit, New Orleans, la 
17;iO. Letters from Father Hasle, in 17^;!, relating to the Abenukes; otliera from 
mittsiuuuries In C'niiudu, Louisiana, and Florida. 



1506 LIVKH.MOUK, S. T. A ('<>ri<l..iiHti(l \l\^u,vy urC....|).i«towii, 
witli a IJi()^i((|ilii('ul SkeU-li of Fftiiiiuiic C(M)|M!r 

//«/)/ Hrn. hill/ i/ifi II iiinr. lop vihjc ijUt, Alhanif, 1802 
I.VH; MV KK.MOIJK, S. T. a Ilistoiy ..r IhIiumI fn,m iiH 
Discover)', iti l.')l I, to tlic prcs.'rit lime, 1M7(1. 

I'diiio. rliilli, //iiil/nnl, Coiiii., 1H77 

li)()7 I.IVIXCS'I'ON, Ki.wAKi), AtldivMs (o tlio I'.'oph- cif the 

I liilcd S(iitf.-4, (III the mi'ii.sill'cs |iiii'Miit'il \>y 1]h\ lOxcclitive with 

n'spcci Id the |{iittmc at New Orleans: willi u report of tiie 

caiiHo tried in the Superior ('oiirt. 

Hn,. /nil/)),!),: Niiw OrlraiiH, IHOH 
ir.OS MVINCiSTOX, Wii.MAM. Philosophic S.ditiidc : or, Tlio 
Choict'oCa Rural Lite. A I'ociii. 

Hro. iilil ml/, Xrir Vorlc, 1747 
rirnt ('(lltioii. Ut'iirlntvd nt lloslmi In irW. 

loOl) LiviNciSTON. A Letter to the llishopoC Landair. Occasioned 
hy his Sermon, in which ihc Aineri<'an Colonies are h)adcd 
with' great and iindeaerved reproach. 

^vo. flotli. /{onion, Kiici-laiid if- Adfiinn, 17(»H 

li'^lO [LIVINCSTON, (William.)] A Hevicw of the Military 
Operations in North America; from The Commencement of 
the French Hostilities (tn the Frontiers of Vir;^inia in H.')!}, to 
the Surrender of ()swe;;o, on the 11th of An;j;iist, n;')!). 
Interspersed With Various Observations, Characters, and 
Anecdotes ; necessary to give Light into the CondiKit of Amer- 
ican Transactions in general ; and more esi)ecially into the 
political Management of AHiiirs in New York. 4lo. liiil/ red 
mor. Liniduii,J. Diidtilfij, Ni'id J'JihiIivkI, /i'ljninlid, \'tf)H 
ir»ll LOCKK, John. Kssay Fhilosophi(|iie concerniuit I'entende- 
ment hnmain, on Ton montre quelle est I'citenduo do nos con- 
noisances eertaines, et la numiere dont nous y |)arvenoiis. 
J'ortniit. 4lo. hal/ cal/, Aiiistn-dam, 17-12 

1512 LoCKK. Oeuvres Diverscs. Xouvelle Edition considerablo- 

ment augmenteo. 2 co/.s. 12;n(>., Ainnterdain, 17;52 

1C>\2* L0(;KF, John. A ('oUection of several Pieces by, never 
before printed, or not o.vtant in his works. 

Hi;o. cdl/, [jondoii, 1721 

1513 LOCUvIMAN, Mn. Travels of the Jesuits, into the various 

parts of tlio World. Now first attempted in Fnglish. Maps 
and Sculptures. 2 cuU. 8uo. ail/, London, I14'.i 





ir.M IA)I)KWIJKS, CJ. M. A. W. IVcn.i.T I-ivic .lo la NiiviK»- 
tioii iivx Indi's Orit'titalcs, par li's nollaiHldi!* ; ct iU'H cUdws ii 
«!vx Hilvi'iiVi'H : Ai', (. Nicola;*, l(>()'.». .'>;t Ii'uvi'h. — Lo 
Necoiul Livro ov coinptiiir, coiiU'iiaiit In viay ilii4covr(t ut iiur- 
ration liiMt()ii(|\(', ilii V()ya;;t' fait [Mir K'.s Imit iiaviri'« d'Ain- 
ttUrdain vu ITiDH hoiim Iai|iit'M Coriiillc Nee, tttc. Aiii.4., Kid'.*. 
'2'2 lfiivi'8 and vocal). — Do Vocr, Viavf I)i'H('ri|)lioii <li! tn.i« 
Voyages. [IN'roiit/. t'aiiioiiH voyages.] Aiiix., KiOD. it 
leaves. — I)e.s('ri|>tii)ii dv |ifiiil)li' Voyage I'ait en tora de I'lini- 
verM ov glolie terrestre par Olivier dii Noi'tenl'an l.V,»H-l(i()l . 
AniMt., KtlO. (II pp. — Description et Kecit lIi«torial tlv riclic 
royannie d'or de (ivnea. Anist. M.VIC'.V. OH pj). and 
voeahulury. Amst. C. Clae.-<.H(>n. 

Folio, ifilli nnmvroUH iiltilrn and irtiixl-cidn In li:ii, hiiiiiid in 
rclliiiii. .\iiisli idaiit, Viiniille AVco/fi.s, •KJO'J-IO 

\')\tt I-()('KW()()D. Our Campaign aroniid (lettywltnrg. Brook- 
lyn, IMdI. — liossing's Diary of U'asliiMgtoii IVoin 1 7H1) to 
17!il. — MaHon's iMi^^lisli (ianleii, a i'oeni. V(/i'k, 17H;{. — 
IIi.storical Sketch of C'olnnibia College, by N. F. Moore. 
New York, 1810. — Historical Sketch of the Clinrcli of the 
Moravians. Pa., IHI;). — Ili.story of Haverhill, Ma.sH. \H\V1. 
— Messler's Centeniiiiil llitttory of Somerset County. Soin- 
crville, 1878. totjMcr, H nih, 

l.'ilO LOI.MK, A. L. The Constitution of England; or. An 
AccDUtit of the ICnglish ( loverrnuent ; in which it is coin|)ared 
Loth with the liepnbliean form of ( iovermnent, and the other 
Moniirehies in Europe. A new Edition. I'oitrait. 

Hfo. ail/, f.oiiildii, 1821 

ir)17 LONDON. 'I'he IJoyal Charter of Coiilirhuition granted by 
King Charles 2nd, to the City of London. \\' herein are 
recited verbatim, all tin; CMuirters to the said city, granted by 
his Hoyal JIajesty's Royal I'redecessors, Kings and (Queens of 
England. \'2iiiu. old calf, Loudon, 1(]71( 

A book riiri'ly nut with. It ciiiliiins copies of nil tliu (MmrtiTS gniiittd to 
tlieCily of Loniloii liom Williiuii tlio (^oixiiiiTor lo Clmrlos-'il, iiiclu.Hivf. 

l.'ilH LONd, .1. Voyages and Travels of an Indian Interpreter 
and Trader, describing the Manners and Customs of the 
North American Indians; to which is lulded, a N'ocabiihiry 
of the Chippeway Liuiguage. -llo. Iinlf calf, London, 17!)l 



1'lt> f.ONrJ, I\r,\.roit SrijMiKN II. Accnnnt of un Kxpwliiioti from 
l'ilt,Mlmi.r|, 1,1 the Hocky Moimtains. IVrformiMl in tin- \v\rn 
Mill and 20, •> ,„Ih. H(<). irith nn Minn, Imniilx, ininit. 

/', IHT.) 
1.^20 LoN(i IliMtorii'iil Snrictv I'lililicalionn. Vol. I , coii- 
taiiiini,' (lie Joiirniil ofa \'<iya;,'(! to Now York in I(i7!t-H(), liy 
.lanpar Daiikiis ami W-U-r Sluylt'f. Vol. 2, iJaltIo of Lon« 
Mand. \dl. ;i. Tlio Caiupai^jn of l77(iaroniHl Now York 
luiil Brooklyn. ;t mU. Hni. <i,-rri, vl,lh, lop eilijn tjlH. 

/triitiklijii, lHfi7 
l.yj'i LOON, (ii;i{Ani> VAN. Uvknoptf Wrliainltlin;.' van do Wct-k, 
cii JaurmarktiMi, Midf<;^,l,l,.,.,^ v,iii d,. KonnisMcn in Holland. 

Hrn. nliii'ii, fjiiiliii, 17li'l 
l.".22* F.OON, .ToiiANNiiM VAN. Klacr-I.iclilcndc Nooit-Star oHc 
ZtH'-Alla,s. iithinfi.lkt, rrlhim. Muhllihinih, 

Wlllichiii'K (hiivvi-, l()(i(! 

Till' llrst ScuAlliiK c«iihiliilii){tli<' i'(iii»t of Ni« XcllicrliiiKl. 

I.VJ;{ I.OHKNZANA, FuAst ist o AN'r()M().i Ilifttoriu do Nuovfi 
Kspana, cwcrila. por sn cMclarccido ('on(|nistador Ilcrnan 
Cortes, anint'iitndu <'on otros docnnicntox, y nolan. 

/olio, SiKiiiisli liiillirr, Aft'xlrii, 1770 

1.'>2I LOUUAINK. AhnV' ('ln-..iiolo^ri,|nf dc I'llistoirc d.- I.or- 
raini! ; ('(tnlciiaiil Ics principanx l';vt''ncn(i'nts dc ccttf Ilistoirc 
dcpuis C'IovIh Jnsrin' a (Jcninl d'Al.xaci', etc. 

2 ii>h. \2iiiii. old luiillli'd ralf, ijill, I'm in, 177.') 

l.VJ,") I.OSKIKIi, <ii;<)i!<ir. IIi.Mfv. Ilistoiy ol' tlio Mission of the 
linitod IJrotiuvn anionj.- the Indians in North Anii-rica. Map. 

Hid. hixiifh, lAinilini, 171(1 

l.ViC L()SSIN(i,nKNs()N ,1. Tlic Pictorial Field 15ook of the Ucv- 

olution ; or, Illustrations, hy IVn and IVncil, of the History, 

15iofriaphy, Scenery, Kclics, and 'JVaditions of the War for 

Indcpendenco, with several hundred cn;,n'avin;j:s on wood. 

•1 idIh. riii/oJ Hn>. lutlf calf, New Y<,rl:, 1851 
l''lr»t I'llilloii, \('i-y sciUTc, wllli finr iiii|ins>liiii« of llic wood-cuts. 

l.'cJ7 J,()ssix(;. The Diary of (Jeorge Washington, from I 7H!» to 
17!»1, cndtracing the Opening of the First Congress, and his 
Tours throngh New Knghind and the Southern States. J'or- 
trcii- Vlmo. cluth, New York, ISOd 

I ' 



21 fi 


1527* LOSSING. Tho Liff mui Times of Pliilip Schuyler. 

2 rols. poKl 8vo. chill, Nnu York, ISOO 

Willi an uiitof^'riiiili liltc r Iroiii tlic mitlior to Mr. Miirjiliy. 

1")28 LossiNU. Tlie Iludsoii, f'roin tlic WildorncHS to tlic Sea. 
Ilhistrntcil by 30G Engravings on Wood. 

sill. ilt). lull/ f/rven vior. Nvw York, 186(5 

lf>2!t LOUDON, J. C. An Knchclopodia of Cnrdening : compris- 
ing tlic Theory and I'ructice ot" Ilorticnilure, I'Moricidture, 
Arboricnltnre, and Landnca]!!' Gardening. Illustrated with 
many Inuidred engra\ings on Wood. 

Hvo. Iinlf calf, London, 18^0 

1530 Loudon. The Villa Gardener : comprisingtheehoiceof a Sub- 
urban Villa l?csidenee ; the Laying out, I'lanting, and Gulture 
of the (iarden and (iroinids; and the ^Management of the 
Villa Farm. W'aodcnls. Sn*. cloth, London, 1850 

15;') I LoiDON. The Gardener's ^lagazine, and Register of Rural 
Improvement, and (iai-deners for (hardening. 

11 vols, hidf calf, fjondon, 182() 

15;{2 Lo I.DON. The Gardener's Magazine, and Register of Rural 
and Domestic Improvement, comprising Treatises on Land- 
scape Gardening, ^Vrboricnltnre, Floriculture, Rural Archi- 
tectiM'e, Plans of (iardens and Country Residences, etc. 

•I nils. 8co. cloth, ijilt, London, 1835 

15."i;) LovDON. Arboretum et Fruticetuni, or, The 'frees and Shrubs 
oi Rritain, Native and Foreign. Pietorially and IJotanieully 
delineated, and seientitlcally anil popularly descrilxid : with 
their Propagation, CuUui'e. Management. With 2,500 
Engravings. 8 rols. Hro. ijrccn cloth. London, 183H 

15;'.-I LOWER, 51 AKK Antoxy. Englisli Surnames. An Essay on 
Family Nomenclature, historical, etymological and Jnimoi'ous. 
2 cols. jiDst Hco. i/rci'ii cloth, London, 1849 
15;i5 LOWNDES, AVm. T. The IJibliographeis' luanual of Eng- 
lish Literature, containing an account of rare, curious, and 
useful books, published in. or relating to CJreat IJritain and 
Ireland. New Ivlition revised, and eidarged. 
11 rols. in G. Hvo. lari/i- piiju'r, half inor. to^i cdije ijilt, nnciit, 

London, 1857-1875 
15.")f) LOZIERES, BAiDiiV dk. Secon<l Voyage a la Louisiane, 
faisant suite aw premier de I'auteur de 17114-0'^. 

2 rols, 8(0. sheep. Paris, 180."i 










l.i87 LUCCOCK, J. Notes on Hio Janeiro, and tiie Soutliern 
Parts of'Hi-azil; taken from 1808 to 1818. 

•4/'). half calf, London, 1820 
LUCKKNHACII, A. (Delaware Indian.) Forty-six select 
iScripture Narratives from the Old Testament, with Knjrrav- 
ings, for the use of Indian Youth, 'rr.iiislated into the Dela- 
ware Indian. \2mo. half mur. top iji/l, A^,.,,, j-,^,./,.^ igo,^ 

LlJDEWia, IIi;i;manx K. The Literature of American Local 
History; A IJil)liograi)hieal Essay. With -Supi)Iemeiit. 

8/;o. cloth, New York, 1840 
A I'resciitiitioii Copy from tile luitlior. 

Li;i)i;wi(i; The Literature of the American Aboriginal Lan- 
guages. With additions by Prof. W. W. Tarner. l-Mited 
by Nicolas Triibner. 8w). cloth, London, 1808 

LrDFAVIGS, (15.) AVahrer IJericht, de dato Germantown, 
den •>{). Febr. 1714^. An seine liebe Teutsche, und wem is 
sonst niiszlicii zu wissen ist, wegen Sein und seiner Priider 
Zusammenlmnges mit Pennsylvania, etc. 

\2mo. Iialfmor. Anno 1742 

LuTiiKiti Catcchismus, ofwersatt pa American-Virginiste 

Spraket. With Ihr nira map. l'2mo. eiKjirivrd /rontiniiiece, 

green nior. gill edges. Stoclholm, Burchard Trijckeri, 1C9G 

LuTiiERi Cateciiismus. (Another copy.) 

12wo. old calf, Stockhohn, 179(> 

On the coviT is t'.ie stump of King Cluirles II. 

Lyman's History of Etist Hampton, Mass. Northampton,. 

18GG. — Kilbom'u's Ohio Gazetteer. Cohnnbus, ]«i;5. 

Lambert's History of the Colony of New Haven. 1838. 

Lapham's Wisconsin. Milwaukie, 1840.— A Selection from 
the AYritings of Jonathan Lawrence. 183.'!.— Latham's Man 
and his Migrations. 18,->2.— Hcckewclder's Life, by Edward 
Ponthaler. 1847.— Headlcy's Letters from the Pack woods., 
1850. — De Smet's Sketches of a Year's Residence among the 
Indians of the Rocky Mountains. Phila., IHIIi.- DemaiTSt's 
History of the Retbrmed Protestant Dutch Church. New 
York, 185G. together, 10 vols.. 

1543 MACAULFY, Jamks. The Natural, Statistical, and Civil 
History of the State of New York. 

3 i-'ols. Sio. sheep, New York; I821i 







I i 

1545 JMACGREGOH, JoiiN. CoinmeiTial Tariffs, find Regula- 
tions of tiic several States of Europe and America. 

5 vols, folio, unbound, Londoti, 184G 

154G McCOY, Isaac. History of Baptist Indian Missions : embrac- 
ing remarks on tiie ibrmer and present condition of the Abo- 
riginal Tribes. Sco. cloth, New York, 1840 

1547 MACKAY, Ciiaklks. A History of London ; from its Foun- 

dation by the Romans, to the Accession of Queen Victoria : 
with some account of the jirogress of its Institutions, etc. 

i2mo. cloth, London, 1838 

1548 MACKENZIE, Amcxandkr. Voyages from Montreal, to the 

Frozen and Pacific Oceans, in 1789 and I7!)3. Jllaps and 
P<'>-t>-ait. 4^0. half calf, London, 1801 

1540 JIAKEIMIE, Fkancis. A Good Convtn-sation. A Sermon 
Preached at the City of New York, January 19tli, 170G-7. 
Title in fav-siniilc. Vlmo. cloth. Boston, B. Green, 1107 

1549* Makkmie. a Narrative of a New and Unusual American 
Imprisonment of Two Presbyterian Ministers : And Prosecu- 
tions of Mr. Francis Makemie, one of them for I'reaclnng 
one Sermon at the city of New York. I5y a Learner of Law 
and Lover of Liberty, pp. 47. 4to. title and one page of Epistle 
to the Header printed on hack of title icantinrj. Printed for the 

I'nhlisher, 1707 
lii'liriiite.l in rorcc's Collection of Historical Trncta, from which the title 
above Kivcn ix taken. .Smith, the historian of Xew York, says (Vol. 1, p. m, ed. 
ol N. Y. Hist. Soc ) Miut the acconnt of the trial of JIakemie was first pnhlis'hed 
at the time, and reprinted at New York in IToS. This is the original edition 
printed in 1707, sine loco. 

1.350 Make-mik. a Narrative, etc. The same work. 

4/0. halfmor. .jilt edges. New York, H. Gaine, 1755 

1551 M'CULLOH, J. II. Researches on America; Being an 

Attempt to settle some points relative to tlie Aborigiires of 
America. Map. Svo. half calf, Baltimore, 1820 

1552 M'CLLi.ocn's Geographical Dictionary, Statistictd and Histor- 

ical, of the various countries, places, and principal natunil 
objects in the world. Map. 

•2 rols. royal Sco. sheep, X^u York, 1847 

1 553 M'DONNELL, Ai.e.xani.ei{. A Narrative of Transactions in 

the Red River Country ; from tlie commencement of the ope- 
rations of the Earl of Selkirk, till the Year 181G. .Vajj. 

Svo. half sheep, London, 1819 


id Rcgulii- 

nclon, 1840 
s : einbrae- 
f tlie Aho- 
forlc, 1840 

11 its Foun- 

I Victoria : 

3, etc. 

idon, 1838 
real, to the 
Maps and 
idon, 1801 
A Sermon 
li, 1706-7. 
'r(t«, 1707 


II Prosecii- 
icr of Law 

e of Epistle 
led/or t/ir 
ilier, 1707 
hicli till' title 
I. 1, p. l«l, Ufl. 
rst imlilislii'ii 
igiiinl cilitioii 

line, 1755 
l»('iiig an 
)rigiue.s of 
lore, 182[» 
111 Ilistor- 
iil natural 

'od-, 1847 
tactions in 
f the ope- 
hn, 1819 



1554 McKENNEY, Thomas. Sketches of a Tour of the Lakes, 

of the Character and Customs of the Chippeway Indians, and 
of Incidents connected with the Treaty of Fond dn Lac. 
Portrait. Sco. half mor. top edge gilt, Baltimore, 1827 

1554* McKENNEY and Hall. History of the Indian Tribes of 
North America, with Biographical Sketches and Anecdotes of 
the principal Chiefs. Embellished with 120 colored Tor- 
tniits from tlie Indian (iallery, in the Department of AVar, at 
Washington. 3 vuh. folio, half mor. riiiladelpliia, 183G-44 

1555 McKINNEN, Daniel. A Tour through the British West 

Indies, in the Years 1802 and 1803, giving a particular 
accoinit of the Bahama Islands. 12wo. calf, London, 1804 
155G M'KENNEY, Thomas L. Memoirs Official and Personal; 
with Sketches of Travels among the Northern and Southern 
Indians ; embracing a War Exc\irsion, and descriptions of 
scenes along the AVestern Borders. Portrait. 

2 vols, hi 1, royal 8vo. cloth. New York, 184G 

1557 McMURTRIE, Du. Sketches of Louisville and its environs ; 

including, among a great variety of miscellaneous nnitter, 
Fh)rula LouisviHensis. Map. 8vo. half calf, Louisville, 181!) 

1558 M'LEAN, John. Notes of a Twenty-Five Years' Service in 

the Hudson's Bay Territory. 

2 cols. 12mo. cloth, (title of vol. 1 wanting), London, 1849 

1559 MAFFfcE, Jean Piekuk. L'Histoire des Indes Orientales et 

Occidentales. 4to. calf, I'aris, 1565 

1559* MAFFEH, J. P. Ilistoriarum Indicarum Libri XVI. 
Accessit Ignatii Loiola3 vita. 

folio, old calf. Colon, Agrip, Arnoldi Mijlii, 1589 

15G1 MAGNUS. A Compendious History of the Goths, Swedes, 

«fe Vandals and other Northern Nations. Wiittew by Olaus 

Magnus, Arch-Bishop of Upsall, and Metropolitan of Sweden. 

folio, half mor. London, J. Htrcater, 1658 

All iibridt'ini'iit of the pront work of Olaiis Magnus, first printed In Latin, 

lit Itonie, in I.Vm, and subsuiiiiently issued in Italian and Krencli. In tlieorigi- 

nal «(n-k at the beginning, (liere is a map of the northern regions, upon wliich 

Greenland is laid down precisely as it appears in Ptolemy's "Cosmographitc" of 

15G2 MAGNUS, Olals. Ilistoria Olai Magni Gothi Archiepis- 

copi Upsalensis. De Gentivm Septentrionalimn luiriis condi- 

tionibus statibusue, tfcc, &c. folio, oaken hoards, 

fine copy. Basil. Ex Officina Ilenric Pdrina, 1640 




lo63 3'AGNUS, Olai:s. De gontiuin SciUciitrionalinni. . . . 
th'irk folio, oaken hoards, Jiur rojii/. Basil. 

Jhiiric Pefriiio, ICAO 

rr. *!r"'r "','".' """"," ""■■•'"■■•" ""K'""^ '" •'"• iK'f-'inni.ig „f tills voliniu., ^yv lin.l 
On„„|.u.,l,a <im.„l„„.l, lui,. ,l,„v„ ,„.....i,c.|y ,h it U in ,1,.. ,„,.„ i„ I'.oI.m.W. 

Allm .,s 1,.„1 <l,nvu o„ (h. .asfru cus,, a.ul bi-neatl. tlii. land is •'//,■,■ A„t/<„„< 
' l/!/mn viilijn Screhni/er ilicti." 

Tlus K,yat w.„k nVoians Magnus, A,cl,l,isl>o,. of Upsal, on tl». countries of 
tt ,'' 'V • ■"'" ■•"""»■""">•' '"'"ks .-.latinK to thoso parts. It was 

;.^t p, ,m,.<l ,M I,at,n, at I!o„k., I,y n„Uo, i„ I5,V>; an,l at llasi,., i„ 1,V,7, both h. 
loho. A„ l,an-Iatio>, at \V„ie,, in inof,; a.ul a„ ICkM.I, translation bv 
.'. .V, at l-on.Ion. by ,/. Slreat.r. in l,W,s, folio. Av abrblf-nnnt bv Corn. Scribon 

. . pba-us, at Antwerp, in IMS an,l l.-.O-, in ^vo. At Anislenlan,, in ItiOis in 
1- no Ib.s abrMK.nent «a. translate,! into Fren..h, an,l prime,! at Antwerp, C. 
I lautu,, ,n lool, and at Paris, by Martin le.hmn; the same, in Svo. 

1 563* MAINE. Collections of tlio Mt.ine Ili.toric-al tSudety. 3Iap. 

Hi'o. cloth, /'or/ la nil, 1831 

1564 Maixk. a C.'.talogtio of Oi'lgiital Doninients in tl.e, 

Ard,ivo,s i-flatiiio- t„ the eai-ly l.i.stoiy of the «tate of Maine. 
(2 cojnrs) , roijal Hvu. half mor. ,jllt fop. New York, 

prlcalehf priiilvd, 1858 

1565 MAJOR, 11. 11. The Discoverie.. of IVince Ilen.v the Navi- 

gator, itnd their l{es„lt.s ; Mh,.r the Narnitive of the Diseov- 
eiy, by .Sea, within one centiii-y, of more thtin half the world. 
Maps ami Portraits. Sro. ,jreen clolh, Ln.,loi,, 18(!8 

1566 MAITLAND, 1{kv. S. K. A of someof the eti.^ly printe.l 

hooks in the Arcliiepiseopal Libniry tit Lambeth. 

Sfo. half red mor. top ijilt, London, ^ M'^ 

1567 MALAYAN. The Fonr Gospel.^, and the Aets of the Apos- 

tles, in the Malayan Tongue, 

(puirto, h(d/mor. top ijilt, Oxford, 1677 
1567* Mam.ktt's Noi-thcni Antiqt.itie,.. London, 1847.-Van 
Rensellaer'.s Allhir of (^leenstown in the War of 1812. New 
York, 1836.-Instrnctive and Curious Kpisties from Catholic 
Clergy.nen of the Society of Jesuits in the United States. 
Dublm, 183y.-llugh Murray's an.l J)esc. of No,-th 
America. 2 vols.-Rei.l's L.quiry i„to the Humttn Mind 
London, 1823.-Paley's Moral and I'ulitical I'hilosophv 
Loiulon, ]822.-Greenleaf's History of the Churches of .Ul 
<lenomi.uitions in New York. New York, 1846.-]Jene/et'. 
A\ arnmg to Great Britain and her Colonics. Pl,il., 1707 _. 
Philalethe's Christian I'iety. I'h.l., 1766. torllx'r, i) vols 



loOS MAI\IIANI^ L. V. Arte <1c Gnimitiptica da lingua bmHilica 
(la iKK^'iTo Kiriri. 

]Hiiio. vellum, rtirr. Lishna, por Miijitvl Dcslnnch'H, lODO 

l')00 MALDKN. Tliu IJi-Centennial Book of Maiden, (•(iiitainiiig 
till' Oration and I'olmu dtdivcri'd on the 2()()tli Anniver;-ary ot' 
tlie Incorporation of'_'ie Town, Miiy -i.'id, 184'.).— ]\[cClnng's 
Skctcdies ofWesteni Adventures. I'liiiad., l.S;]2.— McDou- 
gall's Voyage to Patagonia in 182(;-27. London. IH.'i-'L — 
Mclntosli on the Origin ot the American Indi;tns. New York, 
l.S4;i.— ]Macy'.s History of Nantucket. Bo.ston, 18;3."). — 
Macdonald'.s History of the Presbyterian Church at Jamaica, 
L. I. Ni!\v York, 1847. toijdhrr, G mis. 

loGD* MALDOXADO, Louonzo. Viaggio dal Mare al Pacilico 
per la via del Nord-Ouest fatto del C'a])itano Maldonado. 

4to. hoards. 3I!lano, G. HijIvvMri, 1811 

loTO MANHY, William. .Journal of a Voyage to Greenland in 
the year 1821. London, 182-2.— O'Reilly's Greenland and 
the adjacent Seas, and the North-West Passnge. Maiis (ind 
I'liilfs. Ato.fiill atlj\ London, 1818 

IT)?! MEXICAN. INInniuilito ])ara administrar el \'iatico y Extre- 
mauncion en idioma Mexicano. \2)no. juqu-r, Mexico, 1817 

1572 MANTE, (T.) Tiie History of the Late AV^ir in North 

America, and the Islands of the West-Indies, including the 
Campaigns of .mdcclxiii and jiucclxiv, against his IMajesty's 
Indian Enemies. 117//; 18 Jfiips. 

4l<i. ealf, i<c((rec. London, 11'. Straluin, 1702 

1573 MAPS. Xova et accurala Tabula Ilispaniae. 

lari/e Athi>i o/';il inapt;, villi illnininnted title, v. d. 

1574 i\lAi' of West Indie, iind Gulf of .Mexico, Gulf and Windward 

Passages, Hay of Honduras, etc , cliielly from surveys of 
Anthony I)e Mayne, H. N. Hydrographic Ollice, London, 
1855, niounted on linen, and folded in ease. 
157(; Mai> of South Holland and Plans of the Hague, Utrecht, Arn- 
heiin, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam. 5 maps, mounted mi 
linen in case. Anisterdani, Frans JInjfa d'- Zonen, 1,S57 

1577 jMap of tlio United States, Mexico, &c., niounted on linen and, 

folded ill a case. New Yorl\ J. II. Uolton, 184',» 

1578 MAP. The Geograpliy and History of Nova Scotia, with a 

general outline of Geography, and a .sketch of tlie Britisli 
Possessions in North America, by JMacKinlay. Mounted on 

clot.'l and folded. 

Halifax, 1805 



1"»79 Maps i.n.l Plans of N„r(|, AiiuTicii. Iiid.i.k.s maps of the 

I'roviiic.. of (jucl...,', NcHfoundlaiiil mid Neva Scdtlii.-Tlio cclcbrati'd irap ot 
IthiMlc Island. I)y Itlaskowil/. I,.,i,d„n, irrr.-l'lan of \rw|,ort.-To|,oKiaplH. 
cal Mai>or Ih.. Noith.rn |.ait of Island. -Kort \V».sliingtoii.-|.;,ivlro«« „f 
I'liilad.l-.liia— Acllon on Wlilto I'lalns, &c., &c. 
ioijilhcr, 15 miiii» and plans; a clunw Int. 

ir. Fadcii attd ittlivi-i^, Linidoii, ]77()-77 

1581 Mai'pk-Moxdk tic Fra Mauro (saef. XV.) reproduitc par la 

riiotograpliie. A lanje alivvta in folio. Vnnicc, IHCl) 

■I'l:is iiliotograpldc repi-odiiclion was llinlled to a very »\m\\ nuini>cr of 

copns. Iliu oilKiiial map Is pivscrvod in tlii' Duci'' ' ,i. ■ it Vmik,:. 

1581* JIai' annexed to the IMoniorial presenteu tatos General 

on tlie 18th Aug., ICU!. by Uerrit J../ .,sz Witson, cum 
snc'iiis, Diroctor.s of New Nutlu'rlaiid, copied in fac-siinilie 
iroiii the original in the National Arcliives at the lla'Mie. 

VVIioi tins nniji wa« made llic Didawaic had not liiMMK^.xploriMl bv llic Dntoli, 
or at Last, information of its liavinp; litin done Iniil md readied Holland, as we 
do not lind tlit- names of (ape Henry and Corneliiis, whicli were given to 11 from 
CornellH.s .(acob.-cii .May, (lie first diseovinr, aecordin;,' to De l.aet, Kreneli 
c'd. XII. 

It will he observed that Mtnimttes ajipears on this map us tlie nami; of New- 
York island. I)e l.aet says in the Xoiiivwi Mimile, p. 7a, that Umlsoii so named 
it, thai is, Sranlmtles, 

1582 IMAPS. Map of New Hampshire. London, W. Faden, 1784. 

—Savannah River, by Faden, 1780.— Penn.sylvania, by 
Nieliohus Sciill. Phihi., 175!). 

;} lai-iic majis, vwunlrd on linen, foldfd in 

1583 IMAKHAN, P. Arte de la lengna Moxa, con sa Vocabulario 

y Cathecismo. sm. 8ro. vellum, [L/ma.] 

Joai'ph de Contreras, [1701] 

Tlie language of a nation in Uolivia, i^outh America. The only known work 
on the language. 

1584 JIARCO POLO. The Book of Ser Marco Polo, the Vene- 

tian, concerning the Kingdoms and Mar- Is of the East. 
Newly translated and edited with Notes -Maps, and other 
Illustrations, by Colonel Henry Yule. Nnmn-ous maps, 
plates, and fac-siniiles. 

2 vols, royal 8co. cloth, London, 1871 

1588 MA1{GRY, Pikrise. Deconvertcset fitablisscments des Fran- 

(H)is dans I'ouest et dans le sud de I'Ameriquc Septentrionale. 

1C14-1(;!)8. Memoires ct Documents inedits. Afaps and 

Portrait of La S(dlc. 

4 vols, roi/al 8m. paper, nncut, Paris, 187!) 

The valuable collection comprises I. Voyages des Kram;ais sur les (irand 
Laca et decouverte de I'Ohio ct du Mississippi. 11. Lettres de Cuvulier de La 




Salle (I CoircsiHiiKliiici' relative a mi's ciitiTprcscs llirH-HWS. IIF. IlPclierclioH 
<li'.H lioiid.x (III Jli^sl,,|,,|,l ,.l voyiife'« u truvfrs lfeon(im'iit(lcpui,slt.»oOlp»(lii 
rcxiLs jiisqu' iniuebec, IWiO-lflUS. 

ir)8!) IMAIMN, Mamki, rJoMKz. Def.nisii (iimd.iliipaim, contra la 
DisLTtatioii do 1). Juan IJautista Mnnoz. 

■sin. 4lo. linJfciilf. Mcjico, Alvjandrn Vulditn, 181!) 

Vm IMARKIIAM, Clkmknts U. The Threshold of the Unknown 

Uo-ion. Numvroin Maps. Hio. rloth, L,>„(h»<, lH7;i 

l.JOl Makkii vm. Contrilxitions towards a Grninniar ami Dictionary 

ot'Ciuichna, the Lan;^iiage of the Incas of Pern. 

127/io. cloUi, London, 18G4 

Um* ?IA1{L0WE. The works of Christopher ftfarlowo, with 

Notes and some account of his Life and Writings, by the Kev. 

Alexander J3yce. ;],.„/.,. Vhno. half h-own mor. 

ijUl cdfjfs. London, W. ric/crrii.,/, 1850 

1592 MAKCiUETTE, jActiiics. Kecit des \'oyajres et dc/D6eon- 

vertes dn H. Jacques Marquette en I'annee 1073 et aux 

snivantes ; La Continuation de ses Voyages par Claude Al- 

loiie/, etc. Map. Hvo. half vior. (op (jilt, Monlrml, (1855) 

15D3 MAiiQiK-rnc. Voyage et Decouvertc de quelqnes pays et 

nations de TAiuerique Septcntrionale. 

\2nio. rlolh, ;/ilt edges, J'aritf, 1G81 

1594 MAKQIIAKDO, Joiiann.;. Jnridicns Tractatvs Juri nierca- 

toruni et connnercioruni sing.dari. /hick folio, vellum. 

Fmncofurti, Thomae Alalthiae Gotzii, 16G2 

151)5 MAKSDEN, Josiii-a. The Narrative of a Mission to Nova 

Scotia, New lirunswick, and the Soiners Islands. Portrait. 

8(0. half calf , Fli/monlh Dock, 1816 
159G MARSHALL, IIiMi'iiin-. Arbustrnm Americanum : The 
American Grove, or, an Alphabetical (.'atah)gue of Forest 
Trees and Slnnibs, Natives of the American United States. 

8w. half calf, Fhiladclphia, 1785 

In the same vol.niK, i.s "An A<,sfr.,m tl,e n,ila<Ul|,l,i,. Sooietv (or pi-„. 
mot,«f,'Agncu].,„e, !>.% pp. Hi, «igne,l i„ autoKraph, Tiimnliv I'tckerii,.-, Sec'v 
Also .'sununary View of the Course of Crop, in the hnshanclrv of Knglan.! «u,i 
Maryland, pp. 2-i. l-hila., ITtH." ' ^ 

159C* MAirriN, LrruKK. Modern Gratitude: Ad.lressed to 
liichard Kaynall Keene, concerning a Family Marriage. 

8to. sheep, Maryland, 1801 

^erysearce; and ac„ri,.uspieoe of American family nn.l political history 

1 he partu. are the eelebrate.l ,„.,her Martin, , he Attorney (ieneral of Marvla, ,1 

a ea,hng „e.loral,st, an.I It. It. Keens, „ho was lirs, Martin's Law Staaen't, an,l 

nil?" m' l^ ".'"■'," '"■' """" '"""'"' '"' "'■^'"•^' "'"' «■"" ""^ " "arm Den.. 
otrat. Mr Martm has .ntroduoed in tlu'se letters an interesting sketch of his 
early i.te, , ,^nc,,n«, too, the society hi Maryland at the.period of the revolution. 
—Note by Mr. Murphy. 



ir. C. Mlltl'IIV MHKAIiV. 

ir/J? MAKSIIALL, John-. TUv. Life of Gpoi-ko WasliiiiTton. 
Conunandcr-iii-Cliicf of tlie Ainuri<"iin Forces, dnriiig tlii; 
War wliicli cstabli^Iiud tin; IiidciR'ndfiici' of liis Country. 
5 fo/.s. lid. hdlf red iiiur. r.iini, t<<p (■(h/i' ijilf, iniriit, 

Lundon, 18UI 

W'UU nil iHiti)»;ni|]|i Icttrrnrilii' aullmr. 

1597* Mau.-<ii all's History and Description of Rotterdam, and its 
environs. IHIl.— I'arks, Cardcns, etc., of London, l.y 
Kdward Kemp. London, l«r)L— Kew (iardens ; A Siietcii. 
18r)4. — Moleri's I'aris a Strasbourg. 18;");"). — Handbook for 
travellers in Central Italy. IH;"),'}.— Nelson's Handbook for 
AVindsor and Eton. l.S,")l). — Liverpool as it is.— HandI)ook 
for travellers in Switzerland. London, 1«;")H. td'ji'l/irr, H mis. 

1598 MARTENS, Gko. Fkkd. Conrs Dijilomatiquc on Tableau 

des Relations Exterienres des puissances de rKurojie, fant 
entro elles tpi' avec il'autres etals dans les divers ])arties dn 
(~iMw. ;} vnls. Hfo. SpaiiisI, molllnl calf, Jlcrllu, 1801 

1599 MAIWENS, Fkkdkkicii. Spitzbergisclie oder Grooiilnnd- 

Ksclie Rcisc Besclireibung getlian im Jahr Kul. 

4to. hoanh, Hamhuvij, 1071 
IGOO MARTIN, FitAN(ois-XAVii:i!. The History of North Caro- 
lina, from the earliest period. 

2 r„h. Sro. cidtli, Xcw OrlcaiiK, 1829 
IGOl Martin. The History of Louisiana, from the earliest period. 

2 uoh. 8vo. shf.qi, New Orleann, 1827 
1G02 MiUiTIN, JosF.i'U. A New and Compreliensivc Gazetteer 
of Virginia, and the District of Cohnnbia. 

Hco. calf, ('harlotl-sville, 1835 
1C03 MARTINlftRE. Voyages into the Northern Countries. 
Being a Description of the Manners, Customs and Superstition 
of the Norwegians, Siberians, Zemblans, and Islanders. 

12*((o. (:((//', (jill filiji's, f.d/ithin, 1(!74 
1G04 Mai!Tinii:i{i:. Voyage des ])ays Septentriouaux dans lequel se 
void les moeurs, maniere de vivre, des Norvveguiens, Lapi)ons, 
&t'- 12;»o. calf, Paris, 1082 

1G05 MARTIN DE VITRE, Fuaxcols. Description dv Premier 
"N'oyage faict avx Indes Orientales par les Francois. Conte- 
nant les niocurs, loix, facoii de vivre, religions & habits des 
Indieus, etc. 12?«o, rdiuin. Faris, Laurens Sonnius, 1G09 





liiiriiig the 



ikIoii, 18U1 

in, iiiid its 
oiidoii. Ity 
A Sketch, 
iidliook lor 
ii(ll)()()k for 
7('7', 'S nils. 

II 'I'ublt'iill 
iirojio, taut 
|iaiti('s (111 
criln, 1801 


httr;/, 1()7I 
)i'tli Caro- 

L'cinn, 18-2!» 

ost period. 
ians, 1827 




thi)i, 1(!74 

s ieqiicl .se 
iiris, 1082 
• Preinier 
. Coiite- 
Iiabits di's 
ttius, IGOli 

folnnrnsfs cptvn. atcntfo iintjjionfcn <Pcrnn( 
lrrrn.o, 4i)ormntn, lipfflinmmntn. (turn prruflrofo. 

{(Jolojilian :) Iiiipri'ssiini Ilinpali cfi .miinnia diligciicia per 
.Tacohfi ('()niiiilicr;.n'r aliMiiatifi. Anno Miiics.Hiino (piiii^fcn- 
ti'ssinio, xj. iiu'isc vcro Ajirili. (l.'ill.) Will, irotid-v.ul 
iiKiji, tijiDii irliicli (ire laid <l(,,cii the, islanils of Cuba, Hin)inii- 
iiila, Jdiiuiicfi, Jlcrmnda, Flvrithi, ilc, 
folio, rrd mor. eMra, ijUl cdi/vH, hi/ lirdfnrd, circrdinijli/ nirr. 

TliiTc Hci-c two Idsiips of tlii,< volimii' In tlic buiiic ycur, Kcviriil tyiiOKiaplil- 
oiil crmra licliif,' (liscdvciril iil'tiT thn llrst will slnick olf, two lciiv,.s were 
niiiinlcd unci IssuimI wllli tlir rcnuilninK I'lpiiK. A new tlllc was iipi.iitfd lor 
tlii'Si', 1111(1 llic two Icavis wliich will- iiisoilod liilwicii tln' Decade and tlw poo- 
try, conlaiii a list ot'cnala and an adiliess to Cardinal Xinicnc-i on llic value of 
lllnstraliiif; llie texl with a cliart. This eliart, wliicli is wanting in nMinycopies. 
is reinarkahly correct lor tin' period, and iiothiiif; ecpial to it a|ipear.'d lor a Ioiik 
time alter. 

Mr. (^hiaritch, in his Ciitaloprne for In7!», prices u copy, with the iniip, al X ll«i. 
We learn tiial tiiis copy came to America. 

IfiOfi IMAirrVR. Toaiiiic.'i nifl'iis fornliiiionsis Arcliippfis ('6,si'iitiii' : 
legata' : iipo. ad lectore do orhe iioiio. Accipc noii iinti pni'- 
dara uoliiinina niiindi Occaiii : & magna." nosci to lector opes, 
riiiriina delietiir typliis tilii grjitia : gentes Ignotas : & aues 
qui Ileitis orlie lioiio. fufio, hodrda, fnic vJran cny/y, 

n-rij rrtrr. Alcala, Aniohli (hrilltlnii, ITtU) 

•' Thla edition of tlie tirst three Decades of Teter Mnrtyr is little known even 
to the n.ost dillpent l)IMioKra|)hers. lirnnet meiitioii.s an edition of JIadrid, 
l.'iKi, iis hein); noticed in tlie ciital<]),'ne of the l'olle{;<^ o( Cli'rmont, which in 
prohahly the same honk as this, tile dedication to Charles V. heiUj,' dated from 
.Madrid, Ocloher, ir,Ui."—Hilili<itlii'c(i CnnviUiann. 

I'riced IMK) francs in Tross's (.•atalofjiie for April, 187.'l. 

100(3* JIAIITYR. I)e Nvpcr svb 1). Cando repertis Ttisiilis, siin- 
nlattine incoiariiin nioriliiis. K. Petri Martyri.s, Kncliiridion, 
Domiiiic ]\Iargarita>, Diiii IMax. Ca-s. filia" dicatiiin. 

Alo. Ii/le v:itliiii wood-cut hordcr, calf, red vdijes, rare. 

Jinsil, l.-)21 

The lirst edition of the Koiirtli Pecadc of Teter Alartyr, and not as Jlr. Ilar- says, an extract from it.— /A ('. M. • 

[An epitome concemiiif; the islands lately discovered under the reiffn of tlie 
Knijieror Charles; and also coiicerniii;; the ciistcnis of their iiihiihitants. Dedi. 
eated to I.udy .Mar-aret [of [.'landers], daughter of the ICinperor .Alaximilian.J 

1607 MARTYR. Do Orbe Novo Tetri Martyris ab Angioria JMed-,s I'rotonotarij Ccsaris Sonatoris decades. {(Jolo- 




}ilinn :) Kxi'iisiim ('<.m|)liiti iipiiil !\Iir!im;li,s tlo Kguia. Auik. 
Vir;,'iiH'i pmriiH. \'>:UK 

Julio, hliif miir. ijill riliji's ';y lii'ilford, rrri/ ran'. 
Tlio limp ••iiKriivtMl on wii.mI In ihls vc.l.iini- 1» very riirc, iiiid wiuiiIiik In 
iminy ci.plcf.. It I- llrst nlliloii „r ih,. ,.|«|,| .l,.,-,!,!,,*, „n<l •'ontiiins llic »,uiir 

iiia|i iiH ilmi ill till ollniiH ('nimrs ut' l.V.'ii. 

1C08 MAUTVIl. IVtri Muftyris ub AD-li-riii M.Mli.ilum'ii. Onu..- 

ris claris'.-imi FcniiuKli Si Ili^li.sulii-'tli k- fchiis t)('niuiicis 

«.V: Orlic tidvo ilmiik's trcs : (|iiil)UH (iiiiciiuid do iiivciiti.s iiii|ici- 

tc'iTj.s tiMilitiini, iiovaniiii ivtiiiii ciipidiim K'ctorcni rctiiifiv 

poHsif, coiiioste, lididitiT, iTii(liUM|m! dncotiir. Kivsdciii pnu'- 

tori'ii Icgationig Buliyloiiicai; libri tros. 

folio, vrllum. Ji<istlr((r. foainicin Jhhrliitm, lo.'J.'J 

ThlH (Mllii(,ii(ir IVn-r Martyr coiilaiiit hut tlu' llrst Hirer dueiidiii, mid iiii 
nbrldgiiK'iil iif tlic Ibiirlli. 

160!) MAIM'VH & OVIKDO. Lil.n. imn... didla liist.iria d.. 
1' Indie uccidcntali. (h'rrrnic:) Svmniaiio df la Koiicfale 
iMHtoria de I'iiidic occidciitali cavato da liliri .scritti dal Sigiior 
doti I'iutro Marlyri! did coiisiglio (Udlc iiidic dclla luaoHta dc 
I'inipcfadoi'o, I't da inolte altfo ])articvlari rolatii>iii. {/lltihl 
of /lir Jirt<l laif of (hfl scrond part:) lAhro socoiido dulle in 
die occideiitali. m.dxxxiiii. 

Ato. vvlluni, 71) leaves. Map of Ifi^panola. Srroiid pari O-t 
leaues, 2 maiis, and 3 wood-ciils. Third part lA Ivave.i ; lariji- 
foldimi map of the Went Jndies inserted. In Vinejia, Del 

mese d' Oelohre, ir)34 

ISiiiimmry of the Rciipnil history of tlio West liidlrs tiikm fnmi llir work 
wriltcri by IS-tcr Martyr, of (hr Council ofluH Majesty llic Kiiiiicror, and from 
many oilier private aecouiits. 

.Seeoiid hook of the West Iiiilies, ir.lll, with firaee and privilege. 

^uniniaryofthetienenil and Natural History of \Ve^t India, eoinpose.l liy 
Gonzalvo Kerdlnand de Oviedo, or de Valdes, a native of tile eoiintry of Madrid, 
inlmhiianl and Kovenior of llieoldclty of .■^aiita Maria del Darien, on the inaiii 
land 111 the siiiil Indies, etc. J 

'Ihis work was puhlished under the auspices of Itaniu-io. See the paper of 
M. D'Avezac in the /lulhthi ,le l,i .Soc. de (l^ngniphk, UUli 3fr. Tome /K, p II) 
Jitli^diid Aug., IWJ. ' 

I'riced on Tross's Catalogue, No. VII., of isr;.', at .l.-.l) francs, without the 
large map. 

iIK2iL-22 aJ»l?<?J)iiaDK, or ZJL^crst Xulrf.i. <ifou= 
tcnnfitfl tixt nnnlaniiona n»i> co« of the 

Spnniardes, with u* particular deseriptiuu of tliu ryclie 



I''L'iiiii. Aiitio 

!/■(/, (V'cy riirr, 

I', mill wnnlliitt In 
soiilnliiii till' auinii 

iii'ii. Oi'alo- 
niH OciiiuiiciH 
iiviiitis mipor 
ii'cni rctiiuTi' 
iivsilom pnic- 

'hrlhnn, \'>X\ 
<lc'Cii(lcH, anil itn 

I llistoi'iii (li! 
*' la K^'iit;rale 
Iti (lal Sigrior 
lla iiiauHta (U; 
ioiii. {Kiijlit 
'ondo (lelle in 

mud iiaii 04 
li'iivi's ; larijf 
I iiifujia, JJcl 
')di)hre, ir)34 

•II t'niiM I Ml' work 
Mniiir, iiiiii Ciom 


ill, ('iiinpDscil liy 
iiitiy oCMiiili-iil, 
ii'ii, on tliii niuiii 

Sec tlio impi-r of 
Tome /)'., p. 10, 

lies, without tliu 

IF 2r%E 

ifm. eon- 
C.S of the 

most rvciie 

(irid Inrgp InndcH iiiiil iliindcM lali'ly t'oiiinli! in tlio went oivuii, 
etc. . . . 'I'lMiisIatad into Kn<?ly,sMcIio by Hyciianlp Kiieii. 

'ltd. nil iiinr. HHjivr cjlni, ijilt riliiin, liixidr tuiillnii hij /Intil- 
tilrwt, vvri/ riiii'. Li>iiihni, WilUinn J'oicill, l');');'! 
Mr. Illdillr, ill his III'b of .Hrliii«liiiii (iilMit, Kiiyn : " Kden liii.< far BlronKiT 
fliiiiiiM to I'linxlili nitliin us an aulliiir, and to llii' Kratclnl rctoilfcllun of IiIm 
riiiiiilryiiHii, tliiiii llai<lnyl, whow ti'stlnioiiy it Ik |iri)|)i).fd to aililncii in liiH 

Kill MAUTYK. IJ.'lati.iiiiili-ll .S. I'ictfo Marliic Milanese. Dcllo 
coHc iintnliilf (Iclla |ii()\iiicia di'li' K;,'i(tii sci'itto in linj/ua 
Laliiia alii. ... I). Fernando o I). Isaliella. 

\-2)iiii. rdhiiH. In I'ciiitlii, (liiirijii) ilc' Ciiriilli, [i'tiji 
run* MAIM'YH. J)(. IJclms Ocfaiiici.s ct Novo Ori.o, Deundi'.s 
tres, Item eiv.sdi'in, de naltylonicu ie^jaliotie, lilii-i III. 

sni. 8('r). vclluin, (Uilnmc.^ liJ74 

1(!12 .MAH'iVl}. I)(' ()rl)(> Novo. Decades oeto, diliirenti tem- 

poi'iim observatione, it ntilissimis aiiiiolatinnilins illiLsti'iitiu, 

suoqne nitori restitnlie. lalioi-e indiisti-ia Hiejiai'di Ilackliiyti. 

Hra. old ciilf. J'arln, O. Awnii/, loH? 

Ciiiitiiiiia tlip very rare niii|i mentioned liy llakhiyt In the Dedicatory Kplntle 
to .^Ir Walter Kaieigli, tlic earliest map upon wliieli appears the name of Virginia. 

1612* jMAIM'YH. Do Nono Oihe, or Tiic Ili.storie of the West 
Indies Contaynini,' the actes anil adiientiifes of tlie Spanyards, 
which liane con(|nei'ed and peopled those coiinti-ies, inricheil 
with a varietie of pletisant felation of the Manners, Ceremo- 
nies, Lawes, (Joiierninents, and warres of the Indians. Com- 
jirised in eigiit Decades. Whei-eof three, hiine Iieene form- 
erly translated into English, by U. VMen, whereiinto the other 
(iiie, (i'\; newly added by the Industrie and iiiiinefnll Traiiaile 
of M. Lok, Gent. 

\to. (jreoi mor. ijilt rdtjis. Thniiiiis Adanis^ fjntidnii, 11)12 

l(;i;5 INIASON, CiiAULKs. The History of Dublin, N. II., con- 
taining the Address by Charles ]\Iason, and the Proceedings 
at the Centennial Celebration, June 17, 18.J2. il/i/y) aud 
Portraits. Hm. (jrevn cloth, Jloxton, 185r» 

1G14 MASSA, Isaac dk IIaai!I.i;m. Ilistoire des C.iierres do la 
Miiscovio (1C01-1()1()'> pnblio pour la premiere fois, d" apres 
le ms. Iloll.indais original de KilO, avee d'autres opuscules 
snr la Kussio et des Annotations par M. lo Prince IMichel 
Oholonsky et M. Dr. Vnu der Linde. 

2 coh. Hro. half iiiur. top edge gilt, BriixeUcK, 18 JO. 



lOi:. MASSACIII'SI-Xrs Ini.ian I'sai.tkk: ..r IVuIi.m „f I)„vi.|, 

wirh tli<^ (Ji,r.|i.-I iicninlin;^ to St. .Iidiii, i tliiinii!* (if liiiliiiii 

iilid Kii^'linli. IHinn. ml ni»r. ijill riijrK, irn/ nnf. 

/t,,sln,l, X. /•:., It. h'rrr,,, 1 70!» 

Kite AfASSACIllJSKTTS. Tlu. (l.-niTuI Law. .hmI IJIu-rtii-s ..f 
llii- MiisMii!liiH.-tiM ('cildiiy : lli'visfil mill iv|.riiiif,l, In- Onlci- 
oC the (JciH'iiil Coml li<il(l>'ii at UdsIdm, May l.nli, 1(J72. 
//<//«. n,i/,ilHro. I,.,// ,„l/. Cinihrldiir, Samilrl (Irwu, Mui 

If. 17 MAH,sAcin;si.;m. Clmrtcr, Actw an.l \mssx .,(' lli.> IVovin-r ,.l 
AraxHucliiiHctU Hay in New KiiH;laii(l. /„//„, „/,/ ,■„//•. 

ftiinliiii, iniiihil III/ It. (iriiii, 1711 

llil.S AlA.ssAciii'.SK'nvs. ColK'ction.H (if ilic llislancal 

Society. Int, 2(1, ;{nl ami Itli Sciir.-i, aii<l vol. 1 ..f MU Sciien. 

Vi.Im. I and :,' of Uli Series waiitiii';. /,»,/,//,,,■ ;J!» ,„/,.., //,,■ 

^tirM Hun' Hrrirs in half n,lj\ ,nn/.,nn, //,•■ irm<n„<ln in rl.,f/,, 

iiiinni, Jtunliiii, i\ I/. 
I(;i:» MA.ssAcm:si.:rrs. I'nMvedin^M,,. Ma.^.sacl.nsetts HiHlonVul 

Society. i.s.jr.-i«(;«. - r„h.Hn,.vinii,, itosion, \h:>:,-{;7 

H'.i'l MATI:I,II;F, (•(,iiM,;, 1,1.; .FoN.iK. .runnmel e.ide 111.^- 
torische Verhaei, van de trefl'elijeki. Ui'ysi', jjedaen iwier Oost- 
Iiidien, cnde China. ryt--lu.v(irvn i,", den .Fiiiv KiO,'.. ].;,, 
wilt haer in (!(• v()l,;r||,.|i(Ie .laren lOOO. 1(;()7. ciidc" H',{)H 
weder-vmvn i.-. pp. 1 |-.>. If,,. I„il/ ,„or. /oji r,l;,,. ,/il/. 

Alliahrililiii, Jnnsf Hiirlijrvfi, 1(1 |H 

\^\-l-l MATHKl;, CnnoN. Meniorahle I'n.videnccs. Kelatin- to 
Witehorans and I'usse.«i.sion.-.. A {••aitl.lul vVeeonnt of nniiiy 
Woiidertnl and Snrprisjn- Tliin-s. tliat have heCaMen several 
i'.ewitelu'd anil IVrsons in New-Kn-huid. {'artie- 
nhirly, A Narrative of the marvellous Tronliie and Udcef 
Kxperienced liy a pions Fnniiiy in iioston, verv lately and 

sadly molested with Kvil Spirits \->n,„. I,h,r wm: 

fxlni, ijill nh/r.i, rmj nii;-. /'riiilnl ul /t„s/„„, In N. h'„,i- 
lainljni It. I'.. KIS!). Snhl liif J„s,-i,h Hnn,nin:f. 

ICl';! MATIIKR. CmoN. 'J'he \Von,I,.rs of th,. Invisilde World: 
IJein^r an Aee(Mnit (d' the Tryals «{' Several Witches Latelv 
Kxecnted in New-Kn,<,daMd : And of several Heinarkahle Curi"- 
oaities therein Oecnrrinj;. I'nI.lished l.y the Speeial Com- 
mand of his Kxeelleiicy the (lovenK.m- of the Province of 




Inw of Diivid, 
mis dt' liiiliiiii 

rvjl 1(111'. 
(h;r„, I7()!> 

I l-iluTtitiH of 
;('(!, Iiy Order 
th, l(i72. 
^ (iii'i'ii^ 1(»72 

• I'l'oviiicc of 
(I ii'iii , 1711 

tlM lli.-<liirii'itl 
1(1' "illi Sfi'ic.-i. 

■ ;!!» r„h., Hu- 
ll 1 1 1' I III rliilli, 

/Itislllll, C. If, 

Un Ilistoriciil 
fiiii, 18tj"j-()7 

I cikIc lii.i- 
'II unci' ( )ost- 
•' lOO."). Kn 
. ciidc ICOH 

'irfi/rvs, 1(1 IH 

IJcliitiii;;' to 
lint of iniiiiy 
I'alli'ii s('\("ral 
iid. I'Mi'tic- 
' find HL'k'cf 
y lately iiiid 

III. Il/lli' llinr. 

in N. h'liii- 
<li IhiDiiiiiiij. 

ililc Wdi'ld : 
IclicM I.att'ly 
I'kaMi' Ciii'i- 
ipi'cial Coin- 
I'roviiice of 

If! 2 I 




Ma^<«at•lllm^!ttM•Hay in Nim-KiiKland, 'I'lu- Sfciuid Kdition. 

•I/O. hill/ nil nil,,:. J',li,l,,l/rx/, lit Jhislii,, i„ N,w-Kt,iilit),il, 

V lUiil ,,'pii„li,l III Lniiilui,, /,,• Jiihn /hniloii, Kl'.l.'l 

Till* niToiiil I'llllloii It fX.'iM'illiiKly I'liri', jiml duiIim iiiih'Ii that h liiiiiiil In tli.- 

liratnlllliiii. Tlir iuikIiik l< very IrrcKiihir. Juiii|iiiiK tinin 'Jl to Cl-il I'dIIdw. 

Ihk |>. .-.(1 I- 11. Ill) II lly.lni(l« 11 null. Iiy Mr. .Miupliy, tmiulliiKoiit tlii'illllfi.mH.» 
III llif Ural mill HI' Ill iMlltioiH III' ilii' wiirk, 

MATIIKU, CurioN. Tjie ('liriitiaii l'liil<.,Hiii)|i(M' : it cullL-cHdii 
1)1' ill!' Iii'si iliscovi'i'li'M ill iiatiii'i', w itii nliLriiiii-' iin|iriUi'iiH'iilM. 

Hrn, 1,1,1 nil/. 1,1, 1,, Inn, Mnllhrns. I 721 

RIATIIKK, ('iiiT.)N. Mii;r|„dia Cliristi Ann rinuia : Or. the 

Kccli'sia.xiical History of N'mv Kii^^laml t'roni its I'iaiitiiig in 

tiicyiMir 1020 II lu, your iodh. In Scvi'ii Hunk... I. 

Aiiliiiiiilii'.-*. 11. 'I'lic Lives of the ( Ion enmiii's. HI. Tjiu 

Liven ol'si.xty I'aimiii.s Divitics. |\'. An accuiinl (if the I'lii- 

vei'sity at ('anilii'idjj;e. VI. A I-'aitliliil Wreonl ul' llliistiimis 

I'rovidi'iices. \'II. Tlie War.i [willitlie IndiansJ, etc., etc. 

Win, l/ir ,,,-liiiii„l limp „i,il list ,/ Itiiiihs. /iilii,, (a n-ri/ (nil 

niji,/,) 1,1,1 n,l/. I.,,„,h,i,. iir',,,1,,1 /„■ Tl,i,„„is l'ii,l.l,„,d al 

III!' Jlll,l,i mill I'll,;;' (.',;,iri,H i„ Cluiijini,!,., 1 7(C.> 

" I'll tliiiH' Willi iiri' liitcrc.ilnl In tlii' I'lirly lilnliiry t,f our cimiiiry, It limy In- 
well til rciimrk, tluit li.r aii'iiniry In IiImIhiIiiiI iiiciirniui « tliry will ilii will In 
rely niiiiii iiihir iiullinrltlcs hut If lliry wl,-li to nhliiln a Ki'iiiTal vlfw iif thi' 

"""•' "'' ''i"'i'''y I luauiirr^ thi'V will piiihahlv iiu« Iuti' II ml so iiuinv iiiatrrlalx 

fur tlilH luiipiisis a- ill thi> work of thii |ii'iianlk'k ami garialoun wrltcr."- 
.\<i,-th .1,11. i:r,\ /i„- Ju„., \XU. 

!MA'riIl';i?, CdTToN. India Cliristiana. A Discourse deliv- 
cied unto the C'oniniissioner.s for tlie |iriiiia!.r)iti,iii (iI'iIh. f;,,s. 
pel aiiion;^ the Aniciican Iiidii-is. 

I'll, II,. sl,i;-j,, lli„<l<ii,, /I. (hrrn, 1721 

[.AIATIIKIJ, ('(inoN.j ClirisliaiMis per Ij^neni. Or, ADi.s- 

ci|)lc Waniiii,^ of Jiinisrll' anil Owning; of lii.s Lord: witli 

Devout and I'sefiil .Meditations, fetch'd out of the Kire, hy .i 

Christian in a Cold Season Sittinj,' liefore it. -Hey. l„iJf ailf. 

Hi, si, I, I, It. (,'i;ij„ mill ./. Alli'ii., 1702 

Till' liilliiw iiii; U on Ihr tly Ifiif: 

".Iiihn Williams \\U Hook Rivni him almaril tin- ^lonp two hmlliirs at (Jiir. 
liiM'k hy Mr. I.illli'. Oi'tohi'r 11. iru.'i." 

"The ahov.. aiitoKiapli ol thf l)|.irlirlil nipiivt. Im'Ioii),'^ Id thi> volaiiH', 
(whirl! is, as ahovf .stalnl, was -ivni him iliiiiii;; iiis nipllvllv at (^nrhir in iro.'!), 
Inning hi-iii i-iit IVom lln- tly-lral'oftlifolil l,imlin(,' hy mr. This liook, toKdhiT 
wilholluTs hHoiiKiiij.' tothi' Williams nimilv, was hoii-ht at auction .Mav -4 
\M;,:'-lhn. C. Mioiihij. ' " ' 



H. C. MUKl'llY LinUAUr. 


! : 

! ; 

1(!28 MATIIKK, Corrox. ^h-nunvs of I?,MnMrki.lil,.s in tli.. IJt'o 
and llio IX-Mtli of the Kvor-MeniornhK. Dr. Innva.s,. 
who Kxpin-d, Aii-riist 2;i, 17L';i. I'orlmll. 

Vli'io. (■„//. /lii.'itnii. It. (irrn,, 17i>.| 
A piisriilaiion (•()])>• Cniin the author. 
" To my liuuoml (Vifiul, Kobcrt .A.sslmrst, Ksi) , l.i.iidon." 

ni2!) MATIIKH, Cotton. M.Mn,.irs of I{,.,niirkal.h.s, ,.(,-. AiiotluT 

copy, Tlllc aiitl s,w,' /mrrx irniifniij al //„■ luujnuniiti and nut. 

Ifi.-^O M.VTFIKR, Cotton. TIu- (Vrtainly of i!,. Worl.l of Spirits 

fully ovi.uv.l, l.y Kiclianl IV.xxWv. To ul.idi in .ulde.l, Tiie 

Wonders of The Ii:visihle World, i.y Cotton Mather. 

X'lmii. cliil/i, IaiiiiIoii, IS.'i-t 
l(;;il MATIIKH, Cotton. The Life and Death of the Kenown'd 
Mr. dohii Kliol, who was the First IVeaehor of the (Jospel t(. 
the Indians in America. With an Aeeoimt of the Won.hMfnl 
.Sueee..s whieh llieCJospel has had anion-st the Heathen in 
that part of the World: And .d" the many .^Iran-e Cnslomes 
of the Pagan Indians, in New Hngland. \->„„,_ ,.„ij-^ 

rr,J eihjcs. I.oiiilo,,, pniilai/nr Join, Diiulon, ICDI 
H!.".2 MATIIKH, Cotton. P.-alterium Aineriean.ini. The Book of 
I'salnis, in a Translation exactly eonfornied t.nto the original, 
but all ill blank verse, fitted unto the 'I'nnes eoninionly used 
in onr Chnrehes. \-2,no. hh„- war. r.Hn,, .,11/ rd<,es, flnr 

c.<i>ii. />',,,/,»,, !n X. !•:. IVud,;l h,i S. Knv'riuinl for ' 

li. /'J/iol, 1718 
n!;{.-5 M.VTIIKH. iNcKHAsi:. Hatio Diseipiina. Fratrnn. Nov-An-lo- 
ntni. A Faithful Aeeount of the discipline pnd'essed and 
practised in the Chuiches of New Kniiland. 

]-2/iio. »li,;p. Jl,,sl,>,i, S. (HrrriKli, \l->(] 
HuU MATIIKH, In. tncASK. A Helation of the Troubles which 
have hapned in Xew-Kn-land, by reason of the Indians there. 
Fron..tiie year KIM to the year 1(;7;^ Wherein the fre.p.ent 
Consi)iracyes of the Indians to cult olf the Knolish, and the 
wonderful! providence of O,,,], in disappointing their devices, 
is declared, etc. 

4/0. hinr war. c,-/a,. .jilt ,;hj,-,. /{os/m,, John Fosirr, ll\77 

Hi3;5 MATIIKH, iNCitKASK. A Further Account of the Trvals of 

the Xew-Kngiand Witches. AVith the ObsiM-vations of a I'er- 

.son who was upon the Place several Days when the su.speeled 

Witches were (irst taken into Kxaniination. To which is 

.1 in tlii^ LitV 



Mai Ik 

'■II, IT'JI 



/((/('/ (iiiil iiid. 
rid of Spirits 




1 HM 

iio 1 

f Iloal 



jospcl to 


K'll III 



iiio. ca 


'rik' Book of 
llif oriaiiial, 

iiiiioiily usee 

II ,,l 

l/CK, fine 


I f„ 

ElioK 171S 


(ift'SStMl aiMJ 

I'l-riuli, 1 7l>() 
iblc's wliicli 

Klians tiiiMi 


till! froiiiit'tit 
isli, and the 
loir dovicos, 

'o.itcr, 1(!77 
10 Tryals of 
If of a I'or- 
o suspootod 
o wliicli is 



added, Casos of ('oiiscionco C- 
Sjiirils rorsiinatiiij,' Men. 

iiicerniiig Witclionifts and Evil 

'!/«. half 

(/rci'ii iiitir, iwri/ rni 

Loiiihiii, ,/. Diiiiloii, 1 (!',»;! 

llrouKlit $.iO lit the .Mi'iizli's Hale 

KJ.U; MA'I'IIKH, iNdjKAsi;. Do S 

iioci'ssii Kvaii^olij apiid Indus 


Nova-Aii.iilia Kpistolii. Ad CI. \'iriim 1). .loliaiiii.Mii I.oiisde- 
niini, Lii|H;iii,. Saiiota' in rilrajooliiia Acadoiiiia IVofossoroin, 
Soripla. A Civsooiilio JIatlioro apnd liostoiiionsis. Si iid 

rilnijcrll, Apiid ir. Iti'onJrIrlli, Klli; 
voiiiarkalilo I'i'ovidoiicos illiistrativo 




iiiii. rclliiiii 

lG;i7 MATllKR, iNciiicAsic. 1 
of llio oailior (lavs of A 


1 Col 

oni/iilioii. Willi lull 

diictory I'roliieo by ({oorge Oll'or. I'livlmil. 

X'lliio. chilli Liiilda 


lO.'i.S MATIIK!?, Incukasi:. TIio Wonders of iIk. Iiivisiblo World. 
Ill aeeniinl of the trials of s(;voral Witolios lately (^xo- 

cntod in JSow Knglaiid by Cotton Mather. /'arl 



rliil/i, Liiiiiloi,, 1H(;2 

U',l)'.) MATIIKH. Samii;!.. '!'|,o I. 



lioariiod Collon 

vovoreinl aiK 


ler. !.a((! I'astorof the North Clniroli in 

oslon, who Dii'd Feh. i;5, 1727. 

I2lll(>. Inllf Vdlf. /Insloii, Sinniirl (1 

sli, ]• 

](!io i\iATin:i{, I 

Death, KwO. 

KM 2 MATI'lllOWS, Wash 

viciiAUi.. Journal of. Id;!,"). — His LK 


\-2llli> lidlf rin/li, /liisliiii. Dial; 







inoi;ra|iliy and l'liilolo;r 






Tlu,' V 

oyiif^c, and 'I'ravid of Sir .loliii 

Maundovillo, which trealoth of the Wav lo Hi 


irvayles ot 


ilf, la 

1644 MAUUV.Ann. lAI 

■iji: paper, /j(tiiili) 


; aiKl 

and Coni]iilod from {\iv 

oinoirsofa llii^nioiiot Family: Translated 


lies Fontaiiio 

ori,^^nal aiilol.ioj^^apiiy of tho liov. 
"iirlrail. Hvo. cbilli, New York, \Hh\] 


North .\meri( 


('!■; OF WiKii. 'i'ravels in the Interior of 
With niiiiierous ICn^n-avinus on Wood, and 

irgo Map. Translated from tho (i 


Fi;;hlv-()no Kf 

niian, hy 11. F.van.s 


Vdl. Ilf plat, H mill llii. of le.ii. 

alely Coloured I'latoH. Fnli 



184. 'I 

104-.* MAY. Journal kept hy Captain Jan Cornel 

lam ( 

i.sse May, (,'ap 
f Iho Fox, sent by the Hoard ol Admiralty at Ainstor- 

dam, to search for the Strait of A 

nan in the year Kjl 1, St 

^^^ II- C. MtTUniY LIBUARY. 

Holland Donunrnls, 1, ;5, .1. />,„./,,, ///,,,. //oZ/anrf, Vol. 
II., p. 74;5. (Note A.) 

A quarto inanusrrii.t of (i5 paf,'P» in tlic hnnchviiting of Jlr. Mi.rpl.y, .'vi. 
iIciKly a Iranslalion hy liiriiscif fiom tlie Diitcli. 

1645** I\rAY. Jonnial van Jaii ConiMisse May a" 1G11-I(;i2. 
A boaiilinilly written Diitcli luaiiuscrint, tillius 263 i)a'U's, 

"The manuscript above mention.,!," writes Mr. Mnrpl.v in a note 
to the MS., -was the result of researehes nnnle anion^r ,1,,. archives of tlie \eth. 
eriands dunnf; my sojourn at the llafjue in iN'.r-Ol, for the purpose of ohtainiuK 
anym, Coun,! there in re.v-ar.l to the earlv e.xplorations of the 
uteh alouK tile eoast and on the main h,n,l of the United .'states. It eontnins 
the journal of the second voyage mad,- hy that i,e,>ple to our shores, whicli was 
htte.l out with reference in a certain contiuKeney to th<. same design, and under 
the same ndluenee as tlu.t of IVter _, as coulen.piate.l in the lir..t vov»«e 
•'nderllenry Hudson. i;n,h.rtak..n under dillerent ausjoces, this v«v.a(;e."like 
hat of JIudson.hadforits oljject the discovery of a northeast passage to the 
. luhes, and only in the event of a failure to nndve any progress through the icv 
harner ni the north was it like Ids to turn to -e w . st and search th,. shores of 
Aew JM-ance. :\It.,.ting with sindlar obstacle, as which beset our first 
unager, the two vssels engaged in this e.vpedition tnrncl their jirows accord- 
ing y to the west and struck our coast nearly at the same point as that hrst seen 

''•' '["''' """ '""" 'l'>'™''^' of Nova .Scot la (?) and then proceeding west and 

south along the shore, explored the coast .d'New lOugland, ,louhled tl,e point of 

ape Cod, and entered the waters of Long Island .Smud in the n.onth of , 

1011. i lie occurrence of this -oyage was known to our earlier writers; but it 
WIS not deemed by tliem of sn.licient inipcn-tance to .lemand particular mention, 
"ml, therefore, the particulars of it have remained unknown. The name of the 
voyage of the lox ami Crane is inaccurafly d.^scribcl l,y some later historians as 
that ol the I.ittle Fox and l.itlie Crane." 

1G46 MAYIIKW, Jonath.vx. A l.ettor of IJcpt-oof to Mr. .fol.t, 
ClcavolaiKl. of Ip.swicl,, occa.sioiiLHl by a dcftmuitoiy Libel, 
c-iititled. An Ks.say to .lefciHl sonic of tlie most importtnil prin- 
cil.Ie.s in the IVotostiint rcfoniied .system of Christianity, &c. 

800. calf, BoKtnn, 1 7G4 

1647 M.vvMKw. Striving to enter in at the Strait Gate oxpIaiaM 
and iiieulcaftMl ; and tiio conno.Kion of Stdvation tlierewith, 
proved from the Holy Scriptures. 8,y;. half calf, Jloslov, 17(;i 

1G48 MAYIIKW, M.attiikw. Tiic Conqnests and Triiiniplis of 
Grace: Being u Brief Narrative of the Siicce.s.s which the 
Gospel hath had among the rnditins of :\Iart]ia's \^inevard 
(and the Places adjticent) in Xew-Knglan,l. With Joine 
Remarkable Curiosities, concerning tlie Numbers, the Cus- 
toms, and the present Cir.Mimstanccs of the Indians on that 
Island. Further E.xpli.ining an.l Conlirming tiie Account 
given of those Matters, by Mr. Cotton Matlu.r, in the Life of 



Holland, Vol. 

Jlr. Miirpliy, I'vi- 

the Renowned Mr. John Eliot, etc. 12mo. blue levant mor. 

extra, panelled and gilt sides, inside lined with morocco, by 

Bedford, uncut, very rare. London, Nalh. Hiller, 1096 

Mr. Menzics- copy sold for tl06. No copy, aave tlie present cue, l,>,s ever 
been sold at any public sale i» the Tnited States. It is unnoticed by Kennett. 
Ternaiix, Kicli, Stevens, or rield. 

In u MS. note Mr. Murphy says "it is curious tluit Cotton Jfathcr, who 
reprints in his Magnalia, Book VI., a portion olit, does not mention the author's 
name; and Prince, in his account of the Mayhews, who .vereengaRert in teachiuR 
the Gospel to the Indians of Martha's Vineyard, makes no mention of Matthew 
Mayhew, who wrote this book, and was a minister among tlie Indians." 

1649 MAYHEW, Exp. Indian Converts; some account of the 

Lives and Dying Speeches of a considerable number of the 
Christianized Indians of Martha's Vineyard, in New Eng- 
'""'^- , Svo. calf, London, 1727 

1650 MAYHEW. Ob.servations on the Charter and Conduct of the 

Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts ; 
designed to show their Non Conformity to each otheit 

8i'o. half sheep, Boston, 17tJ3 

1651 MAYER, Brantz. Tah-Gah-Iute : or, Logan and Cresap ; 

an Historical Essay. 8fo. red cloth, Albany, 1867 

1652 :\IEADE, Bishop. Old Churches, Ministers, and Families of 

^'"■|?'""i- 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, Philadelphia, 1857 

1653 MASON, G. L. The Landscape Architecture of the Great 

Painters of Italy. Numerous Plates. 

4to. cloth, London, 1828 
1653* MEDICAL Repositouv of original Essays and Intelligence 
relative to Physic, Surgery, Chemistry and Natural History. 
Conducted by Samuel L. Mitchell, M. D., Edward Miller, 
M. D,, and Elihu H. Smith. The later volumes by Doctors 
.1. R. Manley ahd Charles Drake. 

23 vols. 8vo. sheep. New York-, 1804-1824 

1654 MEDINA, Pkuko de. Arte de nauegar en que se contienen 

todas las Reglas, Declaraciones, Secretos, y Avisos que a la 

buena navegacion son necessarios, y se defie saber, hecha por 

el maestro Pe<lro de Medina. folio, calf, Valladolid. 

Francisco Fernandez de Cordova, 1545 

Following folio 21 is a map engraved on wood entitled Xeuvo Mundo in 
which hotli the eastern and western hemispheres are shown. 

I'edro de Medina lived in tlie tirst part of the sixteenth century, and was 
chief examiner of pilots for the Indies. He also taught navigation, and was 
held in higli estimation as a eosmograi.her. Brunei says his " 'Arte de. Xavegar 
was a great success, and was translated and printed in several languages." 

: \ 




1C54* MEDINA. L'Art de Navigver. Coiitenant toiites les 
reigles, secrets, et enseigiiemens iiecessiiires a la bonne 
nauigation. Tradvict de Castillan en Frant-ois, aucc aug- 
mentation & illustration de plusicurs figures & annotations, 
par Nicolas de Nicolai Geograpli du Roy Henry II. With 
folduKj innp and (jeonietrical Jiyures. pp. 220. 

4to. vdlum. Li/oii, OiiUuvme Ituvillf, 1.5G9 

The original Spnnlsh udltlon of Medina was published lit Vnlludolid in 1545, 
und reprinted in IS^J and 1501. 'I iialiited Into French and Italian, it passed 
tlironsli nnniereuB editions. An Knglish version npi)eared in IfjNl. 

Tile Freneli edition i? now coiisidered vnhiub.e on account of its map, on 
wliieli are sliowii names of places on the coast of North America for the first 
time on any publislied map. Another dillerencc between the Spanish and 
French editions Is that the calendar of Saints in the Spanish copy is not half as 
iiill us the French. Other dilt'erences exist. 

IGo-l** MEDINA. Vida y milagrosdel .S. Nicolas Tolen- 

tino, eii leiigu'ci Mexicana, por el P. Fr. Francisca de Medina, 

Prediciidor, y Guardian del Convento de N. P. S. Francisco 

de la Villa de Carrion. 

sin. 8iu. vellum, very rare? Mexico, 1604 

The title paRe and 8 leaves wanting at beginning; and all after leaf 03. Mr. 
Icazbalceta, who possesses a 'arge collection of Mexican boolcs, says he never 
saw a perfect copy of the Work. The approbation is dated Feb. 2, iiVH, which 
is assigned it by Beristain. 

1655 MEERMAN, Gerardo. Origines Typographicae. 

2 vols, in 1, 4/0. calf, po7-t raits, London, 1765 

A learned work in favor of the claim of the city of Ilarlcin, to the invention 
of printing. 

1655* MEGI8ER, Hierox. Septentrio Novantiquus, oder die iiewe 

NortWclt, das ist : Gruiidliehe vnd warhalfto Beschreibuno- 

aller Mitternaclitigcn vnd Nortwerts gelegenen Landen uud 

Insulen, so unsern Vorf'ahran . . . vnbekandt gewoscn . . . 

Sainpt Relation welcher gestalt in 1612 . . . eine newe Schif- 

farth nacli der China gegen Nortwerts, vnd cine unsegliclie 

grosse Laiidschaft in . . . der Magellanica crfundcii wordcn. 

sm. Hro. Leipzig, 1613 

This volume contains mirrativcs of voyages chiefly to the northern parts of 
America, as t.ilows : Blefken's work on Iceland and (ireenland ; the voyages of 
the brothers /eni to the North : Various notices of Greenland : Voyage of I'eter 
de Quir: L>escription of Virginia: Description of Devil's Island, near New 
France, with map: etc. 

1656 MEIJER, Hermaki.s. Kort Verhael, der Nedcrlantsche 

Gescliiedeiiissen, en in het. byzonder van de zeven verenidge 



lilt toiites les 
s a la bonne 
ois, auec niig- 
& aniKUatioiis, 
;nry II. With 

e lloulUe, 1.5G9 

Valludolid in 1545, 
il Itiiliiin, it pnssi'd 
1 15N1. 

juiit or its miip, un 
iit'rica for tlic lirst 
1 tlic Spniiish mul 
copy Is not ImlC an 

JJicolas Tolen- 
sca de Mt'dlna, 
. S. Francisco 

Mexico, 1604 

I ufterlt"al03. Mr. 
loljs, siijs lie never 
Feb. 2, ICM, wliicli 


London, 1765 

n, to tlic Inventiou 

odur die iiewe 


1 La n don und 

gewescn . . , 

le newe Schif- 

ine unseglielie 

iidcii wordon. 

Lei] 17. if/, 1G13 

• nortlierii purts of 
1(1 ; the voynges of 
: Voyiigc of Peter 
[slaiid. ueur New 

veil verenidge 








Lantschappcn, 'I zcdort dc eeiste Bcvolkinge dczcr Laiideu, 
fot nan lict 1741. 

2 vols. 8vo. half ml/, extra, Groniiif/en, 1747 
MELTON (Edwahi).) Zee en Land Rcizeii door ver.sclieide 
Gewesteii dcs Wcrelds. Engclsch Edelman.H, Zeldzaaine en 
Gedenkwaardige Zee-cn Land Roizcn. Maps and Plates. 

ito. ealf, Amsterdam, 1702 

Till.- (,s one of tliose literary forRerloH which book traders get up sonietiines 
for the lovers of the marvellous, at least so far as the acenuiit of .New Vork is 

Mr. Asher shows (p. 21 et seq.) that that portion of it is taken almo.*t bodily 
from ^nn JJer Uonck and Montanus. He , toes not inform ns, however, that 
though the work pretends to be translated from the English, it is entirely of 
Dutch inaniifacture. 

There were two editions of the complete work. The first appeared at 
Amsterdam in 1(W1. The second, of which this is u copy, in 1702, with vari- 
ous piil)li.<liei»' names on the title. The date and preface, and an engravel 
t^econd title, arc the only dilTerences between the two. 

An edition of the part relating to New York, ajipeared separately in )ri)5, 
with other plates, copied from De Vries.-Ao/c by Mr. Murphy. 

MEMORLiL. Van alio de scliepen en Tiigten iiytg(?varcn 
Vooi- de Respective Cameron dor Oo,st Indi.scli Compagnic, 
18 December, 1603.— August, 1780. 

ohlonrj 4lo., vellum. A manuscript. 
Mk.moiuics des C'ommis.sairc.% du Roi ct de cctix dc sa Maje.sto. 
Britauiiiquo, siir les posso.s.sioiis & les droits rospectifs des 
deux Couronnes en Amerique. 

4 vols. 4to. half calf, Paris, 1755 

MEMORIAL OK Tk.vcts, containing a summary view of facts, 

with their authorities, in answer to the Observations sent bv 

the Englisli Ministry to the Court.s of Europe. Translated 

from the French. 8i'o. sheep, very scarce, Philad., 1757 

Contains .Journal of Major Washington.— Journal of Villiers.-Stobo's 
Letter.— Instructions to Gen. liraddock.-Speecli of (Jen. Hraddoek to the .six 
Nations. —Historical I'npers. 

Mkmoius of the Principal Transactions of the last war be- 
tween the English and French in Nortli America. 

12)no. half mnr. Jloslon, 1758 

Mkmokiai, of the Case of the German Emigriints settled in the 
British Colonies of Ponsilvania, and the back parts of Mary- 
land, Virginia, etc. ^lf„. half mur. London, 1754 

Memoirs of a Life, chiefly passed in Pennsylvania, within the 
last Sixty Years. 8io. hound, uncut, Edinhunjh, 1822 

f n 




1664 MP:ND0CA, J. Gonzales i>k. Historia de las Cosas del 

f,'raii Reyno de la Ciiiua . . . Con un Itincrario del Niievo 
*^W''J'>' s»t. 8fo. hfil/mvr., or'ujinul edition. 

Roma, Ji. Grasui, 1585 
I'nrtlciiliirly valuable for the early accoiint Riven of Xcw Mexico. It was a 
popular book In its day, and translated Into French, Italian, Latin, Dutch and 

1665 Menooca. Histoire du Grand Royaume de la Chine, [avee] 

un Itineraire du Nouveau Monde. 

Svo. veAhim. Paris, Pcritr, 15M8 

1666 IMENZIES. Catalogue of the Books and Mannseripts I'orm- 

ing the Private Library of William Menzictj of New York. 
Hro. Ji)ie paiwr, half mo r. top edge (jilt, uncut, New York, 1875 

1666* MERCATOR et Hondius. Atlas, or, A Geographieke 
deseription of tlie Regions, Countries and Kingdoms of tlie 
Avorld, through Europe, Asia, Africa and America, repre- 
sented by New and Exact Maps. Translated by Henry Hex- 
ham. 2 vols. imp. folio, half ntHHia. Henry Hoiidius, 1633 

(should be 1G36) 

1666** MERCATOR. Atlas Novus, sive Descriptio Geographica 
Totiiis Orbis Terrarum, Tabulis teneis luculentissimis & ac- 
cnratissimis exornata. tribus Tomis distinctu.'. 
3 larr/e rols. folio, full hound in old rnssia, extra gilt, title and 
vignetten to each, richly tooled. Amstelodami Apud loannem 
fansonium <{• Henrirum Iloudimn, 1638 

1667 MERCATOR. Tabulae geographica CI. PtolemaM admentem 

autoris restituta' & emendata'. Per Gerardum Mercatorcm. 
thick folio, unbound and uncut, maps colored. Dedication 

dated 3 February, 1578. Bruxellw. 

1668 MERCURE FRANCOIS (La) ov La Siiitte de I'Histoire de 

la Paix. Conmien^-ant I'an mdcv., pour suittedes Septenaire 
du ]M. Cayer et rtnissant au Sacre du Tres-Ciirestian Roy de 
France et de Navaare Loys xiii. 24 vols. sm. Svo. old calf. 

Paris, lean Richer, 1611 

Several of the early volumes have engraved, as well as printed titles. Tlie 
lirst^l volumes are printed by Kiclier, the remainder by different printers. 

Tills work, printed in different years, contains many articles relative to 
North and South America, including several of the .Jesuit delations. Complete 
copies arc not common. 

1669 MERCURE Galaxt. Dedie a Monseigneur le Daupliin 

Avril 1692. l6mo. old calf, Lyon, 1692 

See Letter from Brazil, June 26, 1601, p. 11-17. 













MERE MARIE de L'Inca'Rnation. InHtitutrico et premiere 
>Siip(:.rieure ties Vrsuline.s de la Noiivelle Fraiu-e. La Vic de. 
-'''"■''■'"'• 12m(,. vvlbdii, cntirchi nnruf^Jinc miiif. 

A Paris, G. P. le jllercier, 1735 
Priced by Ellis & White (Cat. No. 40) £10.10. 

MERLET, M. Lvc. IIi,stoire dc relations des Iluroii.s et de.s 
Abnaquis dii Canada avec Notre-Dainc de Ciiartres. 

\2iiii>. paper, V/tdrlrex, 1«58 
METP:RIN, Emanvei. de. Oh Recneil de ^ruerres, et cliose.t 
nienioraI)les advenues tant es dits Payn, qu' 6fi Pays voysiiis, 
depni.s Tan l.'JIo jii^ques a I'aii I6I2' 

l/i!rk/nIio, lial/iiior. Liilfa,jr Jacoh. Wore, \i\lH 
[MEXICO.] Clara y .sucinta expoisieinn del peqiieuo Cate- 
ci.smo impreso en e idioma Mcxieano . . . l^^ra la mejor 
instniccion de lo,s feligreses Itidios. 

18mo. Iinlf mor. Pnrlihi, 1819 

Mexico. Cartilla Mayor, en Lengna Castellana, Latina y 

Mexicana. Nuevameiite Corregida, y Enniendada, y Refor- 

mad-i en esta vltima Inipre.s.sion. [A Mexican Spelling Book.] 

ifo. unbound, 8 leaves and a Qatecism. {At the end.) 

Mexico, Vinda de Bernardo Calderon, 1693 

MIAMI. DiCTioNNAiRE MiAMis ILLINOIS de 1' Auieiiqiie dii 

Nord. large folio manuscript full hound in viottlvd calf. 

"Repertoire d'un missionnire cliez Ics Miamis Illinoix de I'Ameri.iue "du 
Nord. II coiitieiit : 

I'rierea per ..iiit la messe, Iiyninc, de,s fetes, divers psaumes, (ln„x cate- 
cliismes, explication du decalogue, des conimandenients de I'Eglise, du Symhole 
des ap6tre8, les evangiles des dinianches, Phisloire sainte jusques et eoiiipris 
celle de Joseph; le tout truduit dans la laiigue des Jliamls Illinois. 

I'uis un ubrege de graumiaire et un dictionuuire en Fran9ois et en cette 
langue. Le dictionnaire coniprend ii iul seu! 18,'> ])ages, ii une colonne. 

Ce precieux volume est un example des travaux surlmmains que I'amour du 
salut des iimes iuspirait aux missionnaire Catlioliques." 

Tlie followiug memorandum is in Mr. Murphy's handwriting on a fly-leaf: 

" This manuscript was pureliused for me by Messrs. Hector liossunge & Son, 
I'aris, at '■'■ sale of books and manuscripts of M. Marcel, fornierlv the Director 
of the ' rrinting Olliec and Member of tlie Conmiission of the Institute 

o< Kgyi". ., on the Hlli May, IK,'.), at I'aris." IIkxkv C. Mtitpiiy. 

MICHAUX, F. Andkeu. A Treati,se on the Resinous Trees 
of North America, including four European species. Col- 
ored Plates. Sl-o. half calf , Paris, 1819 

MiciiAux. Travels to the West of the Alleghany Mountains, 
in the States of Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee, and back to 
Charleston. 8 vo. paper, London, 1865 




1077* MICHEL, FuANfis<itJE. I.c Riisqiic, sh Population, sa 
Laiiirue, scs Mtriirs, sn Littcmturo ct sa Miisiqiie. 

8i(i. imjicr, uiiciil, /'aria, 18."i7 

1678 MIDDLIOTON ami Mkkkjian. The Origin of Printing,'. In 

two Essays: J. Tlio Substanot" of Dr. Middleton's Disser- 
tation on the Ori-rin of Printing in En^rland. II. Mr. Mcor- 
inan'a Account of the Invention of the Art at Ilarlcn., ami 
its progress to lAIentz. h,'u. mlj\ Lnudou, 177t) 

1679 iMILITARY POCKET ATLAS (Amkkican). Iking nn Ap- 

proved Collection of ]\Iaps of the Hritish Colonies, especially 
those which now are, or proliably nniy be. the Theatre of 
^^''"■- Xio.hnlf calf, Lomlou, 1776 

1680 MILFORT, (J. 3I6moire on Coup-d'ocil llapide sur uses 

differens voyages et nioii aejonr dans la nation Creek. 

8/0. Imlfmlf, Paris, 1802 

1681 ftllLLER, SAMt;ia.. A Brief Retrospect of the Eighteenth 

Century. Containing a Sketch of the Revolutions and Im- 
provements in Science, Arts and Literature during that 
I'eriod. 2 voh. 8i-o. caff. New York, 1803 

1682 MARTYN, Thomas. The Gardener's and Botanist's Dic- 

tionary ; containing the best and newest Methods of Culti- 
vating and Improving the Kitchen, Fruit, Flower Garden, 
and Nursery. 4 vols, folio, calf, London, 1807 

1683 MILLER, Samukl. Memoirs of the Rev. John Rodgers, 

Lute Pastor of the Wall Street and Brick Churches in the 
City of New York. Portrait. 

8ro. mottled calf, New Yorh, 1813 

1684 MILLER, Rev. John. A Description of the Province and 

City of New York ; with Plans of the City and several Forts 
as they existed in the Year 1095. (2 copies,) 8w). cloth. 

1 copy, London, Thomas Redd, 1843 ; the other, New York, 

W. (roirans, 18(32 

1685 MILLS, RoBEi{T. Statistics of South Carolina, including a 

View of its Natural, Civil, and Military History. Map. 

8vo. half cloth, uncut, Charleston, S. C. 1826 

1686 MINER, William Penn. History of Wyoming, In a Series 

of Letters, from Charles Miner, to his Son. Map and Plates. 

8vo. cloth, Phila., 1845 



1(587 MINSHEN, Joii 

\. Guide into the Toiiffiici, vis 

Welsh, Low Dutch, Ul-iU Ddtcii, Freiicii, Spanish, I 

Greek, etc 







/olio, calf, rcbac/ifd . 
Lnuilon, Tnhn Haviland, 1C27 

<>i' ('<)Ni-|..1!i;ncks, licM witli tin- Iiid 



mn.H, at 

and Novembrr, MM',; towther with T 

essages sent by tlie Government to the Indians resid 


the Snsiinehannah ; and the Kej)ort of tin; ( 
pointed by the A8.senil)ly to attend the f, 

!in<>r on 



■ overnor at tiic hist 

of the said Conferences. folio, full dark calf, vmj ran: 

Philadelpliia, li. Franklin, and J). Hall, 1757 

1C88 IM ISC'KLLANKA Cluiosa. Containing a Collection of some 

of the principal phenomena in Natm'e, accounted for by the 

greatest I'hilosphers of this Age. Maps and I'lah-x. 

3 vols, 8vo. calf, London, 1720 

\-ol«. I. and II. consists wliolly of sclciitlllc papers. Vol. III. contains 
extrucU (roni voj.iK.'S ami travels In various parta of tlic world. Also, Jolm 
(iHytons Letters, giving an account of obaervations In Virginia, and of his 

] "^ ",f !,"""■• ^^'^ " ■'"'"•'"'" <"• " voyage from Scotland to New Caledonia by 
Ur. \\ allnce. ' 

1 689 MISSOURI. Acts of the First General Assmbly of the State 

of Missouri, begun at St. Louis Sept. 18, 1820., (1820-1823) 

8vo. sheep, St. Louin. 

1690 MISSELDEN, Edwahd. The Circle of Commerce ; or The 

Balance of Trade, in defence of free Trade : Opposed to Ma- 
lynes Little Fi.sli and his (Jrcat AVhale, and poized against 
them in the Scale, by E. M. Merchant, pp. 145. 

4to. half calf, London, 1623 

Kdwurd Misselden, the author of this work, (see Dedication) was a member 

ol the Society or Company oi Merchant Adventurers, (see p. 05) and his state 

ments ure therefore entitled to great credit as far as they relate to that com- 

pany. Anderson (Hist. Commtrce) calls him the "judicious Mlsselden." 

1691 MITCHELL, Nahum. History of the Marly Settlement of 

Bridgewater, Massachusetts, including an e.\tei;sive Family 
^^egister. (2 copies,) 8w. half c'oth, Boston, 1810 

1692 Mitchell's Large Map of North America, mounted on linen 

""•^ ^^l^^'-'''- London, Jcfreys, 1755 

1692* MITCHELL, Samitkl Latham. The Life, E.xploits, and 
Precepts of Tammany ; Tiie Famous Indian Chief, lieing 
the Anni\ersary Oration, before the Tammanv Society, in 
New York, 12th May, 1795. 

Sio. half red mor. top gilt. New York, 1795 



H. 'J. MUUrilY LinUAHV. 

I I 




1693 MITTKLBERfiERS, Gottmeb. Rciso naeh PeiiTisylvmiieii 
ini .lalir 17i')0, mid Kiitreiso niicli TiMitsi'lilntid im Jalir 1754. 

12/»«. Ii(i}f Llll Kill, SliiH;inr<l, ITSG 

1C94 MOCQl'ET, Jean. Voyages cii Ai'rica, Asia, InduH Oriuntu- 
los, & Ofcideiitak's. 12mo. calf, Jioucn, lGGr> 

1695 MOHAWK. Tin; First Epistle of Puiil tiie Apostle to the 

Corinthians, Translated into the Mohawk Language, by II. 
A. Hill. 12)110. jiajii'r, Xrw Yi'ik, \SM 

1696 MiiilAWK. The Acts of the Ajjostles in the Mohawk Lan- 

guage. Translated by II. A. Hill. AVith corrections by .lohn 
A. Wilkes, Jr. l2ino. red iiior. New York-, 18.'34 

" 'J'lic inoniliig after I arrived ut the Molinuk vllliiKe, (on (iruiiil Ulver, Up- 
per Canuilu,) [1820J wu« that of tlie Sabbiilli, and I iDiind upon in<iulry, that 
part of tlie l.ltnrgy of the (,'lmrch of Knjfland, was read l)y a iiallve Mohawk 
named Aaron Hill; lie possesses eonslderable abllltle«, and in addition to the 
Koapel already tranalated, he i« engaged with an Indian rriiiees.i, sister to Mr. 
Brant (son of (Japt. Urunt; the Mohawk thief, in rendering tlie Acts of the 
Apostles into the Mohawk language."— )re9<i/ou>'n(i<, <&c.,p. 278. 

1697 Mohawk Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of 

the Sacraments, and other rites and ceremonies of the Church, 
according to the use of the Church of England : . . . A New 
Edition, with The Gospel according to St. Mark, Translated 
into the Moliawk Language, By Capt. Joseph Brant. 

8fo. uld calf. London. C. Bnckton, 1787 

1698 [Mohawk Pkayek Book. Printed by William Buaijford.] 

Ne Orhoengene iieoiii Togaraskhagh Tondercanayendaghkwa. 
etc. {LoiKj hidinii title.) {Enijliuli tilU.) The Morning 
and Eveninr Vrayer, the Litany, Church Catechism, Family 
Prayers, se oral Chapters of the Old and New Testa- 
ment, Translated into the Mahaqle Indian Liinguage, By 
Lawrence Claesse, Interpreter to William Andrews, Mission- 
ary to the* Iiidiai!S, from the ILaiorable and Keverend the 
Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. 
I^i. 10 (I lid 115. 4f(>. old nil/, (jilt, a tall copy. I'vintid hij 
WUliam Bradford in Nt-ic York, 1715 

An extremely rare volume, not mentioned by Uich, Tcrnuux, Stevens or 
Field. Bought of Kllia White, I.onilon, 18CU, for £^1. A copy wanting two 
leaves was sold by a dealer in New York in ls<S for >1^5. 

1 699 [MOHAWK Pkayeus.] The Order tor Morning and Evening 

Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments. Collected 
and translated into the Mchawk Language under the Direc- 




tidii of tlic lute Rt'v. Williiini AndrowH luid odiors. Hio. »hi'ff>, 

iH'tii larr. [AVm Ym-h-, W. \\'vymii>\ and //. Gitlnv,'] 17(il) 

[,i>!iH timii 'l(N) coplcH wvrc prlntpil, iind " very fi-w reninlii'Ml nnionir the M">- 
lmwk» wlii'itlhoyri'tliwil tdCitniiilii In \7'T."—<>'<'iilliif/hiiH. " Tlii' I'clltlcti .... 
r(iii»'l»lliin (>r II Hiiiall iiiiiiiIxT wcri' houm ilclivcri'd (iiit t(i the IimIIiiiim, cxofpt ii 
(iw ulilli men, wIMi llie liile Sir Wni, .Inlin^on'n l.llnaiy, seUeil ami mailii 
away wllli liy the lieliel^, In \7:i\."— Ailiirl'.HfHieut In (jiiilev eilllldii iif 17HI, 
|iUKe» 1-ri. 

IG'Jt)* Mohawk. TIi«> (Iohih'I act'onliii;!; to St. Joliii, in tlm Mo- 
liiiwk Laiifriitiffi'. Ximo, alieep, Nvir Vorlc, 1818 

rirnt piihll-hed hy the llillMi anil rurel),''! lUhle Smleiy, l.oniloii, iNifi, ami 
addreHseil tii the Six Nat Inns by Niirldii the 'rianNlatiir. 

161)9** Mohawk. A I'linur, i'or tlic iist^ of tlie Moliawk Cliildrfii, 

to (ic(|iiifc till! Siiflliip/ mill Ivi'iidiiip: of tlieir own, aw well ii.s 

to get ar(|iiiiiiitfd with the Kiiglisli 'roiigiit-, wliicli, for flint 

piir|)o»(.', is ])ni on tlii" oppo.sito page. Hijinifv \i\iiin. v)i<jvnce(l 

ffiiutixjiii-rt'^ ml/. Liiiiildii. ('. liiicl.loii, 1 78G 

I'ald JW.flOfoi- this hook. H. ('. M. 

1700 MOLIlvHK, J. IJ. I'otiUKMX. (Eiivivs. 

C vols. \H,iio. riilf, y'<o/s, lH2-i 

1701 MOLINA, Alonzo hi;. Dnctiina Cliristiami y Catheoismo, 

en lengiia Mexieana. \2ii(o. vrJhini. En J\fi:rlro, Par la 

Viuihi do liirnordo (.'(ddrnm . 1075 

1702 Molina. IJuglas tU' Orthograpliica Dictionnmio y Aite del 

Idionia Otlionii, breve instrticcion parii los priiieipiantcs. 

lH//(((. half h row n ntor. to^i idije <jilt, Mexico, 1 7()T 

170;5 MOLINA, Ai.oN/o de. Vocabidario en leiigita Castillaiui y 

Mexieana. foli'i, fidl hmicn turlifi/ mor. siiju'r I'strn, ifilt 

leacvs, 1)1/ F Jicdfoid. Mexico, Anf. dc Sjiinoan, l.')7t 

1701 iVK^Jil-M^, Sllonso trr. CTonfcwronnvfo bvc\Jt, r« 
Icuflua ! iWrvfcnnn n (jrastrllciUcT. -'o haves. c«*ou= 
ffssronarfo mnnor, ru IntQun iWrvfcaun » eras^ 

trllana. | l-l Ii-nrcs in donUc colnnms, 4lo. red mor. </ilt, 
liij Jlr(idHlnrl,Jinc copi/. Mc.ricii, Antonio de Exniiiosii, l^)C>ii 

1705 ]>'0L1NA, loNATius. The Geographical, Natnra', and Civil' 

History of Chili. 
2 voln. 8(7). Iiidf ridj\ with n Mdji, Middletnn-n, ('onn., 1808. 

1706 MOLL, (i. N'erhandeling over eenigc Kolgero Zeotogten der 

Ncilerliiiuleis. Hco. paper, Amsterdmn, 182;'). 

1707 MOLL, IIkuman. 'i'lie Complete Geographer; oi, the Cho- 

rography and Topograjdiy of tdl the known ])arts of the Earth. 
folio, calf, Mcqin and llluslrations, London, 1723. 

I I 


i'i'i II. C. MI Itl'IIY LIIIUAUY. 

1708 MOr.YNKrX.TiK.MAK. Niilurii! Ili-lory of Iivlaiul in Tliiv.. 
I'lirls. I. Hciiip; u triu' and ani|il»' I)<'»('ii|ilinii of it^ Siiiia- 
tior), ( iPi'iitiii'.sH, lie. Of iiM ri'iiitl'iil jiartM anil |ii'iplilalilr 
(■ronnilM. II. A ('Dllt'ctinn of l'ii|n'rM on sonu' cnriu.sitit'H 
in li'riiinil. III. y\ I)i.<<nini's(' C'Diiccrnin;; tlio DaniHli MduAlH, 
Foi'l.s anil 'I'liwiTs in irclaml. 

I/O. /■-(//', \H MiipH (iiiil I'liltrs, Dithllii, 17"2«! 

170!( MONAUDKS, Nicoi.i). I'liniora y Sr;,'viiila y 'IViivia Par- 
tes do la llixtoria Mi'dicinal ilc laH pusaxqiio hc tracii di- niifS" 
tras liidias Ocriilciitalr.s iiui; MJi'iH'n on Mt'dicinM. Triitadu 
lit' la pii'dra nc/.aar, y ilc la ycnni lv-<('ni'i'iMin('i'a. Diii^^oln 
d(! la.s ;^ianili!/UH del Ilierro, y dc hiis virtiidcH Mcilicinali's, ftc. 
•\f'>. hiilf ntnriinii ninr. Inj) iihji 'iill,, uncut, Jiiir i'<>iii/- Smlhi 

Aliiii-:" KurrirciHo, l.')7l 

1710 MONllODDO, Loud. Of ilif Origin and lV(.j,'re»» (if Lan- 

guage. Second Kdition, with large ndditionH. Portrait. 

(! co/.s. Hrii. Iidiirils, luifiil, I'lilhihurtjh, 1771 

1711 MONCADA, FitANi isco di.. K.^iifilicion iK' Ins ("atalaiies* y 

Aragiini'.Hc.H cunlra 'rnrriis y (iricgos. 

1712 MOXTKKSOK'S Largo Map i.f the Province of New York, 

with Part of Pennsylvania and New England, mounted on 
liufii and folded in ease. Londmi, 177"i 

I7i;! l\l()Nri!i:soii's Plan of the City of New York and its Ivivi- 

rons to (irt-enwieh, on the Noi'tli. oi' Hudson's Kiver, inid to 

Ci-own Point. Surveyed in thi! winter of 177'). Ahmil lim 

fcfl nijii.irr, iiiiiinihil i>ii Inn ii. A ri'fi/ iiild'cslnnj ini(j>. 

IjOik/oii, 177() 

1711 MONTLATII, Uoiif.iiT. Tiie Forester'.s (Juide and Prolita- 
l)le Planter: containing a Practical TrentiHO on Planting. 

tihili'n^ Hri>. Ii(tlf hiKirds, inlrnf, /j)ii<lnii, 18>'i(! 

171."» MONTOOMKIIY, Kmzaiiktii. Heininiseenees of AVihning- 
ton, in familiar village tales. Ancient and New. 

Hi;>. cJolli, I'lirlrll, I'liiladclphia, \H'A 

171G MONTANl'S, AitNoi.Dts. I)e Nieuwe en Oiihekende Weer- 
eld : of Beschryviug van America en't Zuid-Land, N'ervae- 
teiide d'Oorsi)i'ong der Aniorieanen en Ziiid-Landers, etc. 
Mai»i and I'lnlis. folio, vellum. .lnis((ri:htin,Jac(tl> Jlettrs, 1G71 



1717 MONUMKNTAF, DuAwiMis of Cchamitcd IVmoiis. ///»,s- 
Iratvd, together withjinr iioiirails inlaid. 

■\li>. fliillt, nil ' ilvrvntiiKj voliiiiii'. 1842 

17)8 MOOXKN. AitNocT. Niilmki'li'ii tli-r I'lTilikdiifcii dii', viiti «!»• 
niTV(>rmin;.'(t <l('r Kcrkfii iicii ti t hot Jikt \'W. 

\'2iiii>. hiif/ shciji, hij Inn run Wi/h', />rihitcr, KtOK 

1711) MOODY'S, Jamks. Niirrativf of lii.i KxitiIodm mid Siitrcr- 
iiijj;.-* ill till' Ciiiisi' id' (iiivcriiiiii'til, Siiico tlu' Year 177(1; 
mitl.eiiticated l»y |iri)|ii.'r ('I'llilicdti'H. Second Kdition. 

Hi'd. Iiiilf iiKir, Ldiidini, 1 78;j 

1720 MOUDKN, l{(>ni.i!T. (iio^napliy KwtilU'd ; or, u D.-Nmp. 

timi (d' tlif Wcirld. In all its Kinj^fdoin, I'rftviiiccM, ('oiiiitrifK, 
l.-liiiids, Citii'H. 'I'liwiis, ScMH, UiviTM, ('!<■. llluslnilvd nilli 
"iH 3/iijin. \ti), iild nil/, fjondon, for lUdnrt Mardi'ii, 1700 

1721 MOHKI. V(d. ;t <d' tlu' Ditiiy (d' Fallicr Morli (or Murphy) 

ill Texas ill 1771*. A inaiiuscript in small cictavo. 

1722 MOHFI, di A\ Ar(iisTi\. La Nidilcza y I'icdad do los Mon- 

taru'si's, dfiiKislrada I'ov el S'""' Crislo l)i' nnrf^'oM, ScriiKiii 
(|iic I'll 811 pi'iincra fiesta cclchrada en I'l ('(invi'iito ijraiide dn 
N. S. 1*. S. Francisco dc Mexico z do Mayo, 177r). 

fdllfi, linlf mor., Mexico, ii, d. 

172;i MOKdAN, Ilr.Niiv I. Uildiutlicca Caimdctisis ; or A Man- 
ual <d' Caiiadiaii Literature. Hro. clolli, Ollnira, lHti7 

1721 MOHflAN, Li;\vis II. I eagiie of Ilo-d^-no-saii-iiee or Iro- 
(luois. 2;5 iiKipH (Did plales, 

8(((. Iiiilf iiiiiriion m<ii\ top cdiic (/III, Rorhisttr, ISTil 

1725 ]\I()H(iAN, Lkwis II. Tlie Ainerieaii Heaver and liis Works. 
Wood cuts and iilatcH. llm/ul Hrn. cl<itli, I'liUadiljiliia^ \H(]H 

172G MOUCjiAN, (lEoiiGi': II. Annals, comprising Memoirs, Inci- 
dents, and Statistics of Ilarrisburfi, from its first Settlement. 

8(0. Iidlf tiKir. Ilarriiihiinj, 1808 

1727 MOlir.AN, JosiUMi. Tiie rortsmoiitli Disputation Fxaiuincd : 
lieinj;; a IJiief Answer to the Ai'ffuments used by tlic Anti- 
Paedo IJaptists in Knssel's Narrative of the Disputation held 
at Portsmouth, between some Ikiptist and Presbyterian Minis- 
ters. N. Y. 

12wo. half mor. New York, hij William Brud/ord, 1713 




ii t 
i: f 

I' I 


IMORTON, Nathanmi: t, : New Knjrlanir.s Moiiiopiiil ; or, a 
lirict' Hc'latioi) of tin; most M(Miioriil)li' and Roinarkahli! Pas- 
sagos of tlie rrovidciice of (iod, manii'csti'd to >\w I'lanlcrs 
of Now England, in Aniorica ; With sjiooial Hoioronco to the 
first Colony tiioivof, callod Now I'liniontli. As also a Nom- 
ination of divers of the most KmiiU'nl Instruments deceased, 
liolli of ('imreh and C'onmionwoalfh, improved in the lirst be- 
ginning and after-progress of sundry of the respective Juris- 
dictions in those J'arts; in reference unto sundry Exemplary 
Passages of their Lives, and the time of tlieir Death. 
fill. Ill), red iiinr. fiipvr cx/ni, ijill Irarvs, h,/ lit'd/oril, in nnir. 
xlidiiKj cfixr. vvi-ij mrr. < 'i,,iil,i-i(l,/v, J'rinlcd I,;/ S. F. and M. 
J'\i/(ir Jiihn Cnhrr, .;/" J{i»iliiii, inOI) 

IMoiiToN, Nathaniel. New England's Memorial. (Another 
^'"1'.^'-) «(■<>. cinlli, ('(unhmhjv, IGOi) 

JMoKTuN. New England's Memorial. (Another edition.) 

12w(;. fhii'p, rii/mnii//i, 182(; 


1731 MORTON, Thomas: New English Canaan, Contiiining an 
Abstract of New England, composed in three Hookes. 'I'he 
lirst IJooke setting forth the original! of the Natives, their 
Manners and Customes, together with their tractable Nature 
and Love towards the English. The second Booke setting 
forth the naturall Indouiiieuts of the Ooimfry, and M-liat sta- 
l)le Commodities it yealdeth. The third Hooke setting forth 
what peojjle are planted there, tiioir piosperity, what remark- 
able accidents have happened since the lirst planting of it. 
4lo. half hhu; mor. Idle fll<//itli/ lorn, rare. Print, 'd at Jn>- 

flvrdaiii hi/ dacoh Frvd. Stani, 1037 

Jlortdii wii,« II law.vfi- who ciiiiif to Hoslou with Wf;itoii's coiiTimuy in KVJU'. 
He »iiih:iis to Iiiivr Ih.'Ii of n joviiil, roistuiiiig (lisiio.-ilion, mikI c,iii|(: out of 
pliuT ainoiiK till- I'lii-itaii foiiiuliis of Arw lOiijilaiid. SiitakiiiK of liis associ- 
oti'S lir savs tlicy wnu viry ijopiilar witli llio sittliTS as loiif; as tlifir li.iuors 
laslcd, and wviv tiiiiicil adrift aftoiwaids. He was iinjiistly dialled witli cm- 
ploying' the Iniliaiis to liniit lor liini, furnisldiiK tlicni wilh arms and aiiiiiia. 
nitiou. Tlid colonists cans.'d liini to la arresicil. lie csraiicd, but on tlif ar- 
rival of (iov. Winiliroii, in lli.Ui, lie was aj,'ain anvsti-d, eonviclcd and sent to 
i;nt;land, and Ills house diniolished, "that it iniKlit no lonjrer be a roost (or 
sueh unclean birds." In lOl.i, he return.^d, and was lined and iniiirisoned a 
year on account of his " scandalous book." 

1732 :\IOOUE, EuAXcis. A Voyage to Georgia begun in the Year 
1735. Containing, an account of the Town of Froderiea. 

8vo. half caij', Lundon, il \\ 



iDi'iiil ; or, II 
liirkiihlo I'as- 
'\w I'lanlcrs 
liTciice to the 
i iilso 11 Noin- 
Mitfi (kMieasL'd, 
n till! bf- 
)ectivi! Juris- 
rv Exemplary 

'/iird, in vior, 
S. F. and M. 
JlosI,,,,, 1001) 

1. (Another 

iil'i-iih/i-, JOOl* 

111(1 what sta- 
setliiig t'ortli 
ivliat I't'inark- 
iiig dl' it. 
'ii/i'd id Jiii- 
. Sl<(iii, 10;57 

coniimiiy in 1022. 
iind ciuiii; out of 
11;^ of his :is>ioci- 
r lis tlu'ir liijuoi's 
L'llillKCll Willi ciii- 
iiniis iiiiil aiiiinii. 
il, but on tlif ur- 
oli'd mill sent to 
'!• be a loost for 
11(1 iniinisonud a 

1 ill the Year 
lUndon, 171-J 

1733 MOOHK, Gkoiujk II. "Mr. Lee's Plan, Mardi 29, 1777." 
'I'hc 'I'rea.son of ('harlcH Lee, ALijor (ieiierai, Secoiiil in Com- 
niand in the AiiuM-ieaii Army ol the Kevohilioi). I'mintil. 

«(V). red rlolh, Nrw York, 1800 

17;]1 ]\[()(iuK. Notes on tiio History of Slaverv 



Hro. rrd rinlli, \rw York, IHOt; 

173") MOKMirS. Tiie Papers of L 


roviiiee o 

f N 

e\v .lersi' 

y^ V 

lis to 

( lovernor of th 



Hro. dull,. I'liU'shrd bij th,: N. ,1. //Isl. ,S', 


Nnr )o,7,-, lS.-)2 
1730 MOHSK, Jkdk.i.iaii. Annals of the Aniericaii Ivevoliition ; 
or, a Record of the eaiises and events whicii iirodiieed, and 
terminated in the Independenee of the American Ilepiihlic. 

Hro. slirrj,, Ilurtford. \H->\ 

1737 JMousi;. Keport of the Secretary of War of tiie United States, 




Hro. Ii(d/ <:al/\ New flatiii, l«2-2 

1738 MORTON, S. (1. Crania Americii 
\'ie\v ot' tlie Skulls ot' various Ahn 

A C 

al Nati 

< of North 

iinil Soiitii Am 
varieties of 11 



To which is prelixed an i-lssay on the 
laii Species. Illustrated by 78 plates 

iiiid a colored map 

fulio, chilli, niivul, rcri) scam;, Pliilnddphut, 18,")i) 

Tliis iiubllcalioii, wliirh foiMKl a ready sale, sccuri'd to its author a plai-i' 
anuiiit,' till' niosl cniincnl of iihv.-iolo^'ical clhnolo^^ists. 

" U'f hail lliis \vorl< as llic most cxlciisivi' and valuablu conliibiitiou to llie 
nalural liislory of man whicli has yet aiiiicarcd on thu Aini'rican continent."— 
»Si7//«i/(«'.v JuuriKil, .l/iril, IWO. 

173!) MOSIIKIM, .I.hin Lawkknci:. An Ecclesiastical History, 
Ancient and Modern, from the Birth of Christ, To the be- 

niiiiinj; id' the Present Century, 

'ih. H 

rit. ,s/(rri) 



York, 1821 

1740 MOTLEY, John Lotiihoi-. The Uiseol tiie Dutch liepnbl 

A Ilistorv, 


3 rills, jiiisl 8co. (•/(///(, Ainsli rdiiin, 18,"(7 

1741 MoTt.KV. The same work 


2 Cdls. post Hri). cliilli. Thr Jliuiur, M. Mjlhijf, 18(i(l 

1742 MOULTON, Joskpii W . View of the Cily of New Orange, 
(^Now New York,) as it was in the Year Km;!. 

(1/ calf, Xcw York, 182;') 





•■I f 


I i 



1743 MOUNTGOMKRY, Sir Robkkt. A Discourse concern ing 

tiie design '(I IvitabiisiinuMit of a New Colony to tlic south of 
Carolina, the most delightful country in the Universe. 

Hro. /ill!/ ralf, London, 1717 
Sir Holicrf Jlountponiory olituincil a jmiiil (jfiill ihc liinil lictwi'cn the rivi'is 
Alt.Miiulia 1111(1 Siiviiniiii.wlik'li lie called Azilia, and issued (liese jiroposals for 
settling it. 

1744 [MOUIIT, (Cr.)] A Hchition or lournall of the heginning 

and proceedings of the Knglish I'lantation setled at I'linioth 
in New England, liy certaine Knglish Adiienturers both Mer- 
chants and otliers. Willi their diilicult passage, their safe 
arritiiiU, their ioyfull !)uilding of, and c()infortal)le planting 
themselves in tlie now well defended Towne of New Plimotli. 
As also ii Relation of Fovre seiiorall discoueries since made 
by some of the same Knglish Planters there resident. I. In 
a iourney to Pvckanokick the habitation of the Indians great- 
est King Massasoyt. II. In a voyage made by ten of them 
to the Kingdomo of Nawset, to seeke a boy that had lost liim- 
selfe in tiie woods. III. In their iourney to tiie Kingdome 
of Namaschef, in defence of their greatest King IMassasoyt, 
against the Narrohiggonsets. \\ . Their voyage to the 
Jlassachusets, etc. Au,. half nd mor., fcri/ rare. 

London, Printed for John Bcllaniie, 1G22 

A copy at the .Meiizies sale bronjjlit $170. 

1745 MOXON, JosKiMi, (Ilydrographer to the King) : A Brief 
Discourse of a Passage by the North-Pole to Jtipan, Ciiina, 
&c. Pleaded by Three Experiments: and answers to all 
Objections that can be urged against a Passage that wav. 
1. P>y a Navigation from Amsterdam into the North-Pole, 
and two Degrees beyond it. 2. liy a Navigation from Japan 
towards the North-Pole. ;i. IJy an Experiment showing that 
to the Northwards of Nova Zembla is a free and open Sea. 
AVith a Jlap of all the Discovered Lands neerest to the Pole. 

4(o, calf, tcrij rare, London, 1()74 

The writer asserts that certain seamen on board a Dutch Greenland ship 
pretend to have readied the North I'ole, and sailed two degrees beyond it. That 
there was an open sea near the pole and lillli' or no ice. Jlo.xon, who was a 
man of science, believed those statements. 

174G MULFORD, Isaac 8. Civil and Political History of New 
J^vi^^y- Hvo. cloth, Camden, 1,S48 

1747 JirLLER, Fkkdkkik. Amsterdam. Catalogue of Hooks, 
jMitps, I'lates on Americti, tind of a remarkable Collection of 




sc concern I iijj; 

tlic soiitli of 

1 i verse. 
Lotuhiii, 1717 

X'twi'cn the rivoi « 
it'se jii'oposals for 

he hegiiiiiitig 
(1 at I'liniotli 
ers both Aler- 
rc, their safe 
able phuiting 
Sow Plimotli. 
!S since made 
ideiit. I. In 
lulians great- 
' ten of them 
had K)st him- 
he Kingchime 
g JNfassa.soyt, 
yage to the 
r., vcrij rare. 
Mamie, 1G22 

^) : A Brief 
apan, Cliina, 
i.swei'rt to ail 
ge tiiat way. 
ti from .lapan 
showing that 
nd open Sea. 
to the Pole. 
.oiidun, 1(!74: 

1 (jiepiiliiiid sliip 
l)i'yoii(l it. 'riiiit 
>.\i)ii, who was a 

ory of New 
imdcn, 1848 

:e of 15(joks, 
Collection of 

Early Voyages, with Pibliograjihical and Historical Notes 
and presenting an essay towards a Dntcli-Ameriean Bibli- 
ography, royal Hvo. turrjc paiier, lialf </recn vior, 

Amsterdam, 1872 

A very valimhlcciitalogui- oil iircoiint ol'acciinite fU'Scrlplions of books, ami 
uccoinpaiiylii); notes. A pnsintatioii eojiy lioiii Jlr. Mullcr. 

1748 MUffOZ, JirAN Haut. llistoria del Nnevo-Mnndo. Tome I. 
All printed. Portrait. 

Alo. larije and thick jm per, Madrid, 1 7!).'5 

174!) MUKOZ. The History (d' the New AVorM. Translated from 
the Spanish, with Notes. Portrait of Cohiiiibns. All pah- 
linked. 8fr). half calf, Loudon, 17l>7 

174!)* MUNSELL, Jokl. The Annals of Ali)iiny. Afaps and 

IVood-ciitn. 10 vols. l-2ni(i. Vol. I. in full mor., 

the remainder in elofli. Alhainj, 1800 

17')0 Mil RATOIU, Antonio. II Cristianesimo Eelicc nellc Mis- 
sioni de Padri delhi Campagnia di Gesfi nel Paniquai. 

Ato. vellum, Veiiezia, 174."> 

l7ol MURPHY, IIknuv C. ''"!ie N'oyage of Verrazano. A chap- 
ter in the Early History of ^Maritime Discovery in America. 
(20 copies,") 8fo. cloth, li''aiitij'ullii jiriided, uueiil. 

Mci" York, l^>7;") 

1751* MUIIPHV, IIknky C. Journal of a Voyage to New York 
and a Tour in set'cral of the Aniericiin Colonies in 167I)-H0. 
By Joseph Hankers and Peter Slnyter. Translated from the 
Dutch. (2 coj>les,) Sco. ijreen cloth, Jlrookli/n, 1H(J7 

1702 MHTSUN. Extracto do la (Jramatica Miitsiin, o de la 
Leiigmi fie los Natnrales de la JMision de San Juan Baiitista. 
])ar P. Arrayo de la (.'nesta. (Shea's Lib. American Lin- 
guistics.) rni/al Hro. paper, Nuera York, l.SGI 

175.3 IMIISEE BOYAL a La Hayk. Les Principaux Taideanx. 
tJraves an Trait, iivec lenr !)escri])tioii. 

Hvo. half calf, La Ilai/e, 182(; 
1 704 NANTl'CKET. Papers Relating to tiie Island of Nantucket, 
with Documents relating to the Original Settlement of that 
Island, Martha's N'ineyard, and otiicr Islands adjae(>nt. 

Ato. half mor. Alhani/, IH.lf! 

17").') NARBOROrtill, Siit John. An Account of several late 

Discoveries and Voytiges to the Soutli and North, towards 


. Ii 

*; i 


tlic Straits of Magellan, tlio South Seas, the vast Tracts of 
Land beyond IloUandia Nova, etc. 

8vo. old ralf, London, 1G!)4 
Nauhorouoii's Voyage to the South Sea. With a Descrip- 
tion of the Ilarhours, Rivers, Custom of the Inhal)itantH, anil/ 
Connnoditios in whicii tiiey Trade. JIaps and pJufes. 

Svo. c'llf, Lor.don, 1711 

Nahrative of a Voyage to tlie Spanish jNIain, in the Ship 

"Two Friends;" the Occupation of Amelia Jshuid, by 

M'Grcgor. Hm. half ndf, gilf, London, 181i> 

NASON, Kkv. M. a. a Monognun on our National Song. 

Svo. clolli, lop (dijc (/ilf, Albany, 18G1» 

NA\AinjETK, M. Fi-:itNANi)i:z dk. Ribliotcca Maritinia 

Espanola. Obra postunia. 

2 vols, royal Svo. Indf nior. plain, Madrid, IS.'il 

Navahukti:. Coleccion do Opusculos. 2 voh. 8(v). half 

calf. Jfadiid, Imjircnia dc la Viuda dr Calero, 1«48 

Navai!I!F.te. Coleccion do Docuinentos Incditos para la Ilis- 

toria dc Espana. 

5 vols. .s;/i. 4fo. Spanish leather, Madrid, 1842—14 
NAVAitHKTi;. Relations des Quatrc Voyages entrei)ris par 
Christophe Colomb pour la Decouverto du Noiiveau-jMonde 
do 14!)2 a jr)04 ; suivies do Diverses Lettres et Pieces ine- 
dites, Extraits des Archives do la JMonarciiie Espagnole. 
3 voh. Hro. half maroon nmr. fop cdye (jilt, vncut, Paris, 1828 
This traiisliition of tin- first volmni' only of tlie onlluction of Xaviirretc, 
iimdc by Tii'iic'li soliolars of I'liiiui'ncc, iiiui revised Ijy tlie author liiiiiself, ia 
esjiecially valiialile for its coiitaiiiiii}; a " Clironolofrieal iiotii-e of some voyages 
anil maralinie discoveries of tlie Spaniards," fiirnislied liy .At. Navarrete, not to 
he found in the ori^ijiiial coUeetion in Spanish, and aecoinpanied liv valuable 
notes Ihereon of the editors, and others ei|iiiilly eiiiiiuiit. The notie extends 
fioiii the year lliyii to iri«, and einhraces all the niaritiiiie expeditions of the 
Spaniards, and some others, during that period. 

ITfilj Navai!H!'.tk. Colecion do los Viages y Desciibrimicntos, cpie 
hicieron por ^Mur los Espai'ioles desde fines del siglo XV., con 
varios docuinentos iiieditos coiicernieiitos t'l la Ilistoria de la 
Marina Castellitiifi y de los ostabliciinientos Espauoles en 
Iii'lias. i) vols. Alo.hdf hi iw calf. Madrid, En la 

Iniprrnta Ileal, 1825 

1764 NEALE, Hkv. 1. M. History of the so-called Jansenist 
Church of Ilolhmd; witii a Sketcii of its earlier anntds, and 
some account of the Brothers of the Common Life. 

Svo. cloth, Oxford, ISjS 









,-ast Tracts of 

VA Maritiina 

I 70') NKAL, Danif.l. The History of New England, (;ontainiiig 
an Inipiulial Acconnt of tlie Civil and Ecclesiastical Alf'airsof 
the Country, to tlie year 1700. 

2 vols. 8vo. calf, J.mnhiu,, MAI 

\H\C> N.iOK Tkstamknt vo wi Masra en Ilelpinian Jesus Kristus. 

Hvo. ulircp, lliiidzoi. 184G 

A very cniious vdlmiii' In Negro Kiiglish. 

1767 NE^IUC)-IIU^'I^^ ArAMinic Massinaiiigan. Shatsiiogiitsh, 

Mitinekapitshlskuaniiskutsh, Netsiiekatsli, Mislit' (iaie 

missi Ni'hii'oirinni Astsliitsh ka tatjits, ka kiiciasku ainiiliat- 

jits ka ntshi. 8vo. purple itior. super pxtrn, (jilt ethjcn, 

Uahisliiiuiafsli, Massiiiahitsrtuau, Broun iiaic. Giriiior, 17()7 

A rraycr lUiok, Ciilccliisiii, I'tc, in tlic liiiigiinKc of tlic Jloiitiifjiiuis Indiiiiia 
of Caimda, ^ii diiili-ct of tlie f'l-i'fs,) printt'd iit (incbcc, by Krown & (Jiliiiore, 
who were till' lirst prinU'is in tliat city, anil in Canada. It is believed to be one 
of llie earliest, if not tlie lirst, prodnetions of the iiress. 

The booli is very rare. A C()|)y at the IJrinley ."ale brought $;jO.(Hl. 

17G8 NEW BHITTAINE. 'i'lie Discovery of, began August "27, 
Anno Doni. lOaO. IJy Edwai'd IJlnnd, Ahrahitni Woode, 
Sackf'ord IJi-ewster tind Eliii.s Peiuiaiit. Eroni Fort Ilein-y, 
at the head of Appainattuck River, in Virginiti, to tiie Fals of 
Blandina, first river in New Brittaine, whieli riinnetli West, 
&c. ])p. 10. Hro. newi'd, Lnndon, lOi'd 

Ili'priiil 1)1/ J. Siihln <S' Sons, Xcw Yark, 187iJ 

I7(;0 NEW ENGLAND. Th<' I'resent State of New-England. 
AN'ith respect to tlie Indian Wtir, Wherein is tin Account of 
tlie true reason thereof. Together with most of the Heniark- 
ahlc. Passages that liiive hai)pcned iron) the liOth of dune, till 
the 10th of Novemher, 1075. folio, half mor. London, 1675 

1770 Ni:w EN<ii.AM). A Continuation of the State of New-Eng- 

land ; Heing u Farther Account of the Indiaii Wtirr, and of 
the Fviigagenient hetwixt the Joint Forces of the United Fiig- 
lish Colonies and the Indiiins, on the l!)thof December, l(17o. 
With other Passages that have there happened from tlu; 10th 
of Nov. 107'), to the Sth February, l()7g. 

folio, half mor. L(JuJon, 1076 

1771 Nkw F-N(!I,ani). a Fnrther Accoiupt of the I'rogressu of 

the Go.sjiel amongst the Iniliiins in New-Enghmd, and of the 
nu'iins useil ell'cctuidly to advance the same. Set foitii in 
certiiine JiCtters sent from thence declaring a purpose of, 















Piintingtlic Scriptures in the Indian Tonf^iic, into which they 
are uiroiidy TniiKslatcd. 

(Follnwinfj page 21, with separate title, in) 
Somu ii{>l|)a for tho Inilians, sliuwing thtMii how to improve 
their imtiinil Rea.son, To know the True God, atid tiie True 
Cliristian Ueliijion. 

sw. 4to. calf. London, M. Simmons, 1G39 

A very rare tnict, not in tlie ('iirtprHn)wn (,'ollcctlon. Knds on piigp .'15 witti 
cafcliwonl unk, Ibllowcd by a I'Dstacript. 

Jlr. Sal)in, in noticing tills tract, ascribes It ti) John Kliot. It forms No. IX. 
of tlif Hi'rios oltracts Issnccl l)y the tlorponiliun. He s|)i'al<s of its abrupt ending. 
•• Tlio reason wliy there is so short, an imperfect specimen Kiven of it, is because 
tlie slili)3 came away from New Knglaml before any more of the copy was 
wrought off from the press." It was reprinted for.losepli Sabin, New V'orlv, ISftj, 
omitting tlie last portion. 

Xkw KN(ii,ANi)'s First Friiit.s ; in Respect, of the Con- 
version of some. Conviction of divers. Preparation of sundry 
of tlie Indians. 2. Of the pro;j;re.sse of Learning in tho Col- 
ledge a.t Cambridge in Mas.sticn.sets Hay. With divers other 
Matters concerning that Countrcy, etc. (2 copies,) 

■ito. half red mor. rare. Lovdun, for Boiri/ Ovcrlov, HMI^ 

Nicw Engi. •.->.:). An Abstract of the Laws of New England, 

as they are now established. sin. 4ln. calf. London, 

Printed for F. (h)uJvs and W. Ley, at Faulcs Chain, Ifi-U 

Ninv England. Tlie Witchcnift delusion in New England : 
its Rise, Progress, and Termination, asexiiibited by Dr. Cot- 
ton Mather, iu the wonders of the Invisible World ; and by 
Mr. Robert Calef, in his ]\Iore Wonders of the invisible 
world. With a Preface, Introduction, and Notes, by S. G. 
Drake. 3 vols. Ato. nnhound, Roxhuri/, MaHs., IHiU't 

NEW HAMPSHIRE GRANTS. A State of the Right of 
the Colony of New-York, with respect to its Eastt'rn Homidary 
on Connecticut River, so ftir as it concerns the late encroach- 
ments under the Government of New Ilaniiisiiirc ; and also a 
state of the Rights of the Colony of New-York, so far as con- 
cerns the Grants formerly made by the Frencli Government 
of Canada. 

folio, half nior. ijill nlj/cs. .\rir Yi,,-k, //. Gainr, 177:? 

New IIampsiiiuk Gkants. A Narrative of the proceedings 
•subseipient to the Royal Adjudication, concerning the Lands 
to the Westward of Connecticut River, lately usurped by New 
Hampshire, with Remtirks on the Claim, Reluiviour, and 
Misrepresentations of the Intruders, under that Government. 
folio, half mor. gill edges. New York, John HoU, 1773 




ito which they 





New IIami'Siiirk Historical Collections. 

4 vols. 8vo. half mor. Concord, 1824 
NEILI., Edwaud 1). The English Colonization of America, 
(luring tlie Seventeenth Century. 8/;o. (dolh, London, 1871 
Nkill. History of the Virginia Company, of London, witli 
Letters to and from the first Colony, never before Printed. 
Portrait. 4to. cloth, lop (jilt, Albany, N. Y., 18()'J 

NiiiLL. The Founders of Maryland, as portrayed in Manu- 
scripts, Provincial Records, and Early Documents. 

Hvo. cloth, Albany, 1876 
Nkili.. Po(!ahontasand her Companions ; a Chapter from the 
History of the Virginia Company, of London. Portrait. 

4to. paper, Albany, N. Y., 1869 

1782 Nkii.l's Fruit Flower and Kitclien Garden. Edinburgh, 1838. 

— Liebig's Natural Laws of Husbandry. New York, 186:3. 
—Main's Illustrations of V.-.'getable Philosophy. London, 
1833. — Donaldson's Rudimentary Treatise on Clay Lands, 
&c. 1832. — Law's Rudimentary Art of constructing and 
repairing Roads. ISftO.— Henderson's Practical Floriculture. 
1868. — The Grape Vine: its culture, uses, and history. 
1847. — Manual for the Culture of all kinds of Fruit Trees, 
by Larsen. Phila., 1860. — Masury on House Painting. N. 
Y., 1869. together, 10 vols. 

1783 NEWHOUSE, S. The Trapper's Guide; A Manual of 

Instructions for Capturing all kinds of Fur Bearing Animals, 
and Curing their Skins ; with Observations on the Fur Trade, 
etc. Portrait. 8vo. cloth, Wallinrjford, Conn., 1867 

1784 NEW IPSWICH. History of New Ipswich, from its first 

Grant in 1736, to the Present Time; with Genealogical Noti- 
ces of the Principal Families, and also the Proceedings of the 
Centennial Celebration, Sept., 1850. Map and plates. 

8vo. cloth, Boston, 1852 

1785 NEW-JARSEY. A Brief Account of the Province of East- 

New-Jarsey, in America: Published by the Scots Proprietors 
having Interest there. 1683. 8vo. paper, Morrisania, 1863 

1786 Nkw Jersey. Journal of the Procedure of the Governor and 

Council of the Province of East New Jersey, from and after 
the First day of December, 1682, 

8vo. cloth, Jersey City, 1872 





•: i 

1787 New Jkusky. rro(;ce(lin<;;s of the New Jersey Ilistoriciil Soci- 

ety I'roin tlie begiiiiiitig in 181'). 

10 vols. Hvo. hound in T), //'///' iiinr. top edge gill, Netvnrk, v. i/. 

1788 [Nkw Jkusky.] Klagte van Kcnigc liCilcii der Ni'dcnliiytHo 

IltM'vorni (1(! Kcrk, wooiiciide op Haivtnns, &(•., in <lo I'ro- 
viiic'ie van Nieu-JiTsey, in NoiM'iI-Anu'ricii, ondci' di; Krooii 
■van (ii'oot-Hriltanje. Over liot (iedrag, Aldaar en Kidera 
va!i Do. Tlieod. .lacobii.s Fiiliiiglniiseii, met .«yn Kerken- 
IJaaden. Ten Antwoord o]) Imnne 15an-Dre(igende IJaag- 
Brieven, etc;. l/o. iilnn inor. ixlia gilt top, hi/ 

Jiradstrcct, very rare, Nieu York,, Will In la liradford en 

J. I'vlcr Xcngcr, 1725 

This voIiiiiK! N nil iinswiT in vinillciitiiiii o( coitiiiii iiiciiilicis <il' tlic Dutch 
clmi't'lics miir liiiriliiii lUvcr, who hiiil Incn cxpi'lliil I'idiii the claircli by n-n- 
Iciici' ot Mr. I'"rflln;,'liii.vscn inid liis lon^isloi hs. Tlicsc iiiciiiIjcis liail iiceiisi'd 
him (il'iH'iMcliiiij; liilse iloclrinc in iiisislinK nipcm tlir nci'issily (it rcftcnfiiilioii, 
iinil ol' unjiisllv I'xchiilinf,' thtni l.'oni iiailaldn;; <i<' tlii' llolv Coninuinion in 
c<)nsc'i|Mi'ni'(' of llicir allcfjcil iinwoitlilnrss. lli' thst aihiMinislicd ihcni of their 
coniliR't and thi'n cited thcni to iipiicar lii'l'ori' tlic l■on^i^lo^il■s, and on tlndr 
laihue so to do cxiiellcd tlu'in. lltnci' tliis pu' M^hid rcjily. 

1789 Nkw Jkusky. The Laws and Aets of the (ieiierjil Assembly 

Of tlie r'rovin(;e of Nova Cesareji ol' New-Jevsey, its they were 
enacted in divers sessions, tlie lirst of wijieli begun at. Amboy 
the 8tii Day of November, 17()."5. 

folio, half calf. J'rlnled hi/ W. Jlradfird, 1709 

1790 Nicw Jkusky. Tiic Aets of the General Assembly of the 

I'roviiiee of New Jersey. From the time ot the surrender 
of the Government in the Seeoiid Year of ihu Iveign of (.^iieeti 
Anne, to this Present Time, being tite ^Titb Year of the Keigii 
of King George the Second, by .Samuel Nevill. 

folio sheep, William JSradford, N. J., 1752 

1791 Nkw Jkh.^ky. Acts of the General Assembly of the rrovince 

of New Jersey, from the Surrender of the Governmeni, to 
Queen Aime, on the 17th Diiy of April, in 1702, to Jiinuary 
14, 177G. "With the Ordinance for regulating and establish- 
ing the fees of the Court of Cliiineeiy of tite said Province, 
by Sfiimiel Allison. folio, nh<'cji, Jiiirliinjluii, 177G 

1792 Nkw Jki!Sky. A 15111 in the Chai.eery of New Jersey at the 

Suit of Jolm Kiirl of Sttiir, and others, iigiiinst 15enjamin 
Bond iind some other persons ot Kli/abethtown, distinguished 
by the Name of the Clinker Lot Kight Men. With three 
large Maps. folio, hoards, veri/ rare. 

New Yorh, James Parker, 1747 



istoriciil Soci- 

Pur/ivr, 1747 

179.1 Nkw .Tkhsky. a Treaty botwoon tlio riovofnmpnt of Now 
Jersey, and llic Indians, Iiiliahitiii;^ tlie several parts of said 
Province, Held at Crosswieks, in the Connty of IJnrliiigtoii, 
on tlui Hth and !)ili of January, IT;")!;. 

f of io, paper. Vhiladilphla, PrinUd lij Wni. Ihnd/ord. 

1794 NKW NICTIIKHLANI). Representation oC llie Lords Coni- 

niissioners for Trade and Plantations lotiie Kin',', on the State 
of the Hritish Colonies in North America. 172. p|). 42. 

4^0. priinltli/ priiihd. Albany, 1854 

1795 Ni;w Ni'.Tiir.iir.ANi; Vertoo^rl, y.,,, Nieii Nederland ; [by Van 

der DoncU.] and IJreeden Paedt a'lide vereenicho Nedcr- 
landsehe IVovintien. Two Pare Tracts, Printed in 1049-50, 
reladiijr to the. Administration of Affairs in New Netherland. 
Translated from the Dnteli hy Henry C. Jlnrphy, New York, 
1854. Ato. cloth. At Iho JI(t(jii,\ \C,r>0. 

Hvpviiitid Ki'V) York., 1854 

One liiiiidrcd nnd twcntv-flvc copies iniiiliMl. Tlir orijiiniil Dnlcli cilitiiiri of 
(lie flr.-t niiiniihvdi-kwill he found fnrllici' on in thl^ calidoHMe nndir llii' niiine 
of Vnn dir Dunck. 

1790 [m^Jim- M^wn}7£nU^MB] milirtrru hn tit 
mv(in>icvin(ii\t tan lir ^icflcntlfmc^jc «5roc= 
tvonrf rt!f 3!;2Ifr«;t=Xn5fsthc ecwpannfc tcvfluut ntn 
alien !?nt Qhrnnt, ifr rntfQhr ff elonfnt (n Jlfcu= 
fAcJfcvlanlit sullen plnntrn. . . . ■\io hut/ common 

vior. Ai»st('Jr('cl(iiii, Morlni Tiiiikz JirnntU, 1030 

(rrivilifrcHgnuilcd In- tlio iism inlily of (lie Nii:cl( en, in tlic niinic of tlic 
nnlliorizcd Wcst-Indiii Comiinny, lo nil wlio nmy |j|iint n rolony in New Nctli- 
ciliMid. rnl)lisli(cl Hiili 11 view lo ninkt' known wliiit piiilil.s nnd iidvnnlnKcs 
arc 1(1 1)1' ol)tnincd in Unit connli-y jjy coloni-ls, llicir ninslcrs nnd pntriins.] 

'J'liis (locnincnl, wliicli nmy Ijc considcKd ilic liisl ohniiir /irnidfd to tlio 
colonists of New iNitliciland, is ol (jicai iniportiuK c. It lias liccn tiansliited 
in full liyDi'.O'CallaKliiin, and will lie foniid in Id- '• //iyt. of X, w y< Ihirlinid," 
Iiafics ll-,'-I',Mi. Itnidlicad nfiis to it, pa>:c lur. It is al.-o includi'd in Wna 
nv\\:wr.—/li«l(}risc/t 1'eihiiel, Vol. XVJII,,paj;c I'.H. 

1790* [Nr.w Nktiiki!i.ani) :] Ntieder Khiuh-Vertooirh tiendc Ho: 

Mo: Ileeren Staten Generael, weocns de liewinthehhcren 

Viinde (ieneralc geoetroycerde Wesl-Iiidisclie C'om[)!i^niie, tor 

sake vande onwettelijeke, eiide frroinvtdijeke procetlnren dcr 

Kngelsehv; in Nieii-Nedcrlant, met veisocck van hnl[), endc 

assistentie vande niaeht viin't hint, te.ociis d(? selve. 

Sm. 4lo. half liiaroDii iiinr. Amio 1004 

One of tlip most iiitcii'stiiiKiinniplilcts tliiit lias conic down to us in which 
(lie rccipnical position of the l':ast aiid\\ist Ir.dia Coiiipiinics are marked 
with great precision. It says, tliiit the Dntoli j:o\ ii iinient, in which the direc- 



i ! 



I M 

^ : 




254 II. o. MUuriiY i iniiAUY. 

torn of till' KiiHt Inillii ('oiii|iiiny till lli« tiiiiHt importnnt plnccn, will TpcI tlinnk- 
fill Id I'.iikIiiiiiI fur liii'iiiK <ll -I'liibarritHicil it of I he riviil ouniiiiiiiy — Mullcr't 

' '■'•'Mj/HC. 

All i''ii(fllHli trniiHtntlon of Ihf part ri'lntliiK to New Ni>lh>>rliiml will bo found 

ill ylHhi'i'n F.Hiiiii/un Dutch Jlovki rfltittny to A'cio Stthtrlnuit. 

1797 NK IfAOWKNVA 'I <'V<)iiinliwkiii'u\vcii Sl'itkoiiadiiiiifoiK; Uoii- 
(liiddi'^itMislion IK! ruii'lfKlIiawiikslion IfiMliiioiiiflitsyoni 'I'niiii- 
yoilerlghwagciiiKHii i.c Ikuorigliwudogcni^lite no \w HtuictiiN 
•lolm. 12hio. Iiitlf Diitr. lap dill, iiiti-iil, /joikIiui, 1H{)5 

ri-fd ill (I by an mldri'NH to tliu Sl\ NiitUiiis iicoiiiiiu iiillni.' lUr (Jo^pi'l of 81. 
•loliii by 'IVyonliiliokiiniwtli. 

NKWKS of tli(> <'(ini|)l('ni('nt. of tlic Art of Navi,L,'atioii, And 
of the iMiglitit! Kinpirc of Cataiii. 'r>:oilior witli llio Stniils 
of Aiiiiin. By A. L. 4lo. < li/, rare. 

Fiiix Kynijston, London, 1G09 

NKl'MAN, IIi'.NUY. A New Dictionary of llic S|)anii*li and 
Knglisli LaiigiiiigeH. 2 voln. Hen, calf, IjuikLjii, 1HU2 

N. N. America : or, an exact Dcucription of tiie West-Indies : 
more espt^eially of those Provinces wliieli tire under ll' ; Do- 
minion of the King of Spain. 12wo. ulnrji, L„)idon, lGr»5 

Trciils of till' liisl (li-rovory of AiiHilcii by ('uluinbiiii mill V^■^|lllc■llls; wilb 
till' luhiiitiiri's ol Sii- Fiaiiris Di iiLi, Mr Tlimiiiis (umikU.-Ii, tliu I.oki llijjb 
Ailiiiinil C'llll'uril anil ollivr Kn^'lisliniiii. 

180' NKTS-C'IIKU. V. M. IloUnndais an Hre.sil. Notice 
Ilisloriqiio siir le.s I'ay.s — 15a.s et le Hresil tin XV 11*^ siecle. 
I'urlmd and Map, two cojilcs, Hvo. paper. La //ni/c, 18u;5 

1802 NKW YORK City during tlie American !<evolutioii. Being 

(i Collectimi of Original Papers, (now publisiiod,) from 
mtinuscripts in tiie possession of the Mereantih' Library As- 
sociation, N. Y. JH'i/i. 4to. clolh. New I'ork, 1801 

1803 Nicw YoitK. Jlap of the Northern I'ai't of State of New 

York, compiled from actual Survey by Amos Luy am! Arthur 
J. Stansliury. Mounted on r((i,i;as, in a case, 1801 

1804 Nkw Yoimv. Several Laws, Orders &Ordiiuinces Established 

b) the Mayor, Kecorder, Alder-men iind A>sistaiit.s of the 
City of New York, for tiie Rule ami (iiivernment of the Iii- 
liabitaiits of the said city. vViid published this 28th <lay of 
Jlarcli, in the Mayoralty of William I'eartree. folio, half niur. 

New lor/.-, William Bradford, 1707 

1805 Nicw YoHK. Two Reports of A C( . .inittee of His Majesty's 

Council for the Province of New York, relating to the Con- 
troverted Line between tluit Province and New Jersey. 

folio, half mor. New York, J. Parker, 1754 



l«Of; Nkw Youk. Joiinml of thn C'( 


III will bo found 





18 1-2 



1 8 1 r. 


loiinml of thn Convention of tho Stittii o 
York, licld at All.imy, AugiiHt "28, 1821. 

8t'f). «/((■('/), Alhunij, 1821 

Nkw Yohk. ColiccfioiiH of tliu New York Ili.storici.l Society. 

KirHt Series, 180!)-1821. .'< ,oIh. Hn,. nhnp, Nrw Yod; v. y. 

Nkw Yowk. ColK.etioi.s of the New York II mtoricil Society. 

iHt series .0 v<.i,s.— 2(1 neries 4 vols.— I'ro.'cedin-rH 18i;t to 

1841) 4 noIh. To,jrthrr 13 mis. ,n,;/„rmh/ Imnul in lial/ ma- 

rofii, hn-l.rij mm. /i,ji nli/c i/il/, AV»- )',»•/,■, v. >). 

Nkw YoiiK. Cullcctions of iju, New York IIi»torieiil Society 

for the Year- 1H(;8-18C!J-1870. 

;} vuln. Hvn, (jrcni cloth, Xnr ]',„■/., 18(;8-7u 

Nkw VoiiK Mniraziiie luid Literary Uepo.sitory from the he- 

ginnin- in 17i)! to 17!)7. l.'J voh. H,o. idrions hhulingx, 

Nfw York, T. mid J. Simnh, r. i/. 

A tcu iiliitcs wiintliiK ill fonip of the eorly voliiriii"i. 

Nkw Youk. Laws, Stiilntcs, Ordinances, and Constitiitiona, 

Onhiined and Ksi 'dished i)y the Mayor, Ahlernian and Coin- 

nionalty of the C iiy of New York; for tlie -ood Hide and 

Governnienf of the Inhahitaiits and Hewidents of tiic said city. 

/olio, slurp. AV'/' Vod', J/in/li (ln'mc. 1784 

Nkw • oi!k. Presentation of Fla-rs of New York Vohinteer 

Ue','iiiients and ot' r Or-^anizations, to (iovernor Kenton, in 

aceordaiiee witii a resolution of the Legi.'^lature. 

loynl Hro. ml vh.lli, ijill, AHhiiii/, 180") 
Nkw YoitK. Journal of tin- ('(.nventinn of the State of New 
York; Il(dd at P()nf.'hk.'ei).Mr, m Diiteiiess County, tiie 17th 
of ,Fune, 17.S.S. .( . /,al/ mor. Inp (/ilf, Po„,il,L;rpsir, 1 78JS 
Nkw Yokk. Constitution of tlie State of New York, adopt- 
ed in 184t), with a comparative arrangement of tlie Constitu- 
tional IVovisions of other States. 

I/O. half s/n-rp, Alhaiii/. Xt'u 
Nkw Youk. Calendar of Historical Maiuiscripts Relatii^ to 
the War of the Uevolution. in the Office of the SeenUuy of 
State, Alhany, N. Y. 2 uols. 4to. doth, Alhany, 18G8 

Nkw Youk. Ci'ndar of Historical Manuscripts in the Of- 
fice (d' the Seer. . iry of State. Albany, N. Y. Ivlited I>y E. 
15. O'Callaghan.— Dm Documents 1 f:.)(}-lC64 : (Trans- 
luted) English Documents 1(;04-177G. 2 vols. 

To(j(;f,her li rols. Ito. cloth, Albany, 18G5-66 

^ 'If 


n. c. MiJitriiY MniiAiiT. 

li I 

ii : 

i 1 

1817 Nf.w Y«hik. 'IMic Dociinictitnry Ilintdry of llio Stato of New 
Ytiik, iirniiijrrd iindcr (In- dircciidii of ('liri.-tn|ilifr IMor^ran, 
Swrctnrv (ifSlati-. l\y I'.. It. O'CMlla^fliaii. I'mlniils, Mujti* 
iiriif I'litin. '1 "7.1. 4l(>. riolh, Allxnn/, IHflO 

IHIK Ni-.w YciitK. The Dofiinioiitary Ilintory of the Stato of Nt!W 
York; Ari'anjfiMl uiiilcr Diiccliun of (hriMtopher Morgan, 
Secretary of State, hy K. 11. ()'('alla;;lian. 

•I diirl,' Hrt). vtih,^ irilli iiiajiH, Alhinnj, iMi!) 

1X1!) Ni:w YoHK. 'rraiisaclidim of llie State Afiriciiltiiral Hoeioty, 
with Al)Htraets of (he I'roeeeiliii;.'** of the {'oiiiity and of the 
Aiiieriean Institute, for tiie yearn 1H4'), 'It;, '17, 'tH, '4!», 
'.'••J, '(!•_>, 'CI, '()."), '<;•;, '(!7. 11 vols.Hro.cli)lh,Alhnn!/,r.n. 

1820 Nkw Y'oiiK. 'rrausaclioii.H of the American Inntitiito of the 

City of New York. Kcports to the I>e;{i,«latnre for the years 
1H1>», 'C>2, 'C.i, 'fi"), '(iC, and 'C.T. lals. Hm. Alinnij, v. //. 

1821 Nkw Yonu. 'rraiisactioii.H of the State Ajrricnitaral Society. 

and of the American Institute. IH n>h. muiic )hiplir((lfn, r.i/. 

1822 Nicw YoilK. Kcporl of tlie I'mceediiifrs and Dehates of lln^ 

Convention for tiie Uevision of tiiu Constitution of tiie .State 
of New York. 1H(;7-'(;8. Ueportcd hy K. V. I'lalerliill, .0 
vols. — Documents of tiu; Convention. ISOT-'CiH. ,') \h]h. — 
Journal of the Convention hcj^im and laid al Aihany, on tiu! 
4tli June, 1K()7. 
Tdijrtlii'r 11 llilrl,- co/.s. iiiii/iniH lii hiir sliifji, ^lll'diii/. lH(!7-(!8 

lH-.>;5 Nkw Youk. Calendar of New Ycu'k Colonial Manuscripts. 
Indorsed, " Laial Tajjcrs" ; in tia- Olfice of the State, of New 
Y''ork, 1(M:5-18();5. Kr„. Inii< shni,, Aihany, 18(14 

1824 NFAV YOUK. Jouriui! of tla^ Convention of tia^ State of 
New Y(.rk, begun and held at tin' Capitol in Aihany on tlie 
1st day of June, 181(1. 1 vid. — Documents of tiai Conven- 
tion. 2 vols. — Report of Dehates aial Proceedings of the 
Convention." 1810. Tixjclhcr, 4 fo/.s. Hia. Allxinjj, 1840 

182.') Nkw Y'okk. Ilugii Gaines' New Y'ork (Jazefte, from Jan. 7, 
1771, (No. 1002) to Dec. 14. 1772. (No. 1100). 

1 roL, folio. 

182(> NEW YOlHv fiAZKTTK, from 17G0 to 17(;7, not conseirutive. 
1 vol. — Ciazette of tiu' United States, edited anil published 
by John Fenno, Vol. 1st, 1789-1700. 1 vol. 

Together, 2 vols., folio. 



1827 NKW YOKK Nkwhi-ai-kiim. UiviiiKHtoi.'s New York Ciazet- 

twr, t' No. 1, April 22, 177:5, to Nov. U.'t, 177r), com- 
priMiiij^ all ol' tin* pciioil t'xccpl Nok. 2;J, 81, ll<( arid 122 out 
of place, 1 rill., ftitio, 

riic (iiizi'llccr wii" u Tiiry liiipiT, iinil wcm piitrmil/ic'l In iill tin' |)rliicl|ml 
Inwim liy llii' aclviieiiti-K uC llrlllsli ailmliil^lriilloii, who iiiiiinivcd Ihi' iiiiTlmircK 
uct(i|it('il towurd llif iMiloiilcK. II HU» coiilliiiii'il iiiilil Niiv. a", 177.i, on wlilrli 
(luy HoniiMiriiii'il MMii • iilircil llic I'll}, on liorHi'hiick, nml Iii'hi'I IiIh liiililliUlun, 
brokii Inliv liU iiiliillUK lioH«i-, <li'«ti'oy('il 111* [iriKH, tliri'W Ml* lypcK hito lii'ii|i>, 
■11(1 curried itway u Inrgi' iimiiillly of tliciii wliloli llivy iiullvd liilo tiuik'li".— 
ThOHMn' nut. Mntinu, «''■ '/ lx*». i'"'. H-, V- l-''^ 

1828 Nkw Youk Ni;\vsi>An;u.s. 'V\w Albany llcj^iHtcr, from Feb. 

2H to Ddceniltor JJU, IHOU. 
1821) NEW YORK. DocuiiuMits Helativo to the Colonial History 
of tlio .Statu of Now Y<n-k ; I'rociircd in Holland, Kn;xliind 
and Franci', by .lolm Kuincyn IJrodlicad, Kn(i., Aficnt. . . . 
Kditcd by K. B. ()'('allay;lian, M. 1). [Witii index Com- 
plete.] With u (ieneral Intmduetion by the Aijent. 

11 n>h. Ato. doth, Alhuinj, 1850-01 

1830 Nkw Yokk. DociimentH, &e., same as the above. Dnpli- 

eates of Vols. 1, .'J, •!, (! and I). ToijvUnir, ;"> vuU. 

" Tlic I'Hbllc Kpcordu of tlio StHte of New York lire, cliielly, In the offloo of 

tlie Scoretiiry of Pitiilc lit Allpiniy. Tliey lire a« various in llnlr cliiiriicter, iik 
they Hie voliimiiiouH 111 tlii'lr (^ii'iit. Most o( them rehiti' to, mid ilUintnite the 
llinloryof the Stiite; mid williout them no iiccuriile or detiilliil knowledge of 
tliiit history emi he (■iihn'd." Thcne vohinies eontiiln triinsliillonsof nil the Kiirly 
linti'h KecoriN, hesides 11 niu.-in of Doeuinent!! brliiKln.? the liUtory of tlie .Stiite 
down to its iiollticui existence us u iiieinlier of un independent fedtriition. 

1831 NKW YORK. Natuhal Ilisrouv obriiic Static ok Nkw 

YoUK. 21 roh. Aid. viotk. 

Tile work Is nrriiiiped under the following divisions: 

I. Zooi.iiiiV. .Miininmlm, ;i:i I'lutes. OrnllholoKy. Hi I'lutes. Reptiles 
and Aiiipliiljiii, 7lt I'Intes. Moiiuseu, u:i I'lutes. liuy. I'urts, 
bound ill + V'olnnies. 18W^4 

II. IJoT.VNV. Kiorn, ini riutes. lly.IohiiTorrey, M.I), li Volumes. 184;i 

III. illNlil!.\l.oilv. Upwards of &00 Figures, und 10 I'lutes. Uy bcwlu C. 
Beek. IW'i 

IV. GKDt.odV. Coniprising the Geology of the First (ieoloRlcul District, 
40 I'lutes. lly W. W. Sliitiier. Second (ieiilo(;icul District, 15 I'lutes. lly Kbeii- 
ezer Kininoiis, M. I>. Tliird (ieolos-iciil District. Numerous Wooii-cuts. lly 
l.urdner Vuniixein. Fourth (ieoKrapliicai District. Neurly 'JOO llluslrutions. 
SIujis, \i' ws, and .Sections. By .lunies Hull, i I'arts bound in ;) Vols. 1S4J-I:I 

V. .i,uui!l.Ti;iiK. Nearly -.'("I I'lutes, Mups, und Views, lly Kbenezer 
Kninions. 6 Parts, bound in 4 Voluines. l^^ti-ltf 

VI. I'AL.KoNToi.ouY. ;iOi) I'lutes. Ity ,)amv8 Hull. 5 Volumes. 1»4'.M17 

1832 New York. Journal of the Lej,'islative Council of the Colony 

of Ncw-Y'ork. Begun the Uth April, IGDl ; and Ended the 

i 1 



II. C. MUKPIIY LimiAia'. 


I t 

27tli of S( pti'mlicr, 171;?. ruhlisluMl by onlorc 1" tlic Sonate. 
Willi ill! Ilistorinil lutrodiiclioii by K. 15. (J'Ciillfi'<-liaii. 

(2 copies,) 2 t/iick vols, folio sherp, Alhamj, 1801 

1833 Nkw York. A Compiliition of Cases of Contested Elections 

to Seats ill tiio Assembly of the State of New York ; with the 
lle|)orts of Committees on Privilefres and Elections, and tiie 
iiction of the House thereon, from 1777 to 1«71 ineliisive. 

8(0. sliavp, Alliiniy, 1X71 

1834 Nkw Yuuk. Proceedings and Debates of the Third National 

Quarantine and Sanitary Convention held in the city of New 
Y'ork. April, 1,S,"(I). 

Hro./all tiirhc)! vtor. gilt rchjcs, N.Y., IHol* 

1835 Ni;w Yuuk. Papers relating to An Act of the Assembly of 

tiie Province of New- York, for Encouragement of the Indian 

Trade. S^v., ami for Prohibiting the Selling of Iiiii;.: (Joods 

to the Eronch of Canada, &c. With a Map. folio, halfiiior. 

I'linlcd and Sold hi/ William Bradford in Xcw York, 1724 

Till' voluinc oiuls with |). l(i. 

"Till' l■^•^illlll■ 1)1' tliu Ibri'^'oing papi'i- iimy lie foiiii,!, wiili ihi' iKipiTs lii're 
piiblislii'il.iiniU'Xfd (oCcKli'ii's Ili.-tcii-y DftiU' lMv<? Xiiliuiis. I'lirl II. rriiitnl 
ill I.DiHliiii ill l.vjr. i'lio llist piiil only 111' that lllsliii'v was puhlishi'd ill Ni-vv 
York in 17'jr by liiailloril, anil was riprintcil as iihovi', wiili u sfi'oiiil part, anil 
these papers, and with a ridiiced I'opy ol'tlie .Mail."—//. V. MiiriiUij. 

183(3 Ni':w Yoitiv. Map of tlie Environs of New York mounted on 
linen tind folded in a case. Printed and sold l>i/ IV. Fadtn, 
siirrcssor to the late Mr. Jo/eri/s, Cl,<irin<i Cross, London. 

1837 Ni:\v Yoi:k. Acts of Assembly Passed in the Province of 

New-York, from 1091 to 172;'). 

folio, old calf . William Bradford, Xrn- Vork, 172(; 

1838 Nkw-YoI!!.;. The Eaws of Ilis JIajesties Colony of New- 

York, as they were enaeled by the (uivernour. Council and 
General Assembly (for the Time being,) in divers Session^, 
tiie first of wliicii began April Dtli, Kiill. pp. ;i21 ttiid 20. 
folio, calf. I'rinhd 1)1/ William Jlradfird, Xcw Vork. 1711) 
The arraiifjeiiifiit and pafiiiifr of this ediiioii of the r.iiws of New Vork re. 
ipiire exiilanatioii in order to he tinderstund. The volnine is loiiiplete. The 
f!aps ill llie miinheriiif; of the liases arise from the faet that il is made iigi of re- 
.prinls^f portions of the early acts, those of a temporary I'liaracter heiii;; MX 
out, by whioh means the luiniher of pages is rediioed; ami of the session laws, 
tubseijiienlly j.assed, in the oriKinal sheets a? they were printed, and eoiiliiui. 
onsly minibereil with the earlier session laws, as printed al the time. oi)iilaiiiin{,' 
the temporary as well as the permanent acts. The ilireetioiis to be found on the 
reverse of the lust leaf of the table of contents in the beginning of the book 




IV piipcrs lii'i'i; 
rl II. rriiitcil 
li.-lii'd in Ni'vv 
coiul part, ami 

VovillCi.^ of 

New York re- 
iiiiplclc. The 
iiailc 11]) of ri'- 
Ici- lii'in;,' left 

session laws, 
, and c'onliiui- 
ic. L'Diilainliif; 
.' found un tlui 
i; ol' the book 

will oxplnin the dnpllontion of a larpc minibor of pnfjos, by reason of flie sopa- 
lato pnldicalion ofaii appropriation bill. 

It is to be noted that this I'onipih'tion dillVrs nnitciially from the edition 
printed in London in the same year, and that laws are found in each not in thw 
other.— .Voif by Aft: Mdrplnj. 

Wold at the .Menzies .Sale for $07.50. 

IftS'J Nkw YoHK. Tlio Liiws of Ilor Mfijcstics Colony of New 
York, A.s tlit'y were eiiaeted hy tlic (loiiveriior, Council iind 
(Jeiicral As.^ieinhly, for tlie tiiiie being. iii(li\ers Ses.sioiis, tlie 
fif.-;t of whieh b.'giiii April !)t!i, 1001. y\). ■>[;). [With sev- 


ertil (ulditioiiiil pieces.] 

Ut fihi 

1c. (fold tool! 

tfdirii iiuir. sinicr-f'.c 


(1 A(ldre.«.ses of the \U 

Printed liij William Jirdd/ord, Acw Vorl,-, ]7\f) 

1840 Xkw Y<»1!k. The Lawfi of Her Majesties C(dony of New 

York, enacted in Diver.s Sessions, the (irst of whieh began 
Ajjrili), lOOl. To wliich is added, His Excellency's Speeches 
iitid Messjiges to the (ieiienil Assembly, and a .lonrnal of the 

during Administriitions of 
Lord Cornbiiry, I^ord Lovelace, and Kicliiird higoldsby, 
(iovernors of .said Colony, to the 12. of November, 170!). 
pp. 144, 78, 40, f>, 20 and 10. /(dio, In-oini luor. 

siqier-cxira, (jUt cdijfs, rich inside <j<dd frndiu'/. 

Printed hji Wi!li,nn llradford. New )or/.-, 1710 

1841 Nkw York. A IJrief Suite of the Controversv between tho 

Colonies of New-York and New J 

ersey, respecting their 






/'olio, half title, ito. half nior 

1842 Nkw Youk. An Aeeonnt of fiie Tretitv held at tlie Citv of 



iti the I'rovince of New York, bv ids KxceHencv th 

(Jovernor of tliiit I'r 
sioners lor the I'ro\ i 

iiiitl th<! Honoiirtible the Commis- 

if M; 

issachiisetts, Connecticut. 


'ennsvlvtmia, with the Indiiins of the Six Nations, Oetobei 


Jolio, jxijier. 
Philddflphia : Printed hij ]i., ]74(!. 

l.S4;5 Nkw YoiiK. Census of New York for 1 8(i;"). Prt'iiarcd li 

the Oriiriiiiil Hetiiriis, Lnder the Direcl 

)f Hr 



C. Harlow, Secretarv of .State. f<dio, halfn/irr. Alliain/, \S(]7 

1844 NICHOLLS. J. F. The ]{ 

I'kable Life, Adventures tind 

Discoveries of Sebastian Ctibot, of Ui-istol, the Founder of 


It Britain's Maritii 

I'ower, Discoverer of America, 

id its first Colonizer. I'ortrait. 

u/iiare 8; 

cloth, London, 186!>i 



I ■" 








loir) XOliril AMKRICAN Land Comi-anv, lately Tiistittito.l in 
Pliiladelpliiji : ('oiitiii.iiiij; nu lilu.striitioii of the Object of the 
Company's Plun, tlie Articles of Association, with a succinct 
vXcconnt of the States wl.ei't'iii their lands lie. 

Hvo. jKipcr, fjiitidoiii 17i)(! 

ISIU NOllTII CAKOLINA. IVoceediiiKs and Debates of the 
Convention of Nortii Carolina, called to amend the Consti- 
tution of the Stale, ,Jnne 4, XH'Mk Hvo. shrcp, /iahi;/!!, \S'M) 

1840* N()irriIl<:R>f Ait<nAi:oi,(.(iv. Atlas de I'Arcliaeologie dii 
Nord repi-esenlant des Kcliantillons de I'Age de Hron/e et 
de rA;j;e de Ker. I'liblie par la Soc. Hoyale des Antiipiaires 
du Nord. A'amrroim /'lalis illi/slrafiini llic iKjrf. of lli'inizi'. 
mid /roll. /iilio, //ofn-f/s, ('opvnhivjvn, 1>^")7 

1H47 NOTKS AM) (.^UKiaivS: a Mkdh m ok Intku-Comminica- 


odisTS, KTO. Krom tiie commencement, November, IHI!), 
to December, 1870, inclusive; the whole consisting of First 
Series, I 2 vols. ; Second Series, 12 vols. ; Third Series, 12 
vols. : Fourtii Series, vols., and Index, lHr)()-I.S70. 1 vol. 
Together, 4;! ro/.s-. half mtu-non Inrht';/ nior. Inp cdtjc tjiU ; it 

n-ri/jiiicyr/. /,(m(h>ii, 1S.|'.)-1H7() 

I.SI7* NoTF.s AND (iiJKUiKS. Another set, from the bej^iiming in 
184i). 20 voh. Ito. half a,lj\ full ,jiJl Intch, 

iiinrbled cdf/cs, London, r. ?/. 

Tlic curly voliiiiics of lliis work iiri' now very soiirrc 

18-18 NORHIS, John. IVotilable Advice for Hich ami Poor, in a 
Discoin-se, or Dialogue between .lames Freeman, a Carolina 
Planter, and Simon (Question, a West Country Farmer. Con- 
taining a Description, or true relation of South Carolina. 

' 12»!(). (■((//', Ijdtuhiii, 1712 

18-1!) Xokman's New Orleans and its Knvirons. 1<S1,').— Park's 
History and Topography of West Point. Phil., I.SIO. — New- 
port Illustrated. 18,')4.— New York, its Rise and Progress. 
18,');!. — Neill's Threads of :\Iaiyland ColoMial History. Phil., 
1807. —The White Sulphur Papers, is:)'.).— l\.ck"s Sketch of 
the Haptist Missionary Convention of the State of New York. 
18;}7.— Picture of New York. 1807. — Robertson's Hist, of 
the mission of the Secession Church of Nova Scotia and 
Prince Edward Island. 'Jwjdhvr, 1) ,:oh. 



18(50 NOTT and Cii.iDDON. TypcH of Mankind ; or. Ethnological 
Kcsciii-clii'.s, bascMJ upon tiu; Ancient Monnnicnts. . . . IHuh- 
tiatcd from flic incdilcd papei'H oC Samuel (ii'orjic Moi'ton. 
Map ami /'hdm. royiil Hro. half viar. tiqi rd^jc ijill, itiicvl, 

riiihuhlphia, ISM 
1852 NOVA SCOTIA. Hoyal Letters, Cliartcrs, and Tracts, re- 
lating to Colonization of New Scotland, and tiie Institution of 
Tlio Order of Kniglit Haroiiets of Nova Scotia. 1 O-il-l (J.'iH. 
Poilrtiil. Ito. Iiiilf hi-Dirii niiir. i-xini, Idj) i-.dije ijilt, 

J'Jdiiihnnih, 18()7 

18r);5 NOVA 15IMTANNIA. Offering most excellent Fruits by 

riantiiig in N'irginia, exciting all such as he well affected to 

further the same. ito. vcUiim, Lonthm, KiO!) 

Xi'iv Yorl.-. Jiepiivlvcl for J. Sahin, 1807 

18;VI NIJTTALL, Thomas. A Journal of Travels into the Arkan- 

su Territory, in 181 i). With Observations on the Jlannei-s 

of the Aborigines. ]\f(iji mul I'hitcs. 

Hro. iiiipcf, /'liildilf'Iphid, 1821 
18;");") OCCOIM, Samson. .\ Sermon Preached at the Kxecrution of 
Mose rani, an Indian ; AVho was executed at New Haven, 
on the second of .September, 177.'i ; for the ^lurder of Moses 
Cook. l->iii(>. n/irij). Xrir I/nvi)i. 7'. d- S. Oiren, 1771 

i8;")() OCKANICKOr. A True Account of tiie Dying Words of 
Ockanickou, an Indian King. Sjxiken to lahknrsoe, liis 
brother's Son. wiiom he appointed King after him. 

.s)(/. llo. half miir. top nhp' ijill, l(i8;5 
|8.",7 O'CALLAOIIAN, K. U. nist(.ry of New Netherhind ; or, 
New York undei' the Dutch. .l/ajis. 
2 rols. 8m/. IkiI/' ))i(iroi)ii iikji-. lap rih/c (jilt. Xiir Vor/r, 1 8 | (> 

18,->8 OX'AI.LACIIAN, K. P.. Laws and Ordinances of New 
Nclherland, l();i8-l(;71. Compih'd and Translated from the 
original Dutch Keeords in tiie olliceof the Secretary of .State, 
Albany. 8ro. Iinlf iikii-doh mor. lap uh/v ijil!., AUxnii/, IJ-iCiS 

IS.")'.) O'CAi.r.AGiiAN. A'oyages of the Sjavers St. .lolin and Anns, 
of Amsterdam, ](;;')".>. ICC ). ; Together witli .\dditional 
Papers illustrative of tiie Slave Tnule under the Dutch. 

ilu. jKlpcf, Alhroiil. 18(17 
18C0 O'C'ALi.AiiiiAN. Voyage of (Jcorge Clarke, with Introduction 
and Notes. IlhislnitioiiH. -Uo. paper, Allifv,/, 18()7 

One liiiiKli'cd copies only printi-il. 





262 n. c. MUUPiiY LinuAur. 

ISfil O'Caixagiian. The Register of Now Nethorlnnd ; ir.'ifi to 
1074. r<i)/al Hvd. Ifinjc pnpcr, Imlf lininxJ, tap i/ill, 

Athnin/, N. ¥., 18(5r. 

Of (Ills ami till' IWD piTcidiiij,' works, vory siimll editions only were printed. 
Tlii-y will' mvcr iiliiccd in tiic niarlict Cor sale, and arc, eons<i|ntntly, sfaroc. 

IHO'i O'Cai.laciiax. In.lex to Volumes One, Two iiiid Three, of 
'J'nuishitions of Dutch IMiiiioeripts, in tlie Olliee of tlie Seere- 
tiiry of Stale of the Slate of New York. 

rnipd Hro. mar. ijill ((Ji/fs, jIIIkiiii/, 1870 
IHt!;? O'CALI.ACaiAN, K. 15. A List of editions of tlio Holy 
Scriptures, piinled in America jjrevions to \XCii) ; with Intro- 
duction and Hililioorapliical Notes. 

nii/dl Hro. /ml/ iiitir. loj, vdijc i/i/l, uncut, AUxiinj, 18()1 
A well cxciMitid work, ol' wliich only one hniidrcd and lifty copies were 
printed. A presenlalion cojiy "I'otlu' lion. Henry ('. .'Murpliy, willithe ref-arih 
ol .lames lA'iiox." 

IHlil ()'{"Ai,i,A<inA\. Notes on tlie New Neth-Wands. A Collec- 
tion of Scraps from newsjjapers by Dr. O'Calhigliaii, pasted in 
a (juarto volume. 

181!;') 0(iDK\, Jdiix ('. An E.Kctirsion int.) Hethleiiem and Niiza- 
retli, in Pemisylvania, in the Year 1 7i)I) ; with a Snccinct 
History of I'nited lireliiren. 

\'l)iiii. half fhcpji. l'liiliiililjiliii(, '■■10,') 

i8r,(; #rrii<r>i». Ji» tic Kjooflhr i-ttoflrn^r lljrcrrn 
Stntrii ernriarl, \)rrlfnn .iru^r crr.^jt^Kuijisdir 
^'omp.iflufr, (H ?jntr irr ^rrDru Jin If n --'i. 

•l/'i. hiilf (/rccii calf, (I i-avoi-lliiijur, \iV>'.\ 

Sonic copies liavc tlie date of KV.'l. 

I Talent (.'I'anled by tln^ir Ili^'li Mi^'lilines'e.< till' .state -^ (ieiieral to tlie West 
India Coinpany, ,liinc :i, irr.'l.] 

18()Kj)r.i).Mi.\uN's JliiiTisu Ami;i!I(A, containing the History of the 
Discovery, Settlenui,t. I'rogress. and State of the Uritish v'ol- 
onies on the C'onlinent and Islands of America. Jfups. 

Sru. riilj\ LoiiiJoii, 1741 

lSi;s ()M\'KIJ, rini'i!. The Puritan Coimnonwealth. An His- 
torical ne\iew ol' the Pnriltui (iovernment in .Massiirhnselts 
in its Civil iind Kcclesiastical Ridations I'roni its alirogation of 
the fir.s. charfer. 

Svo. Iiidf liroirii mar. tup dhjc (jlH. lioMon, ISoli 

18(;;» ONDERDONK, Hknuv. Revolutionary Incidents of Siitfolk 
and King'.s Counties; with an account of tiie IJaltle of Long 




I, ' 

ly were printed, 
uiitly, sfiiroc. 

(1 Tlirce, of 
ol' tlic Sccrc- 

IIIhiiii/, 1870 

of tlio Holy 

with Iiitro- 

Cly ciipit's Hcri' 
ivilli till' rrf-iiril^ 

1 find Niiza- 
I ii Succinct 

ral Id tin- Wrut 

Isliind, and tlic IJritisli I'lison.s and Prison Siiips at Now York 
N. Y. — D-i.-unicnls and Letters to iliiistrate tiio IJcvolulioii 

■y iiifidciits of (Queen's Count\ 

2 roh. l2iiio. If.ilf 

Hreeii tnrlcf;/ iiitir. Iitji rdijp ijill^ New YorJ, , 18'1()-'1!» 

1870 Oi'KNiNoii ofic Bckentmak 



di^ Snvvci'licvt \:\n dc 

Cicvdclfiis in do Lwro cii't Celoovi; van Jean de Labadic. 

Piorro Yvon, riem; dii Li'rnon. Ilci-di 

Ilcndrick Scddii- 

tcr, I'ictcf Scldiitor, Predik 




i(, Amntfrdu 

1871 ()i!i>i'.iii.v Hook of Sir Joliti Johnston dnrin.i;- tlio Oriskany 
Canipaijin, 1770-1777. Annotated hy William L. Stone. 
Witii an Historical Introduction illustratiii-;- the Lifi! of Sir 

John Jol 


P.V J. Watts de P, 

evsti-r, etc, 
• l"'V< 





1872 O'KKILLY, Ilicxitv. Sket( 

ches of Hocheslcr : with incidental 

notices of W^cstern New York. 

posl 8i;o. lull f (J ,■!■(■ n niDf. lap cth/r (jilt. Ho '.-he titer, 18;!8 

187;; OKino, I-\ Xavhcu 


Solucion del (iran Prohlema .ic-erea 


de los Liliros Santos s" descnl 

pohlacion de las Americas, en (pie sohre el fimdaiuento 


mim-acion de los lloml 

miji' s ( 


lino a 

facil (ill 


la ti 

ro continente ; v coiiio 

piidieron ])asar al Niievo Miindo 



nil calf, Mc.xi 


■J'iiis work uudfi-takcs (i) solvi- tiic f.'rcat |>ri)ljl'-ni oC tlii' iiuuincr in which 
iiuiii, iis well as aiiiiniils, reaclicil America. 

1874 UlM'KLirs, AiuiAiiAJ 

lilioii :) Aiicloris a'.'e & cnra i 

Tiicatrvni oi'his tcrrarvm. {Vulo- 

A'l<x']d. C'oppcniiim Diestli. A 


inprvssiim absoa; uuupie apud 
litM'ipia' Ji.D.i.yx. 

Id, iiiijyand till', half ni:;si(i. .'hi cojj.irj 


I' iiKif.K viiiiravi 


liii lliiiifiih 


I'lic (Ifstfdii 

idii of one of tlic iiMist cildjiatc il ).'((i;ria|,l]icMl works of tlii 

liftcciilh ei'iilnry, of which tlicrc liavc liccii many >alisr(iuiiit ciiilioiis, and in 
wliicli till' numhiT of maps l:a.s liccn nincli inciiaM d. 

Anion/; the majis are one of llic wliolc worlil, anotlicr of America, witli 

Terra, del l''iii 

;o exienilinj; east and west, formin;; a frreat soiilliern conlineni. 

Tile map entitled •'SrjUfntrioiiiiliiim AVv/it/)i«,„," eontnins (ireeiiland, wiih niim- 
eroas rivers, and upon the soniliern side tlie towns of Ailii 

and .St. Tliunias. 

West wt ( 

ireenland, corropondiiif; lo llie western shore of Davis's .Strait of our 
day. Is Kstotiliind. .South of this m the island of l)idf;eo, and east of this 
towards Iceland Is the lar.ser island of Krisiand, upon wliicli several towns, 
fiipes, and fjnifs are laiil down. 'I'liese three latter named places are hinds 
claimed to have liecn discovered hy the hroiliers Zeni. 

Caialoiriic .if hooks mi America, \o. I.-i;")ii, p. 1-".', says that 

.Ml. M 

mil r. Ill his 

a copy of this ediiioii was 

at Antwerp in 1871, and -uppo.v 1 io h 

d ill the e.xiih. lion for (ii'oxraphical 

>\i Uillqni 

lireseiit copy is. in all rosf.cts, 

It wanted map No. 40. The 

I pic to. 





II. C. MUnrilY MBIiAKY. 

Il ' 

I 'i 


1875 OUTKLHIS. Tlieatniiu Orbis Terrariim. (Another copy.) 

folio, lidlf rnlf, 0)i(' cnvc.r loose, othevwhc in finv cowUlion. 

Aiilivri-j), 1570 
1870 OHTELIUS. Additiiiiuiiitvin Tlicatri Orbis T(M-r(irvii). 

Abniliiiinva OrtulivH Geognipliia^ stiidiosia 

folio, ri'llum. Cam hiijicrdloriic d; Jtct/iw jlftijcsldtniit 
PriniU<iij^ ir)7;). Atitucrpiiv Adiudicorum. 

1877 OSOHIUS. Di- Kcbus Kiiiniimucli.s rcj^is Lusitaiiiac iiivicti.-*- 

simi virtiite ct auspici-s gcstis libri diiodeciino. 
folio, inarooii mvr, iwh-n, top v(hje iiill,Jiii'J coji;/. Oli/sippoiic, 

Aidoiiiiiin Ooiiihsdltiiiia, 1571 

1878 OSORIUS. Tlie History of tlu; I'ortiigeose, during tlio Reign 

of EiMnuunu'l : (!()ntaiiiing all tiiiiir Discoveries, from the 
Coast of At'rick to tlie iartliest I'art of China. 

2 vols. 8i'o. c'llf, [joiulou, 1752 

1879 OSORIUS. Do Rebus Emnianuelis regis Lnsitaniae invictis- 

sinii \iitnti ct ausi)i('io, aiuiix sox, ac viginti doini foris(pic : 
gcstis: libri dnodecini. 

Si"., fivo. vclliiin. Colo)i : Ai/rip. IVirlnnnuiiiai, 1586 

1880 0TII0:MI. Kh'i.u'ints do la Graniniairc Othonii. Traduits de 

I'Espagnol acconipagncs il'mic Notice d'.^dclnng sur ccttc 
Langne. Traduite dc I'^VUcniand ct suivis d'un Vocaiiulaire 
Couipare Othonii — Chinois. 

8((;. Iiidf red mor. (op edge gilt, Paris, 1803 

1881 OTTLKY, W.m. Youst;. Inquiry concerning the Invention 

of Printing. ;J08 pp. 

4/(1. liixirds; curious wood cngrd rings of the edrlij hlock-books. 

Thisisiin iiiiliiii.''li(Ml mid rNil"iii,isiri;i> wouK, by llic Into cclchratcMl wri- 
tiT, JIi'. Oltlcy, iiiitlioi- ol'llu' wi'll-kiuiHu, li'iiriii'cl, iiml viiliuililc " Iminiry into 
tl.f OiiKi" and Karly Jlistory of Kngiavin^' uikiii Coiiiicr and in Wciml,":; vols. 
410. KSUi. 

In tlie aiitlior'.s iiit'liniiiiary olisci-vatloiis on (In; nii'tliiid |nir>^ii(Ml in this 
work, 111- says: " Tin' lollowiiif; woi-k (.■onlaiiis an acc'iiiiiil ol'iTscarclics, iirosi'- 
cutud at intervals diiriii;; tlie last twenty years, upon tlie ()ri,i;iii of I'rinliiif;, with 
a view to ascertain, if possible, whether llie '•lainis of Holland to the honor of 
that iiivenliini he, really well, or illfoiinilei'. In farther proseeiit in;; tliis impiiry 
I haveeiiileavoiired to liriiig to hear on the snhjeot, various kinds of evideiiee, not 
re.-'orted to, and perhaps not thoii(;lit of, liy pre\iou3 writers; and I Halter niy- 
8elf that, in conseiiueiice, I have heeii eiialiled, in not a few instanees, to clear np 
donhtdil points: to prove the falsehood of oiiinioiis, nntil now Keiierully held to 
beti'ie; and to estaiilisli, ineontroverlibly, the triitli of .some (acts, at least, 
wiiich have lieretolore been denied, or contested." 

It contains most minute particiihirs of all the nrp;nments broii;:ht forward liy 
those who favonr eitlier the claims of Holland or (Jermaiiy, inchidiiij,' the .sys- 
tems of .Mei'rman, ileinecken, Santaiider, ami KoninK; the early iiM' of \\'ood. 
eii^ravin^ in Kurope; an accarate collation of the various editions of the early 
lilockliooks, viz.: the Hihiia rauperiim; His mIu sen rrinidentia Virginia 
Maria; (.'X Cuntico C'anticornm; ypeculuni llumaua;, ilc., &c. 

other copy.) 


iitirrrii, loTO 

' jl[(ij(nl<tlnin 
iiiiU! iiiviclit*- 

ninaia, 1571 
i.u; tlio Reign 
s, t'roin tilt! 

i(iinh))i, 1752 
iiiiie iiivietis- 
ini I'orisque : 

uniica, 1586 

, 'rriuliiits de 

iig siir cctte 


Far!.'<, 18()3 

10 Iiiveiitioii 


e ci'lcbratc'il h ri- 
(• " Iiii|iiiry into 

11 Wciml," u vols. 

piu'^iu'd in tills 
rscarclu's, iii'DSf- 
iit' I'iiiilhij,', with 

I to lllc llOIKII' ul' 

itiii); Ihis iininiry 
1 of rvuli'iu'i', not 
:inil I llaltc'i- niy- 
miTs, to clciir tiji 
^cnenilly held to 
■ liKil.s, at least, 

iii;;lit forward by 
icluillu;^ tin* sys- 
■ly use of \Vood. 
ions of the early 
ideiitiii Virgiuis 
, Jtc, &c. 



1882 OiTO Kkyens Kiirtzcr Entwurfl' von Ncu-Nicdcrlaiid mid 

Giiiijana Einaiider cntgogcii gcio(zt. I'mb dt'ii imtcrsclieid 
zwisclieii wariueii iind kalteii Latideii lieniusz zu brinsreii. . . . 

■Iti). clotli, (lilt edf/is, Lci/izifj, 1C72 

|Ol|o Keye's sliort sketch of New Netlierlandand (inlaiiHooni|iared, to show 
the dlllereiue between wiirni and eold eounlries, and in wldeh it is most agiee- 
able to live.cte.] 

The origiinil Dutch editions of tliis work were |irinted In in.W and Ifniii, 
which see. 

1883 OVJKDO Y VALUES, UonzaM) Fkunandkz. Hi.storia 

General y Natural de las Indias, I.sja.s y Tierra-Firnie del 
Mar Oceano. 4 vols, folio, hnlf brown 

turkey vior. c.rlra, top crlgp (jilt, went, splendid copi/. 

Jlddrid, Acadcmin Real, 1851-55 

1884 OVIEDO Y VALUES. L'lli.^toire Natvrclle et Generallc 

des Iiide.s, Isles, et Tcrre Fermc de la Grand Mer Oeeane. 

Tradvicte de Castilliin en Frantjois. folio, vmltled calf 

red edije.i. I'arix, Michel de Voscnsnn, 1555 

1885 <©®X2aD<5), ©. Iftcntnnftc! ^t. (tovonitn ic Ins 
XutJfa.s. a.T linstoi-fn ocncrnl rtt las KnUftis hqovh 
nucunmnttc frnpiTSSei corrrjjdia n rmcutinlrn. (102 

leaves.) Black Lettkk. 

folio, calf, inarhled edges, very rare, 1547 
Leaves 97 and 104 in vuinnscript, and nrivls leaves 12 to 10 
itirixsive; othertuise a fine clean copy. 
This is the copy inentione<l by J[r. Harrisse. Additions, Itib. Americnnn 
Vetiis,yu. lfi.l, p. 1()0, wliicli, according to hlni, was issued without the Xeres, 
and with a ditlVrent title J'roni the ^r(<. B. A. V., which has on the title the addi- 
tion of y fun Com/uinta del Peru. 

18*6 ©rXjED^ t> wmUJ3T£%. aa Hifstovfal flcutial 

DC las IctlllCaS. folio, beautiful wood-cut title in red 

and black, half calf , very rare, Sevilla. A few lines of the 

last leaf gone and supplied in 7nanitscript. Juam 

C'rom'i'rger, 1535 
The first part of the natural and general history of the inries, islands, ami 
lands of the ocean sea. Tlie letter at tlie end (fol. l'J2-3), sigue;! in the auto- 
graph of Oviedo, addressed by him to Cardinal Loaysa, is not rejirinteil in the 
Madrid edition of IK'iO. 

1887 #^»1E?3# ^ ©aiaDlE':.. aa l^rstorfa CJtucral 

tit las XUlJfaS, (I'ol. oxeiij.) (Amther copy. I 
Jolio, old vellum, title in red, with a rich border, very rare. 
Sevilla, Juam Cromberger, 1535. With the autograph signa- 
ture of Oviedo at the end. 
"Among the persons who early came to America, and have left importan 
records of their adventures and times, one of the most considerable was Gonza 




r- -^ 


11. c. MunriiY LHJiiARY. 



p. (Ic ('•vicdd Ills •Xdtiinit (inil llciirnil nhtnry of the rndlm' f\\U (Ifty 

books, of wlilcli the Hint |iorlli>iis, iiiil)iailii;,'twiiityi)iii', wuic imliliiluMl In liV.'S, 
wlilli' tilt' ri'st rciimiii ill iiiiiiiiisi'i'ipt. Id' tells ih that hi' hail llii' Kniprror'ti 
authority to ilcmaiHl I'nmi thr illll'i'iiiit Kovornors nl' SpiiiilHh Ann rlra the doeu. 
Iiil'lits he iiiIkIU iici'il I'oi' llii work; anil an his illvlsioiis of the siihjii't an' those 
whlrh imtiirally arisi' Iroin Its B''"ri"|il'y. '"' ajiprars to Inivc xt- vr jiiillclonsly 

about his task Ilo was evlili'iilly a icarni'il nnin, uinl niainliiiiu'il ii corren. 

poiiili'iicc with I'ainiisio; till' Italian Ktiijiiiiplii'r, wliiih coiilil not tall to bo use. 
fill to lioth partii's. Ami hi' wasilt'slroiis to write In ii giioil anil eloiiiiint Htyle, 
In wliiili he sonielliiM'H snci'eeileil. lie has, on the whole. ))i'oiliieeil a series of 
aeooiints of the natural CDiiilltioii, tlie iiborij.'iiial inliahitants, iiinl the ]iollti('al 
alliiirs of the wiili'.spreail Spanish possessions ill America, as they stooil in the 
inlilille of the sixteenth ceiiliiry, whii'h is of great value as a vast repository of 
I'lU'ts, ami not wlioiiy without inerit a> aconipositlon."— T'jcd-HHr'.'t Hint. Spiiiih/i 
Lit., Vol. I., p. Ml. 

1888 OVKRIjEIvE. Lcs Kostes de rAiicicniio Rome, RecluM'cliez 
iivcc soiii, niL'surez, ik-ssiiiez siir les liuiix & gfiivoz par i'eu 
l>oiiavc'iitiiro. d'Ovcrbeke, sons Ics I'oiitificiitis (riniircciit XI, 
Alt'XiiDilro \'1II, ft (I'liiiioceiit XII Imi)riin6 aii.v ilepuiis de 
Mit'liul d'Ov urbeke. 2 t'o/,s. (ttlas folio lit. one, half calf, 

uncut, with loO copjjcr-jjlute ciiijrafintjs of the riiinn of liomr. 

Amsterdam, J, CrfHa.'i, 1709 

188!) OXFORD. Colloction of Voyages and Travels, con.'sistiiig oF 
Aiitlieiitii' AVriters in our own Tongue, wliicli liavi; not been 
collected before in Kngli.sli, or liiive oidy been abridged in 
other Ct)llections. Jfajis and plates. 

2 roh. folio, velhini, London, 1745 
181)0 OXIiKRRY, William. Tiie Flowers of Litenitiiro ; consist- 
ing of Selections from History, Biography, Poetry, and 
llomauce. Portraits. 

4 vols, in 2, 12»io. half calf^ London, 1824 
18111 TACIIECO. Doctrina Christiana tradncida de la lengiiaCas- 
tellana en lengiia Zapotecii Nescitzti, por el Licenciado D. 
PVancisco Padieco de Sylvn. 

l'2)no. vt'Uuni, very rare, title vmnling. {? Mexico, 1G87) 

The title is taken from Air. Icazlialcefa's Apuntes, who, in ilescribiiiK ueopy 
wlllioiit the title, says tlie Licence is dated May, 1158", wlience lie infers tliat it 
wa.s printed in Mexico in that year. 

1892 PAEILE, Cii. Es.sai IILstorique et Critiqiie stir IMnvention 

de riniprimiere. Hvo. jiaper, J'aris, 1859 

1893 PALIEll, II. Lijst eencr Prcntverzamcling derVaderhindscho 

Geschiedenis en Aardrijkskund der Nederlanden. 

Hfo. paper, Slu rto(ienlioseh, 1851 

1894 PALFREY, John Gouham. History of New England. 

& W()/,s. royal Sua. larfje paper, cloth, uncut, Boston, 18G5 



illm' niN (Ifty 
I)I|4|iimI III 1;V.'5, 
I Mr Kiiipiror'n 
I'lli'ii tlif (loeu. 
ijcct arc tliosi' 
. »• Jiulicloimly 
iilin'il II corren- 
[ (ail to 1)0 use. 
iloiiiiiiit Htyle, 
iccil a scries of 
il III!' iiiilitical 
■y stoiid in tliu 
t rcpiisitdry of Spiiiih/i 

lez par i'eu 
iiccciit XI, 
: depuiis de 
', linlf c<(IJ\ 
m of Bmiir. 
rlluH, 1709 

)ii.sistiiig oF 
vc not been 
ilii'iilged in 

iidon, 1745 

•0 ; coiisist- 
oetiy, and 

nclon, 1824 

longiiii Cas- 
iMu'iado D, 

r!co, 1G87) 

loi'ibliiK ueopy 
(' iiit'er.4 tlmt it 

r Invention 
Paris, ISa'J 


•hosrh, 1851 

oston, 18G5 

1895 PALLAS, M. I', s. Voya^rcs en Difrerento.s Provinces de 
rEnii)irc de Ituswie, ct dans TAs.!,. ScpttMitrionuIe ; Tradiiits 
de L'Alleinand. 5 mh. 4lo. pupn; with foli,, roluine of 

philcs; tixji'llicr G cols. r,ir!s, 1708 

189G PALOr, FiiANCisco. Kelacion Ilistorica de la Vida y Apos- 

tolicas Tareas del Venerable Padre Fray Junlpern Sena, y 

do las MisioneH qne rundo en la California Septentrional, y 

niievcs etstablieiniiento.x de Monterey. 

4l(). old iilluin. Mvxico, F. ,1,- Xiiiiii/d, 17H7 
1897 PAMPHLETS. Three tliiek octavo volumes*, eontaininj,' 

Addresses, Orations, Sermons, and other pamjihlets. 
1903 I'ALMKH, I'kticu S. History of Lake Cliamplain, from its 
First Exploration by the Fi'eneli in 1(509, to the close of the 
'^''■'^'' '■'*"• 8(o. cloth, Albany, IHGC 

1901 Palmkk. History of Lake Ciuimplain. (Another copy.) , 

1905 PALMER, Gkokcm:. The Migration from Siiinar; or, tiie 
earliest liidis beHveen tlie Old and New Continents. Mai>. 

8/0. doth, IadhIoii, 1H79 
1905* PARIS. Nonvean Plan de.— London ; AN^hat to see, and 
how to see it. 1.S57.— Thirty miles round New York. iMap. 
183G. — Utrecht en derselver JVaaje Onestreken.— Flusiiing 
Past and IVesent. 4 copies.— Description of Westminster 
Abbey.— Porter's Discourse in Commemoration of the Origi- 
nal Setttlement of the Ancient Town in KMO. 1841.— 
Gnide througli the Galleries of J'aintings of tlie Imperial 
Musema of the Louvre. Paris, 1857.— Lowell as it was, 
and as it is. 1845.~(;iiide to Quebec, with a map. (Quebec, 
1.S57.— The Oxford University and City Guide. 

loi/cthir, 14 rnlx. 
190G PAIIKMAN, Francis. Pioneers of France in the New 
World.— Tlie, lesnits in North America.— The OM Regime in 
Canada. London.— Tlie Discovery of the Great West. 

4 vols. Sm. t-loth, liostoii, 18G5 

1907 Pakkman. History of the Conspiracy of Pontiac, and the 

AVar of the North American Tribes against tlie English Colo- 
nies, after the Coii<iuest of Canada. Hvo. cloth, Boston, 1851 

1908 PAREDES, Ljn.i»io dk. Promptuario Manuel Mexicana 

quie a la verdad podra s*?r utilissimo a los Parroches para la 





r •[ 



H. C. Mtritl'Iir LIHHAUV. 

t '■•. 


otisoniitiza ; u lus iiuccisitiuluH Iiidios parii hiis iui»ti'ii(>cioii y n 
loa que upruiuleu hi It iigiia piini lii <>x|)(>ili('inii. 

4ti>, old Spaniult liiiidlnd, MijIcd, 1 7.')1( 

IDOi) I'AlllvlN.SON, SvDNKV. .luiiriml of a Voyugu to tlic Soiitli 
Seas, ill lii^ Miiji'.sty'.s Ship, tin; Eiidcavour. With 2!') 
hvauti/ul ri)jii)i:r-jihilcs. 

iinpt'fliil [(i). lar;/!' papff, I'lilf, Lomloii, 177.'J 

lyiO PAKSUNS, Kdwaud. Neal's Ili.story of the rmitaiis ; or, 

tlie Rise, I'riiutiple.s, anil Siiireriii^H of the I'roteMtiiiil l)i'<(<eu- 

ters, to the glorious era of tlie Uuvohitioii. Abridged. 

2 voIh. Hill, lull/ riilj\ Ijoiidon, 1811 

I'Jll PAllMENTIKll, Jan. Moiulite tie.^ excliento a Ihonneur 

glorieuwe a.s.suiiiptioii iiostre Dame a dix persoiiiiageH. Coni- 

poseo par Jan I'anneiitier, bourgeois de hi ville do Dieppe, 

• etc. s(/iiiirr \'2iiin, nil nmf, ijilt edijin, Piirln., l.ViT 

Appiiifiilly u I'lie-fliiiiiliciciirliit. In iiuote, Mr. JIur|iliy siiys : "Tlu; autlior 
of'tliia work WHS 11 ilUtlnnulsluMl imvlgiitor, uiid the Ural Kreiicliinun wlu) salliMl 
to Briull." 

iyi2 PATTIK, Ja.mks ()., of Kentucky. Personal Narrative dur- 
ing an ex])edition from St. Louis, througli tiie vast regions 
between tlint place and the Pacilic Ocean. 

Sco. xhei'p. ncrtrci', (Jinriniiuli, 182.'! 

l'J13 PAl'Ll)IN(i. J. Atlkirs and Men of New Amsterdiuu, in 
tlie time of (iovcrnor Peter Stnyvesiint. Compiled from 
Dnteli manuscript records. 

\tnio. Iiul/ miir. top i-diji' r/llt, Nt-w loy/r, \H4'-\ 

lliU PAl'W, M. DK. IJccherches Pliiiosopiiiciues, sur les Aineri- 
cains, on Memoires interessans pour servir a I'histoiro de 
I'espece linmaine. ;3 vols. Svi>. Fri'iich cnlf, I'liris. ITll.'t 

1(115 PASKKLL. An Abstract of a Letter from 'fhonias Paslidl 

of Pennsylvania to iiis Friend, J. J., of ('hipjienham. jip. 2. 

folio, hidf title, linlf Villi-. Loiiilmi. Jnliii JlrimjIiHrnt, IGHl) 

1910 Pkac'K and Harmony Restored. Being an Account of tlie 
agreement whicii took jilace amongst the lUirglier and Anti- 
Imrgher Seceders, iiiid Peformed Presbytery in North Ameri- 
Cii, in 1782. \'lniii. pujii'i-, Glasgotv, 178;5 

1917 PEAHSON, Jonathan. Early Pecords of tlic City and 
County of Albany, aid Colony of Hensesselaerswyck, (IG-Jt!- 
167;').) Translated from tlie Dutch. 

royal 8ro. Innji- paper, ijrcen cloth, Alhainj, 1?<G9 



l:'17» Pi.:\us(.N Coiitrihutiuris to tl,o C-iiciIogius of tli.; First 
.H«sttl(*r Allmiiy (Vom )i; 10 to IHOO. 

ilo. hul/redmnr. ^»/, ><lr ,jilt, uncut, Jlhaiiy, 1872 
lyi« I . UU'E, Stkwaut. AunnU .,t .zonic Cmuty; A Rirord 
of n,|,..v^tii.jr ev.!nt.s, traditions, uud uiiucdotas from Tlio 
(ir -.uttl ■ineiil at W^-oinintf to ^>^00. M,n> and Plnlvs. 

nth, fhilaihfphin, JftfiO 
VJ\-> rKlJUKIJ, l'Aiu.(>. Taxation, H. vim... Kx|, Power, 
Ntatmta.,., „„d l),U of tla. Dritisi, Kinpir- ; .lu,ir on^in, 
progress, and prc-r. statu. Portrait. 

Hra. .•,///', London, \K\\i 

ly-'O I'ECKAIil), 1'. Mr. NiHi.das Fcr- 

rar. Fine Portrait. Svo. h.df r„\f, C„mhr!d;ir {K,,,,.) 171)0 

Nldinius K..rr.n- w«» ciiuect..! with Am..rle»n Illstorv Iron. hi. havl„« 

h..... |),.,,„ry..„v,.,,mr of the chlmit...! VirKh.iu . »m|m.,y ,v „„. i;,,! of 

.^ou ha,„p,o„ «u.s ,iov..r.,or. II.. «•„« „!.„ .„H.„f „„. nu.uHK.r.. T!.. ,■„...!„„. 

It. .SuhiH'i|iii'nlly he took oiiI.ts In the ( 

i!»->I I'KDLICV, CiiAHLKs. 'J'lu. History of Nowfouudlan.l fnnn 
tlif uarliL-,.<t times to tlu' Year i.^(JO. Map. 

8ri). dut/i, L, don, 1)S(J3 
10-'-' I'KLL, G. Ti.e Kn-iish. Dutcl,, French, and Lati- Vor-ah- 
"lary: Wlu-rein is shewn, tiie o:reat allin of tlie tiu.-e 
lust Languages with the First. 12,,,.. ml/, Utrecht, 17;i;. 

11)23 rKMHERTON, K. A Sor.non proaehe.l at New-Ark, .TnMe 
\i. 1711. .t the Ordination of David IJrainerd, a Missionary 
among tiie Intlians. With an Appendix toncliing Indian af^ 
'''"'■''• 8(v,, ludf mur. top cdijc ,/ilt, Boston, 1744 

11)24 I'KMHFRTOX, K. Sermon at the ordination of the Kev. 
A\ alter Wilmot, of.Iamaiea, ].. I. With a Disconrse on the 
same occasion by Mv. Dieidnson. <h>n, 1 7.W.— Discourse 

at the or.lination of Joseph Sewail, ;,: Ijoston, Sept. ItJ, 1713. 
2 /,,((7s, iico. doth, Boston. 1718-1738 
V.^-n TKNIIALLOW, Sami-kl. The History of the AVars of New 
England, With the Kastern Indians. Or, A Narrative of 
their continued IVrlidy and Cruelty from tlie 10th of August. 
1703, to the I'eaee renewed 13thof,Fuly, 1713; and from tiie 
2;nh of ,(idy, 1722, to their Submission ir,th Dee.. 172;-). 
Wliich was Ratified Aug. 2.-), 172G. ]2,„J. ,h>'ep, 

title Infac-.iniile. Boston : T. Flrd, for S. Crrri.h, 172G 

From the orisinal nianusfi-lpt of this wort in the possns.-ion of 1' Koic.. 
Ks,,., Washington, it appt-uis tliat there are variution,s in the printe.l copy from 







^1^ 11^ 

Ul Hi 

^ 1^ 12.0 



1.4 IIIIII.6 






,*•* '^** 

'> ,> 






^- •^^ 







WEBSTER, N.Y. 14580 

(7^6) 87i-4503 





<«^>^ ^ 




JL.W <v«i. nmmtwimiftmmmmmtafeam 





the orfginni, especlnlly on piige Hfl. Tlic acconrt parngrnph In tlio original roads, 
"So soon as the report came of Capt. Lovcwell's disaster, (Ifty men from New 
Hampshire, well armed, and with twelve days' subsistence, marched thither to 
bury tlie dead and draw oft' the wounded, but were so miserably terrify'd, that in 
a most shaniefull and cowardly manner they returned without searching for the 
wounded or dead, or nniking the least discovery."—//. C. M. 

1925 PENN, William. A Letter from William Penn, Proprietary 
Governour of Penn.sylvanin in America, to the Committee of 
the Free Society of Traders of tliat Province residing in Lon- 
don. Containing a General Description of the said Province, 
its Soil, Air, Water, etc. ... Of the Natives or Aborigines, 
their Langniige, Customs iind Maimers. . . . To wliicli i.-< 
added, An Account of the City of Pliiladelj.liia newly laid 
out. . . . With a Portraiture or Plat-form thereof. . . . 
folio, 10 pp., unbound and uiicut. folding plan. London, 
, Andrew Soide, 1G83 

There are two editions of this letter in the same year, one of ten and the 
other fourteen pages. TIk latter has a list of proprietors of the lots of land 
laid down on the Jlap, appended to ii, and is distinguished besides by the cntcli- 
word " Directions " at the bottom of the 10th page.—//. C. M. 

192G Penn. A Letter from William Penn, Proprietary and Gov- 
ernour of Pennsylvania in America, etc. Another edition. 

folio, half nwi: London, Andrew Howie, 1G8;{ 

The-fi were two editions of this letter, one with the directions of reference 
in the \<h\n of I'hiladelphia, which in this copy are supplied from a copy in Ur. 
Hawks' Library; tlie other is witliout such directions. 

1927 PENN, WiLHAJi: A Furtheraccountof the Province of Penn- 

sylvania and its improvements. For the satisfaction of those 
that are adventurers and enclinod to be so. Dated WoK.>riN(J- 
hurst-Place 12th. of 10*'' month 168.'). 

Ato. half title, 20 pagea, calf. 

1928 Penn. The Peoples Ancient aixl .Just Liberties asserted, in 

the Tryal of William Penn antl William ]Mead, at tlie Sessions 
held at the Old-Bailey in London, KwO, against the 
Arbitrary procedure of that Court. 

4to. half red mor. gilt edges, 1070 

1929 Penn. Account of Travels in IIoHand and Germany, 1C77, 

for the service of the Gospel. By way of Journal, contain- 
ing also Divers Letters and Epistles writ to several great and 
eminent persons whilst there. 12mo. calf, London, 1714 

1930 Penx. Journal of his Travels in Holland and Germany, in 

1677. 12mo. cloth, London, 1835 




1031 Tenn. a Discourse Shewing the Nature ami Discipline of the 
Holy Cross of Christ ; and that tiie Denial of Self, and daily 
hearing of Christ's Cross, is the alone way to the Rest and 
Kingdom of God. \2»io. sheep, London, 1702 

1932 Penx. Missi.evan William Penn, Kygenaar en Gouverneur 

van Pennsylvania, in America. Gesciireven aan de commisa- 
rissen van de Vrye Society tder Ilandelaars op dcselve Provin- 
tie, l)inncn London residerende. Alo. mor. Amsterdam, 1684 

The /c«frof Tliomus I'liskell to J.J. van Cliippenliam, dated in Pennsylvania, 
10 Kel)'y, KKJ, describing tlie eountiy, its productions and settlements, Is want- 
ing in the English copies— AWeAj/ //. C. ^f. 

1933 Penn. A Short Adverti-sement upon the Situation and Extent 

of the City of. Philadelphia and the ensuing Platform thereof. 
By the Surveyor General. foUo, half doth, Phila., lC(t3 

1934 Penn against Cai VERT, in Chancery. Breviate. John Penn, 

Thomas Penn, and Richard Penn, Ksqrs : Plaintiffs. Charles 
Calvert, Lord Baltimore, Defendant. For the Plaintiffs. 
Upon a Bill to compell a Specifick I-:xecution of Articles of 
Agreement entrod into between tlie jjartys for setling the 
Boundarys of the I'rovince of I'ensilvania, the Three Lower 
Countys, and the Province of Maryland. imperial folio, 

half calf, printed on thick paper, with 2 maps ; a very scarce 
volmne. Bill filed 2\ June, 1735, amended \^ December, \1^<3 

1935 PENNSYLVANIA. Memoirs of the Pentisylvftnia Histori- 

cal Society. 4 vols. 8ro. half cloth, top edge (jilt, Phila., 182G 

193C PENNSYLV., lA Magazine, or American Monthly Mu- 
seum for 1775-70. Vols. 1 and 2. 

2 vols. 8vo. rhilnddphia, R. Aitken. 

1937 PENNSYLVANIA. Information and Direction to such 

Persons its are inclined to America, more cspeciiilly those re- 
lated to the Province of Pennsylvania, pp. 4. 

folio, half title, half mor. top gilt. 

Tliis trnel, s^aul to have been written by William IVnn, is not described by 
any biljliograplier. It is of the greatest rarity, and of interest as exhibiting tlie 
terms upon which William l^'iin disposed of his lamis. 

I'urcliased at tlie Meiizies sale for ■$:i->.00. 

1938 Pennsylvania. A Tretity Held at the Town of Lancaster, in 

Pennsylvania, by the Honourable the Lieutenant-Governor of 
the Province, tind the Commissioner for Virginia and Mary- 
land, with the Indians of the Six Nations, June, 1744. 

folio, paper. Philadelphia, B. Franklin, 1744 


I' il 

i I 

I It 


1939 Pennsylvania. A Treaty between the President and Council 

of the Province of Pennsylvania, and tlie Indians of Oliio, 
Held at Pliiladelpliia, Nov. 13, 1747. 

folio, paper, Philadelphia, Printed hji B. Franklin, 1748 

1940 Pennsylvania. A Treaty held by Commissioners, Members 

of the Council of tlie Province of Pennsylvania, at the Town 
of Lancaster, with some Ciiiefs of the Six Nations at Oiiio, 
and otiiers, for the Admission of the Tvvightwce Nation into 
the Alliance of his Majesty. 
folio, paper. Philadelphia, Printed hy B. FranJclin, 1748 

1941 Pennsylvania. AlJrief State of the Province of Pennsylva- 

nia. In wliicli, the Conduct of their Assemblies for several 
years past is impartially examined, and tlie true Cause of the 
Continental Encroaclmients of tlic French displayed, more 
especially the secret Design of their late unwarrantable Inva- 
sion and Settlement upon the river Ohio. 

8vo. half calf . London, R. Griffiths, 1755 

1942 Pennsylvania. Mitmtcs of the Provincial Council of Penn- 

sylvania, from tiie organization to the termination of the Pro- 
prietary Government. 

^ vols. Bvo. half hound, Harrishurg, 1838 

1943 Pennsylvania. Tlie Ciiarters and Laws of the Province of 

PeuBsylvania and City of Philadelphia. 

folio, calf. Printed hij B. Franklin, Philadelphia, 1742 
'944 Pennsylvania. The Frame of tiie Government of the Province 
of Pennsylvania in America : Together with certain Laws 
agreed upon in England by the Governour and Divers Free- 
Men of the aforesaid Province. To be further Explained 
and Confirmed there by the first Provincial Couij"il and Gen- 
eral Assembly that siiall be held, if they see meet. 

folio, half mor. top edge gilt. Printed in the Year 1682 

1945 Pennsylvania. Holmes's Large Map of the Improved Part 

of Pennsylvania iu America, witii the names of the Original 
Purcliasers from William Penn begun in 1G81. A Fac-simile 
of the original iu the Philadelphia Library. 184(5. 

Folded in a cover. 

1946 Pennsylvania. Laws of the Province of Pennsylvania : now 

in force, collected into one volume. Publisli'd by Order of 
the General Assembly of the aforesaid Province. 

folio, calf. Andrew Bradford, Philadelphia, 1728 



1947 [PENNINGTON, E.] Some Hrief Observations upon George 
Keith's current e.^ipostulutio'i, contained in a Postscript to a 
late Book of his, entitled " The Anti-Cl.i'ot's and Saddueees 
Detected," &c. Umo. half doth. London T. Soide, Id^G 

l'J48 PERKINS, James H. Annals of ihe West: Embracing a 
concise account of tlie principal events which have Occurred 
in the Western States and Territories, 

Svo, ithecp, (Jincinnafi, 1840 

194'J PEHALTA, M. Antonio. El p;jercicio del Santo Viacrucis 

puesta en Lengua Maya. Copiado de un Antiguo Manuscrito. 

12;(io. paper, Merida, 186'.l 

19,")0 PEREIRA i)K Carvauio Guimaudks. Ostcnsor Brasileiro 

Collecc^'iio de Pi'oduccoes Originales em Prosa c Verso sobre 

nssnmptos pcrtencentes a Ilistoria Politica e Geogrnphica da 

Terra de Santa Cruz. Numerous Plates. 

royal 8vo./hII red mor. gilt edges, Rio de' Janeiro, 184ij 

1951 PEREZ, Fk. Manuki,. Cathecismo RomaTio, traducido en 

Castellano, y Mexicano. 248 pp. 4?'). old vellum. 

Mexico, Franci.ico de Biiera Calderon, 1723 

1952 PEREZ, Fii. AJanuel. Parol Indiano y Gvia de Caras de 

Indios. Sumnia de los cnico sacramentos que administram los 
Ministros Evangelicos en esta America. Con todos los casos 
morales que snceden entre Indios. (pp. 192 and Index.) 

sHi, 4to. half calf . Mexico, F. de Rivera Calderon, \lVi\ 
(In the same volume :) 
Pekez Arte de cl Idionia Mexicana. • Mexico, 1713 

1953 PERROT, Nicolas. Memoire siir les Moeurs, Coustumes et 

Religion des Sauvages de I'Ameriqiie Septentrionale. Public 
pour la premiere fois par le R. P. J. Tailiian de la Conip. de 
.Tesus. Sco. cloth, Paris, 1864 

1954 PERRY, AVji. Stevens, I). I). Papers relating to the His- 

tory of the Church in Massachusetts, A. D. 1676-1785. 
1 vol. — Papers relating to the [Church in Virginia. 1 vol. 
Edited by Wm. Stevens Perry. 2 vols, royal 4to. 

(1 vol. ill cloth, the other in paper.) Privately printed, 1870-73 

1955 PHILADELPHIA. Minutes of the Common Council of the 

City of Philadelphia, 1704 to 1776. 

{2 copies,) 2 vols. 8vo. half cloth, Philadelphia, 1847 




|M 'll' 








PP:SCIIEL, Oscak. Oesohiclite des Zcitalters der Entdcck- 
ungcn. pp. 081, Hi,o. sewed. Sttitlyard und Aiiffslwrg, 1858 

PKHcmcr,. (TIio snnio work.) Zwcite Auflngc. Mit rlem 
Hildiiiss der VerfhsserH. Portrnit, 
8wj. half green mo r. extra, tOj> ed(/r gill, uncut, Shittgard, 1877 

Pesciiel. Der Atlas des Andrea BIhiico von Jalire, 1430, in 
zelm tafelii nntl mit einen vorworte versehen von Oscar 
Pesfiliel. ohlong folio, phofoyrnphic facsimile, Venice, 1809 

PETERMAN, ArcjusTtis. An Acconnt of tlic Progress of 

the Expedition to Central Africa, Pci-fornied by Messrs. 

Ricliardson, Barth, Overweg and Vogel in the years ISSO- 

»l-")2 and .')3. Consisting of Maps and Illustrations with 

Descriptive Notes. alias folio, cloth, London, 1854 

All important work for the study of the RooKrnphy of the interior of Africa. 
riil>lislie<i by nutliorlty of Her Miijesly's Foreign Office. 

PETER.SON, EnwAun. History of Rnode Island. 

8vo. cloth, New York, 1853 
PETIT, John Fjjancis. Tiie Low Country Commonwealth, 
containing, an e.xact Description o( ilie Eight United Provinces, 
now made free. Translated out of French. 

ifo. calf, [London'], 1009 
PETERS, Rev. Samuei.. General History of Connecticut 
from its settlement under (ieo. Eenwick, to its latest period 
of amity witii (Ireat Britain ; including a description of tiie 
P"''"*'7- Sfo. half calf, scarce, London, 1781 

PETTIGRlfW, Thomas J. Bihliotheca Sussexiana. A de- 
scriptive Catalogue, accompanied by historical and biiilio- 
grapiiical nitices of tlie Mamiscripts and printed Books in ilie 
Librai-y of the Duke of Sussex. 

3 vols, imperial 8vo large paper, clotli, Loudon, 1827 
PEYREHE, Isaac. Reh ; an Groenland. 

-Si'o. old calf . Paris, Aug. Covrhr, 1047 
PHELPS, Richard H. A History of Newgate of Connecti- 
cut, at Simsbury, now East Granby ; its Insurrections and 
Massacres, the Imprisonment of the Tories in the Revolu- 
tion, and the working of its mines. Portrait. 

4to. cloth, Alliani/, N. Y., 1800 

PHILADELPHUS. Tiie Holy of Holies Unveiled ! ! ! or, A 

full and divine explanation of the deep theosophic figures and 







■ 1 








flic many Scriptural Kinblorn?, which adorn the Superb Bible 
for Sliiloh. 12mo. calf, London, 1H14 

19C« rillLES, Gkougk II. The I'hilobiblion. A Monthly Bib- 
liograpiiicul Journal. Containing Critical Notices of, and 
Extracts from liarc, Curious and Valuable Old IJooks. 
2 vols, ito. printed on India piiper, half red )nor. topvdije <jill; 

uncut, A'cic Yorh, 1HG3 

1969 I'lIIPPS, CoNSTANTiNE JoiiN. A Voyagc towards the North 

Pole, undertaken by His jMajesty's Com.uand, 1773. Mapn. 

Aco. calf, London, \11^ 

1970 PHILIPS, Thomas. Sir Dudley Carleton's State Letters, 

during his Embassy at the Hague, A. D. 1027. 

ito. paper, London, 1841 

1971 PIIILOPONUS, IIoNOims : Nova typis transacta Navigatio. 

Novi Orbis Indian Occidentalis, admodvm Bvellii Cataloni, in 
vniversam Aniericam, sive Novum Orbem. 

folio, cti'jraved title and \% platen, halfinor., 1G21 

The title contains the portraits of 8t. Uraiulan and Father Boyle. Tlic lat- 
ter aecoiniJiuiied Colunibiis on Ills second voyage, as apostolical vicar for the 
New World, nttcndud by eleven ecelesiiistics. 

t)ne of the plules represents u ship stranded on the back of a monstrous 
whale. The sailors could not get her oil' until the monks on board descended 
from the ship to the whale's buck, and with full ceremony performed the Kiai'l 
nuiss, whereupon the monster descended gently into the sea, and the ship again 

1972 PHILLIPS, IIknuy, ,Tu. Continental Paper Money. His- 

torical Sketches of American Paper Currency. First and 
Second Series. 2 vols. 4to. half red vior. 

Iloxlunj, jl/a.s.s., 18GG 

1973 PHILIPS, Henhv. The Companion for the "Orcliard. An 

Historical and Botanical account of Fruits known in Great 
Britain. 8vo. cloth, London 1831 

1974 PIIILP, RoiiERT Kemp. The History of Progress in Great 

Britain, witii numerous Illustrations, by W. Newman, C. 
Melville, and others, Hvo. cloth, Ijondon, 1859 

1975 PHILOBIBLON Sociim-. Bibliographical and Historical 

MiscelUvnies. ■ 17 voh. sm. ito. cloth, vncnt, except 

Vol. 1, which is in russia. London, Charles Whittingham, 

Chiswick Press, 1854 

The IMiilobiblon .Society was Instituted in London in 18,13 by the Kight lion. 
K.Moncton .Alllnes (Lord Houghton) and others. Itsmembershlpwns limited to 
persons interested in the history, collection or peculiarities of books. Tlie 
number of members, at first thirty-live, was raised in 1857 to forty. Each mem- 
ber received two copies of the volumes publislied at the expense of the Clab 


, ! 


tint iiBimlly only one of thoHe priiiltMl nt the priviilc cxpcn^o of lIuMiiumberM. 
They arc iiiliited on (hie piiiH'i- 1111(1 const Itiitc one of tlm inoHt viiliiiiMi- colli'c. 
tloiis of triu'tB printed by the I'rlntliiK Clul)!* iiiiil SoeiitleH of Knxliind. 

The 8«;rles 1.4 Hciiree and mildoni found In market. Mr. .Murphy'n order for 
the booki was for weveral years in tlie liaiidH of liln l.onilon correspondent, 
wbleli were only received utter Iil8 death, beliiK the latest addition to his library. 








PHII.OTIIEO.S I'nYsioLoous. Tlio Couiitiy-Mans Com- 
panion ; or Now Method of ordoriMg Ilorso and Slicep, so 
as to i)reservc tliem both from'* and Ca.siialtics, etc. 
18;/(o. half blav mo,-. Loudon, Jnilmu SoirU; [1G84] 

The I'lantcr's Speech to his neighbours of Pennsylvania and Jersey will be 
found on page 100. 

nCARr, BKK.yAUi). The Ceremonies and Reli^jfioiis Customs 
of the Various Nations of tlie known Worhl ; togetiier with 
Historical Annotations; jind several Curious Discourses 
equally Instructive and Entertaining. Illustrated with a 
large number of Copper Plates. 

4 vols. imp. folio, large paper, calf, Loudon, 1733 
riMENTEL, FuANCisco. Ciiadro Descriptivo y Comparitivo 
de his Lenguas iiidigenas de Mexico. 

2 vols. 8uo. half calf , Jfh'xico, 1862 

riETAS KT CoxoiiATULATio Collegii Cantabrigiensis apud 

Novanglos. 4 to. half calf , rare Bostoni- 

Massachusettensium : Typis J. Gn;-n d: J. liussdl, 1761 

The Ilaivnrd College elegiac and complimentary volume, in Latin, Greek 

and Knglisli, celebrating the death of George II. and the glorious accession of 

George MI. These poems were tlie result of an invitation set up in the college 

Inviting competition, and for which prizes were awarded. "Tlie inevitable 

condition ofsuch a work," Bays Jfr. Dnycliinck, "is eulogy; so tlie departing 

guest Is sped, an'', tlie coining welcomed, in tlie most rapturous llgments of 

poetry All nature Is called upon to weep, and again to rejoice; all hearts 

to bleed, and again to live, as one royal monarch ascends the skies and another 
the tlironc."— Cj/c. American [At. 

Thf ffarvarit Univ. lluUetin, lilbllograplilcnl Contributions, No. 4, contains 
an IiKiuiry Into the authorship of the several pieces in I'ieias et CoHgratulaf'- 
by .lusiin WInsor, Librarian of the University. 

PICKETT, Albkkt James. History of Alabamti, and inci- 
dentally of Georgia and Mississippi, from the earliest period. 
2 vols. 12mo. halfmor. top edge gilt, Charleston, 1851 
PICKERING, John. A Vocabulary, or. Collection of Words 
and Phrases which have been supposed to be peculiar to the 
United States of America. 

%vo. boards, uncut, very scarce, Boston, 1816 

PIGAFETTA. Premier Voyage autour du monde, sur 

I'escadre de Magellan pendant les annecs 1519, 20, 21 et 





22 ; suivi do rextmit dii Tniiti! do Navigfttioii du menu' 
luitciir; t)t d'mu! Notice siir lo clicviilicr IMaitiii IJclmiiu. 
Mapi* and IHatcs. 8i'o. half runnia. J'aria I'an tX (IHOl) 

All KhrIIhIi triitiflliitloii of tills vohiini' will !»■ fimnil In l'hik<Ttoii'» Collec 
tlon oCVoyiiKiH. Vol. I. (Aimrlcii), p. ■J^^^-lu'0. 

Sim- tlic hccdiiil title iiltiT the riilroihielloii, wIktc It apiiiarti tlmt this Frencli 
truiisliillou Ih by Aiiim'ttl, Iroiii Ills own Itiilliin vi-islon of tlw niiiiMii.crl|>t In 
tlic Anibroslaii Library. 

1983 PiOAKKTTA. I'riino Viaggio iiitoi-iio al globo toiraqiico ossia 

raggiiaglio alle Indie Orieiitale jut la via d' Uccidtntc fultn 
del C'aviiliei'o Antonio Pigal'etta, patrizio vicentino, siilla 
S(iuadi-a del capit. Magagliancs negli anni laUi-22. K! 
jilutis and viajis, 

folio, halfhrovn liirknj nior. top ahjc (/III, JUilaii, 1800 

1984 PIKKSON, Ahkaham. Some helps for tlie Indiana : A Cute- 

oliisin in llie Liiiigiiag(\ of the C^iiiri])! Indinn.s of New Haven 
Colony. With an Introduction hyj. Ilautniond Trninbiill. 

8vo. paper, Hartford, 187.'i 

1985 PIDCJEON, William. Traditions of De-coo-dah and Anti- 

quarian IJcseiirchcs : Comprising Explorations, Surveys, and 
Excavations of the wonderful and mysterious earthen remains 
of the Mound-Builders in America. 70 Engravings. 

8fo. doth. New York, 18.'j;5 

198G PIKE. Ma.iok Z. M. An Account of Expeditions to the 

sources of tiic IVIississippi, and through the Western Parts of 

Louisiana, to the sources of the Arkansaw, Kans., La Platte, 

and Pierre Jaun, Rivers. Portrait and Mapn. 

8ro. sherp, I'hiladclphla, 1810 

1987 PIMENTEL, Manokl. The Brazil Pilot; or, A Descrip- 

tion of the Coast of Brazil. To which are added, Charts of 
some of its most considerable Ports. 4to. paper, London, 1809 

1988 PIMENTEL, Fhancisco. Memoria sobre las causas que luui 

originado la situacion actual de la Kaza Indigena do Mexico 
y mcdias do remediarla. Hio. half cloth, Mexico, 18G4 

1989 PINCIIION, William, (of Springfield, in New England.) 

Tiic Jewes Synagogue ; or, A Treatise coLjerning the ancient 
Orders and manner of Worship used by the Jewes in their 
Synagogue Assemblies. 4to. half mor. London, 1G52 

1990 PINELLI. Views in Rome, drawn and engnived by Bar- 

tholomew Pinelli, of Rome. ito. cloth, London, n. d. 

1 i| 














H. c. MrnpiiY MUHAiir. 

PINKKUrON, John. A (Jeiioral Colloction of tlio BcHt iiiiil 
iiioHt IiitiMvstiii^' Voya^rt'H and Travols in viirioiis I'artH of 
America ; Jlaiiy of wliicli aie now first Translated into Kng- 
Ii»h. llliisliatcd Willi I'lalrH. 

4 voh. 4lo. hoi/ calf, London, 1HI9 
ThcHi. four volur. --i comprlin' all timl nlHte to Aiiicrlca In IIiIh collfcllon. 

I'lHCKKVISIKHr. rjorniaiiiai! ex viiriis Scri|)toril)us porbiv- 
ni.s cxplifatio. Autlioro ISilibaldo I'iirkcynuM-o Conniliario 
Cuisai-eo. Aii^'u.sta- apud Ilaiin-icuni StaiuLT. Anno 
M.I). XXX. ,S'//(. He,/. Ii(tl/ red mor., Xurrinht'rn, XMO 

Thlx llttli. voliinii' thus ildscs wHli nlcrfiu'i' to the dixoovcry of Auicilou: 
" llrncc It liHH IjccM iisccrtalmd liy llic ohscivalioii of an tcllpsc wlilcli took 
place In Sept., IIUI, lli'il llir Spanish i-lc whs rcniov.<l from a space of ahont 
four hours Ironi llyspall, wlihh is Seville; thai is to say, C<0 decrees, of which 

the largest circle eonlalris ;i(H) 'llils space U coninu>nly navlRuted In lift 

ihiys 'the Darlen country and Ituy of Irucu are about Hfveu and one-hiilf 

leKrecu north of the »;ciualor," etc, 

riSO. (Jiilieliiii I'isoiii^* ]\[cdici. . . . do India- Utriiisiine re 
natiiraii ct iiii'dicii libri quatiiofdutMni, qiiontin contontii pagiim 
seqiiens uxiiibit. Awstclwdami, Elziviron, IG.'JS 

PITTMAN, PiiiMi'i Tho Present State of tiic Kiiro|)ean Set- 
tit'iiientM on tlie Missi-ssippi ; with a Gc();,'raplii(,'al Description 
of tiiat Hivcr. Maj.s. 4to. luilj calj\ London, 1770 

PLANK, Juuj*. Fernie Ori\ec ; or, lluml Improvcinents. 
A Series of Domestic and Ornamental Designs, suited to 
Parlis, Plantations, Walks, Rivers, etc. 

4^0. sewed, 38 plates in aquatint, London, 1823 

PLAIN Facts: Pcing an Exainin.itioii into tlit- Kiglits of the 
Indiai! Nations of America, to tlieir respective countries; 
and !i Vindication of tlie (Jrant, from tiie Six United Nations 
of Indians, to the proprietors of Indiana, against the decision 
of the Legislature of Virginia. 

8ro. hid/ calf, I'liiladdphia. 1781 

PLANTATION Woitic, the Work of this generation. Writ- 
ten ill True Love to all such as are weightily inclined to 
Transplant themselves and Families to any of the English 
Plantations in America. 

Ato. hal/hlue mor. gilt edges, rare, London, 1682 

PLESSIS, JosEPii-OcTAVK, Bishop of Quebec. Biographi- 
cal Notice of. , Portrait. 8fo. cloth, Quebec, 1864 



1!)09 Pl.AYKAIR, John. DisHortntiims Scrontl iiiid 'I'hir.l, Kx- 
liihiting a (ifricml View oftlio I'ni^^ri'Ms of Mntlicnmtical niiil 
IMiysiciil SciiMicc, .siiict! tlio rovivnl of Icdcru ii' KiinijM'. 

Thick Hri>. nilj\ IU)hI(W, 1H22 

2000 I'LINY. I'll. P„i,t. Mux. K|.i.stolu>. do conveiifii 

iimiitvano. Alo IkiIJ' pm-jilr itmr. In rxnllcul condition. (At 
tlioend.) Ojirn liiipnssinii Mcdliildiii I'cr Mnglslniw Anln- 
itium Dc Z<irotin J',tnnc„.iri,i : MccccUxili.Moii. jji: [II 7:5] 
A rcniurkably line tpcclnivn of eurly typography. 

2001 rOKMS. l{ov(.liitionnry Pociiih mid Monioiial.i, N. Y , 18.'»2 : 

— Hazard's I'ocnix. 1814 :— Ildsnu'r'.s 'roiiiiando, N. Y. IHII : 
— Ilitclicock'M I'oi'tical Works, H().ttoii, 1H0(! ;— IMnrpliy'i^ 
Coniqut'st of Qucl.ce, Dublin, 17!)0 :— McLdlan's Kail of tin" 
Indian, HoHton, iH.'iO. Together (\ vols. 

2002 I'OINTIS, SiKiu i.i;. A Ccnninc and Tarticnlar Account of 

the takin^r of Cartluigcna by the French and Hiiccaniers, in 
tho Year 1097. Hro. half mo, : London, 1740 

2002* I'DLITICAL Amickkv. Adams' Speetd. in 1770:— Smith 
on (Jen'l I\I<)iit;,^)merv. :— I'aine's Comnion Sense. :— Plain 
Trnth. :— Hartley on a Wiir. : — Thouj,'hts on War. :— On 
Uurko'« Letter to S. of Bristcd. 1770 to 178;{. :— Political 
America. :— Case of St. Eiistnsiiis. :— Washin<,'toirs Letter 
on the I'etition from Congress. :— Wesley on Liberty. : — Tax- 
ation no Tyranny.: — I)e Tnmnltibns Americans, 1 77;') to 
l'^^^- 2 voh. 8vo half calf, London, 1780 

2002*» POLITICAL Thacto. A Cdlection of fifty political tracts, 
mostly printed in London from 170!) to 17(;!l, bonnd in 4 vols.. 
half <'alf. Contents of each given in mann.script on a fly leaf. 

2O02*** POLITICAL Neutkai.ity. A volume of Tracts so let- 
tered, 1784 to 180(;.— and a volume lettered "Trials," com- 
prising 7 trials, between 1708 and 1781, bound in 2 vols. 

phfn: ^^ifscCnnf quoquc rv ifoiiysfo fflicssnlonf^ 
ceusC irr sftu orljfs futrrprr tntfo. Homponfl ittrl= 
(ne tit oii)f.«; sftu afliri* prfmus. S>roon«fnm. 

Miip. 4/o. vvUnm. Vend i is, Erhardas Itntdoll, 1482 

The map »liowa Kuropo, Asia, and the noitliorii portion of Africa. On the 
latter wv Unci the N'llc, with its sonrces in two lake", one directly on tin- iMjua- 
tor, the otluT just south of it. Tlicsv lakes coircsponil In place with those 
now calleil the All)ert and Victoria N'yanza, sliowinj; that they were known to 
the geograpliers ut least four centuries before their late re-discovery. 




11. r. Mi'i'Piiv i.fnnAnr. 

•iOOl PoMPONii, IMiiAK, l.iltri <lc Nitii orliix trcw. iiiliccti.s londiiml 
Viiiliani in «>omli'in Schnliix. 

Jiili'i, litiitrils. \'liiiiif t'iiiiiiii!i>', ITilH 

" Thi' tlrnt iiliici' III wlili'li wi' lliirl (III' iiiiiiii' (iC Aiiiirlni, iinrd ii IIMli' lurtliiT 
H lli'lil, In III 11 li'HiT iliili'il Vli'iiiiii,'.', I'riiiii .liiiic'liliii VikIIiiimix In lliiiliil|iliilii 

Atfrli'iijii, mill I rli'it III III!' I'liiiii Iio ^lllu nl' lfi|r<, I'llltnl hy llii' IViriiiir. 

'I'Ih' i'X|inv.ii|iiii iini'il In '■ Aimrli'ii illi«'ii\i'ri'il hy Vrniiliclilii." It. II. .Uajar, 
I'rinff llriiry iSr Xiirljintnr, p. HUT. 

HWi* I'oMi'ONii, Mi;i,AK. Dc xilii (iihijt lil»ri iifH. ()|icni ft Stu- 
dio .lnaiiniM Itcinoldi. \li>. Iinillih, F.lniliv, ,1. I'lilr, X'HW 

•HW\** roMi'oNii, Mi-.i.AK. Do orliift nitii liliri trcn . . . cum imhii- 

nu'iitariin Jnucliimi Vadiatii . . , Adiccia Hiint loca nli(|iiiit ex 

Vadiani cuniiuciilariirt . . . Hiirsinii K|iiHtiila Viidiaiii ad Uii- 

di>l|iliiun A;;rit'()laii! ncripla. /(j/Zo, iIiIv wIiIi I'lup-nvvil hor- 

tlir., mil' ri Hum, fiiir co^u/, Itnalli'd', \^t2'2 

i()()'» I'ONTANO. Ion. Isa<io. Hcniiu ct iirliis Anistclodaiiu'ii- 
siiiiu lii.x|niia. .]fiii>.i nml I'IhIih. 

J'dIiii, ri'llinn, Aimtlniuhiiiii, fhiilnfiiK IIdihUhh, Kill 
Till' llliilndii iiiiip will III' rmiiicl lit \n\\iv Vih. 

•iOOfi I'Ol'TKY, \\. Tlif Umal Iiiipiovcr : <.r, a rractinil TrcntiMc, 
on till- Nature and IMniiafjcinciit of siicli |{iiral Scfiii's and 
( )l)ji'cls, as aro necessary to promote llie comrort. convenience, 
and emlK'llisiiment oj' tlio l{esidences of the liiM;li,T ranks of 
Society. Xinitirniis /'Inhs, h'lti/nl ll,,. hdnnh, I.iukIoii, 1M22 

•.>()07 rOOLK, \Vm. Fki:i). An Index to IVriodical i.iteiatnre. 

rai/ni Hni. iIdIIi, yen- )'iirl,\ IH.').'! 

'2WH I'Ol'K. Thomas. A Treatise on Iliidjre Airliitectiiro in wliicli 
the siii)erior advantajres of the Flying IVndeiit Lever Bridge 
are fully proved. /'Iiilrs. Hro. juiiirr, Nvir )'//•/•, iHll 

2001) I'OIM'LK, IIknkv. A Map of the IJritisli Kmpiie in America 
witii tiu' French and Spanish Settlements adjacent thereto. 
/{ejiresviitcd In 20 Mdji.'i. 

folio., SjiiiHin/i iiinftlril nil/, l.omloti, 1 TOJJ 

2010 I'OKCACCIII, TiK.MAso. L'Isole pio del Moiulo. 

folio, ri'lhnii, Viiivlin, S. fniliipiniii, I'lOO 

2012 I'OUTllAITS. A Collection of 2,0;i0 American and For- 
eign Portraits mounted on thick paper, filling four folio vol- 
, lunes. I'ol. 1 infill dm-k mov., roh. 2, iJ and 4 /'.( half mo i\ 
hill all itiiifirni in frninli on lluir haclcx. A clioirc cidlcdion. 





'20 \ 4 


I'niiTiiAlTM. A Uu-iiv MT.ip-li.M.k, l.oiitHi ill half niMHia, <•„„. 
tuiiiiii;^ two li„..|y ,.,iKmvf<l jiortraHH, iii..iini.Ml on 
Jlii.'k |.„|,..r, H.,111,. rare arul clioic,., diit'H^ o»' .liHliiiKiiiMhr.l 
|i«'rmiiiH 1)1 till' M'v«iit.i.|itli «viiti.. V. 

20l!{ I'OTT. Afdi.MT l-uiH.i.ic, I)i„ IViH..,„.,MiHni..|i, iimhomm- 

'''''■'■ ''"' ''''""'li<''irni ti iiii.l ihru KiitHt..himgMarti.|i ; uik-I. 

iiriltT IkTiickHidiiij^uiig ,|,,r OrtHiiHim-ii. H.„. Svwtd, ,n,n,t. 

Lrijizir, /liiic/didHH, \HMi 

I'OST, CiiHisiiAN l-'i<i:i.KUi(K. An Knqiiiiy ii,t„ tlu, Caiim.i. 

"' III,. Ali..|,ati..ii „rtla. D.lawan. aii.l Si.«waii..m. Imlimix 

'••""' III" MriliHi. IntriTHt; ami int., il.o im.a.urL.^ tiikcn for 

nri.vcriiiK llM'ir Kricnilhiiip. J/,,/,. 

Hi,,, half coif, /,i,iiiliit,, ]7!'t'.> 

Till, work mi. wrltlni l)y churl,.. ThompM,,,, NirnlHry ..f Coi.Kr..«-. 

I'O.Vr. Tin. SwoihI .l,>i,riial cif ('linVlian Fredoiick I'oM, on 

uM.sMajr,. (Vomtln. (JovmioronViiHilvaniu to lli., In.lian. 

"""'"'""■"• \'2mo. .'.nif mnr. I. .^luu, I TM 

,nv7 Cr?'!'.' '*""«»"•""'". wli..|-.. Imll, »rf r...|.,il,ll„l„.d |„ A,.|«.|,. 
"IIX III \(il. II,, |). ,)(i ,111,1 ||. (K) •' 

i'OS'rKLlX). (Jm.iki.m... (;oHniof;ra|)lii«.a. ilisi.ii.lim,. ,.o,n,K.|,.. 

<liuiii, ill Hiiiini limiii, ho,. ,.Mt a.l l)iuin,|. I'r,iiiidi.ntiiu (■citiMHi- 

Ilium <leiiioii8tratioiit'm eoiuluc.tiiin. Au,. nvw vrltumjinr, 

rlmn ropi/. /lanllcw, lunnucm Oporinuin, 15G1 

I'OTIIKIJIK, Hacqiikvim.k „|.; ,.a. IliMtoiio ,1c rAni.'.ii,i»,. 

Si.|)teiit.noiiale. Majm and platcH. 

4 vols. \2m». calf. J'aris, 17i"2 
l'( rrVKll, LsiiAKt. K. A Native of IJhode IhIu,,,! and Soldier 

m till. AiiUTi(.aii Hovoliition. Iliw Advt.|itiin..s. 

I2m<t. nrwcd, /'ntrldeiirr, 1824 
J'OrCIIOT, M. Meinoire siir la deriiiero guerre dc rAiner- 

i(|ue Scptentrionale, e.itre hi Fiance et I'Angleterre Siiivi 

d'obsorvations, doiit plusieurs sont rclatif au tlu'iutrc uetuel de 

lu guerre, etc. 

3 vols. l2mo. half maroon nior. <jUl top, iiuchI, 17«1 

fVo,,I"l''r/"i-u,''"Tr" *^'"-' '■'"''"''•'"« '""'™o»nt ..f„„..r,..lo„.s l„ ,■„„„„„ 

oil r nli!'^ , """"" ^""'""""I'O tlie, Curt* ut Mag.ira u.,.l 

otiKT pluccH 111 Caiimlii. 

I'oiicjioT, M. M<.nioir upon the Late War in North America 
between the Frencli and English, IToS-CO; followed by ob- 
servations upon the Theatre of Actual War, and by New De- 



20 IH 

201 i> 




H. C. MlIUl'HY LlllliAUV. 


tails coiieorning tlic Maiiiiers ami Customs of tlic Indians." 
Translated and Edited by Franklin H. lloii^li. - ^oln. im- 
perial Svo. half red mnr. extra tup cdiji' (jilt, uncut. 

Roxbury, Mass., Printed/or W. Elliot Woudicani, ISOG 

'I'wo liuiidrcd "ni Sfiy copies printed. 

2021 POWNALL, Thomas. Hydraulic and Nautical Ohsorvat^ons 

on the Currents in tlie Atlantic Ocean, forniing an llypotliet- 
ical theorem for investigation. Witii a Chart of that Ocean. 
To which are annexed Mnwa Notes by Dr. Franklin. 

4t<>. half calf, Lo.'.dou, 17H7 

In tile same volume is "SiiiKlry IJosolntiona before (lie Boiird of Coniniis- 
fioners for currying into elfect tlie «tli Article of tlie freiity ot Amity anil Com- 
merce between Great liritain and tlie United .Stales." I'lill., 17!)'.). 

2022 PowNAiJ.. A Treatise on the Study of Antitjuities as the 

Commentary to Historical Lciirning, skctcliing out ti general 
line of research. 3fapii. 3i'o. half mor. London, 1782 

2023 PowNAU.. The Administintion of the Colonies, wherein their 

Rights and Constitution are discussed and stated. 

%vo. calf, London, 17()H 

2024 PowNAi.L. A Topographical Description of such Parts of 

North Americti as tii-e contained in the map of tlie Middle 
British Colonies, &c., in Noi'th America. 

folio, loith large map, half calf, London, 177G 

2025 PRA'J'Z. Le Pagk du. Histoire de hi Lonisiane, eontenaiit 

lit decouverte de ce vaste pays : sa description geognipliique 
tin voyage dans ces teires . . . Dcu.n. voytiges dtins le noid du 
Nouvetiux Mcxique, etc. Map and platen. 

.' vuh. X'lmo. calf, Paria, 17;)8 

Fkatz. The History of Lo. isiana, or of the Western Ptir''^ 
of Virginia and Carolin.-. : conttiining a desi;ription of the 
Countries that lie on both sides of the Mississippi. 

4to. half calf , uncut, Lwdon, 177-4 

PRESCOTT, William H. History of tlie Reign of Ferdi- 
Uiind and Isabella, 3 vols. — History of the CoiKptest of Mex- 
ico, 3 vols. — Conquest of Peru, 2 vols. — Philip the Second, 
3 vols. 11 vols. 8/.0. calf, extra marbled edges, 

best edition, Boston, i8'3()-45 

2028 PuESCorr. History of the Reign of Philip the Second. 

2 vols. 12'Hto. sheep, London, 1857 







20j; I 







rmCIIARD, James C. The Eastern Origin of tho Celtic 
Nations proved hy a compurison with their dialects with the 
Sanscrit, (Jreek, Latin and Tentonic Languages. 

Hvo. cloth, Loiido}!, IH;')? 

riticnAiti). The Natural History of Man ; comprising in- 
quiries into the niodif\ing influence of pliysical and moral 
agencies on the different trihcK of the human family. Illus- 
trated with 62 colored plates, rm/al 8(o. clolli, London, 184") 

I'RIKST, JosiAH. American Antiquities and Discoveries in 
the West : IJeing an Kxhihition of the evidence that an An- 
cient ropulation of partially '•iviliz(Ml nations, ditlering en- 
tirely from those of the present Indians, peopled America he- 
forc Colmnbus. Map. Svo. i^heep, Alhoni/, IHHH 

VllUlE, Natiianiki. S. History of Long Island, from its 
first settlement by Europeans, to the year 184.'i, witli special 
reference to its ecclesiastical concerns. Map. 

I2in<i. half mar. top (jilt, Npw Vor/c, 184;") 
riJINCE, Thomas. A Chronological History of New Eng- 
land in the form of Annals, being a simnnary and exact ac- 
count of the most material transactions rehiting to this country 
from the discovery hy (iosnold in 1C()2, to the arrival of Gov. 
Belcher in 1730, etc. Vol. 1. all printed, 2U pp. 

12wo. half .ili,',-p. liostvv, Knri'land <f: Grernc, 1 73() 
PiiiMK. Thomas. A Chronological History of New Englanil. 

Hf-print. Bostfon, 182(1 

I'mNCK. Chronology— another copy. Svo. half ni.^nin. 

Pi!iN( r. Library. The American Part of the Collection which 

formerly belonged to the Hev. Thomas Prince ; by him be- 

(lueathed to the Old South Church, and now deposited in the 

Public Library, Boston. 

(2 copt,':<) imp. Hro. sewed, Boston, 18(i8 
PHITTS. ,J. Mirror of Olden 'I'ime Border Life; Embracing 
a History of the Discovery of America, Of the Landing of 
our Forefathers at Plymonth, from lfi20 to Hi?!). 

8(0. sheep, Ahint/don, la., ]84i) 

I'BOMENADE on Itim'raire des .Tardins d'Ermenonville, au- 

(piel on a joint vingt-cin(i i'« !*;""» principales Vues, dessinees 

ct gravees i)ar .1. Merigot tils. Fine copperplate enip-arintjs. 

Hvo. calf, gilt cd(jes, I'ari.'i, 1811, 



. I 

In the same voiiMnp Is a manuscript of 55 paRos entitled " A Tonr to Krnien- 
oiiville, with tin acnnint of the TulHce, Sardem and Curiosities of riiuutllly ; 
and of tile beautiful seat Ijelouging to the Marquis l)e Girarrtin— also a descrip- 
tion of the tomb of ,1. .1. Uous^eau, witli anecdotes of tliat celebrated and sin- 
gular man." 

2039 PROPERTIUS, Erotica. The Elegies of Propertiiis ; the 
Satyricon of Petronius Arbiter ; and tiic kisses of Jalianiu-s 
Secundus. Accoinpnnied by poetieal vei'sions from various 
sources. Edited by W. E. Kelly. 

12x10. cloth. London, Jiohv, 1874 

2010 PROPOSALS towards tlie propagation of the (iospul in our 

American Plantations, [in a Letter from Moigan Oodwin.] 

4fo. half mar. t(>i, (jilt, London, 1708 

2041 PKOUD, RoBEKT. Tiic History of Pennsylvania, from tlie 

Original Institution and Settlement of that Province nnder 
the first Proprietor and (Jovernor, William Penn, in 1681, 
till after the year 1742. Portrait. 2 voh. 8ro. jiolished calf, 
extra, rich inside iooliwj, top ed;fe gilt, uncut, 

Philadelphia, Z. Poiihoii, 17!I7 
2041* PROVIDENCE City Oudinancks, full turkey mor., 1854 : 
— Land Holder's Assistant and Land OtHee Guide, (2 copies) 
1808: — Ker's Travels through the Western Interior of the 
U. S., ISlfi: — Pontey's Eorest Pruner ; or. Timber Owner's 
Assistant, London, 1808: — Robertson's History of Virginia 
to the Year 1G08, and New England to lGr)2, Phil., 171»!) : — 
Ainsworth's English and Latin Dictionary. 1818:— Ren- 
wick's Mechanick, 1832. Together 8 vohmies. 

2042 PSALTP:RIU]M Hebracum, Gritciim, Arabicum, et Chaldai- 

cum, cum tribus latiuis intei-pretationibiis &, glossis. 
folio, half hrown nior. lop edge (jilt, Jin(t copy. 

(jcnoa. Pet r IIS Paulas Porriis. \')\(\ 

Tliis polyglot Psalter Is an Iniporlunt volume in a collection relating to Amer- 
icu, an account of a biojrraphy of (■o!uml)us, by Guistiniani, the editor, on the 
margin of I'salm XIX., verses 1-4. Columbus having proclaimed that lie had 
been chosen by God to e.xempllfy th(. thought or prophecy expressed in tills 
I'sulm. (iiustiani inserted on the margin of this book the liiography referred to. 

Fernando Columbus says, in the life of his fatlier, (§ 1.) that .liistinianl has 
inserted above a dozen falsehoods, which he specilies in ids account, besides 
others which are obscure; and that the Senate of Genoa had, in consequence, 
imposed ii penalty upon any person within their jurisdiction who sliouhl read or 
keep his Psalter, or ills Chronicle, afterwards published, and had ordereil boili 
these books to be destroved. 





Lirisnea ni AicxaiKlrm in ITO A. D., unci tliero la positive 
iiig ill 1(11 A. I). Uotli as a^ astronomer and gc ograplipr 
ivcr tlie minds of almost afi^ the scienlilic men from his) 
t tile beginning of tlie t^ixta-ntli cnitury. As a gfogra- 
liis- readers ns tlie coriectof and improver of the works 

Olii- Uiis I'toleniy, a celebrated astronomer and goographrr, was a native of 
Kgypt, tliough it Is uncertain wlicther he was born at rdusiuni, or I'tolemals, 
in tlie Thebnid. He Houilslied at Alexan.lria in IW A. D., and there la positive 
evidence that he was living in 1(11 a. d. Uotli as at, astronomer and geographer 
he held supreme sway over I 
own time down to about i 
pher he ajipears before hii 

of u predecessnr, Marinus of Tyre, about wliom,' except from I'tolemy's writ- 
ings, little is known. His geogniphy is divided into eight books, most of which 
are little more tiian a catalogue of places, with tlieir latitude and longitude, and 
a brief description prefixed to each continent and country. Tlie restof (be work 
contains details regarding his mode of noting thi positions of places, by lati- 
tude and longitude, with a calculation of the sphere of the earth, and the extent 
of surface then known. Ills geography was tlie standard text-book till the great 
maritime discoveries of the lifteeiitli century showed its delic!eneies. 

"Of all [the ancient geographers] that I have named," writes Ramusio, 
" I'toleiny, as tlie latest, possessed the greatest extent of knowledge. Thus, 
towards the North, his knowledge carries him beyond the Caspian, and he is 
aware of its being shut in all around like a lakc,-i; fact wliich was unknown in 
the days of Strabo and Pliny, though the Uomans were already the lords of the 
world. Hut though his knowledge extends so far, a tract of fifteen degrees be- 
yond that sea he can describe only as Terra Incognita: and towards the ,Soutli 
he is fain to apjdy the same character to all beyond the Kipiinoctial."— Co/. 
Yate'8 Int. to Marco Polo's Travels, p. -J. 

'l{)Ai\ PTOLEi\L1<:US. CosmogrHpIiia, latine reddita, a Jacobo, 
Aiigelo, cum castigatiouibus Hieroii. Manfrodi et Petri Boni. 
{Colophon:) Hie fin it cosniografin rtolcmd, hnpresm ojia 
Ihminici cle lajiin cicis hononicnsis, nnnn M.CCCC.LXll. 
inenne Junii xxiii. Bononic. 

Fol.M, bill,' tnrkvii mor. Kiqin- pxtrn ijilt crfr/cs, rich inside gold 

toolinr/, 1462 

The earliest date of any printed edition, but by bibliographers believed to 
be a typographical error, and that it should be 14K. 

Tlic following note by the late Mr. .Murphy presents a clear statement regard- 
ing llie work : 

" There has been niucli discussion among the bibliographers In regard to the 
date of this volume, all, however, agreeing that it could not have been printed 

in HtW at llolog is the Coloplioii asserts, but assigning dlHereiit reasons for 

that opinion, as well as dillereiil years fer the true date. One asserts that it 
could not have been printed in H(«, because I'liilip lievaldus, who is mentioned 
in the note or epistle at the end ol the book us having made the latest emenda- 
tions of the text, was only born in H.'i;). and could not, therefore, have been 
more tiiaii nine years old when these corrections were made, which was of course 
impossible. Another shows that De I.apis was not installed as printer at Ho- 
logna until H7(i; and a third proves tliat tlie custom of giving the reclames or 
dheciiou words of the signatures in the register was not adopted for a dozen or 
more years after U(«. There is, liowever, a conclusive [liece of evidence, inde- 
pendently of all these proofs, which has been overlooked, furnished on the very 
llrst page of the work. I( is tile dedication to Tope Alexander V by Angeleas. 
■fliat pontiti' did not occupy the papal chair until Hfit, and the book could not. 
tiierefore, liave been dedicated to him ns pope in lica. 

Tiie true date seems to be HH2, although din'erent otiier years have been as- 
signed for tiiat purpose. The manner in wliich tile error occurred is supposed to 


;■ ( 


I ! 

f 1 



286 II. c. Muupiir libijaky. 

have been by the displacement of XX from the yeiir to the month, the type hav- 
ing fallen out and been wrongly rrplaced. The date reads 
MenxeJiiniiXXlII. Bononle. 
It waa intended to be ns follows ; 

Mense Junll III. llononle. 
For other references see iJniniN, /lib. Spencerinim, Vol. IV., I,ANZI, Storin 
Pittorica, 17«i5-fl, I. p. 97-, Guaessk, Trenor tie livri's, V. p. 41)!). 

PTOLEM^^US. [Cosinognipliia. latino rcddita a Jac. An- 
gelo.] (Colophon.) En fih! lector Conmofiraphin PtolniKri 
ab Hermans leuilapide Colonii'vsi Vincc.nciw acmratissimv itii- 
pressa. Benedido, & Angclo Nichade prcrsidiliu.s. 
M.CGCC.LXXV. idi. Sept. folio, calf, Mind Uwlimj, 147:) 

The first edition, without maps. 
PTOLEM^US. Geogi-apliia di | Fi-ancesco Berliiigliiei-i | 
Fiorentino in terza | riina ct liugva Toscana di | stiiicta ooii 
le .sve tavo- | le in vai'ii siti et pro- | vineio f econdo la | gco- 
graphia | et di.stin- | ctioiic do le | taiiole di Ptolomeo. Cum 
gratia et Priuilegio. {In red ink.) . folio, red nior., super 
extra, gilt eijes, in slidinr/ case, lined with chamois, htj Mat- 
thews. (At the end,) Iinpresso in Jirenzc, per Nicolo Todes- 
cho d enicndato con (soiiinia dilif/enfi.a dallo auctore. 

Mapis enrjraved on copper. 
VrOhFMJEVS. Cosmograpliia- lib. \IU. Iiiterprete Nieo- 
lao Doiiis Germano. 

{Colophon.) Anno M.CCCC.LXXXU. Awjvsti rero Ka- 
lendas xvii. Impressnni Ulnie per inijemosum viriini, Leonardnni 
Hoi .... Folio, hound in half calf . I'lnie, 1482 

The first leaf contains an epistle from Donis, the translator, to Pope I'anl 
II., beneath which is n ijicture representing the translator on ills Itnces present- 
ing liis book to the I'ope. 

This edition of the (Geography of IMoleniy, aHliough prior lo the discovery 
of America, obtains a place in an American colkvUion for the reason that of the 
five new maps added by Donis, one of them, a map of the regions in the .'^arnia- 
lic Ocean, under tlie Arctic Circle, repiesents (ireenland, which is laid down 
under the name of Engronelaud, but as a.peninsula of the continent of l';uroi)e, 
This nmp was prepared by liini be.'ore 1471. 

This is file lirst impression of the first edition, of wliich there was a second 
embracing tlie inde.x, as in thai of H»i. .See Brunet. 

PTO LEMHI'S. PtoIeiiiiiM (Jeograpiiia latino redilita ii Ja- 
cobo Aiigelo, ciii-aiii niappai'iiin gei-eiite Nieolao Doni.s (Jcr- 
mano. {Colophon.) Impressinn. Ulmtv. opera el expensi.s 

Justi de Allmno de Vcnetiis per proilsoreni sinini Johann"ni lie- 
ger. anno M.CCCC.LXXXVI. Kalend Ancjusti. folio, half 
bound in green mor., red edges. Maps en graced on wood, 
same as in the edition of 1482 ; initial letters in colors. 

Ulniae, 148(; 

204 (i 


' ^ 



;•:! I 


111 regiirU to tliis edition sre I.clewtrs Ocoprnphle du Mojen Agi'. Tom. II. 
p. 120, diib Nicliolaa Donls. And particularly as to Its ropicHentatlnn of Oiecn- 
lantl before tlie voyage of CohniibuH. 

IJonls mentions (iieenlnnd ty name as one of tlic conntrles lie bad added to 
I'toleiiiy, In his dedication io tbe pope. I'aul II. occupied bis seat from H(H to 
1471 and consequently (iieenland was known and .so America at tliat time. 

2048 PTOLEMiEUS. Cosmograpliia, latine libri VIII. 

{Colophon.) Hoc Of us Ftholonwi memorahUc quidnin et in- 
si(jne exaclisHima diilyeiitia castiyatum jucondo quodain carac- 
Icre imprcssum fuit et covtpletmn Bomai anno a nativitate 
Domini M.CCCC.LXXXX., die iv. Novcmhris. Arte ac 
impensis Petri de Ttirre. Folio, vellum, with the name maps 
engraved on copper as in in the edition of 1478, with 

one additional. Rome, 1490 

The maps in this beautiful edition arc engraved on copper, and are the sume 
that were used in the edition p'inted by Arnold liucklnck, at Uome, in H"8. 
Tlicy are clulinedto be the llrst maps so executed, as appears by un extract from 
the Dedication on the reverse of the first leaf in tliat edition. 

Tbe original edition of H'lS alludv;! to, is exceedingly rare. We know of but 
one copy in the United States. 

•2049 PTOLEM^i:US. In hoc opera3 hcec contintjtur Geograpliia CI. 
Ptuleinaei a {jliirimia viris utriusqiie lingiuu doctiss. cnien- 
data ; & cum Arclietypo graeco ab ipsis collata. Schemata 
cum demoustmtioiiil)u.s siiis correcta a Marco moiiacho Coe- 
Icstiiio Beneveutaiio : & Joanne Cola Veronensi iiirLs inathe- 
maticis coiisiiltissiinis. . . . (Colophon.) Noviler imprenHum 

per Bernardinu Venetu de Vitalihus. Expr.sis Evdyelista To- 
sine Brixiano Bihliopole hnpmnie Julio II. Pont. Max. anno 
III. Polificatus sui. Die viii Septemhr. M.D. VII. folio, 
half hound in hrown turkey mor., top edge (jilt, hy F. Bedford. 

\_liome'\, 1507 

The title of this volume says there arc six maps newly added, but specifies 
ten countries, live of these are on one map, namely, I'oland, Hungary, (ier- 
muiiy, Itussla, and Lithuania. This edition maybe called the original of that of 
1608, wlilcli see for note. 

The second map in this edition is the celebrated map by Ruyfch, showing 
the discoveries in America, and undoubtedly belongs to the re-Issue of this edi. 
lion at Uome the next year (1308) with additions and corrections. It is there 
particularly referred to aa an addition In a letter of the editor, JIarcus ISeneven- 
(us, till' first piibllslier. 

2050 PTOLEM^US. In iioc opere haec continentur Geogniphia; 
CI. Ptolemaci a jihirima uiri.s utriiisqiie lingiiiK doctiss. cnieii- 
diita : &, cQ archctypo graeco ab ipsis coUatti. Schenmta 
cfi demonstratjoiiibus siiis correcta a Marco Beneuentano Mo- 
naclio calestano, & loannc Cotta Veroucnsi uiris niathemati- 
cis consultissimis. . . . Nova orbis dcscriptio ac nova Ocean i 

! ) 




iiiivigatio qua nd Iiidicfi pervefiitur pelagiis Marco 
Beiievcntano monaclio cu'lcstiiio aalita. Nova & Uriiversa- 
tion cogniti tubulu lou. Ruyscli Gerinano elaborata. . . . 
Anno Virginei Partus, MD Vlll. liomv., folio, half hound 

■in maroon vior., uncut, 150H 

This la n ro-lHsuc of the edition of 1507, with tlie nddition of n coi<mograplil' 
CBl di'scriptloii of tho world by Miircus von Heiievont, in whicli the wiil'r de»- 
crlboB, viiRncly enougli, the situation of Terra Nova, discovered hy the I'ortu- 
Kuese and KhrIIsIi, and, in a distinct cliupter, tlie land of .Santa Crnz, in wliich 
he ineluilea tlie northern coast of South America as well aa Brazil, discovered, 
as he says, by the Portuguese and Columbus. 

It la valuable for the addition of the map of tlie world by Johnn Huysch, a 
(Jerman, which is the flrst printed vmp on which the discoveries in America, 
are laid down, but without the name of America, and especially for its delinea- 
tion of tiie coast of Brazil, which Is evidently derived from the voyajiea of Ves- 
imclus. Newfoundland, to which Kuyscli lied, as Iteneveiil infoniis us, made a 
voyage himself from the south of Kiigland, probably in one of the expeditions 
from Uristol alter tlie Cubota, Is shown, not as an Island, but as part of the Asl- 
atic continent. The discoveries of Columbus In the West Iiidlea and on the 
nortliern coast of South America are represented very clearly, showing Cuba 
only in part, and aa far as the great discoverer himself had explored It. Green- 
land, which la tigured in the maps in the I'tolemies of 14sa and H8(i, as a part ol 
the Kuropcan contiiieiif. Is made here a iieninaula of Asia. Willi 'he exception 
of the error in connecting tlie northern discoveries on the main land of Asia, 
the prevailing Idea of that day, tlil.i map is a correct representation of tiie atate 
of Anu.'-ican discovery at the time of its publication. 

ITOLEMiI-:US. Clavilii Ptholcinaci Alexandriiii Liber Geo- 
grapliiac cvni tabvlis ut vniversali figvni et cvni additioiie lo- 
c'orvin quae a feeentioribvs repcrta sviit diligenti cvra omeiida- 
tvs et iinpressvs. (^Colophon, on the leaf ■preceding th- 

maps :) Venf.tiis per lacohum Pentium de leucho Anno Dom- 
ini. M.I). XI. Die XX. Mensi.s Mtirtii. folio, title in red ink, 
half (J reen turkey mor., extra, top edge gilt, maps engraved on 
ivood. 1511 

The annotations in this volume are by Bernard Sylvanus, a geographer of 
learning— one of the maps contains the discoveries of the then recent naviga- 
tors. It is extended further eastward tlian tlie tirst one, and embraces Zupangu 
(.lapan) and the Kast India Islands. The new world is represented in a narrow 
strip upon wlilch appears Terra Cuba, Ispania and several amnll unnamed 
islands. Fartiier north are Kegalis Uomns lind Terra Laboratornz. The north- 
western part of Knrope la called Kngroneland. Tpon the map of Africa are two 
lakes from which the Nile rises, which correspond to the lakes Nyanza, claimed 
by late English travellers aa a new discovery. 

This la tlie tirst engraved map on which the countries discovered by (iaspar 
Cortereal arc laid down, though some writers assert that they are shown on 
Iluysch'a map, wliich is ao far correct that Newfoundland is there represented. 
But here the name of Corte Keal la distinctly applied to the words regalia do- 
mua ; and the designation terra laboratoris, or Labrador, also relates to his dia- 

On the catologuc of Maisonueuve et Cle., Paris, 1878, priced SOO fro lies. 




i .' 

2052 PTOLEMiEUS. Clnudii rtolemei viri Alcxnmlrini . . . Geo- 

grapliiiK nouissima traductiono e Gruicorum arelictypis can- 
tigatissinc pressiiin : ca^tcris ante lucubratoruin niulto pra;- 
Htantius, etc. folio, title mounted, half russia, at the bottom 
of the last map. 8 ccundw partis Ptolema'i finis : opera loaii- 
nis Schulti Aryeiitinen. anno Christi opt. max. 15125 

Printed with the same type ax tlie Coamogrnpliiue lutroductio of 1&07 at 8t. Di£. 

Thia in im entirely new iind renuirliul>le edition of I'toleniy by two dill'erent 
persuns. 'I'lie text is newly rendered into lyiitin l>y MiUtlicw Itingnmn, wlicne 
niitne ia greclzed I'liilesiu!!. The nnips lire divided into i»o series, one coniprlH- 
Ing twenty-seven which retain llie old nonienchiture, und the other consisting of 
twenty whlcli show the difl'erent parts of the world according to modern discov- 
ery and knowledge, und are the work of Martin \Vullzeniilller, grecl'.ed Ilylaco- 
niylus, the author of the " Cusmographue Introductiu," published at t-t. Di6 in 
1607. Ttiey were prepared and engraved in the same year as that puhlication, at 
the expense of Kene, Duke of Lorraine, and renuiined unpuhlished, probably in 
consequence of his death, until their appearance in this volume. Two of them, 
entitled " Orl/is tupun UnivermliK juxta hyihoyraphnrum triulitionem," and 
" Tabula ttrre iwre," contain American discoveres. t)n tlio latter, Cuba, called 
Isabella, is represented as an island, winch is a step beyond the nnip of Ituysch, 
though, in fact, it is oC no later date. There is no representation of tlie north- 
ern discoveries of Newfoundland, but an incongruous and false delineation of a 
coast north and west of Cuba. Tlie discoveries of the ISpaninrds and Portu- 
guese along the coasts of ijiouth America are sliown substantially tne same as 
on the map of liuysch and with some addilional names. The nnii> of the world 
contains only a portion of what is given of America on this one, and represents 
Greenland as a portion of Eur<ipe. 

Priced on a late Leipzic catnloge .100 murks, ($75) and 350 francs on tlie 
Maisonneuve & Cie. catalogue, 1878, Palis. 

2053 PTOLEMiKUS auctiis restituti.'- emaciilatus cum tabulis 

veteribus ac novi.s. {Colophon.) Caroli V. Imperii Anno 
I. vim vi repellere licet loannes Scotus. Argcntorali Uteris 
excepit 1520. folio, half hound in green turkey 7nor. extra, 

top edge gilt, very tall copy. 

The Tabula Terre Nove in this volume is the famous "Admiral's Map," or 
Hijdrographie yor^Kyrtitc, considered by some to have been the actual work of 
Columbus, by others of Cabral, by others of Vespucci; but most probably tlie 
first of the tliree. 

This edition appears to liave been publislied witliout any preface, introduc- 
tion, note or comment, except the lieading at fol. A ii. 

The copy which Air. Harrisse collated is imperfect. Tliis one has besides 
the title page 50 unnumbered leaves of text and 47 maps, while that hu8 only 54 
leaves and 40 maps. 

See D'Avezac's VValtzemUllcr.p. 15C-7, and Harrisse's Additions, to B. A. V. 

2054 PTOLEM^US. Opus Gcogniphia? iioviter castigatuin & 

unaculatiiin additionibus, raris et inuisis. necnoii cum tabulti- 
rum iu dorso iucundfi explaiiatioiie, etc. {Colophon.) lo- 
annes Grieningcr ciuis Argentoraten. Laudahiti quefine per- 
fecti XII. die Marcij. Anno M.D. XXII, Large folio, 'half 

russia, (1522) 




:'i r 

,fc 1 1 

!fe !li:i 

2!>0 H. C. MUKniY LinUAHY. 

Tlil» Ih II new (Million of the wnjn In tlii' I'luli'iny of 15i;i, on a Honirwhiit 

sniHllcr hi'hIc, wIiIi soi iltcnilions and mlilillcjn!', toj^cllicr willi an adillllonul 

map by I.aiircHi KrI-s, the I'llltor, rilniilar to the map of llio world taken from 
Walt/i'rnlllliT. On tldn new nnip In Insc ribcil tlic nanir " America," on the »ontli- 
erneonllniiit, wlilrli In represented, with the l:<land-i of Spaffnola and iHuliellR. 
No ponloM of Xorlh America Ih .xIkhvii on It. On the reverse of the N'lth folio, 
niimliered 100, Krlen mentions Martin llacomjhis as the anthor of the niapn. 
On the map of the worl<l taken from Wallzemllller, Itrazil Is called T.'rra riipo- 
Kiilll, <. c. I.anil of I'arrols. On the map of the new world ,Soutli Ainerleu U 
culled. Term Nova hikI North America I'arliw. 

20.).') I'TOLKMiEUS. C'liivdii I'tDlcniiici (icogiapliicae enara- 
tioiiis Libro octo IJibiiMu I'irfkogmci'o iiitorproto. Aiinota- 
tioiies loannis do Roj^ioinoiitu in erroi'cs comiuis.yos a Ihi-oIh) 
Aiigcio ill triiiislatioiie sua. folio, half ;jri:cn turkey 

mor. extra, full (jilt bdch, Arijmloriuji (xir) iDlniiinvn Griin- 
iiKjerus, coDuuuiiihm Joliaiinas Kolienjcr iinpensis vxc.udfhdt . 

M I).. XXV. 

205G rT()LK.\LEUS. Cliivdii rtolcmaoi rieograiiliieao eiiiiratiouis 

Libi-i octo Ijiiibaldo I'irclieyniero intorpfctt!. Another copy. 

fulio, half calf, Arjcnlorajji, JI.D.XXV. 

iMillowhif; Taljnla xii, Is a map entitled "Ocmni OcciilcDtalla sm. Terre 
A'oiv," which gives the Florida coast, tile islands of Isabella (("uha), Spafrnoliu 
[slc|, lainaiipia, and the smaller islands to the eastwaril; also tlie northern por- 
tion of South America. The western portions of Knroiic, An>;lia, (iallin, and 
llispiuda, and « iiorllon of Alrica, aie al.-o (ilven. "Terra Nova" apiiears on 
tlie South American portion of tlie nnip, with tlie words, "thv terriiium iidia- 
ceiitW' in/iuth iiiutiitu eat p Clirinto/enim Cvlumhiim Uimirnsem fx miimhUo 
lifuU CtiKlelte." A picture leiiresenlinf; savanes feeding on human flesh is 

A notice of the discovery of America by Colnmhas is given in I lie text on the 
right ol a porlion of the map. 

On the map of Sweden uiid the regions north of the Ilaltle, and at the 
extreme nortli, is found Kngroiiciaiit ((ireenland), fornu..g u peninsula, with 
Iceland at the west. 

2057 rrOLKlM.ElIS— SERVETII.S. Geographieae oiiari-atioiiis 
libri octo. Ex IJilibaldi Pirtdicyinberi tnilatioiio, .sed ail 
Gracca & cxciiiplaria a IVricbacit! Villaiioiiiino [.Michael 
Scrvetiisi] iain priunini rccogniti, Adicctii iiisiii)cr iili codcni 
sclioliii, (iiiibiLS e.xoleta nrbiiim nomiiia ad nostri .scciiii more 
expouuutur. fulio, old calf . Lioiduni ex oj/icina. Mdchioris 
et Gasparis Trerliselfratuiii, m.d.xxxv. 

On the reverse of iVilio ^'t, which treats of "OceiDii oahlcntalis siu It-rriie 
novae tdlmlae," is a nnip wiiere.on tlie western part, between north latitude flo" 
and IJU^, are laid down i'arias, Isabella Insvl, lamaiipia, Simgnolia |.tic]. Under 
the eijuator, to the right of 5 ' south lalihiile, Is an inscription in rude black let- 
ter: "/Iixtiirraann adidceiitihus iii.iulin !>iiieiUii cut ;>' VhiUlofeniiH Columtium 
iuviiennfmex maiidnto Reyhi Castetle." Itene- tli this, to the left. In large l!omaii 
capitals, is " Terra Nova." On folio oO is the last imiii, headed in a ruili^ wood- 
ont engraving: "Orbls. Ij/pvs. vnivetnulis. iuxtu. htjilrt/voiiliorum. truditionem. 
exiu-tUsime. dfphta. \:m. L. F." On the west, ojiposite 40^ north lalilnde, is 
Isabella, and farther south .spagnolu. Below, in large Gothic letters, is 



Tills odillon la raro, an nil Mm roiili'H tlint eniM ho nht'iini'il w<>r, Imiiii'il liy 
ordrrofCiilvln. It Ik somcwlml ecli'liialtil on iicccimit of thi' imiiii- oi iln (<ll(or, 
Michel Scivcliis, tlic iimiiyr. It \^ stated that oiieol thechaiKe.t hroiiKht an"!'"" 
Servetiis, I'or Hlileh he niiU'ired, \va« a pa'^sagi' IVoiii this eilllion of I'tcih my, 
Ntatliif! that ralestliiewas not siuh a lirtlh' eoaiitiy as peiiplet;' iieiiilly hcMeved, 
flnee inodcni travellers ri'laleil that It was i|ulle harren. The iiara^Maph Is 
alluded to by Khert, llruiiet, llarrl'-se, and others, lint all ol'theia make the hunie 
mistake with n)?ard to its position In the hcjok. It appi urs that Servetiisrojili d 
It from the edillons ol' liV.'^ and l.V.'ii, jind henee, was not the author ol'llii' paru- 
Rrapli. The olijeetioinihle paragraph uasondtted In the next edition of rioleniy. 

2058 rTOLKAL'El'S. Geognipliin Vniversiilis, vetUH ct iioxii. 
Liliros viii. (^iioi-iiin pfimiis iiovti ti'iiiisliilioiu) I'iri'klicini- 
lieri & accc'ssioiie ('ouimuiitiirioli illii.strior (|iiiiiu liin'tciiiiH 
fiierit, redilitus est. . . . /olio, half hound in hrown nior. 

colored nmps, initud Idtvrti colored, lirmhao, (ii>iid llvnri- 
CHvi I'clrnni. Mciise Jllarlii) Aunt), M.n.xi.. 

The first edition of I'tolemy, by .Sebastian Miinster, which was reprinted In 
1511, 1515, and 15.V.'. The first ma\t, "TypUiis rinvi-rnulii," i;i>niH\i\rt the western 
contiinnt, tlie fonlhern iiortlon of wlileh bears the intme, '>,\|m,|.|,.,i sea insnle 
Itrasllia," wltli it descrijillon i>n the reverse. (Lower inarKiii of part of llie vol. 
nnie mihlewed.) 

2()")f) PTOI^HJLEIIS. (ieognipliiiif Iil)i-i octti. recogniti itim ct 

(liligeiitor enunidati cum tnbiilis o:eogriii)liici.^ lul iiK'ntiMU tuic- 

torin reslitutts iic enu'iidntisi, per (ienirdvni Mcrcntorein. 

M.D.LXXXIW fi'lio, ciK/rdi-cd C(iiipcr-iilate title, icllnni, 

(rt< the ind) (Jvlonidf -l<jr,, li/jiiif Godefridi 

fnipensis Anno, 1")7'S 

'iO^n* PTOLEMyEUS. Ocogfapliiao libri octo, rocogniti iam ct 
diligeiitcr emcndati cum ttihulis geograpliici- ad mcutcin uiic- 
toris restitutis iic emciidatiH per (icrarduni Jlorcatofciu. 
Colouiac Agr., typ. G. Kcmj)ciisiis, 1;J84 (at tlie cud 1578). — 
Mcrcator, CI. Galliae ct Ikdgii iul'criori.s tabulae geographiciic 
(25) Duysburgi Cliuoruxii editac. (1585.) — Ejusdcm Gorma- 
niae tabulae gcograpbicac (^G) Duysiburgi editae. S. a. 4i>. 

folio, pit) skin, r. If. 

20G0 rTOLEMiI-:US. Gcognipliie de Ptolemce, Reproduction 
Pliotolithogriipliicpic de JMaiiu.'^crit Groc du Moua.stcro de N'ut- 
opedi au Mont Atlios, executee d'apr{>.«i les diche.s obteuus 
.«ous Ic direction ilc ]\I. Pierre de Serva.staiioff, precedeed'une 
introduction lii,«tori([ue .stir le Mont Atiio.s, le.s nionastere.s et 
les depots litteraires de la prestni'ile .sainte par Victor I jtng- 
lois. folio, hoards, PariK, ISOT 

A largo nnmber of exlstinj} innnuscripta arc dnttd from the monasteries 
immediately surrounding the metropolis of the eastern empire, but no spot was 
more fiinuHl for tlie production of books than Mount Atlios. The chief occupa- 
tion of the inmates of these establishments is affirmed to nave been tlie trail- 
Bcription of books, of whicli each monastery boasted ii large collection. 



( ii 

II ' 



id ; 

2002 ITOLK.flTI'UJS. Tlieairi (Jcogrupliiiio Vi'toris Toiniis |)rior 

in quo CI. I'tol. Aloxundriiii (leoj^rapliiiu lil)ii VIII. (Jriiecfi 

et Liitiiio firaocii lul codices I'aliitiiioH collatii aiictii (^t cinon- 

tlnta sunt Latinii inlinitos locis corrccta opera I'. Hcrtii. 

folto^ ;j voia. in 1, tith' within niKjrari'il liontcr, calf, rvd cdgen. 

Lugduni Batav. haacvs Ehevtrivs Sumptihus fvdoci IJondii, 

Anno 1018 

Brunct liiia n long iioto i>ii tlila villtion, wliiuli hi; culU a " lU'Ctictl I're- 
oleux," and uncommon, 

2063 PrOLEMyKUS. Gcograpliiao libri octo Gra'co-Latiiii I.atino 

primk'ui rocoj^niti & cniiindati cmn tabulis ge();j;rapliicis ad 
mentein anetorls restitutis per (Jerarduin Rlorcatoreni : Iain 
vero ad Graica & Latum excnipiaria a Pctro Rlontano iterum 
reeo;rniti, et plurilms locis castij^ati. .Todocus IIoihUus e.xcn- 
dit sibi et Conieiio Nicolui, in cujus oilicina prostant, Frniico- 
furti Amstcrdammi. folio, old calf. {At the end) 

Anfverpiae ex officina Plantiniana Balthanara Moreli 

2064 FrOLKM^EUS. Tabulae geographicae Orbis Terrurum Vot- 

eribus cognita. Maps emjraved on copper, 
folio, engraved title, hoardu, verso of second leaf. Frnne- 
querce Apud Lconardum Strik, Bihicopolam. Trnjvrti ad 

Rhvnum, Franascum Hal main, 169.5 

This iippi'iirs to be a n(^w edition of the maps of I'tolemy restored by Merca- 
tor, iind llist printed at Cologne In 1S",S. 

Franeker, where It wiw Issnod, Is » small town near l.eewnrden, In Fries- 
land, where there was formerly n nnlver.slty of some celebrity. 

The publication of Mercator was like this without any text, but It had notes 
as may be inferred from IJrunet's description of Ilondlus' edition of I'tolcniy, 
llllH, and the niajjs were Intended to show the design of I'toleiny better than 
appears In those of Agathodwmoii, which were received up to that time.— iVo<(! 
by II. C. Murphy. 

2065 FrOLEJiIiliiUS. Geogiapiiiae Cliivdii Ptolemaei Alexan- 

drni, Pliilosophi, ae Matiientatice praest.itissiini Libri VIII., 
partin a, liilibaido Pircivlieyniero traiislati ac conimentario 
iUustriiti, etc. folio, pig skin. {At the end), 

Basileae Hcnrichi Petri, 15.52 

According to Leiewel Geog. du Moyen Ape, Vol. II., p. 208, this Is the lifth 
edition, with the maps of .Sebastian JInnster. 

2066 PTOLEMiEUS. Ptolemaei Geograpiiia Universalis Vetus et 

Nova, complectcns Ptoltimaii eniirrationoni, cum Appendice 
Seb. Munsteri, etc. sm. folio, original cnlf binding. 

Basil, Henricus Petrus, 1542 
In the first map, Typhus UniversaHs, the continent of America is divided 



Into Itirco piirln. I'mnrlnrii (ChiiikIb), Trrrn Kloiiilii, nnd Anirrlrn ki'II Inxula 
IlniHllll. The ii(T()ii(l iiiii|) 1(1 III)' Iwciityi'l^litli, roiitiiiiiit tln' hitIi'h iil' riolcmy'ii 
Btiriciit niii|>i>, im (U'liiKiit'il liy Sfiiniitcr. Tlicii follow tin- twfiity iiiii|)ii of lie 
modurn world, ofwlilcli tim iPvonliM'nlli roiitnlim tlio Novun Orbln. 

2067 rrOI.KMJ'MIS. La G(.o(,'rn»la. . . . Con alcuni com.'nti & 
np;,'iiiiitc rattcni da Scbastiano Miiiistcro, con Ic favolo iion 
solaniciitc antiflic >& iiiodfrtic nolite di stapavHi, ma altrc nuovo 
aggiuoiitcvi di Mescr lacopo (Jastaldo, ridotta in volfrarc Ital- 
iano da M. Vwtro Aiidiva Mattiolo. Hvo. vvllmu. In Vunrtia, 
per Oiod Hnittisln Pi'ilrazano A)nii itww.viu. (l.')48) 

20fi8 I'TOLKM.ICUS. La (ioofrrada di C'laudio Toionioo, fjia tia- 
dotta di (ircw) in Itaiiaiio da M. (!icro UuHcelli : Ajr;,'iiim- 
toiii vn pieno discorso di M. Gioseppe Molito. 4to. half 

purple turkeij nior. lop vdgp ijilt. Venetia, Viccrizo Vahirisi, 

M.n.r.xi. (ir)61) 

2()(;i) rrOLKMiEUS. Googmplua C. L. I'toleniaci Alexaiidrini 

Oliin u Hilihaldo PirfkiiiMndicrio traiislata, at nunc iiiultis 

codibus ;2;racciH collata, pIiirilaiMiiuc in loci.H ad pristinani uor- 

italeni icdacta a'plio Jloletio niatiieinatico. 

4lo. half (J rein tnor. top vihjc <jllt,fi)ie copy. Vcitdiia : 
Vince7\tium Vahjrisiiim, mui.xii. (1562) 

Tliemapof tlic hrotlicru Zi'iil, (Irsf publliihcd lu 1.558, Ih lirro rcproilucpd, 
iH'liig niup No. 17 of tlic iiildllloiis, or ',M! In reguliir ordiT. 

•2070 rrOLHlNLV.US. La f Joografia di Clavdio Tolomeo, gia tra- 
dotta in Italiano da INI. Gicro Hiiscclli : & liora in queata 
nuova cditione da M. Gio JMalomlna rieorotta &, purgata. 

d'infiuiti crrori 4^). half (jrven mor. 

top edge gilt, Venetia, Zilclli, mdlxxiih. (1574) 

2071 PTOLEMyEUS. De Geo;. rapliia'lib viii. nuninia cum vigi- 

laiitia tixcusi (ciira Erasini) Gra'Ce. 

'llo. vellum. Frohcii, liasiUae, MDXXXii. 

2072 PrOLEM.EUS. Goograpliia. Edidit Carolas Fred. Augus- 

tas Nobbe. 3 vuh. \Hmi). paper. Lipsiae, Tavchnitz, 1843 

2073 Fl'OLEMY. Commcntario Ci iticn-Literaria de Clavdii Ptol- 

emaci (leograpiiia, oiv.sque codicibvs tam inaiiv-scriptis qvam 
typis exprcMsis conseripta a Gcorgio Martino Raidelio V. D. 
M. 3 plates, pp, 82, syllabvs 3 leaves. 

sm. 4t(). unhouvd. Normbergae. Typis et sumlihus IJaere- 

dum Felseckerianorum, 1737 









2071 P'r()LO.M.K[I,S. ()..s, .mi la ,„ii., ,Mh\. r,.T)«ran.i 
(li T.ili.iu,.,. t'lilta ill IlolM^rim ciillii iliiia ,|,.| M.('('('('.I.XII. 
KhjiohIc (III Har(ulniii(.(( (iiiiiil,,,. 

•l^|. iiiihi)inii/, Iliinnano, 1 7!M'i 

2075 noLKM/Ki s. stobiifcM Kntrotiuftfo fu (tlnim 
4UtHoIomr( corimoQinplun rum louDftuTjfuHms tt 
IiTifiulifnri)u« rrflfonum fc tmtnttm crIrOiforum. 

■Itn. rvd inor. /ur.simil,s ufllf hro iikiji.h, 4'M eavrn. 
{Colophon :) Impnwtm Vnicvir jw,- n,ri,i„iin, ViHih-nHm, 

AllUn, ir)l2 
1"li-l«nll..atl„nli.|„.,TllM.,l,../.v„,rr«,/;,«/,m, In ,h,Mo pntH H ilomino- 
Jonniit <l,i ,i,n,-i,i i:i,U,„im Jt,i,n,wl..ii /»,<««,■« ,tr Stutinl, vi S. d." 
I'lriiii llic Hiiiiii' imjtf we ri'ilil : 

Ainl Ir.i i„r n„ val. I luni I„Ih„-..,I, I Imv mkni cm. .,lso ti. iimk.' 

notr.H ul,„„| ..,., |«|„ ,„„t« nl ||„. Ia,„l ui.kimwi. lu I'IoI.imv aii.l oiImm- r wrl- 

other. ""'''"""''"'""" '"'""''■'''<'■""•"»«'' '!"■ ""v-N ..r ' , ,|,.,i^an,l 

I'poi. tl... n.v.TH,. „f lol. v., In f I,.. Chaplcr 1), M,rUU.,„iH, al'l,.,- .|,..akl„K ..r 
tliB.llsn.v.Ty l.y WsiaielaH ..ipaiN nnkn..w,i t.. I'l,.l,„iv, ,s „|,va sav. ■ 

.a th lii.hila.vnHI AMMTl,„,alW AinrrlnHll..ll.eovmT,balltl»«onM,.onlv 
callitl the iii'w World. 

^.u^'^""'"' "'"'" ""■ '■''"''■■'"' "'' '' '■"•• '" ""■ '''"I"''' ••'"■ V«rtihn, ten,;" ».■ 

Not only tl„. I,.l„r,..,m.,„i„a,.,| tlim- partM'.!' tlir .Hrlli) aiv now known, 

bat at...t MT. a f,„„ll, part, has I,....,, ,li..<M,v,.ml l,v AmutIk- \Vs ..|, a man „f 

'""";"'",""« «"■'"'"'• "I"'!' t 'l"'.v l"i-l"'«.. to .'all AhHilK,., • AnuH.a. tl,.. 

til., lan.l ol Ann.ilj;,,. all..i- tl... sann' AuhtIk,., It,. ,||,cm,.|,r 

TlK.,.rn html-plur,., as In.,-,, .liown, ,.n,l„.a,...s tin. p,„.||„„ „( ,|„. w.rM 

m. ...«..■ b... by |.,ol.n,y, ..xl,.n,lln„ ,|..Kr,...,. w,.„wanllv IV tin. Canari..,. 

'• '" " •' ''■*■ •'"■ '•■V', ,I..Kr,... .,r north latlta.h. an.l ,!,.. lllli..|h ..n.lli. It 

"'""'•'I ".*■ l"''bnh.«.aKt..rn Asia an.l Its a.ljac.-nt 

■! In. i:..w woiM U npri'scnt,.,!. h„t wiliiont ll ann- of Ain.rlc.a or any otin.r 

.leslKuat ,,« tin. whole ..„„.in..nt. I'ln.r,. ar,.,how,.v,.r. a few nann.sorparll..nlar 
parts. Abnv,. the fortieth parall..! of north latltnd.. ar.. ih.. wonN, ■■,„•<„, ,/, 

l>o„n m,/»r«," h<.y,nnl which tin- contln,.nt l„ hillti ,0O> \ rh.. 

.■oast llin- Iron, th.-nc,. s.nilh »!»»« th,. Allanll.. r.-»,-n,hh-s .-h.s.-lv ,h.- ««ra. 

1"-. <-" tin. nmp of tl,.. Nee W,„-|.| ,„ „„. |.,o|.„.,j- .„• ,,•„:,. „„ .in- n.aln hunt, la 
latllml.. .,„ N. .„...,„-s ,1,.. ,„„„„ „,- ,,„,,,||„ .,.|,„,.„ ,„.„ ,^^,„ 1^,, , ,^,^_^_^|^ ^^^^_ 
r..sp.nnli„K In their positions relatlv..|y to the ..o„tin,.„t with (nhu an,< lllspan- 
'"1". tl"; not nain.-.l, and the latt.-r l.earlnK ,h.. na,ne of .SpaKnolla. \ 
■ "■ninsnht ext..„ds to ,|,e (l„l|„r M,-.M.-o in ,|,e ,li,-,-eth.„ of Yn.-alan, with the 

;;"""■;" ■^■■"•"y '"•"•■"•" "• '■'"■'l"'- "'-^t « « tin- sa,,,,- eoas, is the Ineo.npletf 

title ot (,'.\i'i r 111: .sta di-:. 

Tl... yolame is of K.out rarity. The very cnrions map of Ann-rh.a, b.-for.. It 
nul re.-..,v..,l Ms nan,.., is only |oa,nl i„ the copv in the Imperial Library, Vienna, 
from wwel, a pl,oto,',npl, facsbnil.- u.n .,:,tuim-.: for the p.-esent eopy. We 
know .j/ but one .)ther copy in the United -tines, 

(»1()0 )'"''■ '" " """" '''■''"'«• '"'"''"'"i'. ^""i"'"! li't maps, was priced 500 marks. 

5^076 PTOLEMY. Coininoiitario .]c Foittibii.s ( Joognipliifonun 
l*to!i.mii.>ituhulanmi(iiioiis aiiiiu.xai-mn ; niim II. Craw-ae an 
vero tyriae origini.s fnoriiil? Aiictofc A. II. L. Ileorcii. pp. 
" • 4to, OoUingae, 1727 








I'T()f,i;.M,l',l'H (ic(i}fi-a|iluii ili Cliivdio Tolotm-o Altwuii- 
•Iriiiii. rnidtiltii (li (Jm'o ikH' iilioinii voljran! Ilaliinu) ila 
fiinpliiiiiit llvKclulli, ct hoia niioiiaini ntc ain|iliala <lii (iioHcflo 
'<<►'*'»•<''"• ttn. nllum, \',„>i:a, Ifi'Jii 

ITOf.KALKrs. (M'o;jni|)liiii Viiiv»'rnaliH, voIvm ut nova, 
(•omi.lccttii.H Cliivdii riulniuud ciTMiialioniM Kil.nw Vllf. 
Qiionmi pi'iinus laaia tratiHlarioni! l'ir«kliciiiifii iK: acccNNionc 
••oiiiiiniitaiioli illiiMtiiiir i|iiatii liactciiiis liit'iit, ivdditiisent. . . . 
Jolio, on/, Ixiiinh tovircd irilli /,/(/ si. in, Jlmilrar, IlviirUum 

J'ilnim, Ifllft 

rTOLKMjKlJS. (iL'();,'iarm cioni'' discrittioiiu viilvi'ri*«l»! 

di'Ilii ttrni. . . Xiioiiaiueiitd con cin^rolari' Mtiidio rincontniti, 

& conctti dal' Si;r. Ant. Ara;,nni I'adi.viinn. /nh'n, lint/ nil/'. 

I'cintin, (/In. linllishi. ,{ (/im-i/in (inlnjiinni frntilU, !;")!»« 

ITIJCIIAS, Samiki,. I'uicliifs his I'il;,'i"niaf,'o. Or, Udti- 

tioriM of ilu- World and iIk! Hidi^rions oImi'I'vwI in all a-fcn and 

I'lacc:^ discdviTcd iVoni tin- ('rcatii)n vnto tliis proM-.-nl, itc, 

. . . 'l"li(! Si'coiid Kdition, nincli cnlar^'cd, with Additions 

tlll-onyll llic wladc Workc. fn/in, ,,l,l ml/, rrhnrltd. 

Lninhni, jniiitiil hif W'illinin Slnnshi/, KHM 

ITIUIIAS, (S.) Ilaklnytns I'o.stlnnnns, or Pnrclias. Iiii^ 

I*il;^rini('s, contaiiiii.;,' IVivj-rination.s and Discovcrios in tin; 

remotest Nortli and Kast parts of Asia, called Tai'tariti and 

Asia, hy Knf,dislinicn and otiicrs, and \'()vn;r,.,s „nd Discovcr- 

ifs ot'tln' North jiarts of tlio World, hy Land and Sea, Polar 

Kcgioi's and N'ortii- West of Anierica, also Knglisli Northern 

Navi^'atioii, and Di.seoveriert of Greeidand, the Nortli-West 

l'a.ssa;.fe, and other Aretie l{f;.'ions ; Voya;res and 'I'ravids to 

and ill the New World, ealled America, and of the Seas and 

Island adjaeeiit. 

/) vuls. /nllti, russin, <jlU cchjr.s, villi the rare, cnijraied fnnitin- 
pifce nr iniji-avvd dlli', contain iiiij n mnp, iiortmit of I'lnrliuti, 
and iiHiiii/ nllicrs, vcrij fine tall copy. Lomhn, Wdllniii 

Slaiishi/, l(;2.")-lG-2(; 

" Wc'owc to tlu' ze«I nnd vnst I'liidilion of tlil.s liiliorlmiB nmii, one of llie 
most (•••iilniilcil lollcctloiis 111' voyiiKis wli'icli has I'vcr aiiiicmcil, valimMc alike 
Cor tiM' aliuiiilaiic'c of its inalfiiuls ami iH lin|ioit»iiCi' in llic lii.-tory of ciirly dls- 
covci-ic.-, fSiHMially lliosc of llic Kiifiiish."— /;/„if/-„7*/iiV rnlvirntlle. 

Tills coiiy wax iiuieliuHd at llic sale ol llic l)iikc> of Voik'a Mlirary, whose 
Imok-iilatr iti-oalains. On Jlr. (inaiitch's recent Konilon lalalonaes, linecopiea 
are inarkeil at from £,so to X 100. 

rUlK'lIAS. J'elorimaoi", (iedeylt in twintieh IJoeeken. 
Waor van het eurste Bocck be;^rijpt do Voyugien en Reyseii 

\ i 

t . 

t ' 




glictlaen door de oude Cotiinglioii Patriiirchen, Apostolcn eii 

riiilosoplicii 4<(). p.nijravcd and pri/iled lilla, vellum. 

Aiimtcrddin, Jacob IScnJainlii, lC5r) 

2082 (Jl'EHl'X;. Tnuisiictioiis of the Lileniry and Historical Soci- 

ety of Queljec. Founded Janiiiiry «!, 1821. Vols. 1 to T). 
3 uols. in boardii, 2 vols, uiiboiuid, loju-ihci- 5 voh. 

Qiictwr, l,';2'J-t«G2 

2082* Same; New Series. Parts 1 to o, and it and 1(1. (Parts 

(), 7 and 8, wanted to conipiele the series down to 1873.) 

ioijcllhr, 7 pa.rif, Quebec, 18()3-7;i 

The foiirdipiirt of Vol. IV. wiis destroyed by lire in ISll»; nndof Vol. V. only 
the lirst iiiirt was iiulili.slie<l, mi<l tile new series bcHUli. Tlie set is coni|)lete 
from its beginning to l.V:), wiinting tinee imrls. 

2083 QUEliEC. Edits, Ordoiinatices, IJoyanx, DedaniMons et 

Arrets dn Conseil d'Etat dn Koi, Coneernant le Cantiila ; nus 
ptir ordre ChroiKjlogitiiu^ ct j)tiblies par ordre de Sir Pobert 
Siiore JMilnes. 2 vols. 4ta. calf, Quebec, 1803 

2084 Ql'EBEC. Ilistoirc de rilotel-Dien de Qiubeo. 

12 mo. old calf, Monlauban, chez Jervsme Anban ; Privilege 

dated 17.')1 

2085 QUINCY, Josiah. Observations on tlio Act of Parliament 

commonly ctUled tJie Boston Port-P.ill ; witli th.niirlits on Civil 
society and standing armies. \iiiio. half mor. Jlostoii, 1774 
208G EAHELAIS, Euancis. Works. Translated from tlie Ereiieli, 
by Sir Thomas Uninliart and IMotteiix ; witli Explanatory 
Notes by Duchat, Ozoll. and otliers. I'orlrail. 

2 vols. 12)110. half (/reeu mor. ijill lop, London, IHiA 

2087 RAEINESQUE, C. S. Allantie .lournal and Erieiid of 

Knowledge. Svo. half doll,, J'iiiladrlphia, 1832-33 

2088 Kakinksquic. A Life of Travels and Reseiirches in North 

America and South Europe, or. Outlines of Travels and 
Researches. 2 vols. Hi:o. pajicr, I'liiladvipliia, 1830 

2089 Rai-ixksqik. The American Nations : or, Outlines of a 

National History ; of the Ancient and Modern Nations of 
South America. Hvo. half calf, J'ltiladelphia, 183G 

2090 RAIL ROADS and Intojnal Navication. Rejjort of the 

Committee on Liland, Navigation and Internal Improve- 
ment, relative to the Danville and Pottsville Rail-road. 

8(,'o. half calf , IIarrisbiir(/, 1834 

Tile volnine also contains Iteport ol' riiilailelpliia and Iteadinj; IVn- ISlCi; 

lieports of oliier I'ennsylvaniii Uailr(ia<ls; Itepurls on tlie Coal 'I'vade, IKiO ; 

Doenments relating to tlic Pittsburgh and Uldo Cunul; iinnierous ilupa and 











RAMIREZ, Antonio dk Glaualupk. Breve Compendia de 
todo lo que debe saber y enteudei- el Christiano para lo-rar, 
ver, couoeer, y gozar de Dios Nuestra Seuor en el cielo^eter- 
nameiite. Dispuesta en lengua Ollionii. pp. Hu. 

Un. half hi, I,- nior. loi, ah/,^ q!U. Mexico, 178,i 
HAMIRKZ, JosK Antoms. Pn.<.e,su de Resideneia contra 
J edn. do Alvarado. Ilh.stradn con e.stanipas sacadas dc l..s 
Ant.guo.s Codices 3Iexicano.s y Notes y Noticias Hiogralieas, 
Critious y Arquaologicas. /'h(/i's. 

■i'n. half n<l iimr. top vchj,' i/i/f, J/r,,-;,-o, 1«47 
HAMON m. ,.a Sagk-.v. Ilisloire Physiqu./ Politiqu- ct Nat- 
•irelle dc I'lslc de Cnba. Folio, atlas of ^u),,. 

Paris, Aiihiif Jlrr/nind, n. d. 
RAMSAY, Divn,. The History of Sonth Carolina, from it- 
first settlement in HwO, to Ijie Year 1808. Map. 

2 roh. s/ii'eji, (Jhaiicstun, 18(19 

RAMSEY, [. G. M. '|'i,e Annals of Tennessee to the end ol' 

the Eighteenth Centnry. 8co. cloth, Charlrsto,, I8a;5 

RAMUSIO, G.,.. Hattista. PHmo Volnn,.; .lelle Xavi..atiou 

c't \, nel qnal si c„ntiene la deseriptione del Africa etc 

I'l'- J04. folio, rol. 1. In I'^rlia, appnsno .,/// lln.i 

di Lvcavlonio Glcuti, UAuno, mi.i.. (1;3o0) 

ms nr.t ...lition of l{a,„„si,. U very .care. II is nan,.. ,„,« hrru appears in 
L 1 c«,..-ome,„,on of this volume appeared i., loM, au.l con.ah "era" 
narrat.^es„ot■,ul, Uefercnee to Cabot, lol. lua. verso. 

RAMUSIO. Navigation! et Viaggi. ;5 ,,/,. ^.,/;„^ 

numa-ous cu.,nn-in<,s and maps on wood, Including, (\uunla, 
and other parts of America, full green ,nor. top ed<,e gilt, unr„t, 
lol. L, \-,nl; Vol. II., 1556; Vol. HI., 1559. 

Venrtia Glnntl, 15.34 

This i,„por,a„, work, as is well known, contains „,anv of ,l,e earliest vov 

r .:::;r^ :-r::::i ^:cr^^ ^'"""- - - -- ^ -■-;'■■"■ 

" IMnnisio's collection of \-oyaKe.s an.i Travels, the n.ust perlect work of that 

. I .,n,!, con.p.le,i,an.l tree iron, that preat ,„ass of nsele.s matter 
Ih. Latni IJe llr,, and, u. tine, the nol.lest work olthis nal„re."-/.„rtc. 

RAMUSIO. Navigation! et Viaggi. (Another .-opy.) 

.'! nils, filio. rrlhnn, Vvinlia, 1606 

It is a very nnusual tiling (0 tin.I the three volu.nes ol l!a,nn-io beurin,/ .he 

same .lute, as iu the present copy. ^ ""^ 


i I 

f I 

I ■: 










l?AMrSI(). II \'i!i;j:^ii) (li (Jinviiii l^i'onc c Ic iiiis iun/ioiii' ili 
Alvisi'ila ('a da IMuslo, di I'ii'lrn di Ciiiira. di AniioiH', di ini 
Pilots I'lH-toglii'si' i" di N'asco di (iama. I'l'iifnll. 

KAXKINd. .IdiiN. Ilislorii'al lu'scanlics <in the coikiikv-I id' 
I'ci'ii, Moxicu. Muuola," NalclKV, and 'ralimu'i'u, in ilic l.'llli 
ccnlMi-y Iiy llic M(imj::o1s, acconiiianicd l>v l'',li'|ilianls. Mnji.-i 
'iiiil jiliih s. S/d. nd mill-. , .ilni, ijill I ih/i X. /.(iiiilmi, IS27 

K'ANSOlTK'r. M. i,,,.. I,., Viodrla Socnr Mari;ii>'i'il.' Honr- 
fTi'ois, dilf dn Saint Saci'anicnt, Instiliiliicc, l'"iindalrici', ct 
]>i'i'iini'n> Sn|i(riiMiic dcs I''illi's Srcnlirrt's dc la Cunjii'rjjalioii 
dt N'dtiT-l )ai)u' ; Monti'cal, en Canada. 

l-2lllti. simp. VllL-Mni'n . {Mnu/rxd.) I.Sl.S 
I'ii.-t |)iil)ll.-litil at AviKiiiin. rriiiioc, in i;:is. 

HASLKS, Skuastian. A Dictionafv of the Almaki Lan- 
^iiago. ill Noitli AincM'ica, by KaliiiT Hasli's, iVdiii tin' (irijrinal 
nianiisci'ipt, witli an inlroilnction and notos i)y John PiclitT- 

in^'. ■!/(). (7(<//i, ( 'iniiliridiji', is;5;i 

\ ()I. I. Ill' tli( Ml inoirs iif nil' Aim rli'iin Ai'iuli'iiiy of ArU unit Si'lrim's. 

KAN'KN. lovrnai'I ofto Bosclirijivingo vando roysi" lii'dacn liy 
den CoinnKuidoiir Dirck Abbci'tsz Kavon na Spitzbcfgcii, in 
drn .Jaro IG.'V.t, ti'ii dioiistc vande E. Hoimtii Pu'wiiildicbbt'is 
vaiido (iroLMilaiitso Conipagnit' lot lloorn, olc. 

4^). half maroon iiinr. JIoo'-ii, lufinr WillciiiK, KiK! 
First oditiou i)f the .lomimls of Hontikoc nnd Kincii lo ilir Ardii' regions 

RAWLEIOII. Judifioiis and SoK-ct Essays and Observa- 
tions. — The first invi'iition of Sliippinnf. — The Misery of Inva- 
sive Warro. — Tlic Niivy IJoyall, and Sea vServifc. 

12;)((). half mur. London, KlIiT 

KAWSON, C Tho Confession of Eaitli adopted by a Synod 

of ail the Churches of tlie Colony of IMassiiehusetts. 

\'2ino. uiont of the title iranlliir/, half shrcji, 1 (iHt) 

The ('i)ii(i'ssioii of KiiKli tiilopli'd by ii Syiimi of all the CliiuTlii's ol Hu> 
Colony of .'MassaclMisi'lls, lu'M at lloiton in liiMl. \v:n n'an.'ilateil liilo tlir riidiaii 
languajii' liy (Irimlall liawson. .Minister at Mcmlon, .Mass. lie learni'il llial lan. 
trnage, in order to lie ahle to |ireai'li to tile >niliaiis. 

HAY NAT.,. L'Aiiiii';. IJi'volntion de rAiin'i'iiine. 

tS(7). Iiillf nhi I p^ London, 1 7S 1 

Uavnai.. a I'iiilosophical tind Political History of ihi' liritisli 
Settlements iind Ti'tule in North Anierica. 

2 /•(»/,'i. \i)HO, calf, Kdinhnvijh, 177() 




-MOH HAVMOND, \{. V. IViil ('Imlrcisnu^ on Mommaiiv drs ( 

inviiiirTi' niirlii's <|c la Dociiiiic Clin'stii c. Km In liiii;>u(^ 

(Ifs t'ariiil).s Iii.Hiiliiirt's. i-j,„„. ,,///(;//. 

Arxm-r, (ll/Ica Iliinii-rl, llll'i I 

-MOD IJIvM), ,1. ,M;;ni;i>iiii. A lli>loi-ical lii(|iiiry I'lmcTiiiiir; 
Ili'iiiT Iliidsdii, Ills Kricnds, Uoliitivi's anil Kiirly J,iH', liis 
conni'ditdi willi tlio Muscovy ('uin|)any ami Dclawaiv IJay. 

<S/'(). liiKirda, Alliiniii, l('i(I(j 

Willi aul(i;<nipli li'llcrol' llic iiiilliiii'. 

•2110 1{I<;K1), John. An lOxplanali. f lli.' .Ma|. ol' llir ('ilv an.! 

Liliorlii..s of l'liilaili'l|.liia. .|/,<. Inil/ „i<>i: ininil. 

I'luilfd fill- tliv A(iUnn\ 1771 

:.'lll HKICIIKL, \V. C. A .Ah'uioiiai of the DiMlication ut' M.-nn- 
iiuMils iMVcti'il liy tin' Moravian llislorical Scscicty, lo niaik 
till' sites of Anrii'iit, Missionary Stations in New York ami 
Coinu'cticnt. ,Sr„. ,-nl rlolh, New York, iMfJO 

2112 HKISCir, Ciu'.iiuijv. Maij-arila IMiilospliica totins I'liilo- 

sopliiao ivationalis, Nalnralis it Moralis j)rini'ii)ia ilialojris 

duodfcnin libris coniplcctcns. l/o. nujnirrd lillc, iiiijd-iii, 

wap and iVDnd-vnl^. Frihm-tji, .luanitf Scholitiii, l.')0;5 

2112* l{i;is(.'U. Marirarila l'liili)so|)lu('a cnni additionihns novis. 

4to. piijshtn, title ill red iiiL\, irilli hinji: wooil-cnt inup, with 
wuod-ciitt! ill text. Jiasiliir, J(nini>i Scoti, l."i08 
2112** KiiisLH. Mar<rarila I'liilosopliic'a Nova. 

•l/n. n/il ,■,,!/. /iiitiiliif, Mii-had Fui-tei-, i;)17 

A kind ofcncyelniiKliu very |ii)piiliir in ili iluy. It wiis llisl piiblialicil in 
ll'.ii;. lillicrcililions niipciiri'il in I.Mn, l,,ii|, I.Mi-i, Ijir, Ifi:!:., i-tc. All I'liiitiiiii u 
nnniiiiT iil wmiil.nits, iiiiil ■ionii' ni' llii'ni ii iniip in wliii'li ii piM'liiiii ol' AliK'i-icsi is 
iiiiii ciiiwn. 

2114 l{i;i..vTioN dc la Prise dcs JMii'ts dc ('lion;.'in;n, ou Oswego, 
>*L- lie ei" qui s'est passe cette anin'e en Canada, KaG. i*>p. H. 

N/yi. J III I II. 

'\'\\v iirlglunl 1)1' till;- liiicl was iiTinlly cliscuvciiil in Tjiiis iinioiifr sdiik! 

otIiiT pieces rriuliii),' 111 Ciinmlii, piinli'ii iit (iiiiKihlc IjcIwitii i;,")i iind Iliili. A 

ivvi follies well' ininli'il Iim' S. I,. .M. Hiuinw, i;s(|., ni' Niu \ in k in i>s.; iik 

liri'sculs. No copies wi'ii' sold. 

2111* 1{K:MKM1{HA\('K1;. Tlir Ameriean K'nuiMiiliranivr. A 
Collei'tion (if iiitiTcsliiii;- and anllii'iilii- jKiprrs, relaliM' lollm 
dispute In'tween (ireal Hrilain and Aineriea ; sliewin;^' the 
Causes and l'i'oo;r,.ss of tliat niisnndersiaiidino' from 17(11 to 
I7(');). 1 Mil. I,(iiiil.. 1777.— 'Pile Uemcinliranrer ; or. Ini- 

I j j 


[ I 


, I 

21 IT) 



partial Repository oi' Puhiic Events from 177C to 17«4. 
( Vohnne 14 <t': 10 wantiny.) U) yoh. ^vo. 

citl/ainl hnlf mJf, hacks uniform, London, 1777-1784 

KKNAUDOT, Kuskbics. Ancient Acconnts of India ami 
(.'liina, by two Molianiniedan Travellers wiio went to those 
parts in tiie !)th eentiiry. 

8t)o. redmor. gilt edges, Londov, 17.33 
REPLY TO A Leitkr from a Gentleman in New York, to his 
Friend in Brnnswiek. Signed Trihnnns Popnli. 8 pp. 

8(0. half title, half mor. No date ? H.'iO 

with im liiilognipli letter IVom Wm. A. Whltelioad, Ksq., tlio hlstorlnn o( 
New .Irrscy, In illation to tlv hook. 

REPEUTORIUM HiuMoriijArnicuM or, some aoeount of the 
most celebrated British Libraries. Portraits. 

ro;/al 8vo. half mor. London, 1819 
RELATION des Missions et des Voyages des Evesqnes 
Vicaires Apostoliqnes, et de leurs Ecclesiastiqnes es annees 
1G7(! & 1(577. ]2mo. calf, Paris, 1680 

REPTON, H. Observations on the Theory and Practice of 
Landscape Gardening. Licliiding some remarks on Grecian 
and Gothic Architecture. Portrait. 

imp. 4to. half calf, Londov, 1803 
Reptox. Sketches and Hints on Landscape Gardening. Col- 
lected from Designs and Observations now in the possession 
of the ditf'erent Noblemen and Gentlemen, for whose use they 
were Originally made. 

ohlnuii folio, rassid, r„rer loose, colored plnte-i, London, 1794 
Kkptox. 'I'lic Landscape Gardening and Landscape Architec- 
ture of the lute Humphrey Repton, being his entire works on ' 
these subjects. A ncAv edition, with introduction by .J. C. 
Loudon, llhistraiod by ii])waids of 200 engravings. 

Hfo. eluth, London, 1840 
REYNOLDS, Samikt,. A History of the City of Williams- 
burgh ; Containing a succinct account of its early settlement, 
rapid grcnvth and prosperous conditions. 

12wo. half red mor. top gilt, WiUiamslurgh, 1802 

RE\N, G. Aan. ({eschiedktindige Beschrijving der Stad 

Rotterdam ; en lieknopt overzigt, van het Hoogheemraadschap 

van Schieland. 8ro. paper, Rotterdam, 1832 












2124 RHODE ISLAND Ilistorienl Society's Collections. 

4 vols. Hvo. honmlin 2, half ml f, Providence, 1827 

21 2r) RHODE ISLAND. Records of the Colony of Hl.odr I.Ml.nid 

and Providi'iicu Plantations, in New England. Edited with 

notes hy .loh.i Rns.scll Bartlett. voh. 1 lo G, rnyul Bvo. 

Ifin/c jxtper, half mor. tin rtif, Providence, ]Hr,G 

212C RHODES, .Iohn. Siitrerinns and Snrprising Advcntnres. 

i2i)io. s/irep, NvAcark, 1799 

2127 lUCH, O. Hibliotheca Americana Nova: or, A Catalogne 

ot Hooks in various langnages, relating to America, printed 

since the year 1 700,— and 1500 to 1700. .3 voh. Hvo. 

h((lf brown mor. lop ed(je tjilt, vvcuf, London, 184(;-18;32 

2128 RICHARDERIE, Horciucu ok la. BibliotlK^qne Universelle 

des Voyages. C voh. 8vo. half calf, Paris, 1808 

2128* RICHARDSON, .lonx. Acconnt of the Life and Writings 
of. Load., 1791. —The Conslitntion of the Reformed Dutch 
Chnrch of America. Now York, 1793.— Honey wood's Poems. 
N. Y., 1801.— Biographical Sketches of the Moody Family. 
Boston, 1847.— Murray's Notes concerning Elizaheth Town. 
1844.— Ross's Discourse on the Civil and Religious in Rliode 
Island. 18.38.— Moore's Address to the Alumni of Columbia 
College. 1844.— ^.lemoir of the Life and Labours of .John 
Stewart (Man of Colour). N. Y., 1827.— Robbins' View of 
the tirst Planters of N. England. 1843.— Mary Roberts' Sea 
Side Companion. Lond., 1835.— Mary Roberts' Con(diolo- 
gist's Companion. Lond., 1834. to<i,.ther, 11 voh. 

2129 RIEDESF.L, Mauamk dk. Letters and Memoirs rahiting to 
(I'c War (d' Anieiiean Independence, and the Capture of the 
Oerman Troojjs at Saratoga. 12//;-,. hidfndf. New York, 1827 
2l;;0 UIK'l-STAP. .1. B. HandlH.ek der Wapenkunde. 

Hvo. Iiiilf riilf, O'oiii/'i, 1857 

2131 inNfilER, John Ilicxiiv. Theological Theses containing the 

cliief heads of (lie Christian Doctrine, deduced from Axioms. 

12///0. old C(dj\ Nev Yorl:, 17GG 
21 2 HHIOS, S. R. (irannnar and Dictionary of the Dakota Lan- 
guage. Collected by the members of the Dakota Mission. 

Ato. chill, , N,'w Yorl.', 1 '<•/. 
21 ,".3 RlN'(i(;OLD, Cadwai.adku. A Series of Charts with Sail- 
ing Directions, embracing surveys of the Farallones, entrance 
to the Bay of San-Francisco, Suisun Bay, etc. 

4^). cloth, WmhincjIoH, 1852 



ii 1 ■ I 

i. : 





HKJIIIOTTI, I'lKTHo. DosiTi/iono dd CainpidolM). 117/// 

;ill() jilaltx r„<i I'll nil in mitli'iir i,f ^niliilims, hush,, 

liirhiiis iiiiil ii/lirr iri,ih-K of lu-t, •> III!,'/,- nils. 

riii/iil /olio, liiilf ivil iiitir. ijilt iihj.-s, /loinii, 1H;J;!-I,s;t(; 

IvK) i)K i„\ I'LATA. All Ac'cuiiiit, Hisiorical, I'uliticiil, mid 

Sfatistinil oTtlic I'liitcd I'roviiici's of U\o do In I'latii : liaiis- 

lated I'mm tli.j Spanish. Miip. Hco. doth, Lomlon, 1.S2', 

HII'ALDA, Gekonvmo dk. Catccisiuo Moxicniio ((in. con- 

liuiic toda la Doctriiia Cliristiana coii todassiis Doclaracioiuis ; 

I'll (iiie (1 Miiiistro d.' Almas Iwillara, lu (|iii' a cstas dol)e 

I'lisonar . . . dolti'ii sahor, ciror y ol).sL'rvar. 

Vliiio. hiilf hliif iiior. Mixiro, 17.'i« 
Kii'Ai.DA. C'atccismo Mexicnno. Another coijv. 

['2iiii), cvlliiin, Miwivo, IT^R 
KITTKH, AiiiiAiiAM. History of tlie Moravian Church in 
Philadelphia, from its Foundation in 1742 to the present time. 
J'orlrait. Sro. rloth, PhilaiJi-lphia, 18.17 

KOnKRTS, William. Account of the Hrst Discovery and 
Natural History uf Florida. With a particular detail of the 
several exhibitions and descents made on that coast. Mnji. 

4to. hal/houtnL London, T. J,fnijs, MCW 
ROBBINS, CiiANDLKH. A History of the Second Church, or 
Old North, in Boston, to which is added, a History of the 
New Brick Church. Sro. cloth, Boston, 18;V2 

ROBERTSON, William. The History of the Reign of the 
Kin])eror Charles Fifth, with a A'iew of the Progress of So- 
ciety in Euroijc, from the subversion of the Roman Empire 
to the beginning of the Sixteenth Century. Poiiruii. 

3 fo/s. 8i-o. Khu'p, Alhuiiij, 1822 

ROBIN, C. C. Voyages dans L'liiterieur de la Luuisiane, 

do la FlorideOccidentale, et dans les IsIls de la Martini(iuo et 

de Saint-Domiiigue, pendant les Annees 1802-C. rnrtndl. 

■2 vols. Hro. half calf, I'lirin, 18G7 

ROBINSON, John. Essnyes, or. Observations Divine and 

Jlorall. Collected out of Holy Scriptures, Ancient and 

Moderne Writers, both divine and humane. As also, out 

of tlie great volume of men's manners. 

■U.K. sprinl-lvd cnlf, firM ulition, ran', Lomloii, 1()28 

Hobiiisou was iiii Kii{;lisli ilisstntiiig cltTgyiimn, Ijoni in 15; j. dwiiij,' to 

CI rtaiii persioutidiis in Kiifrlnnd, lu^ reniovi'it to Ltydeii, in Holland. In lOir 

\w cuttifd into tlic pliin of lorming u settlement in Anierioa. He intended to 



21 U 





21 I.'. 

21 k; 

21 17 

21 IN 
21 1!» 



2 lot 

IcMVr with I<riw»lrr, hiif iMv,\ Ix-lorc tlir cuiiMt-iil <if the KiirIisIi imrclmiits who 
rontidllnl the tiilcriirlKi- coiilil Ix. obtiiliicd. Tlii' rc«l oC IiIh iliiiicli •■ 
ncKiii iill.r his <lHiith.-AVw Kti!/. denenlof/. «<•//., Ainll, IMm. 

K'OIJIN'SON, ('(.NWAY. All Ace. nut (if 111. ■ l)iscn\(Tirs in 
liic Wi'.sl iiMlil ITjIII, anil iil' \'.._vii;,'.'s to iiikI iiliMi^- il,,. ( 'on.^l 
of Ni)rtli Anu'rica, IVi.m li')2() to l;")?.".. 

«(•«. clolh, IHrlnii,, ihL I.Sl.S 

KOIiSON, ,I(,si.;iMi. All Accdiiiil of Six Vcar^n Ifcsi.icncc in 
Iliiil.son's-Hiiy, IVoni 17;i;! to IT.'tC, aii<l 1711 to 1717. 

Men. i'illl\ LiiikIhii. 1 7."i2 

HOC'IIKFOIM'. C. i.H. llistoiiv Natiiivli,. ,.t Mor.Av dcs 
IK'S Aiitiik's ,1,. rAni.'ri(|iu.. Hnririiic .1,. pln.-.i,'nrs iirlli's 
li^iiros (Ics K'aivtt/ it's jihis consiiltM'ahli's r|ni y nonl irrcrili's. 
Avcc nil N'iM'alinlaiivCaraibo. 1/-. nhl nil/, /{nllcnhiiii, ItVsl 

WociiKi-oKT. Ilistoiff Natnrclk- ct Morale, etc. (Aiiotiicr 
•'"!'}'•) W". rrllinii. Ilutlinluin, Anioiihl Lrrn^, l(l,-.8 

H<)(rii:i-(,iir. Ilistoirc Natniu'lo des lies* Antilles rAim'-ri(iuo. 

2 ro/.s. \iiniu old calf, Lijoii, 1(507 

HOCKWELL, Kkv. Ciiahmcs. The Cattkill Moinitains and 
till' ie;:^ious around. Their Scenery, Legeiuls, and History; 
witii Skcldies in Prose and Verso, by Cooper, Irvinjr, IJryanI, 
(•'oie. and others. I/histriilioiis. Hvo. doth, Xeir Yvi'h, DStw 

RODHKa'KZ, Lie 1'. fOlemen.s de lu (irammaire Japonaise. 
Tradiiits dn I'ortiigais snr lo Maiiuscrit dc la Hibliotliecine tin 
Roi, ct Soigiiensenient collatioiies aveo la Graminaire publieo 
par le munie anteiir a Nagasaki en 1004. Par M. C. Land- 
''c«se. 8,.o. ^-tapcr, Paris, 182;") 

ROCHE, RiciiAHi) W. Catalogue of the Private Library of. 
Sro. hoards. liradslreet Preas, New York, 18G7 

ROGERS, HoKATio. Private Libraries of Providence, with 
fi preliminary Essay on tiie I,ove of Rooks. -ilo. half mnr. 

top rdiir i/ilf, iinciil, otif of print and scarce, Prorldi-ncr, 1878 

ROCrERS. Journals of Major Robert Rogers : containing au 
account of the several excursions he made under the Generals 
who commanded upon the Continent of North Auierica during 
the late War. Hro. calf, [.ondou, 170.5 

ROGERS, JMa.iok. Journals, etc. Another copv. 

12))(0. cidj\ Dnhl'm, \1{\\\ 

■Miijor l!i).!;crs wiis uclivi'ly riiKiiKcil in till' Kreiich War anil an|iiiii'il a lii;,'li 
ri'iiiilaliiHi Cm- lii'< iii'livily iii'iii- Lake liiMii-ir,.. ||,. was srnl liy Sir .IrllVi'y Am- 
hersl ill iriiO lo liiko possession of Uetioil, and was iiCltiwanls a|i|ioiiiliil (joy. 
einor of Mackinaw. 




II fi 









RofJKiis. A C'oiit'ise Account of Nortli America, coDtainiuy a 
Description of tlic scvorul Hritisli Colonics on that contiiuMit. 

Hilt, old ralj\ LoiiiIdii, \7(]it 
KoiiiCRs. Historical Discourse of the Refonned IVol. Dulcii 
C'hureli. IHoM.— Corwin's Historical Discourse on tlio Cen- 
fenniiil Arniiversiiry of tiie Kefornied Dutcii C'liureli of Miil- 
f-tone. 1 SCO. — Benson's Historical Memoir. LSI 7.— Hale's 

Annals of the Town of Keene, 1 71)0-1 8ir.. ISf)!. luurnal 

of IVocee.l injurs of IVot. K|)is. Church in America in 1859.— 
Homeyn's Discourse of the First Kefornied Dutcli Church at 
Hackensack, N. J., 1«6;».— Dwight's Lecture before the Law 
Class of Columbia College. N. Y., IHoS.-l'seful and Orua- 
mcntal Planting. h,;/,//,,.,; H roh. 

HOriCFA'KKN, Ahknt. The First Fart of (he BiuMiing Fen, 
discovering tiie whole of the West Indies, the conlinent and 
the islands beginning fi'om the Hio Anuisones, and eudiug on 
the North of Terra Nova. 

(Ulan /oil',), old nd iniir. Am.s/rnlahi, 1(J75 

H<>(i(;i.;N. La I'rtniera I'arte del Mouto de la Turl.a 

Ardiente Alumbrandu con la claridad do su fuego (oda la 

India-Occidental, empeeando desdo el Rio Amazonas, y 

Fenesciendo al Norte de Tierra Nueva. 

atlas/uUo, vdlum. AniderdaMi, Pedro Goos, 1080 

Rug(jkvki.;n. Het Ecrstc Deel van het Hrandendc Veen, 

vcrlichtende geheel Wcst-Indien, de vast Ivust eii .le Kylau- 

den, beginnende van Rio Amasones en Benoordc Terrauova. 

(dias folio, calf; Idle, vujndtvs and wap.s JmiHtifidly colorvH, 

thi'fornu-r dlumlnalvd. Amslddam, PIvtn- boos. [1G75] 

ROLLIN, Charles. The Ancient History of tiie Kgyptians, 

Carthaginians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Modes & Pei-sians. 

Grecians, and Macedonians. 

2 ndn.Sro. doth, Xnr Vorl', I8;il 
ROMAN. Ilistoria Generid de la Yndia Oriental. Los 
Descubrimientos, y Conquistas, epic ban heclio las armas de 
Portugal, en el Brazil, y en otras partes de Africa, v de la 
Asia, y de la dilatacion del Santo Kvangelio por a cpiella 
grandes proviiieias des do sus principios hasta el ano do 1557. 
Joho, ai'jrai-cd lidv, yncii mm: siiper-cjira, >jlll nhjcs I,// A7r- 

drec of Paris. Vulladulld, ICOl} 




21 03 






ROMANS, Bekxard. Annuls of the Ti-oublea in the Nether- 
lands, from tho Ascension of Cimrles Filth, Emperor of Ger- 
'""">'• ^vo. shefip, Hartford, 1778 

The second voliiiiir of tlila work w,h piiljlislied iit H.infor.l in Vii by Hud- 
sou nnd (luo.lwlii, tln' Hr^t book pricud l,i Harllord. Wutsoii and Goodwin 
Wfre tlie printers of the (onnMctlcut Courant, the first newspaper printed ia 
city, and estiiblUhed In \7M. 

ROMANS, nKHNAiii). A Concise Natural History of East 
nn.l West Florida ; Containing An Account u{ the natural 
Produce of nil the Soiithcin Part of British America, in the 
three Kingdoms of Niiture. pnrlicularly tiie Animal and 
Vegetable. Likcwi.^c. The artilicial T'rodiicc now raised, 
or possihli) to Ijii raiscil, and manufiicturcd tiiere, with some 
commercial and political Observations in tliat part of tho 
Worhl; and a chorographical Account of tho same. (Vol. 
I., all published.) i,ni. «yo. calf, very rare. Xew York, 1775 

Uern.ird liomans wiw an engineer In the IJrltljIi 8..rvlce; he waH, previous 
to hi, employment in the Ciipadty of an engineer lor of defences 
in the HIglilands, in tl,e enj.jyn.ent ol a pen.^ion of £M a venr from '.he British 
crown nt botanist lor one ol the Florkhis. 

The copy in tlie Menzie:* sale bronglit $175. That In Ftrlnlev's third sale 
brought *','05, and «aHmperfect, not having the eighth plate of ' hlero- 
K yploes, and was very Interior. Th.^ tille .says v> plate.. never were but 
11. all o( which are In this copy, which la in all respects perfect. 

Ro.MANs. A Concise Natiu-al History of Ivi.^l aud West 

Florida, etc. (Another copy.) " l2mo. sheep, 

engraved dedkalinn nnd C plalti^. New Yorh, U. Aitkin. 1776 

RO(iUEFOUT, J. B. JJ. Olos.^t.irc dc la Languc Ronume, 

Redigo d'apri^s les Manuscrits do la Bibliotll.^^lllc Imp^rlale, 

ot d'iiprt's CO qui a elo iinprimo dc plus complot cu cc genre ; 

''"''• 2 ikick rols. 8vo. 

h'(/f maroon »/o,-., sprinklrd cdfjen, Paria, 1808 

RO.SCOE, Thomas. The London and Birmingham Railway ; 

with the Home and Country Scenes on each side of the Line; 

With a Map, Plates and Wood-cuts. 

Hco. chill, ;/i{l <d;iis, London, 1839 
ROSCOE, WiM.i.v.M. The Life of Lorenzo do Medici, called 
the IMagiiiliceiit. Portrait. 

2 rol.-^. ,S(;o. half clnlh. Laudon. 1825 

ROORBACK, (). A. Bililiotheca Americana. Catalogue of 

the American Publications, iiichnling Reprints and Original 

Works, from 1820 to 1848 inclusive. 

,,_ 8ro. cloth, Xcw I'ork, 1810 

'■ 1 


H. r. MtJldMIY f-IUI!ARy. 




■2 1 70 







UOrSSKAT, .r. Japq. ('ontkssion,^. Poitmit. 

•J vol.i. Hi;i. rlath, y.v York, IftAH 

F{(ii:stiEAi'. l-i'.i ('iiiilVssions. 

•1 vah. ill ■-'. Ii'il/rnif\ Paris, IHOfl 

ROYALF.. Mits. Life ami .Maiiiiti.H in ili.' Initeil St»it««, 
Now Miiv.Mi. IH'jr..— Rcnscllacr's A Hair (if < JiieouMtown, War 
<>r 1812. — IIiMirv's ('ampMi;;!! ii';aiii>t Qaclicc in 177.). — 
liick('l.-nir.4 ni-iorv of .NiMv HccH;.nl. ISjVS. — Uiilgcjey's 
AiJiials of Annapolis. 1S|1. — C'ool.c's Hi'voIulioiKiry IIi«- 
lory (if North Carolina. lHj;i. — A < ifncalogy of ilio J.)nvi)n- 
port I-'amily, 1 8.') 1.— Inquiry of Charnv.M liy Lorij Macaiilay 
n;.'aiiist I'enii. 1H.'>.S.— Life and Aiivi-nturi's of O'Reilly. 
1861. toijelher, I) vols. 

RUPP, I. DANiKr.. History of Northampton, I.uliigli, Mon- 
roe, Carlion & Schuykill Cnunties : Containing a brief His- 
tory of tlie First Settlers. Hm. slirrp, Harrishurg. 1845 

Riipp. The History and Topography of Daupin, Ciimberlaucl, 
Franklin, Bedford, Adams, and Perry Counties. 

8r(). calf, Ijivirostn- City, 1846 
Rupr. History of Lancaster County. 

8i>o. slicqi, Lancnuter, 1844 
RUIZ PEREA, Miguel. Oracioii Pancgyrica en la fSolem- 
nidad plausilile, y Publjcacioii de la Santa Hnlla, Deciala en 
la Santa Yglesia Mctropolitana de Me.\ioo en la Dominica 
primer., ae Advicnto. (Spanish and Mexican.) 
4tn. nnhoHtid. Mexico, par los Heredcroa do. la Viudn de F. 

Rodriguez Lupe.rcio, 1700 
Elglit i)relimlnary leaves, nnd l',i for sermon in Jlcxlcan. 

RUSH, Benjamin, M. D. Medical Inquiries and Observa- 
tions upon the Diseases of the Mind. 

Si'o. sheep, Philadelphia, 1830 

RUSSELL, Archiuali). Principals of Statistical Inquiry ; 
as illustrated in proposals for writing an examination into the 
rosom-ccs of the United States witli tlie Census to be taken in 
1840. 8t7). riofh, Xew York, 1839 

RUSSIA. Early English Voyages to Northern Russia ; cona- 
prising the Voyages of John Tradescant the Eider, Sir Hugh 
Wiiiougid)y, Richard Chancellor, Nelson and others, by J. 
Hamel. 8vo. half calf, London, 1859 



2180 RUTTENBER, E. M. History of tha Town of Newbmgh : 

Illu9trateil with View.s, Maps, roitnill.-, &c. 

Hto. cloth, Newburylt, [Sf)'J 

2181 RUTIIERFCJUI), Samiki.. A Survey of the Siiiritimi Aiiti- 

elirijt. UpcDiiiK the sccmvIm of I-'aiuilimiiu and Antiiiainimi- 
isiiK! ill till- Aiiticliristiaii Doctrini! i>f Joliii .Saltniarsli, and 
Will Doll, tlio present rroa<'iier!i if the Army now in Kn^'- 
'""J- 4(0. cm//', London, H\IS 

2182 KUTTTENHEH.K. M. History of the Indian TribcH of Ilnd- 

son's Hiver; their Orij-in. Manners andCustonu ; Trihnl and 
Bub-Tribul Ur^'uniitatidns. PoiliuU. 

8ro. chJk, Albany, N. }'., 1872 

2183 RIJTCJEHS v.s. Waudinotun. Arj^'uinents and .Judgment of 

the Mayor's Cimrt of the City of New Y'(n'k, in n cause be- 
tween Elizabeth Rutgers and Joshua Waddiiigton. 

Hid. puj/er, New York, 1 7H I 

2185 amimi^iX, ittfchfrl. Jounmel, ©ehoulicn, op a 
nants &tMp ne apfrocl, Wnn 't ucne oepnasccrt 
tn bnifcht fs op tr ®Mool-\inn finer ifto. itt©, ire 
Ifefcrcn Statnt ©ciicrnl tjtv ©crentfflhUc iltticv' 
lairtnt, soo (« up ^ftJUrllnntchc Ztt, iris op Dr 
lusten ban SCfrfcn en Slineifcn. 

■ill}. Idilj red inor. Amsterdam, 1G65 

2186 RUYTER. I.eben und 'ra|)irere Thaton d(!r allcr-berlihmtea- 

ten See-IIcldon, Adniiralen, nod Lan<l-Erfinder unserer Zeitcii, 

angefangen mif Christoforo Colombo. Kntdeckern dor Neiie 

Welt und geendiglit niit dem Admiral M. A. de Rnyter. 

4^). half calf, Niifemhery, IGGl 

Coiitufnii portraits of Columbiid, Dc linvKr, Van Troup, Htyii, Iloemskirk 
and LoiKqiio. 

2187 RUZ, Joaquin. Ciirlilla 6 Silabario ile lengua Mayu para la 

enseuanzu de Ids ninos iiuligenas. pp. 10. 

l2mo. papfr. Merida de Yucatan, ISA^) 

2188 SABELLICI. Enneades Maroi Antonij Sabelliei ;il) orbe con- 

dito ad inclinationem Romani Imperij. CCGCLXII leaves. 

folio, half DUD'Oon inur. Imprtssuin Veuctiis per IJcrdinum ei 

Malheion Veueloa Mcccfxcviii. (I4*J8) 

A liiif cpecliin-i] or early printing, riic tiili.' is in reci ink, mid bcncHtli in 
blacl£ Inlt tlnj printer's devioc. hUtneixlef, orijrccl; urig-in, Croni e.nne<i<\U, nine, 
meaninj,' bodies of nino, liiie ilecntlen, IVoni di'Las-iidistcn, and iip|diod by.Sabci- 
lacus to describe Ids bo<ili3 qs being of nine oiiapters eacli; u» I.ivy and Peter 
Martyr described tlieir boolts of ten Cliapters as Decades. 



2190 SABIXK, I,r>»K\zo. TIk' Amcrlciu L.iyalists ; or, llii);rriii)li. 

icdl Ski't<'li("< iit'ndlicrcnlH tn tin; lirili.Hli C-'rovvii in tin- War nf 
tlif Kuvoliitioii. Hvo. cloth, Hoslon, 1«47 

2191 SA('U() 1U)S('(), (JiovANNo III. Spliem Vol^aii' ii(iviinii'iit« 

tiMiIottu con moltt^ iiotaiiilf iiilditiono di Geoinftriu, C'o«tno- 
gnipliia, Ai'to, Nii\i;5atorii;, etc. 

I'lino. halfhbu mor. top (lilt. Venetiit, li. Zanelti, 1537 
(.'oiUaliH wodiIl'hh 1)1' h Kl.die upon which Amcrlc* U IhIU Uowrn. 

2192 SAfJAHl), (iAiiiiiii,. Histoiicdv Caimda t't Vuyajro* qve les 

Fivrcs Miiiciir-* Ifccollccts y out Caictn pour lu comier;^ioii dcs 
Inlidollc."!. Diviscz en i|vatre livres. Ou est aiiipli;nit'iit 
traicte don clioses priricipalea nrriiiues duns le pays depiiis I'aii 
101.') ius(|iu>M a lu prise (pii en a estu faictc par lot* Anj,'loi», 
etc. 8vo. (hull bitii. iiior, (jilt eilijes, Jhu- v>ytj, vii'i/ nnf, 

i'arin, (Jliez Claude Souniiin, 1(J30 

" Tht' imlhoi- (if this work," iii)!i ClinrU'VOlx, " Hpcul hour' IIiilc uiiuhik the 
HuroiH, mill riliiK'i milvcly nil lliiit hr saw nml lu'iiril on llu' spiit, lint lu- had 
not time to -ii' lliliiKs well cnoiinth, »tlll Icmk to vcilly nil thiit wns tolil liliii. lit! 
sei'niH a Miy ludkliiii." man, zcaloin not only lor the sahallou <ir souls, hut also 
tor till' proKiids of II I'oloiiy wlikli ho aInioHt saw hvg\\\, and saw nearly annllil. 
latid In Its origin by the KukIIhIi Invasion IlUt.of Xew Frmne, \ ol. I,, pagi.7S. 

rriii'il jCtW In u Catalojjiu' of Bernard gnarltcli, London, 18N0. 

2193 t5AGAKl),C!Ani!ii:i,. Le firand Voyiise dv PavM des Ilvrons, 

sitiiu en I'AiiuMiviiio versi la Mer duiice, us deriiiers eoiiliiiti de 
la iiomielle Fraiiee diti! Canada. On il est nnijilemcnt traiti 
de tont ee rpii est dn Pays, des in(t!iir.« & dn natnrel des ,Saun- 
ages, de lenrs froiivernemeiit & fatjons de faire, tant dediins lenr 
pays qt'i alliints en voya^'es, etc. 8Vo. rnijrncvd ami pi-'udvd 
titles, diifk bliiv iiiur. yilt I'.dges, fine copy, rcnj , •«/(■. I'tirin, 

Chez Deuys Moreau, 1^32 

rriccd on Kills & While' - ralalognn Cor 187S, £4.!. 

2194 SAGAKD. Gahuiel. Dictionnairc dela lanjrve Ilvroinie, 

nccessairc a ceux qni n'ont rintelligence d'ieelle, & unt a 
traiteraiicc los Snunages du pays. . . . 

sm Sro. red vior. rjilt edges, by Duru of Paris, -lij^i 
Marked £11 on n reoent London Catalogue. 

2195 SAGIJA, Hamon de i.a. Histoire Physique, Politique et 

Xaturelle do I'lsle dc Cuba. 

2 voh. royal ^vo. paper, uncut. Paris, A. Bertrand, 1842 

2196 SAHAGUN, Beunarpixo ni;. Ilistoria General de las cosas 

de Nueva Esti'ula, que en doce libros y dos volumones escri- 
bio. Dala » luz (?on notas y suplementos. Carlos Maria de 
Bustamunte. 3 vols. 8vo. Spanish binding, Mexico, 1829 





. -'lya 







SAFKKI.r., W. T. R. Hecords of the ttevolutionury War, 

• •"iKiiiiiiiiM t|„. ,„iij,,„.y „,„| iiimm.j,,! ('„rrf.Hpotnk'tice of tlis- 
liii^niisl,,.,! Odircrs. Hvo. rlulh, New York, 18.'j8 

SAINT-XON, Aunt i.K. VoyuKu Hittorewque ; on Deacrip- 
tit.ii .Km UiiymitnuH de NapU's, vi do Sicile, Coiitenaiit uii 
I'rvcl^ nist..ri,|ii(. du leui's Uuvolutioim, k-s Cartes, I'luii & 
Vii'i dii Uoyaiimu ft <lt« la Villf du Naples, .ses I'alais*, avH 
Kjflittog, Him Toniboaiix. Lii Vt-suve, avuc i'llixtoiro de sun 
Kriipliniifi, ftc, ft vuU, royal alias /olio, cuntaiiilny npwaid$ 
"/ 100 hrniih'/iil rit/ijin-ijlutv viiifratinijn, inotllxl calf, (jilt 

iiichii, ml ul<n:n. Paris, 1781-1786 
A V( ry llnr iiml old orlKliml tojiy of thU xiilcniilil iiiiil IiIkIiI) ««t»-cnie(l work. 
Ilii'pl'iUMfoiiipilsf vliwjof »fi'm.ry, ruiimlin of luicli'iil butlUlnira, public «dl- 
Hem, coins, iiiMdnla, iMc. 

SAINT I)()MF\(^I'K. Ksstti sur I'Hi.^toire Nntiirelle de 
I'lxle du Siiiiit D.iiiiinjriie, uvec dew »i;,Mires eii taille-doiice. 

Hvo. half mo r. Paris, 177G 
SALLK. An Arconnt of Monsieur de la Salle's last Kxpudi- 
tinii and DisiTivi-ries in North Ameriou. Presented to the 
Krunfii Kin^'. and I'lihlLshed by the Chevalier Tonti, (Jover- 
iiour oCIun-t St. Louis, in the IVovince of the Illinois. Also, 
the Adventures of the Sieur de Montaulmn Captain of the 
French niiocaueerson the Coast of Guinea, in the Year lGt)5. 
l-2„ifi. old calf, (jilt. London, J. Tonnon, 1C98 
S.VLLK, (La.) Derniers Dk-ouvertes dans I'Ameriqne Sep- 
tentrionalede M. de hi Sale ; Mises an jour par M. le Cheva- 
lier Tonti. (Jonverneur du Fort Saint Louis, aux Islinois. 

12wi;. old mif. A Paris, Chez Jean Guirjnard, 1697 
SALEM. Ahah. The New Maid of the Oaks : A Tragedy 
as lately acted near Saratoga, by a Company of Tragedians ; 
Under the direction of the author. 

8vo. half calf, London, 1778 
SA>XT10 DE Mf:LGAR, EsTEVAN. Arte de la lengua gen- 
eral del Ynga Mamada Qqueekhua. 12»io. vellum, very 
care. Lima, Diego de Lyra Ana de 1G91 
SANDOVAL, Rafael. Arte de la lengua Mexicana. 

12»no Hue calf, Mexico, 1810 
SANSOM, JusEiMi. Sketches of Lower Canada. Historical 
and Descriptive; with ihe author's recollections of the Habits, 
and Religious Institutions of that isolated country. 

12mo, calf, New York, 1817 












SANSON, Nicolas. L'Amerique en plusieura cnrtes, &c., eii 
divers traits de Geographie et d'Histoire. 

4^0. uld calf. Paris, Avtheur, 16^7 
SANTAREM, Lk V'icomtk he. A Statement of Facts, prov- 
ing the riglit of tlie Crown of Portugal to the Territories sit- 
uated on the western coast of Africa, between the otii degree 
and 12 minutes, and the eiglitii degree of south hititude ; con- 
sequently to Molenibo, Cabiiida, and Ambriz. pp. 44. 

Scu. cloth, {pfualvly printed,) London, 18ijG 
Santarem. Reuherclies Historiques, Critique et Bibliograph- 
iqiies sur Americ Vespuce et ses voyages. 

Svo. half hiiiroon trior, top cdye yilt, uncut, Paris, n. d. 

Santake.m. Keclierclies sur la priorite de la Decouverte de-i 

pays situes sur la cote Occidentale d'Afriqne, au-dela du Cap 

Bojiidor, et sur les progres de la science geographique, apres 

les navigations des Portugais au XV' siecle. 

Svo. half red mor. extra, top edije gilt, uncut, Paris, 1842 

Santarem. Resenrclies respecting Americus Vespuciiis, and 

his Voyages. l2mo. cloth, Boston, 1850 

Santarem. Essai sur TFiistoire de la Cosmographie et de la 

Cartographie pendant le Moyen-Age, et sur les Progres de la 

Geograpiiie apres les grandes decouvertes du XV siecle. 

3 vols. 8fo. half calf, marbled edges, Paris, 1849 

SANUTO, (Lnio). Geografia distinta in XI [. libri, ne' 

quali, oltra I'esplieatione di molti luoglii di Tolomeo e della 

Bussola, e dell' Aguglia ; si dichiarano le Prouincie, Popoli, 

Regni, Citta, Porti, Monti, Fiumi, Laghi e Costumi dell' 

Africa: Con XII. tauole di ossa Africa in disseguo di rame. 

Aggiuntiiii de pin tre Indici da M. Giovan Carlo Saraceni. 

folio, fine, clean and perfect copy in the original vellum, 

scarce. Vincgia, Damiano Zenaro, 1588 

As it is ini;)0S8iuie I'or tlic tliorougll student of nipcliavnl gf ORiapliy to budge 
uuincli witliou: li.iving ii-ad the worlds of Marino Suuuto, so no thoropgli stu- 
dent of liistoi-ical gcograpliy, especially African ami American of tlie last lialf 
of the sixteenth century, can touch bottom in his siiiijecl till he has digested this 
worlc of Livin Sanuto. To him more, perliaps, than to any one writer, we owe 
the clearing up of the suliject, and the brushing away the rubbish and blunders 
of tlic inhiiid German nud iM'ench geographers of the previous half century, such 
as Schoner, Apianus, Munster, Fin(S, iind others.— Sfcfens' llibliolheea Geo- 
grapliicn, London, lb7'-i. 

Of course .'^anulo describes the manners and customs of Africa in this Gazet- 
teer, but he does it -.mder the name of each place. Spcaliingof Cairo, folio 107, 
he says that they punish a murderer by cuttinn; him in two and puttiug the upper 
half of tlie body, with tlie head, upon a dish of quicklime, where, he states, it 




, en 


remnlns alive for a Quarter of an hour, koop. on talking, and answers any que,-- 
ion. put toti! As to r„iti;,ara, ho i. of opinion that previous writers have 
hlinulered abont it. for that in cir. mnnnvifialinB the Rlohe, nothiUR was found 
but sea In the place where i'tohniy and others hud placed Caltigara, and thcv 
tlioupht that it it was in that latitude at nil, it n.iKht be in thelouRitudeof I'eru 
For some other intrrestloK particulars concerniuK our author, consult Kiddle 
p. 31 and 1:8, and Lelewil, and the Preface of the followhiR work hv Marino 

•^212* SANUTO, (Mahino.) Lilwr Scci-etorvin fidclivin Ci-vsis 
Super Tonw Sanctm Reciipei-atioiie et Conaervatidne, quo et 
Terra Saii.'t:i! Ilistofia ah Oi-ip;i,ic. Eiiisdom vieintinimque 
Provinciiinini Geograpliica descfiptio coiitiiietur. Cuius 
Auctor Jlarinvs Sa„vtv^ dietiis '["orsellvs ratricius Veuetus. 
Nunc priinum, cum libello eiusdeiu augmenti, sine auctoris 
nomine, ex MSS. vctcribus cditus. Oiienttdis Ilistoria- Tomus 
secimdus, very fine copy in Dutch while vellum, scarce. 

folio, Ti/pia Wechelianis, apud heredes loannis Aithrii 

[FrancofnrH'], IGll 

With four copper-plate map«, the first of which is Sanuto's map of our globe 
made 1320, with ,Jerusaleni in the centre, the whole surrounded by water, here 
first engraved. For a long and interesting account of Marino Sanulo and liia 
works, see Lelewel, Sections lll-l'^iS, pages l!)-;i(i. 

221-3 &^3X^^m, saucustfne. m\t Stranae mtj Bt- 
lutntU ?i^CstorL) of the afscobers anti Conquest 
of the UroDfnccs of mvu, in the South Sea, 
anb of the notable thfnos tohCrh there are fountj, 

^t. sm. 4(0. hal/cJoth, top edyc gilt. London, 

Richard Ihones, 1581 

22hi SARGENT, Winthhop. The Life and Careei- of IMtijor John 

Andre, Adjutant Genera! of the British Army in America. 

Portrait. i2mo. half calf. Boston, 1861 

2215 Sargent. Tiie History of An Expedition against Fort Du 

Quesne, in 1775, under IMajor-General Edwtird liraddock. 

Svo. cloth, uncut, Philadelphia, 1855 

2216 SAKGEXT, Wixtiiuop. The Loyalist Poetry of the Revo- 

^"^'O"- -^fo. half red nior. top edge gilt, by Pairsou £ 

Nicholson, tnicut. Philadelphia, 1857 

'■/.■2n SAY, Jkan-Baptist. Cours Complct d' ficonomie Poh'tique 

^''■*>t'q"''- 6 vols. Svo. sheep, Paris, 1828 

2218 SCAPUL/E. Juhannis Scapulae Lexicon Gnieco-Latinum. 

folio, vellum, Basileac, 1665 

■I ■" 

'I ! 

If ^ f 

I 1 



> it ; 




2219 SCHEDEL, Hartman. Registrnm huius operis libri cronipa- 
riim cum figuris et ymaginibus al) inicio miindi : (Evci of 
Colophon on revprne of the map which follows hnf CCXCTX :) 
Anthoniiis Koherger. Nuremherga.e. . . . Anno l-lOa. 
large folio, with 2,250 wood-cuts in the text, engraved hg Pley- 
dcnwurff and Wolgemuth, the latter Albert Durcr's master; 
half red mor. a remarkably fine and tall copy 
" This volume is not only famous for its wood-cuts, but Is au Hutliority sonie- 
tiracs quoted in support of tlio claim to tlio discovwy of Anu'ricu bvMmiin 
nchnirn, before Columbus. 1 lie passage rclVrred to occurs on tlio reverse of I..! . 
200, where the writer of the chrouicle, after speaking ol the discoveric.- iiuu'.e 
through the ellorts of Trince Henry, of I'ortugal, the Xuvigulor, proceeds lo 
relate that subsequently ill the year HS3, Jofio II., of that country, a liin.i; i,f 
most exalted mind, supplied some galleys with provisions, and sent thenibe; und 
the I'illars of Hercules to make explorations in the jionth towards Kliiiophi, 
under the command of Jacobean (Uiogo Cam, and Martin lielinim,of Xuiein. 
berg, in Upper Germany; a Bohemian of good fiimily, wlio was bntli w.ll 
acquainted with the situation of the earth and used to the si a, and who midi r- 
stood thoroughly the longitudes and latitudes of I'tolcniy in the We^t, tiom .xpe- 
rience and long navigating; and that these two sailed into the Southirn Ocean 
under favorable auspices, coasting not far from the shore, and crossed the equa- 
tor into another world, where, when they stood with their faces toward.- the 
East, they projected a shadow . their right hand towards the South. Tlius bv 
their industry they opened another world tjefore tliat unknown to us, and lor 
many years afterwards unoccupied by any persons except some (ienoese wlio 
did so, however, to no purpose. Having in this way finished their vovage, Ihev 
returned to Portugal in the ailh month, many of the crew having died in conse- 
quence of the extreme heat of the climate. In proof .,f tinir discoverv, llu-v 
brought home with them pepper, grains of I'araiiise, and nninv others which it 
would be tedious to enu:nerate. 

"It is partly fromthe slender grounds which this description aifords, thiit the 
claim of the discovery of America Is set up lor Martin Itchahn. is reallv 
nothing in the statement to warrant the idea that he ever saw America, but oil 
the contrary, that hugging the c(ia>t south of (jibraher, he saw only Africa. He 
thus crossed the ecpialor, which had not been accomplished previonslv, and was 
therefore the oi.oning lo Kuropeans of another heini>phi.r(.,or world, I'lut not the 
discovery of what came to be called by .listinction the .\,m- World. It sci-in.-, 
thereibre, unnecessary to adduce the circumstanc which was discloM-d through 
the researches of Mr. von Mc.rr, that the whole passage is interpolated l.v anoth.-r 
hand in the inaunscript which still exists. 

"Martin liehaim constructed a globe, which still i..-<|sts, showing the whoh' 
face of the earth as he supposed it to exist, lilling up the sea of darkness which 
lay beyond the limits of Western Kurope. In it he laid down tlf Canarv I., 
ands, the Cajie Verd Islands, Madeira ami the Azotes, which were then well 
known, and b.voud them to the West, the fabulous Antila and .Saint I'-randan 
and then with. ..,t any intermediate continent, and ai no great diMancc i li,. M,uids 
ofCnthaiand Zipangu (Japan), mentioned bv Marco I'olo. This glob,- wa.< 
made, it is said, in 14<.r„ the same year in which Cohunbus mad., his li'rM vovage 
and discovery. It does n<,l show any [.ortioi, of Ann'rica, but do.s exhibh limnv 
islands which are not nanu'd, both North and South of Zipangii, which, of 
course, could have no reference to the islands discov, red hv (ohanhu.^ -(vu-il 
thousand miles Kast of that island."- A'«<e by Mr. Mmiilni. 

2220 SCHILLER. Sammtliclic Wei-ke in zwolf Jiilndrii. 

12 vols, in 6, l-2mo. half mor. Slultgart, 1817 










SCHLATTER, Michael, (Predikfint te Phlliidelphia.) Get- 
rouw Verhaal van de waren toestant der meest herderloze 
Gemeentens in Pensylvanien en sanj^rensonde Provintien 
Voorgostelt en Opgedragen, met nedrig verzoek om luilpe en 
by stand aun. 

4to. half maroon mor. top edge (jilt, Amsterdam, 1751 

SCIIMIDEL. Vera liistoria, Adinirandic ovivsdam naiiiga- 

tionis, quam Uuldericus Sclimidel, Straubiiigensis, ab Anno 

1534. usque ad annum 1554. in Amoricam vol nounni Mun- 

dum, inxta Brasiliam & Rio dolla Plata, confeeit. 

Ato. half red mor. extra, top edge (jilt, Noribergce, 

Levina Ilulsij, 1599 
A Latin version oftlie liftii part of the Collection of Hiilsius. The same is 
contained in the seventh Tart of the " Grand Voijagu" of De Hrv. lirunct says 
the version In Hulslus is preferable to that in De Bry. 

SCHOOLCRAFT, Hexry R. A View of the Load Mines of 
Missouri ; Including some Observations on the Geology, 
Antiquities, Soil, Climate, etc., of Missouri and Arkansaw. 

8vo. boards, Neio Yor!,-, 1819 
SciiooLCitAFT. Oneota, or Characteristics of the Red Race of 
America. 8vo. cloth, Neiu York and London, 1845 

Schoolcraft. Notes on the Iroquois ; or, Contributions to 
American History, Antiquities, and general Ethnology. Por- 
i^'O'il- Svo. half mor. top gilt, 1847 

Schoolcraft. Narrative Journal of Travels, through the 
Northwestern regions of the United States, extending from 
Detroit thi-ough the American Lakes, to the sources of tiic 
Mississippi. Map and Plates. Svo. half mor. Albany, 1821 
Schoolcraft. Narrative of an Expedition through the Upper 
Mississippi to Itasca Lake, the actual source *of this river. 
1834. — Also, Travels in the central portions of the Mississippi 
Valley. Map. 2 cols, hcdf ccdf. New York, 1825-34 

Schoolcraft. Historical tind Statistical Inforintition respect- 
ing the Condition, and Prospects of the Indian Tribes of the 
United States : Collected and Prepared under tiie Direction of 
the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Illustrated by S. Eastman, 
Ciipt. U. S. A. Published hy autliority of Coiigivss. 
n cols, roijal \tii. half red timr. extra, top vd^jts ijill, ninnprous 
sivvl (iigracings. Pliiladelpliia, 1.S51-57 
The L.Mifir-; l'.u-i;n (iovKrtXMi:NT ICiirnox, on line puiicr, of whicli l)u( u 
small niMiihiT of copies vvcreprintoil, \v!icn it went into private hand::. 

"Tills great worli is u complete Tlteiauius -Rti oveillowiiip Irensun ol 


:i ,' 

! f -I 


knowledge, respecting the Aborigines of Amoiicn. It cmbrncos their Iilatory, 
e'linograpliy, nnliquitir s, and languages; tlicir ancient and modern geography; 
their manners and eiiftonia, religion and superstitions; their agriculture, com- 
niercp ai.d trade; their ornamental arts, and their physical and intellectual 
peculiarities. All the.-e sulijects are treated, not in a general and summary man- 
ner, but in dclail, eacli topic being patiently and thoinuglily discussed and 
exininsted; tne ivork, alt'iotigh mainly executed by the author's own hand, hav. 
Irig received Die con'riiu.i ms of many sariins thoroughly conversant with par- 
ticular sulijects embraced in its pages. The reselt is .-'uh a work as could have 
been produced iu no other way. It is the most complete anil tliorough collection 
of treatises relating to the Indians, and coTnprises also the only general history 
of the aboriginal race, which has ever been published. It is a Library of Indian 
history and etimosraphy, and embraces within itself the substance of all that Is 
known concerning the tribes as tribes, and the race as n rare " 

2220 SCilOMBURGK, Robekt U. Tlie Ilistot-y of Barbados; 
comprising a Goographieal nnrl Statistical dosoription of the 
Island ; a .Sketch of the historical events since the settlement, 
• and an account of its Geology and Natural Productions. 

Sfo. ha!/ calf, wit^' plates, London. 1848 

22.30 SCHOMBURGK. Description of British Guiana, Geographical 

and Statistical : exhibiting its resources and capttbilities. 
^■^^'P- Svo. cloth, London, 1840 

22.31 SCHONER e APIANUS. Infiuencia de urn c outro e do 

rarios de sens contemporancos na adop^ao do nomc America ; 
primeiros olol)os c primeiros mappas-mundi com este nome : 
globo de' Waltzeemiiller, o plaquette acerca do de Schoner. 

sm. ito. blue doth, Vienna, 1872 

2232 SCHOXEB E Apian. Reimpressein fidele d'une Lettre de Jean 

Schoner a propos de sou Globe, ecrite en 1523. 

sm. 4/0. unbound, St. Pdersbourg, 1872 

2233 SCHONER, Joiix. Luciilentissiina quaedam terrae totius 

descriptio: cum multis utilissimis Cosmographiai inioiis. 
Nouaque & quam ante fViit verior Europtc nostra> foruiatio. 
■ito. bine mor. extra, gilt edges, by Brad&trvd, very rare. 

Norimberga', J. Stuchsseu, 151.5 

[A most luminous description of the wliolc earth, together with many very 
useful elements of Geography.] 

Tiie author was the maker of the famous globe, at .Nuremberg, of 13^0. At 
p. no of this work he describes America, and appears to have been the lirst wlio 
adopted that name for our continent, in i)reference of the suggestion of Waltze 

2233* SCHOTEL, G. D. J. Anna .Maria vtin Schtiruum. JW- 
'''"''• 8 CO. ho„r<h, ]8.-,;5 

2234 SCMOUTEN. loiirnal Ofte Bcstdiryvinghe van de wonder- 
lickc reyse, giiodaeii door \yilleiu Cornelisz Sehouten van 










Hoorn, iiule Jaren, 1015, IGIG en 1G17. Hoe hy beziiyden 
(le Strate van Magellanes een nieuwe Passagie tot inde groote 
Ziiyd-Zee oiitdeekt, en voort den gheheelen Aerdkloot omgli- 
eseylt, heel't. 

Ato. half red mor.. Amsterdam, William Jansz, 1GI8 

[Journal or description of the wondfrCiil voyiigi. of Willlmii Cornelius Scliou- 
ten, of Hoorn, in the yeiirs 101 j, 1010, and 1017. How he discovered the Strait ol' 
-A[iigelliin, a new passage to the great South Sea, and how he further circuiii- 
navigated the whole globe.] 

The lirst edition of this celebrated 'ojaf;e, copies of wliich arc rare. Mr. 
Tick' in prtpmiiig his ".Vcmoire BWth'/rap/ii'jne siir les Jonrniivx (hs Kiivi;i<J- 
teurs y^diimlain," coyM tind no cop- but in the Hoyal Librarv at the Hague. 
Editions Imve been printed in Dutch (Jernian, Latin, French, Italian, and Kng. 
lish, of which no less than thirty-onr are noticed by 'fiele, published in Holland. 
Besides these it has freciuently bee.i printed with the voyage of Le .'Maire. The 
narrative will aWo befoiind in the collections: De Bry, "OraiKh Voyinps." Part 
M.; in Hulsius, Part AVI.; in Purclnis, Vol. 1., pages Sf-iCr; in Dalrvmple's 
Vol. II., pages 1-04, and in othei Collections. 

.SCHRODER, Di{. Cakl. Sauct Bi-andan. Ein Lateinischer 
niid drei Deut,?che text. pp. 196. 

8fo. sev:ed, uncut, Erlangen, 1871 

SCHUYLKILL. An Historical Memoir of the Schuylkill 
Fishing Company of the State in Schuylkill, from its estab- 
lishment in the year 1732, to the present time. By a Mem- 
^^^'- 8vo. cloth, scarce, Philadelphia, 1830 

SCHURMAN. Nobilis Virginis Aniiae Mariae Schurman, 
Opusciila Hebrae, Graeca, Latina, Gallica Prosaica & Met- 
'■'Cii. 12oto. vellum, Trajedi ad Bhenum, 1C52 

SCHWEINITZ, Edjiund de. The Life and Times of David 
Zeisbergcr, the Western Pioneer and Apostle of the Indians, 
pp. 747. Bvo. half mor. top gilt, hy Bradstreet, uncut, 

Philadelphia, 1870 

SCOTT, Joseph. A Geographical De.scn-iption of the States 
of Maryland and Delaware. 

l2mo. boards, Philadelphia, 1807 

SCOT, George. The Model of the Government of the Prov- 
ince of East-New-Jerscy in America ; tind Encouragements 
for such as Designs to be concerned there. 
4^0. red mor. gilt edges, by Bradstreet, very rare. 

Edinburgh, printed hy John Reid, 1685 
It nppeurs that .Scot, by whom the Preface is signed, came to America and 
G.Tumlned the coast "from tho Hiver of Canada, Xortherly, to the River of 
May, Southerly, in that part of IHorida, now called Caraiina; liaving in my 
cearoh,"hc writes, "had the opportunity of informing myself ot the ditferent 
natureof the Soils, the temperature of the Climats, the healthfulness of the 


' '' 

1 f -I 









plneca, ttie constitutions of flic spvcriil Uovornmciita, tlio oonvpnicnoo of 
Access; to Ijist-IiTxcy, upon the Kivcr of Hudson, tlie pliico I lliiil myself 
obliilKcd Id piclirr to any of tlic otlior Knj{llsli IMiiiitfttloris upon tlmt const, upon 
sonic or oilier, if not most of tlic iilvove niunecl cousiilenitlous." 

About one Ihiril llie volnuie is taken up witli conteniporury letters from 
persons liviii;,' in New Jersey, to tlu'lr friends in Scotland. 

Tlu' liu copies tlial inive tnrneil up of tills very rare voinne iiave brouRlit 
lii^li inlccs. i)r. I,ou;r's coi>y, sold in London in If?"!*, broiialit £'_'8.10. A copy 
in the CalaioKue of \V. I'literson, l^dinburKh, \tiHO, was priced £18.18. 

2241 SCUDDKR. Hknuy J. An AiMiess (IdiveieJ iit Glun Cove, 
L. '. • '■'': Coiubnttioii of the Second Ceiitenniiil Aiinivor- 
f*iir;, ' ttluinent of tlmt villa^^o. 

(3 co/riVs,) I2vii>. cloth, Gh'v Corr, 18G8 

S242 SCTLLV, William. Brazil; Its Pi-ovinces and Cliief Cities ; 

t.lie J\raniioi-.s and Customs of tlic People; Agricultural, Com- 
mercial, and other Statistics. jMaji. 

l'2ino. cloth, TjOiidon, 18GG 

2243 SEABUHY. Sami'kl. A Sermon Preach M at Xew-London, 

21st February, 1741. V2mo. half mor. N. London, 1742 

2244 SEAMAN, Vai.kntini:. Dissertation on the Mineral Waters 

of Saratojra. Suo. half cloth, New York, 1703 

2244* Skavkk's Life of Mary Jemison. N. Y., ISiJG.— Stuart's 
Life of Capt. Nathan Hale. ISoG.— Strong's History of 
Flatbush, L. I. 1842.— Smith's Life of Rev. Joseph Graf- 
ton. 184!).— Speeches on the Bill for the removal of the 
Indians. 1830. — Travels in some parts of N. America, by 
Robert SutclifF. 1812.— Sketches of Scenery and Manners in 
the United States. N. Y., 1829.— Stalde's Description of 
the borough of Reading. 1841.— Lake Superior Copper 
Mines, by St. John. 184G.— Steele's Analysis of the Min- 
eral Wat -s of Saratoga aud Ballston. 1838. 

together, 10 vols. 

2245 SELBY', Jonx P. A History of British Forest-Trees, Indig- 

enous and Introduced. Illustrated by nearly 200 Engrav- 
ings- 8vo. cloth, London, 1842 

2246 SELKIRK, Earl of. Observations on the Present State of 

the Highlands of Scotland, >vith a View of the causes and 
probable consequences of emigration. 

8vo. half calf, Edinburgh, 1806 

2247 SENECA. A Short Vocabulary in the Language of the Sen- 

eca Nation. Svo. half cloth, London, 1818 



2218 SEOANE, Nki'Man and IJAUicrrr, by Velanqnez. A Pro- 

iioiiiu'in;,' Dictioiinry of (lie S|miiisli iiiiil Eiii^lisli Liiii^jriiii^cs. 

iiiijkI 8i(). Iiulf iiiur. JS'iui) Vmi,-, IcSO'J 

2249 Skkious CoNSiUEnATioxs on the Present State of the AttUirsof 

tlie Nortlierti Colonies. 

12//J0. Imlf inor. loji i/tll. New York, for llu; AiUhor, ITSl 
Mr. Siiljiii says tlih book was wrlUen by Aicliibiilil Ktiiiicily. 

2250 SERENIUS, Jacou. An En-,'lisli ami Swedisli Dictionary. 

ito. half ail J\ uiirnt, I'lintcd at Jlary and Sloilru, hi/ I'd. 

Momma, IToT 

22^1 Skumo ad PoPULfM, rreilicabilis, etc., per Iinpressioncni Miiti- 
plicatns. (Uonouard's copy.) 

Hill. Ato. huards, fine, clean rnpif, i-evij rare, 1470 

I'crfcct nccoidiiif'; to liniiiiU. Tlic prcCiu'eou tlic verso ol' the tillc puRc Rives 
tilt! iiiiiitcrs iiiuiii' tliiis : "In civitiitc Coloiiii-nsi per IJIscrcliiiii Viriini Ariiol- 
(luiii Tciliiunwii, &c." The lirst liook with (lute IVoiii tile press of Terhiuriii'ii, 
ami the lirstbook ever printed with title pa^e, and i>iiges numbered. 

2252 SERGEANT. A Letter Ironi tlie Rev. Mr. Sergeant of 

Stot'kbridge to Dr. Colnian of Boston ; Coiittiiiiing Mr. Ser- 
geant's propositi of it more eH'ectutil metliod for tlie education 
of the Indian Children. 12?/io. Iialf call', Boston, 1743 

2253 SERMONS. A oollection of Sermons Pretu'hed before the 

Society for the propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 
1718 to 1733, bound in one volume. 

2254 Sekjion's. Sermons Prciiched before the Trustees for estab- 

lishing the Colony of Georgia, in America.- 

3 vols. Ato. calf, London, v. y. 

2255 SERNA, Santander. Historical Essay on the Origin of 

Printing. 8vo. half red mor. top (jilt, Newcastle, 1819 

2256 SETTLE, Dionvse. A True Reporte of the laste voyage 

into the West and Northwest regions, &e. 1577, worthily 
atchieued by Capteinc Frobisher of the sayde voyage the first 
finder and Generall. With a description of tlie people there 
inhabiting, and other circumstances notable. Written by 
Dionyse Settle, one of the conipanie in the stiyde voyage. 
\to. half blue mor. top edge gik. London, by Henrie Middle- 
ton. Anno 1577 
A reprint of a volume of excessive rarity. It ia mentioned in the catalogues 
of none of tlie large libraries except tlint of the (ircnvilie Collection in the Brit- 
ish Museum. The "Bib. Grenvilliuna" says there are two edition.^ printed in 
the same year, with slight aiteratiouis iu the same number of leaves. An edition 
of fllty copies, corresponding with the original edition, page for page, except 



I ; 

r ) 









|l»it nonmn lottcTs „ro xwd, wm printed tn ITovidniro, for \U- Jolni Cirlci- 

miic nl Mr KbitIo.i HryilRoH, '^lUMitut,,.'' Ia.iiiIoii, -II 

to Ar'r'.'jlunf;,;.''"''' ""■"""""' '^ ""■'•'"'"" "'■'"■■ "'■"'^-'' 'M>"'^t.nt IVom l,i,„ 

* Sctti...:. Hopo,., of the last voyage of Frobisher, as above, 
taken from the Uetrospeetive Review. .1^,. half »,or. 

SKWARD, Wn.MAM. Journal of a Voyage from Savannah 
to Phihulolphi,, an.l from I'hihuielphm to England, 1710. 
AV ith the Rev. George W hitctield. 8... ,.ape,; Londou. 

SEUALL, SAMLia.. Pluvnomena quanlam apoealvptiea ad 

aspectnm Novi Orbis conllgurata. Or, some few remarks 

towards a description of the New Heaven as it makes to th,;se 

who stand upon the New Earth. 4/0. half cloth ; 

(ith moinitecl, mmvj leaves stained. Boston, B. Green, 1007 

Seavall. PlK-onomena Qiuedam Apocalyptica : Second edition. 
4to. hal/.jrecn mor. ; fine tall copy. Boston, B. Green, 1727 

tlVrnn ,. ! 7 •^i''lon.Inferon>m,' to Which Christ dcscond.Hl.-or, eve. 
he Apocalyptu. Co;; „„,] M.gog; but he honestly confesso. (p. iu) that there h 

W, n"hei:T:,r'°" '" ""■;"-—- "P°" ",;' .L^lltl 
Mun he is in Heaven and when he 1. in Hell,- and thnt so near an approach to 

i=;^c!zs'^3ir— '"- -- '" -'---" :: 

SEWELL, William. A Complete Dictionary, Dutch and 
English, to which is added a Grammar, for both Languages. 

2 vols. ito. calf, Amsterdam, 1766 

Sewell. a Large Dictionary, English and Dutch, and 
Dutch and English. 2 vols. ito. vellum. 

Amsterdam, Evert Visscher, 1727 

SEWELL, William. The History of the Rise, Increase, 
and Progress of the Christian People called Quakers. Inter- 
mixed with several remarkable occurrences written ori-inally 
'" ^°^' ^"''••''- 2 vols. 8vo. calf, London, 1811 

SEYER, Samuel. Memoirs Historical and Topographical of 
Bristol and us neighbourhood, from the earliest period down 
to the present time. 2 vols. ito. calf, Bristol, 1821 ' 

SHEA, John- Gilmary. History of the Catholic Missions 

among the Indian Tribes of the United States, 1520-] 85-1. 

12mo. cloth, Xeiv York, 1855 












Shea. Discovery and Exploration of tlu3 Mississippi Valley : 
Willi the OiMVinal ISiirnUivos of Miirqiictte, Alloiiez, Mcnibr6 
Iloiuicpin, and Anastasc Douay. 

Hfo. cloth, top fji/t, Ncvi York, 1852 
SKYIJKUT, Adam. Statistical Annals, ondjraciiig Views of 
tiic Population, Conin.orce, Navigation. Fisheries, Public 
Lands, etc., of the United States. 

Ato. huurdu, PhilaJcJpldii, 1818 
SIlAKSiPERK. The Pictorial Edition of the worits of Sliak- 
fperc. Edited by v-liarles Kniglit. 

Svoh. roynlBvo. half red mor. top trlgr g,U, itncut edges; 
early edition, with fine impressions of the wood-cuts. London, 

Charles Knight & Co., 1839 
SHARP, JonN. \ Sermon preached nt Trinity Cliurch, in 
New York, An-;. 13, 1706, at tiie Fiineia! of Lady Corn- 
bury, wife of His Exc'y Lord Cornbnry, Governor of Now 
York, New Jersey, etc. 

Svo. half mor. top edge gilt, London, 1706 
SHATTUCK, Lemuel. A History of tiio Town of Concord ; 
Middlesex County, JMassaehusetts, from its earliest settle- 
ment to 1832. Map. 8vo. cloth, Boston, I8'd5 
SHELDON, E. M. The Early History of Miciiigan, from 
tlie first Settlement to 181.5. Portrait. 

Svo. cloth, New York, 1856 
SHECUT, L L. E. W. Medical and Piiiiosophical Essays. 

8vo. calf, Charlrsion, 1819 
SHELVOCKE, Capt. GEORCiE. A Voyage Rouijd tiie World, 
by the way (.f tlie Great Sontli Sec : Performed in a private 
expedition during the "War, which broke out with Spain, 1718. 
^%'- 8fo. r<df, London, 1757 

SHEPARD, Thomas. Tiie Day Breaking, if ,iot the Sun- 
llising of the Gospeil with the Indians in New-Engh»nd. 
4t3. half C(df. London. Printed h;/ Itich. Coir,' for Fulk 

CI if on, 1647 

"To tlio Hcmlcr. 11.^ thai piMiM thesp folIowiiiQ; Itdiitioiis, is a Minister of 
Clirist ill New England, so cinincnlly f;o(l|y ami failliliill, that wlnl lie hero 
roportti, a,i iin eye uv nn earo wiliicsse, is not to he ,|ii, Wiir lip willing 
hisnaiiiPshiinlrlliPinentioiifcl, it would bee an ahiiinlaiil, if not a rcdunihuil. 
■rpsiiinoiiiall to all that know him. Xatiian X\Ai:hi:." 

SHEPARD, Thomas. The Cletir Sun-siiine of tlie Gos- 
pel breaking fortii upon the Indians iij New-Enghihd, 



Or, all xN.irmtion of Gods Wondcrr.iil Workings 
upon sun.lry ui' tlic huliam, l.otli (Joveniors niul Common- 
pe(.|.lc, u, hvhv/iu<r tliom to a willi,i;r and .lo.sim.l siibiui.ssion 
to tl.o Onli„a„iv8 of tl.o Go.spul. 4/o. ,htrk hlun mov. 

Loudon. Printed b,/ R. Cotes for John nellam,,, 1018. 
TI.U miiy bo .■,.«,|,k.rp,l (l„. tl,lnl printed r.T,.nl of the proKro^s ,.(" tho mU. 
•Zon'7 ; '' ,""""!'^"' ^'-'-'^'-.l. T,,.. .„., p,'bllnUi..,...aV , , 

vfvi,! ,", r, """ """'""' " '""« '^■""'- "■■•""" •'"'"' i:'!"!. Tlie 

wokl,.k.,l..„u.a„."Tlu.Illgl,(o,.,t.,f r„rll.,»u.„t,-u,1 1, »i,m.,l by K,lm. 
Calarny ,.,,,1 rWon oiIut., «I„. wu-e probably .h- lVm,ub.r.s of ,h.. Society for tho 

FmltJ f\ '"''^'"''"■'"^•"•'" "'""• """"^^ ■■^■conMn,.,„b..iou o, Governor 
«m ' -e -T ^""'""•""^^■;''' """"-'ml the priP-ing. at lt.s expense, of (be Ulble 
b^^'l'.r/ "T '""'" '""'"" '"»«""»,'.• of New r.nKlan.l. See «Uo Win.. 






SIIKRHURXE. INremoir.s of Androw .Si.orl.m-no ; a ponsloner 

of the IlcVoluti.,,!. ,0„j3. ,/,,,^,^ f^.^^-^^^ ,_^^,j;, 

SHIRLEY. A Letter from William Shirley, Governor of 
Ma.ssaeh.iscfts-Bay, to the D.ike of Noweastlc : With a 
Journal of the Siege of Loiiisboui-, and other Operations 
of the Forces, during the Kxpedition against the French 
Settlements on Cape Breton. Bvo. half calf, Boston, 1746 

SIIUTE. BAiinixr.TOX. A Sermon Preached before the In- 
corporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in 
Foreign P.irts, 177o.— (Li the same volume) : John lliiich- 
eliffe, Bp. of Peterborough, sermon before the same society, 

Feb., 177G. 7 7 

' unbound, 

SIBLKY, John- LAXfinox. A History of the Town of Uin-on, 
m tho County of Lincoln, Maine, to the middle of the 
tccnih Century. PoHnuf. 8fo. doth, Boston, 1851 

SIGEHKRTI Gkmblacknsis eccnobittu Chronicon ab anno 
o81 ac. Ill;; cum in.sertiouibus ex hi.storia (utlfridi JH addi- 
tionibus Robert! abbatis Montis cerlQ & tres .setiuentes auos 
coiiplectcniibi.s promoneto egretio patre D. G. J'jiri.o doetore 
theologo, etc. Uo, uu /,„,,, l,^ j^-,,.^,^ „^^.^,, 

t'Kxt i a cxcdlenl condliiun . {Pa •/«] //,.;, ,■;,/ Stqjhan I, 1 o 1 ;j 
SILVlvSTRE, Mahquis. Typogrnplii.iues on Receuil es 
Monogrammes, ChiHres, Enseignes, Embl^mes, Devises, 
etc., des Libraircs et In.primeurs tpii out exerce en France, 
dcpuis I'introduction de rimprimcrie, en 1170, jusqu'a latin 
du seizieme siecle. 

royui ..davo, half mor. ,j ill top, Paris, ISuo 



2281 Sn.VKSTWK, M. I. li. i;„ I'lihw-o^mipliy ; or, Fa,- 
Simiks (.r Wriiin.^rs „f „|l nati.niN ami periods, "('(.plf.l (Vum 
the most cflfl.nil.'d and aiilliciitic Mainmcriiits in the lihniri.'^ 
hikI airiiivcs ol FniiKv, Italy, (Jermaiiy anil Kn-himl. 

'2 nih, Hro, III/ rinlli, /.iniilnii, !«;')() 

22^.' SIMCOK. LiKiT. Co,., j. (;. Ili,,,,,^ „c,he OperationH oCa 

I'lirlisan C'.n-p.s calh.,! the (Queen's Uan^'crs, comiiiande.l l.y 

liim, dnrin;,' the War of the Anieriean Hevolntion. 

■ilo. hiil/riil/. I'r'niitvhi pnulril. Xiinirrnii^ miip.H itiiil plinin 

onmnlrs; iirii srinn: h'xrlrr, 1777 

• 'olcin.'l Slnic.K. Hits (J.m.niui- ..f ('Mimda nCtcr llj,. uiii i.ftli.. 

2283 SiMcoK. A History of the Oj.eration.-t of tlie (.iiieeii's Kangorsi. 
Mitps anil phiii^. r„,/„l Hn,. hii„,;h, rrprlnl, N,-w York, 1811 
22H1 SIMMS, .iKi-ntA I{. History of Schoharie County, and 
liorder Wars (if \eu- York ; ( 'ontaininf,'a!»o, A Sketeli of the 
ciinses uhicii led i„ the American Revolution. ;10 imoihcvlH. 
Sin. Iiiilf ijiri'i, mill-, /oji ijUl, Allxiin/, 18-15 
228;-) SIMON, Mns. Tiie Ten of Israel Historically Identi- 
fied with the Aborigines (d'the Western Ileniisphero." 

8/0. Iiitlf rUilJ,, lop i/Uf, Lniiilon, 1830 
2280 SLMOX, liAUisAiiA Anni;. Tiie Hope of Israel ; IVesmnptive 
evidence that the Ahori-ines of the Western Hemisphere are 
descended fnnn the Missing Tribes of Israel. 

Hro. hiiJJ clolli, tap ijill, f,„„ih,i,, 1821) 

2287 SIMOX, PioDito. Noticias Ilisloriales de his Conqnistas .lo 

Tierra Firme en las Indias Occidentules. folio, nd inor. 

siiprr-crlm, irilli rirh //,,«/,/,■ /onlinii, ijiJl „?,jrx, h,j Nivdrei: ; very 

Jiiie rnpij. C,tr,ir,(, v.u rasit de J)owiii</o dc ht Yiihsia, UVM 

2287* SIMPSON'S Ii.,.,sTi;Ai,oNs of the War in the East, a series 

of 80 linely execute.l lithograi)liic jjlatos, consisting of the most 

Stirring Events and rictnrcsqiie Scenery of Scbastopol and 

the Snrronnding Country, both srrk-s. 

2 voh. imp. folio, half red vior. 

Tlir r.oiiiloii Times or .MM.VJsth, is.-,5, speaking of tliis worii, sav8:-"Now 
one gniit cimn.i in Mr. Sim|,>on's excellent view.- of Hie ' .Seat of'war in tlie 
('nniea-istlLut llielialtie.Mil,jeet.s are in a decided minority. The artist did 
not, while makinK iiis sketclies on the spot, devote his energies to tlie contem. 
plation of ohscnrahle smoke ami undelinahle masses, Imt lie jilnnged himself 
into th.. varieties of Crimean life, and rather sought f^r individual oljjecta of 
sympatliy than wasted Ids atfectioas on comjiact crowds. If lie looks at Sehas. 
taixd from the ileck of a ship, he cares as much, or more, for the sailm-a on 
board us for the city in the distance ; and if he takes ycu to a buttery, it is chiefly 















II. C. MUlll'IIV MIlliAliV. 

• l.n.Ki' M( III.' ^l^ li.iiHln.J, li„i„Milall/,.,l l.y r...iii),oil. 

.SI\I)IX(;, IVvi ,, C. I|i„.,,v i.fSni.i.linuvi.i, tl.., early 
tuiir. -t ilu. Nuitl.iiu.n uM.I \'ikin.M t- tlio prm-nt .lay. 

«/". <■/(,//(, iSV'o; I'ljc/c, l«Gt) 
SMI'i'll. AiJAM. Am lni|iiiry ii,i„ tlio Naliin. and Causes of 
tliu Wi'altli ()(' Niilioiis. J'ailriiif. 

i i«/.s. Hro. r„l/, /.„ii(hiii, I,S2M 
S.MITII. nrnviMMiAM. i{i„|„ K,,,,,,,,. 'IVntativa .1,, ..„a 
l"'''V'''iH,.nal .l..,s,.rij,n„„ ( ;..,.;:, a|.iii,.,i ,|. b l',,.vii...ia .le 
Soiioni, ,-iiH teniiiiioM y (•.)iiliiii.,si. 

■llo. hn„nln, l,,j, ,j;!t, SI. AinjiiMinc, \HC:.\ 
SMITH, Cii.vui.M. The. .MuMfl.iy Military l{..|..Hito..y. V.,1. 

Nc". shn-p, S,w York, 171)0 

.S.AHTM, (JKi.u.n;. ..f Ddawaiv V tv, IVnn.ylva- 

•"". In>i» tlu! l)i..,.nv..ry ..f .1... T.-vvhuyy in.-l,„l..,| niilm, it.s 
I'n.its t., the i.n.s.nt tin.o. J/,,/,. «,.„. ,,/„//., /'/,//,,., 18(J2 
S.MITII, S.i, .Iamks Ki.waim.. A .S..|,.,.|in„ of tl... Corre- 
»*|M.M,I..M.... .,(• tho Li,Hm..|is a„,| ,„|,,r N'MturalisN tn.n, (h„ 
On-Hial Muiii,,...ri,,t.s. l> mh. Hm. hul/ d„lh, L,„>,h,u, 1821 
.SMITH, Josi.:,.,,. A lWn,.tivoCatal.,,ir,uM.rK,.i.,„|s' H.,,.!,.,, 
or I5.K.ks written l,y Mon.l.or.s of the Soeietv ..f Frie.„ls, eom- 
">""ly <-alle.I (iimkers, Ir,.,,, ti,e (irst rise to'the juesent time I$.o,i,n.,j.l,ieal x\„tiee.. -J //,/,/, ruh. Sn,. Lo.nhn,, 1,S(;7 
SMITH, Ji.sKni. IJihIioiheea Anti-tiuakeriuna ; or, ('Mia- 
logueot liooks adverse to the Soeietv of Friends, with IJi,,. 
firaplneal xXotiees of tue authors. Hvo. rioth, Lo^lun, \HT,\ 
SMi'riI, fnAU....;s. I'a.ks and I'lea.suP. (irounds; or, I'rac- 
t.eal .Notes on Country Kesideuees, Vilhts, I'uhii, j-arks, and 

(■ardens. u.. } ,i i , 

oro. clot/i, Loiii/oh, lHi)2 

SMITH, Edmuno RK.:..:r.. The Arauea>.ians ; or, Notes of a 
lour anion- the Indian Tribes of Southern Chili. 

8t'o. cli)t/i, New YorL-, 1h;,5 
SMITH, II„n,u:i.: W. Nuts for Future Historians .„ Craek. 

Xro. r/iil/i, I'/n'l,nlrlj,/i;„, IM.'.C 
.SMITH, (!,.:„,<uK W. .Journal of the l>r<,eeediu.^s of the ' 
Senate, m relation to Charges sul.niittetl l,y the Covernor. 

8fo. nhcrp, Alhiini/, IHGG 



liit'cn, wlih I'l.r 
»'uu» iiH till' ri'. 
iliK till* I'liiiioiiii 

III III!' early 
Kor/,', IHCi; 

I ( 'ailst'S of 

II ilti Mia 
iiviiK'ia ill' 

''liiir, l.SC.'i 
ory. Vol. 
Voik, 17'J(i 

withiii it.s 
//'(., I HO 2 
ln^ C'orro- 
troiii I lie 
>/"ii, 1H21 

W IJookH, 

lids, com. 
soiit tinif, 
loii, IHGI 

III', Catii- 
wilh nio- 

/'>!>, i.s7;j 

or, IVac- 
iU'ks, anil 
Inn, \h:,2 
Miles of a 

'/•/.■, iM.'iO 

o Crack. 
iii(, l,S")(i 

■I of the 
ny, 1806 










2;i 1 

SMI'i'ir. .FoNKPit, D. I). ()M I{(.(|m»(,ii(> or, Iliitoiicnl 
Ski'tclicM, of Wcslcrii IVi'HiiytcriiiiiiHin ; its Karly MiiiislcrK, 
its ii.'riloiiM times. & its (irst ivconls. I'orlm'ilH A (Uiln. 

H('). rlolh, I'liil,,., \H',4 
SMITH, Samii'.i, Staxiioi'i;. An Kssay on lli.' caiHcs of Hit! 
variety of eoiuiilexioii ami li;fiire in tlie Ilmiiaii Sihtjcs. 

Hni, kIii'I'P, Ni'W lifiiUKiilrk, ISIO 
SMI'I'II. IfoiiKiiT. 'I'lie ()I>li;raiions of the ('oiife.Ierati> Slate-. 
of Norlli America to jiraise (iod, in Two Scriiiuns, 

I'Jniii. Iiiilf iimr. f'liiltiiltljJiiii, 1782 

SJilJTS'lKJ!, Sfr riiom.Ti. JTIir (TommontoriTllh of 
linurnnli, nnu Uir mnnnrr of <iGo\)rnimrnt ihrirof. 

Atii. Iiiilf fi(IJ\ niir. Liiiii/iiii, l[', Sliiiislii/, \i;\-2 
S^IITII. JdiiN. A ('atalo;,riie Kaisomie of the works of tlie 
most eniiiiciit Dutch, Flemish, ami rrencli Painters; In which 
is iiicliiilcil a short nio^Maphical Notice of the Artists, with a 
co|)ioiis (lescrii)tion of their Principal Pictures: A Statement 
of the I'rices at which siicli I'ictiires have lieeii sold at Piil.lic 
Sales on 'he Continent ami in Kii;.dand. I'lulntll. !) it,h. 
iW/(ilHri). hat/, inn, ninr. h'j) vdijc yiU, Jiii<' vopij, Lniiihiii, 1H2!) 

SMI'I'II, .losiK A Toii.MiN. The Discovery of America liy 

the Norllmieii in the Tenth Century. JA(/).s. 

12wo. c/rj/A, /.i,v,hi,i, \H\-> 
SJilTII, Vxi.v. Thomas. Kxtracts from the Jonriiak' kept hy 

the Hev. Thomas Smith, late Pastor of the First CImrcli in 

Falmouth, from 1720 to 17.'>;!. 

Kro. ridl/i. Jioiirih. /'ihIIiiikI, I«2I 
SMITH, C. IIamii.ton. I)o;j;s. Caiiidae. or ;r,.|His Canis of 

anthurs. iiiclndiii;i; the <reiiera Hyena and Proteles, (from the 

Naturalists' Lihrary.) 12///... ,■/..///. DH iilafrs, A'///'///.., 1,S40 
SMITH. (Iciieral History of Duchess County, 

N. v., from 1609 to ]H7(;. inclusive. Illusiintcd with wood- 

euts and plates. «/•,.. rJ„l/,, l>„,rli,i,i, X. )'.. 1,S77 

S.MITII, IvniAN. \icw of tlie Hebrews: or. The Trihes of 

Israid in America. 12//(0. sliccf,, Poiilhin/, [7., KS2;") 

SJIITH, Cai'Itaink John. The (Jonerall Historic of Vir- 
ginia, New Kiigland and the Summer Isles; with the names 
of the Adventurers, Planters a. id (iovernours from their first 
begiiiuing An? ITxHl to this present 1()2I. With the Proceed- 





2;'. 1 1 


•.'.-! i;i 

ing.s of those ScverallC'oIoiiii.siuul tlic Accidents tlint l)efell 
tliom in nil their Jonnieyes and l)iseoverie.«. Also the Maps 
and J)escrii)ti(.Ms of ail those Coniitms, iheir Commodities, 
people, CJovenimeiit, Ciistonies, and Weligion yet knowne. 
/"Jin, rciJ iiior. snper-rxtra, (jilt eiJr/,'s, hi/ lindfunl. 
Kngmved Title, with portraits of (^„ceii Elizabeth, Kin^ 
James, and IVincc Charles. /7,,/r.s ; [. ]'oi-trait of the 
Dnehesse of Richmond and Lenox, f I. A map of Vir-inia. 
III. The Adventures of Captain Smith, and a map of "Ould 
Vir-hiia," in six compartimMils. IV. J'orlrait of IMatoaka. 
y. \ww of the Fortes, in the centre a mai) of the Smnmer 
Islands. VI. I\[apof New Kn-land. with '> Portraicture of 
Captayiic John Smith," in one com]iartment. VII. Travel.^ 
of ('apt. ,Tohii Smith amon.L' the Tnrks in 1) eomparfments. 
L<,>„h.n. Pnul.,lhi,L l).„„d I. //./„rJ!lrlim/Si„n-/.s,U\-2- 
" It wn„|,l b,. ,|i(li,-„lt,- >ays Ml-. TiMcr. " („ iin,l ,n,v Indivi.Inal wl,<, vxpv.,! .liiniiR omci-prisrs, of „ l.ijrUlv rmmMW 
eliaradw in vaiious C()i.iitri...s tliai, tliat ol' Ih,- antlior of this voluin(.. Ills life 
inip;lit ca^^ily I,,. tak.Mi (or a iiim' ron.aiic... II,. appi-ars to liave iiosM.ssrd manv 
j,'mit.|nal,l.,.s,au,ltol,av,.lM.,....IHici,.nt in not!,hi« I.nt tlnif ninni, cunninR, 
an,l .<„nl„l sph-it, l,y llio aM of wliicl,, inf.iioi- mm wrr al.k. to tliuarl liN 
VI..WS, an.I ,l,.,„iv,. !,i„, ,.f those stations and iTwanIs, wl.icii liis services aniplv 
nicntc.l. II,. was one of tin. ..arliest an,l ar,l,.nt of tliose wlio undertook 
tlie wttlenient ot \'irKinia."-i\'-«(VA Am. liev., \o\. IV., paj,'e \a. 

S:\nTII, Cai't. .lonx. The 'J"nie Travels, Adventures and 
Oh.-ervatioiis. Map and I'ovlraH. 

•1 rols. Hfo. r,t{l\ Uir/uiiOiiJ, hSl!) 
SMITH, Joiix. Advertisements forthe Cne-xperienced Plant- 
ers „f Xew Enghni.l or Anywhere; or. The Pathway to erect 
a Plantation. London. 1G31. 

■il',. /ml/ )iuir. hip fdijc dill : „ npri,,/. Jlnsfon, l.Sfi.l 
SMITH, Joiix, (Sometimes Governonr of Virginia and Ad- 
mirail of New-Knoland.) Advertisements for the nne.xpe- 
riciieed Planters ,d' New Kngland, or any where. Or, The 
Path-way to experience to erect a Plantati.m. With the 
yearely proeeediiio;s „f this Country i„ Fisjiin^! and Plantinjr, 
since the yeare IGll to lt;;]0 and their [.resent estate. Also 
how to prevent the greatest inconveniences, by their proceed- 
ings in Virginia, and other Plantations, by approved exam- 
ples. I\[a,)of the of New England, with portrait of 
Captain Smith in an upper corner, pp. KJ. 
W'». 'jrreii iiHir. r.rtiuu lop ,-(hj,> .jlH, iiiicitU/uo ropi/. 

Liivihoi. luliii /fxrihniih It;;]} 



that iH'fell 
« the Maps 
L't know lie. 

I)etli, King 
rait of the 
)f \'irgi)iin. 
) of'Ouhl 
10 SninnuT 
Iraicture of 
I. 'I'raveis 
"irks, lC-27 

lull \\li() cxpr- 
[lily i-oinaiitic 
line. His life 
)ss('ss('(l ninny 
eiin, cnimiiix, 

to tllWMI'l Ills 

■I'vices amply 
lo luiili'rtook 

itiii'os and 

oiiJ, ISl'.l 

ced Phmt- 
ay to erect 

'Ion. LSfi.-) 

and Ad- 

! iinexpe- 

Of. Tiie 

With the 


te. Also 


k1 exani- 

ortrait of 

11(1, ]C,ni 



■j:) 1 c. 


T.] 1 s 


SiMrni, John. A Description of New Enghmd ; or, Oh,«er- 
vations and Dis-coveries in tiic Nortli of America in tiie Year 
of our Lord ]C,IA. Fnr-Himilc of the, Oriijhial Map. 

\l(). Ii((lj' iiior. Idj} fiJ(/<> i/lll ; n reprint. Jlonto)i, 18G') 

SMITH, JdiiN. A jNFap of N'irginia. Witli a Description of 

the C'ovntrey, tiie Commodities, People, Government and 

IJeligioii. Written by C'aptaine Smith, sometimes Govcriiour 

.()f the C'onntrey. AVherevnto is annexed the proceedings of 

those Colonies, since their lirst deiiarture from England. &c. 

4lii. red iiKir. mtjicr-i.vlrd. ijill IcarcH, liij lUd/oril. Willi titr 

i-cri/ run- map, coiilainiiKj a jiidiiri; of I'lnrlidlan lioldiiu/ <i 

coKvcil; ri'rij rare. Oxford, Joni:pli Jinnies, KiTi 

Tlif liist portion of tills iiatt was Hritton by Sniitli, as lio .stales in liis 
"Gfticrul! /Jixti>ric," " with liis on nc lianil." It consists ol'a (U'sfi-iiilion ol' tlir 
country, its soil, and iiroilncliiins, witli a tail account of its native inlialiilants. 
This pai-t inils at Jiagc ;jil. 

Till' scconii pait lias a separate title, Ije^'inning as follows:— 
TiiK ri:i)( i;i;j)iN(is of the l>;ii|a;lish colonie in \irKiiiia since their first beRinniiif; 
from Ijiulaiid in the yeare of onr Lord KiiKi, till this present Ktl'i, with all their 
accidents that liefell llieni in their Journeys and Discoveries, etc. pp. 110. 

This tract was reprinted in Smith's "llencrall llistorie of Viryhtiii," wMi 
some cliaii),'cs and the introduction of new matter. It also appears in I'urelias' 
" I'ihjriitiea," Vol. IV., pp. IIHiI. 

I'riced IX, by 11. (iuaritch. Louden, in ISrfi. * 

S.MITII, Joiix. ViKUTZKiiKXDic Schitl'art, Oder Griindliche 
vnd Wiirhaffte IJeschreibiing desz Neinven Kngellandts, eiiier 
Land,schat!'t in Nordt Indieti, eines Theils in America, vnter 
deu) Cfipitein Johiinii Schmidt, Hittern, Admiral der.^elben 
Landtschafft, iiiich deni gliicklicheii Fortgang so er niit Seclis 
Scliiiren dereii Orts geliaiit, etc. 4^*. relhua. 

Fniiir/.fiirt inn Mni/ii. In rcrlci/iniri dir Hiihischcn, KJl 7 

■J'lie fourteenth pari of the collecl ion of liulsiiis, containing a map of .New 

I A True Description of .New Kngland, a couytry in .Northern India, a part 
of .\merica, hy Captain .lohn Smith, Knight, Admiial of that country; also, of 
the success with six ships. | 

SMITH. .losF.i'ii. The Uook of ]\rormon : An Account writ- 
ten by the Hand of ^Mormon, n])on Pitites taken from the 
Plates of Nephi. Hco. xju-rp, vrrij scarcv, I'lilinijrn, IHoO 

SMITH, Wii.Li.\M. I). I). Discourses on Piiiiiic Occasions 
in America. Hr<>. half nilf, Londn,,, 17(!2 

s:MITIT, a Sermon on the Present Sitiiiition of 
American Afliiiis. Preached in Christ Clinrch, 177."). 
8ro. Iiidf clol/i. I'riiilid liij I. Hinniilirri/s, PliUadvlpliia. 177.") 



i : 

; ■) 

I' , i 


2/520 SMITH, Wn.MAM. IIi,st„ry of tlie 1 

from tlio first (Iis( 

'rovinpo of Now York 

■overy to tiic Yoar I7.'i2. Witli 


t.on of the country ami a sliort at-coui.t of tl.e Lil.abitants, 

their trade, etc. 4I0. half nwr. top edge rjilt, uncut 

ver,,Jn>,'. cop!,, with plate of (h,rr,jo. Lumhu. iV. WIJvox, 1 l^u 

232] SMITH, AY 

, WiM.iAM. The IIi8torvof the hite P 

Yoi-k, from its d 
den in 17G2. 

rovince o 



isieovery to the aijpointment of (iovei'nor Col- 


2 vols. H, 

maroon mor. tor 

2322 SMITH, WiM.iAM. A. I\I. H 

<ir.xt Discovery to the Year 17()2. to wliici 
scription of the Conntrv, with a si 

ijo ijill, rincHt, J^'nr York^ 18;U) 
istory of New Yci-k, From the 

itants, etc. 
232,] SMITH, Wir. 

I is annex(>(l, a de- 
lort aeeoiint of the Iiiliab- 

■*'•'). a/icei) 

i-tAM. History of Canada: f 



'ton I 


eovery ,0 the peace of 17(53. 2 roh. roiml Hro. lu 

rom its tirsl. di 

poUslii'd calf, 



'.'/'■ pep 

'To Dr. Soutlicy IVoiii tlic Aiitlic 

lop edi/r (/III, uiiait, Quc.hec, 181 

2324 s:\rrni, s 

Cicsaria, or New-.Iei 

AMi.Ki,. The History of the Colony of Novi 


lenient, Progressive I 

ey : containing an accouiit of its First 

ent Constitntioi 

niprovemeuts, the Original and Pres- 

1 and other Events to the Year 1721. "\V 

some particulars since and a short view of its present 
-Sco. ,v///; /,(// a,pi/. BuiJiiHjton lit Xew Jv 



232.-. SMITH, Wii.i.iAM. D 

JdlKCK I'ovl'i'i-, 170." 

with some Account of the Life, Writ 

lonysius Longimis on the Sublime 

the Autl 
232(5 SMITH, Pkv'i. Mn. A N 

id CI 

laracter o( 


■'///'. Loudon, 1 74: 

Natural Hist 

rest of the Knglisli I 

orv o 

f N 

evis, ai 

id th 


iird Charibce Islands in Anie 


2327 SMITH, Wn.i 

<S/'o. calf, Caniliridiir, 174 


A I) 

its Anti(inities, liiography, C 

i^'tii iiary of the liible, com|)ri 

Jeogra])hv, and Natural II 



2328 S:\HTH, Cai't. I< 


icovcry of a North-West l> 

3 roh. roi/fil Hro. half adj\ /lo^fon, IH(\:\ 
liANfis. An Account of a Y'oyage for the 

to the Western and Southern ()( 

iissage, bv Hudson's Strei'i-hts 


jlfaps and Cntfi 

232!) SMITH, K. C. The Astrol, 

or, The IMaster Key of I 

'Vs. Hro. old ralf, London, 1748 
ger of the Nineleenih Century : 

uturity and Guide to Ancient M 


Hco. Iialf calf, London, \H2i 



2330 SMITH, Josiu-A An Autl.cntic Narrative of the 
Causes wlpeli le.l to tlie Dentil of JIujop Aii(lr6. Portmif. 

Sro. halfciilf, Loiidiii, 1H()8 
L';!;il S.MI'J'II, T. ]\rAi!.siiALi.. Legeml.sof tlie Win- of Iii.Iej)eii(I. 
eiice, and of the Ivirlier Settlements in the West. 

Hco. doth, Loiiisville, Ki/., ISao 

2332 SMITir, J. F. I). A Tonr in tlio United Stales of Anioriea : 

containin^r an aeeount of tlie |)reseiit .situation of the conutry. 
Willi a description of the Indian Nations. 

2 voh. Hr,). /nil/ calf, London, 1781 

2333 SMITH. J. Jav. American Historical and Literary Curiosi- 

ties ; consistin.u- of Fae-Simiies of Ori-inal Doeinn.Mits re- 
lating to the events of the Kevolulion, &c. With a Variety 
of Heliques, Anti(iuities, and Modern Autographs. 

4^0. hill/ mor. (jilt ah/na, A'cw Fork, l.S">2 

2334 SOCiryrV i-outiu: I'ltoMonox ok the Gosi'icr. i\ FuuKHix 

I'Ains. Esfahiisiied by Koyal Charter of King Willianj III. 
Account of the Society, Sermons, Abstracts, Proceedings, 
etc.. From 1701 to 1800. 

10 thick rols. llo. hill/ maroon mor. top rihir ijilt, o. y. 

This :iiH-i,..,t s,Hi(.|y ,„-i«ii,aiMi;r with Qiicun Mary, was ..stabliHiicl hv Kin- 
W il lan, aihl .■n,.„,ni«c.l by (;,„.... Ann,., (inocn Ma,-y feavr £-.MiO a year iinn,," 
l"M' 111.-, and luT surccssuis al.-,. librial KiCts. The m.l.iliiv aial lU^hi.v-, 
wvr.. alM. active i-, tl,i.i,- »i<l to tlio Society. It,s objcctn ucru, tliJ care an,l in- 
sttmMi.MKini,,. people h, tile li,iti,l, Colonies In An.enea; the eonv,.,>ion of 
he riahans, and tlie conversion of the nejfroes. .Miiiistei-.s of the Chnreli of 
Knclanil were sent to the Colonies, who establisli.Ml (■liiirclies where tliev ,li,| n„t 

..heady exist A .sermon was delivered ev.ry year l,y a l!is , of the (hiin-li of 

l.i.j,'land, each of which was accompanied hy an ahslract of the pro,.eediii..s „f 

the .Society and a .sketch of it.s operat s. The r.j.orts thns aiinnallv made 

present an interesting and tii.thful ace, t of the pro^n-ess of reli;,Mo"i, and 

he state of soch'ty in the colonies during the eighteenth centnrv, ami are 
therelore ol {;reat vahie. 

Complete sets ofthese puldicalions are excee,tin^r|v ,,,re. We ha^e never 
met with so perfect a set in any lilnary in the fnitcl .Stal.s, public or private 
Mr. Murphy was many years in formin- this copy. A verv imperfect setii, nniu 
tiers was .sold at an auction In Xew Vork in l.ssjfor $IH.O(J. 

2334* S(:itM()\s jireached liefore the Society for the promotion of the 
Gospel in Foreign Parts, [liy vtiriotis Bishops of the Protest- 
ant Fpiscopal Church]. 2(5 2>i<'rcs ijimrto, nirloiis years. 

233.0 .SociKTV for Propagating the (iospel. Account of, Proceed- 
'"^'•-' '^^'- 4^;. hal/ mor. London, 170(3 

2337 SOLI)n':R'S ,Ioi'i:\A[.. Containing a Description of the .sev- 
ertil descents on the coast of France last War; with an 
entertaining account of the Islands of Gua.hdoupe, Domi- 
"''!"''' '''^'-•- l-'"'«- /i^'l/cal/, E. and C. DUhj, 1770 

\4i I 

i I, 


■, i 




oaniiis C'limertis, Minoritaiii. Ar- 

tivin, et Siicrue Theologiiic Duc-toris, 
f/OAr/l'TfJ/'A oiiainilionc. 
Index, turn literaniin online, tuni 



Additus einsdeni C'iinicrti 

rcnini notabilimn e 


per-comniodiis Studiofiin. fullo, voodnit hordr to tillv, rare. 



rur per Jixiint 

em S 

III (/re II I II, 


Witli (lie very riuc iiiiip ciipnivcd on wooil, HiintiiiK in 

most oopU's. Thi^ 

iniip, which nii'iisurc's lli'i. Iiy 11'.; iiiclics, is ofpniit interest, iniisniiich us it is 
Mill to bv the cailiivst cngnivtMl one yet kiidwii beiiriiijr the ii:iiiie (if AMKIIUA. 
It is called a Delineation oltlie entire world; preiiaieil according to the teach, 
ing of rtuleniy, the cosniosnipher, and the voyages of A:n<>iiciis \'espnciiis anil 
others, hy I'etei- Ajdan ol' I,eissni^'. 

In T.c. Clerc's Hihl. Amir. (INSI) a copy is priced 500 francs; and in Kllis it 
Vt'hile's catalof,ne (Ibr") $u'.j. 

23;];) SOTO, IlKiiXAM.o i)K . I. 

ettcr of, written in Florida, .Inly 1), 

1.'>.'51); iiiid ii IMciuoir of Hernando do Ksealante Fontanedii 
Translated fi'om tlie SiKinisIi hy lUickingliani Smith. 

foJio, chilli, vnruf, WiiHliiiKjIoii, 1H54 
\ presentation copy from (Jeo, \V. IUkks, of Washington, at whose exi)ense 

the booli \vas printed. Kdition of one hundred 

copies, privately i)rinteil. 

23-10 Soto and Bikdma. Narratives of the C'aiv-i'r of Hernando de 
Soto in Florida, ti.s told by a Knight of Klvas ; and as related 
by Liiys Hernandez de ISiedma, factor of the Expedition. 

Trantilated hy Buekingliaiu Smith. Portrait, 
iiiqi. Hvo. red Mor. extnu top ei.hje </ 


One hundred and twenty-live coi)ies [printed. 

2 coin. 
Hiirnt, New York, 18<I1 

2341 SOTO, Fkhxando dk 

A IJelation of the Invasion and C 

quest of Florida by the Spaniards, under the C'oniinai 
Fernando de Soto. "NVrittx-n in Portuguese by a Gentle 
of the town of Klvas. Now Englished. . . . With some 
eoveries made by the Spaniards in the Island of C.ilif( 

d of 


in th< 



12;ho. calf, London, KiHtJ 

2342 SOULES, Fhaxcis. Ilistoire des Troubles de I'A 
Anglaise, eerite sur les memoires les plus autiientiipies. 


2343 SOUS A, Picnuo Lopkz 

8i-o. h(df ealf, Paris, 1787 
DK. Aiialvse de la .lournal de la 

Navigation de la Flotte qui est allec a la Terre dii IJresil en 
li)30-l 532. I'ublie' jiour la premiere fois a Lisboiine par 

M. de Varnhageu. I'ar Le V'<' de Sj 


pp. 47. 

12//to. sewed, Paris, 1840 

inoritniii. Av- 
'. Ivlii Soliiii 
'ilcin C'ilnu;l•ti^^ 
abiliiim copiu, 
■r It) title, rare, 
'iigreiiiii, 1^)20 

most copies. 'riii< 
iniisniiic'li as it is 
llllllc of Amkiiua. 
i(lin(,' to llic triu'li- 
ic'iis \'i's])iit'liis iind 

:s; aiKl in I-^llis t<c 

lorida, July 1', 
to Foiitaiiedii. 

ill i Ill/Ion, \Hi')l 

lit whose exi)L'ilsp 
ly |)i'inteil. 

Iloniando (1(! 

ai)(l as related 


2 voh. 

sioi) and C'oii- 
('omiiiaiid oi' 
a (ieiitleman 
itli some Dis- 
of Cilifoi'iiia, 

London, 1(J8() 

e rAincriqiie 


'■, rails, 1787 

loiiriial de la 
'• (111 IJresil en 
Lisboniie par 
pp. 47. 
', I'aris, 1840 



2344 SOUTH-CAKOLINA. A Narrative of the Proceedings of 

the People of South Carolina, in the Year 171!), and of tho 
true causes that induced tiicm to renounce their obedience to 
the Lord's IVoprietors, as their Governors, and put them- 
selves under the ({overnincnt of the Crown. 

4<o. half mor. top ^iU, London, 1726 

2345 Soimi-CAi!OMNA. An Extract from the Proceedings of the 

South-Carolina Yazoo Company. Uo. paper, C/iarlcslon, 1791 

2346 South Cauomna. Documents connected with the history of 

South Ciirolina. Edited l.y Plowden Charles Jennett Wea- 
ton, and Printed for private Distribution oidy. 

ito. half hrovm. mor. uncut, London, 18.56 

2347 Soi-rii Carolina. A Description of; containing, many curi- 

ous and interesting particulars relating to the Civil, Natural 
and Commei-cial History of that Colony. 

8»;o. half calf , London, 1761 

2348 South Cakomna. Sketch of the History of South Carolina 

to tiie close of the Proprietai'y Government. 15y the Revolu- 
tion of 1711). Svo. cloth, Charleston, 18.')6 

2349 South Carolina and Gkoroia. A New and Accurate Ac- 

count of. With many curious and useful Observations on the 
Trade, Navigation and Plantations of Great Britain. 

8io. calf, Ijondon, 1733 
Chronological History of the West 
3 vols. 8vn. hoards, fjondon, 18'27 

History of Brazil. Part the Fii-st. 

4 to. calf, London, 1810 

23.')2 SOIJZA. Diario da Navegacio da armada que foi a terra do 

lirasil cm 1530 .soe a Capitania— Mor de Martin Alfonso de 

Souza, escripto por sen irmuo Pero Lopez de Soiiza. Publi- 

cado p(n- F. Adolfo de Varnhagen. pp.130. Portrait. 

8ro. calf, siijier extra, (/ilt edijes, Lislma, 1839 

2352* ST. AUGUSTINK. Super orationem dominicam. Expo- 

sico sup SymbolQ. De ebrietatc cavenda. 4to. half vellum, 

8 leaves. Coloniac Ulric Zell (circa), 1470 

First edition printed in (Jothic eliaructors, l)ron(I margins. Not uicntioneil 
l)y Rriinet. 


2350 SOUTHEY, Tiioma; 


2351 SOUTHEY, Roi-.KiiT. 

O. — ,.. -, -:-»._..; 



' '' 

I i 

•I i 



235;{ STAMLER. Dialogva lohnniiis Stainlor Avgvstii do divor- 

snnim gcncivin sect is .ct muiidi rcligi()iiil)vs,(«(7»<s Hlraven at 

the etnJ). folio, irnod-eul jilliiKj en' ire tlllr ]'(i<li\ half red 

mor. Iiij) ('.dye ijilt, Intjiritiiiiim Ainjnuti- : per J'Jrh(t.rdnin Oijlin 

& Icorifiuni N<xdler. (Jalogne, IfyOS 

"All oxticiiulv rare iiiiil ciirioiis Druiiiii, (liMiibcil on tlic Ical'f'ulloHiiiK ttie 
tillc. . . . Tliu li'llir IVom Stainlcr to .lacob I.orcliii', <lali'<l i;i Kal. .Iiiiii; If.OO, i» 
of the liijilicst iiilcTPst to Ainciinm colli rlors, as !»• iiKiilioiiw l)y iianic ( liriclo- 
pluT Colimibns and Alboiiciis Vcspiifius, an llic (llscovircrs of llic New World. 
Till' Drama lias a inaiKinal Coiniiiciiliirv, wliii'li Is hiiporlaiil, not only to tlico- 
lof,'iaiis, as pointin;! out luTi'sics, but also to llic astrouonur.— /.iVjci Ciitaltigue, 
f(U' Irtll, No. :!.;il. 

2351 .STANSKiiiv's K.\|)l()niti<)n iiiid .Siirv«>y of tlin viilloy of tlio (Jrciil 
Salt Liiko of Utali, iiicliidiiig a Uccoiiiioissaiice ot' a new route 
llirough tlu! Rocky Mountain.^. 

"2 rolx. Hro. cloth, WiiNhltigtoii, IS;').'! 

2355 SPANISH AMERICA. A Concise History of tlic Spanish 
America ; containing a Relation of tlie Discovery iiiitl Settle- 
ment of its several Colonies. Hco. c(df, London, 1741 

2;{5(; SPANCENHEIKJ, Aimjust (iorriii is. The Lifoof Nicholaa 
Lewis Count Zinzendorf, Uisliop and Ordintiry of the Clmrcli 
of the Unilt'd (or ^loravian) Hrethreii. Portrait. 

Hi:o. cloth, London, 1.S3.S 

2"57 SPARKS, .Iakki). The I.iln-itry of American Biography. 
First and Second Series. 
25 cola. \imo. fine dean eopy, hoards, uncut, Nev Yorl;, i'. y. 

2;558 SPELMAN, Hi-.Miv. Relation of Virginia. lOOi). London. 

Kiiniire \i<nio. 58 yiy;. One hundred copi/H jiri)il<'d for Jas. F, 

Ifinnienell at the Cliisirirk Press, 1872 

Tlic ori),'iiial iiiaiiuscript oftliis tract was iiiiicliascil by Mr. .1. 1', lluiiniwell, 
of Boston, at the auction sale of llic stock of Jlr. Lilly, liookscllcr, l.onilon, in 
.Inly, ls71, »lio bail a few copies printcil foriircscnts. 

llciiry S|iclniaii was tlic tbini son of Sir Henry Spelnian. tlie (listiii;:uislie<l 
antiquary, and went to Virginia witb live liniuli-eil eini;rrants in liidl). He is fav- 
orably luenticnied by Captain .loiiii Sniitli in ills "(Iriii-ral llinturif of l'iri/iiii<i," 
as well as by Slitli. It M|ipears tlnit Speliuau was on one occasion delaineil a 
prisoner by tlie Indiuns, and was tile only one of tbe party wlio escaped deatli, 
L'ffecled tliroiigli I'ocalioutas, and that lie lived many years ainonjrtlip I'otomacs, 
Sniitli says be was "one of tbe best interpreters in tile luutl.'* 

2;i5!) SPENCKH, 'I'iioma.-. A Tine and Faithful Rehiiimi of the 
Proceeilings of the Ijritish I'orces in their E.\pedition tigainsl. 
the French, in the Carililiy Isliinds. Ato. calf, London, 1G91 

2;5t>0 SPHCRS, A. Dictionaire General FrancaLse-Anglnis et Ang- 
lais-Francaise. 2 vols, royal Hiy. coif, Paris, 185.S 



i (le (liviir- 
8 Icavcfi at 
l(\ half rod 
■(III III OijUn 
Of/Ill', 1 r)()8 

(■(illinviliK tlie 
. .Iiiiii: UM,\a 
imiiic ( liri«lo- 
I' New World. 
I only to llic'o- 
liri Ciitiiliigiie, 

{' tlu' CI rent 
I new route 

gtoii, IS;').'? 
lie S|)iuii.sli 
and Si'ttli'- 
idon, 174 1 

if Niclioliis 
llic Church 

nchiii, is;? 8 

) o)7.-, c. //. 


far Jan. /''. 

P/T,s,s, 187-2 

]■'. lluiiiH'Well, 
or, I.oiKtoii, in 

■ (listiii;.'uisli<Ml 
i(ii). lli-isfnv- 
^ of Virf/iiiiii," 
inn (Ictiiincil it 
(sciiikmI <l('iitli, 
rtlic I'otonincH, 

lliiili dl' tllO 

tion against 
iiddii, 1G91 

aia et Ang- 
PdW.s, 18r):< 

2361 SVJ^liMllJXQSTlil. ©ost rntc ercst^Xirtfsche 
Spfrahrl tuarr fit l$csrlirrl)frt \on"isn\ &c fmct 
liimtc iJlncfiintfcu, flhrJi.Tcu fnlic J.Tcrru ici4, 

101"), KJIO, I(;f7, cndu 1GI8. Do oeno (hnn- den vcrniaoi-ilcn 
Z(ic-II(.It loris van S|)^.ill)(.I•^^(,„ ,]oor d,, Straato van Magal- 

'""'^''' iJu aiKh'rc glicdaen bij Jacob Lo Maire. 

ohlonif ll>,. Iidlf inor. iiuirhlvd cdijrs. Amslrrdmii, 

•fail Janttiz, 1C21 
2362 SPIX, J)u. .J„„N'. Trav.dH in ]}ra/,il in the years 1817 to 
1820, undertaken by conunand of tlio King of IJavaria. 

2 v<ds. Huo. hoards, nunit, Loiiihni, 1824 
2;5(J;5 Sl'IZELIUS, T. Elevalio l{chtti.„.ia Monteziniana. do reper- 
tis in America trilinbus Isrueliticis, etc. 

l2mo. half iiior. Buslliac, 1661 
236;J» SI'ORI, F. CiiUKSTiAN. Aniericanisdie Keisz I'.escliieibung 
nach den t'arihes Inszlen wnd Neu-Kngelland. 

\2iiL0. half (jrrcii mor. Zurich, 1677 

2364 SPOTOUNO, (J. 15. Memorials of Cohmibu.s, or, a eoiieetion 

of autlientic Documents of tiiat celebrated navigator. 

Svo. hrd/ calf, Lniidon, 1823 

2365 8PRAGUE, John T. The Origin, Progress, and Conch.sion 

of the Florida War. Afap. 8»;o. clolh, New York, 1848 

2366 SQUIEK, E. G. iMonograpli of Authors who have written 

on tlie Languages of Central America, and Collected Vocabu- 
laries or composed worlds in the Native Dialects of that coun- 
''">'• 'ito. jiaper, New York, 1861 

2367 SQUIEH, E. G. Aboriginal Monuments of the State of New 

York, comprising tiie results of Original Siu-vcys and Explo- 
rations : Wilh 14 plates of earth-works and viimerous wood- 
*'"'*• royal 4to. half mor. 1849 

2368 SQUIER and Davis. Ancient Momimentsof the Mississippi 

Valley. Wilh numerous wood-cuts and plates of antiquities, 
mounds, earthworks, etc. 

roijal 4to. half red mor. top gilt, New York, 1848 

This first volume of iho Sn.itlisoni.m publications Ims long bi'eii out of print. 
am IS cxcuuilinKly scarce. 

23G'J SQUIER. Peru. Incidents of Travel and E.xploration in the 
Land of the Incas. Numerous wood-cuts. 

Svo. cloth, top edges gilt, New York, 1877 

kr.3ix#^. "^ 1- **i>i**^ • 



II. C. MinU'llY LinUAUY. 


2370 SPKENGEL, M. C. Vchvv J. UilxMo'H iiltcHtc Wcltsclmrto. 

Hvo. half calf. Wvhnar ; \n Vcrlagc dcs Indmtrie 

CompliiirH, 1705 

'2370* SrUlNO, Dk. Unck Climdi Mcnioriiil. N. Y., IHGl.— 
Fostivul of the Sons of Now Ilmnpsliin-. IHI!).— Sl.iilt.ick'H 
lloport oil the Censui, of 18K!.-Stri.'tmrs on a Voyage to 
South AnuM-ica. 1820.-Case of llu' Karl of Selkirk an.l the 
Northwest Con.pany. London, ISl!).— delivered 
ut West Sprin-liel.l, l.y Spra-ne. ISi").— Ue.'ords of Hoiltli- 
auipton. Sa},'-Harl>or, 1H7I. — Sewall's Sketrhes of St. 
An-iistine.— r.ergen's Discourse on the -'OOth Anniversary of 
the Reformed Dutch Church ot New Ulrecht, I.. 1. 

toyt'tlmr, 10 voh. 

2371 SUHINAM. Historical and Political View of the Present and 

Ancient State of the Colony of Surinam ; with tiie Settle- 
ments of Denu'rary and Essequibo. 

Hro. half aiJf, London, 1781 

2372 STEPHENS, CJkokgk. The Old-Northern Runic Monuments 

of Scandinavia an.l Euf^huid, now lirst collected and decypli- 
cred. With many hundred fac-similes, partly in (^(dd, Silver, 
Dronze, and Colors ; llunie Alphabets, etc. 
2 voh. roijal folio, half red mar. top ahf ,jlU. London ami 

C()l>fnh(<[icii , 1807-G8 

Thp only work of any .'xU.nt In tlio I'-nsli^li lniiK"a«.! on IM.. Kunic luonii- 
monts orSrti'duii, Uinnmrk, Norway and KiiKomd. 

2373 [STAATS, Cuyi.ku.] Tribute to the Memory .d" De Witt 

Clinton. PoHmil. 12 mo. half calf, Albany, 1828 

2374 St. Ann's Chl'ucii, (Brooklyn, N. Y.), from the year 1784 

to the Year 1845. WMlii an Appendix, containing a brief 
notice of the otlier Episcopal ('hurclies in P.rooklyn. 

12»(0. half mor. lop (j'dl,, 1845 

2375 ST. BllANDAN. A Metrical Legen.l of the Sea, in Enrlish 

Verse and Prose. Edited by Thomas Wriglit. i))). (53. 

12;ho. svtved. London, for ihe Vcvcij Socli-tij, 1844 
237G [STADEN HANS.] Warhafiig historia nnd Iteschreibung 
eyner Landtschall't der wilden, nacketen, grinimigeii, meiisch 
fresser leuthen, in <ler Newenwelt America gelegen, vor und 
nach Christ! geburt in land zii Hessen vnbekant, biss vffdise 
zwey nechst vergangene jar, etc. 
Ato.hlue mar. extra, gilt ed<jes. Marpunj, Andres Kolhcn, 1557 











ST. CLAIR, Maj. Gkn. A Numilivo oC t\w. manner in 
which till! Canipaifrn against tho In.Iians, in tho year 17!J2, 
wa,s (.•(.n.hirto.l. 8.,,. hoanf>^, nil,uJel,,hia, 1812 

STANTON, Dan.ici,. A .lonrnul <,r (he LiC.., Tmvcl.s, and 
C^osiu'l LahoursofuFuitliful Mini.sler oIMcsum 

l-2mo. ail/, /'/nludilp/iiu, 1772 

STAl'LKS, Wii.MAM II. Annals ..f the Town ol iV.vidunce, 

from its lirst S.-tilcnicnt, to Iho Organization ofihr City Oov- 

n-nnicnt in 1832. Hro. rlolh, n;;j smrcr, /'nnulnu..; 1813 

Sta-ik ok Facts, .shewing tho Right of .vrlain conipanic-s to 

tiie lands latdy purclnisod by them, (nun Ih.- Slat., of (Jcorgia. 

Hro. hi, If nun- . litlr stiiiiird, ITJii 

Statistiscii .lAAunoicK voor hot Koningrijk der Nodorlanden. 

•I co/.s. imp. Hvo. Inmrih, (Jmvcnlmijn, 18a8, .'il), (!() and 07 

STKAIiNS, Jonathan F. Ilistori.-al Disconrsos, relating to 
tho First Frosbytoriau CImrcli in Newark : originally dJliv- 
crcdlo tlio Coiigrogution of that CNiinrh in 18,")1. 

Si)o. half moi: lop ijUi, Nvwark, 18.')8 
STEFLF, AsmtKL. Chief of the Pilgrims; (,r, tho File an<l 
Tin.o of William Brewster, elder rnlor of tho I'iigrin. Com- 
pany that fonndod New Flyniontli, the parent eoloirv of Now 
Kngland in 1020. J<Jii;/irinin/.i. 

Si:o. half maroon mor. lop ahjr ijill, I'/iilaiUp/na, 18.J7 

STFFFF, Zadock. The Indian Captive ; or, a Narrative of 

Captivity and Sniloring. l-2mu. calf, Moiilnalwr, Vl., 1818 

[STFFNDAM, Jacoij.] Klaeht van Ni..iiw-Amster.lam, in 

Nienw-Nodorlandt, tot haar Moodor : van haar begin, was- 

doni en teg(,nwoor<ligon stand. /;,/;„, l,rocuhidc, 

very rare. T'Jnislrrdaw, hi/ Plv/rr Jh'rkaz, lOoU 

rrmii.ilnint ..fXrw A,„;„n, ii. Xrw NVtlinlan,!, t,. hn in„tli.T, of l„.r 

"'e f: },'l<>Wlll,llllll IMTM'lll fl)lllliti<ln.] 

A <,:.„sla.i,.„ l,y tl„. Hon. II. (;. .Mnrpliv, pnT.Mlnl l.y ;, of lis author. 
WIS pnni.Ml lor,. ,list,il,„li„„ l,y ||„. lirolMn-s (ihinta .rAlbuni, lit Tlic 
lliifiii.., 1,1 isci. Th.. original work, ,vl,i,.|, only h, Uw l,.rm of n broud- 
BKlc, IS ol Kri'iit rarity. Sre liis poem prlnlcl in Kim f„r a nolo. 

STFFNDAM, jACon. Noeh Vaster. A iNIomoirof tho First 
Poet in Now Notherland, wilii Ids Poems Deseriptivo of the 
Colony. (10 copiea.) 8vo. paprr, Jiiir porlniil, Iliiijue, 1861 

STFFNDAM. Don Distolvink. Fersie Doel, Minno-sang: 
BeholzoiKlo eerlijke MinnoSiune-Iiooldon, Vaar.son, en Lied'I)- 


11. c. MuitiMiY r.rnriAUY. 

h '• • 



kens: op vrr.scli('(|.l('ii Omlc! cii Niiwii SiuiLr-koimtij^jo Stom- 

iiu'ii. pp. 101, 'JOT, mid !!)!>. ;j vols. 4I(>. hnniid in 1, 

hill/ iiior. Aiiialirdatu, O'rrril run (I'ticflvalntrijli, l()l'J-50 

STKIONDAiM. Zw(lfs-uii>^('ii voor dc nataviHcln' joiiklioyt. 
HoIicImcikIo versclieydi'n bi'deiikclijki' cii stiditilijko HloHi'ii, 
op iHikeudo oil venniiknlijko 8iiii.u;t(i(»ni'n <,' 

sin. Hrn. vvlhiin, /iiilmia, 1(J7I 

I Midiil muj!* I\)v llir liatiiviii-i viiiitli, r..iililliilii« (llvcr.i iiii'iiiDriilili' iiinl <m1|. 
fyliiK iiuitlif. iii|ii|i;c'(l 1(1 kiiinvii iii.-lipilli'i. I 

Jlr. .Miillcr, of Ainslcnliiiii, chIIk IIiIs it rfri/ riirc innrk. riicoiily copy known 
WII8 Icmml in till' Ijisclicdii Mliiiiry, iiolil hi DccrnihiT, l.sil7. It coiilalns .somu 
pocnis on cMnlH In piivalc lllu In N. w Nfilitiliin,!. Mull, t'l C<iiiilo,/„e lor 
INr.', No. lO'.i,). Mr. IWnrpliy Kiiys lie liud iifvcr sii>n umitliiT copy. (Coat i>:,'l.) 

STKI'IIHNS, Wir.MAM. Tlio Casllc Hiiildins. Socoiid Kdi- 
lidii, witli lar-ri! iidtlitioiis. Hro. r„l/^ London, \7,V.) 

Wrltti'ii by Wllliiini .Stephens, uran.Non of Williiim Sliplicn.H, vl/ : ii son of 
Ills youiiKcst Sim, one nl'tlie lliiic I'lilMiin led in tlii' wonil to be fed l)y raven». 
Conipai-e p. U'(il) with piiges liw niid Ills.— .\u(c l,i/ Mr. .Unr/^/iif. 


$■ \ 

23!) 2 


S'J'Kl'IIKNS, William. .Imiriial I'cccivod I'Vbniury 4, 1741, 
hy tlic 'rrii-l('i'.4 for o.stalilisliiii^r tlie Colony of (jeoi-^ri;,, i,, 
Amerifu, iiom ScptcmbiM- 22, 1711, to Otrtobcr 28, following. 

8<vi. Iiidf nwr. fjondan, 1742 
Mr. .Stephens wiit .Seci. tiiry Cor tli. Alliilrs of lllu Timt within Ihi- Colony. 

STKl'IIKN.S, William. Jmiriiai of tlic IVocecding.s in Geor- 
gia, beginning' Oct., 1737. Tn wliicli is addiid u statu of 
that I'l'oviiicc, !i.s atlfstod upon oath in tlio Coiift of Savannah, 
Nov. 10, 1740. 2 vols. Hvi. half nt'u: lop , dije ijHt. 

Loudon, IK, Mmdoirx, 1742 
STKl'IIKN.S, John L. Inci(bnts (,f Travel in Cnitral Amer- 
ica, Ciiiapai^, and Yucatan. 2 vols.- -Iiiciiiunt.s of Travel in 
Yucatan. 2 vols. Plalim and wond-cuts. 

toyellur, 4 vols. Huo. half red nior. Nvn> York, \H'y2-!^b 

231)4 STERLING, "William, Kaul oi'. llucroations with ti,.j 
Mi'scs. folio, I'.nijrdrvd tilk, calf, London, ltJ37 

This Is the lust edition piihli^hed in the author's lile time. He died in KHO. 
The last piece appears in this edition for the lirst time. The poeticiil tiilentsiind 
philosophli-ai turn of the iiiithor, uomineniled him to Kin;,' .lames the Kirst. In 
Kill the honorof kiiinhlhood was eonferred upon him, and he was niaile -Master 
of the Ueipiests; anil in l(i21 he received ii patent for Nova .Scotia. Ilia 
"Enioiimiji'mtntto (JotunifH" wai published in lliJL The favor of .lames eon- 
tinned with Kins * harles I., who e!ia:iKed his rank fr .Sir William Alexander 

tothiit of Viscount Slerliii;,' of .Scotland. His poetry received tlio applause of 










STKVKNS, Wrt.r.iAM Hacon. A History „f n.-m-iM, from 

Its first l.y Kurop,.,i„,s, („ tlu- iidoption of tl.o prosont 

Constitution in 17i)8. 2 PurhallH, 

'ivoh. Hvo. half ,ir,.vH mor. rjtm, I,.,, ,',hic ijiJl, Nvir )',„•/,•, \HM 
STKVKNS, II,,N„v. Ili.storicaiNu-s,.t«. llil.Iiotl.oru Anu-r- 

inin,i,or,a I )('.smplivc Account ol my Collect ion of Ifiini Hookn 

rcliitin;: lo Arn.Tioi. 2 (''./,s. I'Jmo. r^o^A. 

Loiiiloii, W/ill/l„i//trnii, 1802 
cv,.r'il','i",!i..l|"' '"'"' "'"' " "■""'''" '■""''"«"••" "'■ '•■•"•<« '■-'"'l'»(' •" A.,i..rlc« 

STKVKNS, IlKNuy. Historical and (Jc.-rapl.i.Ml Notes on 
tliii earliest Discoveries in America, I4.-i;!-I -,;{(i, willi Cmi- 
n.ent.s .m the earliest Charts nn.lMa,.s; the Mistakes of the 
early Navi-ators an.l the l,lm,<lcrs of the (Jeojr,,,phers ; the 
Asiatic Ori-inofihe Atlanlic coast line of North America 
how il erepl in ami how it ••rcpt out of the Maps. Flinslratc.J 
l»y IIh. Tclunintcp.'c IJnilway Company's M„p ,,f die Worhl. 

Heo. firn'ii cloth, Nrw Jliifni, IHC'J 
«.v,.|,ty.||v.. ,.„|,l, . ,.„lv |.,h,t,.,| „„ Wannun'H DnnviiiK pHpcr, will, Ur. 

:;;:;"::;' ,:;^;;;;;;,;;;: "•-^ ^ -'^ '■ '-Uo^Hveta^e 

STKVKNS, Hr.Miv. Hihliotlieca (;eograpi,iea .^ Histori.-a, 
or, u Catalogue of a nine ,h,ys' sale of rare and vah.nhle 
hooks, inai)s. mann-cMipts. etc.. illustrative of historical geo- 
'■"''''^'- Xrn. half mor. l.nn,h,n."\Hl-i 

Stkvkn.s's Anierieun Ilihliofintpher. pp. ilt;. 

H,<;. h.;lf iJllr. hnlf ,-r,1 mor. Loudon, n. d. 

STKVKNS, HicNuv. Catalo- .f a Cdlecli.m of Hooks. 

(Sin-uhirly Interesting, Fine and Hare.) in wlii.d. is included. 
The frn-ater Portion of the Kii.rary of the late Kdward A 
Crowninshi<.|.l. 8ro. ./„//,, ,np ,,ili, London, 18(50 

STKVKNS, Hknkv. Catah.gue of the American I!n„ks i,. 
the I;ii)rary of the ISritish Museiiin at Chri-tmas. 

Hfo. flolh, London, ISGfi 

STKVKNS, .I,,„N. A New Collection ..f Vova-es and 
Travels, containi,:-, I. A D.scripii.u. of the Mojucco and 
rhillipiae Islands, hy Argon.-ola. If. A New Account of 
Carolina, i)y Mr. Lawson. IFF. The 'I'rav(ds of I', de Cieza, 
in Peru. FV. The 'l'ravel,s of the Jesuits in Klhiopia. Map^ 
""'^ /*'«''•■'• 2 roh. Ato. mlf, London, 1711 

II • ) 

88fl II. 0. MlMiPIIY I.lMllARr. 

210n STK.VKNS, .John. Tim Spimiwli lliilo of TnwI.^ to llio \Vc«t 
Inilii'K. Hi>n. nil/', Lmiihin, 170*2 

2101 S'1'I':VI".\S, .Til. .ToiiN Ai'sriN. Colcmial Ui'cunlH ol' tlio 
Ni'w York ('Imiiilii'r of ('i)miin'rc('. I7(>>S-I7H|, with IliHtini- 
(uil itinl niii;rrii|)liical Skclclit's. 

roi/iil Hen. rliilli, Xiic Vfirh. lHfi7 

2IOr. STKVKNS. TostiiMnniiils in lavor <>{' \\w If.-v. William 
SleviMis, (iiif oC (111' .MiiiiMliT.s ol' tlic Sc(itli.-<li Cliiirrli. 

Hrii. hiKinIs, lt',lhnhtnt, IH.'H) 

2IO0 S'rKVl':NS..fonN. A Ni-w DiniDimry, S|(iiiiisli lunl Ivi-jliHli. 
ami lMij;lisli ami S|)anisli. l/n. ohi ci[l\ l^oinliiii, 172(5 

2»07 STKWAKT, SiuiriAiiv. Tin rianUM 's (liii.l.-. A rmrliciil 
l'<f,say on llir tirst nu'tlioil ol' j^ivinj^ inniu'iliatf clVccI t<> Wduil 
by tiio Transplaiitinj; of lurj,'o 'rivcs ami llinli rwonii. /'or- 
Irnit, Hrn. tlolli, l,iiiiih>ii, IH18 

2408 STKWAKT, IJr.v. .Tamis. History (.(' tli.' Discovc-y iti 
AmiTJca, IVoni tlic I.MiKliii;: nC imr l'\)ri'liitlii'iM at I'iymoiitli 
ill 1(!"20, until tin' iinal siilijii^ialioii oCtlii' Nalivi's in KiCdt. 

Ki'o, hodiih, Hill 'il, llriinhli/n. 

240S» STI'^WAHT, I)ih;.\i.i). A r.i' \'irw of the i'l'DUfi-oss ol" 
Motapliy.sical, Ktliii'al, and I'olilicnl I'liilnsopliy, .sinco llio 
revival 1)1' It'ltcr.s ill lOiirojic. Hm. nil/, Ilmlon, 1822 

2110 SITCMvN'KY, i:. A Ili-^tm-y of the ISIinisink llo- 

i;ioii : uliirli incliiilfs tliu pri'sotit Towiim of Minisink, Door- 
park, Mount Mope. (irciMivilli' ami Wayayamla, in Oniiijjo 
County, New '\'ork, tVoni their or^fani/alion to the present 
liliu^. \'2>iiii. Iiiilf' iiior. iDfiijill, Miililliliiini, A'. 1'., 18(17 

2111 S'lTLKS, PuKsiDl-.NT. A History of 'I'liree of Ihr .Jml;;es of 

Kiiij? Cliarle-i I., I\[ajor (Jeneral Whalley, Afajor (Jeneral 
(jotle, ami Colonel Dixwell ; who. at the Kestoration, KiliO, 
Fleil to Aineriea ; ami were seereteil ami eoneealeil, in Massa- 
chusetts ami Connectient , lor near Thirty Yeai's. 8 platen. 

\'>mii. slinp, Jfiirl/onl, 17!)4 

2112 STITII, Wii.i.iAM. The History ol' the First Diseoveiy and 

Settlement of V'irf;inia. 

Hvo. old calf. Wdluimxhiinj, printed hij Willlinii /Vo'/.-.s-, 1747 

The oiiKliml oilillon prlntiil at Wlllliimuliiirj' In very si'iiirc. 

(If t.( llio West 
LiiikIiii), 170v! 

{I'CdCil^ <il' the 
, with lli.s|i>ri- 

',;r )'-)•/,-. 1H«7 
If.-v. William 

'ullrrihiin, \»'M) 

li aiiil iMi^lixli, 
//'iiiiltiii, I7'2(! 

. A rrai'liciil 

oircci to Wddii 

jTWdciil. I'or- 
liiiiiih>ii, IHIH 

Discovc'y iti 
IS at I'lymiiiitli 
vcs in 1 (!(!!>. 
(('(/, /Iraiihli/n. 

lu- I'l'Ol^fOSS of 

ipliy, .siiitfe the 
^ hoslon, 1822 

! Miiiisink Ilc- 
iliiiisink, Dcor- 
ila, in Oran^jt^ 
to llit^ Iifcrtciit 
/(, A', r., 18(17 

r till' .iiiiiijcs of 

NfajiM' (ii'niTal 
:t(irati(iii, l(l(')(). 
ak'il, in IMawsii- 
s. 8 jdalvH. 
Ilarl/ord, 17!I4 

DiscoviMy and 
tnii I'avlcH, 1747 



JiMU SnicKi.iMN, il..f n.n.. Wrhl^.tt, niit aiirrhand Na.hri.hiri, ,l,.r 
MisM„riiiiM,h.rS.,(i,.|„t .IcMu niis bi.yih.n I,Hli,.M un.hiiHh'ni 
iilicr ISIciT Ipi'h.M^,. 11(11 LiiikKtii von I(;.12-I7'»7. 

I niln./(i/i,), nlhiiii, Aiiiishiinj, |727 
A (Hriiijui liiiiihliilh.ii „r llii' n'lrl)riil<'il /.W/i,* h:,V,j\,„a<,m I u,l,„nr». \x 

''"'""'"■' """'' '"'I' '"'I l"l't--MiiK inntlcr i..|,...IImk A.m.iIih iiimI the \\v„l 

In.llr-, H 1,1,1, I. ,.|,|,. !■ |,m|„ .„„|||,.,| |„ ,|„. I.,tln,h:,llfi,ivl, ■ «l,|,.|, w,„ 

11,11 iicxi ,.^11,1,. |„ tlir niiiipll,.,.. ,,nii,it Iii,|„„liitil w„rk. 

'-Mil STOKKS, Amik.nv. A View uf th.- ('..n-iituii,,,, .,r ||„. 
Iliili>.h'M, in Xcrtli Ainni.'a and the W,,st halics, al 
III.' time (lu'CivilWarl.n.kf onl i>ii the ,.(' Ani.Ticii. 

Ncd. <;ilj\ /.,,ii,l(,ii, \7H',\ 

2lir. STODD.MM), ISlA.mi, Amos. Skrlrias, ' llislorin,! an.l 
D.s.Tiplivf, nri,,,ui,.iiiina. H.,,. n,l/\ rinl,i,,l,;n, |h|L> 

am; STOXK, Wh.mam L. I,,.tt.'i's an.l .l,.urnals |{,.|aliii;< i„ tho 
War oCthc American Ifrvolution, and tlu^ Caplnrr ,.1' thi- ( lur- 
man 'l'nM,|,> ,il Sarat<.;ra. liy Mrs. (Jimi. UiiMlcsfl. I vi.l.— 
ftlcmoirs. Letters an.l , I,. urnals of .Miij. (;,.,i. UJeiK'sel durin- 
liis resilience in America. 2 vols. 

hii/rllirr. ;; riih. Hni. AIIhiiiij, IHtw-OcS 

2117 STONK, W. I,. l',,clry and llis(,.r\ (.!' Wy.. IHII.— 
St..n.''s I'ncas and I.S.|2.— NoteH siir in Nor.! 
Ilidlanil. 1H27.— Sk, ■Idles id' I'.iiidi.T Hill Haltlc IHII.— 
Sullivan's RevidiiliDnary Warlan in Weslern New York.— 
Ilistnrieiil .Skelehes of Tniversalism.— Spencer's Captivilv 
aniiMi;.r the .Mohawk IndiaMH. — Ski-tches (d' the Karly Catludic 
Missions of Kentucky. — Sketches of Hoston and vicinity. 
IM,-)l._|!nnillinjr; its ()ri;,'in, l'ro},'ress, and Decline, in Amer- 
ica. I.y Stiles. All.any. IHCD. to,i,(l,rr, 10 iW.s. 

2I1H S'l'O.NK, Wii.i.iAM I.. Letters on >rasonry and Anii-AIasonrv. 

addressed to the Hon. .lolm (^(uiucv Adams. 

Xr,,. rial/,. Xrir ];,rl.-, I,s;!-J 
211!) STON'K, William I.. Life of Joseph i'.rant.— Tliayemlane- 

^'ca: iiichidiiii,- the Hinder Wars of the American h'evohition. 

I'">ti-<'il' •> r„h. Hvn. rinlh, .\, „■ )',„■/,. ls;i8 

2120 STONK, William K. The Life and Times of Red .Jacket, 
or, Sa-;,'o-yc-\vat-hii ; heinj,' the so(|iiel to the History of the 
Six Nations. H„o. dolli, Nnv Yod- <,„d hwdnn, 1841 



'- yi ii i m w m jH^jwIwe:^* 

h '. 

P I 









24 2H 


STONE, William 1>. TIio IMV. iui.l TiincH af Sir VVilliani 
.loliiisoii, Rart. /'oiimil. 

2 (.'o/.i. Hrit. poUnhcd calf crtra, tup cJijc (/ill, Al.liain/, ISi!;') 

Stonk. History of Now York City from the Discovciy to tht; 
pivsent (lay. Hoo. half ml mor. top gilt. New York, 18(!H 

sr<S>2!2^ John. JThr ^nnnlrs, oi* (ffituriiil 
(Throufflc of jEnol.inlr ; contfuuclj anti nuQmrutcK 
tofth unto tUf ntnv i<!ii, bi) Elrmonti K}ot)r.«s. 

fdlio, i''il/, [jimtloii, 1015 
STRAHONIS ('ArpAixxMM sen (iiio-isi Ainnsini scriptoris wl- 
ohorrimi de situ orbis libri XVII. Julio, 217 leaves, 

uirluiliixj dmlicatioH, Ulniiiiiiatfil in ipild, silrrr and r.nlora ; 
Htipcrhlij hound in olin- iurkvij morocco extra, (jdt edges, hy 
MaeLenzie, s. /. sen Vcnetiin [/)<•/• Viiideniiiin de Spira^. 1472 

Tlic only iiKlic.itioii of tin- priiitci's imiiio is coiitniiicd in tlic follnwinpliiii's: 

Ninu' iintenorci vidcut pcniiti'S 
Iniprossos dijjilis Viililiiinis- 

A Innislnliou from tlip (iicck l>y (iuiiiinnH Vcroncnsis iiiid Gropoiiiis TIdpli- 
ciniiis. Tliia is llii' liist piinttMl cdilioii ol'Stnilio, witli a date, in any lanKniifii". 
riicif arc in Itic Coloplion ibllowini; llu' dati' sonic verses addressed to tliu 
reader, wiiiili indicate tlic prinlei' to lie N'indeU.c de Sjiira, of Venice. 

Tlie edition is liijjlilv este<'tneil as a splciidiii specimen oC early iirinting. See 
Dihilin'n Intro, to the. Knnwli-ili/f n/iltc Clii-ii'CK, 4lli ed., Vol. 1 1., p. ■i:\. Itriiiiet 
speaks of it as an " I'iilition prcciense." 

We place the volnme in an .\nierican collection, Itcentisp SIrabo lielieved in 
the existence of onr continent as u hahitalile part of the (rlobe. He says, on 
IVdio L'O, vcriii, " Nisi maris .Vtlantici macniindo vetiir et jier eiindem parallclani 
ex llispania ad Indiani naviftare posseniiis. . . . Vocamns enini hal)it"liilein 
ipiam incolimns et iiotam liahcnnis. Kas antem est in eiideni temperata zona 
liahital'iles diias esse; vel etiam plines. .si sit niaxime prope circnhini per Mt- 
tora : i|iii per Atlanlicnni pehifins desiTihitiir." .Strabo live<l at the time Onr 
Savionr was on earth, and then wrote in regard to the existi'nce of onr continent 
Jn this work.— Xote hy II. C. Miirphii. 

STRAIU). Tlic (ieognipiiy of Stnibo. LitiTiilly Triuislat.'il, 
with Notes, hy H. ('. IlamiUoii and \V. Falconer. 

.'i rota, cloth. London, llohn, 1(S.")1 

S'l'llAlU). (leogra)ihiii Latiiie, (hcgins at sij;. ti ii.) folio, 

'I\(rrisii rfoanne.'i Vereellen.'iis inijircKX. 14fS() srptinio Seplindi. 

STKACIIKY, William. The History ot Travel into Vir- 
fjiiiia IJritaiiiiia ; lCx|)ressiti,Lj the Cosiiionirajiliie aiicl CoMiinod- 
ities of tiie country, tojrether witli tlie niaiuiers and custoin.s 
of the people. Hivi. el,}th. Londr ,, \H'\'.) 

STKKET. Ali'KIOI) 15. Froiilenac. ti I'oeni of tlie Irofjuois. 
/'orlriiit. 4/'). larip' papi'C, cloth, lop edge gilt. .Vhany, IHdf) 

of Sir VVilliiini 

^ Alhaiii/^ ISf!') 

)is(!ovcry to tht; 
Vew York, 18(iH 

or ©curiinl 
D nuQinrntcti 

', [joittloiu 101;') 
li scriptoris cc^l- 
)i/o, 217 leaves, 
"cr and rolorfi ; 
1, gilt rrhjes, hy 
V .S>(m]. 1-172 

I till' follinvinjjliiii's; 

11(1 rirpjfoi'liis Tliipli- 
itc, in any hiiif;;uii);o. 
'I's tiildn'sscil to \\\v 
iif Vi'iiic'c. 
ciiily liiiiitiii);. Sec 
I. II., p. 'i:i. llniiK't 

le Striibo bclii'vcd in 
Rliilii'. lie says, on 
I'Uiiclctii ptii'alU'luiii 
< Miini Iiiil)it"liilc'ni 
cm tcnipciatii zonH 
ope ciiniliiiii por lil- 
'<! al tlu! liini' Oiir 
no*' (ifour contint'itt 

illy 'I'l-iuisliitcil, 


"/(, Ilohn, 18.")1 

. ii ii.) J'lli", 
'ptIilKi Seplewh, 

•iivcl into Vir- 
\ iiiid ('oiiiinod- 
Ts !iii(l custoniH 
. I.ondr ,, 184<) 

f till' Iroquois. 
. Alha>n/, IMfK", 











STUHIJE, IIicNUY. A Justificiition of tlic Present War iiiruinst 
the United Nctlieriand.s. Wherein tiio Dccliiration of Hi!< 
Majesty is vindicated, and tiie war proved to be Just, Hon- 
ourable, and Necessary. i/.o. Iialf mania, Loudon, 1072 

STUART, Jamks. Three Years in North America. Map. 

2 vols. 8uo. half roan, Edinburgh, 1833 

STUIILKSON, SNoiiiiK. The Ileiinskrin-la ; or, Chronich; 

of ♦he Kinjfs of Norway. Translated from the Icehindic. 

With a Preliminary Dissertation, by Samuel Laiujr. 

3 vols. 8vo, cloth, London, 1844 
STUIIM, C. C. lleflections on the Word of God in Nature 
and Providence, for every day in tlie year, 

8(;o. Kheep; New York, 1833 
SURINAM. Ik'schryvinge van ccni^fc vooi'uamc Kustin in 
Oost cri West-lndicii nls Zucrinamc, Nieuw-Nederland, Flor- 
ida, Kuba, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, etc. 

4to. half red nior. Leeiurarden, 1710 

SULLIVAN, James. History of the District of Maine. 

^^ap. ■ Svo.. sheep, Boston, lliii) 

SUMNER, Wii.r.iAM II. A History of East IJoston ; witli 

Iliograpiiical Sketches of its Early Projirietors. Portrait. 

Hro. cloth, Boston, 18.')8 

SWART, Srici'UKM. The Netlicrland Historian, containing a 

true relation of what hath passed in the late Warrs between 

Great Britain and France, with their allies, against the States 

Generall of the United Provinces. I2/mo. calf, Ainst., 1G75 

SWED1)ERG. America lUumiiiata Skriften och utgifwen af 
Thes Biskop Doct. Jesper Svvedberg, uhr 1732. 

l'2nio, hoards, rare, Skara, 1732 

Tlic author, wlio wu.s l!i.«liiip of Kkara, in Sweden, give-s an accouutol tlie 
Swedisli settlement in I'enn.sylvania. lie also Kpeuks brielly of tlie gcograpliy 
and history of America generally, andof it.s religious condition. 

SWEDBERG, Joiiannks Dan. Dissertatio Gradmilis Svio- 
iium in America ('oloniti. 

\2nio half mor. Upsaliw Ex officina Wcrncriana, 170'J 

[SWEDION.] Der Reiche Schweden General Compagniew 

lluiidlungs Contract, Dirigiret iiaher Asiam, African!, Amer- 

icam vnd Magellaiiicam. Sajupt desseii Conditionen vnnd 

Wilkiihrcn. 4^0. half green trior, top cdije gilt, title stained 

and mended,. Stockholm, 1G25 



(141 SWKHT, lIoMKuD.L. TI.o C 

iiiul ii sketch (if tlio 15(inK'r .SctiK'iiiciit.s. C 

ro;it Wil(loriio.s5) of Nuw York, 

Actual Siirv 

'oiiipiliMl iVoin tli( 


>«)■(/(■ iiiitp III morocco case. 

2442 SWKT'J', S. Hi.storv of the I! 

■2i4-2» SYiMOXDS, Wii 

l.I.VM. \'i 

Wliile-Cliai)i)ul, in tliu [ 

Xcw York, 18()i! 
inker Hill ]5att!o, uilli Plan. 
Mro. IkiIj' (■„//, Jlonloii, 1827 
I'giiiia. A Seruioii iircaclii'd at 



liCiill, ll 


)resenco of many Iloiiourahlo anil 

tionturiTs anil I'lanlers for Vi 


April 1(101). I' for the lionciit anil V..c of the Col 


and to bee I'lanteil tl 

icrc, anil foi- tlio Aili 

i)f their Christian Purpose, .[fo. /nilf n;/ „ior. Lnnl 


di>n, IGO!) 



im.K mill 

was probiiMy jiri'iiflnd Ijcf 

iiic (lie ciiiiipiiny ()l'iulvciiiiiici> 

"■I"; lotlu. oxi„.,lUi.iiMvl,irli left Kn^rlmMl I1,m lull.T ..,i,l of 

lir Sir 'I'liiiiinis (ill! 
ll scviii .slii|is mill ;)llll iiic 



to piiiiif; to Vi 

11. Tl 

Sii' (ic'iirgi.' SiiiuiTs, anil I'liiistdiil 


l«illill. UllllDllgll 111! 1,11,1 ,|,.(.|i,|,,,l II 

ililici' Ncivport, 

IC J)l-C,ll'llC|- J-CcliS to lllivilllc i,il lllC ()l)j,'Clil)l,,H 

iiM'll'. [.Sui' the JX'd 

licatiou iiikI Slidi's \'ii-j,ri„i;i, j,. lui-;...) 

(iii'.-l tiiiit Ik- shoulil gu 

214.3 TAP,A(;0. Lo Tableau .le I'lsle <le T, 




I'une (les Isles Antilles de I'Anieriipi 

Oil lie la Nou- 

iNwo. irllnm. Lrii<J,-, ,fi„ii le ('arueutirv, lOG; 

2444 'J\.\i!.ui(): Or, A Geographical Description. With a full rep- 
resentation of the I'roduce, and other advantages arising from 
the Fertility, excellent Harbour; 

famous Ishiiul. 
2444* TOHAGO. A S 

'. ai:d hapjiy situation of that 
'Sro. iial/ iiior. Lo)i<loii, 174.S 

stale of the resi)ectable Col 

ununary Account of the pi'esent II 


Indies. Illustrated with a IMap and PI; 

)f Tobago, in the liriiish West 

2445 TACIllv Alkx. N'ingt A 

8r(;. It'i!/ iiior. Loinlmi, 1774 

nnees i 

!o M 

Quest do rAnu'rique. 

Huo. half 

issious -ians le Nord- 

iiiiirooii mor. fop cdjc. ijiU., Jfn 

ih 18(;(; 

244G TAHITI. To Kvanel 

ia a Mi\U 

lo. Ill) ,)esi 

Fatu ; irilin)a ii Paru Tahiti. 


irist to Fat 



2447 TAM;0T, Fi.wai!!) Ai.u.n. Five 1 

1110. nil/\ Tuhili, 1820 

Including a Tour through Part of the United St 

cars in the Canadas 



'6 vols. 8co. hoai-Js, l.oudoi), 1824 

2448 TAN'CO, Luis Biczkkra. Felicidad d. 


ICO en e 

cipio, y milagroso origen, rpie tubi. el Sant 

iiaru) de 

l;l V 




Maria N. Si'Tiora dr, ( liiadaliiiio, Extni-muros : Km la Aji- 
paricioi) adniinibli' do csta Soborana Siiioni, y do sii prodi^r- 
iosa linagcii. 4^,,. old vdlum. 

Mi'xiro, pill- 111 VimJii (h- Jh'fiKivdo C'lildcroii, lG7i') 
•244!) TANNKI?, Kdwin. A Xarrativo of C'aplivity and Advcii- 
tiiros, during Tiiirty Yoars Uesidoiicc among tliu Indians in 
fill! interior oi' North Anu'rica. I'oi-lniit. 

•Sfo. hill/ ijri'cn ridj\ New York, l.S.'U) 

2or)0 TANNKH, Mattiiia. Die Cusriis.di afl't Jcsu l,isz v.m- ver- 

gifssiing ihrus IJlutos wider den (uii/.cndiciist IJnglanlx'n, nnd 

Lastiir, Fiir (iott, den waiiren (iiaidx'n, mid Tngendlen in 

alien vier Tliieien, dor Welt streitend, ete. 

folio, /ml/ cidf, J'ra;/, H\H:] 

A (iciiimn liiinsliitiiiii of tlic I.alin I'llilidii imiilishid iit l'ni,!,'Mc, in ICC), 
coiidiiiiiiij,' tlic .-aiiic pliitiM. 

At iiM^i'Tiii:! ciiimmiiccH tlic pdrlion ichiliiif,' to Ainnicii, mid eoiiliiiueM (» 
flic (11(1 or llu' viiliinic. Ill till' icxt nil' niiiiu'ioii.s cupiii'r-plati'.s ifprcM'iiling 
llie niiirlyrdiiiiKifilic Aiiicricaii iiiissioiiai-ie.-i. 

2451 TAPIA ZKXTKXO. (('(degial en el Heal y Pontilieal Semi- 

nario.) Arte iiovissima do ieiigna I\le\icana. 

'l/o. lull/ Sjxniish tnor. Jllrxiro, ,/,).s. Jlfnitin/o de Jfoi/ril, 1 T;"),'! 
I'l-om ilic Dcdifalioii In this work, il a|ipiais Hint tliis piol'i .-Mir.-liip was 
lirst ciliiljlislicd ill lliu UuiviTsity of .Mrxi.;,) Iiy onl^T ol' |!ii' Aroli!ii:<!ioi), 1). 
.Maiuiil liiiliio .Saliiia.s sliorlly ludbrc this bouli was piiblislicd. 

2452 'J'ai'Ia Zkmicxo. Notieia de la leii.;ua Iliiasteca . . . Con 

Ciitliecismo y Doetriiia Christiana para sn instriiccion, segiin 
lo (pie ordeiia el Santo Concilio ."\Ie\ieaiio. 

■ilt). ]28 )ip., nlliiiii, rare, jllvxico, 17(17 

Sold I'oi- jCs S. at Sotiu'ly's sale ill I.oiiibiii in 1.-J7. 

245;j TAIvl.I-yrON, J.iia.T. Chl. A Ilislory ol' liie. Campaigns of 
17«() and 17.S1 in the Southern rnivinees of North Aiiiei'iei>.. 
jff"l'x- ilo. <;d/, London, 1787 

2454 TAYl.OK, 'j'ik.mas. Jamhliehns on the i^rysleries of the 

Egyplian.s, Chaldettn.-. and Assyrians. 

Hro. c(d/, C/ii:<wick, 1S21 

2455 TAYr.On, Isaac. History of the Transniission of Aneient 

IJooks to Aloderu Times; or, A Cdiieise acfomitof the means 
liy which the genuineness tind anthentielty of Aneient Ilistori- 
e.d Works are aseertained. Hro. hal/ cal/, London, 1827 





245G TAYLOR, Bkn.iamiv C. Aiuials of the Cl.issis of IJer-o.i, of 
tlie lioforinccl Diitcli Cluirdi, iuid of the C'huniiie.s uiidor its 
care: Iiu-ludiiig, The Civil History of tlio AiuMont Township 
of 15crgcii, in New Jersey. 

12/uo. hfiff mor. top gill, New locZ;, 1857 

TAYLOIl, G. A Voyage to Nortli AniL'rica, performed in 

the Yeiii-s 1 7G8 and 1 7G1). 1 -Imo. Iuil/c<ilj\ Xottuu/liaiii, 1 77 1 

TAYLOIl, W. Historic Snrvey of Qenuan Poetry, inter- 
spersed witli Translations. Hao. half dolh, London, 1H;U) 

TAYLOIl, Jamics 15. Lives of Virginia Haptist Ministers. 

8vo. calf, Iticniond, 18;58 

TELLECIIKA, Mi(iui:i.. Conipendio (iraniatical para la 
intelligencia del Idioma Taraiiuniar. Oracioiies, Doetrina 
Cristiana, I'hiticas, y otras cosas neeesarias para hi reetii 
adniinistracion <le Ins Santos Sacranieutos en el nii.snio idi- 
onia. pp. 1G2. sin. Ih,. shc-p, MmIco, 182G 

TKNNKINIAN. A Jlainia! of (he Ili.story of Phihisopiiy. 
Translated from tlie German. 8(0. calf, Oxford, 18:52 

TKIINAUX-COMPANS. Voyages, Ilelalions et Memoires 
Originaux pour servir a i'liistoire cU' la deconverte do I'Ame- 
riqne publies pour la premiere fois en Franeois. 

20 vols. Sco. hcdfvidf, Paris, 1838-4(» 

Tills vnlii:ibli> collcctiDii coniprlsi's tlic followin;? Inipoitiiiit pieces:— (I) 
I'reiiilei- VoviiKe de iNlculas Keilenuiiiin le .leiiiie il'lUm; (,') .AlaKiillimies, 

lli>t(>iie(le Sanclii-Cniz; (,'l) Sladeii de lldialierj;, lllsloiie d'mi I'ays im 16 

AMieii(|iie; (J) Xeres Itelalluii dii Concpiele du fei-da, etc.; (5) Kchmidel de 
!»lraHliliig, IlisIDire d'aii Voyage C'lirieiix; {(i and 7) lielaliou el NanCi-aires de 
('alie(;a de Vaca et Coiiiinentaires; (,s) Ixililixneliitl, Craanles des C'Diiiiaeiants 
du Jlixiciiie; (',!) Vdva^e de fibula en l.Vltl, par CasiariiMla de Na^eia; (10 and 
II) Itecueil des pieces relal Ives :i !a C'liniiaele da .\!exii|ae, ■,' viils. ; d',') Zuiita, 
C'lid'sdela Xiaivelle-lC^paKne ; ^i:;aii(l H) Ixllilxiicliill, llisloiie i\vs (;iiielie. 
iiiei|ues, 'J vols. ; (15) Ovieilo, llisliiire da Meara^na ; (l(i) lialboa, Ilistoire da 
reroa; (,!") Mdnlesinos, Jlenmires sar I'Ancien I'eroa; (IS and lU) Vcliiseo, 
Ilistoire de Quito, ^ vols. ; (JO) IteLUeil des I'ieoea snr la Floiide. 

2463 TiiKNAU.K. Voyages, Helations, etc. 

10 vuh. hoiuid in 5, half red mor. Faria. 
24G4 TEHNAUX-COMPANS. lie.'.,,.;! de Doeumenset Jlemoires 
originaux stir I'liistoire des possessions Espagnoles dans 
rAmeri(pie, ti diverses epixpies de la Concpiete. Publies sur 
les manuserita aneiens et inedits, de hi IJibliotlieque de M. 

8vo. half maroon mor. top edijc gill, I'aris, 1840 





2-1 (W 



24 70* 

2171 ' 

Tkknai'x-Compans. Notico mii- hi Colonic dc In Nouvollo 
^liMh,. Hro. half ijrvvn mor, lop c(h)c (]ilf. I'lirin, ]84;5 

Tki:nai;x-Cosii'.\ns. II. ArchivcH dos Voya<xi'.s on ColloctionH 
(rAiiciciim's IJcliitioiis, iiioditos on tivs-riiivs do I.cttrcs, 
Mi'nioiroH, Ilincniirc"; el nnlri's Docnnifnts rcliilirs ii la Ci'o- 
f,'r(ipliie I't Jinx Vo^a^cs snivics d 'analyses d'ani-icns voyagt's 
et d'ani'cdotos rolativos anx voya^jcnrs tin'-es dcs nu'nioiiTS dii 
♦"'"PS- 2 i-ofs. Hro. hnlfurcri, vi»r. J'aris, v. d. 

TKXIKU and I'll, LAN. Uyzantint" Arcliitcctnrc : illustratod 
by KxaniplcM ui' Kijiliccs erected in the KasI dnrin^r the early 
a-,'es of Christianity. With Ilistin'ical & Aivlia'olo^rical ])e- 
scriptions. Ilhintrnlfd will, 70 iditlrs nf Clnirrhrs, JlnptiK- 
tries, TcvipIfH, Mnsi/vcs, FrmrorK (('• jllosalr pni-cmoila in 
colors, find niimvrovn innuJcxh. An fJvijnnt ini)/.-. 

inipi riid/idiii, hidf vuiv. lop idijv ijilt, J.oiidoii, 18()4 

TYPIS OHHIS TKUKAHiM, ad iniitationeni ina^jna; Universalis 
(•erardi Mercaturis coniix'tididsa lia'c mhis descriptio laeta, 
cnins secnndem t;nn veternin (n'l neotericor snppntatione .')400 
miliaria >;;ernnuii('a ('i)ni|)lectitnr. 

/olio, half rnlf. Colon. Aj/iip, 1.594 

TKRTHK, J. Haptistk I>U. Ilistoire Ceneiale des Isles de 
S. Christo])he, de la (inadalonpe, do la Martini(pie, et antres 
dans rAineri(pie. On Ton vena retahlissenieiit des Colo- 
nics Francoises, dans <'es Isles ; etc. 

1^1. rrlliini. /'mis, I.anijlois, 1(554 

THOMAS, C.AniiiKi,. An Historical ami (Jeo.Ln'aijhical ac- 
connt ot the Trovince and Connlry ol' rcinisv Kania ; and of 
West-New-Jersey in America. . . . Willi a IMan of liolli 
countries. I2;;(«. luilf nior. London. A. Jhddwin, 1(;!>8 

TIIOIMAS, (JAiuiii;!.. An Historical Description of tlie IVo- 
vinci! and Country of West-New-.Iersey in America. A short 
view of their Laws, Cnstoins and l{eli;ri<in : As also the Tein- 
perament of the Air and Climate: The liilness of the soil, 
with the vast Produce of Hice, 'he Improveinent of their 
Lands (as in Kiigland) to Pasture, Meadows, iVc. 

\'lnio. nil/\ ijilt cilipn, London, 1 (IDH 

I'lioMAs. The same work ; a fac-simile reprint for II. A. 
Hrady. I/,.. New York, 1H48 

Thomas. (!ontinnalio der lieschreihunj,^ der LandschafH. 
P(!nsylvania' an deiien Knd-(}i'iintzen America. IJher vorif^e 



r- ' .Vt 




(li'H Ilorni I'iistdiii IJi'latinncs. Wi'lclicm Tractiitlciii tiocli 
licycrofii'vct siiiil: Di'S IIii. Diinicl Kalckncrs Uiirffcrs iiml 
Pilgrims in Pt'iisylviiiiia r,l.">. Mtij>. 

\2iiiii. i-hilli, riirr. Fntncl.-fiirl iivd fjcljclij, I 702 
In (lie VDliiiiic is 11 miiiuisciiiil Iranstiillon In I".iiRli«li of Kalckiicr'.i l.i^tlcr. 

•2472 'I'llOMS, Wii.i.iAM 1. 'I'lii" Hook of til.' ( 'oiirl ; llxliihitin;.'- 
History, Duties, and I'rivili'.iics of llif several ranks of tlie 
Kn.L'lisli Nuliililv ami (ientrv. Mn. ml cIdIIi, /.idkIoii, 1844 

247:; THIlliAN'rHrMC h'Aii.WAV (4'lie) ; lis Loealion, Features 
and Advantages under the l,a Sere (irant of ISC.!). Mdji 
II 11(1 riiilcs. ^ro. rl'illi, New Vorl:, l.S(i!» 

2471 'rilATCMKU. (lislory of rUniontli. is:'.;).— Week's His- 
tory of Salishm-y, Vermont. —Tlie Ufide of Fort Kdward. 
IH.'il).— Tuekerman's Jlemorial of (Ireenongli. IS.");}. — A 
Detail of some particular services jicrformed in America. 
N. Y., 1S,">.'). — Tomes' Hxpedilion to .lajian. — Chronicles of 
('oojierstown. 1S;1,S. — Watson's Historic Tales of Olden 
Time. I'hila., Ls;!;'.. — iv\lraets from the IJecords ol' Col- 
chester. Hartford, 1«(;4. — Tamier's ^'iew of the Aliddle 
Stales. — Taylor's History of ten I'.aptist Churches. 151oom- 
lield, 1S27. — Dictionary of Knowledge. iMjvIha-, 1.") co/s. 

247!* TUACTS. The Hights of Creat I'.ritain Asserted against 
the Claims of America : heiiig an answer to the Declaration 
of the Ceneral Congress. I,ond.. 1720. —The Constitutions 
of the. several Independent States (d' America: Tiie Deelara- 
li(,n of Independincc. I.ond.. 17S2.— The Supernaturalism 
of New Kngland. Lond.. 1SJ7.— Slate of Trade in the 
Northern Ccdonies considcri'd. Loud., 1748.— Case of the 
l'lai;ters of Tobacco in \'irginia. r,ond.. 177;!. 

liHji'lliir. i) nilit. 

24 7.') Tkavki.s of several Learned Missionaries f)f the Society ol' 
Jesus, into Divers jjarls of the Andiipelago, India, China, 
and America. 8ro. (•«(/', Liuiiloii, 1714 

217(; THEVENOT. IJecneil de Voyages dc Mr. Thevenot. 

Dedie au Hov. ■'-■;(/. 8c(). Willi :\ fuliliiifi inaiis nnd 

:'i pliiU'-i, rill/, i-i'il I'llijca. raris, Jlirlinlli-f., 1()82 

riic following iire llic CDnltnls :— 

1. Duconvcitc lie (iiiilinics piiys ct niillons i\v rAnicrii|iH' Scplcntrlonali'. 

Kxplieatioii <ic la Ciii-tc ik' la ilrcoiivcitc (Ic la Ti-n'i' (I'lclnKr, aii dclii de lu 
Xouvelli) Zcinlilo, i<; iks roiitrs pour i)assci- par k' Nort an .laptiii, ii liiCliliit'. 

;t. Voyage d'uii Ambassaili'.r .pir lo I'zaar de Jloscovie eiivoya par terre 
a In ( liiae. 



4. Dlscoiirs sur I'lirt di- la NiivlKiilicin, iivccqiiclqiici Pri.bldniesqiil fpuvi'iii 
Hup|)l<<i-r en imrtic cc igiil ihuikjiic it iiii Art »l iH'ecsmilrc. 

ft. l-is HislDlrcs iiiihir.'ll.s <lc I'KiilK'iri.Tc vt (III CiiniilliH on lirrnnrd 
rUcniiil.. l),-.,iH..« & iT|.r.sriii<-.,... |,Hr I.-jkiiits |mr Mr. Swrtiiitii<rili...ii, |i(>iir 
Hcrvir <li' Siipli-uKiil ii c,. ,,„• Ari^-li.t,. it Irs iititrrs cii mil .•(Tit ; Tii.Vs iivrc I.'h 
V..y.iK..s |MTC...I,.|H (III Kiniiil dos OiivriigoH <1.. I''c, i,iil sVst H-ml- clirz 
Mr. Tliivciiipl. !'|iil(S. 

(I. Lv Caliiiii.t <U. jrr. .Svviiintiicnlniii, on CiitalDKiic (I'liiscclcs, etc. 

24 77 TiiKViCNOT. I{,.lali.iti.s ,U: Divers Voyngos CiiricMix, qui .roni 
point csli! piiMiw.s, et (lu'dii a trndiiit on tiiv .Ics Origiruiiix 
«Ies Voyii-cur.s Fnuirois, l«;.s|mgii(,Is, AJIciniiiMls, I'orUigais, 
Aiiglois, Ildliaiiilois, IVrsaiis, Aralu-.s & iLiilri's Oricntaiix. 
<lontK';o.s an pul.lic par Ics soiiis <\o f,.,i M. Mclchis.-dec 'I'lu'ivc- 
not. Lc tout (■niiciii .k- ligurcw, de piantcH non (li'critcs. 
d'Animanx incoiinn.s a I'Kurope, & do Cartes (Jeojrrapiiiquo.s, 
qui! n'oiit point encore ete pnhliees. Novvelle ediliiin, Aii-;- 
nientt'e de plii.sieur.s Ifclation.s 

(> vols. /(,li„, old. ml/. J'liris, Crniiioisjj, KJGd 
Th.HoTK.tM "Uihiliom ih Dimrs VoyoncH Cnrieuji;" alllioufrh lv»» cxtoii- 
«iv.. than III., collwllons oflio l!ry, llnlsins, iin.i |-iii<-lias, is, m■v<.rlIl.■l.-^ on,. 
<if VMliiahl.. sirirs olrarly voviiKCs iiikI liavils wliicli wcio (•hII..(1 (orlli by 
IlK' KHMi! (N'sirr of tli.. inil.iic In tl,,. srvrnLrntli <Tiilnrv, lo bear ol newly .'x. 
|iIoi<.(1 fonnlri.s and lo ica.l tli.. ailv.nlnr.s onrav<.|lcis in ihr then liitlc-knowii 
Ivisl, as «,ll as in the mvvly .liscov. r<.l Western World. Ihe ^'real bibli- 
o;,'n.iiberH have f;iven exMii.led not ires of the work, «hi|e Camas has lilled a 
.inarlovolnim. of (oar hnndre.l liases wilb bi.s Jlenioires on the CollectionH of 
De I!ry ami Thevcmit. 

Melclii/.e.lek Thevem.t was a man skilled in the science of bis <lay and in 
foreiRii l«n;,.ua-es. ll<. held positions of liiKb rank nnder the Krencli govern, 
inent, an.l was an ..nllmsiasl.c coll.Ttoi- of rare hooks and niannscrii.ts, ami, in 

bis stndies, devoted particniar attention to ly voyajres and travels. His 

astes ami his sindies were the inc. ves that led biin to form his collection' 

mleerl, be seems to Iikm' bec^n in all ies;)ect.s sucb a nntii as Pnrchas aa<l llak- 
I uy I . 

The colh.ction jmhlished by Thevenot consist.-, of four parts, and embraces ■. 
large miinber of "y.'W<,(,o„," illustrated with maps aial plates, each se|)arately 

2478 TFII<:Via\ Amnik. La Cosmogniitliie Vniv.-rscjle. llhs- 

treo tie diver.sos (igvre.s dcs pi ,s reniai-qvaldes veve.s 
par rAnlenr, y incogiienes de noz Aneiens ifc JModernes. 
2 vols, folio, half hluv mor. extra, top edge (jilt. 

Parts,; J'icrrc UHuilUcr, \blh 

2479 Tjikvkt. Cosmograpliie Universellc. (Tlie second vohnne, 


2480 TiiKVKT. D'Aiigovlesine. Co.smographie dii Levant, (pp. 

214andTtible.) >^m. folio, old calf. 

A Lyon par Ian de Tovrncs et Gvil. Gazeau 1554 



340 II. C. MtllM'HY LinitAIlY. 

2iH\ TIII^VKT, Andiik. Lo?< Siii^'iiliirilfz df In Kniiici- milartitpio, 
iivlrciiu'iit nomiiiet! Amt'ri(|iin: it ili' iilu.Hii'ui'H 'ri-rri'M t*i. Isli's 
iK'coiiiicrlcs (li! iioslro ti'iiips. 
■\lo, iliiv. iiior. cxlra, ijlll i lA/rs, Jiij lliilfnnL 

I'ltris, C/ir:: Irn liiiltiirs ilc Mumicv dc hi I'inic, \^>!'>7 
Klrat i'(lilli)n. SoM at Hie Inlr SuiiiIciImikI miIc, I.diiiliin, I'nr X ir. 

'2IS2 'I'liKvirr. I,cs Siiij.Milaritii'.H do la I'"iaiiri' Aiitarcliiiiu', I'tc. 

1^). (■('(/ iiior., (lilt (i/;/r.s. I'liils, S. Chdiilr, ITji'iM 
2'18.'> 'I'lii'.VKT. Lcs Siiiniilaiitii's dc la France Antarcli(im', t'tc. 

l'2ni<). Iihic iiitir. i:iini, i/ill ((/i/rs. i'lu'n'tiiplilr I'lunliii, iriTtH 

2481 ;!r%f^j-z.llljr. riir Jictu | fountJ luoillir, or | ^\\t 
nrttfKc, \uhrvc(u Us coi'taf i urU tajcntrrful nnlr 
atinuflf I ihfnos, n.'j lurll of humnCuc ci-rn | (urrs, 

lis lioasti's, l-'islios, Fonlcs, and Scr | ju'iils, Trees, I'lants, 
J\Iiins (d' 1 (iidde and Silner : f;ariui-lied \villi | many leanieil 
anllmrities. | Iranailed and wiillen in llie French | long, hy 
that ex<eih'nl learned | man, nnt>ter Andrewe | 'I'hevet. 

■ilo. Tvd 

iiitir. cxlra, </ill filijr.s ; nin 

IaiikJuii, Jloiiij lti/)iiii mini, ITiOS 
248.") TlIOl'IN, (iAisniKi.. I'lans IJaisonnc's de toiites les eKjieces 






III Julio, liiiiirila. Pill-itt, Lihrijiir, 182.S 

248(> 'ril'".IiF. Menudre 15ihli(i,L;raphi(Hie snr les Jonrnaiix des 

lans les collectionH dc 

innies nan 

Nasi:;atours Neerhuidais leini) 

])c I'lry et tie lliilsius, et dans les c(dlectiiins Ilti.landaises dii 



iimr. i/iu idf 

ll hill. Aiiisliriliiiii , 1H(')7 

2488 TfliOMAS] T[IU)H()W(i()()I)]. Vindicia' dndaoi iim, uv. 

I I I'lic accin 

ml (if the Jews, llein"' n 

lore accnrat'lv ilins- 


trated then hert'tol'ore. 

•\lii. ciil/\ Lmiilii 

{Tin: linn hvliiw Loiuhm ciil <;//'.) Hiiirij Jtfoiiic, KKJO 

This is iKit 1111 «'iiliir)!;iHl edition, in iiiMiiy iiilVr, of llii' Jiirs hi Amtrim by 
ttie siiiiit' iiutlior, but u di.ttiiict work in cuntimmtiuiiol'tlial |iiibli»lii<l in 105(1. 

248'J TMOKOWCOOl), Tiio. lewes in America, or, I'r(d)al)ili- 
ties '1 it Llu! Americans tire ol'tiiat Kiice. Witii the rcmovall 


soim; contrary reasonings, 

d ciiriiost desires for etl'ectiiiill 

endeavours to make them Christian. Ato. calf. 

I.iiiidnii, \V. II. for Tho. Shthr, IGuO 

2490 TIIOMIVSON, IJicn.iamin F. The History oF Long Island ; 
i'rom its Discovery and Settlement, to the I'resent Tiiiie. 
Portrait, 2 fuln, Hro. half inor. top yiU, New York, 184*5 



C Isli's 

I :)('.« 

, i'»r)8 



24!)| TIIOMI'SON, Tik.mas. I. A Ldl... (n.m N.w .Ic soy in 
Aincricii, <ri\iiig hhiiic A<'<'oiiiit ami l)('scii|ilioii ol' tlml IVo- 
viiicc. |>|i. I'd. I.oiiil., IT.")!;. 

II. A Disi-itiirs,' i-i'liitiii,' lo III" I'nMiuit, TiiniM, udlnv-t-d-il to l.ln* 
Hcriuiis cuiisidciiiiiiiii ul'ilii' I'lililic. pp. 27. Loud., I7"t7. 

III. All Account oC Two i\Ii,HMioimry Voyiijr,.s liy i|i,. Appoiiil- 
niciit ol' ilic Society jortlic rropajraiioii oC tlic (Jospcl in 
Forci.Lni I'liit.M. 'I'lic one to New .Icr.scy in Norili AincricNi, 

p|.. HI. 


It* oilier Ironi Aniericn |o the ('oasr of ( 


Loud., 17.-).S. 


II mil' vo/HlW. Hri). iiilf, Lnmlii 

In iKMIiitiii to 111,. 111,.,.,, tiai'lsil, 

lliilliKh iiikI 

lOIIIC (llllIT llci'JIsliililll I'll' 

<i'i-ilpiMl, liy 'riiiiiiiits TliiiiiipHdii, IMC iiIkii 
liy Wllilaiii Tiin-'tiill. p|). .'il. 

a. I. 

l.<Mi(|..ii, irid. And, " Immm Tcp|iMj,'nii,lili'al l.cil.Ts, wrilliii In .Inly, ir.Vi, npoii 
Mih)' I lii-dHf-li llfilldrpMiii-c mill oilier I'dimllcH rinm iiilniil an In l.oii 

I." pp. HIP. NcwciHiic ii| 'rmc, ir.'ir. 

Iii>i<l(' Ilic I'dv. !■ U II iiiiiiiiiM-il|il iicniiiiil i.f Mr. ■ninnipMon, liy wliirli II a|i 
pears llial lie win iiinile l.y liir \nlilii^lin)i i,l' ( :»ii||.rl.nrv, In I'Dr, oiii- iif lli(. »l.v 
pri'ilclirrs drcaiilerliiirv Ciillinlral. 

I, ITiOh 



lOllH W 


, lOOO 

&rirft bv 




, IGoO 
slaiid : 


2I!)2 THOMAS.SV, 1{. (i 

lo;4ie l'liilii|iie ije la Lonisiiin 


I/'). //(///' ///■(///' 

// iiinr, r.r 

Irir, ijill lop, I'lu-ls, 1H(;0 

•ili»;5 THO.MA.S, IsMAii. The llisloiv „r I' 

Willi a l!iodra])liy ol' I'linteri, and ai 
2 mis. Hrii. nIk 

rinliii;? in Aiiicrica, 
I account, of Newspapers. 

2I!)4 TIIO.Ml'SON, T 

iii'/i, rare, 


IIOMAS. All .Accoiiii! of T 




oya-,'c.s. liie one to New .lersev ill North America, llii! 

otiiiir lo IIki (!oasl of ( 

Juiiicy. Hrii. Iiminh, Liniilnn, I 7;'»,S 

2I!»;-. TIIO.-M.SON, Ciiaui.ks. 

Old Teslanieiil. 'I'raii. 

■1 nils. Hi: 

2(!)(; rilOHNTON, doiiN w 


ivenaiit, conimonlv culled ih 

ited IVom the Sep|iia;,'iiit,. 


I'vi-if .sen I'd 

/'lliliulrlnlii'll, ISOH 

IMiATK. The Land 

inir a 


ir. The Charter of the lirst periiiaiieni 
)(' the Jlas.sacluisetls Coiiipatiy. Mini 

ipc Ai 

coloin- on Ih:' ( 


rliil/i, /losloii, i,S")| 

2I!)7 TIHJRLOK. .I.iiiN. A ( 


ion of Stale Papers. Contaii 

\n<r aiillieniic iMemorials of Knolisli AH'airs, from the Ve 
l();jS to the Hcstoratioii of Kin,;; Charie.'i II. 

7 vols, folio, calf, rehiickviljinc cop;/, homloti, 1712 
'■l!'H THOMAS, ( of Sodor and Man.) The Knowledge 

and Practice of Christ 

laiiity made easv (o t 

Cnpaeitie.s : Or, an Essay toward 

le iiieaiK^sl 


•s an Iiislnielion i'or U 



\itnu. sheep, Loudon, 171:5 






I' ! 


•^-IH H. 0. Miiiu'iiv r.rnitMiY. 

241K) TIIOHNK, Jamks. Hanibl.'.s I.y Hiveis. The Tlium.'B. 

4 vuIh, \2)iii>. rhilfi, Lotidou, 184!) 
'Ihm 'VWUWV A'A^S. Flisioriii Vinlainlia' Aiili<|nii' hcii Aiiu'riciu 

'■iijilciiti'ioiiiilim. IHm'/. nld nil/, imc, Jlarnlir, ITOf) 

2f)OI 'I'OlJKJ'illS, 'riioK^oiin. (iroiilaniliu Atititiuu, hi-u Vi'teriH 

(tniiiliiiiiliiv il('.«cri|ttio. 

\Hinn. iilil v(ilf\ (lilt, inr\ I/d'uiu;, 1706 
2r)02 'I' riroiiliiiiilia Aiili(|iia, <imi N'ctfn'is (•rmilanilia! 

ili'.'O'rilitio, fic. \Hi,i <. (lid Viilf, Utini'nv, ITIT) 

■iW)". TICKNon, (Jkukok. History uf Sjmnisli [,it"ratiirn. 

.■> I'oAs, jllisl (Sc). llnlli, I'lDshill, 18()4 

•im\ TIMi'.KHI-AKK. Tlio Mcinoii.^ of Ijcul. Henry riiiilicrlakr, 
(who accom|iaiiieil (In- Thi-ct' Ch'ToUfi' Indians to l\nj;;lan(l 
ill the Yi'ar 17(52,) containing Wliatrvor he ohwrvi'tl rcniark- 
ablc. up wortliy ol' piildie Notice, during,' his Travels lo ami 
I'roni lliat Nation ; while' i tlie Country, (Jovcriinicnt, (Jeniiis. 
and C'listoiDS (d' tlie Inhaliilants, are aiilhenliraily desciiheil. 
Mop (1)1(1 jildlc. I'liilrail (i/WiinifiKii", C/iiiJ' n/' /lie ( .'licro/ice. 
Xiilli))!, Iiisciiid. Hcd. I'dlf, Ikii/v iMijicr^ Landuu, 17()5 

'if)!);-) TJASSKHS, .Iuiian. Zee I'.ditie der N'ereeniclide Nederlan- 
deii \'ertho(',;it in ecu 'I'alel, Kiidi' twee ixh'\ no lionken, 

lpeS<din'\ill. {'2 riijiifS.) -ilii. r IhllK, (lldlill- lldiir, I 'ifi'i 

2;-)()(! 'I'OD, Col.. .l.i.MKs. Annals and j\iili(iiiitiis of'lian, or 
the Central and Western Uajpoot States cd' India. \]'itli 
immcroitu Jiiie (•iiiji(it:h)(is hi/ Fiiidin, imd lurijc hkiji. 
■_' loh. rni/iil [III. liodi-dK, iinnil, \ku\ scAlici;. 

I.,nid,i,i, lK2!t-;i2 
A nijiy is iiiiii'ki'cl X I'.'. lljs. <>ii ii liilr I.iiiiiluii ('iitiilnKUi' of II. Sollii'riin. 

2r)t)7 Tones in lli • Laws of Kni^iand, eonlainiiiL', Media, apt for 
Arjriiiiienl, and resolution of haw Cases: also, I'l Exposition 
of several words, not toneiicil hy fornu^r ( Jlo.s.sarii's. 

12))(r). vcKiim, Lomliiii, ll.l'i 

2;V)!) rOKlMCS KLTUO, 1). w.. Arte y Vocahidario i\>- la l.-nj^ua 
(.^uichiia liciH'ial de los Indios de el I'erii. 

\'ltiin. Sjnuilt^li li'iillirr, IJiiiii, n[tl 

2510 TOKivl'.Y, Jkssi:. .\ I'orlraitaiv of Doniestii! Slav tn jn the. 
United States. 1H1«. — Watson's Historic Tales (d Olden 
Time. l«;]-'.-Hn-,'iai,..ts of Westchester, hy W. W. Wald- 
ron. 18()4. — A Tour throuj^li Upper and Lower Canada. 
179!).— Waiieii's Sketches of Chautauqua County. 184G. — 



'Ji> I I 



IT) 1 4 


-'6 Hi 

l'."i I H 

Dimnjm- (,r ij,e l».j.ti,Ml Clnircli nini SoriVty, l.y I. Tn.^iiti. 
184A — VVwni.-' LircM.f VVillinin I'cnn. 1n1'2.- Stivics «,f 
Hio HfHliiHliM.-. ill AincMini. 1 THC.- Ui.lmm's I.cctiiivs on 
^^''■"•'"••"'''- '«•'-'• ln;,rlhrr, 10 r./s. 

TOIU^lLAJADA, ,Iian i.i;. I{ii,i„l,.H y Hr„MHi ',;„ Iii,|iai„i. 

coil H Oli.ri,, s g„,.|ni,S ,1,. |„,S Il„li„.S (),Ti.U.|||;.U.., ,!»■ SIIH 

rohlacioiics, Diwiiliiiinii-nlo, ('nii(|Mi.s(ii8 y otniM < nmni- 
vlllosiiH .Ic la iniHiiia lii-rra, <li.slril.iiy<los on nvs toiiins. 

.'{ viih. I'lill,,, rd/iiiii, ,)/,!, hid, 172.'! 
TOVVNSKNI), ,l..i,N K. \„,mliv.- of a ,)o„n,..v acn.s. il,.. 
Kocky Moiiiitaiii.s (o ll,,. ('„l,ual,ia IUslv, imiiI a vi.MJl to (lio 
Samlwicli I.-lnud^, (liili, ^\;.,.. 

Sro. rlulli, nrif HCfircr, /'/li/nilrfiiliin, IH,'!!) 

TOUWSKM), I'in.i! S. An Account of tlic V. ||„\v Fever, 

as it prevailed in N,w Via'k, in the Snninier and Aiitnnin of 

''^' 8t«- I'l'nrdu, Xrir )■„,/■, i,si!;i 

'lowNsr.Ni,. A Me rial of .I,d,n, Henry, and Iv'i.l.ard 

'J'own.M-nd. and their DiM'endanls. 

. ^'^o. vlul/i, .\cir y,,,/,-^ |^(;r, 
'ri{AF)KS(ANI', .loiiN. i^Insenin 'rrade.-cantiammi, or, a 
Colleclion (d Haritie.M preserved at S(,utli I,/nid.etli, Lon- 
don. 2 I'orlmih. hi/ lliillnr. 

\-2iiio. n,l/. London, J. (! .ismoml, H\;a\ 
Till,. WHS (lie llr-t Df iiiitiiral nii Idsttica (oriiinl in Kiil-IhihI. 1i „„» 
rt.pc«..'» I" tlu- .A.l,.m,l..»« Mummm,,, ,.t Ox,„r,l. Ti». rra.l.Maul. ww,.K«,,l..,u.r» 
lo Cliiiili's I., aij'l his (fulfil llciii ji'tui Miiria. 

Tui.:ntk Codes des Krain^'ai.s. 12/-^). i\;uch ,;dj\ Paris, \H\[ 
TUACY, .losKPil. Ilis^tory of tl,e Anieriean l!..,n,| of Coni- 
iiiiHwioners for Kin'eiL'ii iMisHions. 

Her). IhiI/ rinlh. New , ,/■, 1,S-12 
TiJAiTi./. 1.10 I'Aix .', 'is .Hire S. M. |e Koy ,|e Franco ,-t. los 
IndieiifS dn Canada, I'aix avr.. |es Ir(i(|nois de la Nation 
TsonnoiiSan. (, I tJt.IC-avec les lro(|noi.s de la Nation 
d'Onnei.Sl. (^nel.e.- \W,{\ ■ ;,vec le.s In ,,noi.s de hi Nation 
irOnnontugiie KjOtJ, ])|i. i:>. 

\h>. }iv,r rtUiivt. I'aris, rramoi.^i/, J6«7 

'I'l.'AN.'-AiTioN.s of ilie Annriean I'liil, M,,|,ieal Soeiety, held at 

I'liiludelphia, for I'roinoling U.seliil Knowled^ V(d.s. 1 and 2. 

■2 I'oh. 41.0. sheep, I'liilndvlfliia, 1781 






2 '.2 7 


II. (;. MlMtl'llY I.IIIUAIIV. 

'I'llANSVF.VANrs. IK- Molvre-is iimnliH, it.-iiii|ii(> iiliJK phi- 
ribiiN ininiiicli-*, (|ii:i' noiiinHinm CHHrcIlmKirum imiii^utio Su- 
r(Tii.'*s. IiiipiTfiliiri-* Cnntli V. miHpicio Hnsccptii, mipcr innts- 
iiil : IMiixiiiiiliiini TniiiMh^Mii ad Ii'i'vcri'iidiMs. ('nrdiiiiildiii 
Siilt/l)iir;:t'iiscin fpistidii li'cdi per i|iiiiin iiiciindii. (Colo- 
phon :) ('oloiilir ill ii'ilihiiA Hiirhiirij ('rriiirni'iii, 

M.K.xxiil. 12»"i. '•'/(/', I'crif raip, 

TiM'.ATV Ill-Id will) ilic Iiidiiiiis of the Siv Niiiiuiis, nt I'ldliidi'l- 
pliifi, in .Inlv, 1712. p(). 2."). 

/olio,, liiilf luiii'. i'liilmhliJii,,, It. F,:i,,Lliii, 171;) 

TuKATii.s <)i' riCAt'i:, Alliiinci', nnd I'dinmcn .•, liotrtocii fJmit- 
Hiitiiiii mid dtliiT rowers. (Vdin tint Ifivoiiitidii in ICHS. 

2 roln. Hid. ciiI/\ f.iniildn. 1772 

THHATIKS. A ( Ji'ihtuI ColU'ction (d' i'lcniics, l)ccl;initii)ii» 
(if War. lAlaiiirc.-l(..-., and otiicr I'nhlic I'ap.rH ivlalinj.' to I'eacn 
'•'"1 War. .| ,o/n. Hro. c.iilf, Loii,/„n, \7H> 

I'KKADWKLI., DvNiM, M. A .VIun(>-,'iapli, on I'rivutely- 
llluMtratod Hooks. A I'loa Cor liililioniania. 

Hro. jiiijirr, mini/, Urnol.-hri , 18M| 

TUOM.OrK, Amiionv. (Mt-y Farm. . A Novid. lIluMtia- 
t.'d l)y 1. K. MiilaiH. Hi;,. ,-Ii,/!u Nrw York, 18(12 

TKOTT, Nicholas. 'I'Iic Laws of lli.. liriiisli I'laiitafions in 
Aiiun-ica, rulatin;; lo liic (luiicdi and the Clcr'jy, U,li;,'ioii and 
Learning. j'ofio, calf, n-r;/ nnun-. For I'.. Cuirsr, 

ImIIi!i)II, 1721 

THlJMr.lil.L, I'.KN.iAMiN. A I'll a ill Vindiealion of'tiiu ('on- 
necticut Title lo theeontesl.'il hands, lyin;; West, of ilie Prov- 
ince of New Voil;. Hi;,. IiiiI/,;,1J\ K, ii-.//,,,,,,, 1 774 

THl'IMIUILL, IlKNiiv. ni>tory cS (lie Discov.ry of Amer- 
ica, oClJK! F.andin;,' ol' onr Koref'aijiers, at I'lymoiitli. Mai>. 

Hi;,. sli''cj,^ Novivif.h ., 1812 

TlUIMIJUFvL, .J. Ham.moni.. X.,|es on iMuty AI--oiikiii Ver- 
sions of Ihc Lord's I'rayer. Hro. srwril, //■n/foril, lS7;i 

TKUMIUILL, duiiN. MeFin-al: A .Alodeni Epic l>ocm, in 
Four Cantos. Kmhelli.-lied witli nine Copper I'iates. I'or- 
''■«''• ^fo. hoard'i, uncut, Nvir York, 171),') 

TKLMurij.. Autobiograpliy. K'eminiscence.s and Letters, from 
17r)(; to 1811. /'ortrai/. Hro. doth. New York., 1841 



2^3lTimMnn,,r.,HK.,.M,.. a ro...,.!-... rrnrory of On, ,i- 

«•"', ( n, u,„| K,...l...ia.sti.-al. Iron. ,1,.. l.:,„,>n.tio,. of i.s (Irst 
I |,,,„, Kn^lan-I, in il,,. Year |(;;|() ,., |7.;|. I>,„,,„;,_ 

iA.«:.> I.M, ,..,,.,.. Ano.lHM.,.opy. 2 rJs, Hro ./...p, mi 

26aaTS(IIllI)r,.I.J.v. Die,„ 

'i.M.T.TK,.:K. ,,.,.„. C.iM V (),,A„..;n,,ui..vwhatM..,.- 

ol„H,.a..nns. ..i,|,,,. ,., ,|„. Kn^lis • ,|,e Ammrans, tia, 

i"iv,Ml., ,S,,a,nanls, ,„• l)„t,.|,, IV.,,,, ,1,,. (Lvatrsl Vi,.ton..s, or 
8iU'«H>8)8i'8 ill ili(> IViiMont War? 

Hrn. hitlf mor. (iln,irvs/ci; I 7H2 

2;W.^ 'IVcKKU A„ ir,.,„I,I., A.l.livs. an.) Karnes, A,.,....! ,o .|.o«o 

.vs|,..,.taM.. ,...r.o„a;,a.s in (l.vat liriiain ai„l l.vlaial, wi.o l.y 

"""' -'•'•'" " ■'•'•'.la.R.nt in,! l',o,,.,.ty, Kic-- 

VM(..l K'ank, aiMl Kular^r,.,!,a.r tlu- aM,...t (o .In.l.r.. an.l 

^'"' "•"■^'""'"'•'■'- «-./.,//• /.,.,/o«"l775 

2;)3« 'irCKKiniAN, llKsuvT. Ani..ri.a an,l li^r (■o,nn..nh.,or.. 
^\ ill. a ( ndral Skotei, of Tmvd in tiit- Init...! ,S(aU.s. 

H/'<. (7o///, AV/r Ynr/c, 18C4 
ar.:)? TlUNKIf. O. ni,,,,,^ „,■ „,, ,..,„,,,,,. s„,„.,„,n. „f l-Hdns 
'""'<■"■• I'urHias... aii.l Morris I{..s.rM.._|"in,R.,.r Ilis- 
loiy -'I'iIk- IIo1I„i„1 I'nrdias.. in New Voik. 

2 ajl,. Hro half mur. top nhjo ,y,7/, Unchrslcr, 1H52 

2o^;;) Two I.KTTKKs: Tlu.oi... IVon, a DntHnnan lo his C.nvsnon.I- 

c.l .1. Kii.Man,!, llu, o,!,,,- an answer from li... sai.l Convs- 

1""'.K-Nt : 1,1 wliidi most things of Not., arc vory fully haialhMl. 

Hc«>. Inllf v„lj\ ll<,iiihlii(ih, \Vu-> 

2r,40 Tyi.OI,', K.nvA.M.. K^s^aivhos into .ho Karlv History of 
iMankind ami tiiu Devciopmi'iit of Civilization. " 

2.J41 niLKK, Life of sir Walter Haloi.^h, 
loiinded on Authentic Doeninents. I'.n-lruih. 

I •2/110. rlol/i, hnidoii, !«");) 

ufo rt utflfs suijrr toto iiJsnUrrfo. 

Jo/uKjiue copy, in eoulr.mponn-y hunlh,;,, rchndnl. Mn,p,ucic, 

jn'v J>. Sclioi/Jfa>; ].174 
TlM. v„ln,n,MVom tlic prrss of IVtcr Sdioim-, is |„i„„,,| „i,l,tlu. .am. tvne 
M.I hy lm„ a,ul Fust i„ M.eir e.ll.ion oCtl,.. liibl.. ,„■ „:•,, „ isubeuuin" .e 
.".on „l i,.naing, a...l u preciou, incun„OI, n-un, iUflf 

I I- 



n, C. MURI'IIY liinRAKY. 

2513 TIJRNKR. Tniits of Indiiui C'liiinu'tcr. 2 vols. 1836.— 
To|)();,n-iii)Iii('iil Description of Ohio, ludiiuia IVrritory, oUv 

1812. — Simininry view ( 

if the Miifiini'il Cliiircli, (Sliakiir.s.) 

l,S2;i — Henry Tfiiiiihiiir.s Discovery of Aiiieriea. 1812. — 
Tiipiier's llyinii for all nations, 18."(1, in tlii''ty 

London. — Tudor's Miscellanies. 1.S21. — Mi'inoii-; 

V •.ijruages. 
I . Aiitiionv 

15cne/et. 1817. — Hev. Anthony Verren, ol'tlie Fn .■ch Kpis- 
copal Clnireli, diidgcd by liis Works. 18 10. — Wilder'.s His- 
tory of i.eoininsler. 18.");!. iiiijrlhvf, 10 voh. 

25-14 UDKM.Vll.S, (1. 'T;^ccstolyck Rocr van't Coopn-uis Scliip. 
Dal is : Troiiwhericlit, hoc dat ecu Coopvaedcr, lieni sclvcn 

(irairen nioel in 



de in ()orlo"rcc 

(itid, endc I\Iens(dun 

nsondcrlievdt onilcr dc^ \U^y- 

(lencn ni 





I), nninil 

Dnnlrrrhf, XtWO 

2545 Ul'DlKK, Wilkins. ISIeiiioirs of llie IJliodc Island 

Sn,. rliilh, llnsl<iii, 1812 

254G rrniKK. History of the K|) C'lmrch in Narraganselt, 
Rhode-Island ; incdtidin^' u History of otiicr Kpiscopul Churches 

in tiie Slate. 



'•cni ararcc. 

Yorl.-, 1847 

2517 rRl'..\N(). Arte Hreve de la leniiiia Otonii, fonipnesta p )r el 

V. fray Alonzo Urliano, de la on 

N. P. S. Aii'-iistin. 

All), a lirii'ilijiilli/ icrilUit tiniKiisrriiil of :W jkiiji'h^ (/rccii. mor, 

cxtrn, ijill I'ihjfx; ti iiiadiTii. Irunncrijit. 

2548 IRIt'OKCHICA, E. Mapoteca Colnnihiana. Colcccion dc 

los Titidos de todos los IVIapas, I'lanos, Visli 



a i\nu'.ica Kspaf 

r.rasil, c Islas advacente: 

8(-'). Iidlf iiior. top tthjc ijill, 

il, lj<indon, 1800 

2540 ri!i((>K<'iii:A. firaiiiniatica Frases, oracioncs, cathecismo, 


fcssionario y vocahulario de la leniiiia chihcha. 


n.iijoln, 1801 

2550 rRIN(!. A History of the Voyages find Travels of (.'apt. 
Nathaniel I'ring, with New Draughts of the Hay of Hondu- 

ras am 

1 the Caribbee Island- 

iSro. (•(( 

//', Ldiidoii., 1727 

2551 fliSAl.INIvS de (Jnebec, depuis leur elablisscnient jusiiu' a nos 

jours. A M. D. (I. Tome premier, (all printed.) 

Hro. half (due innr. lopidtjc (jilt, QiKdirc, IHCu) 

2552 FRLSl'KRCjiFR. Aniericanisches Ackerwerk Gottes, oder 

Zuverhissi,i!;c Nachrichlon, den Znsiland der Americauisch 
Eti'diseheu und von Saltzburgischcn Fmi^n-anten erbauteii 





2.') 51 


Vl]-Mu\t EI,e,u./or in Oeorgion LctrofTcd, a,,., ein- 
gosHiH.ko.i -!aMl,;ro„ Di^ri^ri ffcio.n.nen, etc. Portrait 
or Bol/Jus. Also, Au.sful.rii,.ho Nad.ri.l.t vo,. -icnSalt.l.ur- u-n lMn,;r,-aur..r., ,Ii,. «i,,|, i,, A.norica nic.lcrfroia.sscn l.abnn 
Hullo 1 ,41. to,jc//,rr, ■, vols. 4to. in 4, haf/ maroon mor. 

rare, ydl cd;,r,, vn-u tail audfmc copy, A,njshurq, 17.V1-(J7 
The .■(.nliiniali,.,! of ilio Amtfuhrhehe Xnchriehten. 
U!SSI':LINCX, W.i..,rAM. Argonavticd Gvstaviaim ; Das ist ; 
N<.t Na,.l. UiH.t v.,„ .icr N-wo,, SooPuhrt Ka-tT-,,^; S„ vo„ .K.,n Weilan.It AIler.l,nvl,l.„cl.ti.rsto„ 
^.•o«.>nad.ti;,.st.., vn,| SiogreiH.cstcn,,, vun.i iLrrn, 
U^vvn ,vstavo A.l.,lph,. Magno, .... Ko„ig G,„sz-Fiirstc„ 

111 iMIIIillltKlt, etc 

/'>//■), vvMhiu, FrmickfuH am Mni/n, 1G33 

,■„,„„, , '"' f.iistiiviH Aildlpim, KirjL' of .Swericn 

n ; i::;::; r:':: t "^' "'^' •■^"""'""-■^ -"• ^ -—*... .o„„L,;; r: 

'";""' ,'" ""^ *''•'■'""" l"'"l'l''. ""'I <■« 'iully (o thos,. who ,i4 the 

c.s^:.:^Ai;;;;i,::^;::i::;r-z::;,:;::::^ «.........„,„. «, 

(ISSKLINCX. Discours hy Form,- van Konionstrantic • vcr- 
vaten.lo ,lo n..o,lsa.,.kdicid,(.y,l van ,h.,lis,.l,c \avi- 
^'''■"V""' T ''■ 4/0. rod mor. !,>lf .d,,.s, urn 

tlu. V IThIIm ^""r""^""" "'--">■ "f "-iP'tion ,o <h.. Kas, .„„i;., ■; which 

IJSSELINCX. Octroy ,»fto Privilegio so,, l,y den . . . Floor 
...staofr,,!,, ,l.r Swclcn . . . Koningl., ( in 
I'lnland, Ilcrtogl, tot Cliosfn ,>n.l,. Carcl.M.. Ilc-or tot In-ror- 
iiuuiland, &<•. " 

4fo. />,d/ red mor. (h-arm-IImja. Acrt Meurix, \(V21 
lianslal.Ml ,„,o (Jennan nn.l publisl „, S(«,:khol,n i„ KV'fi, and aftorwanl, 

>< waMnnis a....l in,o U„. ,i..naan,.,. it was pnn,.... in l.uH.h ' 

xJ^J^Z' '"'• """ '"■ ' "'•' " ""• '''"' '"'" '■'"■'■■ '"= ""'>■ "«'- «" 

irsSKLlNCX. Nacnl,.r I?,Hioncking,.„, ov.r .lo .co-vaonit 
Cooj.han.Iol end,- N.'oringI,.., als moAo ,!,- v,,rs,.k,>rin.r|„. van.l.n, 
Staet dosor vcrceni,:!..!,, Landcn, indc t.-l,enwoonli.d„! Vrcde- 
lii'n.lohngl.c met ,I,.n Coninck van Spangncin .Maio ,le Aorts- 
'"'■;,"-^'"- 4to. half mor. 1 7 leaves, 1 608 

Nitherlu,'!"' '"""" "" '"" '""■'«""""' <="■""'"«« """ '"'"'-f tln^ United 



n, 0. MlIRl'lIY MBKAUY. 

2:>57 USSKLINCX. Vci-too;,'!!, lioo iioohvciidicli, mit vwh Trofij- 
U'lick lict zyvDor vtMVoiiiglido Nedcrliindcii tc bidiiHisIi-i) do 
V^'vlicyt Villi to liiuidolcii op Wcst-Iiidifii, in den vri'di'. dc mot 
di'ii Coiiifk villi S|)!m;;i(ii. 

■l/(.. Inil/lillr, half ml viov. (IfiOS) 
Tills is the (■(•liiiiiiliM! work ol' I'si'liiin-x, in wliicli lie llist .sii^tscsls tli« 
Dutch West India ('(Miipniiv, iiml is the oiininiil of llic Krii'ltiiit, 
IHinlid ill llif rait" ICniilisli (.diiicm (il'.lai-iiiic l.r llcniiilc's iilaliiiii, llo. llV.'o, 

'2.)!)H I SSKMNC'X. (Jvondicli Di.-cmir-i, nvcr dcscii iUMi-sliiciidcn 
\'ri'de-liiiiid('l. .l^i. /,,(//' liilr. I,<il/ rnf mor. ICOH 

:^):>i) rSSKMNCX. Wjicrsclioiiwinoo Over d.'ii Tivvos met den 
Koiiiii^li Villi S|);ii,L!;iiioii. Al<>. half imn-. Vlii'xiiuji-ti, UVM) 

•i.'iOO [I'SSFJ.INCX.] Koi'lc Oiidcri'iclilinolio ciidc vcniiiicninfro 
mil iilli' lifllii'liln'is dcs Xiincrliindl'^ . . . iiidc Wcst-Iiidisidic 
('i)iniiii,L'iiic. .1,',,. IniJf rnJ vitir. Lrijilm, 1(;-J2 

■i:ii;\ rsSKIvIXCX. Aiisstrilirliclici' ru'riclit uIuT don ."Miinirosl : 
ftdor BiM-Ini^ Iiricll' dor Aiistnilis<'lioii odo;- Siidor Coinpiigiioy 
ill Kiiiiifrpoicli Sc'Iiwodoii. 

'1^>. /ml/ ninr. niiv. Slih-I.hnl m, ClirisfnffiT linistirr, HV2C) 

2;:t!-2 [I SSKLINCX ] Moiimrio viiiido ;^lio\viclili,ii(lo rodoncii dio 
i\v ]l. Stilt. Ceil. Iioiiiidi'oii to lu'ViOulioii. (1111 LrliooMsiiis to 
wijokoii viiiiiKt liiiiidoliniilio oiido viiort viiii Iiidioii. pp. S. 

■llo. hal/lillr, ri',1 iiior. ijill rdijrs, [KiOf^] 

2.")!;;! [I'SSKLINCX.] Andordo DiscoiirH liy Kormii viiii Missivo 
.... Oost oiido \Vost-Iiidi.;idio Xiivigiitio, oto. 

M'l, half fi (J iiior. A/iim 1022 

t>;>(;;!* rssKLINCX MAXrS('UIl"l-S. A imokn-o coiitaiiiiii- 

VHrioiis niaimsciipls ciipi.-il (Voiii llic Ardiivfs at (lii' lla^'iic iclaliii^' U> William 

rssoliiicx, lor .Ml-. Mnrpliy. (i !' Ihc-^c is slylirl " IJcsoluiiinis of Itic Slalcs 

tifliiTiil ri'latiiifito W. I'ssiliiirx, !ii , iii(.iii,,ii;il< ami piiijiM-H IVoiii 1(111 till UH7, 
and likewise (il'lhc iiicinorials |iiimii|i .i l,y liiui to that Miviieiftii liody. Oitolier 
la, It'.H, and .lannaiv. 1(11.".." 

Anotlu'i-, " riansactions ol'ihi- I liic.-tors of il;,. Kast Iiiilia Coinpany in llio 
flianilici-or.s,.vciitecn, in tlirvcai-s liiif.i liu;, rolatin^! lolliic.vpiditioiis ol'llcnry 
Hudson and J.tniaii'c. 

.1 Tliinl. " Hcnianiius o|i lict (iitroy van dc West Indisclii. ( (iinpaii. aaii 
II. II. .M. door W. l"s.-clincx. Anno liV.;o." In Dnteli. 

I'iniillt. " rostsiiijit anil .-iiiinniaiy Account annexed to llie Diitcli Iranslii- 
tion of tlieCliai-leiolllieSwedisliWesi India Company and Inlonniilion in rela- 
liontotliesanie, liy William rsseliiicx. PuMi-lied at the lla^iie in Ho. in 1(1-7." 

The last is in Mr. .Murphy's liandwrilin;:. and is prohahly ii tiaiislation liy 
hiinol Tract No. 11, p. Vi, of Asher's llih. and l!i,-t. I^Miy on ilntcli liooks reliit- 
iiig toXew Xetlierland. 

25(',4 N'aihax oI A(il!i('oi.A do Aiitipodilms. l/.i. half nil war. 

nil iihji'H. {Al 111.' villi), Xiiiia KalDirlaa fiiliici. Ainio 

M.i),.\v. I'iviiiiai'. 

:^')().") VALADE.S, Didaco. kliotdiioii (In i.siiiuiii iid wjiicioiiiindi, 

et onindi usiini iw o.oinmodatfi, tidisnsfpio taoultiiis exompliH 

M' •« 



ic < iini|i:iii. aaii 


mio loco ins.-rlis; (|uao qiiidcn, ex indornin iiiiixiinc. ,1, 
l)n)in])ta sunt Iiisloiiis, i.n.l.. priicler docliinain, .siiinfi (|U()(|u.. 
tldcclatio c.mpanil.iliir. ;{?« pp. .•u.d index. <Ja,,,„;,-plal.,;. 
Ato. /lid/ ml iiior. vxini, ijill nh/rn, JWiirjin, If)?!* 
''''"^ "»"""• "I'lhiH work app.Nirs to l„,v.. lMM.|,iiinNM.„i:uv In Mfxi™ 
Kivs,„(|„.c„„>s,.„C Ills MTUliH.. in lh«l ..ount'. 
.S((? Uritmt, H. 1(M». 

25CG VKLAIiDK, 1'k,.u<, M,;u.i....>. (i,,ni Hislori.-a-Lil.n, 
X. d,- la Anioi-i.-a y do la.s [slas adyaccnlcs, y dc las Tiuira. 
Arcli.-as, y AnLnvlicas, y Islas dc Ics Alaivs d.d N.,rt.;, y 
'^'"■- I'l'- •"•'•■■'■ 'Uo. holf a,lj\ Miuhid, I7V2 

25G7 ST. VAMKK, M.;u. i,,:. l{ dcs Missions .lo la N.m,- 
vcli.t Kranc... I'.-.r M. riOv.' do (^ncl),.,-. pp. 2(;,-). 

.■.■-/,., Sr,,. „/,/ Fri'iii-li n,/j\ n,ri: J>,ni,, h'ohrrf I'vplr, 1 ()(•,'. 
250S VAM.KMONT. L. !. ,.,:. I„ n,^,;,,,,., o..,.,dt,„ („. Trai,. 
<lo la l!a.pu.|(,. I)ivina(.,i,c.. Cnh. Umo. shvrp, J'mh, UV.n\ 
^25(i'J VANDKK DOXCK, A.,k,akx. l!..s,.hryvin;^c van Ni.nnv- 
K.'d.TJant, ((;i,.lij,.k lu.| (.•.avnwdonlioj, i,, .Sta.-t is) 15,..r,.ij. 
IH'nde <1,. Nalniv, A.rl, on vn„.i,iI,a..,i„.vt"vaM 
lict srlvo r.ant, niilsgadors <h. pn.fli jtcliirke endo -cwcnsle 
<<Hvallcn, ,hV ul.huM- lo( .mdeilmul, d,.,- Mcnsclicn, '(s"" nyl 
Iiaer scdvon a!s la.ylon iriuchracl,!) ;ivv„ndrn wonlcn. 
/'t/-,s/ ((lihini. View of Kav AiiiHlci-diiin. 

■ill), hiilf vinr. riri/ rare, Awslinhiiii, l(;-|a 
[IVscriptioM ofNrw N,..l„ ,I.n,l (suc:l, „s it n.,w is), C.nnpnsinff tl„. Vatnr.- 

M n<l ,I,.H,al,l.. opp,.,-.„nM.,.s wliiol. it .,m.,-. Ibr th.. support of , ,,onl.. 
(«M.,l,,.rna„v,.s„,n,.r.). Also ,l„. Manin rsan.l p..n,lia;'. ■:,a,-a,....HsMo;, 
olIDoimlians. AimI a jmrllcnlar nc-oiint oftlic,I lial,iis„itli<. n.-iv,.,-- 

., «• Md, ,s also a.l,l..,l a I,is™nrs.,. on ,)„. situa , oiN..w .NViluMa,,,!, U.U.i.u 

uNHInTlan.l'sl'aliiotaiKla New .Nrtlioilaialc,-.] 
fiioii;i,'lit ;fl)(»at :lii' Alcjizics sale. 

2570 VANDKR DOXC'K. Hesdwyvinoe van Nio,.w-Ne.Ic>,-l u.t. 
jVap oj Aon, Jlrlijli-a sUe Xicirw Nahibindt. {,- .ond /Jdi- 
tiun.) pp. 100 and I!v,/!.s/rr, vrr;/ nirr. 

Aiiislcrdiiiii, Kcrrt Nii'iiwitiihtf, KJilC 

Thisr.lilion is «ill,o„| |1„. ,i,.„. „,• x,,w Anislonlain lo„n,l ,n IlicVililion ,„ 
In. p..-Mou.Hy,.ar. In tl,.. sanio voln.n.., a. th.. .m,,!, is ll,c. •■ Co,„li,i,.„ ," ,„■ ., 



2571 VAJ.KNTIXr, Agostino. [,a PatriaiTaK- J'.a.>^ilifa Latoni lUuHlmkd vUh loG hvnidifnl. plalrs in outline. 
2 vols, royal folio hnaid in 1 , half ni^sia, micid. Roma, a 

spree di Aijosliiio Valeidlni, 18,'M 

2572 VALENTIiNE, David T. History of the City ofNew York. 

■^^'y>- Sua. halfmor. top cdije ijilt, New York, 185;i 




2f)73 VAN DKR AA, A. J. Beknopt lliirdrijkskundig Woonlen- 
boek (ler Ncdcrlumk'n. 

thick ruijal 8vo. doth. Gauda, G. B. van Goor, 185o 

2574 VANDEll AA, A. J. Nioiiw niograpisli, Aiitliologiscli an 

Critisch Woordonbook. 2 vols. Hca. boards, Ainslcrda i, 1844 

2575 VAN DKR AA. Ons ^'iu]l■I•lillld on Zijiio Bcwoiiers ; 

Besflirijviiiij; van do Stcdt'ii, Dorpeii en Vcrdere Morkwaar- 
digo iiaatzcii in Nederlaiid. \^ ^ id-cutsaiul colored plates. 

sin. folio, cloth, Amsterdam, 1857 

2576 VAN DER KEESSEL, Dyonysius G. Select Tlieses on the 

Laws of Ildlliiiid and Zeelaiid. Bring a Connnentary on 
Hugo Cirotius' lutrodiiftion tu Diitcli Jiiri.sjjniduiu'e. 

l'2)iio. hoards, London, 1855 

2577 VAN I'ELT, Pktku. Oration on the Doatli of (Jon. Wasli- 

ingtun. Delivered by lle(|iiest, in the ReCornied Dutch Church 

ofEiatbush, Feb. 22d, 1800. 

Hco. Iial/riissia. Broullyn, llwmas Kirk, 1800 
" 'I'lu' tirsi l)uc)k luiiiUd in Hrnokljii, oi- ('uiiiily of Kiiif,'s. Tlif i)rcsciit pub- 
lication iR'loiijis pintionlarly to this county, iintl liiivio),' been (l<li\-ircil on tiie 
occasion oil lie cciiMuony liy llic citizens of tlic country on tlic death of Waali. 
inirton, i:ur,-uant to the resolution of Cougi-ess and tlie |)i(ielaniuli(iii of the I'res. 
idont lixiuK the ■J.-ii\ of rebrnarv, IhUU, as tlie day for the asseinhling of tlie peo- 
ple of the United States for tli.;! i)urpose. 

"This hook is therefore the lirst one wriltt-n nm\ printed in the city of 
l!rook!yn,in the County of Kiufjs, and there is none which was printed before it. 
The oration of lien. Kee on Washington, di-livered in l)ecend)er, 17'.K), was 
printed l)y ^'onia- l'"ield,in the year I.^IH), anil bears I he same imprint as this."— 
Notu. hij Mr. .iTurpIti/. 

2578 VAN SCIIAACK, Petku. The Life of. einbiM.Miig,iclections 

from hiri CoiTcspondence find otlntr Writings, (hiring the 
Anierieiin Revolution, and hi.s Exile in Enghind. By his Son 
Henry C. Van Scluuick. Portrait. 

Hro. cloth, New Yoric, 1842 

2579 VARLO, C. The Floating Ideas oi" Nattir.', suited to the 

Pliilo.-<opiifr, Farmer, uv \ j\Iechiinie, and adapted to the 
present Times of Sciircity, in order to cretite Plenty. 

2 rols. l'2ni<). sherp, London, 17W> 

2580 VARTIIEMA. Itineiario de L.idovico Viirthemn Boh>nese 

nello Egytto, nello 'juria, etc. Lti fede, el vivere, y costiimi 

delleprefate Prouineie, etc. sni. Hvo, mnr. extra, (jilt edijes, 

III/ Bradstrect, very rare. Jnipresso in Venetia, 1520 

This is one of the few editions that contains Orijitrii'a Itinernry of, 
one ol the earliest accounts we have of that couniry. Tlie most circnmslantial 
account of (;rijalva's expedition is to be loniid in the Itinerary of bis Clniphiin. 
.... The orij,'iual [Spanish [ is lost, but an indillerent version was published at 
Venice in lu^u'. A copy which belou),'ed to I'erdinuud Columbus, is still extant 
In the library of jtbe great church ol Seville. The book Imd become so exceed- 



ingly rare, liowcvor, thai the hlstorlogrnplier, Jlufioz, nimlp a transcript olitwllli 
his own liund, anil liDin liis niaiinscript that in my po»rte.s.>.ioii win taken.— yve«. 
cott, Cow/. 0/ MrxUo, ifonk It., Cl>. I., nolo. 

In the (Jiiti'r'.'.rown l.ihiiiiy, I'roviihnic, is iin odilion printed at Venicv, 
by Zorzi di Uusconi, \i>iV>, w'licli contains (jrijalva'a llintiaiy. 

2581 VAl'GIIAN, Wii-liam. Tiic Gohk'ii Fleece. Diuide.l into 

three piirts, Viider wliicli me diseouered the Krrours oi' Relig- 
ion, the Vl(;e.s (iml Decayes of the Kiu^^douie, iiiid la.stly the 
Wiiye.s to get wetilth, iuul to restore Triiding so iiiiieh com- 
pliiyned of. Transported from Ctuiibrioll Colchis, out of the 
Soiitiieniniost Part of tlic Hand, coninionly called the New- 
fovndland. !>;/ Orpheus Jnnicjr. j\I<ip of 2\cwJ'i)a,niUand. 

A to. half calf . London, Francin U'illiains, 1G2B 

I'nrcliiis, ill his list ol'" ii.iiiics of divers hoiiniirahle persons wlio liave nnder- 
takcn to ■ Iiiaiiw liis .Majesties I'lantation in tlie N'ewloiiiKlliiiid," says, "The 
VVorsli !i cil William Vaiijj;lian Doetor of Ciiiill l.aiv, liafli al-io vnderlaken to 
plant acirenit in the .N'ewtbnmlliind, and halh in two ueii's sent tliitlierdiaerd 
men and women and hee is willing to enteriaine siu'li as will he .\dnenturers 
Willi liiin vpon lit conditions."— /'urt/iaf hi.i I'ilyHiiu-s, l.,ouU. Ifr.'j, \'ol. IV., 
page l.VJtS. 

2582 VEER, CiKiiitiT di;. Verhael van de vier eersie Schip-V'aer- 

den der Ilollaniltsche en Zeeiiwsche Sclicpon naar Nova Zein- 

bla. . . . Uytgevaren in de Juren 15!l4, !)5, 'JO, en IGOD, etc. 

Aio. calj. Amstertlidn, SiK'ijhinan, HJG.'i 

2583 VEER. Verhael van de Eerste .Schip-V^aert der llullandische 

ende Zeeiische Schepen, door 't Way-gat, Hy Noorden Noor- 
weglieii, Moscovitn eiide Tarlarien, iia dc (.'oiiinckrijeken 
Ciithay ende Cliiiia, met diic Scht^piMi, ii\t 'rc.Kei glic/.evlt. 

■llo. ha!f maroon ntor. lop cflije. ijllt, eoppvr-iilalcs in text. 
Ainstenlani, Jootif Murt(/frn, IGoO 

A narrative of the Ci lehrate-,'. voyage of Willlain ilarentsz, who w intered on 
the island of Nova Zenihla in tlie year l.V.H, and jierislied on his voyajie home. 
It is printed in De liry's J'rlils Viiijinji'n, I'art III., and in lliilsins. Part .MI. It 
lias also a place in sevi-ral Dalch eolleetion.-; of voyages. Ver.-ions of it exist in 
Latin, Uerinan, Italian, rreiieh and Knglish. Kor fall details of each edition, 
Bee Tiele's M'mn'm /!il,!i<it/ii'i/U'', anil in Mr. Iiel;e's Iiilriidiiction to the Knglisli 
reprint lor the llakhijt .Society. 

2584 VERA, (iKKAi.D dk. Diarivm Xanticvni, sett Vera Dcscrip- 

tio Trinin N;ivigii;ioniiiii iidinii'iindariiiii, & min<piain iiiidita- 
runi, trihiiscoiitinnia aiinis factartim, a IIollandici.s tt Zehmd- 
icis tiiiviliiis, itd Septcntrioiieiii, supra Nor\agiimi, versus 
Cattliiiy & Sinaniin regna : Nov.i Zcinbla, it h'egio sub 80 
gradii sita, (jiiain (iroeiilandiani esse censent, qiiain luillus 
unqiuiiii adijt. folio, old vdlam. Anistclrodavii : 

Cornclij 2vlcolaij, 15D8 

..-^■^^■nK'^'mt^ait*^'*^ — ■ • 

H ! 

ii I 



iHHii VKVM. Vi-iiy l)ea{!ri[)tiori di; 'Vvoh Voyngcs i!c Mer tros 
admirabli's i'aicis mi troin ans, Ti cliaciiii an iiii, par loa Niivircs 
(riFulland & Zclaiidi;, an Nord jjar dorriun! Norwej^o, Mos- 

covio, etc etisLMubles Ics dccovronuMis dii Waygat, Nova 

Senihla, it du pay.-) sitiU! soii8 la liaiitciir do <S0 dc'irivz ; locpii'l 
Jti prcsiiiiii! t'stro (^I'duilaiide, on ()iu'(|iu's ix'ixoiitH! n'a osti's. 

folio, ,')! (/((^yi.s intd pla/vs in text, Iiolf In 

oini inor. tup cdije ijilt, 
Amaltn-dtim, KJOU 

258G VAUNIIAGKN, F. A. i.ic. Vospuco ot .son i>ri;mior Voya-u 
on Notice d'niio Doconverfo. ot Exploration primitive dnGollo 
du ML'xi(inf ot des cotos di-s Ktats-Unis en 1 l!»7 ct 14!)8, 
uvcc le texto do trois notes iniportante.s de la main do Cohnnii. 
Kxamen de qnelcjne.s points de I'llistoire (^eograpliiqnu du 

iJresil. jip. 7(1. {Ejlr. da Ihdhtin dr la Sac. da (J 
Jiliie.) Sro. 2 puiiiplili'lK 




258G* VAUNlIA(;i":X. AjiiatKio Vnsi-ucci. S 



ts (i 

nienie les nioins ant hen 



on caracterc!. si'S 

a vie et se.s navi"ii- 





])i'enner voy:i;:e de 


pncci, delinilivenient exjiliiiue d.ins seis details. Vienne, 18(Jlt. 

2587 \'i:CKLLl(), Ch^svu 

Ilaliiii antielii et ninderni di tiitto il 

Mondo. Di nnoiio aecivseinto di molte iignre. pp. ;j07. 
thick Hvo, new vcllaiii,Jiiic cojn/. 

Vciivliii, (Ho ] 


h S(. 


Coiiltiins SOS WDoil.ciils, iTin'csontiu,:,' Ihi- iMisiiimcs of all n.ilioii 


tliose or JU'.\ii:o, IViu, \'iigiiiiiuiml IMoriilu. 


2588 VEGA, (;.\i!cila- 

so 1)K I, A. 

The Ivpval Coaiiuentariv s of 

I'eiMi. lllnstraled witli Seniptnr 
2589 Vi;(iA. I'l-iniera parte do 1. 

folio, nld crdf, I'cudou, 1G88 
oininenlarios Ueales, qvo tra- 

tan de lus Yneas, lieyes, ([ve IVeroii del I'erv, <le sv Idolatri 


'iy*^^i y ^"onierno en paz y en gneri'a : de >(is vidiis y con- 
quistiis, y de todo lo ([ne i'ne aqnel Iniporio y su liepuL'ica. 
antes (jne los Espanole.s passaron a A. 

■Uo. old cidf. Li.shoo, Pedro Craahcpcl:, IGOl) 

'A Ki'iitlu anil triisling spirit ratlicr (linn a wise 

(MIC, pl'OIII 

I of biiii 

of one 111' the most luiscnipiiloiis cuurincror:, oC I'l-iii, lint always lictiMjius Hio 
weaker nature of liis miitlier, wliii wa-- niie :iC tlie hlooil royal of the Incas, and 
never entinlv forfeit in}! the glories of his Imliiin race, oftlii 

hail siillernl at the hainls of S 

le eriiel mjiirii's they 

pain. TlieConiinenlaries are a strikin;; anil inter 

eslin;,' hook, showiii;,' nuicli of the spiill of tin- oiii i 'iironicles."— Tu;ii.N<ii:. 
Ili.-il. ,SiHiiii.<h Literature, Vol. ill., p. lui. 

2599 ViiGA. Ilistoria (Jeneral del IVrii, trata el dcseubriiniento.s 


folio, old calf; cover broke 

coino lo giinaron los Espanok 

InU a fine clean copy. 
Cordova, Andres Barrera, IGli 










;")'.) 8 



Vega. Ilistoiro (1(> la. Coiiqiir'to de la Floride : on Rrliition do 

ce qui s'(!.st piissi' datis lii Dijconverto do v.c Vn'in par Fordi- 

iiaiid de Si)to. 2 vnh. l-2mo. till, calf. 

fjcide, Van (Jcr An, 1731 
Volume 2 cnmniciiccii nt piiRC L'Ul. 

Vicr.A. I-ii Flovidii did Yiica. T[ist(iria d(d Addaiiiado Her- 
nando do Soto, (ioiicniador y Capitan (u'lunal del Heyiio do la 
Florida, y do otros iicroioos caiialloros ICspauides e Indioa ; 
cscrita i)or el Ynca Clareilasso do la Veira. 

sw. 4h>. nlliiin. En IA»hntiu, P. Crnshci'ck, 100') 
VKLA8QUFZ, Caim.os C. Urove Pracliea. y rejijinieii del 
Cotifessioiiario do liidios, en Mcxicaiio y Castellano ; i)ara 
instriieeion del confessor [jrineiiiiunte, lialiilit;;tion y exanien 
(iol piiiiionto. ISmo. SpttuUh nhrvi), Mrj-la,, 17()1 

VFNKdAS, INIkmiki,. A Natural and Civil Ilistoiy of Cali- 
fornia : eontain->- An aceunito Doseriplion of that Country. 
Mnp (uiil J'lalcs. 2 voh. Svo ralf. 

LoiuJon, Jantcs ltiriii<ih>ii, 17o7 
Vknkoas. Nolicia do la California y de su Concpiista tempo- 
ral y .«j)iritiial liasta el tii'nipo presontc. 

.'5 roh. sin. l/o. rrlhiin, Afadrld, 1759 
Vl<7ri{0.MII.K, Ki;(ii;M:. 'I'iio Almokis and tlieir History, or 
Historical Notices on tlio Aliorigines of Acadia. 

(2 copit;:;,) 12vwr). (/fi'on chilli. Xvti' York, 1866 
Vktkomii.k. Indian Good Hook, for tlie henelit of (lio Penob- 
wot, ras.sania(|Moddy, St. Joim's, Alicmac, and other tribes 
of tlio Abnaki Indians. 

12);((). ml iixir. ijlU fdi/cs, New YorJ:, 1857 
VICTUSTA .AIONIWIKNTA, [or Aneiout :\[(.nnniei;ts illus- 
trative of !lu- History and Topo:,n-a[)!iy of Oreat Uritain, i)nb- 
Jished by tlio SociiMy of Antiquaries, Loudon.] 
vnh. (illnn fiillo bound ni .'i, lndf red tiirkvij ninr. fop edijcn 
(jilt, ninnvrnnsi Jini' mppcr-jthdcn, inchidliif/ <i sd of the famous 
Baycux Tapi'slrij, lUnslralinij the inrnsioii of Kiiijland hij 

H'irold. [jiindun, 17()7-18o5 
Vkumont State Papers ; P.ein^' a. Collection of Kocords and 
DocuuHnits, Connected with the Assuuqition and Kstablish- 
nicnt of (ioveriunoni by tho People of Veruiont. 

8ro. calf. Middbhury, 1S2.1 
VERPLANCK, fii;i.. C. The State Triumvirate. A Politi- 
cal Talo : and The Epistles. IJy .Alajor Pinder Palf. 

Vhrio. halfmor. New York, 1819 




n. O. MlIFilMir LinUAKY. 


I I 


il : 

2602 VERARDUS-COLUMIUI.S. In Lauokm Serciii.^aimi Fcnli- 

imiiili Ili.s|)ai)iiinini regis l>otliica' ot n'<rtii (Inuiiit:!' obsidio 
victoriii et trimiiplm.f. Kt tlo fiisiilis in iniiri Iiidico iiiiper 
limcnlis. (On llta r<>ct» of the Hcrnndlcfif :) Cahoi.i Vkhahdi 
CiRsi^riiitis Ciiliii'iiliirii I'ontilicii iti lii.sti)riiiin IJnticiim ml U. 
1'. lliipliuilcni Hiariiiin S. (ioorjrji I)iii(ioiiiiin Ciiriliiiiiloin. 
ilo. red mor. extra, (/III cdijrH, ,'i(l ii unit inhered Ifdi'e.i, with 5 
wond-r.atu ; a remarkah/ij Jiiic eojiij ; vc.ri/ rare. 

BiikIc, Jlrripnan de OIpe, 1194 

["To tlio praise of tlie most illustrious Ki'nlliiiinil, KliiR of .Spain, Hotthlca 
niitl (iniiiudu, the sii);c, victory ami triiimpli. And ol'tlif lsliinil!i newly diacov 
ered in the Indian .Sea."] 

2fiO;5 VHUr.ENNES, M. /)K. Mi'nioiir Ili^toritpio ct rolltiqiicsiir 
la L()iii.siiitic. /'orlrtiit. 8ro. calf, Paris, 1802 

2(101 't VKRIIEKIlLICIvTE Mkdkui.aki) dior (I'llcfstcldc Zee- 
vnart ; kliierlijck vonri^csti'lt, oiildockt en aeii<re\veseii door 
iiifwiior van t'sainen-spft'kiiijro van ICcii IJocr oftct Landt-man. 
Eon Hiirgor ol'tc Stco-inan. I'^cn ScliipiwM- of'tc Zi'e-inan, etc. 
(!8 p|). 4t(). half (jrce)! miir. toji ed;//' (/ill. GudrucJd Anno U559 

In regard to New Nellierlaiid, see \t. I'ji't sei]. 

200') VEKRAZZANO. Tli.' Vr.yago of VL'prazzano : A cliaptcr in 
tlio Early llistoi-y of JMitritiine l")i,scM)vi!ry in Anic^ricta. Trans- 
liited by llonry C. IMiirpliy. 

{2 r.opicn,) Hn>. rlnlli, top (jiU, Neiv York, 1875 

2007 Vkuuazzano. Elogio di (Jioviinni da Vrrrazzano Finrentino 

Scopritorc dtdla Niiova Ffitiicia md Si^colo XVI. Signed 
(i. F[elli]. pp. xi. -Ilo. half iiiarnoH mor. top idtje rjilt. 

Firenze, G'iittieppi Alle'jrini, 1709 

2008 VER.SLAO gedaan door 'sdo gfdopiitcordo Staton (Kt ri-ovinco 

Ziiid-liolland. In do gcwoiu' Zoincrvoi'gadi'ring. 

iS)7). scired, Lirareiilia'jc, 185;") 

201)9 Vkuslag over de Vorringtingen Aangaande hot Armbe.stimr in 
hot Koningrijk dcr Ncdorlandoii, over 1858. 

8(0. sevH'd, Gravenhafje, 1800 

2010 Vkr.slao NopciLs don Sttitit dor Iloogo , Mi<ldolbare en 

lagore Scholcn in hot Koningrijk dor Nedorlanden over 1857- 
1858. 8t(). tioardu, Oravenhaije, 1859 

261 1 Vku-si-ao Aan den Koning over de Openbare Werken. In lict 
Janr 1858. 4<o. sewed. Graveuhagc, 1859 



limi Fcnli- 

iitu' (jl)si(lio 
(lico iiiipor 
I.I Vkhahdi 
cum iul 11. 

('(!.s, with 5 

01 pe, li94 

imin, llrtthicn 
I newly dlacov 


"aris, 1802 

^loUlc Zofi- 
rt'eseii door 
i!-muii, etc. 
Anno 1 (>r)9 

clinptcr in 
(!!V. Truns- 

York, 187.') 

I. Signed 
i|) ('(hfe gilt. 
i/riiii, 17(59 
r Province 

lin;ir, 18;).") 
nbestuur in 

hn^e, 1800 
il(k'll)arc en 
over 18')7- 
hage, 1859 

m. In hct 
hagc, 1859 

— Nonvcllo Rcchcrdics siir |.-s doniicr.s voyiifjfs du imviiju- 
tciir floicniiii. Fiic-fimilc do la carte dii I'tolemw' de l.^l.T. 

folio, lull/ rill iimr. laj) lihlr (lilt 

■It, V 

2(;ii* VKsircus, am,,u 

Ft iioiio ISIondo du All 

i< IS. Pai>i Noiami Nil: Hi, 




)enc() \ es|nicio Moreiitiiio iiititnlatc 

0. hKiniiiii mitf. 

Ijilt (7/«/CS, /,,/ Jldljd,,,/. 'J'cjt, 120 /'' 

Excvssichj mrc. (Colnplmii.) Stiiwj^nlo 1,> T, 

lijii lisii lie M, /fr 

inii'iii cii 
nirico Viniiliiio IM)' 

The volninc coiitiilns iili (Jilfiliiiil iiccniint of tlic llrst 111 

imilMi- MiHl the iicniuiit (If Vrsimcfi'.H Ihir.l vovii^m', «rltlni liv I 

|ml)lisli((l ill l.iillii in tl 

iric v(Mn;.'ip (if'Col. 
liin.-tli'miil limt 

\* any arci 

' ycnr IMK, tlic mily voyiiKc niiido liy liiiiMiCulilcli i 

tlif ('( 

to lie Ills Hdik, — \ 

IIMI (•(iiiiiiifr fioiii Ills liiimirt, iinlrss llif nocoiiiit ortlic (n 


isMiiif;rii|iliic IiitiiMliii'iid, iilsii piiMisliiil in irin:,! 
iiscii (Ic (i;iiiiii'.-i lir*t V(iyii(,'P.— 'I'lic vo 

ir N'lytl^i'W ill 
«T'iiisiil(.|,.||,,is It clalins 

i's iiiTiiniit (ifCii^lnii- Ciiitciiiirs lii>t V 

first ciillcciinn iil 

viiyiijtcs ( xliinf. 

.Mi;;c of Ciilpiiil, iinil Pus. 
oyiij.'c lire ,i|m, inimd in this, tli,. 


It WHS iciiiilili.-liiil In l.-,l!i nil, I i.vjl. Tin- Intici- 1 

s siiiil to liiive soiiif ailill. 

A copy nt the sale of tin' Holt 

(MiCorii. ■ lilirary in Isri li 

roiiglit £irir ($rM). 

2fij2** Vi 





(iiieiiK' le.s inoin.s aiitlientitiiie.-f) sa \\v et 

^on (. iiractcre, se: 




avec 111 


le carte iiidi(|iiaiit les routes. Par F. Varnl 

folio, lidlf rc'il 

r, lap iih 

'/'■ f/l 

It, Li 

HI, \W-) 

2(1 1.) VFSITC'IUS.— Kith 
oiii Newe wcldte in ki 

folio, mil- irilh 

A'Mi;i!. Newe iinhekaiitlie landte I'liil 
irtz ver;,Mii;Lrer zevtlie erfimdeii. 


(I scroll, full cr 

iinaoii )iioi\ 

('(h/i'.i, 1,1/ F. Uvilfinl , 

r.rssiirli/ rare. 
N'lircDtlirrg, Gi'ori/u Striicln 
[\<w nnknnwii lands and a new world rwntly (liscovcriMl.J 

ill VFSPUCiUS. [In Dnich.] 

ftiilK'r-ixtni, iiill 


nwer werelt ost landtscap 

Van dcr iiie 

nicinvelicx glieuodo vftdo (loorliicli 

tighe con. vfi Portui'ael d 

nldcrbeste pyloot oste 
[Of tlie new world or lands 

oor do 
zcekendor d'weri'lt 

iscapc, iiewlv tiuiiiil fur the illiiM- 
trions King of Portugal l.y the hest pilot or mariner of the 

(At the end.) 
iTron.Udio,i.~\\\ this foregoing i, translated and l.ronght 
over from the Italian into Latin, and further from Latin into 
Dutch, that men may know and understand what great woii- 
•lers daily tire found. . . . 


J 'I* 




I'riiilcil iit Aiii.\ci|) lit tlic iron Imliiiici', liy .fun viui l>iii 
liorcli. Hill. -lii'. H liati'H in A /nc-nimili' jirinliii on 
iilil I)i(lc/i iKijicr. One ()/ 2") cojiien from (In- oiili/ kiiiurii 'jiy 
III llii: ('(tiii'i-Itiiiirii l.ihiiinj, I'nnidt iicc. J'lvudiltd I'lj .Iff. 

li full- II Id Mr. Mil 


"Tlio hiiok lt^'l•U Ik lilt' InnmliillDii 111' \ ( -piKTlii.-i' liiinoiiji Utlci' lo l.tiii. .•■ 
JlcillrlH, »ii Ills llilnl Aiiicriiuii viiyiii,'' , iniilci'laki'ii In l.'iOl iiir lliv Mug of Tor- 
lll)?lil. ll Ih'kIii" liiiiiiilli llii' HDOil-cut 111" till' lir^l |iii);i'. 

"Tllc billlk<< III lira lln illllr, llllt II Ullllt nf i|lll"t||llll tllllt II WUSjii lllFlllll tli(^ 

|iirli)il lolMMi, till' liiiir wliiii 111! Ilii' M imiiili' iilltlDiis of ViHiiiKTii. wen piil)- 
llnliiil, II i« one of llii' IImI iiriuliiclliiiid III' Ilir raiimiin prliilrr ./«« viiti Diiin 
lioiyh, lii Aiitwi'ip, ttliiiiii' j.ul Ik'iillc'ii!! (iiiiiii'liuilly iiiimiiiri.i uf i'liUlllr> Willi 
wiiiiil-i'iilM, I'lirluiis iiiiiniliir iMnikf. I'li-.,) niiik iiinoiij,' llii' iiin-st "l' lIu' Anlweip 
lirllitor.^. .Iii^t till' kliKJ ' *' Ills inililit'iilliiiis tliiil imiUi's ll vnfy In iiihU'I'.hIiiii'I 
wliyllii'v liiivi' illsiipiiiaritl, us it \m ri'. iiiiilii- llir liiiiid-ior llii' ri'udliiK |iubllc."— 
IMUM.lMt, Ciiliiloi/iiti 11/ lUiuLu VII Imtricii, AiiikI., iNri. 

■jt('>\') \'ICSri'("ns. Di'Oniaiitan'tica lu'rri'giini rurtii^fiiUii' iiriiKin 

iiiiii'iiia. \((>. (i lifivis. 

Iinprcusiiin Arijciitinr per Jilalhinin Z/''^/".// [l-'JO'")] 

A I'lii'sliiiili'i'i'liiliit nil vclliiiii, by TroHH, of I'uiIm. 

ICiiiiiiTiiliiK lln' AiiUinlli' enii^l liilily illHi'iiviTiil b) llie KliiR of riirliiKUl. 
Miihli r liiij^'iiiaii riiili^iiin lu Jiiiiii'H llriiiiii, IiIk Irliiiil, Coiici'iiiint; Ilii' Aiiliirc- 
111' ic^'iiin lately iIIm'omii'iI by IIio Kiii){(il' I'orlUKal. JIaslir HiiiKimiii I'lilU^ 

uliis' I'l 


I Ills voliinu' la till' miiiii' iis tin- ".I/'hhi/iiii A'ovhji." with llic iiiliUliiin of an 
aililri'ss li'iiiii riilli'KliiK to .lai'iili ISiiiiiii, iiiiil nniiii' Lalhi voi'si'S by tlic luriiiir. 

■-'(ill! \'i':?ri (ii's. \'<iii ilcr iii'w iri'l'iiiidi'ii Ho^imi di 

ll I'i 

11 wul 

irciicnt 111a;' >vi 


I, iiiiri'ii I 

Icii C 




I'ortiigal wiintli'i'liarlicli ci'l'iniilcii. 

41(1. lull/ red mm 

vl fitc-siiiiilc. Xiimiihcr;/ ihirrli W'liljj'i/tiiiij Ifiiihir, loO.> 
Vi's|iiii'iiis' Tliiid voynp' lU'cdriliiij; Id liis lillor In f^odiriiii .'in Ciisiiiii- 

pruiilila,) bill really lil» scc'diiil. Tbis letter was piiblislieil In lil 

illini'. Tlie 

voyage was iiiinle in tile servii'e 111 the KinKi'l I'iniiiKal. This letter Is not 110- 


lieeil by tin 


ulliiiis 1)1' tile l.ile 111' Vi 



ii'si iiiMiauii'iili ritroiiati ]i 

■r la NaiiiLratii 


Simgiia in Ciilicut. Kt <li\ AllnTtiitio N'rs-piitiii Fiiii'i'iiliiiu 

intitiilatd Momlo Nnun. Nniiiiiiii'iid' Iin|) 


iriii'illli. II 


IKIiiiitr ri 

■pn-si-iiliiii/ \'i:nh'i;.) 1; 


rimsiit, extra ; (■(/•(/ 

( Colojihiiii :) Sli' 



iiiiliii per Xorxu dv Jlii.s- 
di xv. (/(■ Fehraro. 

•2(1 IS \ r..-iTtir.s. 

uijiiri coil 

lil \'ita, ri'^lii";!!! i' la di 

giiiwti(icati\a di qiii'slii coli'lirc iui\ igalori'. 

•I co/.s. MiiKi. Iiidf cid/\ F 



2(J20 VICTAN' COURT, Fit. Aixirs'iix vv.. Artu de la lAiigmv 
Mexicana, disjiiii'sto jmr onion, y iii;niihito dc I'. Fr. Fran- 
cisco Ti'fvino, I'rcdiciidor I'lioologico. . . . 

Alv. /nil/ Ml. 

lop edije ijill, uiicul, Jle.ricd, lC7i 

.. ,L 



Hliriiiltil III till' 

cell: WlTt |illl). 

./(/)( rail Hiim 
r iliimlrj Willi 
r lilt' Aiiliverp 
Ici liliilrrslHlMl 
dlliK public."— 

If; ul° rortiiKiil. 
Iii(r llif Anlnr<:- 
tlii^'iiiiiii riillr 

iiililitioii of an 
■ till' runner. 

ii,;liitioiie (li 
{Itriit'idli, a 
extra ; rcnj 
>r7.o ih' liKn- 
(Iv Fchvaro. 

2()-'l \ IM.ARS. 1,1. AlAu-ii 



criiuiro.s I 

I.' I. 


80119 lo ri'gnc .1,. CluirlcH •.». 1(;7«- 1082. Porlrall. 


Hjo, cloth, /jui,'t,;->, IHIil 

'Jl',22 > INCKXT, V 

A TriK- I?i'lnli(.ii i.r till' (,.it(' I! 


■"■ Kii;.'liui(I, l.ctwi't'ii till- I'jiuli.sli 

mill tliu l\ ijtiot '.il- 

il 111 

e .^;i 

III wlii'li wa:- slaiiic ami fn' (ni pn.sniicr.s about 700 
Ivajjct, mill (iiom; wliich e.MPupud, liail lliiir licaiN 

cut (iir 1,^(1,,. Miilim'ks; With tlio [.n.mMit .state of tl 

Mil. 11(1 niov, hi/ /Irndilrcit 

11/ ntrr, 

L<>,i,l,,„, JA /'. /',„■ A'alhtiiiarl Unite,-, Kl.'t.H 

2(i2a VIXTON, FiiAxris 

An Oration oii the Annals nf I{|i 

Tslanil ; and a l{lnino of K'lioiU. Islaml nmi (lie times l.y ( 

William Ci 

• uo. 


2024 VIN ION, J.. UN Ai 

half el, ill,, I,,/, ijUl, Xrie Yiu-k, \hiV.\ 
)AM.s. (IiuicaloLrjcal .Mi'inoirs of tiie Fam- 

ilies boarinvMlu! names of (iiles, (Jonlil, II..lm"s. .1, 
L.'oniinl, l.iinliill. Cum' 
ami \V\'I)1). AViiii 
Farly Suttlom 'nts 



on, Marshall, U 

ory of l\!niai|iiiil : .somi' account of 


2(;2r) vuuiixiA. i 


in .\i:iinc; ami some ilotail-: of Imlian War- 
den. chilli, Iliint,),,, l.SCl 

■a ^'i^^'inica c.xhibcns I'lanlas ijuas \'. (,', 


iaytun in \iri:inia ob.sjrvant atone eolleiMt. 

2r.2(i VlIKIINIA. ('„lk.,.( 

Hoiihieal S 



Hen. honnh, Lin/ihnii llalne., \':] 
• if tiic Viri,'inia Historical it Phil; 

I an before the .S 

iocicty I»y 

Sydney Collegia. 

Vol. I. (All iniblished.) «/'„. half ealf, l!ieh,i,o„J, l,s;i;i 

inatiian I'. Cnshiiig, Pivs't of Ilami) 

2t;27 ViitdiMA. The Charter, T 

(William and I\[ 

'ransfcraml Statutes of IheColl 

ir\-, in 




'///'). half iiior. i/ill edfjes, Willi 


"/■'/. 1 7.")M 

2028 NiiiiiiNiA and .Mauvi. 

A\i> as it is Planted and Iidiuhitcil 


pivsent Year 1070 Surveyed and Exactly Drawno by (he only 
Labour & Endeavor of Augustiii Herman HoiiemieiiM's. 
Map In 4 la,;j,^ sheets, in fv-simih, f„ll h„„i„l i„ ,n„,:i„n „„„•. 
Palilishi'd hi/ Anihnrih/ <,f his Maij''^ Ronal L 

ticular I',-ieil,-djv to Amj. Iferman and Th 

eeiice ami ^ 


mas Within- 
Imuih, 10 

lyiiiil ill (lie voliiiMi' U 11 p'lrtrair of I'l-incvMs [•"r:inci;.i, I);k: 

nii'l I.ciijx. 

on India I'npc'r. 

A l'ii„'-iiniilf ol'Ui!' poi-lr.'iit in .Siui! 

'wn* of Uiclimoiiil 

ii'.i Virgiiii;i. I'l'ool' 









u Hi 

£ la 112.0 


14 ill 1.6 

6" — 




WEBSTER, N.Y. )4580 

(716t 872-4503 








2620 ViiiGiNiA. The Acts of the Assembly now in force in tlie 
Colony of Virginia. With an exact table to the wiiole. 

fvllo, old oil/ , CO i-ey loose, Williamshur(], 17(59 

2630 ViHGiNU. Acts of Assembly from 10(51 to 1732. pp. 620, 

i^vo. law sheep, no title paye, 

15p«in8 on piiRi- 1, witli half tille, and ends on ])af;e C-'O, tlie la-it word In tlio 
Index being Wlllianisbiirg. 

Hcniug, in his edition of the Statutes at Large of Viiginia (Vol. U., p. 
618), says: " It will be seen by the following extract, which is from a MS. of 
unqnestlonable authority, that at the last mentioned date (lOKi) a printer had 
actually connneneed his business in Virginia, but was prohibited by tlie Gover- 
nor and Conned from printing anything till the King's pleasure should be 
known, whieh it may b. |.resunuil was very tardilv communicated, «.v </(« ;?»■,<< 
eviilCHC of printing th,,;„fler in Virghda im% oh the revhcl hnvs containnl in 
t/,e clition of m:\. "lM.bruary21, Ktei, John Kuckner called before the Lord 
Culpei.per and his counsel for printing the laws of KWI, without his ICxcellency's 
lic('nse, and he ami the printer ordered to enter into bond in £l(iO n<it to print 
any thing tliereafter, until his JIajesty'a pleasure should be known. Uland 
MS., p. iiJH." 

2631 VIKGINIA IIisTOUiCAr, Rkgistkr, and Literary Advertizer. 

Edited by William Maxwell. From the year 1848 lo 1853. 
G vols, ill 3, :<co. haJfruHsia, murhled eiJ</es, lUehmoitd, 1818-5;{ 

2632 Virginia Historical Regi.ster. 1818 to 18,11. 

4 rols. in 2, Svo. half calf, Ih'clnimnd, 18-18 

2633 ViKGiMA. 'J'he Present State of Virginia, and the College. 

To which is added, Tlie Charter for Erecting the said College. 
By Ilartwcll, Blair & Cliilton. 

Svo. half moi: London, for Joint Wi/af, 1727 

2634 VIRGINIA. Bk.sciiki.ivingiik van Virginia, Nieiiw Neder- 

landt, Nieuw Engelandt, en d'Eylanden Bcrnuides, Berbados, 
en S. Christoflfel. Dienstelijck voor elck eeii dcrwaert-i Iiande- 
Icude, en alle voort-planters van nieiiw Colonicn. 

4to. hitlfhrown mor. Amsterdam, Joost Hartgers, 1651 

Description of Virginia, New Nethcrland, XewKnglnnd, and the Islands of 
Bermuda, liarbadoes, and St. Christopher's. Very useful for all trading thither, 
and all founders of new colonies. Illustrated with copperplates. 

2635 ViKGiNiA. A Declaration of tlie Colony and Aftairs of Vir- 

giniti, with the names of tlie Adventurers, and sunimcs tidiicn- 
tured in Action. By his Majesties Counseil for ^'irginia. 
Ato. red mor. extra, (jilt cdjes by Bedford. 

London, T. Snodham, 1620 

.2636 VISCIIER. Les Delices de la Riviere lo Vecht, d'Utrecht a 

Miorden, on. Collection de Cent vues de Villes, Maisons, 

Canipagiies, Chateaux, &c., with 98 copperplates of Views in 

Ilolhmd. (In Dutch.) folio, half calf , Amxterdum, 179 

I ^ 










VKIIBIAST, C. r. Voj-agos ,le I'Em,K',ro,„- ,1e la Cl.ino ,la„s 
la Tartane, ausquols on a joint iine nouvelle .l.^coverte au 
^^'-''"l'"'- l-2»w. sheep, I'arls, IC^o 

VOLTAIRK. Chofs .I'Oeuvre Drainatiques. 

4 vols. l2mo. calf, Pans, 1821 
VOLNEY, C. F. A View of the Soil an.l Clii.mtc of ,!.. 
United States of .\nierica : xvith Maps and Plates. 

Svo. calf, I'lilladelphla, 1804 
VOYAGES. A General Collection of Vovauos an.l Di.cov- 
enes, made by the Portngncsc and Spaniards, dnrin-r the 
niteenth and sixteenth centuries. " 

ilo.calf. London, W. liichardson, 17H\) 
Voyage a la Guianc ct a Cayenne, fait en 1781) et ann6es sui- 

vantcs. u ; /> • 

8i'o. sheep, I'ans, 1 7!)8 

V()YAGES. Terra Anslralis Cognita : or, Vovages to the 

lerra Austrahs durin- the sixteenth and sevenleentli centu- 

''"^■'^" ^ ^-oh. 8vo. calf, I'Jdiuhurri, 1700 

in v!^i^^ nui';;::;'"'!-" '"'.;';"'"!"<' ^^""=" -- •"■"■-"-'i »» A:,.,orda„. 

.Mar 1,0., ..iititled Kcccml <1,.^ Voyiisc"^ <iui out h-vvX a l'elal)IN.*ci.i..nt 
et aux „>ogrc.s ,.e la Co.apasni.. .,os ,n,les Oriental's," etc. Se" nm '.uiia^r. 

VOYAGES. A Collection of Voyages nndertaken by Dutch 
East-India Coinj)any, for the improvement of Trade and Nav- 
igation. Containing an account of the several attempts to 
hnd out tiie xNorth-East Passage, and their Discov. ies in the 
1-iist Indies and the South Seas. pp. 3;30. 

\2mo. calf, London, 1703 

A translation cfa volume at Anistor.Ian, tl,o previous voar onti 

0,1, liecue.l de. Voyages ,„i ont servi a l'e..tahll.sen,e,„ e anx ,",,.• 'de: 

Co,npa«n,e de, Inde.s O.ientale., da„s 1.., ,-,„ce,s rnisd'sr ,:"..' 

in tie 'it . -T. ' "'''^'"" ^■"'"■"^'■^ "'^'•'' '■-■la.ldi.hed at Itouen. and induded 
in the Recenil," etc., then extended to 10 vols, lu'nio. 

VOYAGEUUS. Sa.nt Gkno.s, J.r.Es »f. IJki.gks. XIII 
au XV II. Sikde. l2„,o. half^reen mm: top ed.,e gilt. 

Bruxcllvs, Janiar Edilenr, IVahlen et cle, n. d. 
Vovack PiTTOiiESQUK dcs Isles de Sicile. tie iMttlte, et de 
Eipuri. Par Jean Ilouel. 4 vols, atlas folio, cloth bach, 

entu-cl,/ uncut, illustrated with -J^l phUes of Scenery, Antiqui- 
ties, Natural IVnmonivia, Costumes of the People, etc. 

Paris, 1787 

agT i iaiiWrifiMasa 


n. c. MunriiY librauy. 

J 4 
I "I 

i'i i 

2G18 ViJAis KoniNSONS (Los) Naufrafros, Solituile, Voyages. I'ar 
Fenlinaiid Denis, ft V^ictor Cliauviii, Dcssiiis do Yuii' Dar- 
gerit. Numerous wood-culn. 

royal Hvo. hnlf ( mor. top edge (jilt, uncut, Paris, 18015 

2Gi9 VIllES, David I'lirriciisz inc. Kortc Ilistorinel, ciide Journ- 
nels aenteyekeningc, van vcrsclicyden Voyngiuii.s in do vier 
declen des WcTC'ldts-Konde, als Europa, Africa, Asia mih 
Anierika gedacn, etc. I'ortrnit. ito. Hue vior. extra, (jilt 

cdijes, fine vopv very rare. t'Hoorn, Dtivid Vriea, KioJ") 

licsidoa IIiulsoii, no nnviKiitor cxcrpt !)<• Vilcs publislicil a iiiirrativc of liis 
voyiijiis to New Nt'lluTland duri'ifj; Hii! Diilrli li""''^''"'!""- An l'.nf;lisli lianslii- 
tion of'tliis i.ilcicsliiig narrative was tnaiU' by the Hon. Ilcniy (,'. Mnrpliy, and 
privately printed l)y tlie late .lames I.enox, oC New York, in u fjuarto volaiiK^ 
witli an enftraved portrait '(ftlie nntlior. ]n Ids introduction, the translator, in 
ppeakinj; of llie antlior, sii) ^ ; 

" His narratives, wlu re lie speaks from personal kiH)wledjre, are enrilleil to 
tlie liiKliest eredit, for iiiit only do tliey bear internal evidence of truth, but tbey 
bave been corroborate<; ni many instances by otiier evidence, anil by tbe records 
wbicli we liav<s and being lo< daily idiservalious, taken dov.ii at tbe time, tbey 
liave from this circnmstanee a value wliicb no moral ive loimed from memory 

could possess His relation of Ibe (lis^rracilid and disiistriais Indian war, in 

wliicli be was an actor and friei'd (if tbe Indians, is tbi' only antlientic om^ 
cxtuul, of any completeness, except tbat of tlie yoverumunt, and is, tlicrelore, of 
great interest and viilue." 

2050 VKIKS, A. DK. EeUiircisscmens siir I'lILitoire de rinventitui 
do ritn|)ritneiie. Ti-adiiit In Ilidliiiidai.s par J. J. F. Noofd- 
ziek. royal Sro. Iicdf ealf. La llaije, Sehlnlel, DSI") 

2G51 VKIKS .i]-,N. IJcis nttarde eiiaiideii ten N. en (). van Jiipaii 
in 1G4;}. Naar liet hand idiriCt, met bijlagen nitgegeven door 
P. A. Leiipe. Sco. hoards. Aninlerda-ii, F. Muller, 18.')iS 

2052 VUIKS, S. DE. T' Eyland Ceylon in sign biinienste, of "t 

Koiiiiigrijrk Candy: geopent, en Nanwkeiiriger dan oyt to 

vooivn (iiitdeckt by Robert Knox. sclieeps-Ciipitien der Kiigel- 

.'iciie Oost-l!idi.«cIie Cotnpagnie. Mo. uuhound, Vtrreld, 101)2 

From the library of Uobert Southey, with bis autograph. 

2G'j3 wade, John. Hritisli History, Ciironologicidly Arranged ; 
coniprelieiiding a ckissilied Analysis of Events and OccuiTcn- 
ees in Clnireh iind State. Sro. half mor. London, 1844 

26iJ4 AVAFEU, Lkjmci,. A New Voyage and Description of llic 
Istbiniis of America, giving an account of tlie Aiitiior's tibfj.'.o 
tliere. I'lates. \2mo. half ntor. fjondon, 1091) 

2C54* WAG EN A All, Jan. Am.=!tcrdain, in Zyno, Aan- 
was. Geschiedenisscn. Voorregtcn, Koopliandid. (iebonwen, en 
llegeeringo, I5e.scin-eeven. Xumeroas plute.s. 

4 vols, folio ^ lanje pajier, half calf ., Amsterdam, 1700 

r C. Muipliy, and 
a (luarlo volaino 
:lio traii^lator. in 

1', ai'i' ciitlllcd to 
f tnitli, Imt tlii'y 
1.1 hy tlic recoi-da 
at till' time, t'lcy 
H'd fiiiiii iiK'innry 
lis luilian war, in 
ily aiitliciitic one 

d i-, tlRTUIlMl', of 

le rinvontion 
J. F. Noonl- 
rliinld, 18-15 

). Villi Jiipaii 
g(.iruvcn door 
jrulln-, 18r)8 
iiiu'iistu, of 't 
r (liiii oyt to 
uu (ler Engel- 
Ulrvchl, 1092 

iterdam, 1700 



2G'>i> WAKELY, .). ]}. Lost (1 


>i7 of American Mclliodi.- 

laptiTs Ilecovnrod from tl 

ic c 



20;i0 "VVALI'OLK. 
Sir Ilonice M 

Hco. rod doth, New York, 18r>8 


Letters of Ilonice, Karl of Oxford, 
mill. Now ( piildislied from tlie Ori-rinal 

possession of tlic I<:arl of Waldi 

A ill 


20:.7 WAI/rZKMrLLKR, (.M 

oh. 8(7). clolh, j\,w York, 1833 

ges et ses collalioratoii 

a travers 


(.Maktvk IIai,vc(» Ses ouvra- 
'.s voya,i,'(; d'oxploration etde decouvertcs 

lies epitres dedicatoires prefa( 

eoinineucemeiit du X\'l ''siuek 

■es et ojioseuleH 

20 J8 VVAI/rKR, Tn 



)iioi\ top fjilt, uncut, I 

' (inn. 


and Villas. 

, liK^MAS A. Two Iliiudred I) 

esioiis for Cott 



4to. l)0(irdn, r/iiladvlphia, 18-17 

Celebration liy tlie New York II 

1803, of the 200t!i 


ii.i.iA.M. An Address Del 

ivered at tin 
istorical Society, May :>0 

2000 W'AIU). An 

anniversary of the birthday of William 
H™. h(d/ cloth, top nilt, AUnnni, 1803 

Massachusetts, i 

I'liKW II. History of (1,0 Town of SI- 


roni its SettI 

enient in 1717 to \,'2\K 


('I WARD, II. (i. M 


8ry. //(/// calf, Boston, 1^47 
exieo in 1,S27. 2 vols. Sco. half ad/, 

WARD, J„n\. A Sh 
First Rhode Island 1 


London, 1828 

iiioir of Lieut. Colonel Samuel Ward, 

{e-inient, Army of the American Kevo- 

with a Genealogy of the Ward Faniilv. Portrait. 

•?<!03 WARDEN, I). IJ 

4lo. cloth, AV(c York, 18 




tion of the District of Coliinil 

•raphical and Statistical Descrip- 



•-'001 WARD, 1 

Sio. nhrcp, Paris, 1810 

l{i:v. Natiiamki.. The Simple CoblerofA 

in America. Wdliiii: to I 


lamentably taKered, 1 

leij) 'meiiil his Native C 



all the honest stitches 1 

loth III (he upper-Leather and sole, with 

le can tjike. 



" never to 

paid for his wiM'k !)y Old Kn-lish woT.ted pay. It is 1 

Trade to jiatch all 
R. Ibhitson for Stcidicn 1 


the year lonir. 


'df. J. Dear ((■ 

'phcu lioiCtdl. Loudon, S. Jhirtcll, 1047 

IVoruasor Tyler, in an adniiiable and extend, 

TAe Simjile Cobkr of .1 y. 

(1 notice of Warr', llin 

«liut seemed to il 

tioom,' may be described as a 

time, botli 

llie aullior to be the lii),'litful license of new 

:s writes; 
(irose futile upon 

n .New lingluiid and at In 


ill bis 

me, npou tlie nivoliiy of women and tbc 

1 I 




!S:5W i T:r»,"aiiirTi 




long linir of iiU'ii; iiiid llnully upon tlic riiRliiK rttorm of I'.iiglish |kiII|Ich, in llio 
strlft' tlicn fining Ibrwiinl lictwci ii sicIk, imrllcs, piirliiimcnt iinil King. It in ii 
tremendous |iiiii;/iin |iiiniplilit, intensely vital even jet, t'nil el' lire, wit, whim, 
eloijuenee, sureiinn, iliveelive, patriotism, bigotry. One wouiil have to searell 
long among the rul>l>i.s|i of hooks thrown forth to the pnhllo (lining those hot 
and teeming days, to llnd one more anthenlically representing tile Htir, the 
enrnestnexs, the intoiernnce, the hope, an<l the wrath of the tlmva than does 
this bmik.— /lint Amtricun Lit., Vol. I., page iillO. 





I i 


WARD, Gkouck Atkinson. .loiiriiiil luid LcUci'.s of Stumn'l 
Curwen, Judge of Ailiiiifiilty. An Ameiiciiii Kefiigee in 
Eiiglaiul, fi-oiu ITTi") lo 17Hl. I\trhn'tl. 

Hvo. dulli, Boslov, 18-J2 
WAllHEN, ]\Ii{><. AficwcY. Ili.stofy of the Hisc Jind I'l-ogrcHS 
uiid Terniiiiiitioii of tlie Americmi Ucvoltitioii. 

3 voh. 8(0. hoards, J>oi<lon, 180,") 

WASHINGTON'S Farowoll Addi-oss to I he people of tlie 
United Sttites of Aniericti. 4lo. rlolh, Nric York, 18.')0 

WASHINGTON. The Diary of, ffoin 178'J to 1701 ; cni- 
hfaeiiig the Opening of tlie First Congress, and his tours 
through New England, and the Southern States, with his 
.Touriial of a tour to the (Miio in 17.")3. 

8i'o. chdi, Richmond, 18()1 

VVasiiington. Iliographiciil Sketli of, with vrrions Outlines 
of lii.s Character, from the pens of different eminent writers, 
lioth in Europe and America. 

12/»o. fihccj) ; ficitrcc. Ihdtimoro, Sniiil. Soirer, 1800 
2G70 Washington. The .Tonrnal of Major George Wa.«liington, 
sent by the Hon. Robert Dinwiddie, His Majesty's Lieuten- 
ant Governor, and Commander in Chief of Virginia, to the 
Commandant of the French Forces on Ohio. Jllnji. 

8vo, half riinsia ; rare. London, T. Jrffnjs, ]~:>[ 

WASSENAEU, Ci.aks. Ilistorisch Verhael al der ghedcnck- 
weerdichste geschiedenissen, die hier en daer in Europa, ' 
in Duijtschlant, Vraiikrijck, Enghehint, Spaengien, IIun^.<- 
rijen, Polen, vSevenberglien, AVallaciiien, Moldavien, Turcki- 
jen en Nedku-lant, van den begimic des jaers ir>21 : lot den 
Herfst toe, voorgevalleii syn. 

21 voh. 4lo. bound in 4, rcllnin, Anistcrdani, 1022-29 

Tills Indf-yearly Kegisler contains mneli valuable information relating to 
the history of America, and particularly of such jjorlions in Xorlli as well as in 
South Anu'rica as were connected wilii tlie Netherlands. They embrace the 
earliest printed reports relating to New Netlierland, giving many curious details 
of the llrst attempts of the Dutcii in the colonization of what is now a portion 
of the State of New York. 


. t 



Inm, lC>->'2-20 


20 73 



20 7 7 


Vols. I., II., and III. Contiiln papers rtlatliiB lo tlif Dutch Wvst India 

Vola. IV. nnd V. The iMnidition of .Spain and !lip lox.i of tlic rIIvci- llt'it. 
Account or Ihc iirocfC'dluKs of (Jciuial .Iac(|Ut'!< I'Hirniili'. Tlic Wtat India 
Company, lluding till' people luid discilcd (lu'coast, send slilp.^ to keep up tlie 
intercourse. Ilra/.lllan sliljis are captured by the adventurerH. 

Vol. VI. Allalr.s of the West India (duijiany. Description of \e\v Nethtr- 
land, Willi information lo those who desire to settle tliere, with precautions in 
order to avoid tlie fate (hat befell the Dutch anil French in Klorlda. 

V<d. VII. An account of tile proceedings of tlie \Vc»t India Company lu 
Virginia: lliecondiici id tiie Spaniards in Klorida.— Alfairs in Si uth Americu, 
— CoiKjuest of Ilaliia, and Salvador. 

Vols. VIII. and IX. Further accounts of New Netherland. I'ortngul and 
.Spain combine aKain,st lialiia and Salvador. Discoveries In (ireenhmd. 

\'ol. XI.-XV. Discourse on Xew Netherland. Alli